BlackBerry® Software Update Installation Instructions 

BlackBerry®  Software Update Installation Instructions 
BlackBerry® Software Update Installation Instructions
 Updated operating software is available for all BlackBerry Curve™ 9650s, BlackBerry
Curve™ 9630s, BlackBerry Curve™ 8530s, BlackBerry Curve™ 8330s, BlackBerry Pearl™
8230s, BlackBerry Pearl™ 8130s and BlackBerry 8830 World Editions.
 To determine the software version on your BlackBerry, choose Options then About. You
will see a series of numbers (ex: v4.3.0.97).
You can download the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for your device here:
***Please note: Desktop Manager for your PC is required in order to install the software
update to your BlackBerry.
The Desktop Manager software was provided on a CD in the original packaging for your
BlackBerry. If you need to download Desktop Manager and the CD is not available, you can
access it online. To do so, complete the following steps.
1. Access the Desktop Manager download site
2. Select BlackBerry Desktop and choose “Next”
3. Select Desktop Manager - With Media Manager
4. Click the “Download Software” link
5. Enter the requested information and choose “Next”
6. Accept the terms and conditions, and choose “Next”
7. Click the “Download” link and complete the software download
Once you are able to access the Desktop Manager, download the appropriate BlackBerry
software update to your PC.
1. Access the software update file for your device.
2. Once you’ve downloaded the software update file to your PC, open Desktop
Manager and connect the smartphone to your PC using the USB cable provided with
your BlackBerry. (A prompt should appear recognizing newer software for the device
than the currently installed version.)
3. Follow the onscreen instructions for the software update. (This will result in a backup
of the information currently on your device saved to your PC. The existing settings and
will be restored to your BlackBerry.)
Frequently Asked Questions
 What will happen if I don’t download the newer software for my BlackBerry?
- By not downloading the updated software, you will not benefit from critical
advancements in BlackBerry’s technology and your smartphone will not perform as
well as it could.
 How long will it take to download the new software?
- The time it will take to download the software update depends on your Internet
access speed. High-speed access is recommended.
What if I don’t have the USB cable that came with my BlackBerry in the original
- Visit your nearest retail location. A limited quantity of cables will be available to
BlackBerry customers at no charge.
Will downloading this new software mess up the customized settings on my
BlackBerry (e-mails, alerts, side keys, etc.)?
- As mentioned in step 3 of the update process, all customizations, preferences, emails, alert and side key settings will be restored during the upgrade process. If
these settings are lost at any point, BlackBerry Desktop Manager can restore your
settings from the backup created during the upgrade process.
What is the Media Manager program that is included in the Desktop Manager
software update?
- Media Manager allows for easy management of your video and music files. It is
automatically included in your Desktop Manager.
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