HP mp3220 Product Sheet

HP mp3220 Product Sheet
HP mp3220 digital projector
Your presentations will always look sharp with the
HP mp3220 digital projector. Easy to set up, operate,
and transport, this is the mobile solution you can rely on,
at a price you can afford.
Smooth, easy operation
Images that impress
• Travel light. At a size of just 8.3 x 9.9 x 2.8 inches
• Project with astonishing contrast and brightness. The
and a weight of 3.8 pounds, the HP mp3220 digital
projector is the only projector package you’ll need.
With a footprint about the size of a standard sheet of
paper, this projector fits neatly into your briefcase or
backpack with room to spare, for the ultimate in
• Input almost anything. A full array of audio and video
inputs allows you to use the projector with virtually any
source, from your laptop computer to a PDA or DVD
player. The projector is equipped with built-in audio as
well as full-screen NTSC/PAL/SECAM video
capability, VGA to UXGA scalability, and is
compatible with VGA, composite, component, S-video,
and HDTV inputs.
• Choose the optimal setting with one button. Whether
you’re giving a PowerPoint presentation with charts
and graphs or running video, you need a clear, bright
picture. The HP mp3220 digital projector puts the
choice at your fingertips. The image optimization
selector for data and video lets you select the best color
contours and contrast levels for your presentation with
one button.
projector delivers superior brightness with 2000 ANSI
(max) lumens1 and is equipped with a super-sharp
contrast ratio of 2000:1 for crisp, clear images you’ll
have to see to believe.
• Scale confidently. Get superior scaling resolution from
this projector. It comes with XGA native resolution, and
VGA to UXGA (1600 x 1200) scalability. You’ll
always see clean, sharp detail, whether you’re
projecting for a small, impromptu meeting or a large
business conference.
• Show off rich and consistent color. The projector
features Texas Instruments DLP technology, which leads
the pack when it comes to quality and consistency on
screen. This proven technology will keep color looking
the same across the image, with no fading or loss of
resolution—so you get rich, vibrant color!
Incredible value
• Own a versatile and affordable projector solution.
The HP mp3220 digital projector is the ideal mobile
projector for your needs, combining bright, high-quality
images with smooth, easy operation—all at an
excellent price.
• Secure your investment. You can depend on HP with a
2-year warranty, including Express Exchange for any
defective bulbs within 90 days via overnight shipment.
Free unlimited telephone support 24/7 for basic setup,
installation, and troubleshooting is available in North
America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
The ANSI (max) lumens rating is based on ANSI/NAPM IEC 61947-1 tests of 33 units, in May, 2004, with a projector mean ANSI
lumens of 1759 and maximum ANSI lumens of 2019. The ANSI (max) lumens specification is provided to enable customers to
accurately compare HP digital projectors lumens with the lumen ratings of other vendors. Lamp brightness will decline with use.
Replacing the used lamp with a new factor lamp will restore the projector’s output to its original brightness range.
HP mp3220 digital projector
1 Projection lens with
swing-up cover
2 IR remote control sensor
(1 of 2)
3 Venting
5 7
4 6 8
4 IR remote control sensor
(2 of 2)
5 USB input
6 Audio input (3.5 mm
phone jack)
7 Composite video input
(RCA jack)
8 S-video inputs (Min Din
4 pin)
9 Computer/component
input (VGA terminal; see
accessory L1713A)
10 Security slot
11 Magnesium alloy top and
bottom, high temperature
plastic sides
HP mp3220 digital projector (front view)
12 Elevator foot button
13 Zoom adjustment, focus
14 Power button
15 Menu, directional
controls, sync and source
16 Image optimization
selector: data mode,
video mode
17 LED indicators
18 Power cable input
19 Remote control mouse
Inputs (rear view)
17 18
Controls (top view)
Standard remote control
Product highlights
• Depend on keystone correction for a professional
• Preserve your lamp. The convenient economy mode
• Make interruption-free presentations. The projector
• Project from nearly anywhere. The smart, stylish
look. With advanced electronic keystone correction,
the projector can adjust to keep a squared,
undistorted image, delivering a professional
presentation every time.
features a credit card-size remote control with
mouse functionality, and by connecting with USB,
you can control your laptop from the projector––
leaving you free to manage your presentation while
staying focused and engaged with your audience.
• Be flexible. Utilizing the many adjustable features is
easy, with focus, zoom, image optimization,
economy mode, saturation, brightness, sharpness,
contrast, and source buttons all located on top of
the projector and most of them on the remote
option lets you operate the HP mp3220 digital
projector at 20 percent lower lumens, providing
power savings and extending the life of your
projector lamp.
design is functional in a variety of settings: with
ceiling and tripod mounting options, featuring both
digital and optical zoom, a sliding lens cover for
storage, and one-hand elevator foot operation––
making this projector truly mobile. At just 3.8
pounds (less than most notebook computers), and
with your included carry case, the HP mp3220
digital projector is designed to keep pace with your
business lifestyle.
Superior quality, boundless mobility and
unprecedented freedom—everything you’ll likely
ever need in mobile projection.
Always dazzling
Don’t let its size fool you: the portable HP mp3220
digital projector reliably gives you astonishingly solid
images. You’ll rival the best projecting technology
with 2000 ANSI (max) lumens,1 plus a razor-sharp
contrast ratio of 2000:1 for superior clarity.
And when it comes to image quality and consistency,
DLP technology is the undisputed industry leader.
Combined with the projector’s high lumens rating, DLP
delivers a perceptible difference in color fidelity and
depth across the whole screen. And DLP technology
protects your investment by keeping color looking
great year-after-year, with no fading.
Small is good
In business and consulting applications, mobility is the
name of the game. The projector is made to travel––
light and portable, yet it’s sturdily built and highly
compatible to perform reliably under demanding and
unpredictable travel conditions. Depend on its agility,
to adjust for an awkward position with keystone
correction, and to always tote easily.
Now you can travel with just your projector and a
laptop, or even a PDA. Walk into a room and within
minutes have your projector set up and ready, with
little clutter or fuss:
1. Plug into an AC outlet and connect to your
presentation source (laptop, VCR, etc.)
2. Adjust the picture with focus, elevation, and
keystone correction, if needed
3. Stand back and begin!
Designed to put you in your best light
Effective communicators know not to let technology
get in the way of their ideas: so make an immediate
impression with the smooth and simple HP mp3220
digital projector. The slim design keeps you looking
professional while the light weight and easy setup
make sure you aren’t encumbered by your tools, so
you stay as focused as possible.
With its compact size and low noise level, the
projector won’t distract your audience from the
spectacular images or your voice as you command
the room. Plus, the wireless control lets you range
freely and be engaged––making the best impact for
your presentation.
Maximize your presentations with versatile accessories from HP
Lamp module
Always have a
backup module for
your presentations.
6-foot component
(HDTV) VGA cable
60-inch mobile
Premium remote
Deluxe combination
travel case
Ceiling mount
Easily present high
definition content
from devices with
component outputs.
Lightweight and
easy to carry with a
built-in handle, this
mobile screen sets
up anywhere you
need it.
Effortlessly control
every detail of your
presentation with a
laser pointer and
navigation controls.
An economic and
sturdy design allows
you to take a
notebook, projector
and even a mobile
printer, wherever
you need to
Position your
projector to achieve
the optimal image
size for your screen
or viewing surface.
HP mp3220 digital projector
Technical specifications
HP mp3220 digital projector (L1675A)
Image contrast
Lamp life
Projected image
Throw distance
Projection offset
Display technology
Scalable resolution
Projector lens
Keystone correction
Noise level
Light source
Video capability
Video formats
Input connections
2000 ANSI (max) lumens1
1024 x 768 True XGA
2000:1 full on/full off
2000 hours/3000 hours in economy mode
3.8 lb (1.7 kg)
Detection of computer signal input
Computer compatibility
Image synchronization
Remote control
Mounting capability
Tilt angle
Dimensions (w x d x h)
What’s in the box
Adjustable from 24.4 to 292.5 in diagonal (0.62 to 7.4 m)
Greater than 75% typical
Approximately 3.3 to 29.4 ft (1.2 to 12 m)
115% of image above center line
Single-panel 0.7 in 12° DDR DMD XGA projection system (TI DLP)
Native XGA (1024 x 768) - scales up from VGA (640 x 480) and scales down from UXGA (1600 x 1200); Automatic resizing supported
~2.4 (wide), ~2.65 (tele); manual zoom; manual focus; digital and optical zoom
Advanced electronic keystone correction +/- 16° (32° total) typical
Normal mode: 37 dB(A) peak; Economy mode: 35 dB(A) peak, under 25 degrees C
200-watt compact P-VIP projector bulb
1 watt, mono internal speaker
S-video, composite, component, HDTV (up to 1080i)
Computer input (VGA terminal), composite video input (RCA jack), S-video inputs (Min Din 4 pin), audio input (3.5 mm phone jack), USB input,
component/HDTV via L1713A adapter cable
NTSC-M (3.58 MHz), 4.43 MHz, PAL-B, D, G, H, I , M , N, SECAM-B, D, G, K, K1, L, HDTV-480i, 480P, 576i/P, 720P, 1080i
With power, page up/down, mouse, menu, sync, and source buttons
User-friendly 11-language On Screen Display (OSD)
Ceiling, tripod, and table top
8 degrees with elevator foot
2.77 x 9.88 x 8.27 in (70 x 251 x 210 mm)
HP mp3220 digital projector,10-ft power cable, VGA cable, USB cable, remote control, remote control battery, carry case, documentation kit,
including Quick Setup Card, CD-ROM with User’s Guide, Important Safety Information booklet, Worldwide Limited Warranty and Technical
Support booklet, Worldwide Telephone Numbers booklet, Program License Agreement
The ANSI (max) lumens rating is based on ANSI/NAPM IEC 61947-1 tests of 33 units, in May, 2004, with a projector mean ANSI lumens of 1759 and maximum ANSI lumens of 2019. The ANSI (max) lumens
specification is provided to enable customers to accurately compare HP digital projectors lumens with the lumen ratings of other vendors. Lamp brightness will decline with use. Replacing the used lamp with a new
factor lamp will restore the projector’s output to its original brightness range.
Ordering information
Environmental ranges
Relative humidity
Electromagnetic compatibility
41 to 95° F (5 to 35° C)
-4 to 140° F (-20 to 60° C)
80% RH, (max) non-condensing
Operating: 10000 ft; Storage: 40000 ft
Normal mode: 37 dB(A); Economy mode: 35 dB(A); under 25 degrees C
Universal 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 H
250 watts maximum
cULus, TUV-GS, CCC, EN60950, PSB, NOM, B-mark, GOST, FDA DHHS,
FCC Part 15 Class B, EN55022: 1998, EN55024: 1998, VCCI, MIC,
2 year standard unit warranty with customer choice of express exchange
or repair; 90-day Standard Bulb warranty, within the bulb warranty
period, defective bulbs will be replaced via overnight shipment; HP’s
toll-free support 1-800-474-6836 (1-800-HP invent), available 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week; certain restrictions and exclusions apply, consult the
Product Information Center for details.
HP and the invent signature are trademarks of the Hewlett-Packard Company.
© 2004 Copyright Hewlett Packard Development Company, L.P.
The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are
set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed
as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.
For more information visit our website at www.hp.com
5982-7387ENUC, 07/2004, Rev. 2
HP Product
HP mp3220 digital projector
Accessories and supplies
Remote Control, w/mouse function (included)
Remote Control, Smart Wireless (IR)
Screen, 60-inch Mobile
Screen, 50-inch Presenter
Deluxe Combination Travel Case
Carrying Case (included)
Ceiling Mount
Lamp Module
Cable, Audio Two-Headed
Cable, VGA (included)
Cable, S Video, 6-foot
Cable, USB, 6-foot (included)
Cable, USB, 16-foot
Cable, component/HDTV to VGA, 6-foot
HP Care Pack
1-year post warranty express exchange
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