Category 6A Shielded Patch Panels
Category 6A
Patch Panels
featuring rugged rear-loading
keystone jacks and innovative
tool-less termination
Ortronics shielded keystone jack panels provide
Cat 6A/10G performance with a rugged cast-encased
rear loading shielded jack utilizing an innovative
tool-less termination process. This tool-less jack
termination offers fast and reliable installation of
FTP/ shielded cable. An installer friendly wire lacing
feature includes a wiring diagram, maintains pair
geometry and limits untwisting of pairs. Closing the
jack housing fully seats the lacing cap onto the jack
insulation displacement contacts (IDCs) terminating all
four cable pairs at the same time. Jack IDCs support
termination of 22 – 24 AWG solid conductors. Rugged
die cast metal construction creates an integral shield
which provides 360° coverage. A supplied cable clamp
provides fast, secure and reliable shield/ground
wire connection.
Shielded keystone jack panels are available in
flat and angled configurations for 24 and 48 port
sizes. Shielded keystone jacks are grounded to the
patch panels through the body of the jack once they
are snapped into the back of the panel and require no
additional individual grounding. Panels are supplied
Rugged cast-encased keystone jack design is
durable and simple to use
Quick tool-less termination process is
user- friendly and reduces installation times
Rear loading design supports preferred practice
for terminating and assembling jacks into panels
360 degree cable shield termination
with rear cable management and grounding
wire lugs. The inclusion of rear management
bars ensures these panels support best cabling
practices. The supplied grounding lugs provide
the grounding point for attaching the panel to the
cabling system ground bus.
Panels are packaged with 24 or 48 of the
keystone FTP jacks. Keystone modular FTP jacks can
be reused/re-terminated. n
Ordering Information
Category 6A Shielded Patch Panels with Jacks and Rear Cable Management
Part No.
24-port, flat 1RU patch panel with 24 TKS610 jacks
48-port, flat 2RU patch panel with 48 TKS610 jacks
24-port, angled 1RU patch panel with 24 TKS610 jacks
48-port, angled 2RU patch panel with 48 TKS610 jacks
Category performance
Category 6A/FTP
Panel materials
Zinc plated 16 AWG cold rolled steel
Wiring scheme
Rear management materials
Black painted cold rolled steel
Wire gauge
22 – 24 AWG
Jack color
Silver /metallic cast
Jack panel mounting
Keystone snap-in, rear loading
Jack materials
Zinc alloy shielded housing
IDC tinned plated phosphor bronze
Modular contacts 50 micro inch gold over nickel plated
phosphor bronze
UL standard
UL 1863
Panel front color
Black with yellow print
125 Eugene O’Neill Drive
New London, CT 06320
(800) 934.5432
860.445.3900 (sales)
860.405.2992 (fax)
REV 12/08
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