The Virtual Wireless Plant Tour

The Virtual Wireless Plant Tour
The Virtual Wireless Plant Tour
See what Smart Wireless can do for you.
Experience the Virtual Wireless Plant
With Emerson’s Smart Wireless solutions, the benefits of PlantWeb’s predictive intelligence can be extended to areas that were
previously out of physical or economic reach. With application categories ranging from Process and Asset Monitoring to People &
Productivity, Safety/Health & Environmental, and Plant Management, there are no limits to the benefits Smart Wireless can deliver.
Remote locations, physical obstructions, and the high cost of engineering, installing, and integrating the necessary technologies are no longer
the barriers they were. Emerson’s Smart Wireless makes extending your “information reach” easy and affordable, enabling you to unleash
your imagination and operation. To help you visualize what’s possible, we’ve highlighted over 20 wireless applications in our online Virtual
Wireless Plant.
The Virtual Wireless Plant is a web-based application that shows how wireless technologies can solve
operational challenges today. This interactive model of a plant features over 20 customer-inspired
applications, organized into five application categories: Asset Protection, Process Monitoring,
People & Productivity, Safety/Health & Environmental (SH&E), and Plant Management.
Simply click on an application category tab, then select a specific wireless hot-spot to “fly” to
an illustration of that application.
See what wireless can do for you. Tour the Virtual Wireless Plant today.
Learn About Wireless Solutions for Real World Challenges
Manufacturers are constantly challenged to improve plant efficiency in the most cost-effective way possible, while continuing to maintain
equipment reliability and safe operations for their people and the environment. The Virtual Wireless Plant makes it easy to see how wireless
can improve operations.
One of the many Smart Wireless applications available.
In each application example, text and voice-over describe the specific challenges users face and how Smart Wireless solutions can meet
them with easy to understand benefits. In addition, links to other helpful resources include case studies, videos, product information, and
how to get started. Achieving operational excellence is easy and cost-effective with Emerson’s Smart Wireless solutions.
See Over 20 Game-Changing Wireless Solutions Described in Key App
Asset Protection
Adding Smart Wireless monitoring points to key
assets such as pumps help to prevent unplanned
shutdowns and extend the life of essential – and
expensive – equipment.
Featured Applications
• Plugged filters
• Pump vibration
• Temperature excursions
• Fan vibration
• Temperature inconsistency
Pump vibration example
Process Monitoring
Improving the overall efficiency of you plant can
reduce costs and improve throughput. See how
Smart Wireless makes it easy and cost-effective to
deploy predictive intelligence throughout your plant.
Featured Applications
• Column profile
• Piping & condensers
• Column top
• Steam header
• Heat exchanger
• Tank gauging
• Custody transfer
Heat exchanger example
People & Productivity
Smart Wireless solutions not only empower your
people to work more efficiently, it also helps you
run a safer plant. See wireless applications such as
safety mustering and location/commodity tracking.
Featured Applications
• Safety mustering
• Mobile worker
• Location & commodity tracking
Safety mustering example
plication Categories
Safety/Health & Environmental (SH&E)
Early detection of hazardous conditions reduces
risks to your personnel and your plant. With
Emerson’s Smart Wireless solutions, you can easily
and cost-effectively extend the reach of predictive
intelligence for SH&E compliance.
Featured Applications
• Water intake/outlet
• Emissions
• Eyewash/safety shower
• Moving railcars
• Tank venting
Moving railcar example
Plant Management
From control network bridging and field data
backhaul, to video process monitoring and plant
surveillance, Smart Wireless puts valuable information within reach to give you better insights
into what’s happening in your operation.
Featured Applications
• Field data backhaul
• Control network bridging
• Video monitoring
Field data backhaul example
Each application contains links to more information online...
Case Studies
Featured Technology
Wireless Starter Kit
For more information on Smart Wireless solutions, go to
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