An extensive range for all
With its range of circuit breakers up to 24 kV, Evolis meets both
industrial process and power network type applications.
The Evolis range gives you the choice between two versions, fixed or
The widths have been optimized to facilitate cubicle integration through four phase-to-phase distances.
Evolis System
A set of components to build MV switchboards,
associated with high performance tools.
Protection relay
Current sensors
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When trust
guides your
Medium voltage distribution
Vacuum circuit breaker Evolis
From the world specialist
in MV/LV electrical distribution
Through their expertise in circuit breaker design, Schneider
Electric’s specialists, one step ahead of the technological and
economic developments on the market, provide solutions to
meet the increasing demands of end users and intermediaries.
A few key dates
In Medium Voltage
• 1965 : Solenarc
This range of air-break circuit breakers
provided safety and endurance compared with
«oil» technology.
• 1978 : VM6
SF6 type secondary distribution cubicles.
• 1980 : Fluarc
SF6 breaking circuit breakers.
• 1990 : SM6
Modular cubicle system to replace the VM6.
In Low Voltage
• 1970 : Compact
• 1980 : Multi 9
• 1980 : Masterpact
Evolis is a vacuum technology circuit breaker that meets
current and future standards in terms of electrical installation
dependability, in compliance with standards and environmental
protection. It is a quintessential expression of Schndeider
Electric’s know-how.
Evolis is intended for all electrical network applications, either
new or renovation installations, for utilities companies,
infrastructures, process industry and tertiary buildings.
Evolis 17.5 kV
Evolis 24 kV
Innovating in the right direction
Innovating is about offering you the best of a technology.
It is also about enhancing this technology with other
electronics software and telecommunications technologies.
In this way innovation is empowered. It allows you to have
equipment that is increasingly accurate and reliable... but that
is also easier to integrate, to install or to maintain.
Product design takes into account environmental constraints.
They are described in a «Product Environmental Profile»
Several major innovations
• Sepam
Sepam is the first digital relay for MV network protection.
With Sepam, network monitoring and operation has become more
dependable by taking account of a greater number of parameters.
Sepam has also allowed us to simplify the Low Voltage monitoring
and metering function.
• Masterpact
This was the first LV power circuit breaker to integrate an electronic
release unit. Masterpact opened up new opportunities for improving protection selectivity, communication, the scope and precision
of settings. This innovation also allowed us to simplify ordering by
reducing the number of references.
The very best of vacuum
As a specialist in breaking technologies, Schneider Electric
naturally took an interest in vacuum breaking techniques.
A major R&D investment was made to develop
and engineer Evolis.
AMF technology
Our specialists chose AMF vacuum breaking technology: Axial Magnetic Field.
In addition to excellent dielectric withstand,
AMF technology gives high circuit breaker
endurance and guarantees electrical
installation durability.
The Schneider Electric guarantee
All components of the Evolis circuit breaker are produced in
Schneider Electric plants, including the vacuum interrupters, which
are manufactured in an ultra-modern production unit in France.
From design to production, our industrial process expertise guarantees a product that meets standards of quality and reliability.
In compliance with standards
At every stage of development and production, Evolis was
subject to a series of tests to guarantee its performance
levels. Evolis is in accordance with IEC standard 62 271-100.
Design and production sites are certified ISO 9000 (std.2000).
Production sites are certifie ISO 14001.
Designed for panel builders
The Evolis system was designed to be easier to integrate
and install.
It includes Schneider Electric’s MV distribution expertise and
an extensive component catalogue. It provides a simple solution to building customised MV switchboards.
The Schneider Electric MV switchboard
component offer
Evolis circuit breakers offer guarantees high performance of MV
• cubicle components,
• multi-performance current sensors allowing the number of
references and installation costs to be reduced.
They also allow easier cubicle integration
• MV network protection relays…
Optimise your production schedules
Logistics considerations were integrated
for Evolis, right from the product’s offer design stage. Order and
stock management and delivery times were optimized to allow us
to respond even quicker to your requirements.
For new and retrofit installations
Through its compact dimensions, Evolis is perfectly suited to
substitution or renovation in existing installations.
Service included
Schneider Electric provides panel builders with a high
performance set of tools to help them to design and produce
their switchboards on a day-to-day basis.
What solutions to select? What circuit
breaker for which application? What components for which performance level? All of
these questions can be answered using the
Design Guide. Switchboards are optimised
in line with the electrical installation’s exact
Promotional documents, catalogues, Web
site. Many tools are provided to facilitate
your sales approaches.
A specific, clear and legible order form
helps save time when ordering.
Compliance with assembly procedures,
standards, checking of specifications and
safety. The Installation Guide gives you
all of the instructions you need to produce
switchboards with complete peace of mind.
New offer, new challenge. Schneider Electric provides its training know-how to technicians. It offers courses or sessions,
either run on-site or online so that you can understand and
find out everything you need.ow about Evolis.
Schneider Electric and panel builders
A win-win partnership
How can you go even further in terms of installation safety?
How can you give value to your offer and guarantee
your customers have «manufacturer» quality installations
and equipment?
By sharing its know-how with you, Schneider Electric
gives you what you need to succeed.
NEX Licence:
better than a contract,
a certification
What advantages does this have for you
as a local panel builder?
With the NEX licence, you have tested products and equipment and
you benefit from solutions that are adapted to very specific
You improve the technical performances and cost effectiveness of
your offer and the quality of service you offer to your industrial
customers, utilities companies, building managers.
You differentiate yourself from your competitors through Schneider
Electric’s support, as a world-renowned brand. Its image and its
presence in over 100 countries throughout the world allows you to
highlight the quality of your work.
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