Casio SM-T274 User`s manual

Casio SM-T274 User`s manual
Quick Start Guide
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Electronic Cash Register SE-G1/PCR-T273/SM-T274/SE-S700
Note: Please follow the steps described below.
• Unpack the Cash Register and DO NOT plug
the power cord in until sections 1 and 2 have
been completed.
• To prevent losing all your settings and sales
data, we strongly recommend that you set the
memory protection batteries before you use
the cash register and replace them at least
once a year.
1.To set memory protection
1. Remove the printer cover by lifting it up.
4. Replace the battery compartment cover.
4. Close the platen arm slowly until it locks
• Be sure that the plus (+) and minus (-)
ends of the batteries are facing in the
directions as indicated on the battery
1. As soon as you plug in the power cord, the
printer prints instructions for selecting language. If you wish to select English, press ?
p keys. For selecting Spanish, press X
p keys.
• The Cash Register will show an ʽLʼ in the
left hand corner of the display when the
batteries are running low on power. Install
two new batteries when this occurs.
2.To set a paper roll
This Cash Register is fitted with a Thermal Printer only Thermal paper till 58 mm Rolls can be used.
1. Open the platen arm by lifting it up.
4.To set language, date and
2. The printer then prints the instructions for
setting date and time and the first digit of the
display flashes. Enter the date in order of
month, day, and year. For example, 012114
for January 21, 2014. The display changes for
setting time. Enter the present hour and minute
in 24 -hour system.
Note: Never touch the printer’s thermal head
and the platen. Avoid the thermal paper
from heat, humidity or direct sunlight.
• If the thermal paper roll is not properly
installed, you will not be able to use the
cash register. The E10 error code will be
displayed to indicate that the printer is
not working.
2. Remove the take up reel.
2. Hold the paper roll so that the end of the paper
register in the Mode switch and turn it to OFF
comes out from the bottom of the roll and place
it behind the printer.
install two new “AA” type batteries in the battery
3. Place the end of the paper over the printer.
2. Plug in the power cord into an AC outlet.
appears on the display.
2. Press Zk to set the cash register in
program mode.
3. Press ?u to set the register in “Jounal”
4. Remove the printer cover by lifting up.
5. Turn the Mode switch to REG and press l
key so that the paper is fed about 15 cm.
6. Remove the left plate of the take up reel and
insert the edge of the paper between the gap of
the shaft.
1. Turn the Mode switch to PGM position.
2. Enter C then press k key for setting the
register in the program mode.
3. Enter ??XB then press k to set the
7. Turn the reel a few turns so that it holds the
4. Referring the tax table on page E-12 of the
8. Place the take up reel behind the printer and
User’s Manual, enter the tax table number for
Tax table 1 then press p key.
For example, to set Alabama 4% state and local
tax, enter ?Z?Zp.
Note: If there is no tax table falling under your
requirement, please see “To set tax
tables and rounding system” on page
E-41 of the User’s Manual to set tax
rates manually.
5. If necessary, repeat the step 4 for Tax table 2.
6. Press k key to complete the settings.
Note: By default, department 02 is programmed as taxable status 1 and the
rest of departments are set as nontaxable status.
If you wish to change the taxable
statuses of departments, please see
“To change taxable statuses of departments” on page E-14 of the User’s
1. Turn the Mode switch to PGM position. “P”
5.To set tax rate
register in the tax program mode.
3. Remove the battery compartment cover and
By default, your cash register issues receipts. You
can change it to print journals by changing the
• Once the time has been entered, the Cash
Register will print a confirmation receipt
showing the date and time at the bottom check that this is correct.
3.To turn the cash register
1. Insert a Mode key that comes with the cash
Note: At this point the till will automatically turn
off, as the setup procedure has been
completed. Please note that the key is
still in the OFF position.
To set a journal paper
paper securely then replace the left plate.
press l key to reduce a slack of the paper.
9. Replace the printer cover.
Note: If you wish to restore the register to
“Receipt” mode, press Zu in step 3.
The default setting of your cash register
is to print receipts. If you wish to use it
to print journals, please see the above.
Getting to know your cash register
1.Mode switch
Daily job flow
Before opening your store
• Plugged in?
• Enough paper roll?
• Date and time are correct?
(pages E-63 and E-64 of the
User’s Manual)
Mode switch
Anytime you press a department key to register an
item, corresponding department number appears
2 PLU number display
When you perform a PLU registration, corresponding
PLU number appears here.
3 Number of repetition
Operator key
1 Department number display
Program key
The Program key marked PGM can select any position of the Mode switch while Operator key marked
OP can select only OFF, REG, or CAL positions.
OP key
PGM key
1 PGM (Programming)
This position is for setting your cash register to suit
the needs of your store.
2 RF (Refund)
Use this position to correct registered items.
The cash register turns off in this position.
4 REG (Register)
This position is for normal transactions.
5 CAL (Calculator)
Entered values (unit prices or quantities) and calculated values (subtotals, totals, or change amount due)
are displayed here. Up to eight digits numbers are
shown in this area.
5 Character display
This digit shows the last character set in the character program mode (P2). Total (T) or change (C)
appears when a total, subtotal, or change amount is
displayed on part 4.
While the store is open
• Registrations (page E-15 of
the User’s Manual)
When you register an item repeatedly in a department, the number of repetition appears here.
4 Numeral display
Press to feed the receipt or
journal paper.
Press to register multiple
quantity of an item. Also this
key is used for displaying date
and time.
Select this position when you use the cash register
as a calculator.
6 X (Read)
Press to correct the last
operation if it is not registered in
the memory (before pressing a
department key)
Press to discount items in price.
Also this key is used to correct
wrong entry after pressing a
department key.
This is the position used for issuing daily sales totals
report without clearing the data.
7 Z (Reset)
PLU (Price Look Up) key is
used to preset unit prices of
This position is for issuing reports of daily totals with
clearing the accumulated totals.
Press to discount items in rate.
Also this key is used to assign
cashiers by ID numbers.
This key is used to program a
tax rate.
? > , ' Numeral entry keys
9 " Decimal point key
10 a 8 These keys are used to register
items in corresponding department. a to f keys are used
for four arithmetic calculations
in the calculator mode.
• Enough small change in the
11 c Received on Account key.
Use this key when you receive
money and put in the drawer
without any transaction.
12 v Paid Out key Use this key when
you withdraw money from the
13 j Press this key before you input
any number for your reference.
Also, by combinations with
department keys, items can be
registered in up to 24 departments.
14 m Check/No sale key. Use this
key when the payment is made
by checks. Also pressing this
key opens the drawer without
any registration.
15 k Use this key to calculate the
16 u Use this key for charge sales.
17 p Cash Amount Tendered key.
Use this key when the payment
is made in cash. Also this key
functions as the equal (=) key in
the calculator mode.
• Issuing latest total sales
report if needed. (page E-26
of the User’s Manual)
After closing the store
• Issuing day’s total sales
report. (page E-26 of the
User’s Manual)
• Withdraw the money from
the drawer.
After you withdraw all the
money from the drawer, we
recommend that you leave
the drawer open when you
leave your store.
• Turn the Mode switch to
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