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Dacor’s new Epicure 30” Gas Range
Style, luxury, and advanced features come together beautifully
in this high-performance gas range.
Illumina Burner Controls
Stylish and luminous, these knobs glow Dacor
signature flame-blue when the burners are on for
a stylish and safe cooking experience.
SimmerSear Burner
For ultimate precision, the SimmerSear™ Burner
delivers a precise simmer at 800 BTUs or
sear at 18,000 BTUs.
Cooking Flexibility
Dacor is the only premium gas range on the market
that allows you to cook different foods, at different
BTUs, in various sized pots and pans all at the same time.
14” Continuous Platform
Provides ample room for oversized pots and pans for
an especially spacious cooking surface.
Easy Cleanup
The sealed gas burners and spill basin make daily
clean-up easier than ever.
Convection System
With fan, air baffle, and convection filter, Dacor’s
Three-Part Convection System ensures precise oven
temperature control, superior heat distribution,
and zero flavor transfer.
Hidden Stainless Steel
Bake Element
Delivers 30,000 BTUs for ideal, even baking.
Features two cooking modes –
Bake and Convection Bake.
Infrared Ceramic
Broil Element
With 18,000 BTUs of superior broiling power, it delivers
precise temperature control plus two cooking modes –
Broil and Convection Broil.
Electronic Hot Surface
Technologically advanced over standard spark
igniters, this eliminates the clicking of the igniter
when the oven cycles ensuring ultra-quiet cooking.
Automatically reignites the flame in the event it goes
out so cooking may continue uninterrupted.
Smart Flame™ Technology
Reduces flame output under each grate finger to provide long-lasting protection of the finish and grates.
Product Specifications
Width 29 7/8”
Min. Height 35”-37 1/2”
Depth 26 1/16”
• Electrical: 120 V, 15 A
• Gas Supply: Natural Gas (NG) standard with order.
• Gas Special Orders: , Liquid Propane (LP)
Stainless Steel
Model Numbers
• Freestanding Model with 6” backguard: ER30G
• Island Option with low-profile 2” backguard and
3” side panels: ER30GI
Convection Cooking Tips
When to use the different modes:
• Bake (bottom heat only): Top rack baking.
• Convection Bake (bottom heat & convection fan):
For single rack baking in a deep pan, such as lasagna or large fruit pies, baking stone items and roasting.
Also good for multi-rack baking, such as cookies and cakes. • Broil (top heat): Good for grilling smaller cuts of meat and toasting breads.
• Convection Broil (top heat & convection fan): For foods that do not need to be flipped, such as thinner cuts of meats, fish and garlic bread.
How to operate in Convection modes
When using the Convection feature in the Bake mode.
• Pre-heat oven.
• Once pre-heated, place the food in the oven.
• Close the oven door and turn the Convection Fan
switch on the right side of the control panel to the
“ON” position.
When using the convection feature in the Broil mode.
• Position the rack to level 4 or 5 based on the thickness of the food.
• Set the oven to Broil.
• Immediately place food inside the oven and close door completely.
• Turn the Convection Fan switch on the right side of the control panel to the “ON” position.
Refer to the Use & Care Manual for a complete food cooking guide.
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• Broil/Roast Pan with Grill and V-Rack
• Griddle
• Searing Grill
• Wok Ring
• Wok Kit
• Broil Pan
• Signature Gourmet Cookware
• Baking Stone
• Cookie Sheets
• Trim Kits (Brass, Copper, Black Chrome) To change
color of knob bezels, bullnose and handle endcaps.
Other Features:
• Optional Grill, Griddle, and Wok Ring Accessories
• Heavy Duty Components
• Free Standing
• Standard model: 6” backguard, full side panels
• Island model: 2” backguard, 3” side panels
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