iCAM7000 Series Overview

iCAM7000 Series Overview
This summary page is intended to assist in hardware and software selection for Access Control and Time & Attendance systems offered from Iris ID.
Iris ID Systems iCAM 7 Series Overview
Hardware Options
iCAM Model Order Number
iCAM7000 (Black)
iCAM7010-U1 (Black)
iCAM7101 (Black)
iCAM7101EC1 (Black)
iCAM7101-T (Titanium)
iCAM7101EC1-T (Titanium)
iCAM7111-U1 (Black)
iCAM7111-U1-T (Titanium)
Card Reader
Base Model
Add HID Smartcard reader (iClass, Mi are, DesFire 13.56 MHz cards.)
Add Touchscreen , 6 Function Buttons and LCD Touch Keypad
“EC1” Model includes bundled iCAM Entry Software with iCAM 7101
Add Touchscreen, 6 Function Buttons HID Smartcard Reader\Writer and LCD
Keypad (iClass, MiFare, DesFire 13.56 MHz cards.)
Optional Identification Control Unit – Used in instances where data and wiegand
are located on the secure side of the door. Each ICU 7000-2 supports two iCAM’s.
1 Year Warranty included. Extended hardware warranties are available, see price list.
All iCAM 7xxx will output wiegand data to an access panel where door open decision is made.
iCAM also has a wiegand input for connection of external Wiegand Card Readers.
All iCAM’s have two (2) relays which can be used for direct control of a door strike or MAG Lock from 3rd a party supplier.
Software Options
Multi reader deployments (more than three) Iris ID iCAM’s should use Iris Access EAC Software.
Single Door iCAM Entry does not require any software purchase. iCAM Entry Windows PC software is included with model
iCAM7101EC1. iCAM Entry will support up to three iCAM 7 Series readers.
Iris Access (EAC) Software
Iris enrollment, configuration and Central Database. Iris Access EAC SW can write iris templates to a database and smartcards. Matching iris can
be in 1:1 (verification) or 1:N (identification mode / 1 to Many) 3 Factor authentication is also possible with a third party access control system
interfacing with iCAM and EAC software via wiegand output.
Iris ID EAC500
Enrollment, configuration and matching software. User capacity 500
Iris ID EAC2500
Enrollment, configuration and matching software. User capacity 2500
Iris Access EAC
Iris ID EAC5000
Enrollment, configuration and matching software. User capacity 5000
Iris ID EACxxxxxx
Larger license is available and base license can be upgraded.
(Extended software warranties/maintenance is available, see price list.
Multiple concurrent enrollment stations are supported with Iris Access EAC
With Iris Access EAC software there is a centrally located iCAM for Enrollment. That being said any door mounted
iCAM can technically be used as an enrollment camera. Door iCAMs not recommended to be used for enrollment.
iCAM Entry Software
iCAM Entry is designed for small system deployments, three or less iCAM’s, 200 user capacity.
iCAM Entry allows for administrator authorized On Device Local Enrollment via the LCD screen .
The feature set of iCAM Entry is designed for SOHO environment as each reader is managed individually.
Communication & Wiring
All iCAMs require a static IP address and network connection through CAT5/CAT6
Most commonly Ethernet, DC Power and Wiegand are used at each door.
All iCAMs require 12 to 24 VDC power (2 A Max @ 12vDC),
Iris ID power supplies can be purchased and are recommended for enrollment station.
3rd Party power supply are often used for door cameras (Altronix, etc.). Wiegand connection also required.
Optional Accessories
iCAM7 enrollment stand
Desk stand for enrollment
ACP = Access Control Panel
iCAM7 wall recess mount
iCAM7 power supply
Flush mount kit
12VDC 2 amp power supply
Insert photos of Accessories Here
Administration PC Requirements
Supported Computer Hardware Recommendations: Iris Access EAC Software Application and iCAM Entry Application
- Operating systems - Windows 2000/XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
- Pentium Compatible 1.8 (or higher) GHz Processor
- 1 GB (or higher) Memory - 10 GB Hard Disk space (or greater)
- CD-Rom Drive (For Software Installation) - Ethernet Port (100 Mbps recommended).
If older generation ICU4000-W (4 Channel) are being used it may be preferable to have 1 Serial Port for ICU configuration OR 1 USB 2.0 (or higher)
port using a USB to Serial adapter.
Legacy Support - An ICU 7000 (Single channel) is supported with iCAM 4000’s. 1 ICU 700 per 1 iCAM 4000 ratio.
EAC 3.10 or higher is required.
Software Quick Comparison
iCAM Entry Application– (Entry Level)
Designed for small systems – Up to 3 iCAM Iris readers.
No Software purchase required for managing three (3) iCAM Iris readers.
A very simple application for enrollment and administration in a small office environment (SOHO).
Ideal Starter System
With a single reader enrollment directly on the device at the door. (Security code entered on the LCD display)
This function can be securely disabled..
Rudimentary data distribution between the three (3) connected devices using the included PC application.
Single screen GUI – easy to learn and use for the non-technical user.
Support for Iris only or Iris + Card, and Iris Or Card
Database is only in the reader(s), however data can be backed up and restored to devices.
Support for time groups.
Single Admin user account
Iris Access EAC Software Application (Enterprise)
Designed for larger systems – up to 128 centrally managed readers
Client Server Based – Multiple enrollment stations are supported.
Support for Iris only or Iris + Card or Iris + Card + Pin
On device enrollment NOT supported – additional device in command and control is used for enrollment
Ideal for Large Scale High security environment
Central Database - Support for SQL, Oracle, MS Access
Easily Supports multiple card formats in the enterprise, Corp 1000, etc.
Supports Smart Card Creation ( Iris Templates on cards- no central DB is optional, not required)
Sophisticated management of readers and groups and distribution of iris data to the readers, access rights, etc.
Multiple Admin and user accounts ( tracking of enrollments and system access by users)
iDATA Toolkit API for integration with other systems ( HR, Time & Attendance, Campus, etc.)
ACP = Access Control Panel
Features and Benefits Comparison - iCAM Entry compared to Iris Access EAC
Iris Access EAC and iCAM Entry Application Technical Function Comparison
Iris Access EAC
iCAM Entry
Log Export
SQL, Oracle, MS
On Device - B/U
Time & Attendance OSD
Punch Function
Automatic user data
distribution to Iris Reader
iCAM Entry : DB is on each Iris Reader, Backup and restore is
available each individual device.
Iris Access EAC - Backup and restore via Iris Server and Iris DB
Admin applications.
Filtering is available for both applications. Iris Access EAC has finer
Available on iCAM 71xx model with LCD
Limited Function*
De Duplication Screen during
On Device Enrollment
Yes (Option to
iCAM Entry Iris Reader (iCAM71XXEC1) can enable this function in
the WEB Configuration of the ICAM of each iCAM 71XX device
individually. Local Iris Reader enrollments are not redistributed
automatically. iCAM Entry application can move enrollments from
on device to another ( of three devices).
Support for Multiple card
formats (concurrently)
Corporate 1000 Card Format
Smartcard Issuance
No* ( limited)
No - Requires conversion of Card ID to a Hexadecimal Format
No* ( limited)
iCAM Entry support a single Corporate 1000 format , Iris Access
EAC can support multiple Corp 1000 formats.
iCAM Manager application in iCAM Iris reader can read smartcard –
cannot not write them.
Multiple User/Admin
API For Integration
Yes - IData ToolKit
Yes - iCAM
Manager SDK*
User List Import
iData Toolkit
CSV File
User Import – Merge
Yes - Iris DB Admin
Support for Reader groups
Iris Access EAC supports both Reader groups and Time Groups.
Support for Time groups
Sophisticated management of
readers and groups and
distribution of iris data to the
readers, access rights, etc.
Limited Function*
iCAM Entry supports time groups by each reader, no multiple
reader grouping, only individual reader control
iCAM Entry can control user privileges based on time group rules
set in each individual Iris reader
Single Screen GUI
Application Learning Curve
(Training Time)
Up to 6 Hours
Less than one
Simple GUI
ACP = Access Control Panel
* iCAM Entry can distribute data to other Iris Readers manually
through the include Windows application.
Iris Access EAC is robust and will automatically distribute user data
to a predetermined set of iris reader groups.
Iris ID Identity Check fraud screen
iCAM Entry is built on top of iCAM Manager SDK.
iCAM Entry cannot run concurrent with iCAM Manager SDK. Each
iCAM Device supports a single host connection. When iCAM
Manager SDK is used iCAM Entry cannot be connected to iCAM
Entry at the same time.
Iris Access EAC has multiple applications - Iris Server, Iris Enroll, Iris
Manager, Iris DB Admin
Iris Access EAC Software current release is version 3.10
Iris Access EAC is backwards compatible with IrisAccess4000 / IrisAccess7000 Series hardware.
iCAM Entry Application software only supports iCAM 7 Series devices.
iCAM 4000 Series End of Life 2013
Legacy Support: IrisAccess7000 and IrisAccess4000 are compatible.
Iris ID iCAMs with EAC software can work in several modes and send wiegand to an ACP*
1:N mode where the iris database is stored on server and on iCAM. Only iris is used for
authentication. Database size can be up to 100 thousand with Iris Access EAC.
1:1 mode using a card or pin as a verifier with Iris (Pin known to iCAM).
1:1 mode using a card that can store iris data written to the smartcard directly.
1:1:1 3 Factor mode : Card+Iris+Pin for example where the access panel would be set to
“Card+Pin”. Card+Iris would match and output card # to ACP, and then a PIN is output to the
Access Panel which is waiting for pin. In this case Pin is known only to the ACP, and not the
External card readers (125khz low frequency or high frequency 13.56 MHz card readers can
also be connected to the IrisAccess 7 Series models via the wiegand input.
Wiegand inputs and Wiegand outputs are included on all iCAM7 models.
Built in LCD “ten key” keypad on the iCAM 7 models can send a pin number via 8 Bit burst, 4
Bit burst or as a formatted Card ID to the Wiegand ACP panel.
ACP = Access Control Panel
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