Folleto del Remote MasterMind

Folleto del Remote MasterMind
Remote MasterMind 3.0
Mobile Device & Bar Code
Scanner Management Solution
Remote MasterMind™ is Honeywell’s
comprehensive solution for companies
looking to secure, manage, update,
and remotely troubleshoot their mobile
computers and bar code scanners from
a single location.
Remote MasterMind 3.0
You have mobility and bar code scanning devices
managed devices, logically arranged and mapped to
set usage parameters, without touching the physical
MasterMind sends these packages to your devices or
in locations all across your enterprise. They are
the geography or operational groupings you define.
device or disrupting end users. Once deployed, Remote
scanner host devices, anywhere in the world. Within
constantly on the move or situated in remote
This speeds your ability to locate specific problems
MasterMind allows you to update settings and software,
minutes, your devices are ready to use. This eliminates
locations, and are critical to supporting your
and quickly identify if a larger potential problem
and provides constant visibility to the operational health
most manual labor and reduces the chance of human-
employees’ work activities. They make your
looms. Since Remote MasterMind is licensed at the
and performance of your devices. If an issue does come
induced errors, ensuring consistency in configurations
business operations effective, your business more
device level, you have the flexibility to use Remote
up, your call center agents can quickly access the device
and settings. These same capabilities also offer you
efficient, and your customers more satisfied.
MasterMind any way you choose, from within the
remotely in order to diagnose and resolve the issue,
the ability to leverage devices across your enterprise,
However, the process of managing those
same management console.
improving uptime and protecting user productivity.
relocating them whenever needed, with automatic
devices—keeping the software up-to-date, dealing
deployment of the appropriate settings for each new
with multiple operating systems, ensuring proper
Multi-Platform Operating System Support
By minimizing the manual labor, travel, and other
configurations, and monitoring vital performance
You are expected to manage and support a range
expenses associated with managing remote devices,
indicators—is time consuming, expensive, and
of mobile devices to meet your company’s business
Remote MasterMind can significantly reduce your total
Keep Your Users Productive
prone to errors. What if you could manage all of
needs. In addition to offering long-standing support
cost of ownership. According to a recent VDC study,
For deployed devices, Remote MasterMind helps keep
these functions on any device within your network,
of a wide range of Microsoft Windows Mobile and
you can reduce your mobility costs by as much as 83%,
them operating at peak efficiency. Using group policies,
from anywhere in the world, at any time you
Windows CE devices, Remote MasterMind now
saving you up to $1,100 per device over a typical five-
you can automatically deploy software updates, new
choose? That’s the power of Remote MasterMind.
manages Apple iOS and Google Android devices.
year lifecycle .
configuration settings, and data to devices in the field
This allows you to have the flexibility to deploy and
over any Wi-Fi® or cellular network, or anywhere within
Integrated Mobile Computing Device and Bar
manage the right device on the right platform to meet
Savings Throughout the Lifecycle
your corporate network. Our advanced compression
Code Scanner Management
the demands of your business. Remote MasterMind
Remote MasterMind provides unprecedented value
and confirmation algorithms allow the updates to be
In addition to enabling you to manage mobility devices
offers the flexibility to manage business-grade and
throughout the product lifecycle, from the initial staging of
delivered, even over slow or unstable connections.
from Honeywell and many other original equipment
consumer-grade devices across a diverse environment.
new devices to the redeployment of existing assets to the
If users ever have an issue with the device, Remote
manufacturers without limitations or restrictions,
The management web console is intuitive and tabular,
final decommissioning and upgrading of your technology.
MasterMind allows your call center agents to
Remote MasterMind is one of the first mobile device
enabling you to manage various operating systems
With the Remote MasterMind client running on your new
troubleshoot any device remotely. For mobility, device
management solutions to also offer you the capability
and their nuances with ease.
devices, preparing them for initial use is fast and easy.
agents can view and work with the registry and data
Rather than configuring each device independently,
files, download patches, and reset parameters. They
to manage Honeywell bar code scanners from within
location. This helps reduce your spares pool costs.
the same management console. You will manage
A Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Remote MasterMind lets you create profiles that define
can even show the user how to operate and navigate
your devices utilizing a common user interface
Remote MasterMind automates and simplifies many of
how and where the device is to be used. From there, you
new applications in real time to maximize productivity.
with a consistent set of features and capabilities,
the routine tasks associated with your mobile device
simply create “packages” that contain the applications,
reducing the need for training and eliminating manual
and bar code scanner deployments. It allows you
settings, and configurations for each profile. With the
processes. You will have a single tree-view of all
to configure your devices, provision software, and
touch of a button at a centralized location, Remote
Total Cost of Ownership Models for Mobile Computing and Communication Platforms, Third Edition, Track
One, Volume 3: Mobile Device Management Software, David Krebs, VDC Research
Remote MasterMind™ is Honeywell’s
comprehensive solution for companies
looking to secure, manage, update,
and remotely troubleshoot their mobile
computers and bar code scanners from
a single location.
Remote MasterMind 3.0
Support for Performance Metrics on Mobile
used and how information is accessed. These features
Key Features
Devices Added
Asset Tracking
Remote MasterMind also delivers a rich set of metrics
• Authentication policies using Active Directory, so
Instantly take inventory of all deployed Remote
to help you provide real-time proactive issue
your end users are authenticated onto the network
MasterMind-enabled devices and retrieve serial
management and reduce device and worker
using the same credentials they use in the office
numbers, model numbers and firmware versions
downtime. From the management console, you can
• Device lockdown that allows you to restrict end
monitor battery performance, wireless connectivity,
user access to specific applications and websites
and application throughput. You can also easily
• Application run controls that prevent restricted
gather information on all devices including serial
applications from running on your devices
numbers, software loads, location and routes
Supported Devices
• Removes errors and reduces labor costs
• Simplifies asset reporting and depreciation
Supports other
OEMs including
Motorola, Intermec
and others
• Simplifies the management of device repair contracts
• Provides visibility into device status (on- or off-line)
• Out-of-contact device policies that can be used
traveled, making management of your devices
to define actions to be taken automatically when a
Software Distribution
easier than it ever has been before. Further,
device has been lost, stolen, or fails to contact the
With the click of a button, you can update the software
Remote MasterMind has been enhanced to provide
server for a specified period of time
of one device or thousands of devices, without making
automatic or on-demand tracking of additional key
• File encryption at the kernel level encrypts data
operational metrics on select Honeywell mobile
stored on the device, as well as on an SD or
computers. Metrics such as system performance,
memory card, helping you to achieve compliance
battery life, on/off events, keyboard and touch panel
with industry regulations. Remote MasterMind
presses, network connectivity, and bar code scans
uses FIPS 140-2 validated AES-256 encryption to
and decodes are collected and made available for
secure your mobile data. Similarly, communications
analysis. This new functionality helps enterprises
with corporate resources are encrypted using
improve productivity by identifying potential training
standards-based SSL communication and FIPS
issues based on device usage. Additionally, it arms IT
140-2 certified algorithms.
professionals with information they can use to more
Marathon, MX7, MX7 Tecton,
MX8, MX9, VX6, VX3H, Thor
Bar Code
a site visit
Support expected
• Reduces high-touch and high cost travel and
Q2 2012
onsite labor
• Reduces the amount of time needed to roll out new
large-scale deployments
• Enables rapid deployment of urgent security updates
or business critical functionality
• Helps support compliance activities in regulated
• Phone call policies that allow you to deliver device
effectively troubleshoot remote devices in the field,
user access to a defined set of incoming and
lowering the total cost of ownership.
outgoing phone numbers
• Device feature control policies that allow you to
Industry-Leading Mobility Security Features
selectively disable device hardware features, such
Remote MasterMind also provides advanced security
as Bluetooth® wireless technology and cameras
features that let you control how your devices are
Configuration Management
• Instantly update the configuration of one device or
thousands of devices, without making a site visit
• Ensures correct configuration with automatic updates
Xenon 1900, 1902, 1910, 1912
Voyager 1200g, 1202g, 1250g
Hyperion 1300g
Vuquest 3310g
N5600 Area-Imaging Engine
N8600 Area-Imaging Engine
Mobile Devices: Microsoft®
Windows® CE, Windows®
Mobile, Google Android™
and Apple® iOS
Scanner Device Hosts:
Microsoft® Windows XP
32-bit, Windows 7 32/64bit, POSReady2009**,
POSReady 7**
*Enhanced device metrics supported
to re-assigned and new devices
• Device groupings allow devices to automatically
configure themselves based on pre-defined criteria
• Reduces labor costs and enables rapid deployments
Dolphin® 6000, 6100, 6500,
7600, 7800, 7800hc, 7850,
7900, 9500, 9700*, 9700hc,
9900*, 9900hc, 9900ni, 9950,
9951, 99EX*, 99EXhc, 99GX
Remote MasterMind™ is Honeywell’s
comprehensive solution for companies
looking to secure, manage, update,
and remotely troubleshoot their mobile
computers and bar code scanners from
a single location.
Remote MasterMind 3.0
Remote Diagnostics and Device Monitoring
With this feature, you can easily confirm the location
Monitor device health information, such as battery
of a vehicle of a field service worker, or track the
status, radio performance and communication errors,
movements of your devices and people to find greater
from any location, and remotely control a device to
workflow efficiencies.
see exactly what the user sees.
• Speeds problem resolution and reduces the length
These locationing features are enhanced with
of support calls
geofencing. With geofencing, you can define specific
• Creates baseline performance standards and uses
actions to be taken automatically whenever a device
alerts to automatically identify issues
enters or leaves a predefined area. You can also
• Simplifies communication between end users and
identify the postal address of a device, send driving
help desk using two-way chat
Remote MasterMind
Device Agents
Remote MasterMind
Management Console(s)
directions from the help desk and even receive live
traffic condition updates.
Enhanced Performance Measurement
Monitor the performance of any mobility device and
For more information on Remote MasterMind 3.0,
retrieve metrics such as scan counts, radio activity,
please visit
and keypad and touch screen usage
• Analyzes vital statistics to identify potential areas
for process improvements
Corporate Network
• Identifies poor quality codes that hinder
• Ascertains operator productivity and application
• Measures device usage
Better Management of your People and Processes
Remote MasterMind also provides the tools and
technologies you need to control how and where
your mobile assets are being used. For example,
Remote MasterMind
Deployment Server(s)
using the locationing feature on mobile devices gives
you the ability to locate and track your GPS-enabled
devices inside the four walls or anywhere in the world.
Remote MasterMind
For more information on
Remote MasterMind 3.0:
Honeywell Scanning & Mobility
9680 Old Bailes Road
Fort Mill, SC 29707
ReM 3.0 Rev A 03/12
© 2012 Honeywell International Inc.
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