SYW February 2015

SYW February 2015

february 2015


This month: intelligent storage from creone free abus camera offer special deals

wireless solutions

electronic security

special introductory offer

2 free cameras with your purchase of a tvac18000

This compact digital wireless monitoring set is designed to provide images to your smart device anytime, day or night. The VGA resolution makes for brilliant picture sharpness on your iOS or Android smart device which even darkness can not stop due to the integrated infrared night vision function. Using the app, you can simultaneously access all four cameras live and watch recorded footage from any channel.

• Complete set with recorder, 2 x wireless outdoor cameras, 3 x power supply units and accessories

• Recording on max. 32 GB micro-SD card or max. 2

TB external hard disk drive via USB port. (Not incl.)

• Up to 3 months of continuous recording with 500

GB external hard disk drive

• Sturdy, weatherproof outdoor cameras (IP66)

• Professional integrated motion detection (PIR sensor) with alarm function

• Integrated motion detection (PIR sensor) The wireless monitoring set is setup easily using the app if a monitor is connected, a QR code can be used for even faster connection to the internet. The efficient

H.264 data compression reduces the data volume of the image to a minimum, thereby enabling long continuous recording times. Recording is done either on a micro SD card or via a USB port and an external hard disk drive with a max. of 2 TB. (8 GB SD card incl).


Special introductory offer expires end of February 2015.



Combine these for:

By using a MicroLatch fob fitted with a Protege tag you get the best

• Boom gates

• Garage doors of both worlds - a hard wired and

• Pedestrian gates wireless solutions all in 1 device.

• Vehicle access points

By combining the ICT Protege WX hard wired system with a

MicroLatch wireless wiegand receiver and remotes the possibilities are endless.

• Remote door access

• Disabled access points

new customised


lsc customisation

make your business stand out


Laser etched padlocks have become an instant hit with many customers, now we've expanded the service to include oval and round rim cylinders from ABUS.

These ABUS oval and round rim cylinders offer exceptional value for money, the round rim cylinder is the solid brass type favoured by professional locksmiths, and is priced extremely competitively against die-cast offerings available in the market.

You can have the top quality, solid brass, high precision ABUS cylinders you're used to etched with your name.

Supplied less plug, allowing you to use them on a wide variety of profiles.

Low minimum quantities apply, talk to your Account

Manager now to obtain a sample, or to place your order.

Get your name in front of your customer every time they use their lock.


automotive locksmithing

vf commodore pin read now available in the pro device menus

longer be available and so the

The VF Commodore utilises both ability to read the PIN Code is

Timed Access and an Immobiliser important. VF Commodore PIN

PIN. The PIN Code may be found

Reading is now available in the Pro on the Security Pass Card if it is device menus. Dongle K is present with the vehicle or sourced required for both PIN Reading and through the dealer. As these key programming. vehicles enter the second hand market documentation may no

SCORPIO-LK tango world leading transponder tool

scenarios including Toyota

The SCORPIO-LK Tango is a world proximity 2009+ and Subaru G-key leading transponder tool which has vehicles 2012+.

taken the Australian market by storm. It’s highly accurate and advanced in working with the latest generation transponders and supports a significant number of immobiliser EEPROM files which can be processed to program a working transponder key, many of which functions are included for free in the Tango basic software.

For several years Tango has had a reputation as the best transponder tool to support Toyota G-Key immobiliser files. The latest update includes further functionality and support for lucrative lost-all-key

“I cannot believe how easy that job was… that machine (Tango) is a beast! I get a lot of calls on weekends and if I can offer something other than original keys to cars to get the customer back home it is going to be an advantage!” The job took 25 minutes, cutting two keys on a

Silca Viper, removing ECU, reading chips in ECU, utilising

Tango and refit ECU.”

Chris Vale

All Keyed Up Locksmiths


best brands, best products




Texas Instrument factory produced transponder

Also suitable for diagnostic key

This Texas Instrument factory programming. Refer to the detailed produced transponder is a close product information on the LSC relative of the standard DST40 tag website for further information.

(ID6#) and can work with many transponder tools for cloning and

ID generation functions.


new from asp

Pinning Kit for new Hyundai & Kia vehicles

Sportage, Optima, Soul and others.

ASP pinning kit A36-102 is for new

Hyundai and Kia vehicles using profiles HYN14, HYN14R, HYN17,

HYN17R and KIA7.

Models covered include Hyundai

Accent, Elantra, Santa-Fe, Sonata,

Toucson, and Kia models Rio,

This comprehensive kit is a must-have for today's automotive locksmith, and featured 5 different series of wafers with 23 different wafers and 2 kinds of spring included. Refills are also available.


bds transponder chip suit 2012+ Ford

Also reverse compatible for earlier

Texas Crypto 2 (DST80)

ID63 Ford and Mazda models.

transponder to suit 2012 + Ford immobilisers which feature the new in-code / out-code coded access algorithm.

Go to and order this today.


the world’s favourite lock

yale safe solutions

Yale fire security safes

Safe Solutions for the home or office

This Yale Fire Security Safe is equipped with a unique

Protects valuables from theft and fire damage

digital security keypad with many user functions and features. The Yale Fire Security Safe is certified by SP (Swedish

National Testing and Research Institute).

A scramble number input enables personal codes to be hidden within longer sequences of numbers. Whilst additional access codes can be set for one time use.

• 1 hour fire protection for documents. The internal temperature will not exceed 100ºC at an external temperature of 927ºC

• Certified to Sold Secure Standards

State-of-the-art digital touchpad

• Unique touchpad technology

• Code scramble input function for privacy

• One time access codes

• Silent input option

• 1-48 hours total lockdown mode

• Time lock when wrong code is entered

• Re-settable 3-12 digital user code

• Low battery alarm signal

• Emergency battery capability

special pricing










Safe fire document medium

Safe fire document x-large

Safe fire document large

Safe certified home

Safe certified professional

Safe certified laptop

Safe certified office

Specials valid for February only. Price excludes GST

sourcing the best products for you

product news



• Supplied in poly bag with 2 keys

Ideal for utes, caravans, trucks,

• Cam locks only are supplied in trailers, & all sorts of tool boxes. poly bag with 2 keys

Available in 6 KA groups & also a first,

cam lock only

in 4 KA groups.

• Folding T handle gasket sold separately


ABUS pb42 push bolts

Looking for a better window lock?

and available in a wide range of

The ABUS push bolt features a popular colours, this is the reliable, stainless steel bolt with a rekeyable rekeyable window lock to choose

LW4 profile cylinder.

for customers wanting the convenience of a single key.

The lock is reversible, easy to install, suitable for timber or metal frame sliding or casement windows.

With a low profile of only 28mm,

Available boxed or blister packed for retail display.

BDS WINDOW RESTRICTORS help your customers keep their children safe

all commercial clients owning

The new laws requiring window residential apartment buildings. restrictors in residential apartment buildings are now coming to QLD.

Available in white and brown with black and silver coming soon.

The BDS window restrictors are a great add-on item for you to offer





smart and simple

intelligent storage

the creone keybox is a new solution for management of valuables & keys.

absolute control

With the Creone KeyBox range your customers will have complete control over their keys and valuables. Depending on their requirements they can choose a basic or more advanced solution.

Creone offer everything from key cabinets and value boxes that will meet your customers basic needs to advanced systems that monitor every single key and user.

easy to use

There is one important requirement when it comes to storage systems that are used by a number of different people: the easier to use, the better.

Creone intelligent technology automatically keeps things in good order, and thanks to the user-friendly software, it is easy for the administrator to monitor key use and control.

Total flexibility

Creone KeyBox systems are flexible, which makes it easy for your customers to adapt. Start with a solution that is suitable for their current needs, and expand it as their needs grow. Your customers storage solutions are future-proof when investing in a Creone KeyBox to manage their keys and valuables.

Key Features

• Exclusive to LSC

• A simple and flexible solution

• Over 40 different models and styles available

• Easily expandable

• Intuitive management software

• Made in Sweden

Talk to your LSC account manager or visit

for more info.

Creone develop intelligent storage systems. They have being doing this since they started in 1979, and today supply solutions to companies in 30 countries. Creone have three keywords for their storage solutions; Control, Flexibility and User-Friendliness. Whatever your customer needs, they have a solution you can offer with security and good order – both today and in the future.

A Solution to Suit

Creone’s extensive KeyBox range will allow you to offer storage solutions to customers from a variety of industries.

Pharmacies Banks Car dealerships

Shops Hotels

& Hostels


Police Taxis Aged care facilities

Happy customers

Happy customers


Steven Krinks of Woy Woy & Districts Locksmiths

(NSW) pictured with his brand new Silca Futura.

novacastrian LOCKSMITHS

Geoff Ferguson from Novocastrian Locksmiths (NSW) happy to show us his little baby as he calls it.

allegion KEYING ROOM

Michael Knight from the Allegion Keying Room in South

Brisbane (QLD) has 2 Unocodes and 2 Markers working all day to cover his increasing work load.


Martin Gurney from Gunnedah Locksmiths (NSW) proudly showing off his new Silca Futura.

Lockrite Security solutions

Joe, Stuart and Luke White from Lockrite Security

Solutions (WA) with their new Futura, RW4 Plus and

Com-code running alongside their Unocode 299.


Ross Fahey from Allcoast Locksmiths (QLD) is very happy with his new Silca Viper machine a great addition to his mobile workshop.


Wayne Schlig from Mobile Locksmiths (VIC) with his compact new Silca Futura, ready to go in the van.

Wollongong Lock & Key

Lee Gilroy from Wollongong Lock and Key Service

(NSW) with his brand new Silca Bravo Professional.

Building a Quality padlock

Take a tour with abus

In my role at LSC I've visited many of our suppliers' factories, and have on occasion been able to bring colleagues and even customers with me. What stands out on each visit is the surprise and disbelief from our customers in particular about how many steps are involved in making things like keys, or padlocks.

In 2012 we ran a feature showing how Silca keys are made. Now we're pleased to bring you the next instalment for 2015, which is Building a Quality Padlock.

ABUS have five company-owned sites worldwide for making padlocks, three in Germany and two in Asia.

The main ABUS production in China is the most impressive in terms of size and volume, with it being a

German factory (German technology, engineering, machinery, and development) but run by a team of highly skilled Chinese engineers, designers, technicians and machinists - the majority of whom have more than

10 years of service with ABUS. The factory director is a

30 year ABUS employee, and the engineering director has been with ABUS since 1984.

The process starts on the next page.

Tom Stokes

ABUS Product Manager

Advanced Lock & Key

Advanced Lock & Key’s (WA) Louie Cheetam’s, Morgan

Cox and Bananas the Staffy with their new RW4 Plus.

1 Brass rod cutting 3 Shackle making 4 Component m

6 Final assembly 7 Durability testing

1. Brass rod cutting

ABUS orders brass extrusion from top quality suppliers, sometimes from Australia, sometimes from

Korea. Each and every shipment is meticulously inspected for conformity to not only the dimensional requirements, but for purity, hardness, quality of brass and to ensure it contains no scrap metal. ABUS only use pure, genuine, new brass - not recycled brass like so many others.

Each padlock body size has it's own brass extrusion ordered specifically to make the padlock body, and each is cut to size by a numeric control automatic machine.

2. Brass body drilling

Padlocks are made by drilling holes for the cylinder and or pins, the shackle, the shackle retaining mechanism (balls and ball-drivers), retaining pins, and drain holes. At

ABUS the process is highly automated, and ABUS hold a number of worldwide patents on their drilling technology which enables precision, flexibility in production, and speed to ensure you get your locks on time.

We can't show you a picture of this, it's a sensitive area where ABUS do it differently to competitors, but you can imagine holes being drilled into the padlock bodies by a highly automatic machine that moves the padlock body on 4 and 5 axis.

process. The heat treatment process must be carefully controlled to ensure hardness, and to avoid the shackles becoming brittle. Too much heat makes them brittle, too little and they don't get hard enough. Following this they are plated with nickel chrome, nickel, or nano-protect material.

3. Shackle making

Steel, brass or stainless steel rods have the locking and retaining grooves and notches cut into them, and are then bent by a hydraulic machine and finally cut to length.

The dimensions of the shackles must be controlled to within microns to ensure a smooth fit, and smooth operation in the padlock.

After cutting, grooving, bending and final cutting the shackles are hardened by a special heat treating

4. Component making

ABUS make each and every component in-house, this means everything from a pin spring to a keyblank, and covers the cylinder housing, barrels, top and bottom pins, master pins, ball-bearings, retainers, cams, keyrings, keys, shackles, and covers and protective plates. All are made using computer controlled automated machinery that keeps the highest possible tolerances. By making all parts in house the smooth and reliable operation of the padlock is guaranteed. Pins are made with Swiss machinery accurate to within one micron.

4 Component making 5 Cylinder assembly

8 Painting and coating 9 Final packaging

Other parts are made with CNC machinery with similar accuracy.

At every step samples are taken from the batch of each part and checked and compared to the original drawings to ensure strict quality control.

5. Cylinder assembly

Cylinder assembly at ABUS is highly automated, and the factory can produce guaranteed key differs, or keyed alike, masterkeyed or other combinations according to customer requirements. A centralised computer system manages the generation of key cutting data and pinning data, which are fed out to automatic machines which complete the two tasks. The automatic pinning machine is a dream of many locksmiths, and to see it in operation loading springs, top and bottom pins before the cylinder swivels to the next station is really impressive. When keys and cylinders are brought back together, each one is hand-checked with each key to ensure correct operation.

6. Final assembly

When the bodies, shackles, components and cylinders are all ready, final assembly takes place.

Each and every padlock is hand-assembled and tested with 4 cycles to ensure the key works, the shackle pops open and relocks, and the key can come in and out of the cylinder smoothly.

7. Durability testing

After the final assembly, each batch has samples taken for durability testing. This automatic machine inserts the key, turns it, pops the shackle, closes the shackle, removes the key and repeats

1000's of times to ensure everything works well together and is made to the ABUS Security

Standard applicable to the lock.

8. Painting and coating

Brass material soon tarnishes when exposed to oxygen in the air, so each padlock is sprayed with a fine lacquer finish to prevent this, and ensure the padlock arrives in your hands, and in your customers hands in shiny condition. The coating protects the padlock outdoors as well, of course harsh conditions will wear it off more quickly than indoor use.

9. Final packaging

ABUS do their own packaging in-house, allowing them to ensure the padlocks are presented to you, our customer; and your customer in the most professional fashion.

Boxed, blister and skin packaging are all available, and are done in house at each factory to ensure the padlocks are transported without scratches marks or damage around the world to over 90 countries and

300 distribution points.



Get ahead in 2015

Advanced EEPROM, MCU & Soldering for locksmiths

The re-developed advanced EEPROM course is designed for auto locksmiths already fluent with reading

8 lead EEPROM in-circuit, and are now ready to tackle the larger, more sophisticated memory devices found in some immobiliser ECUs.


Course code:



Advanced EEPROM, MCU & Soldering for locksmiths


26-27 February, 2015

LSC Training & Distribution Centre

Brooklyn, VIC

The course duration over two full days covers theory and practical elements in de-soldering, soldering and reading multiple lead memory devices and using the next generation of universal programmers. All attendees will be provided use of a preconfigured laptop and specialised programmers for the day to ensure as much practical time as possible with real ECUs.

Register by downloading and completing the application form located on the Tech Ed main page in the resource area of the LSC website. Email completed forms or any questions to: [email protected]

Trading post

qld nsw

Business for sale, operating in

Emerald, QLD for the past 3 yrs servicing businesses, auto, government departments, mines, commercial & residential properties. Sale includes fully equipped van with, Unocode

299, Viper MVP, AD900 and stock.

jeff 0428 190 201

Silca Viper $11,000, Silca

Unocode 299 $11,000, Bravo

Professional $3,000, & Silca

RW4 plus Com Code $4,000.

Purchase individually or as a package. Package price is

$27,000. Machines are used and cut less than 100 keys still look new!

shane 0413 001 118 vic

Business, van & equipment for sale. Silca Olympic, Evo 399,

Instacode (just renewed) Suzuki

APV 2012 Reg till 07/2015

~64KM, alarmed, fitted out as mobile workshop, Inverter: Pure

Sine wave, dual battery wired.

Willing to give business name,

Google metrics & website if sold as package

Matt 0433 639 227


Toyota Hiace, 2006 LWB van turbo diesel, manual, 129,000Km with full service history.

Meticulously decked out with upgrades worth over $16,000.

SA Rego XLC-150. All yours for

$21,900+GST davide 0437 444 999

Toyota Hiace, 2006 LWB van turbo diesel, manual, 129,000Km with full service history.

Meticulously decked out with upgrades worth over $16,000.

SA Rego XLC-150. All yours for

$21,900+GST davide 0437 444 999

new 2015 dorma pricing

dorma TS73 EN1-4 door closer suited for internal doors

The DORMA TS73 closer is a non-handed closer suited to internal doors including fire doors.

Power adjustable, adjustable

70°-15° closing speed (180°-70°) and latching speed (15°-0°) by separate valves and final adjustment by standard arm.

• Suitable for installation on doors up to 1100 mm

• The latching speed is adjustable by standard arm

• Backcheck is self regulating and adjustable by valve

• Approved to AS1905 Part 1 fire resistant doors

• Standard with delayed closing

DOTS7300SIL weight

1.7 kg


dorma TS83 EN3-6 door closer suited for internal and external doors

The DORMA TS83 closer is a non- handed closer suited for outward opening doors and can be tailored to a specific door with adjustment.

Power adjustable, adjustable

70°-15° closing speed (180°-70°) and latching speed (15°-0°) by separate valves and final adjustment by standard arm.

• Adjustable latching action valve

• For standard internal doors up to 1400 mm

• Adjustable backcheck

• Includes parallel arm bracket

• Flat-form arm assembly

• Approved to AS1905 Part 1 fire resistant doors

• Standard with delayed closing

DOTS8300SIL weight

1.7 kg

FIRE RATED premium access solutions




CK Design 3D House Keys

4 new designs added to the range!


Purple Flower



Lady Bug



Fire Flower

lw4: GEN3DLW4fF


Japanese Floral



8 Ball



Blue Butterfly






Pink Cupcake



Gear Shift



Golf Ball






Love Tattoo



Mag Wheel






Tough Skull






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