Frameless Thin Film Brochure

Frameless Thin Film Brochure
Sharp’s new frameless glass-on-glass thin film
converting more sunlight into electricity. Sharp
is sleek and attractive, but the appeal extends
produces thin film panels with less than one percent
well beyond aesthetics—by employing a state of
of the silicon used in crystalline solar cells, contributing
the art manufacturing process, we’ve not only
to a lower cost per kilowatt hour for large-scale
eliminated the frame, we’ve eliminated all the need,
applications. Additionally, with a low temperature
the expense and labor necessary to ground a
coefficient for output power – thin film generates
traditional framed panel.
greater specific power than its crystalline silicon
counterpart in warmer climates, this translates into as
Quicker, simpler, and more cost efficient
Removing the frame not only lowers the cost of
much as ten percent more kilowatt-hours per kilowatt.
the module, but creates a streamlined installation
The next evolution of solar technology.
process by eliminating time-consuming grounding
Sharp’s new frameless glass-on-glass thin film is
activities. The result is greater installation-ease
manufactured with a robust glass layer structure
which reduces installation costs while maintaining
using encapsulation materials that eliminate the
the same great performance.
risk of photovoltaic cell deterioration. The frameless
feature means less dust accumulation and therefore
Building on 30 years of innovation
requires less frequent cleaning and maintenance –
For more than 30 years, Sharp scientists have
further enhancing your bottom line. And for additional
researched, invented and improved solar cells
made of very thin layers of semiconductors. Our
selection of benign and environmentally abundant
silicon as the basic semiconductor springs from our
exceptional knowledge of silicon thin films.
convenience and flexibility, frameless thin film can
be installed in either portrait or landscape position,
whichever direction works best for your project.
Sharp’s thin film technology offers reliability, long
life, high efficiency and now we deliver it all without
By pairing amorphous silicon with a layer of Sharp’s
the frame and the associated complexity, time and
proprietary microcrystalline silicon, Sharp’s thin
expense that traditional framed modules demand on
film panels captures more of the solar spectrum,
the installation process.
Sharp’s thin film technology pairs
amorphous silicon with a layer of
Sharp’s proprietary microcrystalline
silicon to capture more of the
solar spectrum and convert more
sunlight into electricity.
Reliability and Durability
Sharp’s thin film offers superior
reliability and long life—and it’s
backed by our 100-year-old
heritage and limited warranty
on power production.
“Buy American”
Sharp solar modules are
manufactured in the United
States and Japan, and meet
the content requirements of
the “Buy American” clause of
the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
New Fixed-Tilt Ground Mount Structure by Sharp
has industry-leading adjustability – 25 mm vertical,
Sharp is proud to announce its new utility-scale
25 mm lateral – and can be deployed in wind
ground mounting system, designed especially for
zones up to 95 mph (Category C). The system was
Sharp’s new frameless, glass-on-glass thin film. Our
designed according to American Society of Civil
new system reduces installation fees by decreasing
Engineers (ASCE 07) and the International Building
materials cost and streamlining labor. The system
Code (IBC 2006).
A commitment now, and into the future
leadership and manufacturing innovation. From
As a multi-billion dollar, global enterprise with a
research and development, to system design,
100-year-old heritage, Sharp stands behind its products
deployment and customer service, Sharp delivers the
with solid warranties and an unyielding commitment
products and services to help you become powerful.
to quality control, manufacturing expertise, global
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Sharp is
a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation. All other trademarks are
property of their respective owners.
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1-800-SOLAR-06 • Email: [email protected]
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