Intercom solution
Control4® Video Intercom Solutions
Fast, High-Definition
Video Intercom
Convenience and peace of mind.
Whether you want to see who is at the front door, check
in on your sleeping baby, or call everyone to the table
for dinner, the Control4 Video Intercom makes it simple
and convenient with an incredibly fast connection speed
and high-definition clarity. And all of this functionality is
automatically enabled on every new Control4 touch screen.
Control over privacy
Perhaps you want audio-only in the bathrooms, video functionality
available at pre-set times and in specific rooms, and the
do-not-disturb setting activated during certain hours of the day.
Your video intercom experience is under your complete control.
Room Privacy Settings
Monitor Mode
Rooms & Groups
Do Not Disturb
Control4® Video Intercom Solutions
Maximize convenience
Alternate camera views provide you with the best viewing
angle for each station. And since the intercom solution
also communicates with 3rd party, SIP-enabled products,
including door stations, phones, and mobile apps for iOS
& Android when connected to the same network, you can
even connect with a guest at the front door while you’re in
the backyard.
Powered by bold, fast
new touch screens
Sleek and sophisticated, our new touch screens
provide an intuitive, elegant and dedicated
interface to your Smart Home. Browse a music
library with a simple swipe, display bold cover art,
and easily personalize a lighting scene. Tabletop
or in-wall, black or white, these touch screens are
sure to complement the beauty of your home.
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