• Structure : completely in undeformable
(UVA resistant), shock-proof, plastic
material grey/black colour outside and
aluminium coated white colour inside. All
the internal corners are rounded to make
easy any cleaning operation
• Insulation : high density (40 Kg/m³)
foamed-in-place polyurethane, with a
thickness of 35 mm. CFC-free. Thanks to
the high thickness value, the portable
maintains the internal temperature for
long time (also when it is not connected to
any electrical source)
• Handles : Nr 2, external at the 2 sides of
the structure, allowing an easy handling of
the portable
• Insulated lid : Nr 1, hinged, made with
the same material and insulation as the
rest of the structure (plastic material black
colour). The lid is fitted up with a
perimetric gasket and with a special
locking device (granting a perfect seal).
The lid can be even removed in order to
• Internal equipment : Nr 1 open wire basket made in sheet steel white coated, to make easy the handling of the stored
• Internal lighting : Nr 1 bulb, mounted into the storage chamber, with automatic activation at every lid opening
through a special switch
• Control panel : located in the upper part of the structure (at the side of the lid) is compounded by the following
• Main switch : with soft-touchpad button
• Setting switches : 2 soft-touchpads (+ or -) to adjust the temperature to the desired value
• LCD display showing the actual internal temperature of the box
• Power warning lamp : signalling when the appliance is connected to a power source
• Error warning lamp : signalling abnormal working situation (i.e. condenser or compressor temperature too high,
vehicle battery discharged, wrong electrical connection, etc.)
• Cooling unit : mounted in the lower part of the box, with the condensing unit compounded by Nr 1 hermetic
compressor and Nr 1 finned condenser, air cooled through a fan. Also, the internal walls of the storage chamber are
the evaporator, for a direct cooling of the stored material and grating a better temperature uniformity and stability due
to the fact that the cold comes from 4 sides. All the mounted components are industrial grade to grant the maximum
• Refrigerant : R134a CFC-free
• Defrosting : manual
• Refrigeration : static with the evaporator in 4 sides of the internal chamber, granting the maximum temperature
uniformity and stability inside the box
• Temperature range : infinitely adjustable between -18°C / +10°C
• Voltage (V – V/ph/Hz) : 12 and 24 – 110-230/1/50-60
• Plug : the portable includes Nr 2 electrical cords, one ending with the cigar lighter connector and the other one ending
with a Schuko type plug
• AC-DC adapter : incorporated into the structure of the box, allow its use with all the possible different voltages, simply
changing the electrical cords (supplied) to one of the 2 suitable connectors fitted in the external side of the box itself
• Net capacity (litres) : 110
• Dimensions (W x D x H cm) : 79 x 50 x 56
• Net weight (Kg) : 33
• Packed dimensions (W x D x H cm) : 90 x 60 x 75
• Gross weight (Kg) : 37
Wooden crate packing
Vers. July 13
* The declared performances are referred at +30°C ambient temperature, relative humidity of 70% and without any internal thermal mass (empty
* Should it be necessary or useful without undermining any model essential features, technical and stylistic characteristics are subject to be changed
without manufacturer’s previous notice.
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