A2  Edition 7.2
Label printer
The small sized.
Edition 7.2
Technical details 2
Precise printing: elaborate – made easy
Label printer A2+ with dispense function
Big graphic display
Add-on modules like cutter, external
rewinder, present sensor, peel-off
adapter and applicators can be easily
connected via USB peripheral interface.
All peripheral devices are put onto the
printer with two gudgeons and fixed with
a bolt.
White backlight guarantees optimal
Ribbon retainer
The threepart tightening axles allow a
fast and easy ribbon exchange.
Easy adjustment
The print head is pressed down with
two sliding toggles. One is mounted
to the left label margin, the other one
is pushed to the right label margin.
Peel-off option
The label is removed via peel-off-plate.
A high printing and applying accuracy
can be achieved with the additionally
powered rewind assistant roller and
the pinch roller.
Peripheral connection
Solid, buckling resistant metal
It is made of dye-cast aluminium.
All devices are assembled to it.
Roll holder
Applicable for core diameters as of 38 mm.
(we include adapters for core diamters from
76 mm for a better winding of the labels).
The spring mounted margin stop ensures
constant tension while feeding and
therefore a highly precise imprint.
Internal rewinder
The threepart tightening axles allow
the easy rewinding and removing of
labels or backing paper with or without paper core.
Only one tool for all
maintenance tasks
The Allen key is located ready
to hand directly at the printer.
Interfaces 3
All required interfaces
RS232C interface.
USB 2.0 Slave interface.
Ethernet 10/100 Base T-interface with TCP/IP.
Slot for Wireless LAN-Wifi-card.
Two USB-Master-interfaces to connect an external operation
panel, keyboard, scanner or Service Key.
Slot for memory card CompactFlash Type I.
Centronics interface bi-directional acc. IEEE 1284.
Interface RS422/RS485 1.200 bis 230.400
Baud/8 Bit.
The interfaces are plugged onto the PC.
Connection to the printer via mini USB
connection cable.
Label selection box – I/O box.
Up to 16 different labels can be loaded via SPS
from a memory card. Operation of four in-/outputs
via Basic Interpreter.
cab WLAN card 802.11 b/g.
Stand-alone operation
Printing with a cab printer without PC.
Accessories for the stand-alone operation
Memory card
CompactFlash Type I
The layout of the labels is created either with the label software
or direct programming via text editor directly on the PC.
Label formats, fonts and graphic data, serial data and data
base contents are saved or imported on the CF memory card
or the internal IFFS printer memory.
Only variable data is sent to the printer via keyboard or host
computer before being printed out. Data of a barcode scanner
or a scale can be additionally received by the printer.
Compact keyboard
Connection: USB
Number of keys: 86
L x W mm: 282 x 132
Cherry G84-4100
Standard keyboard
Connection: USB
Number of keys: 115
L x W mm: 460 x 192
Cherry G83-6105
The functions of the devices and conformity to CE-standards
are only warranted by using the accessories made by cab or
recommended by cab.
Software tools 4
H 100
S I1;0,0,68,70,100
T 10,10,0,5,pt20;sample
B 10,20,0,EAN-13,SC2;401234512345
G 8,3.5,0;R:30,9,0.3,0.3
A 1
Job Start
Speed (100 mm/s)
Orientation rotated by 180°
Size of label (100x68 mm, gap 2 mm)
Text object/font: Swiss bold, 20 pt
Barcode EAN 13, size SC 2
Graphic, box 30 x 9 mm,
Line strength 0.3 mm
Number of labels (in this example 1)
Direct programming with J-Script
The printer language is easy to understand and integrate into
your host system. Linkage of variable data with host application.
Label design, graphics and fonts are recorded on the compact
flash card. The host computer sends only the variable data to
the printer.
Integration into SAP R/3
Create labels
with software
Transfer replace
file into SAPScript
Upload-Method SAP R/3 note no. 137431
Exchange of
variable data
with SAPScript
and printout
In collaboration with SAP cab developed the so-called “Replace
method” in order to control the cab printers with SAPScript
from SAP/R3.
As a Silver Level-partner in SAP´s Printer Vendor Program cab
has access to the SAP development area for optimal printer
support in a SAP environment.
SAP and R/3 are registered trademarks of SAP AG.
abc - Basic Compiler
As an integrated element of the firmware it enables the printer
to process data via BASIC programming before being transmitted to print editing. Thereby external printer languages can be
replaced or data from other systems, e.g. SPS or a scale, can
be transferred to be printed on different label sizes.
Example of use:
Connection to a scale
Database Connector
In the stand-alone mode with additional network connection
the Database Connector enables stand-alone printers to link
up data from a SQL-compatible database and to print.
Data can be rewritten and modified simultaneously with the
printing process.
Printer monitoring with Intra- and Internet
The integrated HTTP- and FTP-Server enables, with standard
programs like web browser or FTP-clients, the print monitoring,
configuration, the firmware-update and the administration of the
memory card. Status signals, warning or error signals are sent
to users or administrators either as email or SNMP-datagram
via SNMP- and SMTP-clients. Synchronization of time and date
with a time server.
Administration Network Manager
The cab Network Manager enables the user to control multiple
printers across a network simultaneously. It supports monitoring,
configuration, firmware updates, memory card, datasynchronization and PIN-administration centrally.
Printer driver 5
WHQL-accredited Windows printer driver for
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 R2
Our printer drivers are officially accredited and signed by
Microsoft. They offer highest stability on your Windows
operating system. The programs Word, Excel, Access,
Corel Draw etc. permit the design and printing of labels.
Apple-Mac OS X® driver*
Alternatively cab offers a CUPS-based printer
driver for MAC OS.
Linux driver*
Alternatively cab offers a CUPS-based printer driver
for Linus.
*not for XD4M
Microsoft® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
MAC OS® is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
Label software
cablabel R2+
A powerful label software for free, specially designed for
cab printers and print & apply systems.
The ideal design of a label is realizable by using different fonts,
barcodes and graphics in variable heights, widths and printing
The cab printers offer, besides the loadable MS Windowsavailable TrueType Fonts, a large number of internal bitmap
and vector fonts. Due to the support of the most commonly
used codepages country-specific special characters are also
Highly productive functions permit the design and printing
of complex labels within just a few minutes. cablabel R2+
supports special functions of the cab printers such as realtime clock, printer counter, stand-alone operation without PC,
circular fonts or the display of the data stream into a data file.
The MDI-technology permits the synchronous tensioning of
several labels and the switching of different objects.
Cablabel R2+ is available in 24 different languages for the
following operating systems:
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003*
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2008*
Windows 7
* Terminalserver / Citrix are not supported.
Additional label software...
...such as Codesoft, Nicelabel, Easylabel, Bartender,
Label Matrix or Labelview support cab‘s transfer printers and
print & apply systems.
More information is available on our homepage.
Technical data label printer 6
1. Printhead A2+
Print method Thermal transfer 
Thermal direkt
Print resolution dpi
Print speed up to mm/s
30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150
30, 40, 50, 75, 100
Print width mm
2. Material
Labels, continuous rolls or fan-folded Paper, cardboard, textiles, synthetics like PET, PE, PP, PVC, PU, Acrylat, PI
Material thickness mm / weight g/m2
0.05 - 0.8 / 60 - 300
Width Label1) mm
4 - 63
Liner or of continuous material mm
25 - 67
Shrinkable tubing mm
10 - 67
Label height1) without back feed from mm
when dispensing1) from mm
up to mm 5000
Media roll: Total diameter up to mm
Core diameter mm
38 - 100
Winding direction
outside or inside
3. Ribbon
outside or inside
Roll diameter up to mm
Core diameter mm
Ribbon length variable up to m
Width2) up to mm
4. Internal rewinder (only peel-off version)
Total diameter up to bis mm
Core diameter mm
Winding direction
only outside
5. Dimensions of the printer
Height x Depth mm
274 x 446
Width mm
Weight kg 8.5
6. Label sensor
See-through sensor
for leading edge of the label or punching marks and end of material
Reflective sensor from the bottom / from the top
for printing marks
Distance to locating edge mm
5 - 26
7. Electronics
Processor high speed 32 Bit ColdFire/Clock rate MHz
Memory IFFS MB Flash
Slot for memory CompactFlash-card Type I
Slot for Wireless LAN-card
Battery cache for
Real-time clock, printout of time and date
Storage of data with shut-down
Warning signal
Acoustic signal when error
8. Interfaces
Centronics bi-directional acc. IEEE 1284
RS232 C 1.200 up to 230.400 Baud/8 Bit
USB 2.0 High Speed Slave for PC-connection
Ethernet 10/100 Base T, LPD, RawIP-Printing,
ftp-Printing, DHCP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SNMP, 
TIME, Zeroconf, mDNS, SOAP
RS422, RS485 1.200 up to 230.400 Baud/8 Bit
Peripheral connection
WLAN card 802.11b/g WEP/WPA PSK (TKIP)
2 x USB Master for
external operation panel, keyboard, scanner, service key
9. Operation data
Power supply
100 - 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, PFC
Power consumption
max. 300 W
Temperature / Humidity
10 - 35°C / 30 - 85% not condensing
CE, FCC class A, CB, CCC, UL
Depending on label size, material and adhesive limitations are possible. Critical material or applications have to be tested and cleared.
The ribbon should be in accordance with the width of the label material to avoid ribbon wrinkling.
Technical data label printer 7
10. Operation panel
Buttons/LED display
LCD graphic display
Width x Height mm
11. Settings
12. Monitoring
Stop printing if
On the display
13. Test routines
System diagnosis
Short Status, Status print
Status reports
14. Fonts
Font types
Character sets
Vector-/TrueType fonts
Font formats
Font width
Pause, Feed, Cancel, Menu, Enter,
4 x Cursor
Text 4 lines, ca. 20 characters per line
60 x 40
digital or analog clock
system settings
print parameters
25 language settings
End of ribbon End of labels
Printhead open
Data reception
WLAN field intensity
Date sheet
Ethernet state
abc Debug
Used memory
Input buffer
Temperature print head
Access to memory card
Remaining quantity of ribbon
When switched on with testing
of printhead
font list, device list, WLAN state,
profile of label, test grid, monitor mode,
PPP state
Extensive status print with information
about setting, e.g. print length counter,
runtime counter etc.
Request of machine state via software
command. Detailed status messages
on the display, e.g. network error-no
link, barcode error etc.
5 Bitmap fonts incl. OCR-A, OCR-B and 3 Vector fonts Swiss 721, Swiss 721 Bold and Monospace 821 available internally, loadable TrueType fonts.
Optional Chinese (simplified Chinese)
Optional Thai
Windows 1250 up to 1257, DOS 437, 737, 775, 850, 852, 857, 862, 864, 866, 869, EBCDIC 500, ISO 8859-1 up to -10 and -13 up to -16, WinOEM 720, UTF-8, Macintosh Roman, DEC MCS, K0I8-R.
All West and East European latin, cyrillic, greek, hebrew and arabic caracters are supported. Optional Thai and Chinese
Size of width and height 1 - 3 mm
zoom 2-10. Orientation 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
Size of width and height 0.9 - 128 mm
variable zoom,
Orientation 360° in steps of 1°
Bold, italic, underlined, outline, negative, grey, vertical, depending on character fonts
15. Graphics
Graphic elements
Line, arrow, box, circle, ellipse, filled and filled with fading
Graphic formats
16. Barcodes
Linear Barcodes
Code 39, Code 93
Interleaved 2/5
Code 39 Full ASCII
Ident- and leader
Code 128 A, B, C
code of Deut
sche Post AG
EAN 8, 13
JAN 8, 13
EAN/UPC Appendix 2 Plessey
EAN/UPC Appendix 5 Postnet
RSS 14
UPC A, E, E0
Aztec, Codablock F, Data Matrix, PDF 417, Micro PDF 417, UPS Maxicode, QR-Code,
RSS 14 truncated, limited, stacked and
stacked omnidirectional, EAN-Datamatrix,
GS1 Data Bar
All codes variable in height, module width and ratio. Orientation 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°. Optionally with check digit, printed cha-
racters and Start/Stop code depending
on code type.
17. Software
J-Script direct programming
abc-Basic Compiler
Database Connector
System diagnosis/ printer monitoring
Administration Network Manager
Label software
cablabel R2+
Codesoft, Nicelabel, Easylabel
Bartender, Label Matrix, Labelview l
Windows driver
32/64 bit for
Windows 2000 Server 2003
Windows XP Server 2008
Windows Vista Server 2008 R2
Windows 7
Mac driver*
OS X printer driver from version 10.4 
Linux driver*
Testet with Suse 9.0, 
CUPS based
Stand-alone 
*not for XD4M
Standard 
Option 
Authorized distribution by resellers. l
Innovative technology for better
climate protection.
Environmentally conscious.
The specifications are according to our current technical
knowledge. They are subject to change.
Please recall current data from www.cab.de
Accessories for basic devices 8
Cutting, winding and unwinding of material / Barcode control
The cutter is used to
cut paper, pressure
sensitive labels,
cardboard, textiles,
synthetics or heat
shrink tubes.
Cutter CU2
Material width up to mm
Weight of material gr/m2/cardboard
60 - 500
Material thickness mm
0.05 - 0.8
Cutting length mm
Gap height up to mm
Stop print job if
Final position not reached
Rewind guide for
internal rewinding
The internal rewinding is operated by the dispense printer.
The peel-off-plate is replaced by the rewind guide plate
(for devices A2+ and A4+).
External rewinder ER1/2/3
for direct connection of the printer
The rewinder is screwed directly onto the printer.
The label winding is optional inside or outside.
A smooth and tight winding is due to the electronic
control of the swing arm.
External rewinder ER4/6/8
with built-in power supply
The rewinder can be attached to almost every other printer.
All other technical data are according to the rewinder
External unwinder EU4/6/8
It enables a smooth feeding of labels for heavy rolls.
The unwinder works both with inside and outside wound labels.
Tester for linear barcodes
The built-in scanner tests the barcodes directly after printing.
If the barcode is not readable the printing process can be
stopped at once so the faulty labels can be removed.
It is primarily intended to be used with the external rewinder ER4 - ER8
or with dispense mode.
Present trigger or foot switch for printing on demand description on page 9
All examples for accessories are pictured with the thermal label printer A4+.
Material width up to mm
Roll Ø max. mm
Core Ø mm
Operating voltage
Label winding
40 / 76
from label printer
External rewinder
40 / 76
40 / 76
100 - 240 V~ 50/60 Hz
outside or inside
External unwinder
40 / 76
Accessories for dispensing devices 9
For dispensing of labels – automatically or on demand
Present sensor or pause adapter
Dispensing labels requires an additional present
sensor or peel-off adapter.
cab offers devices both for manual operation and
automatic operation.
Extended present sensor
only for present adapter PS5
If labels are difficult to remove from the liner a
peel-off plate with rewind guide plate, extended by
10 mm, is used.
Present sensor PS8 for manual operation
The photo cell detects the label in peel position and
pauses the labelling process. After removing the label
manually the next one is printed instantly.
Printing and dispensing on demand
The user can attach a present trigger or foot
switch onto the present sensor PS6 to start
the print job.
Present sensor PS5 for automatic operation
Printing and dispensing of the label is started with an
external signal. The removal can be made by a robot
or an applicator.
Start, label removed, external error
Outputs: No print job, printer not ready, print started,
label in dispensing position.
Present trigger
Starts printing and
Present sensor PS6
for manual or automatic operation
Foot switch
Starts printing and
1. As with PS8 after removing the label the next one
is printed automatically.
2. Dispensing on demand with present trigger, foot
switch or an external signal (according PS5).
Sub-D plug
for PS5, PS6 and PS7
Extended present sensor PS9
for manual operation
Connection of the external
control signals for automatic
operation. Sub D plug 15-pole
with screw clamps.
For dispensing labels where the front edge is not detected by the present sensor PS8. The extension
is made on customer-specific.
Pause adapter PS7 for basic
and dispense devices
The print job is stopped with the pause signal.
The activ label is finished, e.g. by using a label loop.
Pause, external error
Outputs: No print job,
printer not ready,
print job active
External panel
If the panel is not accessible anymore, e.g. after installation within a facility, it is possible to
install an external panel. Additionally there is a slot
for a CF memory card Type I and a USB Master
Applicator A1000 10
Real-time application
The applicator A1000 represents, in combination with
the thermal printers A2+, A4+ and A6+, a moderatelypriced solution for both semi-automatic labelling
and the integration into automated production lines.
Long economic life-time
The ball-bearing guide bars are
Variable product heights
The lift cylinder allows labelling in different heights. It is available in different
Easy adjustment
The tamp pad is adjustable to the
peel-off plate with four screws.
The processing control is optimized
during testing with the operation
Pre-dispense button
Tests the labelling function.
By pushing the button the first time
the label is printed and held by the
pad. By pushing the button again,
the application is started.
Air-pressure regulation unit
The microfilters prevent contamination and the compressed air regulator
ensures the labelling quality.
High process reliability
The supporting air jet streaming,
the induction air and the lifting
speed are adjustable. The pressure
can be reduced down to less than
1 kg for highly sensitive products
and packaging.
To avoid con-tamination of the
vacuum holes they are cleaned with
air pressure after each application.
Real-time application
Labels with a height of 25-200 mm
and a width of 25-176 mm can be
Label transfer
Label width
25 - 176
Label height mm
25 - 200
Cylinder strokemm
Tamp stroke below
the device
Compressed air bar
Product surface
Product height variable
Product in rest
in motion
25 - 176
80 - 200
220 / 300
70 / 150
25 - 176
25 - 100
Accessories for applicators 11
Tamp pad
The product remains fixed during application. The vacuum holes
of the universal tamp pads are covered by a foil which is pierced
according to the label size. The tamp pads are adjusted to the
external dimensions of the labels.
Blow pad
The label can be blown on for pressure-sensitive products.
The labels can be applied optionally onto the fixed or moving
product. The blow pad moves up to a fixed height approx.
10 mm above the product.
Roll-on pad
The label is moved under the roll of the pad during application.
The pad moves onto the product. During transport the label is
rolled on.
Printing and dispensing on demand
The user can attach a present trigger, a foot switch or a product sensor at the digital I/O interface of the applicator to start
the print job.
Digital I/O-Interface at the applicator
Present trigger
The master (e.g. PLC) starts or stops
the labelling process.
The status and error messages are
issued at the same time.
Starts printing and dispensing.
Foot switch
Starts printing and dispensing.
Input / Output
Print first label
Printer not ready
No print job
Combined alarm
Basic position reached
Labelling position reached
Labelling error
Product sensor
For automatic product detection
on the conveyor belt.
Sub-D plug
Connection of the external control signals
at the applicator. Sub D plug 15-pole with
screw clamps.
External panel
If the external panel is not accessible
anymore, e.g. after installation within a
facility, it is possible to install an external panel.
Additionally there is a slot for a CF memory card Type I and
a USB Master interface.
Accessories for applicators 12
Base frame
Roll-on application for
cylindrical products
Demand module for
roll-on application
The base frame is customized according
to the special requirements regarding
width and height. The print and apply
system is fixed with two pins. The exact
position is adjusted on the crossbar.
Application of round products up to 40
mm diameter. The product is pushed
onto the rolls. The application is started
via present trigger or foot switch.
Application of packaging on the conveyor
belt. The conveyor speed has to be synchronized to the print speed. Labels with
a width up to 116 mm and a length up to
200 mm can be processed.
Further technical details on request.
Printer holder
for A4+ and A6+, A2+ on request
The stand enables the fast and flexible
application of the printer in every
manufacturing line. The labelling position
is easy to adjust in height and width.
Four guide rollers at the chassis provide
its mobility. The stand is adjusted at the
place of installation with adjustable feet.
Total height mm
Height of appliance mm
Reach until middle
of label mm 230 - 500
W x D x H mm
600 x 860 x 140
Delivery program label printer 13
Part No.
Part No.
Label printer A2+
Label printer A2+
Label printer A2+
Label printer A2+
External rewinder ER4/210
External unwinder EU4/300
Connection set for ER/EU
59545xx.102 Printer with RFID
Read/Write unit 13,56 MHz
Label printer for
thermal direct printing
on request
Content of delivery
Label printer,
Power cable Type E+F, length 1.8 m,
Connecting cable USB, length 1.8 m,
Operation manual de/en
Operating manual in 21 languages (only A+-Series),
Configuration manual de/en/fr,
Service manual de/en,
Spare part list de/en,
Programming manual en,
Windows printer driver 32/64 bit in 19 languages for
Windows 2000
Server 2003
Windows XP
Server 2008
Windows Vista
Server 2008 R2
Windows 7
MAC OS X driver de/en/fr (only A+-Series),
Linux driver de/en/fr (only A+-Series),
Label software cablabel R2+in 24 languages,
Database Connector en
5946120.001 Peel-off apter PS5
automatic operation
5942353.001 Present sensor PS6
manual/automatic operation
5946146.001 Pause adapter PS7
5946900.001 Present sensor PS8
manual operation
on request
Present sensor PS9
Extended operation panel
5954380.001 External operation panel
Compact keyboard USB,
Cherry G84-4100
Standard keyboard USB,
Cherry G83-6105
5954105.001 Printhead 2/300
5958686.001 Printhead 2/600
Memory card
CompactFlash Typ I
5954102.001 Print roller DR2
5954104.001 Rewind assist roller RR2
Part No.
Applicators with accessories
Applicator A1000-300
Universal tamp pad
A1021 70 x 60
Universal tamp pad
A1021 90 x 90
Tamp pad
A1021 B x H
Universal tamp pad
A1321 116 x 102
Universal tamp pad
A1321 116 x 152
Tamp pad
A1321 B x H
Part No.
Part No.
Cutter CU2
Adapter 100
5948650.001 Tear-off plate TP2
5954108.001 Rewind guide plate RG2
for internal rewinding
auf Anfrage Barcode tester hl40-2
External rewinder ER1/210
Delivery program accessories 14
Part No.
Applicators with accessories
Blow pad
A2021 B x H
Roll-on pad
on request
Roll-on application for
cylindrical products
on request
Demand module
Part No.
Accessories applicators
Testbox 2 Automatic operation
Part No.
Centronics interface
RS422/RS485 interface
Label selection - I/O-Box
WLAN-card 802.11 b/g
Part No.
Connecting cable
Cable RS232 C
9/9-pin, length 3 m
Patch cable KAT 5e, 3 m grey
Part No.
Present trigger TR1
DL 40100
Database Connector Licence
Foot switch
Administration Network Manager
Photo cell to start
Interface connector
SUB-D-plug 15 pole
Phoenix Contact 2761606
Base frame 340 x 160
Base frame B x H
Printer holder
Content of deliveryLabel
software cablabel R2+
on request
Codesoft, NiceLabel, Easylabel
Programming manual English,
printed copy
The specifications are according to our current technical
knowledge. They are subject to change.
The cab delivery program
Label printer A+ series
Label printer XD4
for double sided printing
Label printer XC6
for two-tone printing
Label printer e4
Label printer MACH4
Labels / Ribbons
Label dispenser HS 150
Label software
Print and Apply
Laser marking systems
Print module PX-series
Laser safety housing
Headquarter in Germany
cab subsidiaries
350 distribution partners
in more than 80 countries.
cab is represented in every
active commercial centre worldwide.
Four your efficient process: you can count on us in your day-to-day operations.
Welcome to our website – www.cab.de
Customer proximity worldwide with perfect service and short reaction time.
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