TTP-244M Pro series (English)
Quick Installation Guide
Loading the Ribbon
Printer Overview
Graphic LCD with Backlit
Display (Option)
Label Insert Opening
(For use with external
USB Interface
Label Dispense
Power Switch
SD Card Socket
Power Jack
(1) Open the printer cover and front
(2) Place an empty paper core onto
the ribbon rewind spindle.
(3) Insert the left side first. Mount
the ribbon rewind paper core on
the front hubs. Please be noted
that the bigger hub side with 4
ribs must be installed toward the
right side of ribbon mechanism.
(4) Insert the left side first. Install a
ribbon on the ribbon supply
spindle. Mount the ribbon supply
spindle on the rear hubs.
(5) Please be noted that the bigger
hub side with 4 ribs must be
installed toward the right side of
ribbon mechanism.
(6) Disengage the printer carriage
by pulling the print head release
(7) Following the direction of the
(8) Attach the ribbon leader to the
empty paper core on the ribbon
rewind spindle (with a tape).
(9) Rotate the ribbon rewind spindle
until the ribbon overlaps the
ribbon leader and stretches
Note: The interface picture here is for reference only. Please refer to the specification for the interfaces
Ribbon Supply
Printer Cover
Print Head
Label Roll
Label Supply
Ribbon Rewind
Print Head
Release Lever
Platen Roller
Sensor Switch
Front Panel
Label Guide
 RIBBON label, pull the
transparent ribbon leader to the
front from under the ribbon
Media Sensor
Setting up the Printer
1. Connect the printer to the computer with the provided printer cable.
2. Plug one end of the power cord into the power connector at the rear of the printer, and then plug the other
end into a properly grounded wall outlet.
Note: Please switch OFF printer power switch prior to plug in to the power cord to printer power jack.
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Diagnostic Tool
Loading the Label
The Diagnostic Utility toolbox allows users to explore and change printer status and settings. Downloading graphics,
fonts, firmware to the printer can be accomplished using this utility, as well as creating bitmap fonts. The Diagtools
can be used to send additional commands to the printer and troubleshoot any issues during use.
Note: The Diagnostic Utility requires printer firmwares V6.00 and above.
Start the Diagnostic Tool:
(1) Double click the Diagnostic tool icon (
) to start the software.
(2) Four features (Printer Configuration, File Manager, Bitmap Font Manager, Command Tool) are included in the
Diagnostic utility.
Features Tab
(1) Open the printer cover, front
panel and print head release
(2) Lower the label roll guard to the (3) Install the label so that it goes
horizontal position, slide the label
(when using an external label
roll into onto the (external) label
roll mount: through the label
supply spindly, and then flip back
feed slot) in the direction of the
the label roll guard.
 LABEL label and under the
ribbon mechanism to lay upon
the platen.
Printer Functions
Printer Setup
Printer Status
(3) The Printer Functions group provides the following options:
(4) Adjust the label guide to fit the
width of the label.
“M” for single column label
RTC Time
Calibrate the sensor specified in the Printer
Setup group media sensor field
Setup the IP address, subnet mask, gateway for
the on board Ethernet
Synchronize printer Real Time Clock with PC
“R” for double column label
Print Test Page
Print a test page
Reset Printer
Reboot printer
(5) Engage the printer carriage.
Select the using label type by
sensor switch.
Calibrate Sensor
(6) Close the printer cover and
front panel.
Ethernet Setup
(7) Use “Diagnostic Tool” to set the media sensor type and calibrate the selected sensor. (Start the “Diagnostic
tool”  Select the “Printer Configuration” tab  Click the “Calibrate Sensor” button)
 When switched on, the printer will automatically detect whether ribbon is installed to set printer
to direct thermal or thermal transfer mode. As such, to use thermal transfer mode, be sure to
install the ribbon, the label, and engage the ribbon mechanism before you switch on the printer.
To use direct thermal mode, install the label and engage the ribbon mechanism before switching
on the printer.
 Please calibrate the gap/black mark sensor when changing the media.
 When the printer is out of ribbon or label, the ON-LINE LED will not come on and the ERROR
LED will flash. Reload the ribbon or media without turning off the printer. Press the FEED button
a few times until the ON-LINE LED illuminates, the printing job will be resumed without data
 To use the self-peeling function (option), tear off the first few labels, turn the print head release
lever backwards, guide the backing paper over the (metal) label stripper and then downwards
insert it between the platen and the self-peeling rod.
Dump Text
Initialize the printer and restore the settings to
factory default.
To activate the printer dump mode.
Ignore the downloaded AUTO.BAS program
Configuration Page
Print printer configuration
Factory Default
For further information on printer operation, please refer to the user's manual in Driver CD disc.
Specifications, accessories, parts and programs are subject to change without notice.
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P/N: 39-0182001-00LF
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