Technical Update
Important instructions for installing the IBM ServeRAID-5i Ultra320
SCSI controller 2-U bracket
The IBM ServeRAID-5i Ultra320 SCSI controller has a 3-U bracket. If your server requires a low-profile
2-U bracket, you must use the following instructions to install the 2-U bracket.
Attention: Failure to follow these instructions might damage the ServeRAID-5i controller.
Complete the following steps to install the 2-U bracket. You will need a small, flat-blade screwdriver. Also,
be sure to observe the proper electrostatic discharge procedures.
1. Holding the controller by the edges, remove it from the static-protective package.
2. Set the controller battery-side down on a nonconductive, static-protected surface. Do not place the
controller on your server cover or on a metal table.
3. Using a small, flat-blade screwdriver, remove the screw from the battery pack.
4. To remove the battery, gently press the tab up and lift the battery away from the controller.
Alignment pin
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5. Remove the two bracket screws. Set them aside.
6. Remove the 3-U bracket.
7. Align the two screw holes in the 2-U bracket with the two screw holes on the controller. Using the two
screws you removed in step 5, secure the bracket to the controller. The screws enter the screw holes
on the battery side of the controller and then go through the bracket screw holes.
Attention: Follow steps 8 and 9 carefully. Failure to do so might damage the controller.
8. Carefully reposition the battery pack on the controller. Be sure that the alignment pin and the two tabs
are properly aligned.
Alignment pin
9. Press gently on the center of the battery pack to snap the battery pack into place. Be sure to apply
pressure evenly with both hands and to hold the controller as shown in the figure below. Also, make
sure that the tab is properly latched on the controller.
10. Using the screw you removed in step 3 on page 1, secure the battery to the controller.
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