the DNA Datasheet for More Information.

the DNA Datasheet for More Information.
Spectrum Power™ Distribution
Network Applications (DNA)
The Siemens suite of Spectrum Power™
Distribution Network Applications (DNA)
provides the tools needed to monitor,
analyze and optimize distribution network operations. These tools simplify
and improve network analysis, providing
more reliable network status information
to focus control center and field activities
for both unplanned situations and planned
activities. Spectrum Power DNA helps
reduce outage durations from unplanned
incidents and helps improve work efficiency.
Spectrum Power DNA:
Assists in the management and optimization of distribution network opera-
tions for reliability and economic purposes
Ability to assess network state in real time, identifying equipment overloads, voltage limits, losses, loop and parallel conditions
Evaluation of network control actions under a wide variety of hypothesized conditions and optimizes restoration and work activities
Ability to locate and isolate faults and efficiently restore service.
Key features
Key features of Spectrum Power DNA
All applications available in real time and/or study modes
Field-proven application suite used on distribution networks of all sizes
Utilization of information from distribution automation and automated metering devices
Improved distribution transformer load
Is based on modular state-of-the-art components using the latest hardware and software technology
Automatic isolation and restoration service based on automated device controls
Is designed to meet current and
evolving industry standards and satisfy
regulatory requirements.
Optimization of voltage range, losses and service restoration
Can be configured as stand-alone system
or integrated with distribution SCADA
and/or outage management systems for full distribution management system (DMS) capabilities
Utilizes all information available from distribution automation and automated metering to improve feeder load models and operations solutions
Spectrum Power DNA can provide benefits, such as:
Accurate, real-time modeling for
better monitoring and control of the distribution network
Control center and energy management solutions
Answers for energy.
Interactive and automated creation of
switching plans to support work and restoration activities
Effective integration with existing/
planned outage management, mobile workforce management and distribu tion SCADA systems.
Architecture and model building tools to support general enterprise integra tion with geographic information system ( GIS), customer information
system ( CIS), interactive voice response (IVR), m
aintenance and other systems
Ability to implement as a standalone
application suite with its own user interface or integrated within a
consolidated (single) user environ ment for the distribution network operators and dispatchers
Operational model editing to support jumper, cut and grounding field
Ability to support multiple simultane ous study usersas well as multiple distribution network model versions.
Package options
The Spectrum Power DNA suite is comprised of a base package and options
within two main functional areas:
Distribution network analysis
Distribution network optimization planning applications
Distribution network analysis
The distribution network analysis base
package includes the applications
required to determine the state of the
distribution operating model and perform
fault management. The applications that
comprise the base package are:
Distribution system state estimation – mathematically robust tool for aug-
menting the set of distribution system operation information needed in sub-
sequent analysis functions, substituting the missing measurements and filtering out the measurement errors. The results are statistically improved magnitudes and angles of voltage vectors in elec-
trical nodes.
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Distribution system power flow an efficient and intelligent operator
tool to monitor the real-time network situation, as well as to study planned configurations under different load conditions in the distribution system. It estimates the current state of the distribution network elements to detect potential equipment loading and voltage limit violations.
Fault location - used to quickly determine the most probable location of electrical faults in the distribution network. It evaluates real-time data received from the feeder breaker or recloser, fault relays, and the feeder breaker’s response to trial switching operations.
Fault isolation and service restoratIon
- defines switching actions to enable
the operator to efficiently isolate faulted areas of the network and to restore service to customers on unfaulted feeder sections - even before repair work begins.
Volt/VAr control - provides recommen-
dations to control positions of transformer tap changers (LTC, line voltage regulators) and switchable shunt reactive devices (typically capacitors) to keep distribution feeder equipment loading and voltage within defined limits. In addition, Volt/Var control provides the following choices for
optmization: minimization of reactive power generated, minimization of real power demand or maximization of revenue. It can be used in an automated or user-interactive mode to achieve a
global versus local optimization.
Distribution network optimization
and planning applications
Short-circuit calculation - calculates fault currents in the distribution network to determine potential operating conditions and network configurations
that may exceed circuit breaker rating(s). It can also be used to verify the circuit breaker capacity and protection settings.
Optimal feeder reconfiguration - determines s witching plans and options for feeder reconfiguration accounting for equipment loading limits, voltage limits and feeder losses. It can supply
multiple prioritized plans to the operator
and is particularly effective in recon necting large areas after an outage.
Optimal capacitor placement determines optimal size and location of the capacitors in the distribution system network in order to minimize power loss, under-voltage and power factor constraints. It is used for distribution system planning and design.
Switching plan management provides a control/execution engine for switching operations required by the DNA functions. It provides simulation of all switching actions with
power flow checks and automatic documentation/record keeping.
For more information, please contact
your local Siemens representative.
The optional optimization and planning
applications are used to maximize system
operation while avoiding potential system
limit violations. These applications use cases
For more information, contact.
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from the distribution network analysis
package to assess how the distribution
network can be better utilized and provide
recommendations/plans to restore service
to customers. The available applications
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