Cary Audio Design SA-500.1 Amplifier Owner's Manual

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SA-200.2 & SA-500.1 Power Amplifiers

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The introduction of the Model SA-200.2 and SA-500.1 solid-state amplifiers represents a departure from traditional Cary amplifier design, and is a clean sheet design from the ground up.

They embody a new modular approach that ensures consistency in performance, and ease of manufacture and serviceability. In implementing the new design, we have dramatically improved performance and current-handling capacity over our previous models while still maintaining the highest levels of sonic quality. Like most Cary products, these amplifiers are designed and built at our facilities in North Carolina.


Cary has been in the forefront of vacuum tube amplification for over 20 years, and over the past few years has branched out into solid-state and digital audio. The SA-200.2 and SA-500.1 are our latest offerings, and are fully in keeping with our proud heritage. The SA-200.2 is a 200 watt per channel stereo amplifier (into 8 ohms, 350 w/ ch into 4 ohms) with both balanced and singleended inputs. The SA-500.1 is a 500 watt monoblock amplifier (into 8 ohms, 1000 watts into 4 ohms), and is essentially a bridged SA-200.2 with a balanced or single ended input. Both models exhibit very high current capability, are stable into low impedance loads, and feature 3 dB of dynamic headroom.



When we designed this amplifier one of our primary goals was to create a product that would give years of consistent and reliable use without any maintenance. To achieve that goal we took a hard look at the design and choice of components. For example, we use high-precision metal film resistors in almost all our circuitry, even in places where their use is not required. We have overbuilt the output stage and increased the heat dissipating capabilities of the amplifiers by as much as 50% over our previous designs. The changes encompass almost every part of the design, down to the choice of thickness of the chassis sheet metal. The monolithic front end brought major advantages to the amplifier design with improved temperature stability, low offset, and a substantial reduction of all types of distortion across the full frequency spectrum.


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Frequently Answers and Questions

What type of amplifier is the Cary Audio Design SA-500.1?
The Cary Audio Design SA-500.1 is a solid-state monoblock amplifier.
What is the power output of the SA-500.1 amplifier?
The SA-500.1 amplifier delivers 500 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and 1000 watts per channel into 4 ohms.
What are the input options available on the SA-500.1?
The SA-500.1 amplifier offers both balanced and single-ended input options.
Does the SA-500.1 amplifier have a bridged mode?
Yes, the SA-500.1 amplifier can be bridged to deliver even higher power output.
How stable is the SA-500.1 amplifier with low impedance loads?
The SA-500.1 amplifier exhibits very high current capability and is stable into low impedance loads.
What is the dynamic headroom of the SA-500.1 amplifier?
The SA-500.1 amplifier features 3 dB of dynamic headroom.
What is the design philosophy behind the SA-500.1 amplifier?
The design philosophy of the SA-500.1 amplifier emphasizes dependability, durability, and sonic excellence.
What specific measures were taken to ensure the dependability of the SA-500.1 amplifier?
To ensure dependability, the SA-500.1 amplifier uses high-precision metal film resistors, an overbuilt output stage, and increased heat dissipating capabilities.