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Wiring Systems
AV Systems
Delivering complete
Audio-Visual solutions
In the Floor HDMI and
6" and 8" Fire-Rated Poke-Throughs
In the Floor X-END Analog Audio Video and
4" Fire-Rated Poke-Throughs
In the Floor USB and 1394 "Fire Wire" and
4" AV Floor Boxes
In the Floor Pro-AV Style XLR speakON® ¼" Stereo and
Large Capacity Floor Boxes
In the Table Hubbell iSTATION HD15 VGA Style Connections and
Work Surface Boxes
On the Wall Hubbell iSTATION AV Modules and
Frames, Panels and Plates
On the Wall Hubbell iSTATION AV Keystone Connectors and
Large Capacity AV Wall Boxes
In the Wall Networking Connections and
In-Wall Convergence Boxes
In the Ceiling Ceiling Accessories and
AV Ceiling Convergence Boxes
On the Surface Hubbell iSTATION Connection Plates and
Surface Mount Raceway
In the Rack Loaded and Configurable Patch Panels and
Equipment Racks
In the Cabinet
Cabinet Accessories and Power and
Remote Equipment Cabinets
Wiring Systems
Integrating AV Systems
Today’s business environment relies on the use of multimedia every day. Accessing
and viewing video has become as vital as receiving email. Hubbell’s iStation
Connectivity products and Delivery Systems solutions are multi-patented product
offerings designed to address each user’s expectations, focusing on growing audio
video needs.
Hubbell’s main focus is the integration of connections from multimedia devices
and applications such as display devices, white boards, video-conferencing,
webcasting and streaming
media content into a user
friendly interface. Hubbell
recognizes that having the
right AV connection in the
right location is important
to providing the flexibility
to easily connect and
disconnect various devices.
Hubbell’s breadth of connections and delivery products provide a consistent and
practical solution for deploying all types of multimedia applications. Whether it’s
on a wall, in the floor, in the ceiling, on a desk, in a conference table or in a rack,
Hubbell’s AV integrated systems approach is straightforward and user-friendly.
It becomes effortless to add connectors and maintain a uniform look across all
systems, delivering the exact configuration needed for the application.
In the Floor
Meeting the needs of larger AV and data deployments, Hubbell’s large capacity recessed 6” and 8”
SystemOne Fire-Rated Poke-Throughs offer increased capacity, accommodating power, data and
AV within the same space. Recessed FRPTs enhance functionality by effectively supporting multiple
HDMI and AV connections in numerous configurations.
AV Application: HDMI
HDMI 110 Video Extender
2-U Module
• Flexibility: DC 5V screw terminal on
rear and standard DC jack on front for
installation options
• Integration: Easily snaps into Hubbell’s
array of workstation and delivery products
HDMI Keystone Feed
through Coupler
• Small form factor: Simple
configuration integration
HDMI 110 Video Extender
• Locating a display device up to 147
feet away is as simple as pulling two
additional UTP cables to a drop
• Supplied as a kit with a “Source” and
“Display“ frame/module and a 5-volt DC
power supply
• Distance Limitations:
45 meters (147’) = Cat 6A
40 meters (130’) = Cat 6
35 meters (115’) = Cat 5e
• Compatibility: Easily installs into
standard Hubbell keystone openings,
allowing for additional connectors to
be configured
HDMI Feed through
Module Couplers
• Capacity: Four-inch application tail
provides ease-of-use behind the plate
where capacity issues occur
• Reliability: Locking in-wall interface for
secure connection stability
HDMI Patch Cords and
Horizontal Assemblies
• Configuration: Multiple configuration
styles for different applications
• Standards: HDMI Category 2 Cabling,
24 AWG (12-Meter Channel)
TIP: Always label UTP cables prior
to termination.
Wiring Systems
Delivery Application:
6" and 8" Fire-Rated Poke-Throughs (FRPT)
Hubbell SystemOne 6” and
8" Recessed Service FRPTs
6-Inch Recessed FRPT
• Offers two unique device plate
layouts for maximum AV capacity
• Adjustable plate depths for increased
multimedia installation flexibility
60/40 split
50/50 split
8-Inch Recessed FRPT
• Comes standard with conduit
connection stubs
• Compatible with third party
AV devices
• Standard NEMA device spacing
Low Profile Cover in Five Finishes
• Brushed aluminum
• Satin nickel plated
• Brushed brass plated
• Bronze plated finish
• Black powder coat
In the Floor
When applications need to penetrate the floor, Hubbell SystemOne’s 4” flush service FireRated AV Poke-Throughs allow users to define and customize hundreds of configurations
utilizing 20+ different sub-plates styles. X-END can easily adapt to different sub-plates with
the flexibility of the patented modular connections and configurations.
AV Application:
X-END Analog Audio Video
X-END Patch cords and Tails
• Versatility: Allows the user to swap out
application patch cords and tails without
changing the horizontal runs
• Reliability: Locking interface ensures
mated connection
X-END Connectors
• Superior strain relief: Over molded
connections protect cable and
connectors during and after installation
X-END AV System
• Patented plug-n-play X-END AV System
• Eliminates field termination on the
job site
• Horizontal runs manufactured in plenum
and non-plenum configurations
• Can utilize same cabling infrastructure for
multiple applications
• Capacity: Allows up to 6 keystone
connections or three 1-unit modules in
a single gang, delivering a maximum of
30 connectors in a single plate
• Simplicity: X-END plug-n-play feature
saves valuable installation and testing
time in the field
• Flexibility: Supports multiple applications
and connector configurations
X-END Horizontal Assemblies
• Small form factor: X-END horizontal
cable runs can easily be pulled through
¾” conduit without any issue
• Performance: Custom AV cable is
designed for minimal signal loss, delivering
transparent video and flawless audio
TIP: Always design in extra capacity
behind plate for termination
Wiring Systems
Delivery Application:
4" Fire-Rated Poke-Throughs (FRPT)
Hubbell SystemOne
4” Flush service FRPTs
High Capacity 4” Core Hole
• Largest available AV conduit offering
at 1½” in a 4” core hole
• Up to 12 AV/data
keystone connectors
• High capacity furniture feed to
distribute point-to-point AV and
network connections
Dual Service Available
• Hubbell iSTATION compatible
• Includes pre-wired receptacles
• ADA compliant flange height
Universal Covers and Sub-Plates
• Universal covers that fit both FRPTs
and floor boxes allow for common
décor throughout a building
• Options for carpet or tile:
- Black
- Gray
- Aluminum
- Ivory
- Brass
In the Floor
Accommodating AV applications on grade is simple with Hubbell SystemOne floor boxes.
These innovative floor boxes can customize multimedia deployments by utilizing easy to
configure sub-plates. USB connections can simply be added to allow for device-to-device
communication and programming without configuration limitations.
AV Application:
USB and 1394 "Fire Wire"
USB 110 Extender
iStation 1-U Module
• Compatibility: Extends any USB 2.0
full speed device up to 100 feet using
standard category rated cable (UTP)
• Installation: Requires no external
power adapter
USB 3.0 Keystone
Feed-Through Couplers
Integrating USB Connections
• Provide a perfect solution for extending
controls or peripherals from device
to device
• Standard 1-unit iStation module,
designed to fit in plates, panels, raceway,
SystemOne and various delivery
systems products
• Available as keystone, Pro-AV D-sub style
and iStation 1-U modules
• Flexibility: Universal reversible
keystone A and B design fits into all
Hubbell products
• Application: External hard drives,
webcams, multi-channel audio interface
and Blu-ray burners
USB 2.0 Keystone
Feed-Through Couplers
• Standards: USB 2.0 Performance
480 Mbit/s
• Versatility: Ideal to remotely control
devices such as white boards, projectors
or flat panel monitors
iSTATION Pro-AV USB 2.0 and 1394
• Integration: Pro-AV Series installs into
a 1.5U iStation module for seamless
connector configuration
TIP: When installing feed through
couplers, always allow space behind the
plate for cable bend radius.
• Form factor: Standard Pro-Audio D-style
foot print
Wiring Systems
Delivery Application:
4" AV Floor Boxes
Hubbell SystemOne Flush
Service Floor Boxes
Multimedia Compatible
• Dual service capacity
• Designed for high cable capacity
and a larger bend radius
• 1½” threaded hub, standard
• Corrosion resistant for on
grade applications
Flexible Installation
• Simple saw cut leveling
• Low voltage partition included
• Wide variety of mounting
plate options
• Floor box options include stamped
steel, cast iron and non-metallic
Universal Covers and Sub-Plates
• Universal covers that fit both FRPTs
and floor boxes allow for common
décor throughout a building
• Sub-plates for third party devices
• Options for carpet or tile:
- Black
- Gray
- Aluminum
- Ivory
- Brass
In the Floor
The CFB series floor boxes are the ideal solution for hospitality, entertainment, conference
and training rooms. These Boxes deliver flexibility and maximum capacity for any Audio/Video
installations. Providing 11 gangs to populate, this floor box is the ultimate in capacity allowing
for standard Pro-Audio XLR type connections to be mounted alongside various services.
AV Application: Pro-AV Style, XLR,
speakON®, ¼" Stereo
Pro-AV XLR 3-Pole Screw Terminal
• Installation: Fast and easy screw
terminal termination accommodating
wire range (AWG 26 -20)
• Application: Perfect solution to connect
a microphone to professional grade
AV equipment
Pro-AV XLR 3-Pole Solder Type
Hubbell iSTATION Pro-AV System
• Reliability: High performance 3-pole
balanced solder type termination
• Connectors easily install into 1.5U
iSTATION module for seamless
delivery integration
• Immunity: Rugged all metal housing
offers best overall RF protection and
electromagnetic shielding
• Perfect solution to connect professional
and commercial grade audio components
• Universally accepted standard Pro-AV
D-style housing provides installation
compatibility with industry standard
D-mounting dimensions
Pro-AV ¼" Locking Stereo Jack
• Security: Plug locks-in automatically
when mating and unlocks by pressing
release tab
• Compatibility: Mates with all mono and
stereo plugs specified acc. EIA RS-453
Pro-AV 2-Pole speakon®
• Dependability: Glass reinforced;
extremely robust and reliable Twist-Lock®
style latching system
TIP: IEC 60 268-12 defines wiring of
XLR connectors
Pin 1  Xternal of cable (shield/ground)
Pin 2  Live (“Hot”/+ polarity)
Pin 3  Return (“Cold”/- polarity)
• Flexibility: Mates with both speakON®
and ¼” connectors offering a greater
option of interconnections
speakON® is a registered trademark of NEUTRIK AG.
Wiring Systems
Delivery Application:
Large Capacity Floor Boxes
Large Capacity Floor Boxes
LCFB Series
• 6 device capacity with rectangular or
round covers
• Recessed connections protect
expensive active components
• Removable wireways for easy
cable pulls
CFB Series
• 3¾" of space behind faceplates for
active modules
• Accepts industry standard wall plates
• 2” knock outs
• 7, 8 or 11 device capacity
• Standard NEMA plate spacing
CFB8 Series
• 20,000lb cover load rating with 2x
safety factor (40,000lb)
• 8 gangs of connectivity
• Twelve 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”
concentric knockouts
• Individual or multi-gang pass throughs
In the Table
AV integration into a workstation or table top is easy using Hubbell’s Work Surface Series
products. Its open architecture design allows for both analog (VGA), digital (HDMI)
keystone and Hubbell iStation connectivity to be configured, making them a perfect
solution for work stations, hospitality, training facilities, conference rooms and podiums.
AV Application: Hubbell iSTATION
HD15 VGA Style 15-Pin Connections
Keystone Screw Terminal
• Innovation: Industry’s first front loading
high-density DB15 VGA style connection
• Termination: Screw terminal eliminates
the need for crimping and soldering in the
field saving valuable time
Keystone Screw Terminal
• Installation: Aids in running a VGA style
application when depth and capacity are
an issue
VGA Style Connections
• Hubbell One design provides ease-of-use
for compatibility and integration
• Provides transparent analog
video distribution
• Multiple VGA Style configurations support
different installation requirements
• VGA front-mount connector simplifies
running a VGA style application into a
standard keystone face plate
• Application: Recommended maximum
cable distance:
100 ft. resolution: 800 x 600
75 ft. resolution: 1224 x 768
50 ft. resolution: 1280 x 1024
90° Gender Changer
• Solution: Solves connector depth
issues in raceway and other delivery
applications where depth is an issue
• Integration: Mounts into all
Hubell iStation plates and frames
X-END Plug-N-Play
• Time Savings: Easy plug-n-play
installation, zero termination
• Reliability: Over-molding provides
connector strain relief behind the plate
TIP: When terminating a screw
terminal connector, always measure
and strip cable prior to termination.
Wiring Systems
Delivery Application:
Furniture and Work Surface Boxes
Work Surface Boxes
• Ideal for use in board rooms,
training facilities, conference rooms
and podiums
• Available in single and dualservice configurations
Functional Designs
• Open architecture design
• Pre wired options available
• Multiple finish options to match any
style or décor
• Available in multiple capacities
Easy Integration
• Integrates with keystone connectors
and iSTATION modules for AV and
multi-media solutions
• Several profile options offer power
and low-voltage services, depending
on the application
On the Wall
Hubbell iStation products provide a consistent and practical solution, allowing the
integration of AV services in various configurations and delivery system products located
where needed. The iStation system approach makes adding a connection effortless while
maintaining a clean, uniform look.
AV Application:
Hubbell iSTATION AV Modules
Configurable Modules
• Numerous options: Various styles and
configurations allow the user to design
each plate to the specific application
• Flexibility: Easily add any Hubbell
keystone AV, data or fiber connection to
any configuration
Loaded Modules
• Reliability: Loaded with high quality
connectors for easy installation
and configurability
Hubbell iSTATION AV System
• Allows up to 6 keystone connections or 3
1-unit module combinations in a single
gang, delivering maximum connections
• Supports multiple applications and
connector configurations
• Integrates directly into all Hubbell
SystemOne products
• Active and non-active modules
• Capacity: Loaded high-density modules
expand connector options and allow
new applications to be added in a snap
110 UTP Modules
• Labor savings: Save time and money
on the job site utilizing standard UTP
for termination
0.5 Unit
1 Unit
1.5 Unit
• Applications: HDMI, USB, component,
composite, 3.5mm, VGA, stereo audio
and S-video
3 Unit
2 Unit
Specialty Modules
• Integration: Custom high-density
application loaded and unloaded specific
• Form factor: Designed to capture
standard applications in 1-, 1.5- and
2-unit footprints
TIP: Hubbell iSTATION frames accept
three units of module combinations
in a single-gang opening; lay out
configurations before ordering.
Wiring Systems
Delivery Application: Hubbell iSTATION
Frames, Panels and Plates
Modular Systems
• Integrates into all delivery options
• Ideal for customizing and configuring
any AV application
Delivery Options
• 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-gang stainless steel
face plates
• 1- and 2-gang face plates
• 4”, 6” and 8” poke-throughs
• Table top boxes
• Raceway frames
In-Rack Applications
• 1-RMU (8 1-U iStation Modules)
• 2-RMU (24 1-U iStation Modules or
3-U 8 Gangs)
• Angled versions eliminate the need
for horizontal cable management
In the Wall
The Large Capacity AV Multi-Service Wall Boxes are the ideal solution for applications requiring AV,
data, power and building automation (BAC) to reside side-by-side in the same box. The versatility of
the box incorporates concentric ¾”–2” knockouts and large capacity volume (3¼” depth), allowing
for pre-connectorized AV, Category 6A and fiber cables to be installed without issues.
AV Application: Hubbell iSTATION
AV Keystone Connectors
3.5mm Stereo Jacks
• Termination: Solder, feed through, 110
UTP and screw terminal
• Configurable: Easy to add a 3.5mm
stereo connection to any design
Hubbell iStation
Keystone Connections
• Supports multiple applications and
connector configurations
• Customizing a multimedia outlet is as
simple as snapping in an iStation
keystone connector in any frame, plate or
module alongside any loaded module or
category rated jack
•iStation keystone connectors fit into all
delivery products which include: pokethroughs, floor boxes, furniture boxes,
raceway, wall boxes and face plates
• Application: Recessed for flush mounting
applications in high traffic areas and
• Performance: Gold 3GHZ for high
bandwidth applications
RCA Connections
• Installation: Solder, feed through, flush
mount, 110 UTP and screw terminal
• Ease of use: Add an RCA audio or video
connection to any design
AV and Data Couplers
• Form factor: HDMI 1.4 high density
couplers extend true HD 1080p video
signal to any display device
• Integration: Feed-through USB/data
couplers for extending control, video and
extended data devices
TIP: When adding a coupler to
configurations always check the depth
behind the plate/frame for proper
bend radius and fit.
Wiring Systems
Delivery Application:
Large Capacity AV Wall Boxes
Large Capacity WALL BOXes
• Designed for large capacity
AV/data installation
2-gang (66.7 cubic inches)
3-gang (113.3 cubic inches)
Accommodating Design
• Utilizes standard NEMA size
• Concentric 2-inch knockouts for
AV cabling
• UL listed low voltage partition
• 3¼" deep boxes accommodate large
capacity AV/data intensive installs
Easy Installation
• Three raised ground screws
• 1-, 2- or 3-gang wiring capacity;
mud ring defines number of gangs
• 3-gang includes built-in stud
mounting brackets and
spanner straps
In the Wall
Flat Panel Television (FPTV) boxes offer an easy and flexible means for mounting equipment
and organizing connections for any size installation—all in one box. When deploying digital
signage and flat panel displays to the network, simply add a category rated 6/6A highperformance Ethernet connection to the configuration.
AV Application:
Networking Connections
Category 6A UTP RJ45 Jacks
• Performance: High bandwidth 10
gigabit Ethernet applications
• Strain relief: Locking IDC stuffer
cap secures wires to ensure complete
termination retention
Category 6A FTP RJ45 Jacks
Category Rated Connectors
• Third party verified TIA category
component compliant
• Exclusive 1-punch termination reduces
termination time by 75%
• True network application assurance
• PoE and PoE+ ready
• Hubbell standard keystone format
• Application: True 10GbE and PoE+
application assurance
• Interoperable: Works with current
industry standard Category 6/6A
shielded AV systems
Category 6 and 5e UTP RJ45 Jacks
• Labor savings: 1-punch tool
terminates all Xcelerator Jacks within
• Consistency: IDC tower’s blade
feature assists in pair splitting during
termination, maintaining cable twist
integrity to the point of termination
Fiber Connections LC, SC and ST
• Compatibility: Connectors interface
with all fiber audio video extenders and
matrix switches
• Options: Wide variety of colors,
available in different mounting styles
and sleeve options
TIP: Always allow for bend radius
behind and inside furniture and walls
for optimum transmission.
Wiring Systems
Delivery Application:
In-Wall Convergence Boxes
Flat Panel Enclosures
• High density delivery
of power, data,
and AV
• New or retrofit
mounting flexibility
• Easily reconfigured to adapt to
new applications
• 2-gang steel enclosure with 1½"
and 1¼" conduit knockouts support
typical displays
•Larger steel 10", 14", and 28"
high in-wall enclosures support
equipment and connections for
advanced applications
• Integrated trim rings quickly clean up
sheetrock rough-in
USB Audio/Video
Patch Cables
Flat Panel
White Board
USB Audio/Video
• Networking and AV distribution
modules provide logical connection
• Cabinet mounted receptacle kits
provide convenient power to the
enclosure, available in surge and
standard kits
Patch Cables
Table Top
Patch Cords
Horizontal Cable
In the Ceiling
Distributing the right AV connections to a projector in a plenum or non-plenum
environment is simple using Hubbell's AV ceiling box. These boxes mount into the ceiling
grid and provide enough space for active and non-active AV gear, power connections and
cable storage and management.
AV Application:
Ceiling Accessories
Thermostat And Fan
• Air flow: Where heat is an issue, the fan
will quietly pull the warm air out of the
cabinet and exhaust it outside
• Heat control: Programmable thermostat
allows user to adjust temperature to
the environment
VELCRO® Products
• Options: Various lengths and sizes for
organizing and managing cables efficiently
Ceiling Integration
• Designed for AV convergence in the
ceiling for signal routing to projectors and
white boarding devices
• Power, data and active AV devices in
the ceiling
• Installs into standard ceiling tile grids
available in plenum and non-plenum
• Equipment mounting: Simple solution
for securing active devices whenever and
wherever needed
HDMI 1.4 Specialty Modules
• Flexibility: Ease-of-use for installations
that have depth and capacity issues
• High density: The tails small form factor
foot print allows for two connections in a
single gang faceplate
Power Kits
• Protection: Safeguard active equipment
with a quality surge protected power kit
• Kit contents: A Hubbell surge-protected
duplex receptacle with audible alarm
(HBL5262IS), single-gang work box, 6'
POLYTUFF® non-metallic conduit, stainless
steel face plate, and assembly hardware kit
TIP: Always use VELCRO® to manage
cabling inside ceiling boxes to ensure
optimized performance.
VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.
Wiring Systems
Delivery Application:
AV Ceiling Convergence Boxes
Ceiling Enclosures
AV Integration
• Designed for power, data and active
AV devices in the ceiling
• Easily installs into a standard 2’ ceiling
tile grid (2’ x 1’)
• Manages active AV devices (FSR®,
Extron® and Crestron®) for signal
routing to projectors
Plenum and Non-Plenum
• All steel rugged construction provides
the ultimate strength for installation
• Designed to neatly manage multiple
applications inside one enclosure
• Loaded with two Hubbell 20A duplex
receptacles and a 2-gang back box
• 100% steel construction
AV Zone Ceiling Enclosures
• In the ceiling remote cabinet for active
equipment and remote patching
• Flexible mounting options
• Rated for plenum environments
• Optimize space utilization
On the Surface
Hubbell's Metal and Non-Metallic Raceway have been designed to address AV intensive
applications and multimedia integration. The Raceway features easy configurability,
compliant bend radius corners and fittings, deep boxes to mount Hubbell iStation plates
for use with AV, fiber and category rated cabling and connections.
AV Application:
Hubbell iSTATION Connection Plates
Rear Loading Face Plates
• Integration: Fits all Hubbell iStation
keystone connections (AV, data and fiber)
• Secure: Plate has to be removed to
access connectivity
Front Loading Face Plates
Hubbell iSTATION Plates
• Custom configurable AV and data plates,
panels and cover plates
• Plates and frames integrate into all
delivery products
• Provides consistency across application
and delivery configurations
• UL 1863 Listed
• Aesthetics: Plate has adjustable leveling
feature and flush mounts to wall with
box eliminator
• Configurability: Allows for future
upgrades and MACs without replacing
the frame
Decorator Frames and Plates
• Standards: UL Listed for power and
low-voltage with label fields
• Options: ISF frames available in
various port configurations, colors and
connector configurations
Customized AV Plates
• Custom: Each plate can be customized
for room décor, unique wood or
wall pattern, labeling, designation,
application, etc.
• Labor Savings: Plates can be pre-loaded
with connections for easy installation
TIP: Cable through plates provide a
simple solution for connecting directly
to a device.
Wiring Systems
Delivery Application:
Surface Mount Raceway
Non-Metallic Raceway
• Sizes range from
single channel
to three channel
for all large
capacity AV deployments
• Single and two channel latching
raceways are dual-rated for power
and data and AV applications
• Available with a variety of device
boxes and bend radius control fittings
Aluminum Raceway
• External, internal,
flat and tee
fittings available
to accommodate
all types of AV
• Split covers allow access to each
service at a time
• Low profile bezel cover
Hubbell iStation modules
Metal Raceway
• Designed to
accept AV,
Category rated
and fiber cabling
• Additional color
options available
for architects and interior designers
• Ideal for large multimedia
applications in classrooms
• Available in single channel/single
service or multiple channel/multiple
service versions
In the Rack
The NEXTFRAME® family of racks and cable management products are designed for
today’s AV and data cabling active gear requirements. NEXTFRAME products are designed
to maximize air flow, support increased load capacity and provide easy access to cables
and patch cords.
AV Application:
Loaded and Configurable Patch Panels
Category Rated Patch Panels
• Installation: Industry's fastest terminating
category rated patch panels
• Application: Verified for category rated
performance; PoE and PoE+ ready
Unloaded Keystone Patch Panels
• Capacity: 1U high-density 48-port panel
maximizes rack space
Patch Panels
• High capacity patch panels are the
ideal solution where rack space is at an
absolute premium
• Customize UDX panels with mixed
performance, multimedia, fiber and/or
color where desired
• The UDX rear-loading keystone feature
simplifies installation, MACs and provides
migration path for future applications
• All panels comply with TIA-310-D rack
mount standard
• Field configurable: Ready for any
combination of fiber, data and AV
Unloaded Module Patch Panels
• Form Factor: iStation format
8 1U module spaces in 1RMU
8 3U modules spaces in a 2RMU
• Space savings: Available in angled
versions, eliminating the need for
cable management
Unloaded Pro-AV Patch Panels
• Configurable: Pro audio design allows
for customization of connections into a
patch panel for easy access in racks
and cabinets
TIP: Hubbell’s FCR fiber enclosures
are an excellent way to consolidate
AV fiber extenders and video
distribution systems.
• Durability: Rolled edge construction
eliminates flex during termination
Wiring Systems
Delivery Application:
Equipment Racks
Wall Mounted Swing Racks
• Supports heavy or
deep equipment
in locations with
limited floor space
• Quick release
latches; rack
frame hinges left
and right
• Cable tie slots along both sides and
inside top and bottom
Wall Mounted Racks
• Jumbo openings in sides and rear
• Side and bottom hinging for easy
access to the rear of components
• Enhanced cable management —
multiple tie-off points for both nylon
and VELCRO® brand ties
Free Standing Racks
• Available in 3" and 6" depths
and various heights
• Rack mount unit is numbered for
easy equipment location
• 6" deep rack supplies additional
support for larger cable bundling
and Category 6A applications
In the Cabinet
Hubbell’s innovative remote equipment cabinets meet the needs of any AV topology.
Regardless of the environment and application, these enclosures provide aesthetics,
functionality, security and flexibility. Accessories to support different applications include
sound dampening, cooling, cable management, grounding and bonding and fiber
provisions to effectively overcome distance limitations common with remote applications.
AV Application:
Cabinet Accessories
Fan Kits and Sound Damping
• Air Flow: Fan kits available for enhanced
heat ventilation
• Environmental: Gasket kit protects
against dust and water, enhancing
performance of fan and filter
• Safety: Grounding strips are easily
installed on inside rails and inside
of cabinets
Re-BOX® and QuadCab®
• Supports AV deployments in remote and
space constrained areas
• Efficient integrated cabinet louvers are
designed to dissipate 160W of heat;
industry maximum without requiring a fan
• Large capacity openings designed for AV
and category rated cable routing
• Cabinets are constructed in a broad
range of sizes offering versatility for any
AV application or design requirement
• Installation: Grounding kits are user
configurable to accommodate different
compression lug types and wire lengths
Mounting Accessories
• Configurability:
- 2 and 4 RMU flexible fold down
patch panel brackets provide front
access to rear for easy termination
- 3 and 5 RMU active equipment
rack mount brackets provide 19"
mounting for active equipment to
rear wall
• Customization: ¾” plywood backboard
provides universal mounting for brackets,
splitters, extenders, USB hubs and
other devices
Power Strips
• Flexibility: Standard 15A and
20A available with front and rear
mounting options
TIP: Ideal solution for side of staging,
outdoor entertainment, sporting
events and training centers.
• Capacity: Transformer spaced power
strip provided with eight recessed 15A
receptacles (4 on front and 4 on rear)
Wiring Systems
Delivery Application:
Remote Equipment Cabinets
Wall Mount Cabinet
• Cabinet maintains structural integrity
when fully loaded
at 400lb
in modular
sections for easy
• Rear wall configured to easily mount
AV splitters and extenders, keeping
them clear of rack mounted gear
IP Rated Cabinet
• Deploy AV equipment in remote
harsh environments
• Rated for NEMA 3R, 4X, 4, 12, and
13 environments
• Modular backboard system simplifies
field configurations, optimizing
cabinet space utilization
Remote Wall Mount Cabinet
• Perfect solution for small stage
arrangements, classrooms or training/
learning centers
• Accommodates large cable
deployments with concentric
knockouts for conduit and rectangular
knockouts for metal and PVC raceway
• Door lifts off when open; hinge can
be reversed in the field if required
Hubbell Connectivity and Delivery Solutions
Hubbell Data
Center Brochure
Data Center Solutions
Guide assists data center
professionals in identifying,
specifying and deploying
Hubbell Data Center
Solutions to improve space
utilization, reduce on-site
labor, lower start-up costs
and ensure a reliable network
cabling infrastructure.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Your complete online resource
Find what you need quickly
with our multi-functional online
value-added tools, print, zoom,
search and download required
information anytime, anywhere.
Visit www.hubbell-premise.com.
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Wiring Systems
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Hubbell Incorporated (Delaware)
40 Waterview Drive, Shelton, CT 06484
Phone (800) 288-6000 • FAX (800) 255-1031
Hubbell’s SystemOne
6" and 8" Fire-Rated PokeThroughs combine enhanced
capacity with flexibility to
accommodate changing user
requirements for power, data
and audio video connections.
These enhanced capacity
FRPTs reduce the number
of units required and the
associated labor to serve
user requirements.
Literature Support
Hubbell Wiring
For complete wiring device
offerings, visit
Recessed 6" and 8" FireRated Poke-Throughs
Hubbell offers an extensive literature library
for product support. Downloadable PDFs are
available online at www.hubbell-premise.com
under the Media tab.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Hubbell Incorporated (Delaware)
23 Clara Drive, Suite 103, Mystic, CT 06355
Phone (800) 626-0005 • FAX (860) 535-8328
Printed in U.S.A. Specifications subject to change without notice. ® Registered trademark of Hubbell Incorporated. HWSLBCD001 07/13
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