Siemens - The One-Stop Shop brochure
Process Instrumentation, Process
Analytics, Weighing Technology
Siemens – The One-Stop Shop
Issue November 2012
Answers for industry.
Complete packages for field instrumentation
and process analytics
■■Process Instrumentation
Pressure, temperature, flow, and level transmitters.
Positioners for pneumatic linear and part-turn
Process controllers and process recorders.
■■Process Analytics
Gas chromatographs and continuous gas analyzers
■■Weighing Technology
Components for weighing systems, including belt
scales, weighfeeders, and solids flowmeters.
Instrumentation for process monitoring.
Communication and software for control,
maintenance, and diagnostics.
Integrated engineering and standardization for field
instrumentation and complete solutions for process
Complete profitable solutions with optimized process instrumentation and process analytics
Competitive advantage in the process industry relies on
the ability to make processes faster, more flexible, more
efficient and, above all, more cost effective. Siemens is
your partner integrating business processes across all levels, and helping you create your competitive advantage.
Decades of experience in the measurement, analysis, and
control of industrial processes form the foundation of
unsurpassed expertise in all areas of process engineering.
We are the global market leader in the process gas chromatography, level measurement, and positioners sectors.
Through continuous innovation and improvement of our
product portfolio, we offer you reliable and profitable solutions for every process automation application. Whether
the application requires individual customized products
or a complete system solution – our field-proven ”Totally
Integrated Automation” platform means full integration
into data management, communications, configuration
and programming.
You can benefit from the versatility of our complete
solutions for your process application, as well as from
the openness of the systems. Thanks to the standard
PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION Fieldbus or HART® communications interface, leading to the easy integration of existing
and future components. Add to this our comprehensive
services, including planning and competent technical
consulting, commissioning and support in certification
procedures, and maintenance and in-depth operator
training. In short, Siemens is your one-stop partner for
field instrumentation and analytics.
In the field of process instrumentation, process analytics and weighing technology,
Siemens focuses on a number of key industries such as:
■■Mining, aggregates, cement
■■Oil and gas/hydrocarbon processing
■■Pulp and paper
■■Food and beverage
Process Instrumentation
Siemens offers a comprehensive range of process instruments for pressure, temperature, flow and level measurement.
Pneumatic valve positioners, process controllers, process recorders and process protection devices complete the
package. Whether you need a single instrument or a complete instrumentation package, Siemens is your professional
supplier for any project.
Pressure Measurement
SITRANS P comprises a complete range of instruments for measuring
gauge, differential and absolute pressure. In addition to high measuring
precision and ruggedness, defining features include the convenience and
functionality of a modular system as well as the perfect safety concept.
We have a proven range of products for all pressure applications.
Digital transmitter for high precision
applications with unmachted specifications for total performance and
long term stability.
Overview of the SITRANS P range:
■■SITRANS P200/210/220 [2]
The fixed range transmitter for gauge and absolute
Convenient hydrostatic level measurement.
SITRANS P transmitter, MPS series, is used for hydrostatic
level measurements. It is immersed in the process connected by a vented cable. The sensor has a stainless steel
enclosure and is suitable for applications ranging from
drinking water to corrosive liquids.
SITRANS P200: ceramic diaphragm
SITRANS P210: stainless steel diaphragm
SITRANS P220: stainless steel diaphragm fully welded
■■SITRANS P250 [3]
Fixed range transmitter for differential pressure.
The differential pressure will be detected with a ceramics sensor and transformed into an output signal of
4–20 mA-, 0 –5 V resp. 0 –10 V.
■■SITRANS P280 [4]
The SITRANS P280 is a WirelessHART pressure transmitter
that provides all measured process values as well as diagnostic information, parameters and functions via wireless
communication. The device is powered by an internal
battery and designed for ultralow power consumption.
The compact and rugged design makes it specially suitable for direct mounting on tanks and pipes in remote
parts of plants, and on moving or rotating equipment for
process monitoring or asset management applications.
Pressure Measurement
■■SITRANS P Compact [1]
For the special requirements of the food and beverage,
pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
Digital transmitters with integral diagnostics function,
HART, PROFIBUS PA or Fieldbus Foundation communication, and convenient key operation. Within a range from
1 mbar to 700 bar, the SITRANS P DS III works well even
with extreme chemical and mechanical loads or electromagnetic influences. It offers additional safety functions
such as plant and self-monitoring, fault diagnostics and
provides maintenance messages advising when the next
calibration is due. The self-test function is unique for
fail-safe operation. Measuring cells can be quickly and
easily replaced so that on-site repairs are fast, simple and
cost-effective. In addition to convenient local operation,
SITRANS P transmitters can be connected to networks
using the PROFIBUS PA, Foundation Fieldbus, or HART
The increased hygiene demands are satisfied by a range
of stainless steel process connections. Cleaning and
sterilization procedures (CIP, SIP) are standard practice.
■■SITRANS P300 [2]
The SITRANS P300 offers measuring precision and ruggedness, and advanced operation. The SITRANS P300 was
designed for the food and beverage industry as well as
pharmaceutical processes. It is an integral component
of the SITRANS P family because of its measurement
deviation of less than 0.075 %, a hygienic stainless steel
housing with laser-etched nameplate, and the proven
SITRANS P DS III local operating philosophy.
The SITRANS P300 meets the requirements of the EHEDG,
FDA and 3A. This makes it ideal for applications in the
food and pharmaceutical industries.
You can read the process data via a HART, PROFIBUS PA
or Fieldbus FOUNDATION protocol. The SITRANS P300 is
also available combined with absolute or relative pressure
measuring cells with flush mounted diaphragms. A wide
range of process connections are available for the food
and beverage, pharmaceutical, and paper industries, including threaded and flanged versions.
SITRANS P DS III is designed for nominal pressures up to
PN 420 (5800 psi). The wetted parts are available in stainless steel, Tantalum, Hastelloy®, Monel®, or gold plated.
Explosion-proof versions are also available. The high safety level is documented by globally recognized certificates,
including ATEX, SIL, CENELEC, FM, CSA, NEPSI. It is tested
according to the NAMUR guidelines.
Hastelloy® is a registered trademark of Haynes International. Monel® is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation.
■■SITRANS P500 [4]
■■Remote seals [5]
Digital transmitters for high precision applications.
The measuring possibilities of the SITRANS P line are extended by a wide range of remote seals. These seals are
used when measuring hot, corrosive, highly viscous, or
crystallizing material. The following types of remote seals
are available:
The SITRANS P500 ensures a maximum reference accuracy
below 0.03 % of calibrated span up to a turndown of 10:1.
Combined with its low static pressure and temperature
errors, it guarantees a total performance of 0.09 % up to a
turndown of 5:1 and 0.14 % up to a turndown of 10:1.
The excellent long-term sensor stability reduces recalibration costs and gives you the measurement that you can
trust on the long run. The cutting edge design of the measurement cell allows use at process temperatures up to
257 °F (125 °C) without requiring a remote seal system.
In case of critical applications where fast response times
are required the SITRANS P500 helps to keep your plant
safe thanks to its step response time (T63) of only 88 ms.
■■Flanges according to EN, ASME, and other connections,
either rigid connection to the transmitter or via flexible
■■Various filling liquids for temperatures of material up to
400 °C (750 °F).
■■Various diaphragm material options.
■■Special versions specific to each industry.
The configuration of the device can be done via standard
HART-protocol compatible tools and also using the local
push buttons and LCD display.
SITRANS P500 offers an easy-to-understand multilingual
plain text menu which includes a rich set of diagnostic
features and a quick start wizard for a simple, error-free
configuration. The graphic display of the transmitter can
be used to show trends and enables process monitoring.
This transmitter is available for different ranges to be used
for differential pressure and level applications. In addition
the transmitter can be combined with different kinds of
remote seals.
Temperature Measurement
The instruments in the SITRANS T line are true temperature measurements, even under extreme conditions. Whether high or low
temperatures or hazardous areas, the SITRANS T with communications
capability can meet all demands in a wide variety of industries.
Fieldbus transmitter in designs for
Whether you require a sensor, head, rail or field-mounted
transmitter, or a complete measuring station – we can offer you this individually or as a complete package.
The cost-effective SITRANS T transmitters can measure
accurately in any application, and can be connected simply and rapidly to thermocouples or resistance thermometers. You can set the parameters using the intelligent
SIMATIC PDM software package in no time at all, and
without input errors. The following units are available:
Transmitters for head-mounting
■■SITRANS TH100 [1]
Pt100 transmitter. Low-cost and compact, configurable
using PC (SIPROM T).
■■SITRANS TH200 [2]
Universal transmitter, configurable using PC (SIPROM T).
Cost-saving service features.
■■SITRANS TH300 [2]
HART universal transmitter, configurable using SIMATIC
PDM or HART protocol. Cost-saving service features.
Diagnostics and simulation functions, remotely or
■■SITRANS TH400 [2]
Fieldbus transmitter in designs for PROFIBUS PA or
Configurable using SIMATIC PDM (PA) or AMS (FF). Comprehensive diagnostics and simulation functions, transmission of important device and process data over the
bus cable.
Temperature Measurement
Transmitters for rail-mounting
Transmitters for field-mounting
■■SITRANS TR200 [1]
Universal transmitter programmable via PC (SIPROM T).
Cost-saving operational functions and diagnostics LED.
Transmitter for mounting in the field where excessive
heat or vibrations are present at the measuring point;
IP67 degree of protection, programmable, HART,
PROFIBUS PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus optional programmable digital display. Can also be used as remote display
without transmitter for any 4 to 20 mA signal.
■■SITRANS TR300 [1]
HART universal transmitter configurable via SIMATIC PDM
or HART protocol. Costsaving operational functions
and diagnostics LED. Remote or local diagnostics and
Universal 4-wire transmitter for rail-mounting with HART
communication, comprehensive diagnostics and simulation functions, configurable using SIMATIC PDM, optional
limit value relay.
■■SITRANS TF280 [4]
The SITRANS TF280 is a WirelessHART temperature transmitter that provides all measured process values as well
as diagnostic information, parameters and functions
via radio. The device is powered by an internal battery
and designed for ultralow power consumption. Its
compact and rugged design makes it specially suitable
for direct mounting on tanks and pipes in remote parts
of plants, and on moving or rotating equipment for
process monitoring or asset management applications.
■■Temperature sensors
■■For limited installation conditions.
Selection of the correct temperature sensor.
Jacket thermocouples with attached cable, plug or
connection head.
Many resistance thermometer and thermocouple designs
are available for use in the process industry. The materials, process connections, construction and accessories
are appropriate for a wide range of process applications.
Furthermore, our process engineers can help you select
appropriate materials for thermowells and extensions or
mounting types.
■■For piping and tanks. [8] [9]
Resistance thermometers for threaded, welded, or flange
connection. Available with various tubular or barstock
thermowells for maximum stress conditions.
Measuring inserts and connection heads for your spare
parts strategy.
Do you have a specialized application?
In the industrial temperature measuring sector, applications exist which require adapted devices. We will be
pleased to help you with individual solutions.
■■For combustion plants and furnaces. [7]
Straight thermocouples and flue gas resistance
■■For applications with high sanitary requirements according to EHEDG recommendations. [5] [6]
– Resistance thermometers for installation in pipes and
tanks with hygienic process connections.
– Clamp-on resistance thermometers can be retrofitted
without interfering with process operation, no dead
■■For rooms with high humidity.
Room temperature sensor of Pt100 design.
Flow Measurement
Choosing the right flowmeter for the right application can dramatically
improve your bottom line. In all industries, Siemens offers a comprehensive selection of electromagnetic, Coriolis, ultrasonic, vortex, rotary
piston and differential pressure flowmeters suitable for meassuring a
variety of liquids.
The digitally based SITRANS FC430 features
market-leading com­pactness, very high accuracy
of 0.1%, low pressure loss, extremely stable
zero point, best-in-class data update with 100 Hz
high-speed signal transfer and the first SIL 3
certification on a Coriolis system. Unique support
tools provide direct access to backup data,
settings, certificates, and audit trails.
■■SITRANS F M – Electromagnetic flowmeters
SITRANS F M flowmeters measure the volume flow of
electrically-conductive fluids. Water, chemicals, food
and beverage, slurries, sludge, paper stock, and mining
slurries with magnetic particles are measured using
SITRANS F M. The product range is divided into three
types of electromagnetic meter:
Pulsed DC meters
SITRANS F M DN 2 to DN 2000 (1/12“ to 78“)
■■Full transmitter program MAG 5000/MAG 6000/MAG
6000 I compact or remote mounting.
■■Multible I/O as standard and communication modules
Modbus® RTU.
■■MAG 5100 W [1] sensor designed for water and wastewater applications.
■■MAG 3100P designed for process industry and the harsh
requirements in the chemical industry.
Battery-operated Watermeters
MAG 8000 DN 25 to DN 1200 (1‘‘ to 48‘‘) [4]
Designed for the water industry, the MAG 8000 [4] program is a battery-powered solution that makes it easier
than ever to install a reliable water meter virtually anywhere.
■■Battery lifetime up to 6+ years.
■■Mains powered 24 V AC/DC, 115 V AC/230 V AC with
battery backup.
■■IP68 (NEMA 6P) enclosure for sensor and transmitter
in compact or remote version.
■■MAG 8000 for abstraction and distribution network.
■■MAG 8000 CT for revenue and bulk metering.
■■MAG 8000 Irrigation for agriculture.
High-powered AC meters
TRANSMAG 2 911/E DN 15 to DN 1000 (1/2‘‘ to 40‘‘) [5]
■■MAG 3100/MAG 3100 HT [2] sensor for general process
Specially designed for heavy mining slurries with or without magnetic particles as well as the most difficult applications in the pulp and paper industry.
■■MAG 1100/1100 HT sensor for general process industries.
■■A wide choice of corrosion-resistant liner materials.
■■MAG 1100 F [3] sensor for food and beverage and
pharmaceutical industries.
■■Heavy duty industrial enclosure.
Modbus® is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric.
■■No movable parts.
Flow Measurement
The SITRANS F C Coriolis mass flowmeters measure the
direct mass flow rate of liquids and gases in almost any
The SITRANS F C sensors offer:
■■FCS400 sensors DN15 - DN80 in standard, hygienic
(3A, EHEDG) and NAMUR versions [1]
20 to 900000 kg/h
It is a multivariable device delivering reliable information
on mass flow, volume flow, temperature, density and
concentration (e. g. Brix or Baume).
Fulfill the need for high performance at Chemical, Food &
Beverage, Pharma and Hydrocarbon applications.
■■Flexibility and high performance with the
MASS 6000 Coriolis transmitter [4]
■■MASS 2100 DI 1.5 [3]
0 to 65 kg/h (0 to 143 lb/h):
The flexible MASS 6000 transmitters are designed for high
performance and easy operation ensuring a low cost of
■■Seamless integration with the SIFLOW FC070
Coriolis module [2]
SIFLOW FC070 is a true multi-parameter Coriolis transmitter ready for quick installation and system integration into
SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC PCS 7 automation systems.
SIFLOW FC070 is the most compact, space-saving and
versatile module available.
■■Sensors meeting the toughest challenges
Optimum measuring performance is achieved through an
intelligent sensor design with a strong focus on safety,
repeatability, and quality, enabling a high accuracy
0.1 % of rate with a large turndown range. Sensor capacity ranges from few g/h to 510,000 kg/h (few oz/h
to 1,124,300 lb/h), covering applications ranging from
mini-plants to bulk loading.
Ideal for low flow applications measuring liquid or gas.
■■FC300 DN 4
0 to 350 kg/h (0 to 772 lb/h):
Low flow sensor with focus on compactness and machine
■■MASS 2100 DI 3 – DI 40 [4]
0 to 52,000 kg/h (0 to 114,600 lb/h):
Medium range sensors for general purpose applications.
■■FCS200 DN 10 – 25 [5]
0 to 30,000 kg/n (0 to 66,138 lb/h)
Ideal for measuring in CNG (Compressed natural gas) applications.
■■Standard MC2 DN 50 – 150 and Hygenic version
DN 20 – 80
0 to 510,000 kg/h (0 to 1,124,300 lb/h):
Large sensors offering ideal fit between size and maximum flow capacity.
■■SITRANS F US – ultrasonic flowmeters [6]
■■Retrofit flowmeter type, SONOKIT [7]
SITRANS F US ultrasonic flowmeters are available as in-line
and clamp-on versions. Both meter types can be used with
homogeneous conductive and non-conductive liquids and
gases (only clamp-on). In addition to standard volume
flow, they can also provide information on media quality
and temperature. Meter calibration can be certified to
industry standards.
The SONOKIT system up to DN 4000 (160”) is designed for
in-line retrofitting on all existing pipelines as a 1-track or
2-track flowmeter. The unique design enables installation
on empty pipes or pipes under pressure without process
■■In-line ultrasonic flowmeters
■■Outstanding accuracy; the bigger the pipe, the more
accurate the result.
Ultrasonic in-line flowmeters are suitable for industrial applications with pipe sizes ranging from DN 50 to DN 1200
(2” to 48”). Full 2 and 4-track sensors are available in combination with the SITRANS FUS060 transmitter.
■■Option between mild and stainless steel sensors.
■■Transducers can be exchanged without interrupting
■■Robust version can be buried and withstands constant
■■SITRANS FUS380 [8] and FUE380
For the utility industry the 2-track flowmeters,
SITRANS FUS380 and FUE380, are designed to measure
water flow in district heating plants, local networks,
boiler stations, substations and other general water
■■Custody transfer approvals for district heating custody
transfer applications.
■■Battery or mains power enables installation where
needed. Battery lifetime is 6+ years.
■■Ideal for heatmetering together with the
SITRANS FUE950 [9] energy calculator.
Flow Measurement
■■Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters
The key feature of the clamp-on ultrasonic flow technology is the externally mounted sensors. They are quickly
and easily installed on the outside of the pipe, making
them the perfect choice for retro-fit applications and applications where corrosive, toxic or high pressure liquids
and gases rule out the option of cutting the pipe. The
technology provides highly accurate measurement of both
liquids and gases on pipes ranging from DN 6 to DN 9140
(0.25” to 360”) in size.
Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters are available in seven
different families suitable for a wide range of industries
and applications:
■■SITRANS FUS1010 [1] for general industry
■■SITRANS FUP1010 [2] portable meter
■■SITRANS FUH1010 for hydrocarbon
■■SITRANS FUG1010 for gas
■■SITRANS FST020 [3] for basic water, wastewater and
HVAC applications
■■SITRANS FUT1010 [4] for hydrocarbon liquid and gas
Most families are available in single, dual or four channel
configurations that offer great cost saving options. The
dual channel version can be set up on two separate applications and can also provide math functions between the
two channels. The same applies for four channel meters,
which can monitor multiple lines and has multi-path
The clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters are also available as
check metering kits for general liquid, water and wastewater, energy and gas applications. They all come in a
sturdy rolling case, containing all the equipment necessary for performing flow measurement tasks. These kits
are ideal for verifying existing applications regardless of
measurement technology or application where no metering exists.
For the most basic flow applications, the SITRANS FST020
is the solution. It combines reliable measurement with
simple configuration and set-up wrapped in a single
channel design. It features an IP65 (NEMA 4X) enclosure,
RS232 communication and the WideBeam flow measurement technology (optional).
The SITRANS FUT1010 is available in a liquid and gas
version. With performance meeting OIML R117 and API
recommendations, the ultrasonic flow meter can be used
for numerous upstream, midstream and downstream
measurement tasks. A wide variety of sensor sizes ensures
availability for virtually any application, including custody
transfer applications where the permanent TransLoc system allows laboratory calibration.
■■SITRANS F X – Vortex flowmeters
■■SITRANS LUT400 [7]
SITRANS F X Vortex flowmeters provide accurate standard
volumetric and mass flow measurement of steam, gases,
conductive and non-conductive liquids. The Vortex flowmeter functions as an “All-in-one-solution” with integrated
temperature and pressure compensation together with an
optional energy calculation.
Reliable for open channel flow monitoring in water/
wastewater and plant effluent applications. Non-contact
Echomax series ultrasonic transducers are used to complete the control system.
It is specially designed for applications that require reliable flow measuring independent of pressure, temperature, viscosity and density. This makes it perfectly applicable in especially the chemical industry, HVAC & power,
food & beverage, oil & gas and pharma.
The SITRANS F X Vortex flowmeters are available as
flanged or sandwich versions in the following configurations:
■■SITRANS F R – rotary piston meters [8]
Used to measure the volume flow of conductive and nonconductive liquids. High viscosity media, acids and alcoholbased concentrates are accurately recorded. Even
measurements subject to calibration standards can be
undertaken. No inflow and outflow runs required.
■■SITRANS F O – differential pressure flowmeters [9]
Universal flow measurement for liquids, gases and vapors.
Always provide accurate results even with large bores,
high temperature and extreme pressure.
■■Volumetric flowmeter. Measurement of steam, gases and
conductive and nonconductive liquids.
■■Mass flowmeter. Measurement with temperature sensor
for saturated steam compensation as standard feature.
Option with a pressure and integrated temperature sensors for compensation of gases, wet gases, mixtures or
■■Option within pressure sensor is the isolation valve allowing the pressure sensor to be shut off for the purpose
of pressure and leak testing of the pipeline or for being
exchanged without interrupting the process.
SITRANS FX300 dual converter [6]
■■Dual measurement for twofold reliability.
■■Redundant system with two independent sensors and
two converters.
Level Measurement
Siemens level measurement instruments serve process industries
worldwide, including water and wastewater, aggregate, cement,
mining, dry-bulk storage, chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, food
and beverage, and pharmaceutical. A wide portfolio of technologies and
products lets you choose the right solution for your application.
features industry-leading 1 mm (0.04“) accuracy, setup
in under a minute, and intuitive local user interface
navigation. The controller is compatible with the full
line of Siemens Echomax transducers, with an operating
range of 0.3 to 60 meters (1 to 200 feet), depending on
Key applications: wet wells, reservoirs, flumes/weirs,
chemical storage, liquid storage, hoppers, crusher bins,
dry solids storage
■■Vibration, rotary paddle and tilt
Pointek® ULS200 [4] is a non-contacting ultrasonic level
switch with two switch points, effective in bulk solids,
liquids, and slurries, and is ideal for sticky materials.
Siemens rotary or vibrating point level switches are a costeffective solution for solids and liquids applications. Their
robust design lasts in harsh and abrasive environments.
They detect high, low, and demand levels in solids, liquids
and slurry applications, specializing in low bulk density
applications. We offer a wide variety of configuration
options suitable for any environment. SITRANS vibration
and rotary paddle switches are simple to use with no
complicated setup or configuration. Standard aluminum
enclosures and a wide variety of process connections
provide exceptional resistance to mechanical forces, long
service life, and low cost of ownership.
■■SITRANS LPS200 [1] rotary paddle switch detects solids
with densities as low as 15 g/l (0.94 lb/ft3).
■■SITRANS LVL100 and LVL200 [2] vibrating level switches
for liquid and slurry applications, including high, low, and
demand level alarms and pump protection.
■■SITRANS LVS100 and LVS200 [3] vibratory switch detects
solids with densities as low as 5 g/l (0.3 lb/ft3).
Siemens Pointek inverse frequency shift capacitance point
level switches provide accurate, reliable, and repeatable
measurement in dusty, turbulent, and vaporous environments or applications with product buildup. Small
changes in level create large changes in frequency. As a
result Pointek devices have greater sensitivity and consistently outperform conventional devices. With their robust
aluminum enclosures and process connections, Siemens
Pointek switches are proven superior performers even in
tough bulk solids applications.
■■Pointek CLS100 [5] – compact 2- or 4- wire switch for
level detection in constricted spaces, interfaces, solids,
liquids, slurries, and foam.
■■Pointek CLS200 and CLS300 [6] – level switch for detecting liquids, solids, slurries, foam, and interfaces even in
demanding conditions where high pressure and temperatures are present.
■■Pointek CLS500 [7] – level switch for critical conditions of
more extreme temperatures and pressures.
Pointek® is a registered trademark of Siemens Milltronics Process Instruments Inc.
Level Measurement
Sonic Intelligence® and Process Intelligence
Our patented Sonic Intelligence and Process Intelligence
signal processing technologies were developed using
knowledge provided by our field service engineers and
data from devices installed in real applications. Siemens
instruments offer the unique advantage of this technology. Both signal processing technologies differentiate
between true echoes from the material and false echoes
from obstructions or electrical noise. The sophisticated
software is continually updated and supported by field
data gained from more than a million applications. This
in-depth knowledge and experience is built into the software’s advanced algorithms to provide intelligent processing of echo profiles. The result is a repeatable, fast and
reliable measurement you can trust.
Even in harsh process conditions, Siemens radar transmitters are virtually unaffected. Non-contacting radar
technology means low maintenance and provides reliable
continuous level measurement for short to long-range
Siemens offers a variety of radar instruments. Process Intelligence signal processing software ensures reliable and
accurate level measurement and features Auto False-Echo
Suppression, a technique that can automatically detect
and suppress false echoes from vessel obstructions. This
ensures high performance and is easy to implement, using just a few parameter entries on the infrared handheld
interface or via configuration tools such as SIMATIC PDM,
Pactware, or AMS.
■■SITRANS Probe LR [1] – Cost effective 2-wire, 6 GHz pulse
radar level transmitter for continuous monitoring of liquids and slurries in storage vessels with nominal pressure and temperature, to a range of 20 m (66 ft).
■■SITRANS LR200 [2] – 2-wire, 6 GHz pulse radar level transmitter for continuous monitoring of liquids and slurries in
storage and process vessels including high temperature
and pressure coating, build up, and agitation, to a range
of 20 m (66 ft).
■■SITRANS LR250 [3] – 2-wire, 25 GHz pulse radar level
transmitter for continuous monitoring of liquids and
slurries in storage and process vessels including high temperature and pressure, to a range of 20 m (66 ft). Ideal for
small vessels and low dielectric media.
■■SITRANS LR400 [4] – 4-wire, 24 GHz FMCW radar level
transmitter for continuous monitoring of liquids and
slurries in storage and process vessels including high
temperature and high pressure, to a range of 50 m
(164 ft). Ideal for low dielectric media.
■■SITRANS LR460 [5] – 4-wire, 24 GHz FMCW radar level
transmitter for continuous monitoring of solids in vessels
to a range of 100 m (329 ft). Ideal for applications with
extreme dust and high temperatures to 200 °C (392 °F)
and very low dielectric media.
■■SITRANS LR560 [6] – 2-wire, 78 GHz FMCW radar level
transmitter for continuous monitoring of solids. Very
narrow 4 degree beam angle with 3“ lens antenna. For
ranges up to 100 m (328 ft).
Sonic Intelligence® is a registered trademark of Siemens Milltronics Process Instruments Inc.
Siemens is the world leader in ultrasonic level technology.
SITRANS LUT400 is an easy to use and highly accurate
level, volume and pump controller. For advanced solutions controllers are available with remotely mounted
non-contacting ultrasonic transducers. Whether you select
the transmitter or the controller you get a cost-effective
non-contacting solution for a wide range of applications
in virtually any industry.
■■SITRANS Probe LU [7] – 2-wire, loop powered ultrasonic
transmitter for level/volume/flow monitoring of liquids
in storage vessels, simple process vessels, and open
■■SITRANS LUT400 [8] - Compact, single point ultrasonic
controller for continuous level or volume measurement of
liquids, slurries, and solids, and high accuracy monitoring
of open channel flow.
■■Rugged Echomax® transducers [9] are built for harsh environments. They are impervious to dust, moisture, corrosion, vibration, flooding, and extreme temperature. They
are easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.
■■HydroRanger 200 [10]– Level controller for up to 6
pumps including pump control, differential control, and
open channel flow monitoring.
MultiRanger® and Echomax® are registered trademarks of Siemens Milltronics Process Instruments Inc.
Level Measurement
■■Guided Wave Radar
Guided wave radar uses Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
to measure level by guiding an electromagnetic pulse
down a probe (solid steel rod, steel cable or coaxial probe)
toward the material. When the pulse reaches the material
surface, the change in dielectric value between air and
the material causes a portion of the pulse to reflect back
toward the transmitter. Guided wave radar is unaffected
by vapor, density, foam, dielectric fluctuations, temperature, and pressure changes, and works well for short and
medium-range measurements, and materials with low
dielectric constants such as liquified gases. Interface
of two liquids (i. e. oil/water) can also be measured with
both level and interface reported over the HART output.
■■SITRANS LG200 [1] – Advanced loop-powered, guided
wave radar level transmitter for liquids, slurries, interface
and bulk solids with a dielectric of 1.4 and higher. The
wide selection of models and echo-processing software
ensure reliable measurement in liquids with corrosive
vapors, foam, saturated steam, high viscosity, surface
agitation, high fill/empty rates and varying dielectric or
density. Measuring run of up to 22.5 m (75 ft), temperatures up to 427 °C (800 °F), and pressures up to 431 bar
(6,250 psi).
Sonic Intelligence® is a registered trademark of Siemens Milltronics Process Instruments Inc.
Our unique inverse frequency shift approach to capacitance technology ensures accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurement, even in dusty, turbulent, and vaporous environments, or in situations with product buildup.
Because even a small level change creates a large change
in frequency, our instruments provide better resolution
and consistently outperform conventional devices. With
special features such as Active-Shield technology, and
modular probe options available on various models, they
offer practical solutions to a wide variety of continuous
level, and interface applications.
■■SITRANS LC300 [2] is an inverse frequency shift capacitance continuous level transmitter for liquids and solids
applications. It is ideal for industrial applications in chemical, hydrocarbon processing, food and beverage, mining,
aggregate and cement industries. Patented Active-Shield
technology protects the measurement from the effects
of moisture, vapors, foam, temperature or pressure variations, and material buildup.
■■SITRANS LC500 [3] is an inverse frequency shift capacitance level or interface transmitter with active shield
for critical applications, such as high-pressure coalescers,
FPSO ships, LNG processing plants, cryogenic materials,
and offshore oil and gas platforms. It performs in liquids,
solids, interfaces, and foam and is unaffected by vapors,
product deposits, dust, or condensation and is highly resistant to toxic and aggressive materials. SITRANS LC500
is the right solution if you’re looking for high-precision
level or interface measurement under extreme conditions.
Low-cost level measurement for direct mounting or
mounting with remote seals on tanks and vessels.
SITRANS P MPS [4] and SITRANS P DS III [5] can handle
extreme chemical and mechanical loads as well as electromagnetic interference. They are widely applied in the
chemical and petrochemical industries.
Gravimetric level measurement with SIWAREX [6]
weighing technology offers highly precise measurement
without material contact independent of medium temperature, tank shape, built-in parts and material characteristics.
Positioners from Siemens have been guaranteeing safe and trouble-free
operation around the globe for nearly 20 years. They accurately control
every valve type and process, while handling special tasks with perfect
reliability. We continually develop our product range to satisfy your
exacting specifications and demands that your process requirements
place on positioners.
State-of-the-art positioner with
innovative features such as external
non contacting position detection and
many more.
■■SIPART PS2 [1] [2] [3]
■■Extended online diagnostics (both devices)
SIPART PS2 is currently the most widely used positioner
for linear and part-turn actuators in a wide range of process industries. The proven all-round design has a particularly flexible stroke range, intelligent diagnostics, and
different communication protocols.
Our intelligent SIPART PS2 is equipped with comprehensive functionalities, and deliver diagnostic data on themselves, their environment and the valve and actuator.
With these premium diagnostics, these positioners set the
standards for cost efficiency, reduce maintenance requirements in the plant, guarantee safe process control, and
provide high functional safety in emergency situations.
The following valve and actuator failures can be detected.
■■Versions with external non-contacting travel sensors.
■■High flexibility in the stroke range from 3 to 200 mm
(0.1 to 7.9 inch) (more on request).
■■Communication via PROFIBUS PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus
or HART.
■■ExD explosion-proof version.
■■SIPART PS2 is available in Macrolon, aluminum and stainless steel casings.
■■SIPART PS2 prevents the closing of fittings during the solenoid valve test, or monitors open/close fittings as an
“intelligent solenoid valve”.
■■Extreme low air consumption to minimize total cost
of ownership.
■■Friction and clogging of a valve.
■■Pneumatic leakage (e. g. tear in actuator membrane).
■■Growing deposits in a pipeline or tear of valve plug for
continuous processes.
■■Wear and tear of valve seat or valve plug.
■■Deposits or incrustations on valve seat or valve plug.
■■Stiction of stuffing box.
■■“Partial Stroke Test“ (PST) for open/close valves (e. g.
safety valves, ESD) and control valves.
Process Protection
Detect to protect your process. Detect flow problems, blockages, screen
faults, cavitation in pumps, or burst filter bags. Process protection
devices can be an early warning system to avoid costly process
interruptions and breakdowns of equipment. Rugged construction
makes them impervious to dust, dirt, buildup and moisture.
Acoustic sensor for material
flow monitoring with compact
stainless-steel design.
Non-contacting motion sensors detect changes in motion
and speed of conveying, reciprocating and rotating
■■Acoustic sensors for material flow monitoring
■■Milltronics® MFA 4p with MSP or XPP probes [1]
This sensitive, single-setpoint motion sensor system can
be used even in hazardous, high temperature, and harsh
conditions because of its superior sensing probe design.
The system protects equipment by detecting absence of
motion, as well as underspeed or overspeed conditions.
■■Milltronics Millpulse 600 [2]
The SITRANS AS 100 [5] acoustic sensor detects high
frequency acoustic emissions from friction or the impact
of dust, powders, granules and other solids in motion. It
signals flow/no flow or high/low flow. It features compact
stainless steel construction for harsh environments and
non-invasive mounting. The SITRANS AS 100 can be connected to a SITRANS CU 02 [4], which processes signals
from the sensor, providing relay and analog outputs for
connection into a process, or it can be connected directly
to a PLC analog input.
This heavy-duty 2-wire motion sensor provides a solid
state switch output to PLCs when monitoring speed of
rotating, reciprocating or conveying equipment.
■■SITRANS WM100 [3]
This heavy-duty, zero-speed alarm switch detects absence
or presence of motion of rotating, reciprocating or conveying equipment.
Process Controllers
Installed in more than 250 000 control applications in industrial
processes and in mechanical and systems engineering and other areas,
the SIPART DR series is your solution for process control. The compact
controllers with continuous output signal or step contact output have
been designed especially for spacesaving panel mounting.
The unit for all process-specific
tasks with up to four independent
control loops.
Apart from their reliability, SIPART DR controllers excel
due to their ease of use. Various software packages are
available to make their handling easy and intuitive and to
extend their scope of application. The standard version already offers comprehensive controller hardware. It can
be upgraded quickly and easily for specific applications
with a large number of optional input and output modules. Plug-in modules for communications over RS 232/
RS 485 or PROFIBUS DP are also available. The following
SIPART DR versions are available for different fields of
■■SIPART DR19 [1]
96 x 96 mm (3.8 x 3.8”) format, for applications in mechanical and systems engineering, for thermal processes, in
the steel and ceramics industry, in paint production, water
treatment or bottling plants.
■■SIPART DR21 [2]
The ideal solution with comprehensive display functions
for all standard tasks. Various control functions and status
■■SIPART DR22 [3]
Solves complex closed-loop control tasks as single- or
dual-channel controller, with additional computing functions in the input range.
■■SIPART DR24 [4]
The unit for all process-specific tasks including mathematical calculations, logic operations, open-loop controls and
timecontrolled closed-loop controls. Up to four independent control loops.
Process Recorders
Highly complex processes in industry and research and development
emphasize visualization and analysis. The SITRANS R process recorders
offer state-of-the-art solutions for any mea surement, monitoring and
recording application.
SITRANS R230 [2]
The flexible solution with up to
18 general-purpose inputs.
SITRANS R process recorders are used in many industries,
with applications covering all major industries and areas,
including environmental protection. Whether the task
includes the continuous monitoring of process quantities,
plant maintenance, process optimization or troubleshooting, SITRANS R recorders offer a full line of solutions. This
applies to use of the new SITRANS R display recorders and
to the ink jet recorders.
■■SITRANS R200 [1]
■■SITRANS R100/130 [4]
Multi purpose 6-channel ink jet recorder with universal inputs, clear recording in six different colors, 144 x 144 mm
(5.7 x 5.7”).
■■SITRANS R160 [5]
Multi purpose ink jet recorder with up to 12 channels,
for use of universal inputs, clear recording in six different
colors, 288 x 288 mm (11.4 x 11.4”).
The cost-effective solution with up to 6 general-purpose
inputs, 160 x 144 mm (6.3 x 5.7”) front panel, 5,7” color
STN display.
■■SITRANS R230 [2]
The flexible solution with up to 18 general-purpose inputs, 160 x 144 mm (6.3 x 5.7”) front panel, 5.7” color TFT
■■SITRANS R260 [3]
The ultimate solution with up to 36 general-purpose
inputs, 300 x 300 mm (11.8 x 11.8”) front panel, 12.1”
color TFT display.
All SITRANS R display recorders show data in real time and
come with CompactFlash Cards for data storage.
Supplementary Components
Supplementary Components are designed to work with most types of
instrumentation to provide enhanced functionality such as seamless
wireless communications, remote displays, and remote monitoring
solutions. Customers can add Ethernet, web, logging and other functions
to instruments.
remote data manager provides
remote monitoring solutions
for instrumentation anytime,
anywhere via the web.
WirelessHART Accessories
SITRANS RD100 [1] loop powered remote display, and
RD200 [1] universal remote digital displays make measurement data visible and accessible from a remote location. They can be used with all types of field instruments
in varying process conditions, and are easy to set up and
program. SITRANS RD200 includes freely available logging
and monitoring software, allowing multiple displays to be
monitored from one PC.
The SITRANS AW200 [3] is a WirelessHART adapter which
allows standard wired HART/4. . . 20 mA devices to be
connected to a WirelessHART network. By installing the
SITRANS AW200 on an existing analog-wired HART device,
users can utilize all diagnostic information at the maintenance station without any risk of impairing operation. In
the case of a new installation, various proven HART transmitters can be used in combination with SITRANS AW200
for efficient measurement implementation.
SITRANS RD500 [2] is a remote data manager providing
remote monitoring through datalogging, web access and
alarming for instrumentation. It offers integrated web
and ftp server, email and sms for alarming, and up to
2 gigabytes for data-logging of instrumentation with no
programming required. It enables remote monitoring of
inventory levels, process and environmental applications,
and provides web access to most types of field instrumentation, including flow, level, pressure, temperature
measurement and weighing. With SITRANS RD500 it is
as simple as typing an IP-address in your web browser to
access the data from remotely installed instrumentation.
SITRANS RD500 collects and sends sensor data to logistics systems providing up to date, timely and accurate
information used in decision making. Without the need
for additional software you bring data from remote instrumentation via Ethernet or Modem (PSTN/GSM/GPRS)
to your desktop, no matter where you are or where your
instruments are.
The IE/WSN-PA LINK [4] is a WirelessHART gateway for
connecting a WirelessHART network to a plant host application. With the integrated network manager it is easy to
configure WirelessHART networks and optimize network
performance and security settings.
The link also supports redundancy in both ways, to the
WirelessHART network and to plant host applications.
Funktion block libraries allow easy integration of WirelessHART into the process control system SIMATIC PCS 7
and into PLC families S7-300 and S7-400.
Complete Solutions
Siemens offers a complete service package to assist you in engineering, designing,
supplying, installing and commissioning measurement solutions for complete
industrial plants. In addition, we guarantee seamless after-sales service based on
user-friendly documentation of the solution and your plant.
Real-world measurement technology from Siemens is a
multifaceted offering. For example, we provide all field
instruments from a single source, as requested by many
customers. Our ”one-stop shopping” approach includes
both sensors and actuators. Siemens supports integrated
engineering of your complete process instrumentation all
the way to integration with your process control system.
Additional industrial components and systems integrate
seamlessly into the overall plant and ensure smooth process flows.
Overview of our services portfolio:
■■Plant engineering and scheduling by an experienced
project management team.
■■Specialists assist you in the selection and use of the field
■■SIPLAN C/E is state-of-the-art software available for
effective plant engineering and order processing.
This program is also very useful for providing actual
customer documentation.
■■Plant documentation comprises:
– Basic documentation, including device specifications,
product and use lists.
– Higher-level documentation, including plant, process,
identification and grounding concepts.
– Mechanical documentation, including setup and installation diagrams, hookups, cable routings.
– Electrical documentation, including circuit and wiring
diagrams, cable lists.
■■Specification and delivery of all required process
■■Intensive preparation for installation.
■■Reliable supply of installation material.
■■Installation and/or installation supervision.
■■Commissioning and/or commissioning supervision.
■■Comprehensive after-sales service.
Regardless of the solution we offer you, the focus
is always on customer value.
Process Analytics
Siemens is a leading provider of process analyzers and process analysis systems. We offer our global customers the
best solutions for their applications based on innovative analysis technologies, customized system engineering, sound
knowledge of customer applications and professional support. And with Totally Integrated Automation, Siemens
Process Analytics is your qualified partner for efficient solutions that integrate process analyzers into automation
systems in the process industry.
Continuous Gas Analytics
From emission monitoring in waste incinerators and power plants to
gas analysis in the chemical industry to rotary kiln monitoring in cement
plants, the highly accurate and reliable Siemens analyzers will always do
the job.
Continuous gas analyzer with
benchmarksetting in-situ technology
for process control even under
extreme measuring conditions.
The technology used in state-of-the-art process analyzers
is determined by the needs of the specific application.
Devices must be cost-effective, functional, space and
energy-saving, and must provide just the right amount of
power to meet all needs.
Siemens Process Analytics offers a wide and innovative
portfolio designed to meet all user requirements for comprehensive products and solutions.
We combine outstanding expertise in developing highperformance analytical devices with in-depth application
knowledge from many process industry applications.
The analyzers operate using a menu structure and are
in accordance with NAMUR recommendations. The analyzers are easily integrated into the SIMATIC automation
concept Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and are
programmed using SIMATIC PDM software and PROFIBUS
DP / PA interfaces.
■■ULTRAMAT 23 [1]
The ULTRAMAT 23 is a cost-effective multicomponent
analyzer for the measurement of up to 3 infrared sensitive
gases using the NDIR principle plus O2 using an electrochemical or paramagnetic Oxygen measuring cell.
The ULTRAMAT 23 is suitable for a wide range of standard applications, such as emission monitoring, furnace
optimization, room air monitoring and other applications.
Calibration using ambient air eliminates the need to use
calibration gases.
The Series 6 gas analyzers are comprehensive analyzers
that meet the full range of requirements:
■■CALOMAT 6 [2] [3]
The CALOMAT 6 19” rack mount or as a field device uses
the thermal conductivity method to accurately measure
the composition and concentration of process gases. It
is primarily designed for the measurement of hydrogen
concentrations in inert gas such as blast furnace gas and
carbon dioxide mixtures.
■■CALOMAT 62 [2] [3]
The CALOMAT 62 applies thermal conductivity detection
(TCD) principles and is specially designed for use in applications with corrosive gases such as chlorine. The
CALOMAT 62 measures the concentration of gas components such as H2, Cl2, HCl or NH3 in binary or quasibinary gas blends.
■■FIDAMAT 6 [1]
The FIDAMAT 6 measures the total hydrocarbon content
in air or even in highboiling gas mixtures. It covers nearly
all requirements, from the detection of trace hydrocarbon
in pure gas analyses to total measurement of high hydrocarbon concentrations, even in the presence of corrosive
The ULTRAMAT 23 is also available with build-in
H2S-sensor for Biogas applications.
Continuous Gas Analytics
■■OXYMAT 6 [1] [2]
The OXYMAT 6 is an oxygen analyzer, optionally in 19”
rack mount or in a robust field housing for installation in
harsh environments. The OXYMAT 6 can be used in applications including emission measurements for use in production process control and quality assurance. Due to its
ultrafast response, the OXYMAT 6 is perfect for monitoring safety-relevant plants. Its corrosion proof design also
makes the OXYMAT 6 the analyzer of choice for analysis in
the presence of highly corrosive gases.
The Series 6 units can be combined in a 19” rack to
form multi-component devices with ULTRAMAT 6 and
OXYMAT 6 benches. This provides, with the smallest
possible footprint, an infrared channel for the measurement of up to two IR components and a channel for
oxygen measurement.
■■OXYMAT 61 [1]
The OXYMAT 61 is a low-cost oxygen analyzer for standard applications. It can use ambient air as a reference gas
that is supplied to the analyzer section by the internal
■■OXYMAT 64 [1]
The OXYMAT 64 is a gas analyzer for the measurement
of smallest oxygen concentrations in pure gas applications. Air separation plants, production of technical gases,
welding in a protective atmosphere – these are just a few
examples where the OXYMAT 64, a completion of the
well-proven Siemens Series 6 of continuous gas analyzers,
reliably detects small traces of oxygen.
■■ULTRAMAT 6 [1] [2]
The ULTRAMAT 6 is an analyzer in 19” rack mount or field
housing. Measurement of up to four infrared active components in a single unit is possible. It can be used in all
applications from emission measurement to process control, even in the presence of highly corrosive gases.
■■Ex-proof designs [2]
An additional purge monitoring unit makes the CALOMAT
6, OXYMAT 6 and ULTRAMAT 6 gas analyzers in field housing suitable for installation in hazardous areas. Measurements can include both non-flammable and flammable
SIPROCESS UV600 is an extractive UV gas analyzer for
simultaneous measurement of up to 3 components. The
SIPROCESS UV600 is especially suitable to measure very
low concentrations of NO, NO2, SO2 or H2S. Simultaneous measurement of NO and NO2 offers totalized NOx
determination without additional devices like NO2 converters or CLD analyzers.
■■LDS 6 [4]
The robust and reliable LDS 6 in-situ gas analyzer can
measure gases even under extreme conditions. Precise
and reliable results are obtained even at 1,200 °C
(2,192 °F) or where the dust concentration is very high.
The LDS 6, for example, measures in-situ concentrations
of O2 (Temp.), NH3, HCl, HF H2O, CO or CO2 in flue gas before and after gas cleaning. Applications in the chemical
and petrochemical industries, for steel and metal production, as well as in cement or paper plants are a match
for the LDS 6.
The SIPROM GA software tool is designed for service and
maintenance applications with our process gas analyzers.
SIPROM GA can control and monitor all functions of the
analyzers as independent or networked units. Integration
into the Ethernet permits remote servicing and diagnostics over long distances.
SITRANS SL sets a new benchmark with insitu technology
for process control – even under extreme measuring conditions. It offers proven technology integrated into a more
compact in-situ gas analyzer design.
SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager) is a universal,
non-proprietary tool for commissioning, diagnostics and
maintenance of gas analyzers and many field devices.
The Software can be operated on any computer. It is also
available as integrated version of SIMATIC PCS 7 and S7
More information is available in section communication
and software.
SITRANS SL combines the benefits of the proven referencing technology – with a direct operating mode as close as
possible to the process. An integrated reference cell, filled
with a non-interfering gas, which allows laser locking
completely independent of process gas concentrations
leads to utmost stable operation, negligible drift values
and extended maintenance intervals. SITRANS SL designed
in a unique and compact design, including a local user
interface (LUI) is the perfect solution for single point
measurement applications in rough environments.
SITRANS SL is used for process control in the chemical
industry, even in hazardous areas due to its EEx d design.
Other applications are e. g. process optimization in the
steel industry or combustion control in boilers or waste
Siemens application experience and innovative technology in the field
of process gas chromatography helps us provide exceptional customer
solutions. With our instruments we solve many different measurement
problems in almost any industry – with high performance and in a best
economical way.
Ultra compact gas chromatograph
for reliable, exact and fast analysis
of natural gas.
■■MicroSAM [1]
■■MAXUM edition II [2]
is the smallest explosion-proof in-line process gas chromatograph made by Siemens. State-of-the-art silicon-based
micromechanical components allow miniaturization and
increased performance at the same time. And MicroSAM
is so easy to use and so rugged and small that it can be
mounted right at the sampling point. Its performance
profile is impressive:
is very well suited to use in rough industrial environments
and performs a wide range of duties in the chemical and
petrochemical industries and in refineries. A selection of
columns and detectors permits highly selective and sensitive analysis of multiple process components.
■■State-of-the-art technology drastically reduces cycle
times, providing better information about the process.
■■Valveless live sample injection and column switching.
■■Multiple detection for verification of the results.
■■Synchronicity: multiple analyzers can be connected in
parallel for several sample streams, resulting in more
information per time unit, a high degree of reliability
should one of the systems fail, and easy implementation
of redundant systems.
Benefits of MAXUM edition II:
■■Flexible oven concept, temperature-programmable and
energy-saving single or dual oven configurations.
■■Valveless live sample injection and column switching.
■■Parallel chromatography allows division of a single-train
chromatograph analysis into multiple single trains.
■■Open network with TCP/IP and Ethernet for communication with PCs, other chromatographs or a DCS.
■■Cost-effective and compact, saving installation, maintenance, and service costs.
A gas chromatograph for reliable, exact and fast analysis
of natural gas. The rugged and compact design makes
the SITRANS CV suitable for extreme areas of use, e. g.
off-shore exploration or direct mounting on a pipeline.
Operation of SITRANS CV using CV Control software is
simple, clear and fast. The Software “CV Control“ has been
specially developed for the requirements of the natural
gas market, e. g. custody transfer.
Analytic Solutions
Our customers’ requirements drive the solution. We offer you an integrated design
covering the sampling point and sample preparation up to complete analyzer
cabinets, for portable applications or for installation in a larger analyzer shelter.
This includes signal processing and communications to the control room and
process control system.
To offer solutions for your application needs, we rely on
many years of worldwide experience in process automation and engineering and a collection of specialized
knowledge in key industries and industrial sectors.
This ensures you will get Siemens quality from a single
source with a function warranty for the entire system.
You can rely on this portfolio for:
■■Customized services and solutions from front-end engineering and design (FEED) up to fully air-conditioned
analyzer shelters.
■■Support during the approval phase.
■■Preliminary and detailed planning with state-of-the-art
tools and excellent documentation.
■■System assembly and testing in Siemens facilities in the
USA, Germany and Singapore.
■■Experience with all relevant national and international
■■Commissioning by specialists all over the world.
■■Tele-maintenance, on-site servicing, spare parts supplies
and customized training.
■■Analytical application sets
Analytical application sets are standardized system solutions for a number of specific applications. Siemens offers
ready-to-use developed sets for various industries like
cement, energy, natural gas, etc.
Our references speak for themselves. We would be
pleased to demonstrate our expertise!
Weighing Technology
For many years now weighing equipment has been a core technology for ensuring quality and for controlling
production processes in nearly every sector of industry. Siemens offers a comprehensive range of weighing products
from the fully TIA-compatible SIWAREX weighing processor to heavy-duty weighfeeders. The flexible configurability
of our products enables everything from simple platform weighing machines to gravimetrical level measurement and
highly complex automatic weighing machines to be implemented with minimal modification costs.
Weighing and Batching
Weighing and batching systems play an important role in all sectors
of production and process engineering. The SIWAREX load cells and
electronic modules for weighing systems together with Milltronics belt
scales, SITRANS weighfeeders and solids flowmeters provide an optimal
weighing system for almost any imaginable task.
Low- to medium-capacity weighfeeder
used for food and chemical proven in
hundreds of applications.
Sensors and continuous weighing devices
Solids flowmeters [2]
The load cells and other sensors can be used in a wide
variety of sectors. They comply with the requirements
of primary industries, and they have also proven their
suitability in the food and beverage, chemical and petrochemical industries.
Flowmeters provide continuous in-line weighing of dry
bulk solids, freeflowing powders, or granular material.
These flowmeters may be used for critical functions
such as batch load-out and blending. Compact and highcapacity designs can suit any application.
SIWAREX Load cells [1] and mounting elements
Belt scales [3]
Multiple ranges of load cells, suitable for almost any application you can think of. These are the features:
With a track record for consistent performance in harsh
environments, Milltronics conveyor belt scales combine
simple, drop-in installation, low maintenance (no moving
parts) and repeatable accuracy for productive operations.
The unique parallelogram style load cells ensure minimal
hysteresis and superior linearity, and ignore all hoizontal
forces. All belt scale designs feature overload protection
for the load cells.
■■High accuracy of 3000d according to OIML R60.
■■Large measuring range from 3 kg to 280 t
(13.2 lbs to 276 tons).
■■Hermetically sealed, extremely long service life.
■■Suitable for use in hazardous areas.
■■Stainless steel or aluminium.
■■Smart designed mounting devices for simple and safe
Weighfeeders [4]
SITRANS weighfeeders provide precision weighing accuracy, improving blend consistencies, accountability, and
record keeping. SITRANS weighfeeders are indispensable
when automated production processes require continuous in-line weighing and feeding. These heavy-duty
weighfeeders deliver, reliable, and uninterrupted service,
and are virtually maintenance-free. From light to heavy
industry-designed applications, SITRANS weighfeeders are
engineered to the customer requirements.
Weighing and Batching
Dynamic weighing integrators
The new SIWAREX module for SIMATIC S7-1200
Milltronics BW500 [4], SF500 [5] and Siwarex FTC [1]
electronic integrators process the sensor signals into operating data for continuous in-line weighing and solids flow
measurement. BW100 [6] and BW500/L offer economical,
basic operation with belt scales. The BW500, SF500 and
FTC can take over basic control functions traditionally
handled by other higher level devices, like PID and batch
control. Milltronics integrators display instantaneous readings of rate and total material flow for flowmeters or rate,
total, load and speed for belt scales and weighfeeders.
The new SIWAREX weighing module WP231 [4] is
SIWAREX’s most flexible module ever. SIWAREX WP231
offers full integration into SIMATIC S7-1200 and through
this is programmable via the Totally Integrated
Automation (TIA) Portal engineering platform.
SIWAREX weighing modules for SIMATIC automation
Further advantages result from complete integration of
the SIWAREX weighing modules [1] [2] [3] [4] into the
SIMATIC system platform. Using standard SIMATIC components, it is simple to adapt the weighing system to
your individual requirements. In addition, standardized
interfaces, totally integrated functions, and uniform tools
enable cost-effective configuration.
The ability to operate SIWAREX WP231 with or without
SIMATIC PLCs offers you the flexibility and reliability
you need.
SIWAREX summary
Performance features
■■Integrated in SIMATIC as function module (FM)
■■High accuracy
■■Legal for trade
■■Graded scope of functions
■■Suitable for hazardous areas
SIMATIC system environment
■■Integration in S7-300/400 with several software packages
■■PROFIBUS using ET200M or ET200S
■■Integration in PCS 7
■■Integration in S7-200, as an extension module (EM),
SIWAREX can also be used for various applications in
micro automation
Scale types
Application software
The following scales can be designed using SIWAREX
Predefined SIMATIC projects “GETTING STARTED” are available for all new SIWAREX modules. These greatly simplify
the specific application in SIMATIC. Further software packages provide complete applications – SIWAREX MULTIFILL
for filling plants and SIWAREX MULTISCALE for batching
■■Gravimetric level measurement
■■Platform scales
■■Batching and dosing
■■Sacking and filling
■■Solid flowmeters
■■Truck scales
■■Many many more
Appropriate to requirements, the SIWAREX modules have
been assigned approvals and certificates for the EU and
also for various countries outside the EU.
The modules can also be used for force measurements.
Communication and Software
Reliable communication between process devices and control systems is
essential for efficient and safe processes. With different communication
protocols and the necessary software Siemens offers the right tools
to integrate their process instruments and analyzers into the world of
process automation. The platform of Totally Integrated Automation from
Siemens ensures a high level of transparency at all plant levels – from the
field up to the production control level and the corporate management
The SITRANS MDS (Maintenance and
Diagnostic Station) is a Windows-
based application for retrieving and
managing maintenance information
from field devices.
SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineering Station
with STEP 7, WinCC, etc.
Industrial Ethernet
HART protocol
AW200 TF280
ET 200iS
ET200 M
(IM 153-2
with HARTmodules)
RS 232/
RS 485
Gas analyzer
up to 12 Mbit/s
Device on the
SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager) is a universal,
non-proprietary tool for the configuration, parameterization, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of
intelligent field devices (sensors and actuators) and field
components (remote I/Os, multiplexers, control room
devices, compact controllers).
Over 1,200 process devices from more than 100 manufacturers are supported by SIMATIC PDM. The design and
function of the devices can be described using the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL), based on the
leading EDD international standard (Electronic Device
Description; IEC 61804).
SIMATIC PDM uses this to automatically create an easy-touse interface providing the required information on the
process devices. The latest release of this standard allows
the implementation of state-of-the-art user interfaces:
– Intuitive Quick Start Wizards
– Enhanced graphical interface
Communication with process devices is by HART, PROFIBUS or alternative protocols. SIMATIC PDM can be used
as a universal parameterization tool as well as in the integrated version in the SIMATIC Step7/PCS 7 environment.
SIMATIC PDM meets all requirements from field level to
various types of industrial communication and central
engineering service and maintenance.
■■Asset Management
Asset Management comprises all activities and measures
designed to maintain or increase the value of a plant.
This primarily includes value-enhancing service and maintenance (plant-specific asset management) in addition to
business management, process management and process optimization. Because of its comprehensive functionality SIMATIC PDM is particularly suited to provide
the device data required for plant-specific asset management and transfer it to higher-level asset management
systems in XML format via a uniform interface. However,
SIMATIC PDM is much more than just a data logger for
higher-level asset management systems. It offers a wide
range of asset management functions as well.
Communication and Software
Decentralized automation solutions based on open field
buses are currently standard in many areas of the production and process industry. The benefits of digital communication can be fully exploited in combination with field
buses, including improved resolution of measurement
values, diagnostics options and remote parameterization.
PROFIBUS is currently the most successful open field bus,
providing a flexible platform for a variety of applications.
Based on the IEC 61158 standard, it is a reliable investment and suitable for fast communication in production
and process automation. It is the first field bus and meets
the requirements of both sectors with the same communication performance.
PROFIBUS PA is tailored to the requirements of the process
industry, handling both the power supply for the devices
and communication between the devices and higher-level
PROFIBUS PA is intrinsically safe and can be used in hazardous areas.
Field devices for measuring pressure, temperature, flow,
level and actuators are also available for the intrinsically
safe FF bus. Communication via FF is also based on the
EDD standard and thus also offers the benefits of digital
■■HART – field communication protocol
The HART® communication standard is used by more
than 30 million installed smart process instruments with
increasing numbers. The standard is managed by the HCF
(HART Communication Foundation) and extends analog
4 –20 mA signals to modulated, industry-quality, digital
HART signals. The advantage is the combination of triedand-tested analog measurement-value transfer and simultaneous digital communication with bi-directional, acyclic
transfer. This allows transfer of diagnostics, maintenance
and process information from field devices to higher-level
systems. Standardized parameter sets can be used for the
non-proprietary operation of all HART devices.
WirelessHART is an intelligent advancement of the proven
4 –20 mA HART technology released by the HART Communication Foundation (HCF) as part of Specification V7.
WirelessHART is backward compatible with wired HART
technology, and as such offers maximum protection for
investments in hardware and software, tools and expertise. WirelessHART is designed to communicate measured
process variables or setpoints via the network but also
diagnostic and maintenance information and para-meters.
WirelessHART uses state-of-the-art security technologies
to ensure network and data protection. Theses are e.g.
meshed network topology including redundancy, data
encryption, message integrity, etc.
Enhanced electronic device descriptions (EDD) are used to
integrate HART devices into the SIMATIC PDM.
This ensures simple operation and commissioning of field
devices, even in inaccessible locations.
Enhanced electronic device descriptions (EDD) are used to
integrate field devices in SIMATIC PDM or other tools like
Some tools in the market like PACTware or Fieldcare are
based on a technique called FDT (Field Device Tool). SITRANS DTM integrates EDDs from our devices in these
FDT-based tools.
■■Emerson AMS
Many of Siemens HART and FF devices also have EDDs
designed for AMS by Emerson.
Communication and Software
Industrial Ethernet
4–20 mA
Standard HART devices
with SITRANS AW200
HART device
RIO without
HART support
HART device
The SITRANS MDS (Maintenance and Diagnostic Station)
is a Windows-based application for retrieving and managing maintenance and diagnostic information from field
■■Use of SIMATIC PDM to retrieve maintenance and
■■All devices reachable by SIMATIC PDM are supported.
■■Device list is shown in tree form, with properties and
maintenance information in a column on the right-hand
■■Selectable update interval for all devices.
■■Visualization of the maintenance status with SIMATICspecific icons or NAMUR (NE 107) icons.
■■Archiving of recent events for each device.
■■User-editable report.
Remote Control Level
Wireless Remote
Networks (WRN)
S7-1200 with CP 1242-7
Mobile Panel
S7-300 with
Control Center
Telecontrol /
Control Level
Industrial Wireless LAN
Industrial Ethernet
Field Level
ET 200pro IWLAN
Wireless HART
Standard HART devices
with SITRANS AW200
with AW210
Success factor Industrial Wireless Communication
To achieve lasting success in the face of global competition, companies need to permanently improve their productivity while minimizing the total cost of ownership.
This calls for new measures and new concepts.
Wireless solutions offer far more benefits than just the
elimination of cabling and installation costs. Users profit
e. g. from significantly faster commissioning and more
efficient maintenance, as well greater flexibility and mobility. And wireless technology ensures improvement
of production quality and safety in plants. In the end, all
of these advantages add up to greater overall plant
WirelessHART closes the gap of industrial wireless communication at field level in process automation.
Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN) and GSM/GPRS-based
wireless wide area networks play a successful and important part at control and remote control level.
Communication and Software
Industrial Ethernet
Legacy DCS
HART support
4–20 mA
IEEE 802.11
4–20 mA
Remote I/O
station w/o
HART support
WirelessHART answers your challenge
WirelessHART opens up new communication options
which were not practical or simply not possible in the
past due to the operating environment or for economic
■■Flexible for installation, replacement or upgrading; ideal
for temporary measurements and for measurements on
moving or rotating equipment.
■■Cost-efficient for remote facilities and locations difficult
to access due to the environmental or technical conditions: significant cost savings for cabling, commissioning
and engineering, as well as reduced operating costs
thanks to increased plant efficiency and lower maintenance expenditure.
■■Maintenance-friendly thanks to access to valuable diagnostic information for enabling predictive maintenance
strategies. Maintenance expenditure for cables and connections are a thing of the past, so too is the manual
checking of the equipment status.
■■High plant availability and production quality through
optimized wireless installation, reduced black measurement points, higher transparency throughout the plant.
With our WirelessHART solutions, users profit not only
from lower total cost of ownership, but also from significantly improved security, reliability and productivity.
4–20 mA
Industrial Ethernet
SIMATIC system
with HART support
The use of WirelessHART products in process industry
applications can be classified as follows:
In many plants, HART devices are analog wired in a distributed control system (DCS). This means that a great deal
of valuable diagnostic information in the field is not available from a central maintenance station and so devices
must be maintained manually at regular intervals. This
leads in turn to high maintenance cost and the risk of
unscheduled downtimes.
Installation of a WirelessHART adapter on existing
4 – 20 mA HART instruments means that equipment information is accessible from maintenance station without
changing the system that is running. Access to valuable
diagnostic and device information offers a wide range of
advantages, including higher process performance and
reliability, improved maintenance approaches, etc.
WirelessHART solutions are considerably more cost-efficient and flexible than conventional concepts for improving production quality, plant safety or process transparency through the addition of new measuring points.
Problems with the physical wiring or cabling are a thing of
the past when you use WirelessHART solutions. So too are
high cabling costs for remote measuring points.
The optimum use of wired and wireless devices in one
system creates the best basis for a new standard of performance in automation.
Communication and Software
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
PLM – Product Lifecycle Management
Management Level
•• Product Design
•• Production Plann
•• Data Managemen
MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems
Operations Level
Asset Management
Operation System
■■Totally Integrated Automation – TIA
Totally Integrated Automation is characterized by its unique degree of integration
which ensures a high level of transparency
at all plant levels – from the field level to
the production control level and the corporate management level. This concept
provides considerable benefits throughout
the entire plant life cycle, from the initial
planning and engineering stages, commissioning, operations and maintenance right
through to modernization. The process instruments designed by Siemens have been
perfectly integrated into the TIA concept.
The SIMATIC PDM (Process Device
Manager) is used as a central parameterization tool to allow the user continuous
access to all the field devices of his plant.
Thanks to modern fieldbus communication like HART, PROFIBUS or FOUNDATION
Fieldbus the field devices can be integrated into the overall plant. By integrating the
devices into the PCS7 Asset Management
system the user receives diagnostics information from the field devices whenever
he needs it, allowing him to optimize the
servicing and maintenance of his plant and
avoid downtime.
TIA Portal
Control Level
Computer Numeric Control
Motion Control
Field Level
Process Instrumentation
Industrial Identifica
ning and Simulation
Plant Engineering
Industrial Ethernet
SIMATIC Controllers
Modular / PC-based
Human Machine Interface
SIRIUS Industrial Controls
Industrial Ethernet
SIMATIC Distributed I/O
SINAMICS Drive Systems
Low-Voltage Distribution
KNX GAMMA instabus
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