CopelandDiscuswithCoresenseDiagnostic presentation

CopelandDiscuswithCoresenseDiagnostic presentation
Copeland Discus™ with CoreSense ™ Diagnostics
January 2011
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1/27/2011 5:48 PM
Discus with CoreSense Diagnostics Case Studies
Supermarket In Columbus, Ohio Saves $4,500 With Discus with CoreSense Diagnostics
Discus with CoreSense Diagnostics Locked Out Compressor Due To High Discharge Temp. Investigation
Of High Discharge Temp Lead To Discovery Of High To Low Leak In Valve Plate. Copeland Discus with
CoreSense DiagnosticsPrevented Compressor Failure Resulting In Technician Replacing Valve Plate
Instead Of Replacing Entire Compressor. Store Saves Approximately $4,500.
Discus with CoreSense Diagnostics Technology Prevents
Delay Of Store Opening Of Supermarket Location In North
During System Installation, Contractor Started Compressors With
Liquid Lines Incorrectly Piped Into Suction Header. When
Compressors Started, Large Amounts Of Liquid Filled Suction Header
And Compressors.Discus with CoreSense Diagnostics Detected The
High Discharge Temperature And Pressure, And Instantaneously
Locked All Compressors Off, Preventing Damage To The
Compressor, Avoiding Delay Of Store Opening.
The Fault Detection And Protection Of Discus with CoreSense Diagnostics Saved
Supermarket In Stone Mountain, GA, Approximately $6,000
One Leg Of Contactor Failed Sending Only 2 Phases Of Power To Compressor. Discus with
CoreSense Diagnostics Immediately Shut-Off Compressor & Displayed “Single Phase Fault”.
Technician Reset Compressor To Restore. Contactor Completely Failed Sending No Power To
Compressor. Discus with CoreSense Diagnostics Displayed “No 3-Phase Power” Which Prevented
Compressor Failure Resulting In Technician Replacing Failed Contactor Instead Of Replacing Entire
Compressor. Store Saves Approximately $6,000.
Hear What Customers Are Saying About
Discus with CoreSense Diagnostics
“Discus® with CoreSense Diagnostics Is Simple –
It Takes The Guess Work Out Of Troubleshooting.”
“Discus® with CoreSense Diagnostics Is A Good
Thing…Technicians Are Benefiting From The Simplicity
Of Troubleshooting.”
“When The Compressors Were Introduced To A Large
Amount Of Liquid Because Of An Contractor Installation
Error, Discus® with CoreSense Diagnostics Prevented My
Compressors From Failing.”
“It Is Very Difficult To Find Good Technicians…This
Product Makes Inexperienced Technicians Better.”
Copeland Discus with CoreSense Diagnostics =
Simplified System With Advanced Protection & Control,
Diagnostics And Communications
Key Elements Efficiently Utilize Resources:
Simplified Rack With Fewer
Components And Fittings
Protection And Control From
Integrated System Electronics
• Improves Compressor Reliability
• Simple, Fast & Consistent
• Reduced Refrigerant Leak Points
• Improves Compressor Reliability
• Simple, Fast & Consistent
• Reduced Food Spoilage
Predictive Diagnostics
• Early System Detection Identifies
Minor Conditions Avoiding Major
• Improves Troubleshooting
Remote And On-Board
• Technicians Can Troubleshoot
Problems Before Traveling
To The Site
Fewer Components Provide Simplified
Solutions And Reduces Leak Points
Components Removed:
 Oil Protection Module
 Relay Output Board
 High Pressure Cut-Out
 Phase Monitor
 Low Pressure Cut-Out
 Lights
 Current Sensing Relay
 Wire
 Oil Failure Relay
 Conduit (24”)
 Time Delay Relay
 Input Board (25%)
40% Reduction In Compressor Wiring
Integrated System Electronics For Protection
And Control Are Built-In Standard Features
Enhanced Protection & Features
Applicable On 2D, 3D, 4D, & 6D
Discus® Compressors
Additional Motor Protection
Power Interrupt Protection
Welded Contactor Protection
Discharge Temp Protection (Head Probe)
Compressor Proofing
Simplified Commissioning
Comp Display – Status, Current, DLT
Diagnostic/Troubleshooting Aid
Communications – Open Protocol
Software Upgradeable
24V Control Circuit
Standard Functions
Demand Cooling (R22, R-407A, R407C) –
Under Development
High & Low Pressure Cutout
Oil Pressure Protection
Motor Protection
Predictive Diagnostics Contribute To
Early System Detection
Scenarios Of Early System Detection
Benefits /
“Imbalance Trip”
Voltage Imbalance
Detects Inconsistent Phase-Phase
Voltage And Protects Against Damage
From Over Heating
“Low Oil Pressure”
Low Oil Pressure
Prevents Compressor Damage From
Low Oil – Less System Downtime
“Normal Running”
“Low Oil Pressure”
Low Oil Pressure
Detects Low Oil Pressure During
Compressor Operation – Warns Of Oil
Pressure Condition
Flashing Red
Flashing Red
Flashing Green
Solid Green = Okay
Flashing Green = Warning
Flashing Red = Trip or Lockout
Two Way Communication Allows
Remote Diagnosis And Resetting
On-Board Diagnostics Provide Real-Time Remote Intelligence That
Communicates Exactly What You Need To Know To Minimize Cost
Discus with CoreSense Diagnostics Can
Centralize Compressor-Monitoring Operations
– Allows Technicians To Troubleshoot
Problems Before Traveling To The Site
– Technicians Can Be Automatically
Dispatched If There Is An Alarm Generated
– Technician Can Reset Compressor Remotely
Analysis / Easy
Remote Monitoring
E2 Rack Controller
Control Module
Sensing Modules
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