Marechal Decontactors, Plugs Sockets for Mining and Tunnelling

Marechal Decontactors, Plugs Sockets for Mining and Tunnelling
Switch rated connectors for
Mining & Tunnelling
Marechal’s DECONTACTOR™ ideally suited
Connect with confidence & disconnect with safety
Thanks to its integral load-break isolating switch mechanism, the decontactor
socket allows users to connect and disconnect electrical equipment safely up to
250 A : a release button cuts the power and de-energises the plug before it can
be removed. Even in the event of a short-circuit, the decontactor guarantees user
safety and eliminates any electrocution hazard.
Provides automatic watertight seal
Our decontactors are automatically watertight just by inserting the plug or by closing the socket lid when you remove the plug.
There is no need to turn any sealing ring!
Reduce downtime
When decontactors are used in lieu of hard-wiring, a fitter can replace a motor safely and efficiently. Operating costs are reduced
as re-wiring on site is no longer necessary.
Ensure long working life in harsh environments
The decontactor butt contacts have silver-nickel tips which are an excellent conductor, corrosion-resistant. Its heavy duty design
is shock resistant (Ik08/Ik09) and environmentally sound (-40 °C to +60 °C). These are true fit-and-forget connectors allowing
you to save money and make product, not regularly replace connectors.
DB Series Decontactors provide rugged,
switch rated connections up to 30 Kw.
DS Series devices with amperage
capacity up to 250A provide durable,
safe connections for Feeders and
other equipment.
DSN Series Decontactors simplify reconfigurations of
conveyors. IP54 to IP 66 construction provides protection from water and dust.
Float Pumps
Motor Control Centres
600A PF Series connectors supply power
from generators to motor control centres.
DS Decontactors allow float pumps to be
easily disconnected and relocated to
another pond.
Decontactors and multipin devices provide
power and control circuits to all plant
Cutting Machines, Extruders & Other Forming Equipment
Parallel phasing with dual PF’s maximizes
capacity for high load applications.
Decontactors connecting process equipment are safe to make & break under
full load. They also provide a ‘line of sight’ disconnect and facilitate quick motor
to the mining and tunnelling industries
At the heart of Marechal’s technology
Load-break plug release button:
no need for a pilot conductor to switch power first
Spring-loaded elastic terminals:
resist vibrations and temperature changes
Watertight seal: IP66/67 protection
Socket safety shutter: prevents unwanted
access to live parts (IPX4)
Central earth contact: no danger of forcing
an earth contact into a phase or neutral
Silver-nickel tipped contacts:
excellent current carrying performance
Anti-corrosion treated
Glassfibre-reinforced polyester bodies:
excellent mechanical resistance to abuse
Integral cable seal: range-take seal anchors cable sheath
Safety & code compliance: Marechal vs. the competition
Motor hard-wired to
a switch disconnector
Motor connected with a
Marechal motor plug
Motor connected with a
Competitive plug & socket-outlet
• Cord connection allows easy
‘line of sight’ area
• Expensive mechanical
interlocks are required since
these plugs & receptacles
cannot safely make & break
under load
• Dead front eliminates access
to live parts
• Ability to safely make & break
under load eliminates the need
for interlocks
• The interlock must be
mounted on a fixed surfacethis may make ‘line of sight’
location more difficult
Disconnect may be difficult
to install in ‘line of sight’
from the motor
• ≥ 65 kA short circuit make
& withstand rating ensures
safety during re-energization
Qualified electrician
Motor change-out process
Electrician opens disconnect switch
Remove disconnect cover
Voltmeter test to verify deenergization
Apply lockout/tagout
Disconnect motor from hard-wiring
Mechanic removes old/installs new motor
Electrician connects motor to hard-wiring
Motor change-out process
Mechanic removes plug from socket-outlet
Apply lockout/tagout as required
Mechanic removes old/installs new motor
Mechanic inserts plug into socket-outlet
Marechal makes it
safe & easy
Motor change-out process
Open interlock switch
Remove interlock cover
Voltmeter test to verify deenergization
Remove plug
Apply lockout/tagout as required
Remove old/install new motor
Insert plug into socket-outlet
Focus on Mining and Tunnelling
Decontactors are ideal for...
Power distribution
The mine and quarry environments combine mechanical shock,
climatic conditions and dustwith the distribution of electric power and
frequents disconnections.
Decontactor advantage
Marechal decontactors’ metal or glassfibre reinforced polyester
housings resist shocks. Their silver-nickel contacts are corrosion
resistant and withstand temperature changes. When disconnected,
the dead front prevents exposure to live parts.
Conveyor connections
Conveyors and other mobile equipment need high power connections
for motors. Disconnection under load can be a problem.
Decontactor advantage
Decontactors’ butt-contact technology provide a convenient line of
sight disconnection and allow non electrical workers to safely make
and break under load up to 250A without arc flash hazard.
High amperage equipment
Often plugs and sockets with high amperage are difficult to
disconnect because of size and contact heating.
Advantage of butt-contact technology
Marechal’s PF series plugs and sockets can handle up to 600A/1000V.
Frictionless butt-contact technology allows easy connection and
disconnection and silver-nickel contact tips guarantee superior
conductivity and reliability regardless of climatic conditions.
Pump power supply
Often pumps are hardwired for reasons of safety. Procedures to open
junction boxes are lengthy; downtime can be very long if the pump is
far away from the main production site and there’s no electrician
Decontactor advantage
In case of breakdown, the pump or motor can be easily and safely
disconnected and replaced by a multi-skilled worker.
Motor or process control
Traditional pin and sleeve multipin connectors are not designed for
frequent connection and disconnection that are required for mobile
equipments in mines and quarries.
Marechal technology for control connectors
Our butt contact technology allows frequent connection and
disconnection and provide longterm, troublefree conductivity over
time. Marechal technology also offers a keying system to avoid
connection errors with connectors that look alike.
Process equipment connections
Some process equipment such as this concrete floor panel forming
machine moves along the production line. It can be difficult to comply
to safety rules and ensure reliability over time.
Decontactor advantage
The decontactor’s integral load-break capability simplifies
disconnection procedures and installation, saving time and money.
Our keying system any incorrect plugging in of equipment.
Electrical mining machines
To power these heavy duty machines, connectors must be robust and
resist humidity and corrosion as well as coping with frequent
Advantage of butt-contact technology
Our connectors’ rugged casing materials, stainless steel hardware
and silver-nickel contact surfaces ensure durability, corrosion
resistance and long operating lives. For example, the silver-nickel
contacts withstand wear and maintain excellent conductivity even
when oxidized.
Ex environments
Due to possible presence of gases, some mines are classed as
potentially explosive atmospheres.
Advantage decontactor – ATEX
Whether fixed supplies or mobile connections the DXN / DX
decontactors are ATEX approved for use in such environments.
Butt-contact technology makes them safe, reliable and compact.
They are automatically waterproof when connected.
Product selection guide
(See our main catalogue for product details and part-numbers)
Integral load-break isolating switch • Easy and safe to handle • Reliability and long service time thanks
to silver-nickel butt-contact technology • Spring-assisted non-loosening terminals resist vibration and
extreme temperatures from -40 °C to +60 °C • UV and corrosion resistant • for all cable diameters
up to 1000 V a.c. and 250 V d.c.
The DS decontactors are our widest range offering rated currents
from 30 to 400 A. Polyester from 30 to 90 A and metal-bodied from
50 to 400A it provides the user with many options – padlocking,
auxiliary contacts, etc. Each decontactor size accepts a wide range
of cable diameter, which makes the DS range very appropriate for
the long cables frequently used in mining and tunnelling industries.
• 5 sizes from 30 to 250 A with AC22/AC23 load-break capability
• robust design IK08 (glassfibre reinforced polyester body),
IK09 (metal body)
• safety shutter on the socket to shield the contacts
• IP54/55 watertight automatically upon connection
(IP66/67 optional)
• keying system with 24 positions to avoid incorrect connections
• wide range of metal and polyester boxes
• wide range metal, polyester and elastomer handles
• product up to 400 A also available without load-break capacity
The DN decontactor was designed in 1953 but still is fully compliant with the most
recent safety regulations. Its metal bodied rugged design remains a favourite with
industries requiring robust connections. Each decontactor size accepts a wide range
of cable diameter, which makes the DN range very appropriate for the long cables
frequently used in mining and tunnelling industries.
• 5 sizes from 20 to 150 A with AC22 load-break capability
• metal casing IK09 for harsh environments
• IP54/55 watertight automatically upon connection
(IP66/67 optional)
• simple design for use in very dusty environments
• keying system with 16 positions to avoid incorrect connections
• wide range of metal boxes
• wide range metal, polyester and elastomer handles
Multipin connectors for control and power applications
6 sizes available for control applications with up to 37 contacts (From 5 to 30 A / 500 V a.c.)
3 sizes available for power applications with 7 contacts (Up to 150 A / 500 V a.c.)
• auxiliary contacts optional
• integral load-break isolating switch
• easy and safe to handle
• reliability and long service time thanks to silver-nickel butt-contact technology
• spring-assisted non-loosening terminals resist vibration and temperature change
• UV and corrosion resistant
• service temperature range -40 °C to +60 °C.
• keying system to avoid incorrect connections
• robust design IK08 (glassfibre reinforced polyester body), IK09 (metal body)
• automatic watertight ( different IP ratings according to version)
• wide range of metal and polyester boxes
• wide range metal, polyester and elastomer handles
PF High current plugs and sockets (315 to 600A)
• 5 sizes from 315 A to 600 A
• up to 1000 V a.c. or d.c.
• up to 8 pilot or auxiliary contacts
• easy and safe to handle with locking system
• reliability and long service time thanks to silver butt-contact technology
• corrosion resistant
• metal casing IK09, durable in harsh environments
• IP66/67 watertight
• service temperature range -40 °C to +60 °C
• keying system with 7 to 10 positions to avoid incorrect connections.
This is more than a plug and socket ….
The DECONTACTORTM is a plug and socket with an integral load-break isolating switch.
Combining these functions into the same unit makes the decontactor a safe, reliable and
compact disconnection device for motors and power supplies, saving you time and cost.
It is the ideal electrical connector for the mining and tunnelling industries.
Innovation for safety and flexibility
For over fifty years, the Marechal decontactor has been known for safety and flexibility. With
7% revenue spent on R&D, we continue to innovate and offer the products to meet the varying
needs of our customers.
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BECMA is an international association of manufacturers of butt-contact connectors. It is the only organisation that is able to guarantee that when a plug made by one member manufacturer is mated with a socket
made by another complies with the European Low Voltage Directive.
BECMA oversees the compliance of mixed plugs and sockets between its members.
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