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AudioBahn ACAP7J Owner`s manual
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Table Of Contents
Capacitor Introduction_____________________________________________ 4
Charging / Discharging____________________________________________
Mounting and Installation__________________________________________
Adjustments and Troubleshooting____________________________________ 8
Warning and Disclaimer__________________________________________
Capacitor Introduction
When installed properly, your new stiffening capacitor will provide years of
dependable service. There are many benefits of adding a stiffening capacitor. The most
significant benefit is the capacitors ability to improve bass performance in your sound
system. This is possible due to the voltage stabilizing effects of the capacitor.
When an audio system needs to deliver an instantaneous bass peak, the
vehicle’s electrical system often cannot provide enough power. This means that the system voltage drops substantially to a point that the amplifiers are unable to produce their
rated power. This is referred to as clipping. When an amplifier clips, it will cause distortion and can cause amplifier and / or speaker damage.
Stiffening capacitors are able to store large amounts of energy in preparation
of these bass peaks. When a bass peak occurs, the stiffening capacitor delivers power
to supplement the system voltage and prevent amplifier clipping. This retains amplifier
output power, thus improving bass response and increases amplifier and speaker life
Another beneficial effect of capacitors is their ability to filter the current produced by the vehicle’s alternator. This alternator current, can cause noise (alternator
whine) in the audio system. A capacitor will help reduce or eliminate this “alternator
whine” and popping.
We recommend using 1 farad of capacitance for every 1000 watts of amplifier
output. This is a general rule of thumb and may be adjusted up or down depending on
the efficiency, current draw, and design of the amplifiers being used. Capacitance
ACAP7J_____________________________________2,000,000 microfarads (2 Farad)
Working Voltage
Surge Voltage
E.S.R. (Equivalent Series Resistance)________________0.0016 ohm @ 200 Hz / 25 C
Capacitance Tolerance______________________________________________+/- 5%
Before making or breaking any electrical connections, please make sure to
read the following instructions on how to properly charge and discharge the capacitor.
Not following the charge / discharge instructions can lead to permanent damage to the
capacitor, which is not covered under the manufacturer warranty.
After mounting the capacitor in its final position, attach the ground to the capacitor and the chassis grounding location. Next hold the supplied bulb between the
(+) positive battery lead and the (+) positive terminal of the capacitor. If using a bulb, it
should light up for a short time (normally 15-30 seconds or so) and then go out. After
waiting for the capacitor to charge, remove the bulb or resistor and immediately attach
the power (+) cable to the capacitor. The best way to ensure the cap is charged best is
to keep the bulb attached until you touch the main power (+) wire to the capacitor, then
remove it.
If you plan to store your vehicle or plan on not using the system for a long
period of time, we suggest to remove the capacitor. Anytime you disconnect the capacitor’s power wire from the battery, you need to properly discharge the capacitor. This is
done by using the same supplied bulb as you used for charging the capacitor. Take the
bulb and place the ends across the negative (-) and positive (+) terminals of the capacitor. This will cause the capacitor to safely discharge so it can be stored away.
Installing And Mounting
For maximum performance, the capacitor should be installed as close to your
amplifier(s) as possible. The ideal location is one which allows for short wiring runs
while keeping the capacitors somewhat isolated from the heat created by the amplifier
system. The positive (+) power wire should be kept as short as possible and be connected to the amplifier’s battery supply input. We recommend that a high performance
distribution block be used to create a splice into this cable (see Fig. 1). You may also
use the capacitor itself as a distribution block by adding multiple power wires to the
terminals located on the top of the capacitor.
No fuses should be installed in the wire between the capacitor and the amplifier
system (make sure there is an appropriate fuse at the battery in the main power supply
cable). The ground cable for the capacitor should also be made as short as possible
and be connected directly to the vehicle chassis at a bare metal location. Do not ground
the capacitor directly to the amplifier ground terminal or ground cable. The capacitor
and all other components in the system should be grounded using separate ground
cables. It is ok to ground them to the same point on the chassis or frame, just not connected directly to eachother. (see Fig. 1) The positive (+) and negative (-) wires for the
capacitor should be the same gauge as the amplifier’s power and ground cables.
Max 24 inches to
amp reccomended
for power wire
Should you encounter a problem with your capacitor, you can follow the steps
below to make sure that it is working properly.
1. Follow all power (+) and ground (-) connections to and from the capacitor.
Make sure there are no kinks in the wire and no cuts either. If there is a problem in the
wiring, make sure to use new wire and place the wire in a good location where it will not
be roughed up and abused.
2. If using a capacitor with a digital display, you can visually check the capacitor
to see if it is functioning correctly. After charging the capacitor with the provided bulb,
remove the bulb and attach the power wire. If the volt-meter changes slowly, then the
capacitor is properly holding the charge. If the display rapidly decreases and shuts off,
then the cap is not properly holding a charge.
3. In the case that you find that step 2 shows your capacitor is not holding a
charge, you may want to take the capacitor to an authorized dealer to have them run a
capacitance test on the capacitor.
Warning And Disclaimer
Investigate the layout of your automobile thoroughly before drilling or cutting any holes. Take care
when you work near gas tanks, gas lines, hydraulic lines, and electrical wiring. Do not use the power amplifier unmounted. Attach the system securely to the automobile to prevent damage, particularly in the event of
an accident. Do not mount the system so that the wire connections are unprotected or are subject to pinching
or damage from nearby objects.
The +12V DC power wire must be fused at the battery positive terminal connection. Before making or breaking power connections at the system power terminals, disconnect the +12V wire at the battery end. Confirm your radio/head unit and/or other equipment is turned off while connecting the input jacks and speaker
terminals. If you need to replace the power fuse, replace it only with a fuse identical to that supplied with the
system. Using a fuse of a different type or rating may result in damage to this system which is not covered by
the warranty.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
For the most updated Specifications call Audiobahn,
your local Authorized Audiobahn Dealer,
or check the Audiobahn web site.
Audiobahn Consumer
Product Warranty Policy
Audiobahn products are manufactured with the highest quality components and some of the most advanced
technology available. Because of this we recommend that you have your new products installed by an Authorized Audiobahn Dealer. (A list of Authorized Audiobahn Dealers can be found on our web page).
Warranty Period: One year from the original date of purchase.
Warranty Coverage: This warranty covers manufacturer defects only. The warranty is applicable to the
original purchaser, and is non-transferable. You must provide a receipt from an Authorized Audiobahn
Dealer that shows the location of purchase, price paid, and date of purchase.
(Products purchased by consumers from an Authorized Audiobahn Dealer outside the United States are
covered only by the Distributor of that specific country and are not covered by Audiobahn).
Complete subwoofer enclosures (Audiobahn will replace defective subwoofers, plexiglass, or neon only. Do
not send the entire enclosure, unless the enclosure is defective itself. You must receive prior authorization
and an RA# before sending in any complete enclosure).
(A list of Authorized Audiobahn Dealers can be found on our web page).
Any product not purchased from an Authorized Audiobahn Dealer (including Internet dealers)
Damage caused by abuse, misuse, accident, water / flood, or theft (including any cosmetic damage to
the body of the product)
Damage caused by improper installation
Any cost or expense related to removal or reinstallation
Any unauthorized services
Any product that has the serial number removed, altered, or defaced
Subsequent damage to any other components
Pinched, cut, or stripped wires / terminals
Any product that is new, and/or found to be in working condition
L.E.D. indicators on electronics (Audiobahn will only replace L.E.D.(s) found to be defective at the time
of purchase)
WARRANTY Continued
How to receive warranty service: Contact your local Authorized Audiobahn Dealer, or call Audiobahn at
(714) 452.1476 between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM PST.
If you are having problems with your system, we recommend you check the product carefully and thoroughly
to confirm that the product truly has a manufacturer defect; as opposed to abuse, or other components in the
system caused the failure. This might include having an Authorized Audiobahn Dealer look at the product
to confirm the source of the problem. Any product found to have a manufacturer defect will be replaced with
a new piece of the same or similar model, or repaired at the discretion of Audiobahn. Any product found to
have no manufacturer defect will be returned to the sender at their cost.
You must acquire a Return Authorization Number (#) prior to returning ANY product to Audiobahn.
That Return Authorization Number (RA#) must be prominently and clearly marked on the outside of the shipping carton, or product delivery will be refused (no exceptions will be made).
Please note: All shipping and handling (to and from) charges will be the sole responsibility of the consumer.
Please record and keep your Return Authorization Number (RA#) in the event that further communication is
Return Authorization Number (RA#):
Date product was sent:
Contact Information
Audiobahn Headquarters
7050 Village Drive Bldg. G
Buena Park, CA 90621
Phone (714) 452.1476 Fax (888) 880.8469
Pacific Coast Time: 9am - 5pm Mon. - Fri.
7050 Village Drive, Bldg G
Buena Park, CA 90621
714-452-1476 office
888-880-8469 fax
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