203-105 Global Door Beacon

203-105 Global Door Beacon
Door Beacon
The Door Beacon produces a bright flashing light for several seconds
when someone knocks on the door. It is vibration activated with a
sensitivity switch for different situations.
Fitting the battery
The battery compartment is in the bottom of the beacon. To remove the
cover slide it in the direction of the arrow. Fit the battery to the connector,
position the battery in the compartment and replace the cover.
The battery type required is an alkaline PP3, MN1604, 6LF22 or
equivalent. Alkaline rather than standard batteries should be used with
this product.
Instructions for use
Your Door Beacon is supplied ready to use with battery and self-adhesive
Velcro™ pads.
The beacon can be fitted to a door by using the Velcro™ pads supplied.
The unit should be placed on the door at eye level. Fix the rough hook
type Velcro™ pad to the back of the beacon and the smooth loop type to
the door. Remove the backing paper from the Velcro™ pads to stick
them to their respective surfaces. The beacon can also be hung from a
hook on the back of the door, however the beacon must touch the door.
The beacon is switched on using the sensitivity switch on
the side. Adjust this switch to suit your requirements. The ‘HI’ position
will probably be needed on thick/heavy doors whilst the ‘LO’ position will
be better for thin/light doors. The beacon will sometimes flash as it is
switched on.
A little experimentation may be required each time the beacon is used in
a different situation. The unit should be switched to the ‘O’ position when
not in use as a small amount of power is used even when the light is not
Fault Finding
Beacon not
flashing at all
Battery needs changing.
Unit not switched on.
Bulb needs replacing - return to supplier.
Unit switched to ‘LO’ when it needs to be on ‘HI’.
sometimes works Beacon not touching door.
Knock too soft.
Beacon flashes Unit set to ‘HI’ when needs to be on ‘LO’.
Door is loose or not shut properly and is moving in a
with no knock
draught, etc.
Very loud noises may vibrate the door enough to
set beacon off.
When returning the unit for repair, please state the nature of the fault and
the return address. If the unit is under guarantee please provide proof of
Product conforms to the provisions of the following
European Union Directives :
• 93/68 CE Marking Directive
• 89/336 & 92/31 Electro Magnetic Compatibility
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