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More Calls, Better Service
IP Attendant Console Application,
iPECS Attendant
iPECS® Attendant is a powerful PC based attendant console, designed to enhance call handling
and control functions of the attendant, through superb intuitive drag & drop actions. It also allows the
attendant to manage the directory with ease of use and graphical user’s interface.
More calls in less time with
greater ease
Soft Phone integration
Do more with less: the iPECS ® Attendant en-
to the system and synchronizes with the
hances handling of your valuable inbound calls.
attendant’s telephone. Regardless of the
With the
iPECS ® Attendant
software, your busy
The iPECS ® Attendant connects over your LAN
geographic location of your attendant, the
receptionist can route calls with the click of a
iPECS Attendant software synchronizes with
mouse, or drag and drop without switching PC
the system to provide the attendant real-time
and phone. The monitoring window shows the
system and user information over a TCP/IP
status of all users; and thus, at a glance, the at-
connection. The iPECS ® Attendant has an
tendant is aware of the presence of employees
embedded soft phone that enables various
through graphical icons: idle, busy, DND, calls
call features without additional hardware,
waiting, and so much more. Real-time presence
such as a desktop phone. Using simple and
lets the attendant take alternate action, such as
flexible configurations, your attendant can be
sending the call to voice mail, or just clicking the
fully productive with or without a hard phone,
station icon to transfer.
thus reducing the total cost of ownership of the
Flexible and efficient call handling
button labels depending on his or her individual
preference or company specific requirements
or policies.
Even more productive enhancement tool
The iPECS ® Attendant software can quickly
locate other users and send important text
messages to any iPECS phone with display
including wireless DECT or Wi-Fi handsets as
well as to remote terminals. Local language
support displays prompts and text in any desired
Simple directory management
With the iPECS Attendant software, the operator
along with waiting time and priority. By using
corporate contact databases for quick access to
simple mouse clicks or drag and drop action,
contact phone numbers. The iPECS ® Atten-
calls can be answered in order of importance.
dant software is compatible with Excel, ACT!
While on a call, the attendant can search the
and Goldmine formats. Flexible local database
directory or the phone book to find the destina-
interface and back up to the local hard disk
tion name or number, so as to quickly transfer
drive enable the attendant to easily manage all
calls. Should the user be busy, the attendant
contacts. The operator can easily add, modify
can send a text message or, if conditions war-
and delete the information as well as import and
rant, intrude on the user’s call to alert them of
export external data from and to the directory.
iPECS ® Attendant
links with local and
an important call waiting for them. By using
easily set or accessed.
up the display layout, icon or list type, font and
language so your attendant can be more pro-
features such as paging, call park or E-mail are
calls in any order. The attendant can also set
system without jeopardizing call quality.
The queue window displays the call waiting list
programmed keys, alternative call handling
and traffic information to be able to prioritize
Intuitive and tailored user interface
The ability to provide efficient and quick call
handling is the key for attendants and the
iPECS ® Attendant’s intuitive user interface
provides the operator with clear user status
ductive without any language barrier.
can perform basic administrative functions for
other users, such as assigning flexible
buttons, alarm/wake-up calls and defining station groups. Management can run statistical
reports so as to understand call flow, number,
density, and handling of calls.
Easy User Interface
Flexible Call Handling
• Optional
• Various
• Intuitive
station field display mode: icon or list type
call features of the iPECS platform via embedded soft phone:
Call transfer, conference, call park, hold & retrieve, redial, mute,
call pick-up, call answer, restriction, series call
display icons: Monitoring window, Queue window and tool bar
• Busy
Lamp Field (BLF) and status information display
• Local
language selection
• Shortcut
• Call
forward: attendant can call forward to alternative destinations
(call park, page/message and e-mail)
keys for frequently used functions
• Pre-selected
• Screen
• Station
and customized station status message setting
setting modification: station name, COS, Temporary COS,
attendant cancel, music selection
• Answering
• Attendant
status change: Day / Night / On demand / Weekend / Auto ring
• Drag
flexible button programming: individual /group
• Station
group management
• Display layout change
queuing: display name, date, waiting time, destination and call type
(internal, external, recall, etc.)
phone book import and export
• Database
• Multiple
• Manual
trunk selection for urgent outgoing call
More productivity enhancements
Simple Directory and Database Management
• Local
and drop call control
• Call
/ Forward
• Station
call pop-up
incoming call from queue window
• Internal
• Multiple
and system component back up to the local hard disk drive
local database interface
Text messages can be sent and received
• wake-up
• Trunk
call management: multiple wake-up, group set, optional set
• Making
book management: register / edit / delete, 17 database fields,
dynamic search / sort / filter
• Various options for conducting queries
outbound call: keypad dialing, click to call from the phone book,
station icon, log view
• Phone
• Superb
statistical reporting of all calls
① Call popup window
② Alarm display
④ Queue window : Waiting and holding list
⑤ Status monitoring: Extension & Trunk
⑥ Search & Phone book
⑦ Dial pad
Minimum PC requirement:
Processor: CPU 1GHz
• Memory: 1 GB
• Hard Disk: 100GB
• OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7
© Ericsson-LG Co., Ltd. 2012 All Rights Reserved.
③ Function buttons
⑧ Volume control
PBX firmware requirement:
v5.6 or higher
iPECS-LIK v6.1
iPECS-MG v2.0 or higher
iPECS-CM v3.1 or higher
iPECS is an Ericsson-LG Brand
Ericsson-LG Co., Ltd.
508, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
135-985, Korea
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