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Sequencing-ready libraries.
Simply delivered.
NeoPrep™ Library Prep System. Library prep has never been this easy.
Next-gen sequencing
deserves next-gen library prep.
Sequencing-ready libraries with unrivaled simplicity.
Finally, what your lab needs and what you deserve—a radically simple solution that performs the
complete library prep process for you, delivering sequencing-ready libraries, including quantification
and normalization.
Featuring the precision of digital microfluidics and unparalleled ease of use, the entirely
self-contained NeoPrep Library Prep System reduces your hands-on time and achieves
reproducible, high-quality libraries, even with limited starting material.
With an expanding portfolio of assays and a single, streamlined workflow that reduces the need for
ancillary equipment, the versatile NeoPrep System makes next-generation library prep accessible
to all labs and users.
Designed for use with all Illumina sequencing systems and informatics tools, the NeoPrep System
is an integral part of our seamless next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflow.
Transformative technology: the NeoPrep System
library card
Digital microfluidics, an innovative fluid-handling technology, precisely manipulates
droplets to perform all library prep processes within the tightly controlled environment
of the NeoPrep System library card.
Radical simplicity.
Far fewer steps. Far less hands on.
With just three simple steps in the workflow, the NeoPrep System frees you
from the burden of preparing, quantifying, and normalizing libraries. Convenient
overnight run capabilities let you walk away from library prep and return to
sequencing-ready libraries in the morning.
From system design to installation and intuitive operation, every aspect of the
NeoPrep System is optimized for efficiency and ease of use.
Free your time and resources
• Decreases pipetting by ~85%*
• Reduces hands-on time per run to just 30 minutes
• Saves ~11 weeks per year of manual work†
*Calculations based on a similar assay using manual library preparation methods.
Calculations based on 2000 samples per year using a similar assay.
Excellent reproducibility.
High-quality libraries, even with limited starting material.
The NeoPrep System replaces almost every manual step with the precisely controlled liquid
handling of digital microfluidics, significantly reducing the potential for human error. Low input
requirements, uncompromised quality, and proven reproducibility define the new gold standard
in library preparation.
Low input. High performance.
• Accepts 4× to 10× lower input amounts vs manual library
preparation methods (assay dependent)
• Attains equivalent performance specifications to manual library preparation kits
• Prepares 16 libraries per run
• Processes up to 7000 libraries per year*
*Calculations based on 2 NeoPrep System runs per day at 45 work weeks per year.
Remarkable versatility.
Broad range of assays. Accessible to all labs.
The NeoPrep System can perform most library preparation assays. Because workflows are
virtually the same from assay to assay, you can adopt new assays quickly. NeoPrep Library
Prep Kits are optimized to run out of the box, and they also provide the flexibility to modify
run parameters such as insert sizes, PCR cycles, and fragmentation times.
Streamline operations with the NeoPrep System
• Minimizes the need for ancillary equipment and user-supplied consumables
• Reduces the experience and skills required for library preparation
• Includes DNA and RNA assays from our industry-leading library prep portfolio
Refer to for a list of currently available assays
Whole genome
Targeted resequencing
Intuitive informatics tools
provide critical insights.
Essential data can be
transferred, stored,
analyzed, and shared
securely in BaseSpace®
With power for every scale,
Illumina offers a complete
portfolio of next-generation
sequencing (NGS) solutions
Library prep
In addition to manual
options, Illumina offers
the NeoPrep System for
reproducible sequencingready libraries with just
30 minutes of hands-on
time per run.
that are accessible for
every study and every lab.
Onsite or in the
BaseSpace Cloud.
Optimize with simply smart
NGS workflow solutions.
One seamless process. One complete resource.
From library prep to sequencing and informatics, Illumina offers seamless NGS workflow
solutions that optimize your process from start to finish and accelerate your progress.
As the innovators of next-generation technology, we’re here to deliver the experience
and expertise to help propel your success.
World-class solutions.
A community of support.
From sample prep, library prep, arrays, and sequencing to informatics,
Illumina next-generation solutions empower researchers and clinical researchers
across the globe to find the answers they seek.
When you join the Illumina community, you become part of a dynamic scientific
movement that includes thousands of researchers and industry thought leaders.
Throughout the year, we host user group meetings, symposia, consortia, online
forums, and other initiatives—all designed to bring the best minds together to
share ideas and advance science.
In addition to on-site training, ongoing support, and phone consults, we offer
webinars and courses at various Illumina locations. We’re here with all the
resources you need to accelerate progress.
Discover how your lab can benefit
from the NeoPrep Library Prep System.
A global genomics leader, Illumina delivers complete next-generation sequencing workflow solutions to the
basic and translational research communities. Illumina technology is responsible for generating more than
90% of the world’s sequencing data. Through collaborative innovation, Illumina is fueling groundbreaking
advancements in the fields of oncology, reproductive health, genetic disease, microbiology, agriculture,
and forensic science.
Illumina • 1.800.809.4566 toll-free (US) • +1.858.202.4566 tel • [email protected] •
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