UB 7715 Creative Solutions Accounting software update v.2012.0.3

UB 7715 Creative Solutions Accounting software update v.2012.0.3
Creative Solutions Accounting, v. 2012.0.3
User Bulletin 7715: Software Update
April 25, 2012
Users of the Creative Solutions Accounting™ (CSA) software.
This user bulletin explains changes made for this release of Creative Solutions Accounting.
Payroll form and filing information
To determine the status, availability, and filing methods for payroll tax forms, refer to the Payroll section of
the CSA Home Page. Click the + sign next to a jurisdiction to display the list of available forms. Click the
+ sign next to any form to display the status and filing methods available.
Payroll Compliance module
Form 940 Line 7d now displays 2012 data.
State Payroll Tax modules
Connecticut. We have addressed an issue that caused the program to close when Connecticut
forms were accessed in the Utilities > Payroll Tax Processing window or the Utilities > Global Payroll
Tax Processing dialog.
Illinois. We have addressed an issue that caused the program to display an electronic filing
diagnostic message when the DBA Name was missing from Form IL-941.
Louisiana. We have addressed the following issues with the SUTA file:
 The program did not include the implied decimal point for quarterly UI wage amounts, causing the
amounts to be incorrect.
 The program included only the first six digits of the state account number instead of the full seven
Forms pending approval
 Arizona. The Arizona Department of Revenue requires all payroll service companies to file payments
and returns electronically. We are currently working with the Arizona Department of Revenue to
provide the ability to electronically file Forms A1-WP, A1-QRT, A1-R, and A1-APR via the program.
The following 2012 forms are pending approval. Once the forms have been approved, we will make them
available in a subsequent software update via CS Connect. Please note that these states will continue
to accept the previous version of these forms until approval is received.
Quarterly forms
 Colorado – Form UITR-1
 Kentucky – Form UI-3
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UB 7715
For step-by-step procedures, refer to the CSA help. To learn how to use the help, choose Help > CSA
Help Topics and open the topic called “Getting help.”
If you have questions or need assistance, you can visit our website at CS.ThomsonReuters.com 24 hours
a day for access to our support knowledgebase and for the latest information on current issues and
processing tips. To take advantage of this convenient means of accessing information, choose On the
Web from the CSA Help menu, and then choose Product Support and Service.
Email Subscriptions
We issue software update notices via email. If you want to receive these notices, you must have an email
account and sign up for the Email Subscription service. To sign up for the Email Subscription service, visit
the My Account section of our website at CS.ThomsonReuters.com. (Note that you must create a web
account to sign up for email subscriptions.)
Product Support
To speak with a Product Support Representative, please call CS Support at (800) 968-0600, press 2 for
Product Support, and then listen to the available options. Normal weekday support is available from 9:00
a.m. to 8:00 p.m. eastern time. For details on support hours for all CS Professional Suite® applications,
please visit the Support section of our website (accessible from within CSA by choosing Help > On the
Web > Product Support and Service).
Copyright 1998 - 2012 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 7715
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