Ovid Medline

Ovid Medline
The world’s leading bibliographic source for
biomedical scholarly literature and research
Over 23 million citation records from over
5,600 indexed journals back to 1946
Take advantage of Ovid’s
powerful search functionality,
time-saving workflow tools,
and intuitive interface
Access to Ovid MEDLINE
In-Process & Other NonIndexed Citations
Use of limits based on
PubMed’s subject subsets
Advanced mapping analyzes
users’ natural language queries
and suggests appropriate terms
for searching
Graphical controlled vocabulary
thesaurus displays Medical
Subject Headings (MeSH)
Use command-line search
syntax functionality
On Ovid, you can bring the breadth and depth of Ovid MEDLINE together with
Ovid’s powerful precision search functionality and tool set to get the fastest,
more comprehensive research experience.
Use Ovid MEDLINE for research, conducting systematic reviews, teaching search
strategies, following drug development and clinical trials and finding evidence to
change practice.
Updated daily, Ovid MEDLINE offers tools to integrate your searches with other
key resources like an EBMR filter, seamless linking to your full-text journal
holdings, and the ability to multi-file search up to 150 database segments at
a time, like EMBASE, BIOSIS, PsycINFO, Current Contents, CINAHL and more.
Ovid MEDLINE contains over 98% of citations found in PubMed and is a robust
resource for any institution.
Ovid MEDLINE covers the international literature on biomedicine, including
the allied health fields and the biological and physical sciences, humanities,
and information science as they relate to medicine and health care. Information
is indexed from over 5,600 journals published world-wide.
Ovid MEDLINE is produced by the National Library of Medicine.
Can be used with Ovid powerful precision search and platform tools, like
Ovid’s proprietary mapping to MeSH terms, Basic Search mode for non-expert
Updated daily and over 23 million citation records from over 5,600 indexed
journals dating back to 1946
With Ovid MEDLINE search is supported through Saved Searches that can be
edited; RSS feeds for Saved Searches, easy access to Search History
Multi-file search ability with other key databases like EMBASE, PsycINFO, EBMR
Includes customizable fields and limits to help you search for Registry Numbers,
ORCID IDs, and Systematic Reviews
Turn over for details
Ovid Worldwide Headquarters
333 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10001
(646) 674-6300
(800) 343-0064
Email: sales@ovid.com
Key Advantages of Ovid’s implementation of MEDLINE
• PrecisionsearchingiseasieronOvidbasedonourproprietaryMappingtothe
MeSH term. Ovid allows the user to search on the MeSH term only, so results are
more ‘targeted’ to the particular topic. The user can also easily add the term to be
searched as a Keyword, if needed.
• EasilyviewandnavigatetheMeSHtreewithafewsimpleclickstothedesiredterm(s).
No need to go into multiple databases--a huge time savings!
Additional sales offices are
located in the following cities
and countries:
Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands
Beijing, China
Berlin, Germany
Bologna, Italy
Dubai, UAE
Hong Kong
Ilsan, South Korea
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
London, UK
Madrid, Spain
Mumbai, India
New Delhi, India
Norwood, MA, USA
Paris, France
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Sandy, UT, USA
Stockholm, Sweden
Sydney, Australia
Tokyo, Japan
Warsaw, Poland
• Searchmultipledatabasesatthesametime.Ovidalsoallowsuserstoremove
duplicate results.
• Multi-filesearchescanbeeasilysavedand/orsavedasanAutoAlertandcanbe
• NaturalLanguageProcessingsearch(BasicSearchmode)easilyprovidesrelevant
results for novice users.
• LimitsearchresultstorecordsfromEvidenceBasedMedicineReviews(EBMR—
applicable when a customer also subscribes to EBMR.
• SearchHistoryiswell-organizedonOvid;forexample,ifyoudeleteaset, Ovid will
renumber the sets and retain the order of your viewing.
• OvidprovidestheabilitytoeditSavedSearchesandoffersRSSfeedsforSavedSearches.
• Ovidshowswhichsearchtermswereusedinthesearch.
• Quicklynarrowsearchbysubject/author/journal.
• SearchHistoryisonthesamepageasresults;thedisplaycaneitherbeopenedorclosed
and search statements can be displayed in either ascending or descending order.
• CitationsintheResultsDisplaycanbeannotated.
• Customizationofcommonlyused‘Limits’availableinbothBasicandAdvanced
Search modes.
For more information on Ovid MEDLINE, contact your Ovid Account Representative or
sales@ovid.com for more information about getting access on Ovid for your institution.
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