AS100D Anchor Installation

AS100D Anchor Installation
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Parts List (Figure 1)
1. Anchor Body
2. Anchor Cap
Tools Needed (not included)
• Concrete core drill with 3-1/2” dia. cutter
• Hydraulic cement or anchoring epoxy
• Pry bar
• Sledge hammer
• Phillips head screwdriver
• Masking tape
• Bonding wire (if required)
Installation Step 1
Determine the location for the anchor in the concrete. Mark
and drill a minimum 3-1/2” diameter hole at least 6-1/2” deep.
Use a pry bar or sledge hammer to break the core free from
the base of the hole. Clean any debris from inside the hole,
check the depth, and make sure the anchor fits. See Figure
Figure 1
If the concrete thickness is less than the required depth of the
hole, proceed to Step 2. Otherwise, go to Step 3.
Installation Step 2
If the depth of the concrete is less than the depth of the hole
required for installation, remove base/fill material below the
concrete (7” total depth recommended) sufficient to fit the
anchor. Make the diameter of the hole below the concrete
slightly larger than the concrete core hole. See Figure 3.
Figure 2
Installation Step 3
Electrically bond the anchor as required by the National
Electrical Code or greater local code by attaching a bonding
wire from the bonding grid to the bonding screw on the
anchor body.
Installation Step 4
Cover the hole in the bottom of the anchor with masking tape.
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing the
hydraulic cement or anchoring epoxy and fill in the area
around the anchor completely. Make sure the top edge of the
anchor is flush with the concrete surface. Check that the
anchor is level/plumb and allow the cement/epoxy to cure
before installing the torch post in the anchor.
Figure 3
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