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Dec 2009
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Build it, Fix it, Own it
Let’s never forget the first king:
Seasons Greetings from your editor. Recently
I got a new computer with Windows 7, but
due to complications with the editor’s
computer, this is a very small newsletter this
month. You will
receive a longer
issue in the future.
The Napa Valley Personal Computer Users
Group has served novice and experienced
computer users since 1983. Through its
monthly meetings, newsletters, online
forum, special interest groups, mentor
program and community involvement,
it has helped educate people of all ages.
The NVPCUG provides opportunities for
people to find friends who share common
interests and experiences. From January
2003 to October 2007 the NVPCUG
provided 783 computers and 140 printers
to local schools. Additional equipment
has been given to charitable nonprofit
organizations and to disadvantaged
Annual Holiday Potluck
Party for Members
When: Wednesday,
December 16th
at 6:00 PM
Where: Peterson’s Family
Christmas Tree Farm
(in the Christmas House)
1120 Darms Lane, Napa
Bring a potluck dish (plus BYOB)
R.S.V.P. to DiannePrior: [email protected]
callher at: 252-1506
Put “NVPCUG Party” in the subject area. Let me
know your name, how many people are attending with
you, what you are bringing for the potluck, and if you
can bring extra folding chairs or help with cleanup.
The Computer Users Group will provide
nonalcoholic beverages, paper plates, cups, plastic
ware, napkins, & Kentucky Fried Chicken. At this event
we will introduce the new officers and present the
member of the year award. This is a time to visit
with old friends and make new ones. We hope to see
you all there. The party is always a lot of fun and
the food is great and plentiful.
Could you use some practical information that would help you
make better use of your computer? Come to this meeting! Guests
are always welcome. Admission is always free.
Interested in becoming a member? See page 8 for
application information.
NVPCUG Computer News, December 2009
President’s Message
In SIG meetings you can learn about
a subject in greater detail than is
feasible at NVPCUG general
meetings. SIG meetings are open to
everyone. M e e t i n g t i m e s a n d
locations occasionally change, so
for current meeting information, see
our Web site,, or
contact the SIG leaders.
Investors SIG
Meets: Monthly, second Monday
5:30 to 7:30 p.m
Jerry Brown’s home,
23 Skipping Rock Way, Napa
Leader: Jerry Brown
(707) 254-9607
Digital Photography SIG
Meets: Monthly, second Wednesday
7:00 to 8:30 p.m
Piner’s Nursing Home,
Conference Room
1800 Pueblo Ave., Napa
Leader: Susy Ball
(707) 337-3998
[email protected]
Napa Valley Mac User Group
Meets: Monthly, second Thursday
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Napa Senior Activity Center
1500 Jefferson St., Napa
Leader: Ron Rogers
(707) 226-5352
By Ron Dack, NVPCUG President,,
[email protected]
December 2009
December 2009. As we come to the end of the year I want to thank
all those who have helped make this group successful in accomplishing
our mission of sharing information about using personal computers. The
Board of Directors is the first that comes to mind. Thank you Susy Ball,
Jim Gray, Dick Peterson, Bob Simmerman, Kathy Slavens,
Dean Unruh, Marcia Waddell, and Roy Wagner. I also want to
thank Dianne Prior for all the work she did on our picnics and holiday
parties. Thanks Jeff Solomon for being our Computer Tutor and all the
fine mini-presentations you did. And last but not least thank you Jerry
Brown for handling the Q&A sessions. I know that others have
assisted as well and their help is appreciated.
This month is our annual Member’s Holiday Party. This party is a potluck get together for our dues paying members and invited guests. It is
a chance to get together and share in holiday cheer and friendship. We
have for the last decade held this meeting at Dick &
Sandy Peterson’s Christmas Tree Farm 1120 Darms Lane,
Napa. Dick always has a roaring fire in the fireplace and Sandy has the
Christmas Tree House decorated for the holidays. It usually is the most
enjoyable meeting of the year. If you are a member or an invited guest
you should really try to be there.
The Holiday Party will be on December 16, 2009 from 6PM to 8PM.
To attend all you have to do is be a member and contact Dianne Prior
at [email protected] and let her know you are coming, how many
guests you will bring, and what you are bringing for the pot-luck.
I hope to see all of you there. Happy holidays, merry Christmas, and
have a great New Year.
Take care,
NVPCUG General Meetings
Held the third Wednesday of each month, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Napa Senior Activity Center, 1500 Jefferson Street, Napa
NVPCUG Calendar
Dec 16
Jan 6
Jan 4
Jan 13
Jan 14
Jan 20
Feb 3
Feb 8
Feb 10
Feb 11
Feb 17
6:00-8:00 p.m.
7:00-9:00 p.m.
5:30-7:30 p.m.
7:00-8:30 p.m.
6:30-8:30 p.m.
7:00-9:00 p.m.
7:00-9:00 p.m.
5:30-7:30 p.m.
7:00-8:30 p.m.
6:30-8:30 p.m.
7:00-9:00 p.m.
NVPCUG Holiday Meeting + D
Board of Directors meeting + B
Investors SIG meeting + C
Digital Photography SIG meeting + B
Napa Valley Mac User Group + A
NVPCUG General Meeting + A
Board of Directors meeting + B
Investors SIG meeting + C
Digital Photography SIG meeting + B
Napa Valley Mac User Group + A
NVPCUG General Meeting + A
Meeting Locations
A - Napa Senior Activity Center,
1500 Jefferson Street, Napa
B - Piner’s Nursing Home,
1800 Pueblo Ave., Napa
C - Jerry Brown’s home,
23 Skipping Rock Way, Napa
D - Peterson’s Family Christmas
Tree Farm, 1120 Darms
Lane, Napa.
NVPCUG Computer News, December 2009, Page 2
Napa Valley Personal Computer
Users Group Contact Information
Officers for 2009
Board of Directors
Vice President
Other Directors:
Ron Dack
[email protected]
Dick Peterson
[email protected]
Marcia Waddell 252-2060
[email protected]
Roy Wagner
[email protected]
Susy Ball, Ron Dack, Jim Gray, Dick Peterson, Bob Simmerman,
Kathy Slavens, Dean Unruh, Marcia Waddell, and Roy Wagner.
Jim Gray
[email protected]
Appointed Officers
Computer Tutor Coordinator
Jeff Solomon
[email protected]
Facility Arrangements Coordinator
Dianne Prior
[email protected]
Greeter Coordinator
Kathy Slavens
[email protected]
Greeter Coordinator
Bob Simmerman 259-6113
[email protected]
Dean Unruh
[email protected]
Membership Director
Bob Simmerman 259-6113
[email protected]
Newsletter Circulator
Jim Hearn
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor
Susy Ball
[email protected]
Product Review CoCoordinator
Susy Ball
[email protected]
Product Review CoCoordinator
Marcia Waddell
[email protected]
Programs Director
Susy Ball
[email protected]
Publicity Director
Ron Dack
[email protected]
Random Access Moderator
Jerry Brown
[email protected]
Special Projects Director
[email protected]
Ron Dack
[email protected]
• All telephone numbers are in Area Code 707.
NVPCUG Computer News, December 2009, Page 3
Computer News
Computer News (ISS
0897-5744) is
published monthly by
the Napa Valley
Personal Computer
Users Group, Inc.
(NVPCUG), P.O. Box
2866, Napa, CA
Subscriptions: $30 for
one year (12 issues).
Editor: Susy Ball,
[email protected]
The material in
Computer News is
intended for
purposes and may not
be reproduced without
prior written permission,
except that permission
for reproducing articles,
with authors properly
credited, is granted to
other computer user
groups for their internal,
nonprofit use only. The
information in this
newsletter is believed
to be correct. However,
the NVPCUG can
assume neither
responsibility for errors
or omissions nor liability
for any damages
resulting from the use
or misuse of any
The NVPCUG is an IRC
501(c)(3) tax-exempt
nonprofit educational
organization (EIN 680069663) and is a
member of the
Association of Personal
Computer User Groups
(APCUG), an
organization. Donations
to the NVPCUG are
tax-deductible as
charitable contributions
to the extent allowed by
law. Copyright © 2008
dotCrime Manifesto
Reviewed by John Lundgren, Member, NOCCC (North Orange County Computer Club)
California, Orange Bytes, August 2009,, [email protected]
This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s to truly understand the simple, underlying principles and
permission for publication by APCUG member groups; all other
methods he lays out.
uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).
The author is a senior at
This is a book review of the above hard cover book,
which has a subtitle (in upper case) of HOW TO STOP Verisign, and thus has to speak
INTERNET CRIME. The ISBN-13 is 978-0-321-50358- for his company at times when
9; the publisher is Addison-Wesley. The book has four he puts forth solutions, since his
sections: 1. ‘People not bits’, 2. ‘Stopping the cycle’, 3. company is involved in this. But
the book is not a sales brochure
‘Tools of the trade’, and 4. ‘The accountable web’.
for his company’s products.
The book is a bit more than 400 pages. MSRP=$24. A Throughout the book, he stresses
35% discount is available when ordered from the publisher the user’s experience, and how
if your user group is a member of the Pearson User security and accountability must
Group Program) ( not negatively impact the user.
I quote one of my favorites:
The author, Phillip Hallam-Baker, lectures and knows “The user is … bombarded with information he simply
how to keep his audience’s attention, at least in print, doesn’t need, such as warning dialogs of the type that
since I can’t speak for his in-person lectures. Although lawyers write to dump responsibility for security onto the
the book’s subject seems rather dry, this author kept me user.” I can speak from my own experience how important
entertained with anecdotes such as the Mr. Coffee this is. I have seen situations where, in the name of
machine example on P. 62, and good Web historical security, the password complexity and mandatory change
content. It’s not filled with geek speak, it’s an excellent intervals are so onerous that most users have their
Layman’s guide, and I think it’s a good read. I should passwords written on a Post-it on their monitor. This
point out that although the author is British, I thought it completely defeats the security! Anyone can walk up and
odd that I didn’t find the text to have typically British sign on as another person.
grammar; perhaps that’s because his employer is a U.S.
In one example that Hallam used, you want to know
company. To help the reader refresh, each chapter is
your child is visiting a chat room that is for children,
ended with a page of Key Points for revue. Some
examples have a reference number and in the back of the and that other chatters are not pedophiles posing as
book there is a list of reference notes for each chapter. children. Some form of authentication must be required
so that the chat room users must prove that they are
This book discusses the Internet crime problem with children, yet must not require the child to reveal his or her
historical examples and in the future what must be true identity. Then I had to think about his example of
changed to reduce this problem. The book describes the Alice, and her visit to the local bar. He points out that the
crimes on the web, and points out that they are essentially bartender only needs to know that Alice is of legal
the same crimes that have been going on for eternity, just drinking age, but Alice does not need to prove that she is
that they have now been adapted to the web. It’s the Alice - that’s none of the bartender’s business. And the
same old fraud, confidence games, tricksters, liars, cheats bartender does not need to know how many times Alice
and thieves. Hallam then points out that the reason these has been there before.
crimes prosper on the Net is lack of accountability, and
Thus, when Alice shows her driver’s license, it is really
how this makes it difficult or impossible for law
enforcement to trace down the suspect. He explains his revealing too much information. These are interesting
thoughts, now that he has compared the online world to
well thought-out solutions to these problems.
a situation in the real world I hope you find this book as
One example he uses is the automobile, and how early enjoyable as I did. I just hope that his accountability
on people found that license plates and driver’s licenses, solutions are soon implemented; they were desperately
and traffic laws that made people accountable have needed long ago.
helped to make the highways a much safer place.
Hallam then shows how to make the net accountable A Few Closing words
through the widespread use of public key encryption to
I must mention spam, for that is one subject the author
make certain that transmissions are really from where
discusses. Right now our email statistics show that more
they say they’re from. Again I should point out that as the
than 90 percent of all emails are spam, which means we
author stated in the preface he has deliberately avoided
are continually deluged with a tsunami of junk emails. Of
the use of Geek Speak, or jargon. This helps the layman
NVPCUG Computer News, December 2009, Page 4
the remaining 10%, some of those emails are spam that
managed to sneak through, so the actual percentage is
even higher than 90 percent. Statistics from some
authoritative sources say it’s 92 percent. That small
percentage that sneaks through is still enough to make it
worthwhile for the spammers. If no one bought any of
their fraudulently advertised products, the spammers
would have to do something else to make money. Two
wise advisories are: 1. Never buy anything advertised in
junk email. 2. Never click on a link that is in a junk email.
This is especially true for phishing emails, those that say
your bank or Paypal requires you to verify your account.
If you have reason to believe that the email might be true,
go to your web browser and type in the URL for the bank
or, and log in using this method. If
you click on a link in a junk email, it will steal your account
and password. My hope is that all the spammers get
thrown in jail. I was elated to read recently that a prolific
spammer was locked up for 3-1/2 years. The problem is
there are many more out there. Will the Net survive?
Only time will tell.
Google Docs 4Everyone
Reviewed by John Krill, Member, NOCCC (North Orange County Computer Club) California,
Orange Bytes, August 2009,, [email protected]
This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s
permission for publication by APCUG member groups; all other
uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).
Confession first: I’m a big Google fan. After two nightmare
situations with Yahoo!, I went over to the bright side and got
a Gmail account. Now I have four Gmail accounts. The
center of my Internet existence is Google’s Personal Web
portal. I also use Google Blogger for three blogs. Lastly
there is Picasa for organizing all my photos and the
Picasa’s web space for displaying the photos I want to
share with others.
The one Google application that I have wanted to use
but have put it off is Google Docs. This application is a
word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation program
in one wrapper. Why use Google Docs when Microsoft
Word and Excel are fast and easy to use? The primary
reason is Google Docs ability to easily collaborate and
share with others.
You can’t learn this stuff on your own — can you? That’s
where Google Docs 4Everyone comes into play. Let’s be
honest I really didn’t think I needed a manual to learn
Google Docs. I was wrong. The first chapter alone gave
me information on Google accounts that I’ve already taken
advantage of. If you only read about the collaboration tools
(Chapters 5, 8, and 10) in Google Docs you will benefit
greatly. The book covers word processing, spreadsheets,
Dedicated Backup Hard Drive
In order to avoid a data loss disaster, invest in an external
hard drive. This device will serve as a separate location
where you can save your PC’s photos, music, and
important documents from a data loss disaster. Most
external hard drives have preloaded backup software
that will help you choose the files or folders you want to
automatically back up, so be sure to look for that feature.
Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit to learn what Smart
Computing can do for you and your user group!
presentations, and collaborating
and sharing the documents you
work with in Google Docs.
Remember the manual you
received with your software? Well
Google Docs 4Everyone is your
manual for Google Docs. It’s that
simple. Most of you have a wealth
of knowledge using word
processors, spreadsheets, and
presentation software andwhat you need is a manual that
gives the basics of Google Docs, especially its limits. The
important subjects are those that make Google Docs special.
Primarily its collaboration tools and Google Docs ability to
publish to the Web and post to blogs. It’s all covered in
Google Docs 4Everyone.
This book is very much recommended. I’m now a big fan
of Google Docs because of Google Docs 4Everyone. The
list price for Google Docs 4Everyone is $19.99 and it can
be had at Amazon for $13.59. (It also can be ordered from
the publisher with a 35% discount if your group is a
member of the Pearson User Group program).
Google Docs 4Everyone is authored by Steven Holzner and Nancy
Holzner. 251 Pages. Publisher: QUE, 800 East 9th St., Indianapolis,
Editors Note: I thought this would be the perfect
opportunity to remind you how important backups. I
found out the hard way. I neglected to make a backup
of my data when I after I moved it all to an external drive.
Last week it failed and after taking it to several stores,
I was told it was toast and I would have to pay over
$1,000 to retreive the data from it. Just before I was told
it appeared to be a fried drive, I was told that Hitachi
Drives are low end drives and not to expect too much.
I did have one consolation. Costco took back the drive.
I turned around and bought another one and then I made
a second copy on a separate drive of the files I was able
to salvage. So remember … BACKUP!
NVPCUG Computer News, December 2009, Page 5
Build it, Fix it, Own it
A Beginner’s Guide to Building and Upgrading a PC
Review by Joe Mizer, a member of NOCCC (North Orange County Computer Club, CA),, [email protected]
This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s is Building a high performance
permission for publication by APCUG member groups; all other
computer. Chapter 13’s project
uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).
is Building a Killer Gaming PC,
This book, published by QUE, is a good guide to and Chapter 14 covers building
understanding a PC from the inside out. Building a PC is a Building a Budget PC.
easier than selecting stereo and video entertainment
The most important reason
equipment for your home; you decide on the features you
building a new computer is
want and the performance level desired. In both situations
the components inside a PC such as the mother board, the chance to configure it exactly
memory, disk drives, optical drives, sound cards, and video as you want it - you can have a
cards all have standard interfaces and when connected, blazing fast machine or an
average business computer. You
become a PC inside the case you selected.
can have the best audio or the
This book is targeted for beginners with the desire to standard small speakers, and the best of all internal
build a PC from scratch. The book is laid out in two parts; components, or not. You also get to select the operating
the first part is about getting to know your PC. The system of you choice, which in my opinion is not any
chapters cover in detail the options and decisions to be version of Vista. As you can guess I do not like the Vista
made when selecting a motherboard, and CPU, memory operating system, and really I do not know whether Vista
type and size, drives, audio and video options, networking, is the problem or just that I am out of date again. This is why
parts and building skills. The author in a step-by-step I am now going to read “Windows Vista” by Steve Johnson
approach discusses the choices available with each of and see if I can I learn to do things the Vista way.
these components and how to guarantee your selections
Avoiding only one mistake will easily save you more than
will operate as a fast and reliable system. This book was
amount. I recommend this book because since I last built
an introduction into the technology changes that have
so much has changed in the hardware available, I
occurred since I last built a system from scratch. My
not up to speed on selecting the best stuff. With
understanding of the latest hardware options, are clearly
side, even though I skipped the chapters on
much different from the past. In fact, many of the
from old computers and renovating old
performance changes make the devices more than just
I just don’t like to reuse old parts. I now
updated versions of those available only a few years ago.
feel I know the questions to ask and where to get advice when
In a careful step-by-step journey, the book explains the making the necessary decisions to build a new system,
technology so you will really understand the choices you hopefully it will be faster and live longer.
need to make when selecting the parts for your new This book is available from, the publisher (http://
computer and how to get the best deals on the parts you
decide on. My favorite chapter in the first section is product.aspx?isbn=0789738279) And, of course, your local
chapter six which introduces the reader to networking and book store. The list price is $29.99 USA. ISBN-13 978-0-7897-3827-1
security without the complex technical discussions which
Backup Battery
are normally included with networking. The second part of
A backup battery for your digital camera or other CE
the book puts all of the details discussed in part one into
device is useful only if it is fresh; for optimum
action by designing five computers, each as a project /
performance from your backup, be sure to:
chapter and aimed at different jobs. Chapter 10 Building a
• keep it out of the heat (which can drain the battery
Basic Business PC explains goals and expected
requirements as well as how to select components and to
• keep it out of the cold (condensation can form and
overcome problems you will probably encounter. A detailed
cause corrosion)
assembly section answers a lot of the expected questions,
• remember that even a charged NiMH (nickel-metal
and gives a check list procedure to actually use when
hydride battery) battery will lose its power over
powering up a new machine for the first time. Chapter 11
time, so it’s a good idea to recharge it if it has been
is on Building a home theater PC. This project builds a
sitting around for a while
computer which connects to your television either analog
Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit
or digital, your audio system, cable box, gaming interface, to learn what Smart
Computing can do for you and your user group!
and other digital and analog devices. Chapter 12’s project
NVPCUG Computer News, December 2009, Page 6
Let’s never forget the first king: DOS
Written by Rick Smith, a member of the Channel Islands PC Users Group, CA,, [email protected]
Oh where, oh where has my little DOS gone.
Oh where, oh where can it be,
with its life cut short and windows cut long
Oh where, oh where can it be?
This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s
permission for publication by APCUG member groups; all other
uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).
Some might say that I’m losing it, but you cannot lose
what you never had. Where has DOS gone? Some might
say it’s still around in the various forms of Linux. Others
might say it’s buried deep in Microsoft operating systems
waiting to be called out by a powerful wizard to cast
potent spells with a command prompt. But most of us just
believe that it’s just lost, never to found again. Like a lost
pet that you once had affection for, once it’s gone you
seem to remember only the good times and seem to
forget all the problems that it caused you.
DOS does that to people. There are still a few of you
“old-timers,” and you know who you are! Those who sit
at the doughnut table at club meetings and reminisce
about the “good ol’ days” when all you needed was a
Northgate keyboard and a monochrome screen to have
absolute power over your world. You know what I’m
talking about. Way back when people spoke about
computers with fear and awe. They were things better
left to experts and shady government entities. The quickest
way to kill a conversation in those days was to talk
command line technobabble. It always made everyone in
the room feel uncomfortable that they couldn’t understand
you, like you were speaking a different language.
On the flip side, though, it gave you an incredible feeling
of power, that you, and you alone, could master the savage
beast and control your own destiny. Neh Ahh Ahh Yahh.
(Sometimes I think all those comic books I read have
permanently warped my thinking.) But really, didn’t you
feel special? That you and you alone, could master something
that would make others wince and shirk away. You didn’t
have to be popular at school. You didn’t have to be good
looking. You didn’t have to be wealthy. You did not have to
have any of those things that everyone else needed to be
important. You had knowledge.
And knowing the secrets of the PC universe, did you use
that knowledge to gain wisdom or for greed? I think most of
you, unfortunately, like me, used it for personal greed. We
gave ourselves over to the dark side of the force and used
our skill to enrich ourselves financially. But eventually as we
all grew older, and some of us wiser, we started using or skills
to teach and help others, which led you to me, to read these
words and words of others in this tome. You all became a
band of brothers forming the fellowship of the DOS.
And just! And just as your powers were at their peak,
everything came crashing down like the Jedi of old. A new
power rose in the universe to supplant the old ways.
Windows came rushing down like a wind from heaven with
trumpets blazing and fire and smoke billowing up in great
clouds. And when this behemoth came to rest. its great
weight crushed the last vestiges of DOS underneath its feet.
A new group came forth to rule the PC world. A group
of men, and, yes, women, too. who knew nothing of the old
ways but were formed from clay in the new ways. These
new acolytes grew up in the ways of the PC, each having
their own since they were young.
Gone was command prompt. In was the mouse. The
wizards of old became legend. And after time they have
become forgotten to be remembered by only a few at
computer club meetings. There are still a few prophets
preaching to us not to forget the old ways. I saw one at last
month’s meeting giving a history lesson at the club meeting.
But they are old and feeble now with most of their words
echoing on deaf ears.
So I say to all today! Remember the DOS! Don’t let the
old ways die, as you never know when you will be called
upon as I have this week to use my skills again. Fortunately.
I have not been found wanting as I was able to vanquish
the beast with my skill at the command prompt. I have
beaten down one enemy, but more are waiting to attack.
So be on your guard, be ready, and be faithful to the cause.
Put away your mice as they are no use against such foes.
Operate you PC only with the keyboard and keep yourself
ready for the fight. For it shall come. It shall come.
Go Wireless
If you play your video games online, but you don’t
want a big fat Ethernet cable snaking into your family
room, make your network wireless. You’ll need a
wireless access point and/or a router to provide
Internet connections to your PCs, and you’ll need an
802.11b or 802.11g wireless adapter for your Xbox
or PS2. You can buy these adapters from companies
such as LinkSys or Dlink. Establish the Internet
connection on the adapter (the instructions in the box
tell you how) and then plug the adapter into the game
console. Power up the console, enter the network
configuration screens, and enter your username and
password to access the gaming network.
Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit to learn what Smart
Computing can do for you and your user group!
NVPCUG Computer News, December 2009, Page 7
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Napa Valley; with offices in American
Canyon, Calistoga,
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and Yountville
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If you do not want your preferred phone number and/or e-mail address published in the NVPCUG Directory,
which is for the exclusive use of NVPCUG members, check the appropriate box(es):
Do not list phone number
Do not list e-mail address
Family members whom you want to sponsor as Associate Members:
(Associate Members have the same membership rights as their sponsors,
except for receiving newsletters)
Full Name
E-mail Address
Annual Dues:
‡ $30
Regular Member - an individual who is not a full-time student
‡ $20
Student Member - a full-time student who is not eligible for Associate membership.
‡ $10
Associate Member - a family member of a Regular or Student member. Associate memberships run concurrently
with sponsors’ memberships.
Make check payable to:
Napa Valley Personal Computer Users Group
Mail application/renewal to:
Napa Valley Personal Computer Users Group
Attn.: Membership Director, P.O. Box 2866
Napa, CA 94558-0286.
The NVPCUG is an accredited IRC 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your dues payment may be tax-deductible as a charitable
* To request a Corporate Membership Application / Renewal form, e-mail:
[email protected]
Revised 4-23-07
NVPCUG Computer News, December 2009, Page 8
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