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March 1, 1986
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On the Cover
On February 25, 1986, HP
introduced a sigmficantly expanded
HP 3000 family of products. Built
with technology designed to be our
foundation through the 1990s and
beyond, these products
sigmficantly enhance HP 3000
performance, compatibility,
expandability, and ease of use.
Information SysTemS 8
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2 Information
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March 1, 1986
HP Computer Museum
For research and education purposes only.
Marketing Perspectives
The Spectrum program's engineering achievement:
HIIP Precision Architecture
John A. Young
President and
Chef Executive Officer
With the recent introduction of the first products of the Spectrum
program, HP has unveiled an innovative, new computer architecture
that will serve as the foundation for our computer-development
eaorts for many years to come.
by john A. Young
The fi~llowingarticle is reprinted from the March1
April 1986 issue of HP Cmputer Advances a bimonthly publication for HP customers and
Several years ago HP Laboratories was charged with
developing an architecture for our ~zomputersthat could
unify the broad range of HP's product types, sizes, and
application areas. I am pleased to announce the success
of this program and the introductil~nof our first products
based on this new architecture.
We call it HP Precision Architecture, because that's precisely what it is. It's an engineered architecture based on
the extensive measurements we did to evaluate the utility of each feature. It was designed from the be&g
make significant contributions in pricelperformance,
range of application, and compatibility with current
HP Precision Architecture will be at the heart of all our
major product lines - the HP 3000 business computers,
HP 9000 engineering computers, and HP 1000 real-time
"automation engines." One of our key goals was to
ensure ease of migration from our current systems to
those in our new family, which is why our new products
will fit comfortably into the growth plans of our installed
base of customers.
HP improves upon reduced-instruction-setcomputer technology
In developing HP Precision Architecture we kept the
design sunple, using many of the concepts popularly
known by the acronym KISC, for reduced-instruction-set
computer. However, HP Precision Architecture goes
well beyond KISC. It is the combination of many
advances (including those of RISC technology) that
~ ~ t i r r ~ a provides
t e l j ~ the advantages of our new architecture. (See Special Report on page 6.)
Making integrated information management
HI' Preci:sion Architecture is a scalable architecture,
which means that it can be applied to everything from
desktop to mainframe-class machines and across all major
March 1, 1986
applications, both commercial and technical. Going with a
single, scalable architecture for all our computers is HP's
response to the fundamental concerns of our customers.
You need compatibility and the ability to exchange information over networks. You need to access and use information from anywhere in your organization - an elusive
ability we call "integrated information management." You
also require lasting value in your computer purchases.
That means compatibility among systems and a clearlydefined growth path that protects your sizable investments in software.
After a great deal of thought about your concerns, one
thing became clear to us: The ability to offer a range of
computing products, scalable in size and across a wide
variety of applications - all based on a single, innovative
architecture - would greatly reduce the technological
barriers to integrated lnfolmation management and
enhance the lasting value of our customers' systems.
That's what H P Precision Architecture makes possible.
We could have settled for something less ambitious. We
could have taken a quicker path to the marketplace.
Instead we've chosen to rethink our basic assumptions
about computing and listen to what people want.
A new foundation for HP's computers
The ultimate significance of the Spectrum program for
our customers is that we can bring truly integrated information management closer to reality with our new, unified foundation for HP computing products. And over the
coming months and years, we'll have the capability of
building a breadth of compatible system solutions - from
desktop to mainframe-class machmes - on this
Our announcement of a new generation of HP computers
based on HP Precision Architecture, in the broadest
sense, reflects the changing nature of computing itself. It
is a statement that HP, with the guidance of our
customers, has developed a clear-cut strategy to resolve
the nagging concerns of corporate managers about longterm return on computer investments. We're proud to
present this strategy and the technological foundation
that will support it for many years to come.
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Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
In This Issue
Table of Contents
Information Systems & Manufacturing News is
organized into market-focused categories to help
you sell integrated solutions.
3 The Spectrum program's engineering achievement:
Mlgratlon to the HP 3000 Ser~es930 and 950
a compatible growth path
How to order software for the HP 3000 Ser~es930 and 950
MPE XL your customer's key to unlocking the power of the
HP 3000 Series 930 and 950 systems
U-MIT IS released and more MIT news
InformationManagement Framework stresses buslness
needs of customers
ALLBASEIXL and HPSQL'V Two new database-management
systems for HP 3000s
lntroduc~ngHP System Dictionary
Business Report Wrlter reporttng without programmtng
DBchange the easy way to restructure a TurbolMAGt
Software availabil~tyand phased releases
hPSQW and System DictlonaryiV ~mmed~ate
Natlve Mode compilers now ava~lableon the HP 3000
Series 930
New HP PascalIXL for HP 3000 Serles 930 and 950 systems
New comp~lerIHPToolset bundles for HP 3000 systems
HP Precision Architecture
8 Third Party Program
Computer Focus renamed and redesigned
Major Accounts Program
HP 3000 wins basic X 25 DDN cert~fication
Clarification of Cupertino customer visit guidelines
7 0 Customer Support
Introducing revised Software Support Credlt Program for
7 7 Special Offers
$500 off 97930XP upgrade klts
"Three, Four or More" sales on HP 7933XP, 7935XP 7933H,
and 7935H disc dr~ves
HP 7933G:7935G programs d~scontinued
1986 Terminal Trade-in Program begins
74 Spectrum Program
Information Systems &
New HP 2345A Distributed Termtnal Controller for HP 3000
Ser~es930 and 950 systems
NS3000IXL and LAN3000IXL Llnk for HP 3000 Serles 930
Ser~es930 wlde-area networking supported by MPE V based
HP 3000s
New HP SNA ServerIAccess supports all HP 3000s
The powerful new HP 3000 fam~ly
The new HP 3000 Series 930 and 950 offerlng large-system
power and small-system ease of use
lntroduc~ngthe new HP 3000 Ser~es70
HP 3000 Ser~es70 sales gu~deerror correction
Comprehensive support for the HP 3000 Ser~es70 and
Series 930
For HP Use Only
Advertising support for HP 3000 Ser~es930 tntroductlon
Promot~onon HP 3000 Series 70 field upgrades with
PowerPlus 86
D~rect-mallcampaign for HP 3000 Serles 70 lntroductton
HP 3000 Ser~es68 rollover to Ser~es70
New sales aids for HP 3000 systems
Commercial value-added suppl~ersto recelve specla1
Spectrum program field traln~ngmater~als
Fast Start programs to help third partles m~grateto
HP Precis~onArchitecture
March 1, 1986
In This Issue
Announc~ngexcellent m~d-range
HP 3000 prlce performance
Power Plus '86 promot~ons~nclucleHP 3000 Serles 42XPl58
i ~eldupgrades
Planned prlce Increase on the HI3 3000 Ser~es48
Added horsepower for HP 3000s from the HP 793X dlsc
New product structure for HP 3030 Ser~es37A and 37XE
Remarketed systems wlth HP f~nanc~ng
-the wlnnlng
Systems helps you sell S1lhouettel3000
Announc~ngthe HP 3000 Software Support Conf~gurator
Service tralnlng for HP 7978 and HP 3000 Ser~es68
Improved HP 3000 Installation Management product
49 Office Systems
Ar~nouncingcorporate slte license program for HP personalcomputer software
Presentationldemopackfor HP FPC integration wlth
HF' comb~nesthe power of The Graphics Gallery and
HP 3000-based graphics
TClPl3000 self-paced tra~ningadailable
AclvanceWrite self-paced training ava~lable
Offlce Tools Family becomes Ofllce Tools Category
HF) LaserJet printer presentation; font cartridge
58 Spectrum Program
HP announces the first techr~tcalsystems using HP Precision
59 General
Manufacturing '86-11: new products for manufacturing market
59 Factory Automation
Announc~ngthe Technical Teleconference on March 13
Sales a~dsfor the HP 1000
New and Improved RTE customer trainlng curriculum
62 More HP-UX appllcat~onsfor HP 9000 computers
Graphics Editor, Data Grapher, and Text Editor now available
for HP 9000 Series 300
Announc~ngHP codeword delivery service for Picture
PerfecVHP-UX and DiagraphIHP-UX
New HP 50962A SRM coax interface
HP 50960 SRM server 22 percent price reduction
Older SRM products to be obsoleted June 1
RJEI200 obsolete
66 General
54 Portable
Peripherals upgrade prograln recap
HF)-ILVideo Interface now available in Europe
54 Clesktop
HF' Vectra PC direct-mall begins
Dual serial RS-2321422 interface for HP Vectra PC now
WordStar 2000, Release 2, for th'a HP Vectra PC
Chang Labs software reclasslf~etj
HF) Touchscreen personal computer software products
MemoMaker for HP Vectra PC ot~soletedby Executive
HF) Touchscreen personal computer languages transfer to
Pcltential problems using plotter demo
66 Mass Storage
66 Plotters
HP 7510 support for Kodak module cancelled
HP 7510 software support status
When does your customer need a Graphics Enhancement
68 Printers
GCO supplies the HP 2563A dot-matrix prlnter
68 Terminals
For HP Use Only
DMK direct order phone numbers
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
In This Issue
Product Index
For your convenience. the Product Index organizes articles by computer and peripheral category .
Announcing corporate site l~censeprogram for HP personalcomputer software . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49
HP combines the power of The Graphics Gallery and HP 3000based graphics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 1
Advancewrite self-paced tralning available . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52
HP-IL Video Interface now available 11- Europe . . . . . . . . . . . .54
. . . .54
HP Vectra PC direct-mail be~ngs. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Dual serial RS-2321422 Interface for HP Vectra PC now available 54
WordStar 2000. Release 2. for the HP Vectra PC .
. 55
. . . . . . 55
Chang Labs software reclassified . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
HP Touchscreen personal computer software products
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56
discontinued . .
MemoMaker for HP Vectra PC obsoleted by Executive
MemoMaker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56
HP Touchscreen personal computer languages transfer to POD . . 57
Potential problems using plotter demo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57
Manufacturing '86-11: new products for manufacturing market
. 59
HP announces the flrst technical systems using HP Prec~sion
Architecture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Manufacturing '86.11 . new products for manufacturing market . .
Announcing the Technical Teleconference on March 13 . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Saies aids for the HP 1000 . . . . . . .
New and Improved RTE customer training curr~culum. . . . . . . .
Inforn~ationSystems &
HP 3000 w~nsbaslc X 25 DDN certificat~on. . . . . . . . .
The powerful new HP 3000 fam~ly. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 4
The new HP 3000 Series 930 and 950: offering large-system
. . . . . . . . . . . . 15
power and small-system ease of use
. . . . . . . . . 17
Introducing the new HP 3000 Series 70 . .
HP 3000 Series 70 sales guide error correction
. . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Migration to the HP 3000 Series 930 and 950 a compatible
growth path . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 7
How to order software for the HP 3000 Series 930 and 950
systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
MPE XL: your customer's key to unlocking the power of the HP
3000 Series 930 and 950 systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
U-MIT is released. and more MIT news . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Information Management Framework stresses business needs of
customers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
ALLBASEIXL and HPSQW: Two new database-management
systems for HP 3000s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . 23
lntroduclng HP System Dictionary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Buiness Repori Wrlter: reporting wlthout programming . . . 2 7
DBchange. the easy way to restructure a TurbolMAGE
database . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Software availability and phased releases . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
HPSQW and System Dict~onaryN~mmediateavailability . . . . . 30
Natlve Mode compilers now avallable on the HP 3000
Ser~es930 . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
3 0
New HP PascallXL for HP 3000 Serles 930 and 950 systems .
New compiler1HP Toolset bundles for HP 3000 systems . . . 3 1
New HP 2345A Dlstrlbuted Terminal Controller for HP 3000 Series
. . . . . . . . . . 32
930 and 950 systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
NS3000lXL and LAN3000lXL Link for HP 3000 Serles 930 . . . 34
Series 930 wide-area networking supported by MPE V-based
HP3000s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
~ S S all HP 3000s . . . . . . . . . 3 5
New HP SNA S ~ N ~ ~ I A C C
Comprehensive support for the HP 3000 Serles 70 and
Series930 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 7
Advertlslng support for HP 3000 Serles 930 introduction .
. 38
Promotion on HP 3000 Series 70 field upgrades with PowerPlus
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . 38
D~rect-mallcompaign for HP 3000 Serles 70 introduction . . .
tip 3000 Series 68 rollover to Series 70 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
New sales aids for HP 3000 systems . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Commercial value-added suppilers to receive special Spectrum
program field training materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
For HP Use Only
March 1. 1986
In This Issue
Fast Start: programs to help thlrd partie:; migrate to HP Precision
Architecture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 3
Announcing excellent mld-range HP 30130 price performance . . . .44
Power PILIS'86 promotions include HP 3000 Series 42XPl58 field
upgrades . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44
Planned price increase on the HP 3000 Series 48 . . . . . . . . . . . 4 5
Added hc~rsepowerfor HP 3000s from the HP 793X disc drives . .46
New product structure for HP 3000 Seri1.s 37A and 37XE . . . .46
Remarketed systems with HP financing t h e winning
combination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47
Carolian Systems helps you sell Silhouette13000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47
Announcilig the HP 3000 Software Support Configurator . . . . . .48
Service training for HP 7978 and HP 3000 Series 68 . . . . . . . . . . . 4 9
Improved HP 3000 lnstallat~onManagernent product . . . . . . . . .49
Presentationldemopackfor HP PPC integration with IBM's DCA . .50
HP combines the power of The Graphics Gallery and HP 3000basedgraphics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51
TDPl3000 self-paced training available . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52
Off ice Tools Family becomes Off Ice Toc~lsCategory . . . . . . . . 52
$500 off 97930XP upgrade kits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
"Three. Four or More" sale on HP 7933XP. 7935XP. 7933H. and
7935Hdiscdrives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I .1
HP 7933G17935G programs discontinued . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 2
Announcing excellent mid-range HF) 3000 price performance . . . .44
Added horsepower for HP 30005 from the HP 793X disc drives . . 46
Serv~cetra~ningfor HP 7978 and HP 3000 Series 68 . . . . . . . . . . . .49
Peripherals upgrade program recap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66
HP 7510 support for Kodak module cancelled . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66
HP 7510 software support status
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67
When does your customer need a Graphics Enhancement
Cartridge? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6. 7
HP LaserJet printer presentatic~ns
font cartridge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 6
GCO supplies the HP 3563A dot-matrlx ~mpactprinter . . . . . . . . . .68
Peripherals upgrade program recap
More HP-LJX applications for HP 9000 computers . . . . . . . . . . . . 62
Graphics Editor Data Grapher. and Texf Editor now available for
HP 9000 Series 300 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 2
Arinouncing HP codeword delivery service for Picture Perfect'
HP-UX and DiagraphIHP-UX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
New HP 50962A SRM coax interface . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63
HP 50960A SRM server 22 percent price reduction . . . . . . . . . .64
Older SRM product to be obsoleted June 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64
RJB200 obsolete . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65
1986 Terminal Trade-in Prograrn be(>ins
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
New HP 2:345A Distributed Terminal Cortroller for HP 3000 Series
930and950systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
NS3000lXlL and LAN3000lXL Link for HP 3000 Series 930 . . . . . . .34
Serles 930 wide-area networking suppor:ed by MPE V-based
HP3000s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
New HP SIVA ServerIAccess supports all HP 3000s . . . . . . . . . . 35
For HP Use Only
InformationSystems &
Manufacturing News
Sales & Customer News
If you have any questions or comments about HP Channels, please contact Tracy Wester, telephone number
(415 or TELNET) 857-8973, HPDesk node HP0000153.
Computer Focus renamed and
Tracy WesterICorporate Marcom
Computer Focus has been renamed and redesigned. The
"new" publication -HP Channels - will premiere in
March, introducing the tirst products of the Spectrum
program. The primary objective of this change is to help
strengthen HPS relationship with our value-added businesses. At this time, the material in HP Channels will
remain the same as in Computer Focus in the past, but
the articles will no longer be taken directly from Computer News (which has been renamed Information Systems &
Manujacturing NCLLIS).
The articles will be written and
edited specifically for HP's value-added businesses and
will include application information about the products.
Unlike Compz4ter Focus, which was produced in "International" and "US Only" editions, HP Channfls will have
only one version. Product prices will not be included in
the articles; however, copies of HP Channels distributed
in the US will contain a four-page insert listing prices for
the products discussed in the issue ar:d the usual monthly
price changes.
If you are not yet on the distribution list for HP Channels, and would like to be, send me the following information on HPDesk:
- Your name (last, first)
- Enlployee number
- DivisiodgrouploHice name
- COMSYS number
- Building number
-Job code
- Sales force
-Job title
- Manager's name (last, first)
- Manager's employee number
If you have new customers to add to the distribution for
HP Channels, please send the following information on
- Company name
- City, state, zip
- Phone number
- OEMIISV contract number
- Contact names and titles
- HP sales rep for account
- Sales rep's employee number
Information Systems &Manufacturing News
HP 3000 wins basic X . 2 5 DDN
Dennis KinglIND
The director of the Defense Communications Agency
(DCA) initiated a study in September 1981, to access the
capabilities of the Automatic Network 11, and to evaluate
a plan for an alternative that could be used instead. The
purpose of the study was to describe a survivable
common-user data-communications system. In April
1982, the DoD terminated Automatic Network 11, and
directed that the DDN be implemented as the DoD
common-user data-communication network. On the basis
of that de!:ision, guidance from the Secretary of Defense
11ow states:
"All DoD ADP systems and data networks requiring
data-communications services will be provided longhaul and area comn~unications,interconnectivity and
the capability of interoperability by the DDN. All existing systems, systems being upgraded and expanded,
and all new ADP systems or data networks will
become DDN subscribers. All such systems must be
regstered in the DDN User Requirements Data Base
(URDB). Once registered in the URIIB, requests by a
Service (e.g., Air Force or Navy) or Agency for an
exception to this policy shall be made to the Under
Secretary of the Defense for CCC1."
The purpose of the DDN is to meet the rapidly expanding
data communications requirements of the Department of
Defense. Packet switching technology developed for the
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
(ARPANET) enables the DDN to achieve this purpose
with a high degree of economy and performance. The
DDN protocol suite provides a set of interoperable subscriber services. Since the DDN subscriber community is
vast, with an accompanying set of unique requirements,
waiver procedures were established to permit subscribers to utilize the DI)N even though they may not
have implemented all of the required DoL) protocol connections at the time. The waiver policv originally established has become more and more restrictive for new
For HP Use Only
March 1, 1986
Sales & Customer News
systems coming onto the DDN, and for existing systems
that have a need to relocate, thu:j making certification a
major issue for operating on the iDDN.
In order to meet the current denland for system to system con~municationover the DDY, HP has worked with
the DCIi to become certified for HP 3000-to-HP 3000
commurlication on the DDN. HP's current X. 25 product
(PIN 32 187A) was tested and passed certification at I S 0
levels 2 and 3. This certification, effective as of January
10, 1986, will only permit HP 3000s to communicate with
each oth~eron the DDN. HP recognizes that interoperabil~ityis important, and the feasibility of providing
the features and functionality required to accomplish this
is being investigated. While interoperability on the DDN
is not yet possible for the HP, the X. 25 certification
represents a major first step in HP's ability and desire to
accommodate the government marketplace.
The certification tests conducted at Information Networks Dlivision (IND) on December 17, 1985, represented a cooperative effort between the IND Datacom
Lab, the Network Marketing Center (NMC) Project Center, the Rockville, Maryland, Project Center, the DCA,
and the US Navy. The culmination of many months' work
resulted in the successful testing of HP's current X.25
product at levels 2 and 3. This certified version is now
available and ready for distribution on the T-Delta-1 patch
tape through NMC On-Line Support. In addition, software products that were previously supported over X.25
will be supported over the DDN Basic X. 25 version.
Clarification of Cupertino
customer visit guidelines
Dick KnudtsenlMajor Accounts Marketing
Each of :you will soon be receiving a new handbook,
Guidelines for Cupertino Customer Visits. I would like to
take this opportunity to clanfy some questions regardmg
the customer-visit process and the use of the Customer
Visit Worksheet.
Our goal is to ensure that each customer's visit to Cupertino, California, is the most effective interchange
between HP and your customer that it can be. A wellorganizeld meeting that addresses the real issues of concern to your account d l be effective in reachmg objectives, building mutually-beneficial relationships, and
closing business. The purpose of ,the Customer Visit
Worksheet is to help you plan the visit and to provide the
information essential to HP management in preparing to
meet with your account.
March 1, 1986
Questions and answers
I'd like to address some questions that might arise:
In the past, I've called my Injbrmatzon Systems Group
(ISG), Manufacturing Systems Group (MSG) or Personal
Computer Group (PCG) Sales Center contact in Cupertino
to set up a customer visit. Now who do I call?
The primary responsibility for customer visits has shifted
from several ddferent groups to one centralized team
focused on organizing the most effective customer visit
possible for you and your account. You should work
directly with this team for setting up customer visits.
Continue to utilize your Infonnation Systems Group
(ISG), Personal Computer Group (PCG), or Manufacturing Systems Group (MSG) Sales Center contacts for
sales and business development and you will likely want
to discuss and prequal~fycustomer visits through them.
This wd be particularly tiue if you're already involved in
a product-related issue with your account and discussing
tactics with your contact in either of the sales centers.
Upon notification of your request for a customer visit, a
member of the Corporate Sales Center staff will be
assigned immediately to begin workmg with you to organize the visit. They wdl host the vislt as well as ensure
that a follow-up is acted upon.
A confirmed visit date and allocation of HP management
resources to your customer visit will be made after
receiving a completed copy of the Customer Visit Worksheet contained in the Sales [email protected]'s Customer
Viszt Handbook or a completed electronic-mail version
which is being sent to all district managers. This should
be rece~vedby the Corporate Sales Center five weeks in
advance of the requested visit date.
Why do I need to fill out such fir long form when my sales
center contact already knows about my account?
It's true that for some accounts with a frequent visit history and the same sales center support person for a number of years it has been possible to initiate a visit over
the telephone.
However, it has also been necessary to discuss objectives, and any changes in account situations since the last
visit. This often required extensive telephone calls, frequently obstructed by telephone tag. This customer visit
form is designed to minimize the time you need to spend
on the telephone with the visit host and in preparing all of
the speakers for your visit. It provides everyone with a
common set of basic information.
By having a common document with which you, the visit
host, and the presenters are farmliar during the pre-visit
conferences, you should be able to focus on discussing
the real issues and solutions you require for your
customer visit. In addition, the lnformation you provide
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Sales & Customer News
becomes a valuable resource for representing your
account with HP management, not only for visits but in
other account activity.
Sometimes my customerk schedule prevents me from
providingyou with ajive-week lead time on customer visits
- what then?
In order to ensure that your account's and your objectives are met, effective preplanning for the customer visit
is essential. The majority of the nearly 1,000 annual visits
to Cupertino are being organized with two to three
months' advance notification in order to plan the appropriate level of product management and HP management
participation as well as schedule h t e d conference
We expect there to be some exceptions where you are
unable, for extenuating circumstances, to provide us with
a five-week lead time. When this occurs, do your best to
[email protected] us as soon as you know that your account wants to
visit Cupertino, but do not commit your account to the visit
date requested. D e p e n h g upon the availability of conference space and HP management, we'll try to accommodate your visit on a case-by-case basis.
I'm sure, with a solid account business relationship, your
account's management team wdl appreciate the importance of good advance planning to ensure adequate preparation for a successful meeting on issues of importance to
Where and how do I send the Customer Visit Worksheet?
The Customer Visit Worksheet is available in both hardcopy (copy the pages in your handbook) and electronicmad versions. The form must be typewritten or an
HPDesk message. It can be sent via any one of several
ways: HPDesk, Panafax, COMSYS, mail, or courier
Corporate Sales Center
19420 Homestead Road
Telephone: 408-725-8111
As a new team dedicated to assisting you in the sales
process for your account, we d l be worlung very closely
with the ISGIPCG and MSG Sales Centers to ensure that
no balls are dropped and that each customer visit to
Cupertino is facilitated with minimum difficulty and
optimum sales impact.
If you have any questions you can contact one of the Corporate Sales Center managers by direct dial
(408-725-8111) or TELNET (125-extension): Janet
Beyers (2512), Lyndell Lewis (2976) or Gary Sharon
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Introducing revised Software
Support Credit Program for
additional systems
For the US and Europe only
The Software Support Credit Program for Additional Systems offers your high-volume computer and instrument
customers an attractive price credit on their software
support contracts. It offers HP an exciting system selling
Under the Credit Program, qualifying computer and
instrument customers can decrease their software support costs for add-on systems. Savings can range from 15
to 50 percent. Thus, the Credit Program can provide the
encouragement customers need to cost justifjt additional
system purchases.
The revised program is effective March 15, 1986, in the
US and Europe and dl be introduced in Intercon countries shortly. Program highlights are summarized below:
Customers must have at least 16 systems supported
through one central system in a single country to
[email protected] All software support services must be on a single purchase order.
Credits are provided on four support service products:
- Additional System Coverage ( + VOO)
- Extended Category Support ( + VOO)
- Extended Family Support ( + VOO)
- Extended Software Materials Subscription (+WOO)
The following support services do not qualify for a
credit because H P does not experience substantial savings in delivering these services to high-volume
- Media options ordered on additional systems
( + VXW + WXX)
- Manual Update Service ( + QOO)
- Software Notification Service ( + NOO)
- Additional Response Center Caller ( + POO)
- Category or Family ordered on an Additional System because the software is not on the central system ( + COO, +TOO, + HOO).
The credit percentage is determined by the number of
additional operating systems supported through one
central system.
Credit percentages are determined once a year during
the annual contract renewal process. All new additional
For HP IJse Only
March 1, 1986
Sales & Customer News
systems or software added to support during the year
receiv'e the credit percentage determined at the beginning of the contract period.
When determining the credit percentage for the coming year, customers close to a new credit level are
given special consideration. If t:he customer is
expect:ed to quahfy for a higher level during the year,
AreaICountry support management may approve the
higher credit percentage.
A Field Training Manual (P/N 5958-7347) containing program specifics is being distributed to all sales and support
district managers. Contact your lclcal district manager for
additional details on the Credit Program. Don't miss this
opportunity to clinch new add-on system sales for HP.
$500 Off 97930XP upgrade kits
Margo ClausenlDMD
Do your customers need better performance on an
HP 3000? Have you determined that the new controller
cache on the HP 7933H and 7!335H disc drives is a
Through June 30, 1986, your customers can get $500 off
each 97930XP upgrade kit when t h q order three or more.
This special introductory offer is only good until June 30,
1986, so urge your custon~ersto act now.
Although all items on the promotional order must have
the same destination and shipping date, the kits may be
installed on any supported system desired. For ordering
instructions see your latest Megabytes Plus mailing, or
call your local Sales Response Center.
In the February 1issue of Computer News, in the
article entitled "What if. . . HP' offered its powerful
Vectra PC and monev back?" there was an omission in. the box describing the nlinimum configuration requirements for this special trade-in offer.
The box is reprinted below with the omitted mformation in italics.
Mini.mum Vectra
PC purchase
Minimunn IBW
Compaq return
Any CPU, monitor,
an additional disc
drive, video card,
DOS, PC kit or
one Vectra Office
Any CPU, monitor,
$ 700*
two (2) flexible disc
drives, 128 Kbytes
of RAM, irideo
card, power cord,
cables, keyboard,
and operaling
Any CPU, monitor,
one (1) flexible disc
drive, one (1) hard
disc drive, 128
Kbytes of RAM,
video card, power cord,
cables, keyboard,
and opera(ing
March 1, 1986
"Three. Four or More" sale on
HP 7933XP, 7935XP, 7933H,
and 7935H disc drives
Gary VogelsberglDMD
With the introduction of the HI' 7933XP and the
HP 7935XP, a new bundle is being introduced to replace
the old HP 7933G and 7935G programs (see
"HP 7933Gl7935G prograin discontinued. ")
From March 1through Asgust 31, 1986, when a
customer orders any combination of three or more HP
7933XP, 7935XP, 7933H, and 7935H disc drives, a discount of $4,465 will be given on each drive. This new
program wdl offer a number of advantages to the
customer over the old "G" pro,grams:
More products - The new HP 7933XP and 7935XP
disc drives with controller cache are available on the
Mixing of products - The new bundle allows
customers to mix HP 7933XPs, 7935XPs, 7933Hs,
and 7935Hs on the same order and still get the bundled
price. This was not possible with the old "G" program.
Flexibility - The old prograin forced customers to buy
in increments of three in order to get "G" pricing. With
the new bundle, the fourth or fifth dnve receives the
same discount as the first three drives.
Pricing - The new discount on an HP 7935H represents a sigmficant price break: $4,465 per drive as
compared to the $3,500 discount per dnve on the old
HP 7935G.
continued on next page
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Sales & Customer News
For more information on the promotion, refer to the
Megabytes Plus promotion packet that was sent to you in
mid-February. If you have not received your packet,
please call your local Sales Response Center.
HP 7933Gl7935G programs
Galy VogelsberglDMD
Effective March 1, 1986, the HP 7933G and 7935G programs will be discontinued. Orders can be placed for valid
quotes by doing a HEART override.
In place of the old HP 7933G and 7935G programs, Disc
Memory Division (DMD) is now offering the more flexible "Three, Four or More" sale. The new promotion will
be available through August 31, 1986. See the "Three.
Four or More" sale article for details.
1986 Terminal Trade-in
Program begins
Ron SandrettilR TD
For the US and Intercon only
Every terminal in your custonler's accounts may be
worth up to $500 or more in our 1986 Terminal Trade-in
All your customer has to do is trade in any terminal, HP
or non-HP, to get a trade-in allowance good towards the
purchase of any of our HP 2390-series terminals.
Here's the offer
Save up to $300 on the purchase of an HP 2392A display terminal.
Save up to $500 on the purchase of any of our hlghperformance terminals: the HP 2394A data-entry terminal, the HP 2393A monochrome graphics terminal,
or the HP 2397A color graphics terminal.
Receive a free touchscreen accessory (HP 35723A)
with every graphics terminal purchased under the 1986
Terminal Trade-in Program.
This offer is effective March 1, 1986 through August
31, 1986, for all US and Intercon regions.
Why would your customers want to trade-in
their old terminals?
Besides receiving trade-in value for their old terminals,
customers dl be able to conveniently update their systems with the newest terminals from HP. This means
that they can standardize on HP's new form factor and
keyboard. And they d l be able to enjoy increased user
and system performance from new features like 19200
baud datacom rate, forms cache and edit checks on the
HP 2394A, and state-of-the-art ergonomics. Your
customers wdl also appreciate the increased reliability
and lower maintenance costs associated with the HP
2390-series terminals.
With a $500 discount on our graphics terminals - and
the added benefit of a free touchscreen accessory your customers can upgrade to a graphics terminal for
about the same price as our alphanumeric-only terminals.
Furthermore, the HP Touch accessory makes our HP
2393A and 2397A graphics terminals especially attractive
to both HP and DEC OEMs. It has been included with
our graphics terminals to encourage your OEMs to write
applications with the intuitive ease of use and benefits of
How do your customers receive their trade-in
Customers purchase their HP 2390-series terminal under
their present purchase agreement. When we receive
their trade-in terminal, we d l send them a trade-in
allowance whlch is discountable at their current rate. The
discountable trade-in allowance for each of the HP 2390series products is as follows:
Terminal purchased
HP 239'2A &splay
HP 2394A data-entry
HP 239'3A monochrome
graphlcs terminal
HP 2397A color graphics
Discount trade-in
500 plus free HP Touch
500 plus free HP Touch
Information Systems hi
For HP Use Only
March 1, 1986
Sales & Customer News
Below is an example of how the trade-in discount
n o discount 24% discount
HP 2393A list price:
Customer's trade
HP 2393A discounted
Discountable trade-in
Net price after
- 503
- 380
*" Includes a free touchscreen accessory (HP 35723A)
Rules of the program
The promotion is effective March 1 through August 31,
1986, for all US and Intercon regions.
Under this program all HP terminal models and all terrnin;il models made by other manufacturers qualdy as tradein units. Your customers will need to follow the procedures below to receive their trade-in allowance.
1) Customer issues a purchase onder: When your
customer wants to participate in the program, they
shoulld give you a purchase order that contains one
HP 2392A, 2394A, 2393A, or 2397A for each terminal to be returned. The purch,ase order should also
Th~emodel number and serial number of each
returned terminal.
A inotation indicating which HP 2390-series product
each returned terminal should be applied to (this
aplplies to orders that contain multiple HP 2390
The name and address of a customer contact (the
person who wdl return the )trade-inunits). Note:
Th~eorder cannot be coded as a no-partial order or
a c:oordinated delivery.
2) Have your OIP person contact: Roseville Terminals
Division (RTD) OIP for HP 2392A, 2393A, and 2397A
orders; HP Puerto Rico (HPPR) OIP for HP 2394A
March 1. 1986
3) NOR number issued: RTD OIP or HPPR OIP will
issue an NOR (notice of return) number for each terminal to be returned.
4) Field OIP transmits o~der(s):A separate order number should be used to order terminals in each HP
2390-series model number (one HP 2390 model type
per order number). Separate orders will insure that
your customer receives the proper allowance for the
units they return. For complete ordering information
please refer to the OIP field documentation on file
with your office OIP staff.
5) Orders are shiMed: When the order is received, RTD
or HPPR will ship the HP 2390-series terminals on
the acknowledged date and bill your customer.
6) Customer returns trade-in terminals: When the
customer receives a new HP terminal, the customer
should box up the old trade-in terminal (typically the
customer can use the HP 2390-series box), write the
NOR number on the side of the box, and ship the
return to RTD for the US or to your local sales office
for all Intercon regions. The shipping address for
RTD is: Roseville Terminals Division, 8020 Foothills
Boulevard, Roseville, CA !35678.
Note: If the customer does not write the NOR number on the side of the box or on the packing slip, he
or she will not receive the trade-in allowance.
7 ) Allowance issued: When RTD receives the trade-in
unit, the NOR numbel- dl be verified and the associated M55 allowance will be processed. In Intercon
regions, the local sales offke will need to generate a
message confirming the receipt of the trade-in units.
The message must contain the order number, the
NOR number, and the quantity and serial numbers of
the units returned. R1:D or HPPR will process the
M55 allowance upon receipt of this message. Please
note the customer has four weeks to return the tradein unit. After four weeks your sales office d l be
requested to delete the M55 trade-in allowance.
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Information Systems
The powerful new HP 3000
Sunil BhandarkarlCS Y
Computer Systems Division (CSY) introduces three new
high-performance HP 3000s - the Series 70, the Series
930, and the Series 950.
The 4.5-MIPS Series 930 and 6.7-MIPS Series 950 are
the first computers to be introduced from the Spectrum
program. These high-performance, RISC-based systems
greatly expand the HP 3000 product line and provide a
strong growth path for existing systems.
The new HP 3000 Series 70, 930, and 950 vxpand the
Performance range of thc HP
Series 950 is lcft foreground; Series 930, right foreground;
Series 70, centcr background. Other HP 3000 computers
are Series 37, Jzr left; Series 58, far right; and Series 42,
left background.
In commercial applications, the Series 930 offers twice
the system throughput of the Series 68, and the Series
950 offers three times the system throughput of the
Series 68, without a comparable increase in cost. As a
result, the Series 930 and 950 systems achieve pricei
performance levels unprecedented in the industry. Thc
Series 930 delivers the perfovrnance ofthe IBM 4381 Model
Group 2 at Vj the price.
Also available is an enhanced version of the Series 68 the Series 70. 'The Series 70 provides a timely 2040-35
percent performance improvement over the Series 68 at
a 20 percent lower cost. The accelerated I10 capability of
the new HP 7933XPi35XP disc drive complements the
faster Series 70 CPU to provide further performance
improvements. The Series 70 is available as a convenient
field upgrade for Series 68s and 64s.
Information Systerns &
Manufacturing News
System level solutions
The objective of the Spectrum program is to provide
customers with industry-leading solutions at the systems
level. As a result, in addition to the new SPUs, the following new products are available to complement the
capability of the 900 Series:
MPE XL Operating System
ALLBASE Database Management System
Optimizing Compilers
Distributed Terminal Controllers
AdvanceNet networking with SNA Server
MPE XL, the new version of the MPE operating system,
provides advanced data-processing capabilities for the
Series 930 and 950 and full MPE V compatibility. MPE
XL retains the best characteristics of MPE VIE while
increasing performance, capacity, availability, reliability,
functionality, and ease of use.
MPE XL offers comprehensive compatibility with MPE V
software by providing compatibility in five areas: at the
object-code level, at the source-code level, for network
interfaces, for operations, and for databases. Programs
can be moved to the Series 930 and 950 systems using a
simple STOREIRESTORE. Through source-code recompilation, high-level language programs can access the full
power of the Series 930 and 950 hardware.
ALLBASE, the new dual-interface database management
system, positions HP at the forefront of database technology. ALLBASE has the ability to access information
using a relational or a network model - a capability not
ofiered by any of our competitors. This will provide
Series 930 and 950 customers with unparalleled flexibility
in designing their applications for performance, functionality, and ease of use.
COBOL 11, HP Pascal, and FORTRAN 77 optimizing
compilers work with the KISC-based HP Precision Architecture to generate very efficient object code. These
intelligent compilation systems ensure that the resources
of the hardware are optimally utilized by customer programs, resulting in increased performance.
Terminals are connected to an HP 3000 Series 930 or
950 systems via Distributed Terminal Controllers (IITA)
on Local-Area Networks (LAN). The LANIDTC solution
offers a flexible, lower-cost al;ernative that permits
smooth growth
from a single
to a multisystem
- system
With HP AdvanceNet LAN services and links, the new
systems fit seamlessly into existing networks of HP 3000
and IBM systems. Users on Series 930 and 950 systems
can access files, databases and applications located on
other HP 3000 systems connected to a LAN. 'I'hey can
also use the communications capabilities of these systems
to access IBM and remote HP 3000 systems.
For HP Use Only
March 1. 1986
I nformcltion Systems
The SNA Server Access product allows multiple HP 3000
Series 930 or 950 systems and Series 37-70 systems on
the LAN to transparently access SNA networks through
a single !Series 37-70 designated as a server. This
reduces communications costs by eliminating the need to
have direct connections between the IBM system and
each HP 3000 in the network.
Other imformation-managementproducts
In addition to the Series 930 and 950 products, four other
new products add to the rich info~mationmailagement
environment available for the HP 3000 f a d y :
HPSQlL - Relational Database Management System
for MIPE V applications that require the increased productivity and flexibility of a relational model.
System Dictionary - the new flexible, extensible, and
powerful dictionary standard for all HP 3000s.
Business Report Writer - an easy-to-use, highperformance report writer for complex reporting
DBchange - provides restruc1,uring capability for
TurbolIMAGE databases.
System pricing and promotio~ls
The Series 930 can be ordered either as a hardware SPU
or a pre-configured system which includes FOS,
ALLBASEIXL, and System Dictionary. The preconfigured SPU option will meet the needs of most
cllstomers and offers better value. More specific pricing
for the Series 950 will be available at a later date.
US list
32471A HP 3000 Series 70 with 13-Mbyte
30444B Series 68BlC to Series 70 Field
32480A HP 3000 Series 930 Preconfigured
Hardware: Series 930 SI'IJ, 16Mbyte main memory, 2 CIBs, 1
LANIC with Thick and Thin LAN
MAU and AUI, 2 HP-IB Channels.
FOS: MPE XL, HP 3000 Compatibility Mode, TurboIMAGEN,
Debug, migration utilities.
Additional software: ALL.BASE/XL,
System DictionaryIXL.
Support: Installation, hardware
manual set, software manual set,
Support Link I1 modem.
-----HP 3000 Series 950 Pre~x~nfigured 300,000 to
hlarch 1, 1986
For HP
Special pricing and promotions have been structured to
help you sell Series 70s in 1986 and smoothly migrate
your customers to the Series 930.
For a four-month period, the Series 70 field upgrade
price has been reduced to $24,000. Moreover,
customers purchasing the field upgrade at this price get a
100 percent effective return credit when they upgrade to
the Series 930. Customers that pay the normal price of
$30,000 get an 80 percent credit when they upgrade.
Also, customers purchasing a new Series 70 receive 80
percent of their investment back in return credits when
they upgrade to the Series 933. This is equivalent to
renting a Series 70 at a price normally paid for a Series
58-class system.
For Series 68 or Series 70 cur;tomers upgrading to the
Series 930 a Special Return Program is available. This
program facilitates keeping the Series 68170 for an
extended period of time after receiving the Series 930. In
this way customers can phase the migration of their
applications and operations to the 900 Series.
An unbeatable family
The large array of innovative new products will put you in
a clear leadership position. in competitive situations. The
HP 3000 Series 930 and 950 systems underscore HP's
commitment to providing long term solutions for your
customer's evolving mfonnation-processing needs. At the
same time, the Series 70 prokides extremely costeffective incremental performance for customers today.
Combined with our new software offerings, the HP 3000
family is the winner both 1toda:y and tomorrow.
The new HP 3000 Series 930
and 950: offering large-system
power and small-system ease
of use
Sunil BhandarkarlCSY
The HP 3000 Series 930 and Series 950 are the first
HP 3000 systems to utilize th1eRISC-based HP Precision
Architecture. This next generation technology allows the
Series 930 and 950 to deliver mainframe-level performance while maintaining the costs, environmental
requirements, and size of much smaller systems.
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information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Information Systems
The HP 3000 Series 930 (right) and 950 (left) are the first
two systems of the HP 3000 family to implement HP
Precision Architecture.
Series 930 system processing unit
The Series 930 processor is a five-board set implemented
in high-speed Schottky TTL that executes 4.5 million
instructions per second (MIPS). The high-speed CPU is
efficiently utilized by two 64-Kbyte caches. This splitting
of the instruction cache from the data cache allows the
two to operate in parallel, greatly increasing the cache
The optional floating-point coprocessor can operate in
parallel with the CPU. This signhcantly increases performance in applications utilizing floating-point calculations.
The large 16-Mbyte main memory (expandable to 24
Mbytes) reduces the need to access disc and effectively
increases system throughput.
The new I10 system architecture supports up to 10 highspeed channels and LAN h k s resulting in an increased
I10 capacity over the Series 68. The system maximums
for workstations, discs, tapes, and system printers are
comparable to a Series 68. The Series 930 offers HP-IB
support, protecting your customer's existing peripheral
investment. Also, the Series 930 supports twice the
number of LANs and remote printers as the Series 68.
The Series 930 is orderable March 1, 1986. Customer
shipments are anticipated to begin at the end of calendar
year 1986.
Series 950 system processing unit
The streamlined RISC design and HP's industry-leading
NMOS I11 VLSI technology allow the entire 6.7-MIPS
CPU to fit on a single chip and the processor to fit on a
single board. Included on this board is a large 128-Kbyte
cache that assists the CPU in achieving performance levels 50 percent higher than the Series 930. A floatingpoint-coprocessor chip set can also be supported on the
same processor board.
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
The Series 950 is expandable to a large 64-Mbyte memory configuration matched to the requirements of a mainframe performance workload. I10 configuration
maximums will be a superset of the Series 930 in all key
areas. More specific configuration information will be
released after more extensive testing has been
The Series 950 will be placed on the price list early in
FY87 and customer shipments are anticipated in the second half of calendar year 1987.
The RISC advantage
The new HP Precision Architecture is a breakthrough in
design simplicity. For the Series 930 and 950 instruction
set, all rarely used architectural features have been systematically omitted. The remaining, frequently used
instructions have been further simplified by ensuring that
they all have the same length and format.
This simplified or 'reduced' instruction set CPU eliminates the need for microcode. In sharp contrast to conventional computers, the Series 930 and 950 CPUs are
hardwired. The need to spend multiple CPU cycles
decoding complex instructions has been removed: the
Series 930 and 950 execute an instruction on every CPU
cycle. The end result is higher performance at a lower
The RISC advantage doesn't stop there. A simpler basic
design means the Series 930 and 950 are smaller, consume less power, are less noisy, have far lower cooling
requirements, and are much more reliable than competitive products. These advantages provide a significant
competitive edge - especially in distributed-data~ r o c e s s-i nenvironments.
For HP, a simpler design means reduced development
time and streamlined manufacturing. Moreover, the
inherent flexibility of the new architecture will pennit HP
to build even more powerful and lower-cost computers in
the future. The potential of the new architecture has
barely been tapped.
48-bit addressing
The Series 930 and 950 leapfrog the virtual-memory
schemes supported by competitive 32-bit systems. Whde
the DEC VAX, for example, supports a 2-gigabyte virtual
memory, the Series 930 and 950 provide 65,536 4gigabyte spaces. This provides sufficient room to meet
evolving customer software needs and pennit MPE XL
to offer advanced systems software functions.
Product leadership
The Series 930 and Series 950 provide the HP 3000 \nth
clear technological leadership in the industry. Use this to
open new doors and get new accounts for the HP 3000.
For IIP Use Only
March 1, 1986
Information Systems
$ , Introducing tlhe new
Available in May 1986 it is to your customers' advantage
to move to the power of the Series 70 if they plan to
upgrade to the Series 930 in the future. See the Series 70
Sales Guide for details.
HP 3000 Series 7C)
P a m EmeryiCS Y
On February 25 Hewlett-Packard announced three new
high-end processors. Of those three, the new HP 3000
Series 70 is the system that wdl provide an immediate
performance increase for your customers.
20-to-35 percent more perfo~mance
The new Series 70 is designed to answer the perforby providmg a 20mance needs of high-end cu~tom~ers
to-35 percent systems-processor-performance improvement over the Series 68. The pe:rformance is provided
through a larger 128-Kbyte memory cache, 8 Mbytes of
niemory standard, microcoded MPE instructions, MPE
enhancements, and TurboIMAGE
20 percent lower price
In addition to higher performance, the Series 70 at
$150,000 (US list), provides your customers with excelYour cusltomers will be able to
lent pri~~elperformance.
purchase a Series 70 that includea more main memory
standard, higher performance, and a lower support cost
for 20 percent less than what the,y would pay for a Series
68. This pricelperformance makes the Series 70 the
industry leader in its performance class.
Attractrve field upgrades
The growth path from the Series 6X to the Series 70 is
simple and inexpensive. Field upgrades are available both
for the Series 64 and the Senes 68. These field upgrades
are very attractively priced at $30,000 for upgrades from
the Series 68 and $35,000 for upgrades from the Series
64. Customers not only receive the performance of the
Series 70, but are also in the best position for a future
upgrade to the Series 930. The field upgrades are
included in the PowerPlus '86 pro~notionwhich provides a
$6,000 dvscount from March 1to June 30. See "Promotion on HP 3000 Senes 70 field upgrades with PowerPlus
'86" on page 38 for detalls on this promotion.
Bridge to HP Precision Architecture
The Series 70 is the bridge to HP Precision Architecture.
Installed Series 68 customers who take advantage of the
PowerPlus '86 promotion and buy the field upgrade to the
Series 70 will receive a 100 percent effective return
credit on that upgrade when they make the move to a
Series 930 at a later date. For new purchases of Series
70 systenns, special return credits provide up to an 80
percent return credit on the price of the Series 70 when
upgrading: to the Series 930. See "I-IP 3000 Series 68
rollover to Series 70" on page 39 for details on the Series
6 8 rollover to the Series 70.
March 1, 1986
$,7HE' 3000 Series 70 sales
guide error correction
P a m Em e d C S Y
Some price changes occurred after the Series 70 Sales
Guide went to print. The following corrections should be
made to all copies.
Published Actual
Opt. 609 US &
Factory Base Price
Opt. 616 US &
Factory Base Price
Opt. 622 1JS &
Factory Base Price
Series 58 Price 1)ecrt:ase
Migration to the HP 3000
Series 930 and 950 a compatible growth path
Susan BockuslCSY
Key benefits
The compatible migration path to the HP 3000 Series 930
and 950 systems provides your customers with a smooth
and simple way to move to a Series 930. The migration
path is based on compatibility with current HP 3000s so
that your customers' investments in HP 3000 hardware
and software will be protected. Your customers wdl be
able to:
Move to a Series 930 quickly, since no changes are
required to move their applications and data;
Achieve the excellent performance of the Series 930
by simply recompiling;
Comn~unicatetransparently with other HP 3000s in
networks; and
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
I nforma-lionSystems
Manage and operate the Series 930 in the same way as
existing HP 3000s, thereby eliminating the need for
major retraining of customer personnel.
Migration, as it is discussed in this article, refers to the
migration of customer applications and data, not HP
applications or peripherals. Since the amount of time
required to integrate and test our numerous applications
and peripherals is sigdicant, their availability on the
Series 930 and 950 systems will be phased as testing is
completed. Please see the Applications Sales Guide and
the "Series 930 Update" to the HP 3000 System Configuration Guide to see which applications and peripherals
will be supported at first release.
Mlgraflon Pafbs
Seres 9 3
- -
0 ,
Native Mode
L '
Se:es 68
e s 930
Migration Effort
Migration features
The migration path to the Series 930 and 950 systems
has many selling strengths which dl answer customer
concerns about moving to a new architecture.
Object-code compatibility - The Series 930 and 950
systems have object-code compatibility with MPE
V-based HP 3000s, allowing existing HP 3000 object
code to run on the new systems without the need for
modification, recompilation, or data conversion. Once
applications and data are restored to a Series 930, the
customer-developed object code is running in an
environment known as Compatibility Mode. Applications running in Compatibility Mode will achieve about
the same performance they do on a Series 68. An
Object Code Translator can be used on any HP 3000
object code to improve applications' performance up to
15 percent in Compatibility Mode.
Source-code compatibility - This allows customer
applications to be easily recompiled into a second
Lnfomlation Systems 6i
M a n ~ b r t u r i n yNews
environment known as Native Mode in order to efficiently access the full power of the Series 930 and 950
systems architecture. Native Mode compilers have
been designed t o have source-code compatibility with
the rest of the HP 3000 farmly. (See the Migration
Sales Guide for availability of these compilers.) Recompiled applications on a Series 930 will achieve between
1.4 and 1.9 times the performance they would on a
Series 68.
Database compatibility - Like other customer applications, TurboIMAGE applications and databases can be
quickly moved to Compatibility Mode without making
changes or recompiling. Native Mode performance is
achieved by recompiling these applications, and
optimum performance on a Series 930 can be attained
by moving to the HPIMAGE interface of ALLBASE,
the new Native Mode database-management system
for the Series 930 and 950 systems. Recompiled
applications running with HPIMAGE can obtain up to
two times their performance on a Series 68.
Phased migration - Once running in Compatibility
Mode, applications can be recompiled into Native
Mode in phases, at the customer's convenience.
Applications running in Native Mode transparently
share databases with applications running in Compatibility Mode.
Network compatibility - Series 930 and 950 systems
communicate transparently with other HP 3000s in a
network via Network Services 3000 over an 802.3
Local-Area Network. Series IIlIII130133 systems will
be able to communicate with the Series 930 through an
MPE VIE U-MIT HP 3000 running NS 3000. (See
"NS 3000/XL and LAN 3000/XL Llnk for HP 3000
Series 930" on page 34.)
Cross development - Using new Compatibility Mode
compilers, customers can develop applications on a
Series 930 or 950 system for use on other HP 3000
systems, allowing the use of a Series 930 or 950 system for centralized application development. (See
Migration Sales Guide for Compatibility Mode and
Native Mode compiler offerings.)
VPLUS compatibility - No changes are required to
applications using VPLUS screens; they operate in
Compatibility or Native Mode.
Operational compatibility - The MPE XL operating
system is a compatible superset of MPE VIE, providing Series 930 and 950 systems managers, operators,
and users with the same operating environment they're
used to on existing HP 3000s. (See "MPE XL: your
customer's key to unlocking the power of the HP 3000
Series 930 and 950 Systems" on page 20.)
For HP U s e Only
March 1. 1986
Information Systems
There are several exceptions to object-code and sourcecode compatibility, most of which d l be rarely encountered. These include items such as the incompatibility of
privileged-mode code and the inability to recompile SPL
applications into Native Mode since SPL depends on the
MPE V-based architecture. These and others are
described in the Migration Sales (Suide.
System requirements
Any HP 3000 can migrate to the Series 930 and 950 systems. Customers may even rnigr,ate the discontinued
Series Il.llIIl30133 systems to the Series 930 and 950.
However, they will require some assistance from HP.
to the Series 930, customers will first
Before ~~pgrading
need to update to MPE VIE-based U-MIT software,
since MPE XL software is compatible with U-MIT and
later releases. Individual applicatilons, however, can be
moved to the Series 930 regardless of the operating system version on which they were developed. In order to
achieve Lop performance on Series 930 and 950 systems,
FORTRAN and BASIC customers will also want to move
to HP FORTRAN 77/XL and to HP Business BASIC/XL.
SPL customers will want to move whenever possible to a
higher-level language such as Pasl:aVXL (see "New HP
PascaVXL for H P 3000 Series 930 and 950 systems" on
page 31). Applications written in FORTRANl3000,
B~4SIC13000(now known as FORTRAN 66N and
BASICN), and SPL can move to the Series 930 and 950,
but will not achieve the optimum performance potential.
Helping customers prepare
There are several things your customers can start doing
now to ease their migration when their Series 930 systems anive. Chapter 3 of the Migration Sales Guide
contains information on "Do's and Don'ts" for customers
preparing: for migration, guidelines to help you estimate
your customers' migration effort, descriptions of tools to
ease migration, and a list of custorner literature which d l
be available on migration.
HP has designed one of the smoothest migrations
between system architectures in tlhe industry. The
migration path will not only help sell Series 930 systems,
but other HP 3000s as well, since customers wdl know
they can easily grow to the Series 930 and 950 systems
in the future.
How to order software for the
HP 3000 Series 930 and 950
Tim ShetleriCSY
The software product structure has been extended to
accommodate software for the HP 3000 Series 930 and
950 systems. These changes, which are explained below,
are extensions to the current value-based pricing
Separate Native Mode MPE XL and
MPE V-based products
As you know, the Series 930 and 950 have two operating
modes, Compatibility Mode and Native Mode. Since
Native Mode products take full advantage of HP Precision Architecture, they may have different features and
capabilities than their MPE V-based counterparts. Therefore, there will be separate products for Native Mode
MPE XL use and MPE V use. An example of this is
COBOL 11, which is P/N 32233A for MPE V use and P/N
31500A for use on MPE XL on the Series 930 and 950
New Option 4 3 0 class added for Series 930
and 9 5 0
Up until now, all software products have had two options
for value-based pricing: Option 310 for the Series 37, and
Option 320 for the Series 42 to 68. These classes will
remain unchanged, and to reflect the increased value of
the Series 930 and 950, we are now adding a high-end
class, designated Option 430, which will include these
This option can appear on both MPE V- and MPE XLbased products, since the Series 930 and 950 provide
both operating environmerlts with MPE V Compatibility
Mode and MPE XL Native Mode. Existing MPE V-based
products that are supported on the Series 930 and 950 in
Compatibility Mode can be ordered by specifying Option
430. Native Mode MPE XI, products also must be
ordered with Option 430 to ensure that the correct software is distributed.
Below is a chart of the options and products for software
on the HP 3000 systems.
Series 930 and 950
Series 37
Series 42-70
Same product with single product number
(32233A COBOL IIN)
Native Mode
New Native hlode
product number
Opt. 430
Opt. 430
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March 1, 1986
For HP IJ s e Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing N e w s
Information Systems
Upgrades between options are available
When customers purchase a system upgrade, you should
make sure that they also order the software upgrade
option if the new system is in a different class than the
original system. For example, when customers upgrade
from a Series 68 to a Series 930, they must order P/N
32233A Option 426, which provides an upgrade for
COBOL I1 from Option 320 to Option 430.
Not all products have Option 430
At this time, only products which have been tested and
are supported on the Series 930 and 950 will have Option
430. As products are tested and supported in the future,
Option 430 will be added at that time.
No cost to upgrade from Series 42-70 to
Series 930 Compatibility Mode
For customers upgrading from a Series 42-70 to a Series
930, they must order Option 426 for the applicable software. Since this is a no-charge option, customers will not
pay any additional money to move their software from an
MPE V-based Series 42-70 to Compatibility Mode on the
Series 930 and 950 systems. When the customer wishes
to move to a new Native Mode product they will only pay
the diflerence in price between the Compatibility Mode
and Native Mode products.
New software "V" and "XL" suffixes
With the introduction of the Series 930 and 950 systems,
we now have software products which run across the
entire HP 3000 famdy, from the Series 37 to the Series
930 and 950. While these two environments are slrmlar,
there are new features and functionality in MPE XL
Native Mode which are not available on MPE V-based
systems. To make it easier to ident~fythe various software products and which environment they are supported
on, we will be adding suffixes to the end of applicable
software products. AU software products which are supported on MPE V-based Series 37 to Series 70 systems
and in MPE V Compatibility Mode on the Series 930 and
950 d l have a "V" suffix. Examples are COBOL II/CT,
TurboIMAGEN, INFORMN, ToolsetN, etc. Software
products which are supported on Series 930 and 950
NIPE XL Native Mode d l have an "XL" suffix. Examples are COBOL IIIXL, ALLBASEIXL, Toolset/XL, etc.
The "XL" suffix designates those products which execute
in Native Mode; or, in some cases, it will identify the
strategic product for MPE XL (e.g. NS3000/XL).
Ir~formationSystems &
Manufacturing New
Stratenc product for MPE XL
Supported on MPE V Series 37 to
Series 70, or
Supported on MPE XL Compatibility Mode
(MPE V compatil~le)
Suffix "13000" replaced by "V"
Previously the suffix "13000" has been used on software,
such as FORTRANl3000. This nomenclature will no
longer be used, with the exception of the networking
products, where it is important to designate which family
it supports. All products which had the !3000 suffix d l
now be identified with a /V suffix. For more information
and a list of all the product names, refer to the Information Management Sales Overviezu that you received in a
recent mailing.
MPE XL: your customer's key to
unlocking the power of the
HP 3000 Series 930 and 950
Lee CourtnejICSY
MPE XL - Multiprogramming Executive With Extended
Large Addressing - is the new state-of-the-art operating
system for the HP 3000 Series 930 and 950 systems.
Friendliness and compatibility are two of the fundamental
reasons why customers have installed over 23,000
HP 3000s. MPE XL takes the HP 3000 user to the next
generation of distributed data processing. With this new
operating system your customers have access to the full
power and capability of BP Precision Architecture.
MPE XL offers your customers improved performance to
get more work done, higher availability and reliabil~tyto
increase the time systems are available for use, and
enhanced ease of use to make users more productive.
This combination of increased power and functionality
along with upward compatibility with MPE V-based
HP 3000s gives you a big edge over the competition.
Improved performance and capacity
MI'E XL provides your customers the highest level of
performance and capacity ever offered by an I-IP 3000
system. The operating system has been designed to take
For IIP Use Only
March 1, 1986
Information Systems
maximum advantage of the demand-paged virtual memory
and very-large-addressing capability of the Series 930 and
950 archutecture as well as work efficiently with other
parts of the system such as the A,LLBASE/XL databaserr~anagernentsystem. Faster access to user data is
provided through the use of mapped files and a concurrent dire:ctory. The I/O system o:F MPE XL mirrors the
parallel hardware structure of the 110 system to maximize the number of transactions that may be processed.
Almost limitless capacity is provicled for your customers.
MPE XL, is not constrained by anfical limits such as table
sizes. For example, file-system capacities have been
increase~d,allowing files to be up .to eight times larger
than under MPE VIE, and there i's no logical lirmt to the
number of users or files on a system. MPE XL allows
users to access the entire address space of the Series
930 and 950 systems, offering stacks over 16,000 times
larger than that of MPE V-based HP 3000s.
Higher system availability an.d reliability
MPE has always offered excellent availability and
reliability. However, as customer:s' use of the H P 3000
has increased and diversified, so has their dependence on
constant access to data. MPE XL offers the first of a
series of solutions to increase the availability of HP 3000
sqatems. For example, under MPE V if a system disc
fails, the system wdl fail. With ME'E XL if a system disc
(with the exception of those configured to contain critical
operating-system data) becomes unavailable, the disc
pack containing the data may be nioved to another drive
and processing may continue. MPE XL's new transaction-management facility allows easy development of
applications which automatically assure data integrity and
perform ]recovery in the case of a system failure. And
MPE XL's concurrent backup feature allows users to
have access to their data during system backup. (Atfirst
release this will not include KSAM, TurboIMGE, or
AILBASE database files. A future release of MPE XL
and ALL-BASE will integrate ALLBASE, TurboIMGE,
and KSA.M with the concurrent backup mechanism.) AU
these features help your customers to improve the availability of their systems and allow more work to be
Enhanced user productivity
T o help users be more productive, enhancements have
also been made to make the job of system managers,
application developers, and end users easier and more
productive. System management has been made much
easier with a new command-driver1 configuration utility.
The new MPE XL system debugger features the ability
to display multiple windows of infolmation simultaneously
on the screen. This makes programmers more productive and allows them to spend less time debugging
applications. And for general users, the MPE XL Command Interpreter builds upon the easy-to-use MPE V
March 1, 1986
user interface by offering several new commands and an
enhanced User Defined Command facility.
MPE XL product structure
Unlike earlier versions of MPE, MPE XL may be purchased as part of a precotfigured system bundle or as a
standalone product. When a customer purchases a preconfigured system, MPE XL is included along with the
ALLBASEKL database-management system and System
DictionaryKL. This method of purchase will be popular
with most customers since it provides them with state-ofthe-art hardware and software at a reduced price. For
customers such as VARs who only use basic operating
system features, MPE XI, is offered as a separate product. However, we strongly recommend that customers
purchase a preconfigured system as a foundation for the
future and for the value offered by the combination of
MPE XL, ALLBASEKL, and System DictionaryKL.
Purchasing MPE XL separately should be limited to
those customers with the need for and sophistication to
manage an unbundled system. For the HP 3000 Series
930, MPE XL is priced at $35,000 when purchased
Be sure to study the MPE XL Sales Guide for details on
these and other features of MI'E XL, along with how
MPE XL stacks up against the competition. That document wdl help you be more effective in communicating
the features and benefits of MPE XL to your customers,
so that you can use MPE XL as a key benefit in selling
the Series 930 and 950 systems.
U-MIT i s released, and more
MIT news
Susan BockuslCS Y
MPE VIE U-MIT, the latest version of NIPE for the HP
3000 Series 68, has reached Manufacturing Release and
is being sent to customers.. U-MIT provides two major
new products, TurboIMAGE and Network Services/
3000, along with expanded memory capacity to 16
Mbytes on the Series 68 and enhancements to MPE.
Migration base for HP 3000 Series 9 3 0
and 9 5 0 systems
Customers who upgrade to U-MIT now will ease their
migration to Series 930 and 950 systems since they will
be required to move to U-MIT before starting the rnigration process. MPE XL is compatible with U-MIT, and the
database and data-communications software on the Series
930 and 950 are TurboIMAGE and Network Services/
3000, respectively.
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For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Information Systems
Selecting the right MIT
Following is a schedule of upcoming MIT offerings:
Network Services13000
Extended Memory
System Dictionary
HP Trend
Series 70
HP Trend
Extended SL
T-Delta-4 products
February 1986
February 1986
spring 1986
summer 1986
Given our goal of providing customers with a timely flow
of new products, we have continued to release T-based
Delta MITs. T-Delta-4 was recently released - after
U-MIT - and cames several new products, incluhg
SQL (our new relational database) and System Dictionary
(an enhanced dictionary product).
T-Delta-4 products are not yet rolled into U-MIT since
they would have exceeded a system resource called the
Segmented Library. The Segmented Library is currently
being expanded to hold all of HP's products, and it wtU be
incorporated into UB-MIT, which d l then contain the
roll-in of T-Delta-4 products.
If your customers want TurbolMAGE, NSl3000, and/or
expanded memory capacity beyond 8 Mbytes, they
should go to U-MIT and wait until UB-MIT for the
T-Delta-4 products. If SQL and System Dictionary are
more important, they can update to T-Delta-4 and wait
for UB-MIT to upgrade to U-MIT products.
Customers ordering the Series 70 will receive UA-MIT,
a superset of U-MIT, which also does not contain
T-Delta-4 products.
Information Management
Framework stresses business
needs of customers
Pat AdamiaklCS Y
The HP 3000 has always been set apart from the competition by the rich program-development environment that
has allowed applications to be quickly and easily generated. Today's sophisticated customer, however, is concerned with more than ths. The MIS manager wants an
integrated solution that addresses his or her primary
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
challenge: to manage information in the most effective
way possible. HP has the solution and now has a better
way to communicate it: the Infomation Management
The Information Management Framework recognizes
that while business systems vary from organization to
organization, each of them is implemented using the same
four basic information-management components.
Information storage. A sound foundation is required to
ensure that data integrity is scrupulously maintained
whde providing flexible data access by applications and
users. The optimal foundation wdl be a relational model
DBMS for some applications, a network model DBMS for
others, and keyed sequential files for still others.
Reporting and presentation. A successful business system
requires that managers have access to ~nformation
on their terms. Presented in the format they want. Available when they want. This need wdl be met in some
cases by a programmer using a powerful report writer to
quickly create frequently-used reports. In other cases,
the need d l be met by a user-fnendly query facility that
allows the manager or assistant to d ~ e c t l yaccess the
information required to support a split-second decision.
Application development. The programmer needs a rich
environment of tools to productively generate the applications that form the backbone of any business system. A
fourth-generation language allows applications to be
quickly brought into production. Tturd-generation languages such as COBOL are required where run-time performance is critical or where industry standard languages
are important.
Integration and transparency. As every successful MIS
manager knows, a key ingredient to effective business
For HP Use Only
March 1, 1986
Information Systems
systems is the behmd-the-scenes integration that frees
the end user and the programmer from the need to speclfy endless details when developing applications or
requesting information. A sophisticated data dictionary
plays a critical role in umfymg all of the other components
of the business system.
Demonstrating to customers that HP
understands their needs
The Information Management Framework goes beyond
the traditional programmerlend user segmentation. It
describes the information-management needs of the
customer's business, rather than focusing on who in the
customer's organization should rneet them. By presenting
our offerings in terms of how they solve real business
problems, we can convince the MIS manager that HP
understands what it takes to malke the MIS department
successful. Thls focus on meeting the information needs
of the business, rather than just those of the MIS department, will also aid the MIS manalger in selling HP as a
business partner to decision makers outside of the MIS
How H:P's information management offerings
map into the Framework
The conlprehensive set of Information Management
offerings available on the HP 3000 is illustrated above.
Products shown in light type form the backbone of the
current mformation-management environment on the HP
3000. Products shown in bold type are exciting new
offerings, which are described in other articles in i h s edition of I~~lfomation
Systems & Manufacturing News.
March 1, 1.986
Two new database-management
systems for HP 3000s
Terrie MurphylCSY
ALLBASE: HP's dual database
HP is introducing
ALLBASE, the dual
database-management sys-
ture machmes. ALLBASE
will enable your customers
to have both relational and
network access to data in
one all-encompassing
longer need to choose a
DBMS that fits some of
their application needs and
force fits the remainder.
ALLBASE wdl be the foundation for HP solutions for
many years to come. On its second release, ALLBASE
will even provide dual access. Dual access d l enable our
customers to access IMAGE data through the relational
interface via SQL, the relational data language, and
through the HPIMAGE intetiace via IMAGE intrinsics.
Dual Access will be a unique c-ompetztzve advantage for
A fully-functionalrelational DBMS
The HPSQL interface of ALL,BASE provides a functionally-complete relational-database-management system. HPSQL employs SQL, the defacto, industrystandard Structured Queiy Language, as its relational
data-definition-and-manipulation language. It is fully compatible with IBM's SQL. HPSQL also supports all of the
relational operations: SELECT, PROJECT, and JOIN. In
brief, HPSQL is a true relational system that provides a
solid foundation for extensions in functionality and growth
toward the distributed-database environments that your
customers will need.
Protecting customers' IMAGE investment
The success of IMAGE on the HP 3000 has placed
IMAGE in the premier position of the minicomputer
DBMS with the largest installed base in the industry over 23,000 systems. Lasting value has been one of the
key strengths of the HP 3000, and this fundamental strategy is continuing with the provision of the HPIMAGE
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
interface of ALLBASE. With HPIMAGE, customers can
move existing IMAGE applications to the HP 3000 Series
930 and 950 systems with little or no modification.
Award-winning IMAGE gets better
The HPIMAGE interface of ALLBASE provides traditional network access to data. It is an enhanced version
of HP's most recent TurboIMAGE database-management
system. HPIMAGE now supports important new features such a s multiple-level relationships and genericsearch capabilities. Multiple-level relationships will enable
hierachical data structures to be easily modeled. Generic
search allows records to be located by specifying only a
portion of the value in a field.
HPIMAGE, with its predefined data-access paths,
provides the fastest method to access data from
ALLBASE. Your customers' existing TurboIMAGE
applications are compatible with the HPIMAGE interface
of ALLBASE through the use of the new Turbowindow
software, which is described in more detail in the
ALLBASE Sales Guide. IQUERYEL will be the interactive facility for the HPIMAGE interface. It is very similar
to QueryN which is the interactive facility for TurboIMAGE. In brief, the network interface, HPIMAGE, will
continue to protect your customers' existing IMAGE
investment and will be particularly useful for new applications with stable and repetitive data relationships.
HPSQL enhances Database Administrator and
programmer productivity
HPSQL's simple tabular-data structure, with no predefined data-access paths, sigmficantly increases
database-administrator (DBA) and programmer productivity. DBA's have great freedom in structuring the
database, since it is not necessary to predict all future
access paths at design. If the data is available in the
database, it is immediately accessible at any future time.
In non-relational models, all access paths need to be
known when the database is designed. This adds sigruficantly to overall program-development time. In addition,
with no predefined data-access paths, the data structure
can be modified in many ways without affecting existing
programs; thus greatly simplifying application
Interactive SQL (ISQL) also enhances
programmer productivity
Programmer productivity is greatly enhanced by ISQL,
HPSQL's interactive query facility. Programmers can
debug commands interactively during program development, then incorporate the same commands into programs. It is easy to try relational-database sequences
Information Systems 6.
Manufarfaring News
directly from a terminal. It is also convenient and easy to
set up test databases interactively and then to confirm
the effect of a program on the database.
HPSQLIV provides a head start
HPSQLN extends the relational capabilities of ALLBASE
across the entire HP 3000 product line. It is fully compatible with the HPSQL interface on ALLBASE and it is
available immediately. It will allow your customers to
develop relational applications today, which will port
directly to the relational interface of ALLBASE on the
Series 930 and 950. HPSQLN provides an ideal relational
development environment.
HP 3000
Ordering information
ALLBASEEL may be purchased a s a separate product
or as part of the preconfigured Series 930 and 950 systems. HPSQLIV can only be purchased as a separate
product. HPSQLN must also be prequalified. On the TDelta-4 MIT, the number of system SLs required by all
the HP products is very close to the limit. Since
HPSQLN requires additional SLs, a check of your
customers' system SLs must be made prior to ordering
HPSQLN on the T-Delta-4 MIT. Additional information
on the prequalification process for HPSQLN on TDelta-4, can be found in the "Availability" section of the
be available to all MPE V customers without prequalification with U-NIIT version G. 02.130.
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For HP Use Only
Mdrch 1, 1986
Information Systems
US list
Opt. 430
Opt. 430
Opt. 254
Opt. 310
Opt. 315
Opt. 320
Opt. 254
Opt. 310
Opt. 315
Opt. 320
March 1, 1986
ALLBASEML for the HP 3000
Series 930 and 950 systems.
Includes both HPIMAGE and
HPSQL interfaces, and the
Turbowindow interface for
TurboIMAGE compatibility.
First copy for use on a single
system. Requires the following
First copy for use on
Series 930
Right-to-Copy ALL.BASEML
for use on Series 930. Prior
purchase of 36216A or
preconfigured Series 930
system is required. Requires
the following optior~.
Right-to-copy for u->L on
Series 930
HPSQLN for MPE V-based
HP 3000 systems. Includes the
HPSQL interface. First copy
for use on a single .;y stem.
Requires one of the following
Early delivery for use on
T-Delta-4 MIT
First copy for use on Series 37
Upgrade from Option 310 to
First copy for use on Series 39
to Series 70
Right-to-Copy HPSlQLN for
use on MPE V-based systems.
Prior purchase of 36215A is
required. Requires one of the
following options.
Early delivery for use on
T-Delta-4 MIT
Right-to-Copy for use on
Series 37
Upgrade from Option 310 to
Right-to-copy for use on
Series 39 to Series 70
Introducing HP System
Eric ClowlIND
"System Dictionary is clearly a quantum leap from
Dictionary13000 in philosophy, concept and facility." David Durnrner, president, IMACS
"System Dictionary is an excellent tool for application
design and documentation . . . I predict System Dictionary will become a key tool in writing successful applications on the HP 3000. " --Larry Van Sickle, president,
PROTOS Software
"System Dictionary is indeed a major contribution to the
advancement of software technology." - Raymond
Ouellette, vice president, Info Centre
Having served as beta-test sites for System Dictionary,
and having already begun integrating their products with
it, these independent sofl:war8evendors (ISV) are excited
about its potential. Already, C:ognos, Info Centre,
IMACS, and PROTOS plan links to System Dictionary by
mid-1986. Why the enthusiasin? The answer begins with
a look at what System Dictionary is and how it can benefit
your customers.
What is HP System Dictionary?
HP System Dictionary will be available on MPE V systems as HP System DictionaryN (P/N 32254) and in
Native Mode on MPE XL. sytems as HP System Dictionary/XL (P/N 32256). In both versions, System Dictionary
provides a central information resource, documenting
data, programs, files, users, input forms, and network
configuration for an HP 3000 system. It ensures that this
information is entered in a sta:ndard format, that it is
stored within a well-organized structure, and that it is
easily available to users or programs that need the
How does it help customers?
Since System Dictionary offer:~on-line access to all
system-data documentation, it is more accurate, more
timely, and easier to work with than paper-based documentation systems. In addition, tighter integration with
the described systems makes System Dictionary more
reliable than traditional documentation methods.
System Dictionary also helps in enforcing data-naming
and formatting standards. With System Dictionary, programmers have a reliable source for standard names and
formats, whlle database administrators have a way to
control the proliferation of new data names and formats
to avoid conflicts and inconsistencies.
System Dictionary can also be used for data modeling and
for finding needed programs or data instead of recreating
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
them. When names or formats are changed, System Dictionary can show where program changes must be made.
And System Dictionary's time-saving utilities can automatically generate IMAGE database schemas or COBOL
data definitions from dictionary data. In addition, System
Dictionary supports fourth-generation languages and
other application systems that have a need to programmatically access information stored in the dictionary.
System Dictionary overview
System Dictionary, HP's new data dictionary, will play a
key integrating role in HP's future data-management solutions. System Dictionary provides the stable programmatic interface, extensibility, and powerful features
required for its future role as the standard data dictionary
for all software on the HP 3000. Available on all HP 3000
systems, System Dictionary offers:
Extensibility, whlch lets customers tailor the documentation structure of the dictionary to fit their needs.
Working within the dictionary's entity-relationship
model, customers are free to add new entity and relationship types and new attributes to the predefined
core set of entity and relationship types.
Programmatzc access, which allows customer-written
programs to access and update the dictionary automatically. As mentioned above, Cognos, Info Centre,
IMACS, and PROTOS are already developing links
from their products to System Dictionary through this
Domains, which handle name conflicts by putting conflicting sets of definitions in separate "name spaces."
Versions, which separate "test" and "production" versions and keeping "archival" versions for backup and
audit trails.
Synonyms and aliases, which document alternate
names used within the dictionary and by external
A command-driven user inte$ace that works either
interactively or in batch mode and offers abbreviations,
on-line help, a "redo" function, flexible reports, and a
macro facility. Log files can be used to record commands as they are entered.
Utilities, which load IMAGE, VPLUS, and Dictionary1
V definitions into the dictionary, and generate IMAGE
schemas and COBOL data d e h t i o n s from dictionary
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
HP System Dictionary versus DictionaryN
First introduced in 1981, and formerly known as Dictionaryl3000, DictionaryN was designed to support Transact, Report, and Inform. Later, llnks to Materials
Management (MM) and Production Management (PM)
were added. To support current customers until a similar
level of integration is offered with System Dictionary,
DictionaryN d l be offered in Compatibility Mode on the
HP 3000 Series 930 and 950 systems. The table below
summarizes the differences between System Dictionary
and DictionaryN.
Comparison of HP's dictionaries
System Dictionary
HP's future standard.
Included in Series 930 and
950 Preconfigured System.
Extensible structure.
E-R model.
Introduced in 1981 with
Transact, Report, and
Inform. 3,500 sites.
Fixed structure. Not
No documented intrinsics.
Direct IMAGE access is
Multiple dictionaries often
Prompt-driven user
Supports Transact,
Report, Inform.
Offers links to MM and
Utilities link with IMAGE,
Programmatic access
through a set of stable.
documented intrinsics.
Only one dictionary is
Command-driven user
RAPID support planned.
No current h k s to MM or
Utilities link with IMAGE.
Preconfigured system
Not only will System DictionaryIXL run in Native Mode
on the first release of the Series 930, it d l also be sold
as part of the Preconfigured System for HP 3000 Series
930 and 950 systems. This means that for the Series 930
and 950 systems, nearly every system will be sold with a
copy of System DictionaryIXL.
Immediate availability
To ensure that independent software vendors, valueadded resellers, and major accounts can get an early start
integrating their subsystems with the new dictionary,
For HP Use Only
1. 1986
I nformcl-tionSystems
Systern DictionaryN is being offered with immediate
availability on the T-Delta-4 MIT to customers who have
been prequalified by their sales representative. For
details, see "HPSQLN and System DictionaryN immediate avaiiability" on page 30.
Ordering information
HP System DictioriaryN
Opt. 310
For Series 37
Opt. 320
For Series 39 - '70
HP System Dictionary COBOL
Definition Extractc~rN
Opt. 310
For Series 37
Opt. 320
For Series 39 - '70
HP System DictionaryN
Opt. 430
For Series 930 - 950
(32256A is also Included as part
of the HP 3000 tjeries 930 and
950 Preconfigured System.)
HP System Dictionarv COBOL
Opt. 430
For Series 930 - 950
US list
Customers using ReportN can purchase an upgrade that
gives them 100 percent credit for their original investment in ReportN. In the near future a ReportN to Business Report Writer upgrade utility will be available to
convert ReportN reports to Business Report WriterN.
HP 3000 Series 930 and 950 support
On the HP 3000 Series 930 and 950 systems, Business
Report WriterN will be available in Compatibility Mode
with the same capabilities offered on NIPE V-based systems. Additionally, access to HPIMAGE d l be provided
through TurboWidow to allow reporting on TurboIMAGE databases migrated to ALLBASEEL.
Business Report Writer will be HP's reporting tool for
Native Mode on the Series 930 and 950. A future introduction, Business Report WriterKL will provide full support of ALLBASEKL and System DictionaryEL.
Powerful report writing is now avadable without programming. For details, see the Business Report Writer Sales
Ordering information
3, OOo
Note: Upgrades from HP DictionaryiV (PIN 32244) to all four
product:; are at halfprice. "R" copy prices are 70 percent ofthe
"A" [email protected] prices.
Business Report
First copy for use on
Series 37
Upgrade from Series
37 to Series 39-70
First copy for use on
Series 39-70
Upgrade from Series
39-70 to Series 930
First copy for use on
Series 930
Upgrade from
ReportN (13/N
32245A) on Series 37
to BRWN on
Series 37
Upgrade from
ReportN (I'm
32245A) on Series 37
to BRWN on Series
Upgrade from
ReportN (P/N
32245A) on Series
111-930 to BRWIV on
Series 39-930
Opt. 310
Opt. 315
Opt. 320
reporting without programming
Opt. 426
Reed HornbergerICS Y
Opt. 430
Business Reporter WriterN offers HP 3000 customers a
powerful new solution for sophisticated business reporting. Cu.stomers can now develop reports easily using a
menu-driven, screen-oriented interface that includes tunable access methods to maximize run-time performance.
Relational views of data provide easy access to data
stored in TurboIMAGEN, KSAIMN, and MPE files.
I3usiness Report Writer makes use of the data definitions
stored in either DictionaryN or the HP Application Dictionary to resolve data locations. Support for HPSQLN
and System DictionaryN is not provided at first release.
Sell Business Report WriterN t o customers who want
their "ajpplication knowledgeable" users and database
administrators to create sophisticated reports.
March 1, 1986
#stBusiness Report Writer:
US list price
For HP Use Only
Opt. 600
Opt. 610
Opt. 620
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
in forma-lion Systems
DBchange: the easy way to
restructure a TurboIMAGE
Monroe BrocklCS Y
In the past, capacity expansion and restructuring of an
HP 3000 database required one of two options: performing a time-consuming database unload and reload, or
using a thd-party software solution. There is now
a third option as HP introduces an exciting new
TurboIMAGE database restructuring tool.
TurboIMAGE DBchangeN is an interactive utility that
performs dynamic restructuring and capacity expansions
of a TurboIMAGE database. Database changes are
entered from a screen-driven interface with updates
executed either on-line or in batch mode. Multiple
restructuring changes can be processed without offloading to tape, allowing increased database availability.
Easy screen-driven interface with integrated
DBchange allows easy screen access and input of
restructuring requests for TurboIMAGE databases. The
input screens allow customers to input data, then per-
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
form a given function or move to the next screen by simply pressing a labeled softkey. Because multiple
restructuring changes can be requested during one
DBchange session, there is no need to run separate programs for each restructuring feature. Other thd-party
restructuring tools require the database administrator or
programmer to run a separate program for each function.
Broad restructuring functionality
DBchange allows customers to modify a TurboIMAGE
database in the following ways: rename a database, copy
a database, change database security, restructure a
database, print a schema, and change set capacity and
blocking factors.
All TurboIMAGE and MPE file security and capacities
are respected. DBchange verifies that the user has
proper access before it allows changes.
Supported on MPE V and MPE XL in
Compatibility Mode
DBchange operates with TurboIMAGE databases and is
available on U-MIT (Delta-1 or later) releases of the Fundamental Operating Software.
TurboIMAGE DBchange may be purchased separately or
combined in the Database Tools package. DBchange
includes the following DICTDB utilities:
DICTDBA - Utility for checlung the usage and integrity of the database chains.
DICTDBU and DICTDBL - Utilities for selective
unloading and loading the contents of an existing
TurbolMAGE database.
Database Tools package combines DBchange
and Profiler
Database Tools is a package of tools and utilities to aid
the programmer and database administrator in the
design, fine tuning, and maintenance of TurboIMAGE
databases. This tools package will be available on the
May 1986 Corporate Price List. In addition to DBchange,
the package includes:
TurboIMAGE Profiler - A database design tool that
provides performance and usage statistics to aid in
optimal database design.
This offering gives the database administrator and programmer added flexibility and power in the design and
maintenance of TurboIMAGE databases.
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For HP Use Only
March 1, 1986
Information Systems
" A Copy
TurboIMAGE DBchange Right-to-Use
(must be ordered with an option)
TurbolMAGE DBchange Right-to-Copy
(must be ordered with an opt:,on)
Use on HP 3000 Series 37
Upgrade from Opt 310
to Opt. 320
Use on HP 3000 Series 39-70
Use on HP 3000
Series 930 in CM
Upgrade from Opt. 320
to Opt. 430
to begin utilizing the Series 930 and 950 systems as soon
as possible, with full functionality added over time.
US listlfactory
base price
" R Copy
Series 37-70 software availability
(706 of
Business Report
Database Tools - Right-to-Use
(DBchange, Protiler, DICTD
Database Tools Right-to-Copy
Use on HP 3000 Series 37
Upgrade from Opt.
310 to 320
Use on HP 3000 Series 39-70
Use on HP 3000
Series 930 in CM
Upgrade from Opt. 320
to Opt. 430
Refer to the HPSQLIV or System Llictionaly Sales Guide on
how to prequalifj T-Delta4 systems.
U base MIT with Series 70 [email protected]
U base MIT with multiple system S L support
HP 3000 Series 930 and 950 software availability
Software availability and
phased releases
Tim ShekLelerlCSY
UA* lJB** U-Delta-l
(prequahied) +
36020-91001 TurboIMACE DBchange
IJsers Guide
Many new information-management software products
have just been introduced for the HP 3000 family, on
both MPE V-based systems and IIP 3000 Series 930 and
950 systems. Since one of your cilstomers' first questions will be on availability, following is a summary chart
showing availability and the phased introduction of the
Series 9:30 and 950 mformation-management products.
This phased software approach will allow your customers
First release
Future release
System DictionaryKL
access to HPIMAGE
Business BASICKL
Business Report WriterKL
Business Report WriterN
Business BASICN
HP PascalN
Note: The suffix "llr' indicates Co,mpatibility Mode products, and
"XL" indicates Native Mode products.
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Information Systems
HPSQLN and System
DictionaryN immediate
Eric ClowIIND
HPSQLN and System DictionaryN are available immediately on the T-Delta-4 MIT to customers who are prequalified by their HP sales representative. Customers
who have installed NSI3000 or TurboIMAGEN with an
early version of U MIT must wait until the G.02.BO version to install HPSQLN or System DictionaryN.
NSl3000 and TurboIMAGEN will be available together
with HPSQLN and System DictionaryN without prequahfication on the G. 02. B0 version of U NIIT and on
The purpose of the prequalification process is to ensure
that customers have sufficient system Segmented Library
(SL) segments available on their system to support
HPSQLN or System DictionaryN before they order
those products on the T-Delta-4 MIT. Even without
HPSQLN and System DictionaryN, the HP products on
the T-Delta-4 MIT require all but four of the available SL
segments. Since HPSQLN adds 39 SL segments and
System DictionaryN adds 8 SL segments, some
customers will not be able to install HPSQLN or System
DictionaryN until the G.02.BO version of U MIT which
d l allow more than one SL to be used to hold system SL
The prequalification process is described in detail in the
HPSQLIV and System DictionatyIV Sales Guides and in
the T-Delta-4 Comnzztnicator. (See your systems [email protected] for Communicator mformation. ) Customers who are
prequalified by their sales rep can order HPSQLN or
System DictionaryN on the T-Delta-4 MIT by specifying
Option 254. Customers who are willing to wait or who
cannot be prequalified should order HPSQLN or System
DictionaryN without Option 254. If they do this, they will
receive HPSQLN or System DictionaryN with U MIT
version G. 02. B0 or a later MIT release.
Native Mode compilers now
available on the HP 3000
Series 930
930. These new optimizing compilers d l allow your
customers to simply recompile their current applications
(and write new applications) on the Series 930 to take full
advantage of the higher performance available with the
new HP Precision Architecture. The first release of the
Series 930 also features three Compatibility Mode compilers: HP Business BASICN, RPGN, and SPLN.
These compilers will enable users to develop new
applications on the Series 930 for use on any MPE
V-based HP 3000. These compilers d l thus be important for customers who plan to use the Series 930 as a
development machine for MPE V-based HP 3000 systems. In addition, because of the source-code compatibility between MPE V- and MPE XL-based HP 3000
systems, customers ulll continue to be able to write and
maintain a single version of source code for both their
MPE V-based and Series 930 or 950 applications.
In addition to the above compiler products, run-time support will be offered on the Series 930 for applications
written in any HP 3000 language. Thus, for example,
customers who simply want to move their current
BASICN and FORTRAN 6 6 N (formerly known as
BASIC13000 and FORTRANl3000) applications to the
Series 930 and execute them, can do so at first release.
Future releases of the HP 3000 Series 930 and 950 systems d l offer support of Native Mode compilers for HP
Business BASIC, RPG, and HP C, as well as Compatibility Mode compilers for FORTRAN 66N, BASICN,
A summary of first-release Series 930 and 950 language
products and their prices is given below. These products
will appear on the March 1 Corporate Price List.
Option Product Name
XL Compiler
SPLN Compiler
RPGN Compiler
HP Business
Interpreter &
US list price
(Series 930)
*No-charge upgrade o/fered to customers uszrzg this product on tlze
HP 3000 Senes 39-70.
J e f f BymcICLL
Three HP 3000 compilers, COBOL II/XL, HP FOKTRAN 77/XL, and HP PascaVXL, will be offered in
Native Mode at the first release of the HP 3000 Series
Inforn~ationSystems &
Manufacturing News
For H P Use Only
March 1, 19x6
Information Systems
New HP PascalIXL for HP 3000
Series 930 and 950 systems
New compilerMP Toolset
bundles for HP 3000 systems
Niraj SwarupiCLL
Lance SalemelCSY
Your customers can now write their systems applications
in Pascal. They can enjoy a high degree of flexibility in
data manipulation, and also continue to have all the traditional benefits of Pascal - its s ~ ~ p e r ireadability,
ease of development, and its ease of maintenance. This
capability is the result of the systems-programming
extensions available as part of the HP PascaliXL offering
on the HP 3000 Series 930 and 950 systems. HP Pascall
XL is compatible with the ANSL'IEEE and IS0 standards,
and in addition, offers systemsgrogramming extensions
to the HP standard for Pascal. HIP PascaVXL supports all
featurels of the PascaW (formerly known as Pascall3000)
Software developers w i t h HP have used HP Pascal to
write many systems-level applications, includmg much of
the MPE XL operating system. ;HP Pascal has proved
particularly suitable for such dev12lopmentbecause its
extensions allow a very high degree of flexibility for data
manipu1;stion - an essential requirement for developing
systems-level programs. The programmer can circumvent Pascal's strong type-checking mechanism to various
degrees, manipulate pointers using the "Anyptr" type and
other specialized routines, and tr'eat procedures and functions as if they were variables. The extended addressing
capability allows access to the entire available address
space; this capability is of great importance when the programmer is interacting with the operating system or
building lother system-level applications. The programmer
can also d e h e hisher o m error-recovery procedures
to handle: runtime errors. Special optimizing strategies,
which are possible due to HP Precision Architecture,
allow highly efficient code to be p~.oduced.
As mentioned earlier, HP PascaKCL has been used
extensively at HP for system-level applications. Your
customers should also regard HP PascaVXL as the new
language for their systems applications. Though applications whi~chare currently written in SPL may be run in
Compatiblility Mode, converting them to HP PascaliXL
wdl provide improved performance.
At a later date, the PascaW compiler on the MPE
V-based I-IP 3000 systems ulll prsvide similar new
Now you can team the power of HP Toolset integrated
development environment with COBOL I1 or Pascal on all
HP 3000 systems or with FORTRAN 77/XL on the
HP 3000 Series 930 at a significant discount. These bundles provide you with increased application-development
productivity at a 20 percent price savings with additional
purchase-agreement discounts available. Now it is easy
for you to get the best application-development solution
tailored to your needs.
HP Toolset decreases pirogram-development time by
providing an integrated clevelopment environment. By
combining the power of a full-screen editor, compiler of
your choice, and symbolic debugger it is possible to focus
on a problem without ever leaving the Toolset environment. Other features include version control of program
source code and a fnendly user interface.
Product structure
The Developer Packages pro-vide options that include
both MPE V-and MPE XL-based products. Those who
purchase Option 310, 315, or 320 d l receive MPE Vsupported software while those purchasing Option 426 or
430 will receive MPE XL-supported software.
If you have already purchased COBOL I1 or Pascal separately and are upgrading your system, we provide a bundle option that includes a compiler upgrade and Toolset.
By purchasing Option 015 or Option 026 you obtain the
right to use both Toolset and your compiler on the
upgraded system.
Toolset support for FORTRAN 77 is available only with
ToolsetXL. Thus the FORTRAN 77 Developer's Package is available only on the HP 3000 Series 930 and
provides FORTRAN 77IXL and ToolsetKL. If you have
already purchased FORTRAN 77N and are upgrading
your system to the Series 930 you may choose Option
026 which will update your conipiler to FORTRAN 77lXL
and provide ToolsetJXL.
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March 1, 1986
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Information Systems
Bundles and prices
New product
COBOL I1 Developer's
Option 310
Series 37 COBOL IIN
and ToolsetN
Upgrade Opt. 310 to
Opt. 320
Series 39-70 COBOL
IW and ToolsetN
Upgrade Opt. 320 to
Opt. 430
Series 930
Upgrade COBOL
IW (32233A Opt. 310)
Developer's Package
Opt. 320
Upgrade COBOL
[Inr( 3 2 2 3 3 opt.
Developer's Package
Opt. 430
HP ToolsetKL
Program Development
$ 3,200
$ 1,600
Upgrade ToolsetN
(32350NR Opt. 320)
to ToolsctKL
(36044NR Opt. 430)
Series 930 Toobet'XL
$ 2,000
$ 1,400
New HP 2345A Distributed
Terminal Controller for
HP 3000 Series 930 and 950
Bernt Kristiansen/Z~VDand Lars Wernberg-MollerlGATD
Option 430
Senes 930
HP ToolsetiXL
77N (32116A
Opt. 320) to
Developer's Package
Opt. 430
$ 7,840
-Pascal Developer's
Option 310
Series 37 PascaW and
Upgrade Opt. 310 to
Opt. 320
Series 39-70 PascaW
and ToolsetN
Upgrade Opt. 320 to
Opt. 430
Series 930 PascaliXL
and Toolset/XL
Upgrade PascaW
(32106.4 Opt. 310) to
Pascal Developer's
Package Opt. 320
Upgrade PascaW
(32106A Opt. 320) to
Pascal Developer's
Package Opt. 430
A major new conlponent of the 900 Series HP 3000 systems is the HP 2345A Distributed Terminal Controller
(DTC). It provides connections for HP terminals and
serial printers to MPE XL systems - and its price per
port is almost 25 percent below the Advanced Terminal
Processors (ATP).
A striking difference between ATPs and the DTC lies in
the location of the DTCs relative to the MPE XL system
they belong to: HP 2345A DTCs can be placed anywhere
along an IEEE 802.3 LAN cable, and this drastically
reduces the amount of term~nalcables in the system
New features
The HP 2345A I)TC connects up to 48 terminals or
printers to a Series 930 or 950 over an IEEE 802.3
Each of the six DTC slots can accommodate eight
Type 232 ports for local workstations, eight Type 422
ports for workstations located at up to 1,220 meters
from the L)TC or six modem ports for connections
using modems.
Thin or thick LAN cable is used to attach DTCs to
their Series 930 system: thus a DTC can be located as
far as 1,500 meters away from the system it belongs
Only one 110 slot on the system's CIO bus is required
for workstation connections, for few workstations as
well as for 400 on a Series 930.
Information Systems &
For HP Use Only
March 1, 1986
Information Systems
HP 2346NBlC add-on cards let your customers fill
empty DTC slots when the need for additional ports
Series 930
L] -7-i~ Q
HP 2334As
M = Modem
A high degree of compatibility exists between ATPs and
DTCs in order to facilitate the transition from MPE V to
MPE XL based systems. Most ATP features have been
retained and enhanced.
ATP-like features
Data transfer at up to 19200 bps on all ports.
Support of Type 232 or Type 422 interfaces for local
devices and modem interfaces for remote devices. The
DTC also uses the same set of connectors and HP
cables as the ATP.
Supported workstations inclulie the HP 2392A, 2393A,
239i'A, 2622A, 2624B, and 2627A terminals; HP 2686
LaserJet and 2934A printers; and H P 150lTouchscreen, Vectra PC, and Portable PLUS personal
Physical distribution
The 900 Series Terminal 110 hardware architecture
offers customers an alternative to the traditional cabling
scheme where all terminal cables converge in the system
bays. L)TCs are located outside the bays, as opposed to
,4TPs. When terminal cables already exist, DTCs can be
placed where they converge and a short LAN cable will
tie the DTCs to system. But when LAN cable exists outside the EDP room, DTCs can easily be located closer to
the user areas resulting in lower terminal cabling costs
and a s~rialleramount of cables in EDP rooms.
LAN cables
'The second choice exists between regular thick LAN
cable and ThinLAN cable: the first one is the right choice
to cover long distances (more than 150 meters), when
DTCs are dispersed in a building, but ThinLAN cable will
March 1, 1986
be preferred for DTCs located in the vicinity of their system (it is easier to lay and sigruficantly cheaper).
Interface options
The HP 2345A DTC can be ordered with one to six interface options:
Option 803 provides eight Type 232 ports for workstations located in the vicinity of the DTC.
Option 805 provides eight Type 422 ports for workstations located at up to 1,220 meters away from the
Option 625 provides six KS-232-C modem ports.
Ddferent interface options can of course be combined in a
DTC. And if less than six interface options are ordered
with a DTC, additional ports can be installed at a later
stage using the HP 2346NBlC add-ons.
Easy configuration and ordering
Each Series 930 or 950 comes complete with the hardware needed to connect it to thin or thick LAN cable.
Each HP 2345A DTC includes hardware for connections to thick LAN cable as standard. Hardware for
attachment to ThinLAN cable can be substituted with
Option 242.
Distributed Terminal Controller, with 6meter Attachment Unit Interface (AUI)
cable, Medium Attachment Unit (MAU)
and tap. Includes right-to-use associated
DTC software.
22OV Operation.
Delete AUI, MAC), and tap.
Set the unit for ThinLAN operation: delete
the AUI, MAU, and tap and provide a BNC
x 25-pin RS-23'2-C Mudem Connections.
Eight 3-pin Type 232 Connections.
Eight 5-pin Type 422 Connections.
Eight Type 232 Add-on Connections.
Eight Type 422 Add-on Connections.
x RS-232-C Modem Add-on
Opt. 015
Opt. 241
Opt. 242
Opt. 625
Opt. 803
Opt. 805
$7,000 $7,100
Upgrade program
An upgrade program exists for customers who currently
use ATPs on MPE V systems and who will upgrade to a
Series 930. It wdl be presented t o you in an upcoming
issue of Infomation Systems & Manufacturing News.
For additional mfonnation, refer to the 900 Series Networking Sales Guide (P/N 5954-6339), the HP 2345A
DTC Sales Brief (P/N 5954-6337) and the "HP 2345A
DTC Data Sheet" in the 900 Series Specification Guide
Supplement (P/N 5954-6341). You received these documents with the AdvanceNet Mailing #12.
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing N e w s
NS3000/XL and LAN3000/XL
Link for HP 3000 Series 930
Prices of LAN Link
Lynda KorsaniIND
NS3000lXL and LAN3000lXL Link provide system-tosystem communication for the first release of the Series
930 system. With these two products, a Series 930 can
communicate over a local area network (LAN) with other
Series 930s and Series 37-70s.
US Factory
price price
(includes Thick Cable
Series 930
Delete MAu & AUI
Substitute ThinMAU
Opt. 330
Opt. 241
Opt. 242
For customers upgrading a Series 39-70 with INPs to a
Series 930, up to two INPs (any combination of 30020A
andlor 30020B) can be returned when purchasing a
LAN3000lXL Lmk.
INP return credits
Opt. 430
Opt. 426
Serles 37-70
Serles 37-70
For more dormation, see the 900 Series Networking
Sales Guide (PIN 5954-6339), 900 Series Networking
Specification Guide Supplement (PIN 5954-6341), and
NS3000IXL and LAN3000iXL Link Sales Brief (PIN
5954-6338), sent to you in AdvanceNet Mailing #12.
NS3000KL (HP 36920NR) is a fully compatible subset of
the same powerful networking capabilities that are available on the MPE VIE based members of the HP 3000
family. NS3000IXL provides Network File Transfer, Virtual Terminal, Remote Data Base Access (to TurboIMAGE databases), and Remote File access. The
programmatic and direct user interfaces have been maintained to ensure a smooth migration for existing networked applications.
Prices of NS
Order Number
Series 930
Upgrade from
32344AiR Opt. 320
US list price
$5,000 $3,500
Series 930 wide-area
networking supported by
MPE V-based HP 3000s
John ZoglinIIND
The 900 Series of HP 3000 systems can take advantage
of the communications capabilities of another HP 3000
system on the same local-area network (LAN) to access
remote HP systems, X.25 networks, and IBM
LAN3000lXL Link (HP 36921A) includes all the components for a Series 930 connection to an IEEE 802.3 coaxial cable: medium attachment unit, cables, local-areanetwork interface controller, driver software, and TCPI
IP-based network transport software.
HP 3000s
Series 930
Local Node
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
For HP Use Only
Server Node
March 1, 1986
l nforma-lionSystems
Customlers adding a Series 930 or Series 950 to a site
with HP' 3000s can access existing networking capabilities
on the Series 37 to 70s. Where 900 Series processors
are plac~edin locations without other HP 3000s, any MPE
VIE processor, from the Series 37 to the Series 70, will
be required to enable remote HP-HP communications and
HP-IBNI communications.
HP-to-HP communications
A single HP 3000 Series 37 to 70 provides access to a
broad rsmge of NS3000 and DSl3000 capabilities.
HP 300(3smay communicate via leased lines, dial-up
lines, or through private or public X. 25 Packet Switching
The services provided by NS30010 and DSl3000 include:
File Transfer - files may be sent to the HP 3000
Series 37-70 acting as a server node, then copied to
remote systems.
Virtual Terminal - a user maj7conduct an interactive
session as if the user were directly attached to the
remote system.
Remote Database Access - E[P IMAGE databases
may be remotely manipulated from a utility or application program on the 900 Series.
Remote File and Peripheral Access - user applications and HP provided utility programs on the
Serie!; 930 or 950 may remotely access files and
peripheral devices on remote I-IP 3000s HP-to-IBM
900 Senies users will be able to transparently access IBM
mainframes through a Series 37 1.0 70. HP SNA Server
AccessLXL and NS3000RL on the Series 930 or 950 in
conjunc1:ion with HP SNA Server and NS3000N on the
Series 37 to 70, make it appear t13users as if the SNA
network: services residmg on the Series 37 to 70 are on
the 900 Series. (See the followinj: article on SNA Server1
Access ]for more information on HP-IBM SNA comrnunication for 900 Series Systems.)
LJsing the Virtual Terminal service of NS3000, IMF users
on a 900 Series will be able to interactively communicate
with IBM mainframes. The Virtual Terminal capability
will also allow customers to start batch jobs using RJE
and/or MRTE located on a Series 37 to 70. All o u t ~ u t
from the IBM mainframe will be directed to the ~ k r i e 37
to 70 where it can be forwarded 1:o the 900 Series by a
user written program or other HI' networking services.
The Series 930 with an MPE V based server node is
intended for installations with light communications loads
to remote HP 3000s and IBM mainframes. In general,
throughput and response time of communications through
the server system will not match the levels of those
between two processors communicating directly to each
Minimum recommended configuration
A Series 37XE will support a maximum of two remote
DSl3000 X.25 or IBM bisync lines, or one SNA and one
other line. Performance will suffer whenever expanding
from one to two communications lines. (When using
another line with an SNA line, SNA IMF and SNA NRJE
should not be used simultaneously.) A minimum of 4
Mbytes of system memory is recommended.
Further information
For more mformation, see the 900 Series Networking
Sales Guide (P/N 5954-6339) and the 900 Series Wide
Area Networking Sales Brief (P/N 5954-6340) sent to you
in AdvanceNet Mailing #12.
New HP SNA ServerIAccess
supports all HP 3000s
John ZoglinlIND
HP SNA ServerIAccess a.llows each user attached to an
HP 3000 on a LAN to believe that they are directly connected to SNA IMF and/or SNA NRJE. (Three products,
HP SNA Server, HP SNA Server AccessN, and HP
SNA Server AccessRL collectively are referred to as
SNA ServerIAccess).
HP SNA Server is software on an HP 3000 37-70 processor ("server node") that takes output received
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
through SNA IMF andior SNA NRJE on the HP 3000 and
directs it to the appropriate "local" node over a LAN.
This "local" node hosts HP SNA Server AccessN on the
Series 37-70 or HP SNA Server AccessiXL on the 900
Series (referred to jointly as SNA Server Access). SNA
Server Access is a software product that allows
HP 3000s on a LAN to transparently input data to, and
receive output from, an IBM mainframe through a single
MPE V based HP 3000.
Communication is transparent in that the user need not
know which processor on the LAN hosts SNA IMF a n d
or SNA N N E . A single, simple command is required to
start SNA IMF or SNA NRJE regardless of whether the
user is connected to the processor hosting the HP-IBM
SNA network service or not.
New products for all HP 3000 systems
SNA ServeriAccess capability is being introduced for the
first time on all HP 3000 systems. SNA Server Access1
XL will be available on the first release of Series 930 systems. SNA Server and SNA Server AccessN, which
provide SNA ServeriAccess capability to MPE V based
systems will be available in the third quarter of 1986.
S N A ServeriAccess:
Enables transparent receipt of data from IBM mainframes through SNA IMF and SNA NRJE to any supported device or user on a LAN.
Provides a user friendly access.
Supports MPE XL based HP 3000s as local nodes.
3287 print output may be automatically printed at any
HP 3000 on the LAN.
Users can submit batch jobs or start interactive sessions with just a single command.
Transparent HP-IBM communications is provided for
900 Series systems.
Significant product-cost savings are provided for commercial users employing a LAN. T o provide HP-IBM
datacom functionality from multiple nodes on a LAN,
only SNA Server and SNA Server Access are
required. An example of this cost savings is provided in
the "SNA ServerlAccess" chapter of the 900 Series
Networking Sales Guide (5954-6339).
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Variable cost savings accrue due to reduced telecom
line costs. SNA ServeriAccess supports multiple processors communicating to an IBM mainframe over just
one line rather than over multiple telecom lines.
900 Series - SNA ServeriAccess should be used whenever transparent batch andior interactive HP-IBM SNA
datacom capabilities are required on a 900 Series system.
Series 37 to 70 - SNA ServeriAccess is appropriate
where users who require occasional access to an IBM
host computer are not concentrated on one HP 3000, but
are dispersed across a number of processors connected
to a LAN. Enabling multiple processors to communicate
to an IBM through a single communications line, SNA
ServeriAccess becomes increasingly cost effective with
greater distances from the LAN to the IBM host and the
commensurate telecom-line cost increases.
Users on a local node using SNA Server Access will
notice approximately 20-to-80 percent longer response
times and approximately 33-to-67 percent lower
throughput compared to users directly attached to the
HP 3000 processor with resident SNA NRJE or SNA
Ordering information
US list price
"A" Copy "R" Copy
Opt. 310
Opt. 320
Opt. 310
Opt. 320
Opt. 430
Opt. 426
HP SNA Server
For Series 37
For Series 39-70
HP SNA Server
For Series 37
For Series 39-70
HP SNA Server
For Series 930
Upgrade from
30255 Opt. 320
(Right to
(Right to
Further information
For more inforn~ation,see the 900 Series Networking
Sales Guide (PIN 5954-6339), the 900 Series Networking
Specification Guide Supplement (PIN 595445341), and the
HP S N A ServeriAccess Sales Brief (PM 5954-6336), sent
to you in AdvanceNet Mailing #12.
For HP Use Only
March 1, 1986
I nformcltion Systems
Comprehensive support for the
HP 3000 Series 70 and
Series 930
Mickey FriedmanlASD and Mrurk C. WaldenlPRSD
There will be a comprehensive support program available
to c ~ ~ s t o m eon
r s the HP 3000 Series 70 and Series 930 at
time of shipment. This program includes a set of existing
services currently available on the HP 3000 and new services specifically designed to ensure maximum productivity with the new machines, operating system, and
application software. Together with the hardware and
software, this support prograin represents an integral
part of the new solution HP can offer to its customers.
New services
HP 3000 Series 930 Migration Services will be available
for all1 customers wishing additional migration and tailored
help in guiding their migration effort. This assistance d l
be provided through a combination of written aids, training, and consulting services.
Migration-trained systems engineers wdl help customers
develop plans to efficiently gutde and implement the
migration of their applications and data. They wdl help
evaluate resource requirements, qualify applications for
migration, and establish a schedule for migration
actiwties. A set of written ancl software tools d l be
available to aid systems engineers in these actions. In
preparation for the migration, customers may learn and
use SQL through new SQL courses currently available on
the tIP 3000. Upon completion of the planning phase,
systems engineers wdl provide periodic review sessions
during the actual migration of their software.
For c:ustomers who want HP assistance beyond the
scope of migration training and consulting services,
custc~mprojects will be available through the Area Project
In addition to migration servic'es, HP wdl have a strong
performance program available to help customers maintain good system performance and plan for their future
growth. The current HPSNAPSHOT and HPCAPLAN
consulting products have been updated to provide the
same services for the Series 930.
T o complement the new servi'ces being provided, HP will
continue to provide the same comprehensive support
offerings as in the ~ a s t .
Contractual support
Hardware maintenance services for the Series 70 and
Series 930 have been aggressively priced to maintain
HP's reputation as one of the lowest-cost hardware-
March 1. 1986
support vendors in the market. For the Series 930, the
higher reliability inherent in the new HP Precision Architecture technology has resulted in a $475" standard
monthly maintenance charge (a 26 percent decline when
compared to the Series 68C SMMC). The Series 70
SMMC has been priced at $550 - a 15 percent decrease
relative to a Series 68C - thus malung it more cost
effective for the customers to upgrade. And to further
enhance our competitive hardware-support advantage,
HP has also dropped the SMMC price for the 4-Mbyte
memory board (P/N 30165A) 33 percent to $50.
HP's entire complement of hardware-support services,
including Remote Support via the Support Link I1
Modem, is available for the Series 70 and Series 930.
Note, however, that neither Guaranteed Uptime Service
(GUS) nor Predictive Support d l be offered on the
Series 930 at first release.
For contractual software support, the newest additions to
the HP 3000 family wdl coiltinue to enjoy the same full
range of services currently available for the existing
HP 3000 product line: Account Management Support
(AMS); Response Center Support (RCS); Software
Materials Subscription (SMS); and the Custom Support
Plan (CSP). Optional software support services, including
software support for multiple systems and Additional
Response Center Callers, are also available.
Customers selecting Account Management Support for
their Series 70s will receive four Support Management
Review sessions - the same number of reviews
provided to Series 68 customers. Customers with AMS
coverage on a Series 930, however, will receive five Support Management Review sessions. Furthermore, Series
930 customers who purchase the preconfigured MPE XL
package (P/N 32480A) need only to purchase one
software-support product rather than support for each
individual software element (MPE XL, ALLBASEIXL,
and HP System DictionaryiXL).
The monthly AMS prices for these new operating systems are the following: Series 70 - $730; Series 930
(P/N 32650A) - $940; Series 930 preconiigured package
(P/N 32480A) - $990.
Other support services
Customers can also choose from Time and Materials
Consulting for short-term assistance needs, Custom Projects for longer-term projects requiring project-management expertise, HP-ASSIST for implementing application
software, and a comprehensive education program.
Together with a full range of contractual support products
and new migration senrices, these products help HP offer
a full support program that contributes to HP's ability to
provide a total solution for customers.
*All prices are U S list. The neml nzigration services will be
available when the Series !330 is shipped. All other services are
available and orderable inzmediately.
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
a n u t ue
Information Systems
Advertising support for
HP 3000 Series 930
Issue date
March 1
March 15
April 1
MIS Week
Angelo PaganolIS&N Marcom
What if . . . Hewlett-Packard told over 90 percent of the
data-processing and information-systems managers in
America that the HP 3000 farmly now offers higher performance capabilities? That is exactly what some new
print advertising dl accomplish.
Information Week
March 3
March 17
April 14
March 10
March 31
April 7
April 14
Business Computer Systems
Computer Decisions
March 11
March 25
April 8
April 22
March 3
March 10
March 17
March 29
March 31
April 7
April 14
Beginning in March, print ads in major computer trade
publications will pose the question "What i f . . . you had
more raw horsepower?" to meet increasing data-processing needs. The answer, of course, will be that customers
can with the new HP 3000 Series 930 with HP Precision
Architecture. The advertising will highlight the capacity,
speed, and key price/performance capabilities of the HP
3000 Series 930, including the benefits of its state-of-theart architecture. Color reprints of the two-page ad
(IS02062) will be distributed to site coordinators for the
February 25 introductory teleconference event. The ads
are scheduled to appear as follows:
Information Systems &
#)? Promotion on HP 3000
Series 70 field upgrades with
PowerPlus '86
Pamela EmerylCSY
Now is the time for customers to order a tield upgrade to
the HP 3000 Series 70. From March 1 through June 30,
1986, a promotion will be available for your customers
that provides a $6,000 discount on Series 70 field
upgrade products.
Customers purchasing a Series 68 to Series 70 field
upgrade (PIN 30444A or 30444B) or a Series 64 to Series
70 field upgrade (PIN 30443A or 30443B) wdl be eligible
for the $6,000 discount. This represents a 20 percent
discount off list price for the Series 68 field upgrades and
a 17 percent discount on the Series 64 field upgrades.
A direct-mail campaign dl be used to notify the installed
base of the PowerPlus '86 promotion. The campaign will
be implemented by the field marketing managers. See
"Direct-mail campaign for HP 3000 Series 70 introduc-
For HP lJse Only
March 1, 1986
Information Systems
tion" for details on this direct-mail campaign or call Lois
Milo at 408-865-6242.
Orders must be placed by June 30, 1986, to qualify. Shipment is per the product-availability schedule, or by
August 31, 1986, whichever is earlier. Additional details
on PowerPlus '86, along with rnore ordering examples,
can be found in the Senes 70 Slzles Guide.
US list
Qty. PIN
Series 68B. C to
Series 70 Fielcl
M05 Promotional
Net price
base price
Note: Above example also @lies for PIN 3 0 M Series 68A to Series 70 Field Upgrade.
Series 64B to Series
70 Field Upgrade
M05 Promotional
Net price
Note: Above example also applies for PIN 30443A Series 64A to Series 76lField Upgrude.
#aDirect-mail campaign for
HP 3000 Series 70 introduction
Lois MzlolIS&N Marcom
Information Systems & Networks Marcom is developing
a direct-mail campaign for the introduction of the HP
3000 Series 70. The objective of this program is to generate HP 3000-installetl-base inquiries and increase preference for the Series 70 wlde ~nfonningcustomers of
new and enhanced features to the HP 3000 farmly of
Because we feel you know better than we do who your
customers are, this program d be factory developed
and field implemented. The packages we'll be sending
you wdl include flyers, envelopes, and preprinted returnaddress labels for your location. We have purchased the
SuperGroup Users Group list for the package, and we
will also include the labels corresponding to your zip-code
The direct-mail packages should have amved at your
offices the week of February 24 for a mid-March mailing.
If you have any questions regarding this program, please
call Lois Milo at 408-865-6242.
HP 3000 Series 68 rollover
to Series 70
Pamela E me?ylCSY
HP 3000 Series 68 customer orders, both new and in the
backlog, can take advantage of one of two promotions
available March 1, 1986.
Free field upgrade program
Customers whose Series 68 shzmed between November
1, 1985, and January 31, 1986, are eligible for the "Free
Field Upgrade Program':' to a Series 70. This offer is
provided to ensure that Iigh-end customers who have
purchased in that timeframe will receive the performance
benefits of the Series 70,.
These same customers may also take advantage of a discounted memory option along with the free field
upgrade. The normal price of adding a 4-Mbyte board
(Option 500 on the Series 70 upgrade) is $28,000. For
March 1, 1986
For HP Use Only
Intormation Systems &
Manufacturing News
Information Systems
customers participating in the "Free Field Upgrade Program" the price will be $17,500, a savings of $10,500.
(Limit of one discounted 4-Mbyte board per field
The field upgrade must be ordered by June 30, 1986.
Shipment must be taken as per the availability schedule,
but no later than August 31, 1986, whichever is earlier.
Free Field Upgrade Program ordering example
Qty. P/N
Series 68B,C to
Series 70 Field
M05 Promotional
Opt. 500 4 Mbytes (optional)
M05 Promotional
Net discounted price
US list
base price
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
US list
base price
New Order
Series 68 rollover program
The availability of the Series 70 system at introduction
will be eight weeks. The Series 68 Rollover Program is
available which wdl allow your customers who have systems on order to take delivery of their Series 68 now at
the Series 70 price of $150,000 and receive a Series 70
field upgrade when it becomes available. This promotion
is also available to customers who want to place orders
for Series 68s now and receive Series 70 field upgrades
Customers who want delivery of a system prior to May 1
should order a Series 68 for delivery in that timeframe,
along with a Series 70 field upgrade with 4 Mbytes of
memory on a separate section ofthe order. If a Series 68 is
already on order for delivery prior to May 1, then the
order should be changed to include the M05 discount,
which d l reduce the price to $150,000, and order the
Series 70 field upgrade with memory and the promotional
discounts as shown.
Series 68 systems shipped from the factory in the month
of February are also eligible for this program. The total
cost to the customer wdl be the same as if a Series 70
was ordered. An M05 discount will reduce the price of
the Series 68 to $150,000, taking into account the applicable return credits if the order is for a 32468CH box
swap. The field upgrade with 4 Mbytes of memory will
ship with an M05 discount taking the price to zero
Series 68 rollover program ordering examples
Series 68C with
4 Mbytes
M05 Promotional
Separate Section
30444B Series 68R,C to
Series 70 Field
M05 Promotional
Opt. 500 4 Mbytes (required)
M05 Promotional
Net discounted price
Series 68 orders shipped FebruarylMarch
32468C Series 68C with 4
Mbytes credit
32468C Series 68C with 4
Mbytes rebi[l
M05 Promotional
Separate section of original order
30444R Series 68B,C to
Series 70 Field
M05 Promotional
Opt. 500 4 Mbytes (required)
M05 Promotional
Net discounted price
Box swap upgrades scheduled for delivery by May 1 are
also eligible for the Series 68 Rollover Program. Since
the value of the return credit offered when upgrading to a
Series 68 may be different than that offered when
upgrading to a Series 70, the value of the promotional
discount may vary depending on the system returned
(exceptions are specified on the next page).
As with a new system order, an order for a Series 70
field upgrade with 4 Mbytes of memory must be added to
the 32468CH box swap system order, on a separate section. An M05 promotional discount wdl then be added to
reduce the price of the field upgrade and memory to zero
For HP Use Only
March 1, 1986
Information Systems
New sales aids for HP 3000
dollars. The appropriate promotional discounts, along
with an ordering example, are shown below.
Series 68
Rollover Program
M05 Discount
Carol TillockICSY
- 22,100
- 19,600
- 41.100
- 22,785
32468CH with Opt. 609
32468CH with Opt. 616
32468CH with Opt. 619
32468CH with Opt. 622
Series 68 Rollover - box swap upgrade example
US list
Qty. PIN
base price
32468CH Upgrade to Series 68
$182,300 $180,920
with 4 Mbytes
Opt. 616 Upgrade from Series
48 with 1Mbyte
M05 Promotional
(1 9,600) (19,600)
Series 68B, C to
Series 70 Field
M05 Promotional
Opt. 500 4 Mbytes (required)
M05 Promotional
Net discounted price
Check the "Series 70 Sales Guide" for product details.
Only one promotional program per order is allowed. The
March 1 Corporate Price List is the final guide if there
are price discrepancies.
March 1, 1986
Use these new sales aids to help sell HP 3000 systems to
your customers. Ranging from high-level customer brochures and primers to t e c h c a l data sheets and the
General Information Manual (GIM), they are designed to
help you in all stages of the sales cycle.
Today's Solutions, Tomorrow's Foundation: HP 3000. An
updated version of our current management brochure.
Targeted at business managers or executives, this brochure focuses on HP 3000 solutions.
The Next Generation . . . and Beyond: 900 Series Brochure. Highlights the contributions made by the Series
930 and Series 950 to the HP 3000 famdy. It is intended
for MISIDP managers and other more technically oriented customers.
Carrying on the Family Tradition: 900 Series Inquiry
Response Flier. Overviews the key features and benefits
of the Series 930 and 950 systems. Intended as a first
response to press- or ad-generated customer inquiries.
Information Management Brochure. Describes HP's rich
information-management environment (including
ALLBASE, System Dictionary, and the applicationdevelopment products) and how the products work
together to solve business problems. Intended for MIS/
DP professionals.
HP 3000 Systems: Migrating to the 900 Series. A presales guide explaining the migration process. Intended for
current HP 3000 customers considering a Series 930 or
950 purchase.
HP Precision Architecture -A New Perspective.
Presents a high-level discussion of HP's new RISC-based
architecture and the technological changes that have
made RISC the obvious choice for new systems.
Intended to give customers an introduction to HP's new
Relational Technology -A Productivity Solution. A
primer on relational database-management systems.
Provides a high-level discussion of the relational structure
and its advantages. It is applicable to both HPSQLN and
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Information Systems
ALLBASE, and wdl give your customers a solid foundation in the principles and advantages of relational
Migation to the 900 Series. An overview of HP's migration strategy and a demonstration of the steps for moving
to the Series 930. It includes customer testimonials from
a Hewlett-Packard division and from ASK on the migration process. Intended for customers considering an
upgrade from a current HP 3000 to the Series 930.
HP Precision Architecture. Intended as a lead-off or closing piece for Series 930 and 950 seminars, this sevenminute video presents a brief overview of RISC as a scientific and historical process.
ALLBASE. An introduction to HP's unique, dualinterface database-management system for the Series 930
and 950 systems. This two-to-three-minute video shows
the exceptional advantages of HP's new DMBS.
Data sheets
Data sheets are available for the HP 3000 Series 70 and
Series 930, HP Precision Archtecture, Migration to the
Series 930 or Series 950, and MPE XL.
lnfornzation Managencent Specifications Guzde. This compilation of data sheets provides technical informat~on
about databases, tools, languages, and application
development for all HP 3000 products.
900 Series Networking Specification Guide Supplement.
This set of data sheets provides technical specifications
on the AdvanceNet products for HP 3000 Series 930 and
950 systems.
General Information Manual. System-wide technical
information written in easy-to-digest language for
customers evaluating t e c h c a l aspects of system
HPSI;)LII/ CustoncerField Dento. (Available in the near
HPSQLIV Performance Brief. (Available in the near
Information Systems &
Sales aid summary
Sales Aid
HP 300U Management
900 Senes Brochure
900 Series Inquuy Response
Mimatine to the 900 Series*
HP Precision Architecture
Kelational Technology
Migration to the 900 Series
HP Precis~onArch~tecture
Data Sheets
PDJiordering information
Distribution Center (LDC)
Corporate Parts Center
Corporate Parts Center
Literature Distribution
Series 70
Series 930
HP Precision Architecture
Migration to the 900 Series
Data Mgmt Spec Guide
SOU Series Networking
Specification Guide
General Information Manual*
HPSQLiV Field Demo*
HPSQLiV Petiormance Brief*
*Availablein the near future.
For HP Use Only
March 1. 1986
Information Systems
Commercial value-add'ed
suppliers to receive special
Spectrum program field training
Gina FerrarilISG
Value-added suppliers are an important extension of HP's
sales force and represent a growing part of our business
(over 40 percent of commercial sales in FY85). In an
effort to train HP value-added suppliers on Spectrum
program products, the Information Systems Group (ISG)
Value-Added Supplier Marketing Group, in conjunction
with Computer Systems Division Product Marketing, has
ensured that appropriate special editions of Spectrum
program field-training materials be sent to key contacts of
commercial value-added suppliers. This wdl help them
gain an intimate knowledge of the new HP Precision
Architecture product line and HP's sales strategies.
The package of special edited materials included primers,
the straight-talk cassette, sales briefs, sales guides,
various data sheets, and other customer literature. The
materials were tailored t o the thd-party audience and
did not include sensitive mformation. Third-party sales
reps should refer to the ISG mail message concerning the
Spectrum program announcement for a list of fieldtraining-manual sections not included in the third-party
mailer and how to present this dormation on an individual basis.
Shortly after announcement, the Value-Added Supplier
Product Training Class wdl be updated to include a module on the Spectrum program. This class d further
enhance the skills of value-added suppliers in marketing
the new HP 3000 Series 930 and 950 systems.
Fast Start: programs to
help third parties migrate
to HP Precision Architecture
Kathy WeilerlCS Y
Early information
On a need-to-know basis, HP d provide technical documentation to third parties who need to prepare for migration t o the Series 930. Starting in the summer of 1986,
HP will make Beta-quality documentation available to
third parties who need to know about the Series 930
prior to MR. A Fast Start Early Information Sales Training Manual will be sent to thd-party sales reps in April,
1986, with complete program details and dormation on
how to enroll your t h d parties. In the meantime, refer
to the Migration Sales Guide for more information.
Early access
A limited number of prominent HP 3000 third parties
have been selected to be given technical information and
planning assistance for migration to the Series 930. In
addition, HP will provide them with access to Series 930
systems. What does this mean? It means we will help
them migrate their software to the 930 before the system
is generally available to end-user customers. Your
customers may have their critical thud-party software
available very soon after they receive their new
Series 930.
The participating thu-d parties were selected based on a
variety of criteria, including (1)size of their installed
base, (2) nature of their relationship with HP, (3) the
strategic value of their products, and (4) the orientation
of their installed base toward the high end of the HP 3000
product line. Selected third parties include suppliers of
HP 3000 system tools, operations software, and applications software. Please note: the selections have already
been made and we are not acceptingfurther nominations.
Who are we working with?
We have selected about twenty-five thu-d parties to work
with in the "Early Access" portion of the program. To
date, we have signed confidential disclosure agreements
with ASK, Collier-Jackson, Cognos, Comserv, and
Tymlabs, and are in some stage of negotiation with the
remainder. We will keep you mformed, via Infomation
Systems & Manufacturing News, as we sign up additional
participants. Please keep in mind that our third parties
are operating under confidential disclosure agreements
and will not be at liberty to discuss the details of the
Early Access Program or the Series 930 system.
Do your customers want their third-party applications to
run on the HP 3000 Series 930 before they receive their
systems? Of course they do. We know it, and we're
working to help that happen before we .start to ship systems. How? Through the Commercial Fast Start Earlv
Information and ~ a rAccess
l ~ Progra~ns.
March 1, 1986
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
I nforma-lionSystems
4 9 Announcing excellent
mid-range HP 3000 price
Galy GubitzlOSD
Mid-range price and structure changes for HP 3000
Series 4X and 5X are consistent with the aggressive
pricelperformance improvements in the high end of the
HP 3000 family.
Series 58 price reduction
The price on the Series 58 has been reduced by almost
$20,000. On the March 1 Corporate Price List you will
see these exciting price reductions:
Series 58
Series 58
Box Swap
Previous price
New reduced price
base price
list base price
The Series 42, 48, and 58 systems provide additional
savings through nezv add-on memory options. These
options are priced 20 percent below the list price of these
standard memory arrays. For the Series 42 and the
Series 48, add-on 1-Mbyte memory options are available.
For the Series 58, add-on 2-Mbyte memory options are
available. Here are the specifics:
New option
S e n e s 42 C32542H)
Optlon 501
Series 42
BOYSwap 132542811) Opt~nn501
Add-on I-Mbyte Array
Add-on I-Mbyte Array
i ,OIX)
Option 501
Series 48 (3254881
S e n e s 48
Box Swap (3254RI3H) Opt~onXI1
Add-on I-Mbyte Array
Add-on I-Mbyte Arrav
S e n e s 58 (3255XA)
Optlon 502
S e n e s 58
Box Swap (3255XAHl Opt~onW 2
Add-on 2-Mbylr h a y
Add-on 2-Mhytc Array
5 7.000
Delete memory option for Series 4 2 X P l 5 8
upgrades orderable July 1
Additional memory is a significant component when
upgrading to a Series 42XP or 58, and therefore has been
These upgrades can be ordered without the standard
memory today with Delete 2-Mbyte Array (Opt. 195) for
a savings of $7,500. Keep in mind however, that for the
promotion period March 1 to June 30 you do not want to
order this option, since you will be getting the memory
"free" ( see "Power Plus '86 promotions include HP 3000
Series 42XPl58 field upgrades" below). Even after June
30, we recommend that only those customers purchasing
the DMD controller cache consider deleting memory on
the upgrade.
Power Plus '86
promotions include HP 3000
Series 42XPl58 field upgrades
Galy GubztzlOSD
Note: The price ofthc Series 58 as doczimented in the Series 70
Sales Training Manual is incorrect. The correct price is as stated
aboue at $75,000.
System memory options priced 20 percent
below list
Product (PIN)
included standard in these upgrade products. The new
Disc Memory Division (DMD) controller cache products
provide additional memory on the controller and may
meet the memory need for some Series 42XPi58 upgrade
customers (see "Added horsepower for HP 3000s from
the HP 793x disc drives" on page 46).
From March 1 thru June 30, 1986, save $7,500 on
HP 3000 Series 42XP and 58 field upgrades.
As part of the Power Plus '86 Promotions, the 42XPl58
Field Upgrades are now available to your mid-range
customers at a savings of $7,500, representing approximately 20 percent off the US list price. This $7.500 savings is equivalent to getting the currently standard 2Mbyte memory array for free. Starting March 1 you are
able to delete the standard memory with Option 195 for a
$7,500 reduction. With this promotion, however, you do
not want to order Option 195. (This offering is not to be
confused with getting a second 2-Mbyte memory board).
With hundreds of these powerful upgrades already
installed, and a great track record of satisfaction (99 percent of current installations), you can have confidence
selling these upgrades to your custoniers. Of the 99 percent satisfied, 3 percent have upgraded to a Series 68.
They needed a Series 68 but had hoped that a 25-percent-plus performance boost would let them delay additional system purchases; in these cases, they found that
even a 25-percent-plus performance boost wasn't
enough, so they went to a Series 68.
Your field marketing teams will be receiving a direct
mailer for your customers highlighting this promotion.
Yet, since there is a time limit, you may not want to wait
Information Systems &
For HP Use Only
March 1. 1986
Information Systems
for your customers to call you. Details will also be available in the Series 70 Field Training Manual.
The following overview applies to the US only. In Europe
and Intercon, check with pour local Country Marketing
Organization for product applicability and conditions. Specific ordering procedures for Europe will be issued by
Here are the specifics:
March 1 to June 30, 1986
Availability: 2 weeks
Shipments: March 1 to July 15, 1986
(February shipments are allso eligible)
Note: Office Systems Division OIP will be notifying sales
reps with eligible customer orderslshipments. For orders
shipped i n February, you would need to notify your
customer and then submit a request for a credit and rebill.
For orders not yet shipped, you would need to notif). your
customer and then change your order to include the M 0 5
Promotional Adjustment of - $7,500.
Planned price increase on the
HP 3000 Series 48
Gary GubitzlOSD
The HP 3000 Series 58's increased performance over the
Series 48 has significantly reduced the order volumes for
the Series 48. One of the results of lower order volumes
is an increase in manufacturing costs to build fewer units.
And with the recently announced price decrease on the
Series 58, we expect this trend to accelerate.
We want to inform you of our plans to increase the price
on both the Series 48 system (PM 32548B) and Series
48 Box Swap (32548BH).
Although we are not affecting the March 1 Corporate
Price List (CPL), the Series 48 prices will be raised on
April's CPL, effective May 1, 1986.
Remember do not order the Delete 2-Mkvte Memory
Option, Opt. 195. Field OIP instructions are procided to
your OIP coordinators specifying not to o:rder Opt. 195
until after the promotion ends on June 30.
upgrading to Series 42XP
Series 42XP Upgrade
Opt. 042 Disc Cache credit
Series 48
Series 48
Box Swap
US list
base price
( - :7,500)
( - 7,500)
Series 58 Upgrade
Opt. 048 Disc Cache credit
US list
( - 2,500)
(- '7,500)
base price
( - 2,500)
( - 7,500)
Note: This $7,500 pronzotion also applies to Series 39, 40 and 44
customers upgrading to un HP 30550A Series 4ZXP or HP
30558A Series 58 Field Upgrade. This pron;!otion is not available
for those systems where the upgrade waslis returned under tht,
hloney-~ackreturn progra&.-
$67,500 $66,900 $75,000 $74,400
Outstanding quotes as of April 1 will be honored through
their valid timeframe. However, you may want to recommend an order for the higher performing Series 58.
Here's why:
Series 5 8 Series 4 8
Series 4 8 customer upgrading to Series 5 8
April 1 CPL
effective May 1
US list
US list
US list price:
$67,500 (increase to
$75,000 on
April 1 CPL)
4 Mbytes
2 Mbytes
The Series 58 is the high performance solution at a, now
reduced, midrange price. You can sell it with confidence.
Now is the time to offer attractivelv ~ r i c e d42XP158
upgrades that give your customersahigh-performance
solution for their mid-range systems.
March 1. 1986
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Added horsepower for HP 3000s
from the HP 793X disc drives
Ray AhrenslDMD
Do you have HP 3000 customers who need extra performance from their systems? Disc Memory Division has
just released an enhancement to the HP 7933B and
7935H disc drives that can decrease the average access
time by 30 to 50 percent when used in a typical HP 3000
computer-system application. This could increase total
system throughput (as measured in transactions per hour
or disc I/Os per second) by 15 percent or more.
The enhancement is called "controller cache" and is available in the new HP 7933XP and HP 7935XP disc drives.
It is also available as a field upgrade kit (P/N 97930XP)
for existing HP 7933Hs and 7935Hs. Keep in mind that
this cache is resident in the disc drive and should not be
confused with MPE disc cache, which was released in the
spring of 1984 on the MPE V operating system.
Controller cache is supported only on the HP 3000 system with versions T and later of MPE V/E. The candidates for controller cache are those applications where
performance is of the utmost concern.
To find out if controller cache is right for your customers'
system, refer to the HP 7933XPi7935XP General Information Manual (PIN 5953-3670) and the Application
Engineering Manual (PIN 5953-3672). Please call your
local Sales Response Center for assistance in this area.
problem since the vast majority of orders are already for
1 Mbyte or greater.
The new products are HP 32459A ($15,000 US list) and
HP 32450C ($21,600 US list). Tables 1 and 2 present the
features of these new products compared to their predecessors. The changes to the Series 37A are: minimum
memory support is now 1 Mbyte, the ATP is no longer
included (ATPM must be ordered separately), HP
installation is included, and an optimized manual set is
included (Table 1). After adding products and deleting the
ATP the net effect represents an SPU price that is $300
greater. This has a very small impact on the overall system price (about 1 percent) and should not affect your
selling efforts.
I M h v c anm
drll 5 )Ihr(r
9 1 P M ",a*, 1,l.
liidrrcd *rwrrreli
tl'N I112W14 i IIPIIIIIII \ Y I
hl, rhanw
Ht' ~n~lallnl#c!n
Table 1
Please note that only the ATPIM is supported as the terminal controller for both of these systems. With the inclusion of HP installation, the A T P M is now supported on
T-Delta-2 MIT or later MITs.
The changes to the Series 37XE are: the ATP is no
longer included (ATPIlM must be ordered separately),
and an optimized manual set is included (Table 2).
New product structure for
HP 3000 Series 37A and 37XE
David WertheimIOSD
Effective March 1, 1986, Office Systems Division (OSD)
announces a new product structure for the Series 37A
and 37XE. These products have been restructured to
provide configurations with better performance and are
more consistent with the rest of the HP 3000 product
line. The Series 37 has become an excellent low-end system for penetrating branch-office, departmentalcomputing, and vertical-market customers, and the following changes will make it even easier to sell, configure,
and order.
Based on your input regarding the performance of
M-Mbyte Series 37s, we have decided to ensure
customer satisfaction by requiring 1 Mbyte of main memory as a minimum. This should not present much of a
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Table 2
Customers of both these systems that require the full HP
3000 manual set can order PIN 30380M ($500 US list), or
individual manuals which are available from Direct Marketing Division (DMK).
Note: The H P 32449A will remain on the Corporate Price
List for the next few months so you can close any pending
sales situations that require either % Mbyte of main memoly or customer installabilib.
These changes bring the ordering procedures for the
Series 37 back in line with the rest of the HP 3000 family, while providing viable systems that your customers
For HP Use Only
March 1. 1986
Information Systems
can easily order and install. The Series 37 continues to be
a strong contender in the low-end marl<etplace.
Remarketed systems with HP
financing - the winning
Carolian Systems helps you sell
Que FooriFRD
Stan TimslCS Y
Many customers still don't know that HP provides direct
financing not only for new products but: also for
remarketed products. In fact, the combination of
remarketed hardware and attractive firlancing plans can
help you overcome budget obstacles and close pricesensitive accounts.
For example, for as little as $1,147 to $1,400 per month,
your customer can own either a complete Series 40R- or
Series 44R-based system. Stressing the low monthly
payments could be just the angle you rieed to help you
close the deal.
System Solution
Series 44R with flexible CPU
and peripheral options**
Bundled remarketed
Series 40R with options to
add disc and terminals +
i c e
5-yr Lease
$ 1,400
$ 1,147
"Rate effective February 1986 -2.155 percent per month.
**See the December 15, 1985, issue of Con~puterNews (page 11)
for details.
+See the Februaly 1, 1986, issue of Computer News (Page 131
for details.
Here are some important facts about HP financing:
Financing is offered on all HP hardware and software
products, as well as third-party software.
HP financing, funded through HewLett-Packard Financing Company, offers your customeirs very competitive
rates with flexible payment plans. (Remember to get
your sales finance rep involved in every sale situation
that calls for financing.)
Long-term leases such as the five-.year lease (lease
with option to purchase) has many excellent features:
low monthly rates. 10 percent purchase option at end
credit flexibility, and payof term, 1n;estment
ments expensed for tax purposes.
Other HP financing plans are also available: Operating
Leases, Installment Contracts, Government Financing,
and Full Service Rentals.
March 1, 1986
Remarketed systems with HP financing can be your winning combination. With Finance and Remarketing Division's wide range of remarketed equipment and financing
plans, HP can meet your customer's hardware and budget needs.
Carolian Systems would like to help you sell Silhouettel3000. The original developer and seller of the
product has been very successful selling this product to
I-IP 3000 customers. Carolian Systems would like to
extend its services t o aid you in generating Silhouette1
3000 sales. Carolian is wdling to pass along its successful
sales experience to you in the following ways:
1) Reference Accounts - Carolian Systems maintains a
reference list of all Silhouette13000 installations.
2) Demonstrations - Carolian is wilhg to demonstrate
Silhouette on its two HP 3000 systems in a controlled
system-failure environment.
3) Consulting - In some situations, Carolian personnel
are available to provide sales and technical consulting
for you and your customers. Such consulting could
include devising sales strategies and recommending
innovative methods of implementation. Consulting wdl
be billed on a time and materials basis.
4) KSAMIMPE - Silhouette13000 duplicates IMAGE
and TurboIMAGE databases on other HP 3000 systems. Carolian Systems offers a complementary product, which duplicates KSAM and MPE files as well.
Silhouette13000 has been a successful product for Carolian Systems. Ian Campbell, president of Carolian Systems views the selling environme:it as wide open to HP
sales reps: "Now that Silhouette/3000 is exclusively sold
and supported by HP, I am confident that Silhouette sales
wdl not only continue to flourish, but grow significantly.
We at Carolian Systems would like to assist the HP sales
force in making Silhouette sales quick and easy."
Carolian Systems has found that sales of Silhouette13000
not only result in orders for the software, but also sales
of additional SPUs, discs, data-communications products,
terminals, peripherals and system software. For further
information on how Carolian Systems can help you make
quota in 1986 with Silhouette/3000, please contact Ian
Aldwinckle, sales manager of Carolian Systems, at
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
I nforma-tionSystems
Announcing the HP 3000
Software Support Configurator
Configure software support accurately
SSCl3000 auton~aticallydetermines category and family
support products and support product numbers. The softAmy TinglPRSD
ware also includes numerous edit checks to insure the
accuracy of your configuration. For example, you no
In response to overwhelming field demand, Product Suplonger have to worry about forgetting media options or
port Division (PRSD) has developed a prototype softwaremissing a datacom link since SSCl3000 will remind you if
support-configuration tool for HP 3000 systems called the
these support products are missing. SSCl3000 also
Software Support Configuratorl3000 (SSCl3000). With
includes budgetary support prices for your convenience.
this tool you can configure software support quickly and
However, for a firm HP quotation you will still need to
accurately. The prototype SSCl3000 available this month
contact your quotes coordinator.
uses a LotusB [email protected] format and runs on the
Configure support with the latest
HP Touchscreen and the Portable PLUS personal compusupport-productinformation
ters. SSCl3000 does not replace HP's formal quotation
A new Lotus file will be distributed to you monthly to
process. However, it allows you to save valuable time in
insure that your configurations reflect the latest support
configuring software support.
product information. These updates will be available in
This initial SSCi3000 release has been field tested in the
the field the first of the month. Whde developing the final
US, Europe, and Canada and provides you with an easyversion of SSCl3000, PRSD will make changes necessary
to-use tool to meet your immediate software-supportto ensure the accuracy of this tool.
configuration needs. A longer-term project is also underHow to obtain a copy of the Software Support
way to develop a fully supported version with enhanced
Your personal copy of the Software Support ConjiguraConfigure software support quickly and
tor13000 User Guide (PIN 5958-7348) will amve on your
desk soon. This manual contains handy glossaries of user
With the Software Support Configuratorl3000 you can
prompts and error messages, as well as detailed mformahave a support configuration in ten minutes or less for
tion on how to load the Lotus file and troubleshoot configmost systems. Since SSCl3000 runs on the Portable
uration problems.
PLUS, you can configure support at a customer's site. In
One copy of SSCl3000 is being distributed to US district
addition, it allows you to change the level of support at
managers, area engineering operation DMs, and area
the push of a button to recalculate a configuration. A samadrnin managers early this month. SSCl3000 d l be
ple configuration for a mid-range, general-purpose
released in Europe and Intercon in early April. Re sure to
development system is presented below.
contact your manager to obtain a copy of this time-saving
sales tool.
Future configuration tools
Samp:- SSCl3000 Output
This release of SSCl3000 provides you with an easy-toP w d u c t Number
use tool to meet your immediate configuration needs. A
AHS - MPE - Y / I - Lip3000 S e r i e s 4 8
project is underway at PRSD to address short-term and
( S I N Updates delivered an 1500 b p l rnannetic t a p e "
HMS - O l i c C a c h l n q
longer-term field configuration needs for software sup99081B+C00
Languaqe Cateao-y
SMS - Ea:TC1?033
port. In the short run, PRSD will develop configuration
SMS - SPLl3000
for technical systems and will enhance the supCAT - P r o d u c t l v . t y Tools C a t e g o r y
SMS - q P : o o l s ~ t l Y
portability of the HP 3000 configurator. Longer term,
SMS - D r o g r a n e r P r o d . Pack
CUT - DdtaClm C Category
PRSD hopes to integrate the support configuration tools
SMS - DS Srrvlce
SMS - Y . ? i l i n k
the broader systems architecture. Until this longUMS
O f f l r a Farnilv
SMS - - r ~ i e s k < a n a ~ e r
term system solution is available, the Software Support
CAT - O f f l i p T o l ' r Categc-y
SHS - H P B u i l n e i i G r a p h l c r
Configuratorl3000 will provide the extra help you need to
HP Trend for AYS C e n t r a : System
easily configure HP 3000 software support.
LotlcsNand 1-2-3'kare US registered tradenzarks qf Lotus
T h e r e p r l c e r are i t r b j e c ! t. chance without n o t i c e and do n o t l n r l u d p
Development Corp.
d ~ ~ l l c a h lrnles
t a r e s . T h l r d o c u n e n t i r NOT an official
H e w l e t t - P a c k d r d q l l o t a t ~ n ror s t a t e w e l t of a c t u a l 5 l i ~ p o r . t c a r t s an<
should o n l y b? used 'or BUDGE-ARV rnftvare support q u o t a t ~ n n r . 7 h l s
i o n f i g ~ r d t i r lw~a~s p r o d u c e d hy t h e S.lftwa.-e Support C o n f i g u r a t i l - t 3 0 0 0
P - o t o t y p e Version A . 0 1 . 0 0 , and r . ' l e c t s
March 1 , 1986 CPL p r l r e r .
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
For HP 1J s e Onlv
March 1, 1986
Information Systems
Service training for H:P7978
and HP 3000 Series 68
Wei HuanglPRSD
Hardware maintenance training courses on the HP 7978
and the HP 3000 Series 68 are now available at the
Customer Service Training Center in lvlountain View,
HP 7978 Hardware Service Training (]>IN99074A) is four
days in length, priced at $1,200, and available March 17
to 20 or May 19 to 22. 1986.
HP 3000 Series 68 Hardware Service 'Training (P/N
99075A) is five davs in lenpth., ~. r i c e dat $2.500. and is
available May 19 tb 22, 1986. Because of the advanced
technology of the HP 3000 Series 68 service course, students must complete System Operator (P/N 22807C) and
HP 300013Xl4X Service Training (PIN 35022A) prior to
taking the course.
Both of the new courses ~ r o v i d eservice ~ersonnelwith
the latest product maintenance and repair technology
using hands-on laboratory work and intensive classroom
For further information regarding these courses, contact
the Customer Training Center at TELIVET 960-5300 or
start-up phase and for any issues that are likely to arise in
the customer's first six months with the new system.
his consulting service dl save a great deal of time,
money, and frustration if delivered with every new HP
3000 sold. In fact, the areas that have been selling this
with every new HP 3000 can not understand how
customers in other areas get along without it.
Ordering information
3 9 ~
HP 3000 Installation Management
Quick Reference Operations
Manual (orderable from SDC)
Improved HP 3000 Installation
Management product
Mickey FriedmanlASD
HP 3000 Installation Management is a consulting service
provided by the application engineering operation to help
new HP 3000 customers prepare for their upcorning system implementation. The key deliverat~lein this service
is the new Quick Reference Operations ,Wanual that tells
the customer all the basic information needed to prepare
for and productively run their H P 3000.
This operations manual covers all of the following topics:
basic application planning, performance variables, account
structure, system startup methods, system backup,
problem management, disaster recovery plan, HP support for the HP 3000, and more.
A big thanks goes out to the team of Rockvllle, Maryland,
systems engineers who revised the operations manual to
make it current and applicable to todiy7:scustomers and
their issues.
In addition to the operations manual,. a systems
will spend one day helping the customel: prepare for the
March 1, 1986
Announcing corporate site
license program for HP
Marc BurchlPSD
Hewlett-Packard has taken a leadership position in offering customers a coruorate site license program with savings to over 75 perLent (new site license discount plus
customer purchase agreements) off US list price. HP is
the first of the major computer manufacturers to
announce such a program for its corporate accounts,
OEMs, and educational customers. This is a worldwide
This innovative program is part of HP's Personal Productivity Center office strategy - the focus being to provide
software solutions to HP's customers at a reasonable
What site licensing provides
The customer is allowed to reproduce a specific number
of copies of a software product from a master disc
provided by HP. The right to reproduce the software
may be purchased in increments, starting at 50 and going
over 5,000 copies.
continued on next page
For HP Use Only
Infom~ationSystems &
Manufacturing News
I nformc~tion
Ordering information
Part numbers for ordering today are:
Software schedule 1986
Customer purchase Site discount
Quantity agreement ( A l , A 9 )
5,000 and up
= 43
= 46
= 70
= 75
Call factory for special quote
Corporate program structure
For each group of 50, the customer receives one master
disc, one right-to-reproduce licence, five sets of documentation (10% of quantity ordered), 50 right-to-use
license for each end user, and 50 serialized color labels
with customer name.
For customers who don't have the capabilities or desire
to reproduce the software, HP d l reproduce the software for a fixed price. Customers may also purchase
additional documentation as part of this program.
Available products
This program today includes HP's proprietary software
for the HP Touchscreen and Vectra personal computers.
Strategic software products (such as Gallery, AdvanceLmk, HP ~ e s s a ~ Print
e ; Central, etc.) are products that
customers need to integrate productivity into the office.
The following products dl be available March 1, 1986.
HP Touchscreen
HP Vectra
AdvanceLink 2392
Executive MernoMaker
Executive Card Manager
HP Access
Executive MernoMaker
Executive Card Manager
HP Access
Gallery Collection
Information Systems &
HP Touchscreen HP Vectra
Customer reproduces the software on discs r Q ' 7
HP Access
Executive MemoMaker
Exective Card Manager
AdvanceLink 239'2
Gallery Collection
HP reproduces software on discs ("S7
HP Access
Executive MernoMaker
Executive Card Manager
Gallery Collection
Documentation only (''Ti
Quanhb = 5 sets
HP Access
Executive MernoMaker
Executive Card Manager
Gallery Collection
If you have any questions or any sales opportunities, contact Marc Burch at Personal Software Division, HPDesk
HPDGOOIIM, or telephone 408-773-6348.
Presentation/demopack for
HP PPC integration with
Heather WilsoniOPD
Follow-on products being reviewed are: HPWord for the
HP Touchscreen, Gallery Collection for HP Vectra,
ExecuDesk for the HP Touchscreen, Executive Spreadsheet, HP Message for HP Vectra and Touchscreen,
Executive Card Manager for the Portable PLUS, Executive MemoMakeriTime Manager for the Portable PLUS,
Print Central, and others.
Product name
Have you ever needed to present or demonstrate HP's
electronic-mailing products and wished you had a useful
sales tool designed for this purpose? .4 new presentation,'
demopack has been designed to help you successfully sell
the latest releases of office products from Office Productivity Division (OPD).
Included in the kit are slides, presentation material and
demonstration scripts for HPDeskManager A.03.01,
HPMessage 11, and HPConvertiDCA. This combination
of products allows the integration of the IBMiPC - running IBM word processing software - with the HP Personal Productivity Center (HP PPC).
This pack provides the material necessary to be able to
effectively present and demonstrate one or all of these
For HP Use Only
March 1. 1986
Information Systems
three products. T o order your copy, send an HPDesk
message to Heather Wilson (HP1600i02) to a m v e no
later than March 31, 1986. The price for this pack is $60.
HP combines the power of
The Graphics Gallery and
HP 3000-based graphics
Paula DielilPSD
HP Graphics Curator13000 enables customers to convert
graphic images between the Gallery format, used by HP's
personal-computer-based applications (Drawing Gallery,
Charting Gallery), and the Figure format, used by HP
3000-based a ~ ~ l i c a t i o (HPDraw.
~ ~ E a s ~ c h a ;HPMap).
' ~ r a ~ h i c~uratori3000
an easy-to-use VPLUS user interface and direct access
from AdvanceLink command files or MPE user-defined
commands (UDCs). The design of Graphics Curatori3000
allows HP applications to read uploaded Gallery files or
downloaded Figure files with little or no modifications.
This all adds up to a signhcant competitive advantage for
you. No other vendor provides such a comprehensive
business-graphics solution.
Primary benefit
The primary benefit of HP Graphics Curator13000 is to
allow existing HP 3000 graphics users the ability to
download their many custom figures (for some
customers, numbering in the hundreds) to Drawing Gallery for further editing and plotting for presentations, and
inclusion in Executive MemoMaker documents for
merged text and graphics. This can result in a savings of
hundreds of man-years invested in the creation of
customized figures.
Pictures from the picture libraries or those created using
Drawing or Charting Gallery can also b'e uploaded to the
HP 3000 and converted to figures for use in HPDraw,
HPMap, or in a TDPi3000 or HPWord document.
Increased productivity
HP Graphics Curatori3000 provides customers with a
tremendous productivity advantage. Graphics users can
offload some graphics creation time to the workstation.
They still have access to the multiuser environment of
the HP 3000, with more file storage for figure and basemap libraries, and production-graphics capability with
DSGi3000. This provides the user with more flexibility
and faster turnaround.
Target market
Sell HP Graphics Curatori3000 to your customers currently using HP 3000 Graphics product!;. This enables
March 1, 1986
them to begin migrating graphics to the workstation - a
better solution for screen-intensive applications. CPU
resources are then offloaded.
The Office Graphics Bundle, which includes HP Graphics
Curator13000 and five copies of the Gallery Collection, is
the perfect solution for customers who haven't yet been
introduced to the highly successful Graphics Gallery
products but would like to offload graphics creation to the
workstation. Purchase of the Office Graphics Bundle is a
15 percent discount of the total product value. See details
HP leads the way in graphics
HP Graphics Curatori3000 provides a capability unavailable from any other office vendor. HP allows graphics
users an easy way to combine the power of the HP 3000
multiuser environment with the performance benefits of
the standalone workstation.
HP Graphics Curator13000 strengthens HP PPC
HP Graphics Curator13000 is another critical element in
the overall HP Personal Productivity Center strategy.
Instead of relying on the HP 3000 for all computing
needs, HP Graphics Curatori3000 makes it easy for your
customers to access the inherent power of the personal
computer. Graphics can be generated much more quickly
with the help of the dedicated microprocessor of a personal computer. HP Graphics Curator13000 reflects our
commitment to maximize user productivity through intelligent allocation of computing tasks.
Ordering information
HP Graphics Curator13000 is available as a standalone
product for $2,500 (PIN 36926A) and $1,750 for the right
to copy (PIN 36926R). The A product must be ordered
with one of the following options: Option 310 for Series
37 computers, $1,000; Option 320 for the upgrade from
Option 310 to 320, $1,500; Option 320 for all other HP
3000 computers. The R product options are: Option 310
for $1,000; Option 315 for $750, Option 320 for $1,750.
Discount offer
HP Graphics Curatori3000 can also be purchased as the
"Office Graphics Bundle" for $4,500 (PIN 36929A), which
includes HP Graphics Curatori3000 and five copies of the
Gallery Collection for the HP Touchscreen personal computer (PIN 45487A). For HP Graphics Curatori3000
right-to-copy and five copies of the Gallery Collection
right-to-use, the bundle is available for $3,200 (PIN
36929R). The price of the bundle is a 15percent discount
of the total product value.
HP Graphics Curatori3000 and the Office Graphics Bundle are available for ordering now. The software is available on the T-Delta-4 MIT.
For HP Use Only
Infom~ationSystems &
Manufacturing News
Information Systems
TDPl3000 self-paced training
Office Tools Family becomes
Office Tools Category
Anne SummerfieldiOPD
Amy TinglPRSD
Field training for HP's powerful text editor and formatter,
TDPi3000, is going self-paced.
From March 1986, TDP will no longer be taught on the
AE280 field training course. If you need to learn TDP, a
self-paced course including exercises is available from
Office Productivity Division (OPD) Field Training. The
course covers: TDP Overview, Installation, Configuration, Integration, Custornization, Performance, and Basic
Problem Solving.
To order this course send an HPDesk message including
your name and full mail address to: Anne Summerfield,
OPD Field Training, HP1600102.
Effective March 1, 1986, the Office Tools Family has
been repositioned as the Office Tools Category. This
change was made to better meet customer's support
delivery needs.
Customer and field feedback indicates that Category Support can more effectively address support needs for
Office Tools software than Family support. Why?
Office Tools Category software is less complex than
the software in the Office Family. Consequently, support is more effectively delivered as part of FOS.
Since updates to Office Tools software are included in
the MIT process, separate release planning sessions
are incorporated into FOS planning sessions for effective use of the customer's time.
Thus, by repositioning the Office Tools Family to the
Office Tools Category, HP will provide customers with a
more appropriate support solution.
Specific changes to Office Tools support products and
prices are listed below.
Products removed from the CPL effective March 1,
AdvanceWrite self-paced
training available
Anne SummerfieldiOPD
Will you be supporting AdvanceWrite? Are you receiving
calls from customers about AdvanceWrite? Do you need
information now?
Well, Pinewood Field Training can help you. We're
developing a self-paced training course for AdvanceWrite.
The course covers these topics: Marketing information,
Configuration, Performance, Integration, Custornization,
and Problem solving.
The first part of the course covers theory and is available
right now. You 4 1 not need the software to study this
part, so you can work in your own time and study just the
sections that apply to your own job role. Part two will
include practical exercises and will be available when the
software is distributed.
Just the sort of information you need? Then send an
HPDesk message with your name andfull postal address
to Anne Summerfield, Pinewood Field Training,
HP 1600102.
Part two 4 1 be advertised in Information Systems &
ManufacturingNews as soon as it is available.
Infomlation Systerns &
Manufacturing News
US list
99106B +TOO
99106B + HOO
99106B + VOO
AMS - Office Tools Family
RCS - Office Tools Family
Extended Family Support Office Tools Family
New Products on the CPL effective March 1. 1986:
99106B + COO
99106B + VOO
Category Support
- Office Tools Category
Extended Category Support
- Office Tools Category
Products that did not change:
Manual Update Service (MUS) for products in the Office
Tools Category will continue to be ordered at the individual product level.
For HP Use Only
March 1, 1986
l nformation Systems
The following Office Tools Family software products are
affected by this change:
HPBusiness Graphics
HPSpell (US)
HPSpell (2 Dictionary)
HPSpell (Add-on Dictionary)
Do you have HP LaserJet printer customers who have
been asking for an "Orator" font, large "Helv-like"
characters, or who want columns that will align when preparing overhead slides? Well, HP now has the HP
92286R Presentations 1 cartridge (PIN 92286R, US list
price $330) that will meet all these needs.
Based on Letter Gothic (a
Letter G O ~ ~ I C
straight font h e Helv but
withfixed spacing), the HP
92286R cartridge consists of
several large fonts designed
specificallyYforoverhead presentation purposes in portrait br landscape orientation
Like the "Orator" for typewriters, lower-case letters are
presented as small caps. With the cartridge installed, the
following fonts can be accessed:
Letter Gothic 14 Point Regular; Presentations 14 Point
Bold; Presentations 16 Point Bold; Presentations 18
Point Bold; IBM PC Line Draw 14 Point; HP Line Draw
14 Point; and Legal characters in 14, 16, and 18 Point
The user does not need to enter escape sequences when
selecting the default Presentations 14 point bold or IBM
PC Line Draw fonts. The other fonts can be selected
with short escape sequences which include the appropriate line spacing. This cartridge d l soon be supported by
software developers, eliminating the need to enter
escape sequences. For more information on a particular
package, the developer should be contacted.
Why would HP LaserJet printer users want to produce
overheads on the LaserJet printer? Speed is the answer.
The user installs the HP 92286R cartridge, enters the
text on a familiar word processor or editor, and prints the
output on the HP LaserJet printer. Overhead transparencies (PIN 922855) can be ordered from Direct Marketing
We have high expectations for this cartridge and expect it
to be one of the most popular cartridges on the market.
It should be a "must" for every LaserJet printer user
involved in preparing overhead presentations, e.g.
Po,n, Red
16 P C ~ , B
P n n Bcid
March 1, 1986
Larry HaleylBOI
14 P o , r l R r q u l a r
Office Tools Family no longer required for
HPDeskManager support
HPDeskManager contains both HPDesk and HPSlate.
Previously HPDesk customers were required to purchase the Office Farmly and the Office 'Tools Family. This
requirement has created a customer satisfaction issue,
particularly for customers that purchase HPDesk solely
for electronic mail functionality, and that have no other
software in the Office Tools Farmly.
In light of the repositioning of the Office Tools Family to
a Category, the Office Tools Family will no longer be
required to support the HPSlate portion of HPDesk. The
Office Family is now the only family required to support
HPDesk. The February 1, 1986 price increase to the
Office Family reflects, in part, this change in support
delivery costs for HPDeskManager.
Where to go for help?
If you have additional questions about these changes,
contact your Customer Support specialist at
HP LaserJet printer
presentations font cartridge
Linda Pamott
Fred Valdez
Tom Loupy
Annie Lee
Susan McCorrniclk
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Personal Computers
HP-IL Video Interface now
available in Europe
Chuck YortlDMO
For Europe only
The HP-IL Video Interface is now available in Europe.
This video interface offers users of HP-41, HP-71 and
HP-75 handheld computers access to the world of fullscreen display with 24 rows of 80 characters via any standard monitor, or 20 rows by 40 columns with any standard PAL television*. Many features are selected by the
user with simple software commands such as two character sets plus inverse video, scrolling of its internal twoscreen memory, and cursor type and movement.
The HP-IL Video Interface distributed in Europe by
Direct Marketing Operation (DMO) will be dealer discountable. Further information is available from D M 0 or
the latest Computer Users Catalog.
HP-IL Video Interface for
HP-IL Video Interface for
base price
*Use with standard television requires an RF modulator which
may be purchased from any dealer or electronics parts store.
HP Vectra PC direct-mai1begins
Debbie Vick-GarylIS&N Marcom
A new direct-mail campaign is being developed to help
heighten awareness and generate inquiries for the HP
Vectra PC. The objective is to reach target accounts that
are not currently HP customers. This campaign will coincide with the IHMlCompaq Trade-In Promotion. It wd1
serve to supplement your own direct-mail efforts by
informing even more prospects about the HP Vectra PC
and the trade-in promotion. The direct-mail package will
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
include a letter highlighting the benefits of the HP Vectra
PC, the HP Vectra PC flyer, and a business reply card.
The direct-mail campaign is largely aimed at MIS directors. Names were obtained from HP's Market Research
Center. Four titles were selected from each company:
Senior DP Manager, Office Automation Manager, Senior
Financial Officer, and TechnicaVHardware Evaluator.
Approximately 35,000 names were selected. Five thousand names were selected from P C World and Inc.
magazine to test our ability to reach personal-computer
end users. The mailing date is scheduled for mid-March.
If you have any questions about this direct-mail campaign,
please call Debbie Vick-Gary, direct mail coordinator, at
Dual serial RS-2321422
interface for HP Vectra PC now
Mzchel BartlGPCD
In September 1985, the HP 24540A seriaVparalle1 interface was introduced with the HP Vectra PC. It is mainly
intended for dealers who want to attach Centronics-type
printers. It features IBM-used connector type and sex.
The HP 24541A dual serial RS-2321422 interface has now
been introduced. It simplifies the Vectra PC connection
scheme when a mainframe link coexists with the connection of an RS-232 peripheral such as an HP LaserJet
printer or plotter. HP standard connector type and sex
has been implemented to satisfy the demand of the direct
sales force customers.
That is, the HP 24541A dual serial RS-2321422 interface
provides the HP Vectra PC with the same dar, rm ports
as those built into the HP Touchscreen personal
The main features are two serial ports on a single card:
Datacom bort 1 (RS-2321422). The connector is the
same as chat on the HP Touchscreen personal computer and the HP 2392A terminal. Consequently, the HP
Vectra PC uses the same cables as the HP Touchscreen for a host-computer connect~on,d~rector
through modems. RS-232 supports a cable length of up
to 50 feet (15m). KS-422 supports a cable length of up
to 4,000 feet (1200 m).
Dataconz port 2 (KS-Zz72).The port 2 is used to connect
the HP Vectra PC to a second host computer, directly
or remotely, or to attach a serial printer or plotter.
For HP 1Jse Only
March 1. 1986
Personal Computers
A typical configuration will use port 1 to run the AdvanceLink 2392 terminal emulation, and port 2 to connect an
HP LaserJet printer.
Note: For a complete description of the supported connections and cable part number, refer to the Serial and Parallel Interfaces data sheet:
USA and Intercon, order P/N 5953-5971 from the Literature Distribution Center.
Europe, order P/N 5953-5980 from your local Marcom
WordStar 2000, Release 2, for
the HP Vectra PC
Marc LowelPSD
HP is proud to announce the avzilability of WordStarB
2000, Release 2, for the HP Vectra PC. WordStar 2000 is
MicroPro's state-of-the-art word processor, offering the
industrv's most advanced features with an easy-to-use
user interface.
Release 2 enhancements
WordStar 2000, Release 2, is the only ,word processor
that enables users to directly read LotusB 1-2-3'Efdes
while editing. Release 2 offers improvesd performance, a
document-content-architecture (DCA) conversion
capability, expanded printing capabilities, newspaperstyle columns, simplified installation, document-history
screen, on-screen right justification, plus many new editing and formatting features.
Update policies
Current users of WordStar 200C and WordStar 2000
Plus, Release 1.01, can upgrade to Release 2.0 by contacting MicroPro's Update Department at 800-227-5809.
Users who purchased WordStar 2000 or WordStar 2000
Plus after November 1. 1985, will receive Release 2 at
no charge. Customers who bought WordStar 2000 or
2000 Plus on or before November 1, 1985, can receive
the upgrade for a nominal charge of $60.
Customers must provide proof of purchase or proof of
ownership to qualify for the upgrade.
MicroPro products for the HP Vectra PC
WordStar 2000, Release 2
WordStar 2000 Plus, Release 2
WordStar Professional
WordStufl is a US registered trden~arko f MicroPro International Corporation.
Lotusm and 1 [email protected] US registered trademarks ofLotus
Development Corporation.
Chang Labs software
Kathleen SulgitlPSD
For the past two years HP has offered Microplan, MicroPlan Consolidation Module, and Graphplan for the HP
Touchscreen personal computer. Beginning June 1, 1986,
your customers can purchase these products directly
from Chang Labs, under the provisions of HP's Listed
Software Vendors Program. As of that date, HP will discontinue distribution of these products and customers wdl
be referred directly to Chang Labs, 5300 Stevens Creek
Blvd., San Jose, CA 95129-1088, 408-246-8020.
The Listed Software Vendors Program exists to assist
both the software vendors and HP 150lTouchscreen personal computer users. HP assists the many vendors who
have written software for the HP 150lTouchscreen personal computer and makes product and order information
available to HP 150/Touchscreen customers via publications such as the HP 150 Software Brochure. Over 500
software products are available from these various
vendors, including applications for all types of business
management, programming tools, personal and office productivity packages and computer games.
If you would like more information on the Listed Software
Vendors Program, contact the ISV administrator at
MicroPlun and Graphplan are US trademarks of Chang
March 1. 1986
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
PersonaI Computers
HP Touchscreen personal
computer software products
4551 11)
1)ow Jones
pnjvrdes nlnre for
yr~urcustomers at ;I
low price.
Kathleetz SulgitlPSD
Very low customer
Over 20
packages are
:~vailablefor the
On June I, 1986, the Personal Software Division (PSD)
will discontinue distribution of the following HP 1501
Touchscreen personal computer products, as well as
their upgrade kits, options, and local language versions.
Newer, more popular products which better meet the
needs of our customers are available, and have reduced
the demand for these products.
If you have custon~erswho have been using these products, the following table will give you the information you
need in recommending an alternative product.
Very low customer
AdvanceLinh 150
BPI Accountmg
Low customer
demand. HI'I has
just announced the
new Enterprise
System. UP1
i\ccountiny Series
files are not
PFS:'nFile &
PFS: Write
Choice (]I29
progranis available
through the Listed
Softwart Vendors
Low customer
1)rluxe VisiCalc is
ava~lablras a low
cost solution. Lotus
1-2-3 IS still the
most popular
[.ow customer
Cu.;ti~rners prefer
easlrr to use
Picture Perfect and
1)iagraph. and the
(;allrry Collection.
Products sell
pmranly through
retail channel. l'hry
do not integrate
with other
Significant decline
in sales lollowing
introduction of the
Executive Scries.
HI' programs are
several versions
behind standard
market versions.
customers prttfer
the Execut~ve
Serics. ~ncludmg
E:xt,cutive Car-d
Memobtdker and
.I' products
prr~vlrle,I low-cost
soluti<)n,and when
n~mbrnedwith the
(iallery S c n e s
provide statc-oitllt,~.rrtrnerged text
and mdphica.
Infnm~ationSystems &
Manufacturing News
Touch G a n ~ e s1
As you know, the Touchscreen has become an ideal solution within the HP 3000 environment. As such, there has
been a shlft in software purchased by our major accounts.
Thus has caused a substantial drop in demand for those
packages that have traditionally sold well to individuals in
small businesses.
The demand still remains strong, however, for packages
such as [email protected]@,SymphonyB, Wordstarm, MultiMate "' , R: BaseT'' 5000 and dBASEa I1 - as well as
many more.
If your customers have one or more of the n~odulesthat
make up a product series such as BPI or PFS, now is the
time to act to complete the series.
Following standard HP policy, support and media replacement for these products will be provided for five years
beginning June 1, 1986.
PFS:'* is a US registered tradernark o f S o f t t ~ ~Publishing
LotusC$,1 -2-3'&,
and Svmphonyh czre US registered tvademarks of'
Lotus Deuelopm~ntCorp.
MultiMute"' is cz lJS trademark ofMultiMate Internationt~l.
K:BASEn' is a US trc~demarkof Microrim, Inc.
dBASE "' is a US trudemark ofAshton-Tote.
MemoMaker for HP Vectra PC
obsoleted by Executive
Ames ComtshlPSD
MemoMaker for the HP Vectra PC and the IBM PC (PPJ
45420E) will be removed from the Corporate Price List
in April. The replacement product, Executive MemoMaker (PIT\I 68330F), is available now, and includes many
additional features for only $245. These features include
an 80,000-word dictionary for spelling correction, merged
text and graphics (via a completion kit available in early
summer), and a find-and-replace function.
For HP Use Only
March 1, 1986
PersonaI Computers
Please strongly recommend to your customers that they
purchase the new Executive MemoMaker. It has the
same easy-to-use interface as MemoMaker and your
customers who are familiar with MemoMaker do not
have to learn anythmg new.
HP Touchscreen personal
computer languages transfer to
Kathleen SulgitlPSD
Effective February 1, 1986, all language products for the
HP Touchscreen personal computer and the Portable
PLUS were transferred to the Personal Office Computer
Division (POD). POD now has full responsibility for the
following language products:
Basic Programmer's Library
ICON Design System
Compiled BASIC
[email protected]
Microsoft COBOL
Microsoft FORTRAN
Microsoft GW BASIC
Lattice C Compiler
Cross Reference Utility
Kevin SpanglerlSDD
We have isolated a problem using the new IBM-PCIHP
plotter demo disc (P/N 07440-18001). The problem has
occurred on both the IBM PC AT and the HP Vectra PC,
and in no way implies any type of HP Vectra PC incompatibility with the IBM PC AT. The problem is this: in
the middle of a plot, an error message appears on the
computer screen and the plotter halts; there is no recovery from this error except to re-start the demo disc.
In our testing, the problem appeared on the IBM PC AT
and the HP Vectra PC, but involved only the HP
758517586 plotters, and only the birthday plot and biorhythm plot. We have received reports of s d a r problems with the HP 7550, but have not yet been able to
reproduce them.
The demo disc still works correctly with most computer1
plotterlplot combinations; the HP Colorpro and HP
7470175 plotters appear to be completely unaffected.
Shipments of the disc have been stopped until the problem is corrected.
Also in this issue
In addition to supporting languages, POD has additional
responsibility for all operating systems and development
tools for the HP Touchscreen personal computer. The
Personal Software Division (PSD) continues to maintain
responsibility for all other distributed applications software for the HP Touchscreen personal computer.
Beginning now, all calls regarding these language products should be referred to Srnita Deshpande, languages
product manager, Personal Office Computer Division at
March 1, 1986
Potential problems using plotter
Announcing a corporate site license
program for HP personal-computer
HP combines the power of
The Graphics Gallery and HP 3000based graphics
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Manufacturing Systems
HP announces the first
technical systems using
HP Precision Architecture
Carl StolielDSD
The recent introduction of the first commercial HP Precision Architecture system was accompanied by the
announcement of the first technical product. The difference was that price, performance, availabilitv, product
detail, and ordering information were given for the commercial system while general product and positioning
information was announced for the technical version.
Although they are scheduled to ship at the same time,
the first commercial systems using HP Precision Architecture were introduced ahead of the technical system
because of greater market pressure for a high-end HP
3000 growth path. In addition, a later introduction for the
technical system allows time to provide more detailed
performance data, usually required by our technical
customers. Specific details about price, performance,
product detail, and ordering information will be released
when the technical system is formally introduced this
The first technical system using HP Precision Architecture will run HP-UX and is being marketed into both
manufacturing and engneering markets. The target
customers will be solution creators (OEMs, ISVs, systems integrators, VARs, major accounts) to help build
applications for these two markets.
The HP-UX system will be positioned at the high end of
both the HP 1000 and HP 9000 product lines providing up
to three times the performance of the HP 1000 Series
A900 and HP 9000 Series 500 systems. It will fit into
high-level area-manager applications in the manufacturing
hierarchy. In the engineering market the first system will
fit as a high end computational resource for engineering
Infomlation Svstems &
Manufacturing News
Where to get more information
You should have already received two important packets
of information. The first, sent in early February, included
a primer on the HP Precision Architecture, a primer on
HP's new database product, and a cassette tape on WP's
Precision Architecture strategy. The primers give an
overview of computer architecture and relationaldatabase concepts and introduce the reader to HP's Precision Architecture and comprehensive database management systetn.The cassette tape gives an overview of the
decisions that went into the planning and design of the
HP Precision Architecture. The primers, HP Precision
Architecture (PIN 5954-6677) and Relational Technology
(PAV 5954-6676), are available for customers from the
Literature Distribution Center.
The second infornlation packet, the announcement
packet, was mailed in mid-February. You should find this
packet particularly useful since it contains information
which is more comprehensive and detailed than that
released to the general public. Topics covered in this
packet include:
General features and characteristics of the first technical product offering.
Migration plans for the current HP 1000 and HP 9000
families of computers.
Features and benefits of the HP Precision
Features and benefits of the HP-UX operating system
and subsystem software, including the HP-UX realtime extensions.
Positioning in the CIM and CAE marketplace and coexistence with current HP 1000 and HP 9000
Preliminary guidelines on "where to sell.''
The "Solution Creators Program" and open systems
Also included in the announcement packet are an HP
1000 sales aid, a coexistence brochure ( P M 5958-9507).
and the press release for the announcement. Look for
more information as we head toward the technical introduction. If you have any questions, please contact the
Sales Response Center.
For HP Use Only
March 1, 1986
Manufacturing Systems
Announcing the Technical
Teleconference on March 13
Manufacturing '86-11: new
products for manufacturing
Maria BiggslDSD
Joe AlwanlMSG Sales Center
You learned about the manufacturing market in Manufacturing '86 (MFG'86). Now, here's MFG'86-I1 with the
new products to help you make those factory automation
sales in 1986.
MFG'86-I1 is Data Systems Division's (DSD) part of the
upcoming MarchIApnl Technical NPT. !Seven new products and 50 HP Vectra PC manufacturing-software packages will be introduced first in the March 13 teleconference and then again along with three third-party
products during the afternoon of day one of the NPT.
Two of the featured thud parties provide solutions for
many manufacturers and will Lour the eintire US and
Canada. Video tapes of a reference for each are being
produced. The other thxd party has been specially
selected for each region to best fit that region's typical
customers. In addition, DSD management wd1 be touring
to answer questions and learn more about your
customer's needs.
MFG'86-11: n e w products for t h e manufacturing
March 17
March 18 a.m.
March 18 p.m.
March 19
March 20
March 31
April 1
April 2
April 3
April 14
April 15
April 16
Bnsbane, Calif.
Palo Alto. Calif.
Lawndale, Calif.
Fullerton. Calif.
Atlanta. Ga.
Raleigh. N.C.
Chcago, Ill.
St. Paul. Minn.
Valley Forge. Pa.
Paramus, N.J.
White Plains. N.Y.
March 24
March 25
March 26
Phoenix. . k z .
Houston, Tex.
Dallas, l e u .
April 7
April 8
April 9
Apnl 10
April 22
April 24
Novi, Mich.
Lexington, Mass.
Rockidle, Md.
Montreal. Quebec
Toronto. Ontario
March 1, 1986
Be sure to tune-in to the Technical Teleconference on
Thursday, March 13, 1986. Have you ever wondered if
the rumor about another low-end HP 1000 A-Series on
the horizon is true? Or if the HP Vectra PC has a place in
the CIM hierarchy? Or what is Smart-Eye? The T e c h cal Teleconference w~llanswer these and other burning
questions about products you can sell today - deliverables not promises. Please join us as Data Systems Llivision takes the stage for yet another informative and
entertaining teleconference.
Sales aids for the HP 1000
Joann StarkelUSL,
Looking for some HP 1000 A-Series literature to leave
when you have completed a sales call? Look no further
because Data Systems Division (DSD) has published several brochures that may be just what you are lookmg for.
To obtain copies of these brochures, contact the Literature Distribution Center in Palo Alto, California.
Guaranteed Real Time for Guaranteed Savings, PIN
5954-6752 - The overall goal of this brochure is to make
your end user aware of the A-Series single-vendor solution advantages that personal computers are incapable of
duplicating. The target audience is end users; however,
OEMs and system integrators would also be a potential
audience to show HP's commitment to the A-Series.
Solutions for Process Indusfries, PIN 5954-6754 - This
brochure is for decision makersltechcal personnel in the
process industry. The jacket discusses A-Series real-time
performance and reliability and is targeted towards plant
and engineering managers. Inside are five data sheets on
third-party solutions geared towards control and instrument engineers.
Conzputer Integrated Manufacturing - 10 [email protected] to Success, PIN 5953-7643 - This brochure is targeted
towards your customers in Stage I of CIM Implementation: the recognition that they must automate but do not
have a manufacturing plan. The 10 steps will assist your
continued on next page
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Manufacturing Systems
customer in defining their CIM goals and the strategic
plans necessary for success.
Hewlett Packard A-Series Computers, PIN 5954-0194 This family brochure is excellent for prospecting OEMs,
third-party vendors, or system integrators. Scattered
throughout are customer testimonials on the A-Series
and working with HP. The focus of this brochure is the
A-Series real-time performance and HP's commitment to
the automation market.
ComputerAdvances, "Manufacturing Productivity for
Real," P/N 5953-6223 (D) 000 - No matter what product you sell, this brochure is excellent for your manufacturinglfactory automation customers. The entire
brochure is based around four success stories:
Axid, Inc, using MMl3000 and PMCl3000, increased
shipments by 40 percent.
Westinghouse Electric, using HP 1000s, HP 3000s,
and HP Touchscreen personal computers, compressed
its manufacturing schedule from three months to two
Burke Industries, using Imagel1000, Graphicsi1000,
and PCIFl1000, were able to increase machme productivity from 10 percent to 30 percent.
Are you in search of an HP 1000 poster to perk up a
trade show, demo room, or to use during a sales call?
Then send your name and address via HPDesk to Erin
Hickey HP2200101. You d l be sent a copy of DSD's
"1000 Automators" poster that was sent m A-Series
mailer #12.
New and improved RTE
customer training curriculum
Diana LoredolASD
The K'TE core cumculum has been updated to provide
RTE-A and RTE-6 customers a clear, step-by-step progression from an introduction to the interactive environment of the HP 1000, to the intricacies of the internals of
the operating system. The new courses will be available
from Data Systems Division (DSD) in Apnl 1986.
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
RTE core curriculum
Where do my customers begin?
RTE-A and RTE-6 customers begn to discover the operation of their new system with the following courses:
Introduction to RTE - This three-day course provides
RTE-A and RTE-6 users with an introduction to RTE
concepts. Customers will learn about the interactive
use of CI, EDITl1000, and compilers. They will
become farmliar with key features of the system, such
as real-time capabilities and the hierarchical file
Introduction to Programming with R TE - This twoday course introduces high-level language (FORTRAN
and Pascal) application programmers to the programming environment available on the RTE-A and RTE6 N M systems.
To address the specific needs of RTE-A and R T E 8
customers, the cumculum progresses along parallel yet
separate paths with the following courses:
RTE-A Programming or KTE -6 Programming - This
five-day continuation to the "Introduction to Programming with RTE" course is designed to teach application
For HP Use Only
March I , l!)dti
Manufacturing Systems
programmers how to use the RTE programmatic services. It covers RTE organization, clevice I10 control,
class 110, programmatic file access, EMA and VMA
programming, and code-and-data separation.
RTE-A System Manager or RTE -6 ,'SystemManager This five-day course is designed for system managers
or system designers to develop a knowledge of system
generation, installation, maintenance, and backup.
Are there internals courses for cu~stomers?
T o make full use of the intricacies of the operating system, RTE-A and RTE-6 customers can take advantage of
the following courses:
Introduction to RTE-6 Internals - 'This five-day
course is for the experienced application programmers.
It covers the RTE-6 theory of operation and RTE-6
organization - RTE-6 tasks, lists, and data
Advanced RTE-6 Internals This five-day course is for
application programmers who need to understand the
functions of RTE-6 at the flowchart level to develop
applications and for the systems analysts who need to
debug their systems and provide maximum optirnization of the system's operations.
Introduction to RTE-A Internals - 'This five-day
course allows customers to become more effective in
writing application programs or designing system configurations. It provides an initial exposure to the internal operation or RTE-A by presenting RTE entry
points, tables, and lists; the use of these data structures in the implementation of interrupt handling, I10
processing, program management, and the relationship
between hardware capability and RT'E usage.
Ordering information
Introduction to RTE
Introduction to
Programming with
RTE-6NM Programming
RTE-6NM System
Introduction to RTE6NM Internals
Advanced RTE-6NM
RTE-A Programming
RTE-A System
Introduction to RTE-A
In the January 1, 1986, issue of Computer News,
the article entitled "HP 9122D is not supported in
Model 60165" (p. 15) erroneously states that the
HP 9122D is not supported with RTE-6NM. This
disc has been supported as an add-on device since
the A.85 release of RTE-6NM, in Apnl 1985. Data
Systems Division apologizes for any confusion this
article caused the field and our customers.
3 days
2 days
5 days
5 days
5 days
5 days
5 days
5 days
5 days
* On-Siteprice includes 10 students at custo;mersite.
March 1, 1986
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Design Systems
More HP-UX applications for
HP 9000 computers
Graphics Editor, Data Grapher,
and Text Editor now available
for HP 9000 Series 300
Pete DubleriTSC
The February 1 Computer News insert listing 74 new
HP-UX applications did not include some new important
HP-UX tools which might be the key to a big deal for
Data communications
S-TELEX'" - Provides Telex communications management and turns your terminal into a telex machine. Unitech Software Inc., 703-734-9844.
Software engineering
RuleMaster"' -A flexible set of software tools for building expert systems. Radian Corporation, 512-454-4794.
SSL "' - A complete application development environment and terminal independent screen manager. Unitech
Software Inc., 703-734-9844.
FACETT"- turns a personal computer into a windowed
terminal for HP-UX. Structured Software Systems, Inc.,
SSE '" - Full-screen text editor for the novice or
advanced user. Unitech Software Inc.. 703-734-9844.
SPR '" - Full-feature print spooling and general-purpose
queuing software product. Unitech Software Inc..
UBACKUP'" - A complete data-backup, restore, and
media-management system. Unitech Software Inc.,
USECURE '" - Easy-to-use system-administration
security and access-control system. Unitech Software
Inc., 703-734-9844.
Information on all of these software pacs appears in the
HP-UX Reference Library which your office should
receive soon.
F A C E T ' " is a US trudenzark of Structurcrd Software Solutions,
SSE "', SSL S P R ' " . S-TELEX"', UBACKUIJ und
USEC URE '" , are US trademurks of Unitech Softloare, Itzc.
RukMaster'" is a lJS trademark of Radian Corporution.
Inforn~ationSystenis &
Manufacturing ~ c w s
Ann SudduthiTSC
Effective February 1, Graphics Editor, Data Grapher,
and Text Editor - three popular technical-officeautomation software packages - are now orderable for
the Series 300 Models 310 and 320 and they do not
require the HP 98546A compatibility mode interface to
Graphics Editor
T h s general purpose drawing program is for creating
presentation-quality charts
and diagrams, such as
flowcharts, process-flow diagrams, organization charts,
block diagrams, and text
charts. New features
include: Drag Mode, Rotate,
Text Justification, and Improved Plotter Spooling.
Graphics Editor is file compatible with HP Techwriter.
System requirements: HP 9000 Models 216 and 226 with
512 Kbytes of RAM; Models 217, 220, 236A/C, and 237
with 655 Kbytes of RAM; Models 310 and 320 with 786
Kbytes of RAM. Operating environment is provided.
Plotter Support: HP 7550A, 7470'4, 7475A. 7580B,
7585B, 7586B, and 9872BiCiSiT.
Data Grapher
Writer and H P Engineering ~ r a ~ h i System.
System requireme~ts:HP 9000 Models 216, 217, 220,
236, 236C, 310, and 320 with 512 Kbytes of RAM. Operating environment is provided.
Plotter support: HP 7440, 7470A, 7475A, 7550, 75808,
7585B, and 9872BlCiSiT.
Text Editor
This general-purpose word processor is for creating
reports, memos, and high-quality letters. New printer
support includes the HP 2686A LaserJet printer.
For HI' llsc Only
Design Systems
System requirements: HP 9000 Models 216, 217, 220,
226, 236, 237, 310, and 320 with BASIC: 4.0 and 270
Kbytes of RAM.
Updateslreplacement m e d i a
We are currently setting up replacemenl. medialupdates
for your customers who want to update to the new versions of the software. This procedure will be set up at
Direct Marketing Division (DMK) in the March timeframe. Watch for more information in your Momentum
The Technical Office Automation (TOA) Software Summary (PIN 5953-9597, available from the Literature Distribution Center) contains techrucal data sheets for these
three products. Please update your copy with the above
information. The summary will be revised later this
O r d e r i n g information
Opt. 630
Opt. 650
opt. 655
Colin CampbelllCND
The SRM interface for HP 9000 Series 200 and 300 computers has been improved again. The HP 50961A Option
200, that we introduced in May 1985, consists of a coax
adapter module attached to the HP 98629A interface card
and connects the computers to the new SRM coax network. Now we have combined the circuitry of the two
cards onto a single interface card called thk HP 50962A.
See photo below for a comparison of the two interfaces.
US list price
Graphics Editor
Data G r a ~ h e r
Text ~ d i i o r
Software on 3%-inch media
Software on 5%-inch media (internal)
Software on 5%-inchmedia (external)
The HP 50962A SRM coax interface (right) combines the
circuitry of the HP 50961 coax adapter and HP 98629A
interface card into one compact intevface card.
Announcing HP codeword
delivery service for
Picture PerfectMP-UXand
There is no functional difference between the old and
new interfaces when used on the coax network. Physically, the coax adapter module of the old t ~ o - ~ i e c e im~lementationstuck out from the back of the com~uter,
while the new interface is flush with the back of t h i com:
puter. The new interface cannot be used with the older
SRM multiplexer network.
Ordering information
The HP 50962A SRM coax interface is priced at $845 US
list and ~ n l be
l on the Corporate Price List March 1,
1986. Availability is six-to-eight weeks.
The following table shows which SRM interface to order
in which situation.
& ~ ~ - - - - -
Sharron VigeriTSC
The versions of Picture PerfectT" (PIN ,45462V) and DiagraphT" (PIN 45463V) which run under HP-UX 5. l on the
HP Series 300 require an HP 46084A S ~ ~ u r iID
A certificate, which is included with each product,
explains how to obtain the special codevvord needed to
fully run the software.
Be sure that your customers ordering Picture Perfect"
and Diagraph'" also order an HP 46084'4 Security ID
Pzcture [email protected]
and Dzagraph"' are US tratdemarlzs o/
Conzputer Support Corporatzon.
March 1, 1986
New HP 50962A SRM coax
Upgrade from
HP 50962A
Opt. 500
HP 50961U
Opt. 200
HP 50961U
Opt. 500
For new installations of Series 200 or 300 computers
order the HP 50962A instead of the HP 50961A
Option 200.
continued on next page
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manufacturing News
Design Systems
For new installations of Series 500 computers continue to
order the HP 50961A Option 500 for use on the SRM
coax network.
To upgrade Series 200 or 300 computers (or SRM
servers) that already have an HP 98629A interface card,
continue to order the HP 50961U Option 200 for use on
the SRM coax network.
To upgrade Series 500 computers that already have an
HP 27123A interface card, continue to order the HP
50961U Option 500 for use on the SRM coax network.
The new interface will also be shipped inside each
HP 50960A SRM server (instead of the HP 50961A
Option 200) starting in late February.
HP 50960A SRM server
22 percent price reduction
Colin CampbelllCND
Effective March 1, 1986, all shipments for the HP
50960A SRM server will be at a new low price of $4,995
US list. This is a $1,450, or 22 percent, price reduction.
Past price reductions have improved sales substantially.
We believe this will happen again even beyond the
record-setting pace resulting from the introduction last
May of the improved SRM coax network and server.
This latest price reduction is a result of engineering and
material cost reduction efforts.
The lower price makes the SRM server more attractive
to customers initially. Once they have it, they can buy
additional HP 9000 Series 300 workstations at a lower
cost if they utilize the SRM peripherals over the network. This lower price also makes SRM pricecompetitive with servers and networks available for personal-computer competitors of the HP Series 300.
Older SRM products to be
obsoleted June 1
Colin CamnpbelllCND
We plan to remove many older SRM products from the
Corporate Price List on June 1, 1986, concurrent with
the obsolescence of the HP 9845 accessory products.
The HP 9845 products related to SRM to be removed
include the HP 98029A SRM interface for H P 9835145
and the HP 98419A SRM access ROMs for HP 9845BlC.
The HP 98319A SRM ROM for the HP 9835AIR compu
ters is already obsolete.
At this same time we plan to remove from the Corporate
Price List the SRM products related to the SRM multiplexer network. The HP 50960A server and the new
SRM coax network products provide better solutions.
The products to be obsoleted are:
HP 98028A SRM multiplexer
HP 98629A SRM interface card for Series 2001300
HP 50961A Option 200 SRM coax adapter and
HP 97061AIBlClD SRM cables
HP 9920A Option 500 SRM server bundle.
The HP 9826A Option 500 SRM server bundle is already
in the process of being obsoleted.
Only Option 200 of the HP 50961 product will be
removed since the other versions (HP 50961A Option
500, HP 50961U Options 200 and 500) will still be
needed. (See "New HP 50962A SRM coax interface. ")
The HP 98693R, 98694R, and 97058R right-to-reproduce
products have also been removed from the Corporate
Price List. The "A" versions of these products (HP
98693A, 98694A, and 97058A) are still available.
If there are any problems with the obsolescence of the
above products, please contact your sales center right
away. In the US and Intercon regions contact the Fort
Collins, Colorado, Sales Center. In Europe please contact
the Network Marketing Center in Grenoble, France, for
all networking questions. In Japan contact the networking
specialists in the YHP Computer Operation Business
Development Group.
Informat~onSystems &
Manufacturing News
For HP Use Only
March 1. 1986
Design Systems
RJEl200 obsolete
Darrel McGinnes and Rita Wi&iesworth/CND
The remote-job-entry products for connlecting HP 9000
Series 200 to IBM are being removed from the Corporate Price List on March 1, 1986. The specific products
that are affected are:
98797A RJE1200 single user
98797R Right-to-reproduce RJE1200 single user
98798A RJE1200 multiuser
98798R Right-to-reproduce RJEi200 multiuser
These products run only on HP-UX 2.1 on HP 9000
Models 220, 226, 236.
The reason for pulling RJE1200 off the Corporate Price
List at this time is that most incoming orders are invalid.
Most orders involve unsupported configyrations that will
not work, specifically HP-UX 5.1 on the Series 200 or
300. Colorado Networks Division (CND) plans to introduce some new RJE products for the Series 200 and 300
running HP-UX 5.1 late in FY86.
The obsolescence schedule is as follows:
March 1, 1986
March 31, 1986
June 30, 1986
July 15, 1986
February 28, 1996
In the February 1, 1986, issue of Computer News,
the article entitled "HP's first A1 development system makes worldwide debut" (page 26) provides
incorrect ordering information for a set of videotapes consisting of 10 A1 demos taped at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
The tapes should be ordered from the Corporate Parts
Center as PIN 90618H and 90619H.
Also in ,thisissue
When does your customer need a
Graphics Enhancement Cartridge?
HP 98797NR and 98798NK
removed from CPL
Last domestic ordler accepted
Last international order accepted
Last shipment
End of support life
Note: The RJEl500 products -HP 97077A, 97077R,
97087A, and 97087R - will remain on the Corporate
Price List. Orders for RJEI500 are autclmaticallyplaced on
compliance hold due to software-reliability problems. The
hold is released upon mutual agreement between customer,
sales rep, systems engineer, and division.
March 1, 1986
For HP Use Only
Information Systems &
Manuiaituring News
Networks & Peripherals
Peripherals upgrade program
Also in this issue
Que FoorlFRD
The chart below recaps the peripheral u p ~ ~ a dprogram
currently in place:
Disc drives
HP 79lX to
Upgrade HP 79lX d ~ s cdnve
to HI' 793X. One-to-one
upgrade credlt for:
HP 79 14SN (HP 7914ST)
HP 7914TN (HP 7914TD)
HP 7914PN iHP 7914P)
HF' 7914RN iHP 7914R)
HP 7912PN (HP 791ZP)
HP 7Y 12KN tHP 7912R)
HP 79llt'N (HP 7911P)
HP 7911RN tHP 7911Rl
(extra $500
for l,111t1~
$500 off 97930XP upgrade kits
"Three, Four or More" sale on
HP 7933XP, 7935XP, 7933H, and
7935H disc drives
HP 7933Gl7935G programs
Added horsepower for HP 3000s from
the HP 793X disc drives
Service training for HP 7978 and
HP 3000 Series 68
Hf' 7906 to
HP 7906MN (HP 7LJO6M)
HF' 7906SN (HP 7906s)
HP 7906HN (HF' 7906H)
May 31.
Tape drives
Tape upgrade
HP 7976A to 7978hiB
Hf' 7974.4 to 7978iVB
HP 7970E to 7978A
HP 7970E to 7974A
$ 6,800
Nancy RitzenthalerlSDD
4, OW
Please see "New Printer Upgrade Propam." in the February 1. 1986 issue of
yA'Althoughthe HP 79ZX to 793X upgrade (Movz~i'O n Up
program) expzred on January 31, 1986, the HI' 79lX upgrade
paths (to HI' 793X) ure st111acatlnblu.
Here are some benelits of the trade-in programs:
The trade-in credit will lower the purchase price of the
new equipment for your price-sensitive customers.
The availability of an organized trade-in program from
HP discourages customers from approaching used
equipment dealers for the disposal of their equipment.
Getting brokers out of your accounts minimizes brokers' competition.
Certain upgrade credits may not apply when purchases
are made under sales promotions. Please check specific
program information for details and call your Finance and
Remarketing Division contact if you have any inputs
regarding upgrades.
Information Systems &
Manufactuling News
HP 7510 support for Kodak
module cancelled
Kodak recently lost a patent lawsuit concerning their
Instagraphic slidemaking products. This prevents us from
introducing the HP 17520A, an additional camera module
for the HP 7510 based on Kodak's technology.
For customers who deslre instant slides from their
HP 7510, recommend Polaroid Polachrome"* 35rnn1 film.
When used with a Polaroid Autoprocessor, customers
can produce 35mm slides completely in-house. The
graininess of the film, however, may not be acceptable
for some apphcations. For 35mm slides, a 200 ASA film
such as Ektachrome, Fuji, or Agfa remains the best
choice for quality.
For HI' IJse Only
Networks 8( Peripherals
HP 7510 software support
When does your customer need
a Graphics Enhancement
Wade MearslSDD
Suzanne TylkaISDD
The program to obtain quality software support for the
HP 7510 film recorder is progressing. As additional software support comes on line, this column d l be updated
on a monthly basis. This information update is current as
of January 27, 1986.
Current software support
HP Vectra
PC, and
5. 08
Configurator 14
Service Disk
Future software support
HP 9000
Series 200
I3P %)00
Series 300,
Vectra PC.
Picture Perfect
Picture Perfect
Graphics Gallery
at mtro
these needs:
Engineers or scientists
who have written their
own software and use
more HP-GL conlrnands
or a larger RS-232-C
HP 3000 customers who use HPDraw or DSGl3000 on
the RS-232 port. HP 3000 customers who use HP software on the HP-IB port do not need the Graphics
Enhancement Cartridge (GEC).
Most customers do not require the GEC with the HP
ColorPro plotter. All the applications listed below work
on the HP ColorPro plotter without the GEC; customers
do not need to pay the additional cost of the GEC to use
their software: [email protected] [email protected],Charting Gallery,
Diagraph, Graphwriter, Symphonya, Drawing Gallery,
Picture Perfect, Chart-Master, Framework, TextCharts,
GEM Draw, and [email protected] This list is much
longer. Contact the Sales Response Center or your San
Diego Division regional systems engineer for specific
continued on next page
We expect to have a number of other graphics software
packages supporting the HP 7510 in the near future.
March 1. 1986
For HP lJse Only
Infom~ationSystems 8
h.lanufacturing News
The small chart below compares the HP ColorPro plotter
and the cartridge-enhanced ColorPro plotter:
HP ColorPro
HP ColorPro
Model number
H P 7440A
H P 7440A with
WP 17440A
Character s e t s
5 sets
19 sets - similar
to H P 7475
HP-GL commands
44 commands
58 commands similar to H P 7175
plus polygon
implementation of
escape sequences
compared to the
H P 7475
protocols sim~larto
H P 7475
RS-232-C buffer
60 bytes
Default 1024 bytes
The Graphics Enhancement Cartridge has been reduced
from $195 to $150 (US list price) due to much lower than
expected manufacturing costs - almost a 25 percent
savings for your customers.
Availability for the product is eight weeks. Those HP
sales offices in the above market regions please place
orders for the HP 2563A to ~ i \ . i s i o n ~ ~ 3 0GCO.
Also in this issue
1986 Terminal Trade-in Program
DMK Fast Phones - the easy, direct way for you to order supplies,
accessories, media, furniture, and software.
Also in this issue
Potential problems using plotter demo
GCO supplies the HP 2563A
dot-matrix impact printer
Alejandro CaranziGCO
Effective February 1, Guadalajara Computer Operation
(GCO) is the supplier of the HP 2563A dot-matrix impact
printer for the markets of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Latin America. The model HP 2563A
is a 300-lpm printer that offers bar-code printing, highspeed graphics, multipart-forms handling, reliability, and
serviceability as well. It is designed for use in EDP, manufacturing, and business applications.
Toronto Local
Other Provinces
Middle East
South A h c a
Cape Town
T e l e p h o n e Number
(031 895-2645
(03) 895-2615
(03) 895-2815
(02Y2) 2500-615
(0222) 2500-616
(021 762 32 00
(02) 816640, ext 258
(90) 887 2361
(11 69 28 83 39
(01) 67260YlJ
(02) 9236 9702
The Netherlands
United Kingdom
United States
Alaska, Califoma, and Hawaii
West Germany
Please send undelivered copies of Information Systems & Manufacturing News to: Corporate Marcorn. 20BV. 3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304-0890
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