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About Us
Welcome to the exciting and
sustainable World of Marlec Engineering
You may not be aware of our name but you will
have certainly seen our products and solutions
operating quietly and effectively while going
about your everyday life.
Products that have not only kept people safe but also
helped them to live and work successfully in the
remotest of locations both in the UK and right around
the globe.
Our product applications can literally be; life giving, life
expanding, life changing as well as helping us enjoy it
to the full - all of which has helped to put us right at the
very forefront of ‘clean energy’ developments.
Safe, sound and lighting the way
Our products can regularly be seen in the community,
often associated with safety. Rutland Windchargers and
solar panels work in harmony to provide year round
power for roadside safety signs such as “Slow Down”
and sharp bend indicators. As many of these locations
are far from the grid our renewable energy systems
provide a cost effective solution, saving local authorities
thousands of pounds whilst improving road safety.
Green Columns – these are our own manufactured
products that provide amenity lighting at sites where
the grid is not readily available. Green Columns avoid
the costly installation of mains power cables as well as
the on-going power costs.
The main areas we serve are:
Round the world and coastal cruising sailors can charge
batteries on board keeping navigation lights,
computers, inverters, cabin lighting, pumps, etc.
running without the need to run the engine for battery
Caravanners and Motor Home (RV) enthusiasts can stay
in one location for extended periods without noisy and
costly generators running for lighting, TV’s etc.
Holiday Home owners can have power for lighting, TV,
computers, inverters for mains equipment such as
microwave ovens, telephone chargers etc.
Telecommunications, broadband and TV networks can
be extended to the remotest of areas at minimal cost
with the use of our windchargers and solar panels.
No more costly grid connections!
Emergency relief aid organisations can speedily and
simply establish power sources for lighting,
refrigeration and telecommunications.
Community water supplies can be established in
remote areas using our wind and solar systems
which are portable, efficient and easy to install.
Schools and colleges find the
Monitoring and datalogging of information at isolated
sites for water companies and other utilities can now be
considered cost effectively. Add a telemetry link and
reduce costly site visits! Navigational installations, on
and offshore, and oil platforms can have a reliable,
independent power source for essential lighting and
Security systems at remote locations, e.g. airfields,
storage facilities, etc. can be operated from a small and
inexpensive renewable energy system.
Aquaculture and agriculture professionals can benefit
from independent power for feeding systems, security
e.g. electric fencing and lighting, pest control and small
power tools in farm buildings
Developing Countries
range of our Green Power Ed kits
invaluable as a practical and fun
educational tool. Aspects of Key
Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Science and
ICT in education also find the
Green Power Ed a useful tool. For
example: in the attainment target
Scientific Enquiry “recording and
presenting data” the Graduate
Power Ed kit can be used to
datalog wind speed and wind
power generation, similarly so
with solar power enabling
comparisons to be made.
At primary level the requirement
for “Enquiry in environmental and
technological contexts” can also
be practically illustrated.
Rural clinics either permanently or temporarily sited can
have power using our Rutland Windchargers and/or
solar panels for vaccine refrigeration and lighting.
Rural schools and missions benefit from lighting and
power for TV’s, videos and overhead projectors.
Rural electrification programmes operated by
government, aid agencies and NGO’s can establish low
cost battery charging stations in off grid villages so that
groups of rural families benefit from lighting, TV and
water pumping.
If you would like to know more about the
exciting world of Marlec please visit :
Call us on: +44 (0) 1536 201588
if you have any further questions.
Off Grid
Off Grid or off the beaten track,
Marlec can always put power at your fingertips
Wind Power…
…introducing the renowned Rutland Windchargers
Providing power for marine and land based
applications, whether you’re on the move or at a
permanent location - Rutland Windchargers deliver
power from the gentlest of breezes and provide living
proof that not all wind turbines are created equal.
5. The built-in slipring and low wear brushes give the
windchargers complete 360º free rotation on the
mounting pole for power transmission whilst avoiding
twisted cables.
6. Our generator design incorporates just two single
magnets moulded into glass fibre avoiding the use of
multiple magnets glued into position.
7. These features create a high inertia generator
whose flywheel effect generates smooth, continuous
power between gusts when other wind turbines have
lost the power in the wind the Rutland keeps on
generating power.
8. All our designs are tested in real wind conditions
and performance monitored and datalogged pre and
post market release. (Many companies quote outputs
based on fixed wind speeds measured from vehicle
top testing).
9. We test and record results of every generator built.
10 reasons why the Rutland
range is unequalled and proves
to be so popular:
10. And last but not least, Marlec operates under the
international standard of ISO9001, the first small wind
turbine manufacturer worldwide to achieve this!
1. Marlec was the first wind generator manufacturer
to design its aerofoil blades and generator specifically as a wind turbine to maximise power conversion.
2. We developed our stator windings without an iron core for low friction so a Rutland offers the lowest wind speed start up by far of any design.
3. Our aerodynamically efficient and finely balanced
blades operate smoothly and almost silently in the
wind so you won’t be disturbed whether you are on
board or walking in a park.
4. Our designs are based around a fixed shaft
reducing the number of rotating parts and the need
for generator brushes, delivering greater reliability
in service.
Why not join the tens of thousands of
Rutland Windcharger users worldwide and
generate your own free source of electricity
call us on: +44 (0) 1536 201588 today!
Off Grid
Off Grid or off the beaten track,
Marlec can always put power at your fingertips
Solar Power…
Power for marine and land based applications whether
you’re on the move or at a permanent location, solar
panels deliver free power from the sun.
Do you have a boat, recreational vehicle or holiday
home that relies on battery power for lighting, engine
starting or small appliances?
• How would you like the peace of mind of knowing you’ll have fully charged batteries at your holiday home, even when you have been away for weeks?
Now you can cut down on noisy, costly and
eco-unfriendly generators without compromising on safety such as navigation lights and pumps or your comforts.
Flat batteries are at best a nuisance and at worst a
hazard. Now the problem can be easily solved by using
the abundant natural power of the sun.
Solar panels are ideal for maintaining and replacing
natural discharge in 12V deep cycle batteries for leisure
applications. Once installed, the solar panel works
quietly and efficiently at recharging without any effort
on your part.
Windchargers with Solar Panels
You can also combine windchargers with solar
panels from our range of Spectra, SunWare and
Ameresco for balanced year round power.
Then you know how frustrating it can be to arrive and
find weak or discharged batteries, just when you need
them, you may be:
• Tired of having to take batteries away for recharging?
• Fed up with running noisy and costly generators to keep lights, TV and other equipment running on board, at your caravan or motor home?
• Needing power for microwave ovens, laptops, telephones, and other electronics whilst you’re
on the move?
The solution is to save your batteries from deep
discharge with a quality solar panel.
• Just imagine arriving to find fully charged batteries on board enabling you to switch cabin lights on immediately!
Explore our wide range of Windchargers and
solar panels at:
or call one of our knowledgeable sales
engineers on: +44 (0) 1536 201588 to find
which one is right for your application be it
marine or land based.
On Grid
Grid Connected Solar
PV systems – Commercial
On Grid and on target to help
you and your business to
save money.
Energy costs are never far away from the headlines and
a lot of businesses and public sector organisations are
taking steps to not only reduce their energy
consumption and consequently costs but also to
improve their carbon footprint.
Installing a Marlec Solar PV
system will enable you to:
• Save money on running costs and protect your business against future electricity price rises.
• Qualify for Feed in Tariffs paid by your electricity provider for all the energy generated by the system whether used on site or “fed-in” to
the grid.
• Benefit from inflation-linked returns on the initial investment guaranteed by the government for the next 20 years.
• Lower carbon emissions and further demonstrate your green credentials to customers, suppliers and industry.
Marlec Engineering has over 30 years experience of
working with “clean energy” products and during that
time has built up an enviable history of partnering with
the industry’s leading lights to provide complete “clean
energy” solutions.
• Use land or roof space to generate a second income stream.
• Gain an extra competitive advantage in this challenging economic climate.
Our solar solutions are a shining example of how our
unique experience and on going partnering philosophy
deliver the optimum solution with everything coming
from a single supply source that has been optimised
and is also fully guaranteed.
A “clean energy” solution that is at the very pinnacle
of current PV development.
We are an MCS accredited company for Solar PV
systems and have vast experience of working and
pricing commercial installations. So, if you are looking
at ways you can reduce your overheads and make your
organisation more efficient, relax safe in the knowledge
that we will deliver the very best solution available that
will meet your own specific commercial requirement.
Specifically designed for
Businesses, Public Sector,
Community Projects and
Agricultural use.
If you would like us to help you make more
of your business, call our commercial sales
team today on: +44 (0) 1536 201588 or visit
“Clean Energy” products and solutions
engineered for you, your business and
the environment
On Grid
Grid Connected Solar
PV systems – Residential
On Grid and on your side to help
save you money and the
• Would you like to cut your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint?
• Did you know that feed-in tariffs from April 2010 mean your solar PV system will soon pay for itself?
• Would you like to find out what they cost and how easy they are to have installed?
By choosing to install a
solar power electricity
generating system on
your roof you can cut
your electricity bills
because the Clean
Energy Cash Back
Incentives (Feed-In
Tariffs) or FITs will pay
you a government
declared tariff for every
kW generated; and there’s more too because you won’t
have to pay your energy supplier for the energy that
you’ve generated and consumed and in fact if you
“export” any surplus back to the grid you will be paid a
premium by your electricity or FIT provider.
We provide a range of Marlec PV Home Energiser kits
incorporating our range of panels because we believe
these are the best long term offering and will enable
users to gain both maximum energy and cost benefits.
The standard kits start at a power rating of 500W and
ranges up to 4kW. They include everything your
qualified installer needs to complete a professional
finish at your property.
What is the Marlec PV Home
Energiser Kit?
Put simply, it is Solar Energy in a box!
It’s a complete solar PV system ready for your qualified
installer to fit at your home. Here at Marlec we have
selected, manufactured, assembled and quality
controlled all the necessary components that your
installer needs to ensure your system will qualify for the
Feed-in Tariff.
Like us, if you’re also concerned about the environment
then you can make this investment with the added
knowledge that for every kW of solar panels installed
you will save 482kg of carbon emissions per year.
We were established in 1979 to develop and produce a
small scale wind turbine, today our range of Rutland
Windchargers are renowned around the world and
continue to be manufactured in our factory in Corby,
UK. We soon developed strong links with quality pv
solar manufacturers and represented BP Solar for 20
years until their withdrawal from the market. We
maintain our emphasis on good quality solar panels
and continue to establish relationships with trusted
brands from leading manufacturers.
Speak to our in-house experts with no
obligation, call us today on:
+44 (0) 1536 201588 or email us at:
[email protected] and see for
yourself how we can help you to save
money and the environment.
“Clean Energy” products and solutions
engineered for you, your family and
the environment
Off Grid System
Marlec Engineering’s Integrated
Wind and Solar Systems
Off Grid but not off limits let there be light…
…The Green Column
An environmentally friendly and economic solution to
provide light at remote sites.
Areas located off grid can now have efficient and
reliable lighting provided for them easily with the help
of the Green Column. The wind and solar powered
solution delivers free, renewable energy, which is stored
in a battery ready to be consumed when darkness falls.
• That you want to avoid introducing excessive light pollution into the night sky?
• That such a solution would not only be extremely expensive, but also difficult to set up and even harder to maintain?
Thankfully there is now a solution that can solve just
these sorts of problems and more.
Imagine being able to install amenity lighting without excavating expensive trenches on your property or deal with noisy, bulky and unreliable generators to provide power.
Wouldn’t it be great to know that you are using a truly modern and environmentally friendly lighting system in your community or business premises. Green Columns barely disturb any surrounding ground and sit in harmony with other street furniture.
• Imagine that all this can be provided at an affordable price with no complicated installation, minimal maintenance and no energy bills!
Green Columns are already in use all over the UK on
footpaths, playgrounds and car parks. A Rutland
Windcharger and solar photovoltaic panels power the
columns. The small discreet wind turbine and solar
panel work quietly and efficiently to generate sufficient
power to run lighting for up to 16 hours per day.
The Green Column has been developed as part of
Marlec’s continued commitment to expanding the use
of renewable energies around the world. The system
can even be adapted for applications other than
roadside illumination, such as shore based navigation
systems, CCTV and other novel uses.
If you are currently looking for a lighting solution for
an off grid location, you may be thinking:
• Of the time, cost and hassle of digging trenches for underground cabling to the site?
To speak to a Green Column sales engineer
to help you select the right model call:
+44 (0) 1536 201588
now, or visit our website:
Off Grid System
Green Power Education
An educational system that
makes environmental learning
practical and fun
Our Green Power Ed systems are ideal for schools,
colleges, universities and eco-friendly demonstration
centres. Students gain practical experience of wind and
solar energy whilst using the power generated into
12V batteries to operate low energy lamps, pumps, etc.
or through inverters which convert the power to
240Va.c., for computers and other low energy mains
3 questions for professional
• Do you find it hard to teach your students about renewable energy just from text books?
• Do you find school budgets hard to stretch to purchase renewable energy teaching systems?
• Have you ever longed for a practical approach to teaching renewable energy?
The solution is to introduce one of our systems that
are Ideal for science, environmental and technology
• Imagine having a real windcharger and solar panel to demonstrate how renewable energy really works.
• What about a range of renewable energy systems that suit all education levels and budgets?
• Would you like a system that is simple and safe to install and use?
We have three systems to accommodate a range of
educational levels and budgets; the Junior, Senior and
Graduate packages. All supplied in easy to assemble,
install and use kits.
It is a system that is designed to educate on utilising
renewable energy for sustainable development which
has become a major issue world-wide, creating a need
for trained and knowledgeable practitioners, hence
renewable energy is now part of many curricula. The
principles of generating electricity from renewable
resources include the fundamentals of science and
technology so Marlec’s Green Power Ed is designed to
reinforce basic knowledge of the environment,
electricity, data monitoring, statistics and theory thus
supporting education.
To speak to a Green Power Ed sales engineer
to help you select the right model call
+44 (0) 1536 201588
now, or visit our website:
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