ACF Greenhouses FORM: D5606

ACF Greenhouses FORM:  D5606
FORM: D5606
ACF Greenhouses
Problem: I plugged the timer in, and the display is blank or not
changing when I press any of the buttons.
Solution: The timer has a rechargeable battery which saves
your programs if the power goes out. It needs to be charged
before the timer will operate properly. Plug the timer in for 20 to
30 minutes before programming. After that time period, take a
pen or pencil and push in the little round reset button to the right
of the ON/AUTO/OFF button. Then cycle through the
ON/AUTO/OFF BUTTON. The light should come on in the ON
position and off in the OFF position. Set the clock then your
program. Press the CLOCK button when done programming.
Now press the ON/AUTO/OFF button until it says ON, and the
light comes on. Now press it one more time to put it in the AUTO
position. The light should stay on if current time displayed is inbetween the start and stop settings for your program.
ACF Greenhouses
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