R O T A R Y D I... W I R I N G D E... Applications Information:

R O T A R Y   D I... W I R I N G   D E... Applications Information:
Applications Information:
The IML 10amp DC Rotary Dimmer (part no ILDIM-ROT10) is primarily designed for use as a light dimmer for
marine and RV applications. It can also be used as motor speed controllers for small DC fans and other small
motors. To meet Coast Guard Regulations and ABYC standards, a 10 Amp slow blow fuse must be installed.
During installation, turn off the battery charger, and turn off the batteries. Connect the Black wire to the
ground first, the Blue wire to the lamp or motor second, and the Red wire to the switch last. Turn on power
and test the dimmer for proper operation. If the lamp turns on and will not dim, check the wiring for errors.
This digital light dimmer is NOT designed to work without the ground wire; such operation may result in
destructive failure of the unit.
Installation Instructions:
Fuse Rating: 10 Amps
DC Input: 6-32V
DC Output: 12V or 24V
Frequency: 1 Khz Constant
Dimming: 1-100%
Protection: Short Circuit
Shielding: EMI Protected
30 Samuel Barnet Boulevard
New Bedford, MA 02745
Phone: (508) 995-7000
Fax: (508) 998-5359
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