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6th Annual List
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Technologies and Services
The latest from more than 60 distributors, manufacturers, software vendors,
content providers and system builders
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ADC Telecommunications
13625 Technology Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
P: 800-366-3889
F: 952-917-1717
Contact: Diane O’Keefe
E: [email protected]
ADC’s OmniReach™ Indoor
Fiber Distribution Hub 3000
(FDH 3000i) series cabinets are
designed to organize and administer fiber optic cables and
passive optical splitters in an inside plant environment typically
found at the multiple dwelling
unit (MDU). These cabinets
are used to connect feeder and
distribution cables via optical splitters in a fiber-to-the-premises
(FTTP) network application. The FDH product provides a vital
cross-connect/interconnect interface for optical transmission signals
at the MDU.
The FDH 3000i hardware and components support the architectural flexibility of FTTP, allowing fast and reliable interconnection
between equipment and cables. The cabinet provides mechanical
protection for cables, splices, connectors and passive optical splitters.
In addition, the product is designed to accommodate a range of fiber
counts including 72, 144, 288 and 432 fiber terminations, and supports factory installation of pigtails, fanouts and splitters. The FDH
3000i cabinet is designed for front access via a swing frame configuration.
AFL Telecommunications
AFL Telecommunications is a leading supplier of both passive and
active products and end-to-end system integration for the FTTx
market. Offering a full line of passive infrastructure including con
nectivity, closures, splice and test equipment, AFL also offers pointto-point and PON electronics. Visit AFL’s booth to experience
FTTH Made Easy! For more information, contact Corie Culp at
[email protected], or by calling 864-433-0333.
3400 W Plano Parkway M/S6660-Marketing
Plano, TX 75075
P: 972-477-0362
Contact: Val Gardner
E: [email protected]
Alcatel-Lucent provides solutions that enable service providers, enterprises and governments worldwide to deliver voice, data and video communication
services to end users. As a leader in fixed, mobile and converged
broadband networking and IP technologies, applications and services, Alcatel-Lucent offers the end-to-end solutions that enable
compelling communications services for people at home, at work
and on the move. With operations in more than 130 countries, Alcatel-Lucent is a local partner with global reach. The company has
the most experienced global services team in the industry and one of
the largest research, technology and innovation organizations in the
telecommunications industry.
Alloptic is an access network equipment provider offering a stateof-the-art optical IP Ethernet solution. Our broadband technology bundles voice, data and video services over a single fiber
directly to homes, multidwelling units and small businesses at
revolutionary speeds and price points. Using Gigabit Ethernet
Passive Optical Networking (GePON) our product provides and
unmatched 1.25 Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth, thus delivering between 2 and 10 times more capacity than its closest competitors. Alloptic’s Access Network Solution has been deployed
worldwide by service providers, municipalities and broadband
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Hot Products
utility providers alike to bring the reality of broadband communications to consumers around the globe. For more information
visit them online at
Advanced Media Technologies
720 S. Powerline Rd. Ste. G
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
P: 954-427-5711
F: 954-427-9688
Contact: Stephanie Infantino
E: [email protected]
also features onboard microprocessor-based firmware engineered to
achieve maximum battery life, system reliability and emergency battery reserve for greater E911 service availability. Unlike other standby
power supplies that discharge the battery to the low-voltage disconnect point, the FP1230 reserves 25 percent battery power, enabling
activation for emergency telephone calls in extended power-outage
situations. Standby power is provided by one 7.2Ah or optional
12Ah battery model. User interfaces include visual status indicators, audible alarm and 24-hour silence button as well as an auxiliary
12Vdc power input port supporting longer standby runtimes.
AMT has teamed up
with AMINO to offer
the new Amino AmiNet130. The A130 is an
AVC, HD, IP set-top
box. The support of lowbit-rate advanced video
codecs provides operators with the opportunity to grow revenue-generating services while
maximizing the efficient use of network bandwidth and creating the
ability to:
• Reach a greater number of subscribers.
• Increase the number of available interactive and multicast channels.
• Enhance viewing experience with high-definition channels.
The support of high-definition video offers an exciting and dramatic
viewing experience, with greater realism and detail, especially in
large-display formats. If network bandwidth permits, high-definition services can exploit the ability of the AmiNET130 to support
HD-compatible displays at 720p and 1080i resolution, both MPEG2 and MPEG-4. AMT now carries the A130 along with the entire
line of Amino IP set-top boxes. Contact AMT for all of your IPTV
Equipment needs! 888-293-5856, [email protected]
Alpha Technologies
3767 Alpha Way
Bellingham, WA 98226
P: 360-647-2360
F: 360-671-4936
Contact: Nadia Boulos
E: [email protected]
Alpha extends its FlexPoint family with the addition of the 1230 series, a telecommunicationsgrade optical network terminal power supply
providing 30W of 12Vdc primary and standby
power for FTTx actives. The FlexPoint 1230 meets the telecommunications industry’s most stringent requirements for uncontrolled
environments while providing aesthetically pleasing solutions for
sheltered environmentally uncontrolled residential installations. It
Simplify FTTx installation and maintenance with the MT9090A
from Anritsu.
Since your content and quality of service are only as good as the fiber that the content is being transmitted on, proper installation and
maintenance must be a consideration. The innovative new Network
Master MT9090A Fault Locator from Anritsu is designed to quickly and cost-effectively verify correct fiber installation of short fiber
spans such as those used in FTTx drop cables. It features very high
resolution with the ability to see within a few feet of the test set, plus
a single wavelength and fixed testing parameters to ensure accurate
results regardless of skill level. The user interface simplifies testing
even further through its innovative wizard, which returns an easyto-read PASS/FAIL status with areas of concern highlighted.
Visit or call 800-ANRITSU for more information on the MT9090A or other fine FTTx testing equipment from
Antronix, Inc.
Antronix, in business over 25 years, is the market leader in providing both active and passive devices to the broadband industry. The
offering includes line and subscriber passives, amplifiers, grounding
hardware and much more. Most include patented CamPort® autoseizing F-connector technology, with over 2000 grams of pull force
providing extended life and reliability. The Milenium tap family includes E-Option, plug-in modules that provide signal conditioning.
Also available is a line of retrofit tap faceplates that fit into existing
housings, enabling upgrades without replacing the entire unit. The
recently introduced Micro Fiber Node receives a full complement of
video, data and telephony via a single optical fiber and converts the
signal to RF. An optional return path optical transmitter is available
to support bidirectional applications. Others include Drop Amplifiers with Bypass, suited for applications like VoIP and a family of “flat
top” splitters for use in NIDs. More at
APA Cables & Networks
APACN, a leading provider of fiber connectivity systems for fiberto-the-x (FTTx) networks and a wholly owned subsidiary of APA
Enterprises, Inc., announced an integrated Central Office (CO) Fiber Frame System designed for FTTx deployments using a homerun
august 2007 | www.broadbandproper | BROADBAND PROPERTIES |
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Passive Optical Network (PON) methodology. APACN’s integrated
fiber frame system, the Fiber Distribution System (FDS), is an ideal
fiber management solution for environments where thousands of
individual fibers require the best in modularity, flexibility and accessibility. In addition, the architecture allows an easy migration from
passive to active gear, thereby future-enabling the network. This
configuration allows service providers to optimally deploy into environments where the number of desired homes can all be effectively
reached from the CO over a 1x32, 1x16, or 1x8 signal strength; where
placement of OSP cabinets is not desirable; where OSP cabinets are
used as cross-connects only; or where control and administration of
optical components is desired back in the CO.
residential developers; and local, regional and national single-family
builders to provide voice, video and Internet services. The program
helps property owners and builders attract and retain apartment
renters and new homebuyers with complete, reliable, end-to-end
and next-generation communications and entertainment solutions.
Now operating throughout AT&T’s 22-state local service area, the
program will enable AT&T to make Internet Protocol-based communications and entertainment services available to hundreds of
thousands of residents as those services are deployed across AT&T’s
ATX Networks manufactures cable products from the headend to
the home. These include RF filters, signal management equipment
(RF, L-Band, optical), headend and MDU amplifiers, fiber nodes/
upgrades, amplifier upgrade kits, wireless solutions, pads/EQs, drop
amps, VoIP switches, audio/video deletion and insertion, monitor/
control equipment, connectors, and test signal generators. For more
information, contact Ruth Lee at [email protected], or by
calling 905-428-4715.
450 N. McKemy
Chandler, AZ 85226
P: 480-844-8501
F: 480-898-7667
Contact: Kristen Love
E: [email protected]
Custom Global Communication Solutions
ATCi offers complete systems integration and technical services.
From front-end consulting and planning to integrating, installing
and managing technology solutions, ATCi has the depth and experience to respond to unique challenges and opportunities.
ATCi’s flagship product, Simulsat, has the capacity to receive signals
from 35 satellites at the same time. Available in three size/performance variations, Simulsat takes up less space than two parabolics.
Additionally, as new satellites launch, new programming options
appear. Or, if existing satellites move, a simple feed change is all it
ATCi also offers many products that offer customers expanded
capacity, design excellence and value. Among them are uplinks,
teleports, headend components, parabolics, test equipment, matrix
switches and satcom fiberoptics solutions.
ATCi also offers the following turnkey services: teleport and broadcast services, including new niche channel launch and webcasting;
digital headend services; uplink and systems integration. Contact
ATCi at 480-844-8501 or
AT&T Connected Communities
In June, AT&T Inc. announced that the AT&T Smart Moves and
BellSouth Community Technologies initiatives are now combined
under one unified brand, AT&T Connected Communities. The
program delivers some of the most advanced communications and
entertainment services to rental properties and new residential developments. Through the AT&T Connected Communities program,
AT&T works directly with apartment ownership groups; apartment
management groups; real estate investment trusts; single-family
ATX Networks
BLANKOM is a leading supplier of professional CATV headends
for digital and analog video distribution. BLANKOM’s products
include the modular C-LINE Headend, which is ideally suited for
private networks and smaller, independent cable systems. The company also supplies the full range of standard and high-definition TV
signal processing modules from QAM-modulators, MPEG2 encoders and multiplexers to DVB-S2 satellite receivers for all broadband
applications. The C-LINE headend employs an innovative Independent Twin Technology that offers frequency agile dual–channel
processing (digital and analog) within one module providing one
of the most cost- and space-efficient headend systems with excellent
performance and a user-friendly, remote-controllable management
interface. All BLANKOM products are designed and manufactured
with the highest standards in quality and reliability. BLANKOM
products deliver superior value to cable TV and broadcast companies worldwide.
1035 N. McDowell Blvd.
Petaluma, CA 94954
P: 707-766-3000
F: 707-283-3100
Contact: David Russell
E: [email protected]
Calix introduces its new gigabit passive optical
network (GPON) service interface module to its
market-leading C7 multiservice access platform
(MSAP). The GPON module provides a full
2.4 Gbps to each of four optical line terminal
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(OLT) ports, enabling the delivery of advanced, very-high-bandwidth services such as high-definition IPTV to each of 256 attached subscribers from a single module, or 5,120 from a single
Calix C7 MSAP. In addition to advanced residential services
such as IPTV, RF video, and VOIP, the Calix C7 equipped with
GPON modules elegantly supports high-margin business services. The complement of business services supported through small
business unit (SBU) GPON optical network terminals (ONTs)
includes Ethernet transparent LAN services (TLS) as well as native T1 services that can be dropped directly from the CO- or
RT-based Calix C7. The Calix C7 also provides fully integrated
POTS and VOIP gateway functionality, eliminating the need for
cumbersome and costly external solutions.
Canon USA, Inc.,
Broadcast and
bandwidth for wireless backhaul, private networks or data and video
broadband services. With a built-in SC/APC or SC/UPC adapter
bulkhead, Interconnect Pedestals facilitate fast and easy provisioning
of fiber services to the end customer’s fiber multiplexing equipment.
Fiber drops can be turned up, moved or disconnected on an “as
needed” basis, giving telecom service providers added flexibility in
their efforts to provide broadband voice, data and video services to
customers whose bandwidth requirements may change seasonally
or due to major events. CFDP Pedestals exceed Telcordia GR-771CORE environmental specifications and provide an unbeatable line
of defense against the elements.
Coaxial Networks, Inc.
Coaxial Networks, Inc., delivers products and services that enable
delivery of broadband, voice, and video over HFC networks to
MDU/MTU, hospitality and private cable operators. Later this year
CNI will be releasing DOCSIS 2.0/3.0 CMTS that can bond up to
six downstream channels. The company will also be releasing equipment that can be used by cable operators to implement GePON networks with video overlay.
65 Challenger Road
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
P: 201-807-3300
F: 201-807-3333
Contact: Gordon Tubbs
E: [email protected]
The Canon Broadcast & Communications Division (BCTV) is
a part of the larger and diverse Canon U.S.A. Inc. The extensive
line of BCTV optical and transmission products are squarely
based on the highly advanced optical and electronic technologies for which Canon became legendary. The BCTV HDTV
television lenses exemplify the pinnacle of the superb optical
capabilities of the company. The BCTV Canobeam line of bidirectional data and HDTV transceivers are world-renowned for
their quality and versatility for the transmission of data from 25
Mbps to 1.25 Gbps and full uncompressed HDTV at 1.5 Gbps.
Charles Industries, Ltd.
CNI’s current-generation IRIS is an end-to end solution incorporating a DOCSIS Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS),
which efficiently distributes and manages bandwidth within
MDU/MTU setting. The solution also creates and manages hotspot areas in your property to offer WiFi service. The centralized
system manages both wired and wireless networks. This unique
yet standards-based solution offers you the best of both worlds
– the security of wired and the convenience of wireless.
CNI leverages the already existing in-building coax infrastructure, allowing operators to address the vast subscriber
opportunity with less cost and yielding a faster ROI. CNI’s
next-generation DOCSIS 3.0 solution, due for release in Q4
2007, will be a tightly integrated offering for multiple IP services that will deliver six times more bandwidth than currently available.
CNI offers complete end-to-end network services such as WAN
bandwidth, 24x7 end user customer support services, and advanced network monitoring. By utilizing these services, cable
operators can effectively compete with bigger MSOs. CNI also
provides trusted third party services for CALEA compliance.
For more information, contact Archana Roy at [email protected], or by calling 408-562-4400.
5600 Apollo Drive
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
P: 847-806-6300
F: 847-806-6231
Contact: J.T. Charles
E: [email protected]
Charles Fiber Distribution Point
(CFDP) Interconnect Pedestals provide
preconnectorized “interconnect panel”
fiber drops to multiple broadband service customers at a fraction of the cost
of Light Guide Cross-Connect (LGX) solutions. The CFDP Interconnect Pedestal is ideal for multitenant cell site, campus or strip
mall environments where the customer requires high-capacity fiber
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Hot Products
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
F: 215-320-7903
Contact: Bill Revell
E: [email protected]
Comcast Corporation is the nation’s leading provider of cable, entertainment and communications products and services, with 24.2 million
cable customers, 11.5 million high-speed Internet customers, and 1.9
million voice customers. Comcast provides a wide variety of consumer
products and services. It serves customers in 36 states and the District of
Columbia with increased commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Visit them online at
Communication Technology
Services, CTS
Founded in 1990 as a structured cabling company, CTS has evolved
into a national organization providing a broad array of communication infrastructure services including structured cabling, other inside wiring, public safety solutions, wireless local area network and
VoIP, including IP PBX. The company headquarters are in Marlborough, Massachusetts. CTS has more than 600 professional field
technicians and project managers around the US, all full-time CTS
CTS works with manufacturers and distributors including AMP,
Anixter, Berk-Tek, Chatsworth, Corning, Graybar, Ortronics, Panduit, Proxim and ShoreTel.
Key products include in-home and in-business structured wiring,
wireless LAN, IDAS and ODAS, public safety solutions, kiosk and
digital signage solutions, VoIP, and carrier network services including construction management for enterprise-level companies and
service providers. Visit us at
Comverse Converged
IP Communications
200 Quannapowitt Parkway
Wakefield, MA 01880
P: 781-213-2726
F: 781-224-7143
Contact: Janice Hewins
E: [email protected]
Comverse Converged IP Communications provides IP-based voice and
video solutions that enable communication service providers to deliver
IP telephony, converged communi-
cations and FMC services for both consumer and enterprise markets. The solutions leverage products and expertise from the acquisition of Netcentrex™, recognized for its leadership in the worldwide
market for Class 5 application servers with 6 million VoIP lines in
commercial service, as well as its rich portfolio of IP telephony, converged communications, fixed and mobile IP Centrex, Triple Play,
Quad Play and IMS solutions.
Connexion Technologies
Connexion Technologies is the country’s premier fiber optic amenity company. It invests its capital to design, build and operate
fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks in single-family, multifamily, high-rise, resort and hospitality properties nationwide. Its
award-winning, state-of-the-art networks deliver an unsurpassed
technology experience and enable developers to sell units at a faster
velocity. By aligning its partners with leading service providers,
Connexion Technologies offers the best in enhanced television,
telephone, Internet, and security monitoring services. By offering
a complete suite of entertainment and communication applications at the speed of light, Connexion Technologies creates A Better Connection SM with its one-source technology solution. The
company is based in Cary, North Carolina. It was established in
2002 and is located in 17 offices throughout the country. For more
information, visit
Corning Cable Systems
800 17th St. NW
Hickory, NC 28601
P: 828-901-5000
F: 828-901-5973
Contact: Dana McEntire
E: [email protected]
Corning Cable Systems’ OptiSnap™ Connector is a field-installable
no-epoxy, no-polish connector that enables quick and cost-effective
termination of fiber optic cables. The OptiSnap Connector installs
in less than one minute through the use of Corning Cable Systems’
patented, high-precision mechanical splice technology. It is ideal for
single-mode fiber-to-the-x applications, maintenance and restoration
of building cable, and MDU applications where installation setup
and teardown time is critical.
The installation system features an on-tool patented go/no-go feedback signal to confirm that installation is performed correctly every
time. When the fiber is inserted and the cam activated, a pass/fail
light on the installation tool signals that the installation was successful. The connector’s factory-polished ceramic ferrule provides superior end-face geometry, ensuring consistently low insertion loss and
high-performance return loss.
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Hot Products
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Cox Communications
Cox Communications is a multiservice broadband communications
and entertainment company with more than 5.9 million total residential and commercial customers. Cox offers analog cable television under the Cox Cable brand as well as advanced digital video
service under the Cox Digital Cable brand. Cox provides an array of
other communications and entertainment services, including local
and long distance telephone under the Cox Digital Telephone brand;
high-speed Internet access under the Cox High Speed Internet brand;
and commercial voice and data services via Cox Business Services. In
addition, Cox Business Services provides communications solutions
for commercial customers, providing high-speed Internet, voice and
long-distance services, as well as data and video transport services for
small- to large-sized businesses. Cox Media offers national and local
cable advertising in traditional spot and new media formats, along
with promotional opportunities and production services. Cox is an
investor in programming networks including Discovery Channel.
For more information, contact Norma Knabel at [email protected], or by calling 404-269-7369.
Display Systems International
Since 1983, DSI has been developing information display software/
systems for hotels, timeshare and gated communities, where it is used
for advertising/real estate channels, community bulletin boards, inhouse information channels and guest information displays. DSI
also develops electronic program guides (EPGs) that display onscreen scrolling guides of upcoming TV listings. Our EPGs are inexpensive and data is delivered via the Internet. You have complete
control of the look, logos, fonts, colors and information displayed.
Ditch Witch
In 1949, Ed Malzahn developed the first commercial compact
trencher, laying the foundation for The Charles Machine Works,
Inc. The company today is better known by the equipment it designs and manufactures – Ditch Witch underground construction
equipment, known throughout the world for its advanced design,
rugged construction, long-term durability, ease of use and reliability. Ditch Witch equipment and parts are sold through a worldwide
dealer organization specially equipped to assist customers with the
best service and training in the industry. For more information,
call 800-654-6481 or visit
Eagle Broadband
Eagle Broadband is a leading provider of IP-based video content
and IP set-top boxes. Eagle Broadband’s IPTVComplete™ packages IP content rights, content aggregation, IP encapsulation, end-toend encryption and terrestrial transport, enabling service providers
to quickly deliver 200+ channels over their broadband networks.
The MediaPro line of HD and SD IP set-top boxes enable broadband providers and hotel operators to maximize revenues by de-
livering state-of-the-art interactive entertainment services. IPTV
Complete™ and the MediaPro set-top boxes create new revenue opportunities for service providers, enabling them to deliver a nextgeneration entertainment experience to their subscribers. Visit
them online at
“EarthLink. We revolve around you™”
As the nation’s next-generation total communications provider,
EarthLink offers MDU customers a very cost-effective, secure
and high-quality triple play service including data, voice and
video services*, plus free value-added products including security
protection (via Spyware Blocker, Virus Blocker, and ScamBlocker), customizable start page (MyEarthlink), web hosting, and
more. For more information contact us at (800) EARTHLINK
*High-Speed Internet and VoIP are offered via DSL, cable, wireless,
broadband-over-powerline, or satellite. EarthLink also offers DialUp Internet service for a low monthly fee. For more information,
contact Audra Cunningham at [email protected],
or by calling 404-748-7766.
EthoStream, a Telkonet company, delivers wired and wireless
high-speed Internet access, digital video surveillance and customer
support, all from one technology platform. EthoStream has over
2,000 properties installed and services over one million network
users per month. EthoStream’s Remote Management Console,
which is integrated with EthoStream’s Support Center and is
manned by EthoStream dedicated employees, enables hotel management to remotely monitor and manage their HSIA system in
real time.
11811 N. Tatum Boulevard, Suite 3031
Phoenix, AZ 85028
P: 602-953-6657
F: 602-953-7737
Contact: Daniel Graff
E: [email protected]
As a result of its merger
with Dantex earlier this
year, Emtelle has added
both depth and breadth
to its portfolio of blown-fiber solutions. Ever eager to deploy its renowned fibreflow™ technology in a wider range of applications, the
company introduced a Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) solution. This
comprises a comprehensive suite of products for high-performance,
cost-effective, solidly integrated network development. These products include fiber units (with different installation techniques and
august 2007 | www.broadbandproper | BROADBAND PROPERTIES |
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the option of preterminated fiber), indoor/outdoor multiway tube
bundles, tube distribution closures, cabinets, internal branches,
customer connection units and blowing equipment. When used in
MDUs, Emtelle products and technology offer faster installation,
reduced initial costs, controlled ongoing investment, enhanced design flexibility and simplified network development. In addition,
Emtelle’s diverse range of products, along with the unparalleled expertise of the company’s workforce, ensure that its blown-fiber solutions can be tailored to specific structural, environmental, technical
and strategic requirements.
Enablence Technologies Inc.
The Enablence Technologies GePON ONU transceiver is an optical
interface module for GePON ONUs. It is compliant with the IEEE
802.3ah, 1000BASE-PX-10-U standard. The Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) based optical transceiver is a high-performance module
for single-fiber bidirectional link operating at 1.25Gbps upstream
and 1.25Gbps downstream. The transmitter section features a 1310
nm Fabry-Perot laser and burst-mode transmitter electronics. The
receiver section contains a 1490 nm PIN photodiode and pre-amplifier mounted inside the optical subassembly, and a limiting post-amplifier IC. The transceiver has one single-mode fiber pigtail with an
SC-UPC connector to interface to the optical network.
The transmitter electronics interface to the ONU circuitry with
LVPECL data inputs and a LVTTL burst-enable pin. The receiver
electronics interface to the ONU circuitry delivering LVPECL Data
outputs and a TTL signal detect (SD) status signal.
The transceiver features the Dispersion Bridge Planar Lightwave
Circuit technology from Enablence. The PLC platform integrates
all the WDM filters, lasers, detectors, TIA, and other required components on a single platform from enhanced reliability and low cost.
6300 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 75024
P: 972-583-2597
F: 972-583-1856
Contact: Laura Fair
E: [email protected]
Ericsson - Full Service Broadband. Broadband services to a screen of
your choice. Any Service - Any Screen - Anywhere.
Founded in 1992, ETI Software Solutions, Inc., is a leading developer of software products deployed by more than 100 utility systems
and telecommunication service providers serving millions of subscribers worldwide. The ability to automate provisioning of FTTH
networks has made ETI’s latest product TriadTM unique in today’s
marketplace. Triad also provides order entry/management, work order management/scheduling, reporting and billing modules to support advanced video, high-speed data and voice services. Since its
inception in 2004, over two dozen FTTH network services providers nationwide – five of them in Tennessee – have deployed Triad.
General Machine Products Company, Inc.
3111 Old Lincoln Highway
Trevose, PA 19053
P: 215-357-5500
F: 215-357-6216
Contact: Ted Clemens
E: [email protected]
Breeze Microfiber Blower
General Machine Products Company, Inc., Trevose, Pa., is pleased
to present the Breeze Microfiber Cable Blowing Machine, designed
to meet the growing need for micro cable installation (FTTx). It can
move micro fiber cable of 0.1 to 0.315 in. (2.5 to 8.0 mm) diameter
at speeds up to 164 ft./min. (50 M/min.) into pre-installed micro
duct. It is compatible with micro duct O.D. from 0.197 to 0.472 in.
(5.0 to 12.0).
Its compact size makes the Breeze ideally suited for external or
internal use. The pushing force, up to 35 lbs. (16 kg.) maximum,
can be adjusted to suit the cable stiffness. Its electrically powered
two-roller drive system controls the cable as it is propelled by
compressed air into the duct. A monitoring system reads speed
and distance and includes an emergency stop.
More information is available online at, or by
contacting Ted Clemens at 215-357-5500; [email protected]
Great Lakes Data Systems
5954 Priestly Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008
P: 800-882-7950
F: 760-602-1928
Contact: Laura Rosado
E: [email protected]
WinCable® sets a new standard for
cable billing and subscriber management software. WinCable’s
client/server architecture, attractive Windows® design, and robust SQL database provide optimal features, benefits, and value.
Digital, analog & IPTV set-top boxes, conditional access satellite
receivers, cable modems, VOD and VoIP can all be provisioned
directly from the WinCable® billing system. GLDS also offers
web-enabled customer self-care including bill view, subscriber
self-upgrades, PPV ordering, and online credit card payment.
• Designed for the requirements of private and municipal cable
• Exclusive “address based” features
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Hot Products
• Full support for Interdiction, FTTP, Digital Video, VoIP and more
• Landlord/tenant billing options
• Low-cost online solutions for small systems
• Full-service call center options with online management reports
Currently serving small and mid-sized operators, GLDS has implemented its solutions for more than 300 cable systems in 49 US States
and 36 countries worldwide. For more information, contact Laura
Rosado at 800-882-7950.
Halsted Communications
Halsted Communications is one of the largest satellite installation and service providers in the United States. In addition it
offers advanced technical training and SBCA certification nationwide via satellite distributors and manufacturers. For more
information, contact Robert Dungan at [email protected]
com or 888-623-6992.
Hitachi Telecom (USA), Inc.
3617 Parkway Lane
Norcross, GA 30092
P: 770-446-8820
F: 770-797-2550
Contact: Pete Westafer
E: [email protected]
Hitachi enables end-toend triple play services
from the source to the subscriber for service providers, municipalities and developers looking to
better serve their customers by delivering high-bandwidth applications using GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technology,
the highest-speed standards-based access platform available.
The Hitachi AMN1220 is an ITU-T standards-compliant GPON
product family that supports the economical delivery of RF/IP
video, VoIP/POTS voice, and high-speed data services. Hitachi was
the first vendor to place a full-rate GPON system into commercial
service (Bandon, Oregon; June, 2006).
The end user is where the service provider ultimately earns revenue.
And when subscribers enjoy a positive experience, they tend to remain loyal and are more likely to purchase higher-tier services.
In addition to the GPON system, Hitachi can provide a full turnkey
solution, from initial planning and technology assessment and multiple video solutions to the HDTV in the consumer’s living room.
Solutions are available for residential and business applications.
920 Cassatt Road, Suite 220
Berwin, PA 19312
P: 484-913-1427
Contact: John Pierce
E: [email protected]
InGrid Digital Home Protection is
the world’s first all-digital, broadband-based home security offering
for the residential and small business
security market. Offered to the public principally through broadband
providers and community developers for both single and multifamily households, InGrid’s next-generation systems and services provide better protection than traditional dealer-installed
systems, are almost impossible to defeat, can be controlled
from a cordless telephone, cell phone or Web browser, and are
easily self-installed by the customer. The InGrid product and
service offering is a complete end-to-end turnkey solution allowing any broadband provider to not only sell superior protection and monitoring but capture greater RPU with minimal
capital investment. The InGrid solution is also designed to be
a co-brand experience to help build even greater brand value
and subscriber stickiness. For more information, please visit
IntraMeta Corporation
IntraMeta provides a complete on-demand back-office platform for
Internet and rich media service providers. Available as a hosted service or on-site server, BOSS is IntraMeta’s Broadband Operations
Support System. BOSS natively integrates the components of OSS
into an elegant metered utility, allowing service providers to pay for
their back office based on what they use.
BOSS has the functionality necessary to compete for today’s service
providers: integrated subscriber management, triple play and wireless
service provisioning, ticketing and customer relationship management portals, hosted IP services such as mail, and authentication and
a complete business workflow management system that orchestrates
the manual and automated tasks throughout an organization. BOSS
gives providers a unified and cost-effective means of monitoring and
managing their network and their business through a single interface. With BOSS our clients have
the control and oversight to direct the end-to-end vision of their
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Hot Products
KT Communications
2409 N. Stadium
Columbia, MO 65202
P: 573-446-3693
F: 573-446-9054
Contact: Kristy Thurman
E: [email protected]
KT Communications provides a full range of basic and premium
video services delivered via satellite through various technologies including CBAND and DIRECTV Transport. Our alliances also offer guidance and support for a digital programming solution. We are
devoted to providing the most effective methods of delivering video
to private cable systems and we are always exploring new opportunities and technologies for this marketplace. The extensive experience
that our staff brings to the industry is invaluable to our existing and
potential clients. Visit for more information.
Mapcom Systems
Mapcom Systems is the developer of M4® Solutions – a map-based
Geographical Operations System (GOS) software suite that allows
telecommunications providers to enhance their information flow by
displaying data in a geographic view. Our open-system approach
enables you to integrate and correlate data from existing billing, accounting, GPS tracking and network monitoring applications with a
geographically correct land base map of all network elements in M4.
Mapcom also provides customer-focused implementation, training,
and consulting services. Since 1971, we have developed one of the
strongest reputations in the industry working with independents,
cooperatives, fiber communities, and campus telecommunications
providers of all sizes. For more information, contact Alissa Nadolski
at [email protected], or by calling 804-743-1860.
Multicom, Inc.
Established in 1982 and celebrating its 25th anniversary, Multicom,
Inc., is a full-line stocking distributor and manufacturer of products
used for end-to-end integration of communication solutions, including cable TV, traffic signal equipment and VoIP services.
Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Multicom is your “One Stop
Resource Center” stocking over 7,000 products from more than 85
of the world’s major manufacturers to completely build and maintain communication systems at cost-effective prices. These products
are used to acquire, process and distribute signals over coax, fiber
optics and copper cable.
As a value-added supplier, Multicom designs headend and distribution systems using AutoCAD. The company also assembles headend
systems for a complete plug-and-play solution.
tends resellers an opportunity to participate in the growing VoIP
industry. Options include private label branding or reselling of the
Mconnect Brand. For more information, call 800-423-2594, e-mail
[email protected] or visit
Multilink designs and manufactures a wide range of communications products supporting the FTTH, CATV, OSP, and LAN/
Premises markets. Manufacturing and design is centered in Elyria
Ohio, with satellite facilities in North Lima and Middlefield, Ohio.
Multilink is recognized as a solution provider with fully integrated
capabilities. Multilink’s uncompromising commitment is to product
reliability and customer support in controlling all details and processes from sheet metal fabrication, plastic injection molding and
plastic extrusions. For more information, contact Jim Fasano at [email protected], or by calling 440-366-6966.
2000 Northeast Expressway
Norcross, GA 30071
P: 888-fiberhelp
Contact: Calvin Marvin
E: [email protected]
is a comprehensive, high-performance
FTTH solution that can deliver fiber directly to homes, businesses and MDUs.
The system offers fast, cost-effective network deployment while reducing initial investment costs and creating additional revenue-generating opportunities.
Key system components include bend-optimized AllWave® FLEX
Zero Water Peak fiber, high performance AllWave FLEX jumpers,
innovative ORBITALTM fiber management cabinets, AccuRibbon® and FortexTM DT totally dry cables, and Toneable Mini LT
Flat Drop cables.
The AllWave FLEX fiber, the first industry bend-optimized singlemode fiber, offers outstanding bend performance for FTTH, enterprise networks, or any application where small bend diameters may
be encountered.
The ORBITAL cabinet is available with different options, and features OFS’ unique splitter module incorporating full-spectrum, lowloss PLC splitters, while being fitted with low-loss, high-performance
LC and MPO connectors.
OFS can also help optimize network designs with its OptiCost
FTTH Modeling services, based on the unique characteristics of
each deployment.
Multicom’s affiliate company, Mconnect, Inc., offers VoIP phone
services for residential, SOHO, and business customers. It also ex-
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Hot Products
Preformed Line Products
Olson Technology
Two-way fiber optic solutions for CATV and fast Ethernet. CATV
fiber node segmentation. Enhanced L-band fiber transport 10MHz
to 4GHz. EDFA and Ex-mod fiber transmitters and optical passive
devices. Analog headend processors, modulators, and demodulators.
For more information, contact Jerry K. Thorne at [email protected], or by calling 423-883-7834.
Pace Electronics
Pace Electronics has grown from a regional distributor serving the
upper Midwest with television reception equipment to a national
wholesaler of satellite equipment, servicing customers in all 50
states and Canada. From offices in Minnesota and Florida, Pace
supplies products of the highest quality at very competitive prices.
Our dedi¬cated engineering team stands ready to assist with system
design, product support and trouble shooting. Our experienced programming support staff can assist and process all of your DIRECTV
Commercial and MDU programming needs. Tradewind International is our proprietary line of commercial grade distribution. Call
us today at 800-444-7223 or visit us online at
PacketFront, Inc.
660 Beta Drive
Mayfield Village, OH 44143
P: 440-473-9201
F: 440-442-8816
Contact: Dustin Graef
[email protected]
Products that perform better, last longer and are easier to install - you can
count on Preformed Line Products
(PLP) to provide high-quality solutions that meet the rigorous demands
of today’s modern communications
networks. We serve all segments of the communications industry including telecommunications network operators, cable television and
broadband service providers, corporations and enterprise networks,
government departments and agencies and educational institutions.
PLP offers innovative product solutions like the COYOTE family
of fiber optic splice closures, organizers and trays, and the ARMADILLO® family of copper splice closures and accessories. The reliability of our full line of fiber optic, copper, demarcation, bonding,
strand and cable solutions, combined with our knowledgeable sales
team and technical support services, make Preformed Line Products
the connection you can count on.
Prysmian Cables and Systems
Prysmian is a leading global supplier of fiber optic cabling solutions. We offer a full range of cables, including premises (indoor),
outside plant and FTTH specialties. Our cables are available
with a full range of fiber types, including laser-optimized multimode, bend-optimized, and FTTP-optimized single-mode. For
more information, contact Jon Fitz at [email protected], or
by calling 803-951-1003.
1805 Shea Center Drive, Suite 240
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
P: 603-888-5100
F: 603-888-5101
Contact: Tim Scott
E: [email protected]
PacketFront offers a unique combination of software and network
elements that automate the broadband network and all deployment
and provisioning functions. The solution reverses the economics,
time consumption and complexity of rolling out triple play. Expanding to a multiple-service offering now becomes a compelling business opportunity that quickly delivers higher revenues with lower
costs. Talk to us – we know what it takes, both from a business and
technology perspective. For more information, contact Tim Scott at
[email protected], or by calling 603-888-5100.
R.L. Drake LLC
In business since 1943, R.L. Drake, LLC, is a manufacturer
of commercial headend and distribution equipment for the
CATV and Private CATV markets. Drake products are considered the finest available in regard to quality, performance,
affordability and customer support. Drake’s full line of legacy
analog products includes an extensive offering of space-saving
mini rack modules, including a new soon-to-be-released digital-to-analog decoder, the DAD860. Drake’s digital product
line is the most complete and innovative in our industry, with
such products as our DQT861 off-air-to-QAM multiplexing
transcoder and our SCT series of satellite-to-QAM transcoders with HD and 1024QAM capability available. For more
information, contact Andy Ruffin at [email protected], or
by calling 937-746-4556.
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Hot Products
The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association is the national trade organization representing all segments of the satellite industry. It is committed to expanding the utilization of satellite technology for the broadcast
delivery of video, audio, data, music, voice, interactive and
broadband services. The SBCA has partnered with the industry to develop technician certification courses covering residential, commercial and advanced signal distribution technologies. Additional information can be found at
Scientific Atlanta,
A Cisco Company
5030 Sugar Loaf Parkway
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
P: 770-236-2738
F: 770-236-3088
Scientific Atlanta GS7000
GainMaker® Scalable Node
As on-demand, HD and highspeed data, voice and commercial services continue to grow
in popularity, Scientific Atlanta expands its technology leadership with the latest in its 1 GHz product portfolio - the GainMaker® Scalable Node (GS7000).
The 1 GHz platform gives broadband operators the extra bandwidth to expand interactive service offerings to customers. The
GS7000’s next-generation 1 GHz four-port platform provides
full four-way forward and reverse scaling capability and analog
and digital transmitter options. Mechanical design is based on
the best features of Scientific Atlanta’s legacy optical nodes, creating a platform that is extremely technician friendly and scalable to support new service deployments. For more information, visit our Web site:, or contact
us at [email protected]
Spot On Networks
Spot On Networks provides aggressively priced high-speed wireless
Internet services to MDU residents throughout their apartments
and community common areas. Proven WiFi technologies and robust state-of-the-art equipment increase the community’s value to its
residents. A safe, managed, monitored WiFi network provides the
property a competitive advantage by differentiating it from the rest.
Spot On partners with the country’s leading property developers and
managers in a revenue sharing arrangement with significant benefits.
Spot On’s superb customer service allows management a worry-free
environment. Reap the benefits of a much-desired amenity while
providing savvy tenants with the services they demand and expect;
take the opportunity now to stay ahead of your competition. www.
34 No Waiting. No Wires. No Worries. TM ©
2007 Spot On Networks
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave
78 Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
P: 800-358-7378
F: 919-541-8265
Contact: Customer Service
E: [email protected]
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, the
leading manufacturer of fiber optic cable, FutureFLEX Air-Blown
Fiber, interconnect products and
fusion equipment, is a subsidiary of
SEI, which was cited by the 2005
Cabling Industry Report as the
world’s largest cable manufacturer
measured in terms of sales. Sumitomo introduces its latest first-tomarket innovations for lowering the costs of FTTx deployment.
Industry-first product launches include the first ribbon-drop
cable, full line of Pure Access bend-insensitive drop cables, as
well as the first and only dual-heater fusion splicer, the FastCat™.
The FastCat’s patent-pending advanced electronic design, which
accommodates a built-in dual heating system and simultaneous
operation, makes it the fastest fusion splicer on the market by
reducing the bottleneck of heater wait time by 88 percent. With
an individual heater cycle time of only 30 seconds and a splice
cycle of only 9 seconds, FastCat trials indicate an improvement
of splicing efficiency and productivity by 70 percent, significantly
reducing labor time and costs while increasing project and customer service turnup. Visit them on the Web at and
Telco Systems, Inc.
2 Hampshire Street, Suite 3A
Foxboro, MA 02035
P: 781-552-0300
F: 781-255-5271
Contact: Raylene Kadrmas
E: [email protected]
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The EdgeGate483S from Telco
Systems provides a triple play, future-proof outdoor/indoor CPE for
Active Ethernet–based FTTH. The
EdgeGate is part of Telco Systems’
RUS-approved end-to-end Active
Ethernet solution. Based on fieldproven, highly reliable EdgeGate
Hot Products
technology, which is deployed at tens of thousands of homes and
businesses worldwide, the EdgeGate483S is designed to deliver
voice, video, and data services to residential and small office/home
office (SOHO) environments.
and ongoing testing and maintenance easy.
• Full range of solutions: Distribution cabinets, cabling and
wall outlets – all engineered for simple installation, start-up and
ongoing usage.
The EdgeGate483S supports two analog voice lines (VoIP FXS
ports) and eight x10/100BaseT Ethernet ports that connects to PC
and TVs. The ports provide both data (Internet) and video services.
Future-proofing the network, the optical uplink dynamically supports 100M or 1G Ethernet in the same product, enabling the service provider to offer 100M service today and move to 1G in the
future without changing the products. For more information, visit
Telkonet specializes in advanced solutions for broadband data networking and energy management, based on its highly successful inbuilding powerline communications (PLC) technology. Telkonet’s
unique portfolio of technology solutions is underpinned by technology innovation and the highest level of end-to-end quality of service.
Telkonet’s systems support a wide range of functions, including wired
and wireless high-speed Internet access, voice over IP telephony, energy management, IP security surveillance, local area networking
and digital retail solutions. Telkonet SmartEnergy eliminates wasted
energy from heating or cooling unoccupied rooms, reducing energy
consumption by around 30%.
1730 N. Madson
Liberty Lake, WA 99019
P: 509-921-6393
F: 509-344-6393
Contact: Jason Pegg
E: [email protected]
The Telect Media Gateway system simplifies high-quality triple-play voice, video and
data structured cabling in the home, with
several unique design features engineered with installers and
users in mind.
• Color-coded ports and outlets: A simple means of matching patch cords within the panel with corresponding outlets
throughout the house, streamlining installation, reconfiguration and troubleshooting.
• Panel options for different environments: Flush-mount and
surface-mount panel configurations available to fit in any location.
• Simple, organized layout: Clearly labeled connectivity modules, splitters, and other devices in the panel make it the most
user-friendly structured cabling solution available.
• Advanced cable management: Simple tools for routing and
managing cable within the panel, making future modifications
Tenvera’s Fiber IN the Premises Technology handles the explosion of broadband appetite fueled by the killer application
– downloading and distributing video in high definition. Because Tenvera offers the only blown-in fiber optic cabling that
is pre-terminated on BOTH ends (patent pending) through
a special Microduct (patent pending) it is an easy, no-hassle
solution that finishes out the fiber network IN the Premises.
The Tenvera Solution connects all consumer electronics IN
the Premises to each other and to the outside world through a
fiber network that allows video, voice and data to be transmitted without being compressed. This makes it possible for customers to enjoy a lifestyle that connects their media servers,
HDTVs, Internet service, PCs and iPods moving the video
and data at the speed of light without losing any quality. For
more information, contact Karen Williams at [email protected], or by calling 615-224-9302.
The Light Brigade, Inc.
837 Industry Drive
Tukwila, WA 98188
P: 206-575-0404
F: 206-575-0405
Contact: Gina Lynd
E: [email protected]
Since 1987 The Light Brigade has instructed more than
30,000 attendees in its public
and custom classes. The company offers courses nationwide
covering basic fiber optic design, maintenance and testing,
as well more advanced courses
on topics such as Fiber to the User/PON. The Light Brigade
offers two options that focus on FTTx disciplines, applications
and products: FTTx/PON for Installers and Planners, a fourday training course; or a FTTx/PON computer-based training
(CBT). In addition, TLB creates interactive training DVDs,
such as our recent release “Fiber Optic Patch Panels, Closures,
and Pedestals,” which examines the various categories of crossconnect products typically used in fiber-optic applications. The
DVD features three full chapters relating to FTTx designs and
installations and covers the latest products available including fiber distribution hubs, pedestals, and FTTx splice closures. Seven
other DVD titles are also available. The Light Brigade, Inc., 800451-7128,
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Hot Products
Toner Cable Equipment, Inc.
969 Horsham Road
Horsham, PA 19044
P: 215-675-2053 x114
F: 215-675-9120
Contact: Dianne Rowland
E: [email protected]
The CPON and EPON series of
Optical Premise Nodes provides a choice of features, services and
architectures for today’s fiber-to-the-home systems. From simple RF
broadband (CATV), to true triple play (CATV, Ethernet and VoIP
telephony), nodes can be chosen for PON Networks (point to point),
EPON Networks (point to multipoint), and either single- or dual-fiber designs. The small nodes are all rugged die-cast housings featuring high-performance CATV receivers, RJ-45 Ethernet jacks, RJ-11
phone jacks, primary and backup power jacks as well as SNMP network monitoring and management.
With all these configurations available and the extensive PBN range
of system transmitters, we have the entire solution for your FTTH
application. Toner Cable Equipment is the largest stocking distributor of PBN products and has more installed systems than anyone
else. Contact us for more information at 800-523-5947 (215-6752053).
ValuePoint Networks
350 Townsend Street, Suite 320
San Francisco, CA 94107
P: 415-979-0121 x.114
F: 415-520-0586
Contact: David Grissom
E: [email protected]
ValuePoint Networks’ newest high-power mesh routers,
gateway controllers, and rugged access points provide the
coverage and control you need
to bring broadband Internet
to all parts of your property, whether indoors or outdoors, for
the lowest available cost.
Our uniquely designed integrated antenna models light up more
for less. Our price-leading gateway controllers authenticate
users, assign priorities and bandwidth limits, and have many
built-in or external branding options. The self-healing ability
of our outdoor mesh gear provides you fault-tolerant wireless
backhaul that can reach for miles and penetrate obstacles. Our
mesh routers are available in 900MHz, 2.4GHz, or 5GHz spectrum, all high power of 600 mWatt.
Our line of rugged WiFi gear is already proven in thousands
of properties and municipalities worldwide, and is increasingly
adopted by solution providers and property owners as the most
cost-effective strategy to bring you an attractive return on investment.
Enhanced Communities
One Verizon Way, Mailcode VC21E215
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
P: 908-559-1433
F: 908-766-6098
Contact: Daniel O’Connell
E: [email protected]
Verizon Enhanced Communities is Verizon’s business unit
dedicated to serving multifamily communities nationwide with
broadband Internet, video, and advanced communications.
Verizon’s fiber-to-the-premises infrastructure delivers FiOS®
the most advanced network obtainable. But it has even more
for property owners and developers. Verizon FiOS can help increase a property’s profitability, help attract new residents, help
reduce turnover, and add to a property’s long-term viability.
Verizon makes it easy by providing custom installation through
dedicated management and engineering teams, as well as ongoing
customer service. Learn how to enhance the value of your community with Verizon FiOS at
Wave7 Optics
Wave7 Optics has established itself as an industry leader in optical
broadband access systems with an expanding FTTP product portfolio featuring a variety of architectural options, based on IP and
Ethernet or ATM standards, for triple-play voice, video and data services. The company’s patented Last Mile Link and Trident7 systems
are gaining market share rapidly around the world with service providers in the IOC, CLEC, MSO, municipal, utility and real estate
development categories.
Ygnition Networks
565 Andover Park West
Suite 201
Seattle, WA 98188
P: 206-574-5480
F: 206-574-5481
Contact: Glenn Meyer
E: [email protected]
Ygnition Networks is one of the largest, most successful and financially secure providers of state-of-the-art cable television, high-speed
Internet, wireless hotspots and digital voice services designed exclusively for the multifamily housing industry. Property owners, man-
| BROADBAND PROPERTIES | www.broadbandproper | AUGUST 2007
Hot Products
agement companies and developers can now offer their residents a
robust broadband services package that includes direct broadcast
satellite television (DBS) powered by Dish Network, blazing fast
high-speed Internet and digital voice (VoIP), all delivered with a
high degree of care and attention.
Ygnition Networks has developed strategic alliances with many of
the top technology companies in our industry such as Dish Network
and TiVo® to bring your residents the services they want and deserve.
Ygnition Networks is the preferred broadband services provider to
more than 145,000 apartment homes in seven states.
The Summit has become
THE VENUE for valuable
high-level networking
EVERYONE involved in the design
and development of communities,
and in the wholesale and large-scale
buying and selling of broadband
services and technologies,
• Real Estate Developers
• Property Owners and Managers
• Independent Telephone
• Municipal Officials
• Private Cable Operators
• Town Planners
• Economic Development
• Architects and Builders
• System Operators
• Investors
For more information on Ygnition Networks and its services, please
visit our Web site at or contact Glenn Meyer,
Chairman. He can be reached at 206-574-5480 or by email at [email protected]
Corporation of America
The fiberXplorer AQ7270 OTDR by Yokogawa is a perfect OTDR
for FTTx testing and maintenance. This portable OTDR has the
world’s shortest dead zone of just 0.8m and can come with 1, 2, 3
or 4 wavelengths per test set. It boasts a 10-second full power up,
8.4” full-color LCD screen, simplified user interface and USB support. With one-button testing and auto-storage of results, it is easy
to use while still supporting the advanced testing features needed
today. Yokogawa’s two decades of innovation in OTDR design gives
the fiberXplorer all the performance and power required at the right
price. Learn more about our OTDR and optical testing at www. or call for a demonstration at 800-367-2636.
Zhone Technologies
Zhone Technologies is a leading supplier of advanced communications equipment for telephone companies and cable operators worldwide. Zhone’s market-leading Broadband Loop Carrier
equipment enables operators to rapidly deploy revenue-generating access services using their existing infrastructure, while providing a migration path to a cost-efficient, all-IP access network.
Utilizing Ethernet and IP technology, Zhone’s products simplify network operations by consolidating multiple services onto
a single access line. This convergence of services and networks
simplifies provisioning and operations, delivering residential and
business broadband, VoIP, IPTV, and Ethernet over both copper
and fiber access lines. For more information, contact Nicole Lee
at [email protected], or by calling 510-777-7451.
For More Information:
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Advanced Media Technologies
AFL Telecommunications
Alpha Technologies
Antronix Inc.
APA Cables & Networks
AT&T Connected Communities
ATX Networks
Blankom USA LLC
Canon USA Inc. Broadcast and Communications Division
Charles Industries Ltd.
Coaxial Networks
Comcast Corporation
Communication Technology Services, CTS
Comverse Converged IP Communications
Connexion Technologies
Corning Cable Systems
Consultants, Network Management,
Builders, Designers, Integrators,Content
Consumer Premises Equipment
Network and Test Equipment
Distributor, VAR, Reseller, Refurbisher
Hot Products
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Cox Communications
Display Systems International
Ditch Witch
Eagle Broadband
Emtelle US
Enablence Technologies
General Machine Products Company
Great Lakes Data Systems
Halsted Communications
Hitachi Telecom USA
KT Communications
Mapcom systems
Olson Technology
Consultants, Network Management,
Builders, Designers, Integrators,Content
Consumer Premises Equipment
Network and Test Equipment
Distributor, VAR, Reseller, Refurbisher
Hot Products
august 2007 | www.broadbandproper | BROADBAND PROPERTIES |
Pace Electronics
Preformed Line Products
Prysmian Cables and Systems
R.L. Drake
Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco Company
Spot On Networks
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave
Telco Systems
The Light Brigade
Toner Cable Equipment
ValuePoint Networks
Verizon Enhanced Communities
Wave7 Optics
Ygnition Networks
Yokogawa Corporation of America
Zhone Technologies
Consultants, Network Management,
Builders, Designers, Integrators,Content
Consumer Premises Equipment
Network and Test Equipment
Distributor, VAR, Reseller, Refurbisher
Hot Products
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