Download datasheet for DB-PLCC44-LPC952 by Future Designs, Inc.

Download datasheet for DB-PLCC44-LPC952 by Future Designs, Inc.
Derivative Boards
The DB-PLCC44-LPC952 is the Derivative Board for the P89LPC952
microcontroller in a 44 pin PLCC package. The DB-PLCC44-LPC952
requires the use of the USB-Dongle for power and a programming interface.
The USB-Dongle and DB-PLCC44-LPC952 allow quick and easy ICP
programming of the P89LPC952. The unit also provides a low cost platform
for testing or prototyping of simple microcontroller based designs. The USBDongle provides a Virtual COM Port interface to the PC and allows hex files
to be downloaded and programmed using Flash Magic or other common
utilities. The USB-Dongle provides all power needed by the various
Derivative Boards so no external power supply is required. Low cost
Derivative Boards are available for many different microcontrollers from
NXP. Please consult our website for details at
• Low cost tool for prototyping
• USB port powered so no external
Power Supply required
• Supports USB 2.0
• Plugs directly into any standard USB
Port – great for laptops
• Works with NXP free Flash Magic
software that can be downloaded
from the web
• USB-Dongle Kit Includes:
♦ USB-Dongle
♦ Download docs and
software examples at
♦ Derivative Boards for
many microcontrollers
are available
Technical Details
The DB-PLCC44-LPC952 uses a PCB
edge finger connector to interface to
the USB-Dongle.
Target Interface
The USB-Dongle includes a 14 pin connector to the Derivative Board
that utilizes the following signals. Not all signals are used on all
Derivative Boards:
Board Dimensions 2.103” x 1.4”
Switched Power (3V for ICP) or
Reset (High True for 8051 ISP)
5V (USB power, unswitched)
Reset (Low True)
(for ICP & LPC2000 ARM)
3V (unswitched)
PSEN/P0.14 (ISP entry)
Example of USB-Dongle and Derivative Board
Headers – The DB-PLCC44-LPC952 brings every pin of the microcontroller out to a standard 0.10” spacing header
footprint for easy probing of signals or to support prototyping or wire-wrapping. Consult the DB-PLCC44-LPC952
schematic if there are any questions about pin alignment from the microcontroller to the headers.
Power – The USB-Dongle provides the regulated 3.3V power required by the DB-PLCC44-LPC952. The DB has a
power measurement jumper, JP1, to allow the user to easily measure the power consumption of the microcontroller.
In the artwork, JP1 pin 1 is shorted to pin 2 so the board is continuously powered. The board can be easily modified
by cutting JP1 and loading a standard 0.10” header.
LED - A green activity or status LED is provided at location D1 on the Derivative Board. This LED can be used to
indicate when the microcontroller is being programmed or for other types of user activity under software control.
Crystal or Clock Frequency - The DB-PLCC44-LPC952 is clocked by the on-board oscillator in the LPC952 at a
frequency of 7.373 MHz so no external crystal is needed on the DB.
Ordering Information
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FDI Contact Info:
(800) 278-0293 Phone
(256) 883-1241 FAX
E-mail: [email protected]
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