Download datasheet for GS100102 by Cherry

Download datasheet for GS100102 by Cherry
GS1 0 0 1 – GS1 0 0 2
The GS1001-1002 series gear tooth sensors are Hall Effect
devices designed for use in applications where ferrous edge
detection or near zero speed sensing (without power up
recognition) is needed. Current sinking output requires the use
of a pull up resistor. Circuit protected with adjustable stainless
steel housing
Features and Benefits
Immune to rotational alignment
ESD resistant to 4kV (contact discharge)
Mating connector: Delphi 12162280
Discrete wire version: 22awg, tin plated polyolefin insulation.
 CNC machine tools
 Transmission speed
 Industrial feedback control
Note: These sensors require the use of an external pull-up resistor, the value is dependent upon the supply voltage. Pull-up resistor should be connected
between output (Black) and Vcc (Brown). See chart on next page for recommendations.
Dim e nsions mm
GS1 0 0 1 – GS1 0 0 2
M e c ha nic a l Spe c ific a t ions
Maximum Installation Torque
Application dependent
50 in-lbs (for a ¼ - 20 Hex Cap screw)
Ele c t ric a l Spe c ific a t ions
Operating Voltage Range
Supply Current
Output Saturation Voltage
Output Current
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature Range
Output Rise time
Output Fall time
Electrostatic Discharge Immunity
Electric Field Radiated Immunity
Electrical Fast Transient Test
Magnetic Field Immunity Test
Conducted Immunity Test
Dielectric Withstand Voltage
Insulation Resistance
5 - 24 VDC
6 mA max
400 mV max
20 mA max
-40° to +125°C
-40° to +125°C
5 S
5 S
+ 3kV indirect contact, + 4kV direct contact
At 10V/m (using 30% amplitude modulation @ 1kHz) from 26Mz to 1000 MHz
+ 2kV on DC power supply
Subjected to 30 A/m at 50 Hz
Injected with 10Vrms from 150kHz to 80 MHz
MIL-STD-202F, Method 301 1000V applied for a minimum of one minute.
MIL-STD-202F, Method 302, Test Condition B 500V applied for one minute.
Water Immersion
Salt Spray
Sinusoidal Vibration
Random Vibration
Mechanical Shock
MIL-STD 202F, Method 104, Test Condition A
MIL-STD-202F, Method 101, Test Condition B
MIL-STD-202F Method 204, Test Condition C from 55-2000 Hz
MIL-STD-20F Method 214, Test Condition IC
18 shocks at 50g’s 11ms per Mil Std 202F
Re c om m e nde d e x t e rna l pull-up re sist or:
Ope n Colle c t or Sink ing Bloc k Dia gra m
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