Download datasheet for EL-WiFi-TP+ by Lascar Electronics

Download datasheet for EL-WiFi-TP+ by Lascar Electronics
High Accuracy
WiFi Temperature Probe Data Logging Sensor
Wirelessly stream and view data via WiFi on PC or EasyLog Cloud
Easy sensor set-up using free PC software application (downloadable from www.
View and analyse multiple sensors, including graphing of historic data
High Accuracy thermister probe temperature measurement range -40 to +125°C
(-40 to +257°F)
Conigurable high and low alarms with indicator
Sensor memory stores all data even if WiFi is temporarily disconnected
The EL-WiFi-TP+ in the EasyLog range of sensors measures the temperature of the
environment in which the probe is situated. This high accuracy sensor is typically
accurate to ±0.1°C (-10 to +70°C). Data is streamed wirelessly over any WiFi network and can be viewed on a PC or the EasyLog Cloud
using the free software package.
During coniguration, the sensor will search for an existing wireless network whilst physically connected to the PC. It can then be placed
anywhere within range of the network. If the sensor temporarily loses connectivity with the network, it will log readings until it is able to
communicate again with the PC application or EasyLog Cloud (max 30 days at 10 second sample interval). The user can also turn off the PC
without loss of data. Although the EasyLog WiFi sensors have an impressive range this can be increased by using WiFi extenders available
The EL-WiFi-TP+ is a battery powered device with an internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery. The battery life of the sensor is variable,
see section below.
The LCD display includes several features including Max and Min readings, and an indicator for low battery, WiFi connection and signal
The sensor is IEEE 802.11b compliant, supports WEP, WPA/WPA2 encryption and enterprise networks.
The software installed on the PC will allow set-up, data logging and data review. Set-up features include sensor name, °C/°F, sample rate,
and high/low alarms. Once conigured, historic data can be viewed via the graphing tool or exported in various formats. This software is
available to download for free from Free irmware downloads are also available from the same web page.
The sensor has a protection rating of IP55. It is a freestanding unit, however, it can be attached to a wall or surface using the bracket
provided. Adhesive bracket pads are also available from
This sensor is supplied with a removable 30cm thermister probe so alternatives can be used providing they operate within the same
temperature range. Other probes are available from
A range of recommended accessories, including ADSL routers, USB mains chargers and other products are available from www.
Speciications liable to change without prior warning
Data Sheet - Issue 1.1FTTA
Applies to EL-WiFi-TP+
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USB supply voltage
+60 (+140)
°C (°F)
Operating temperature range (sensor only)
-20 (-4)
Logging Period (user conigurable)
10 sec
10 min
12 hrs
Transmission Period (user conigurable)
1 min
1 hr
24 hrs
-40 (-40)
Temperature measurement range
+125 (+257)
°C (°F)
Temperature measurement resolution
Temperature display resolution
Temperature accuracy (-10 to +70°C)
±0.1 (-10 to +70°C)
±0.3 (-40 to +125°C)
Warning - do not exceed operating temperatures
The product will arrive partly charged but ideally you should charge it for 24 hours before use for optimum performance. The battery can be
recharged (unit must be between 0 - 40 °C) via a PC, a USB +5V wall adapter, or a portable USB battery pack using the USB lead provided.
It can also be permanently powered by a USB wall adapter or USB battery pack. Readings may be affected while the internal battery is
being charged. However, once charged, continued connection of the charger will have no effect. Battery life is dependent on: transmission
period, WiFi encryption method, WiFi encryption key rotation frequency (determined by the router/access point), signal strength between
router/access point and WiFi device, presence volume and type of WiFi trafic from other devices, sample rate and operating temperature.
All dimensions in millimetres (mm)
4258 West 12th Street
PA 16505
T +1 (814) 835 0621
F +1 (814) 838 8141
E [email protected]
Module House
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E [email protected]
8th Floor, China Aerospace Centre
143 Hoi Bun Road
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
T +852 2797 3219
F +852 2343 6187
E [email protected]
Speciications liable to change without prior warning
Data Sheet - Issue 1.1FTTA
Applies to EL-WiFi-TP+
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