confidence performance a brilliant begins with

confidence performance a brilliant begins with
a brilliant performance
begins with
NEC LT220, LT240 and LT260
Portable Projectors
SVGA, 2,000 ANSI
XGA, 1,600 ANSI,
standard short
throw lens
XGA, 2,100 ANSI
confidence comes with the right equipment
high brightness up to 2100 lumens
up to 1300:1 contrast ratio
(full-on, full-off)
From the lens to the connector panel, NEC projectors are precision-crafted for
performance, quality and long-term reliability. As one of the world’s largest
electronics companies, we have the technology and expertise to anticipate your
needs and provide you with tomorrow’s products today. NEC is equally
committed to our environment. We use environmentally-friendly materials and
continually look for ways to improve efficiency. In addition, our care extends well
beyond the sale with world-class service and support. Our projectors are
covered by InstaCare®, which provides free repair and return within three
business days or next business day replacement. When overnight isn’t fast
enough, we offer InstaCare XpressSM for next flight replacements. TravelCareSM
provides service coverage for the international traveler. No matter where you
are, NEC will be there too.
designed to meet the needs of color
blind and hearing impaired users
light weight at 6.5 pounds
horizontal, vertical and diagonal
keystone correction, 3-D Reform™
Bright enough for installation and light enough for travel, the easy-to-use
LT260 may be the only projector you’ll ever need. It’s specifically designed for
high resolution computers and for displaying detailed information like financial
data and graphics. It’s ideal for any small- to large-sized business, school or
government that needs equipment for meeting or conference rooms as well as
portable display. It offers maximum brightness for large rooms or rooms with
significant ambient light. The LT260 features best-in-class functionality
ensuring that every presentation, regardless of the environment, will be a
extremely low noise at 32dB normal
and 29dB eco-mode
The LT240 is an affordable choice for high-resolution display for a variety of
applications. It features a short throw lens allowing you to project large screen
images over short distances. Even in small meeting rooms, you can be
confident that all eyes will be on your message.
sealed optics
The value priced LT220 is for computers and software that operate
in lower resolutions and is ideal for showing images, video and
PowerPoint slides. This is a good choice for churches,
schools and small businesses where the projector will be
used on a desktop or cart.
wired and wireless LAN capability
computer-free presentations
password protection
carrying case supplied
figure 1
figure 2
sealed optics
for use in dusty
or smokey
security cable
3-D reform
sometimes being square is a good thing.
Now you can display a perfectly square image even from the
most severe angle with NEC’s proprietary new 3-D Reform™
geometry correction technology. The result is a vivid, razorsharp image. If the projection is distorted, simply set the four
corners of the screen to activate the keystone correction then
square the picture. This allows greater freedom in projector
and room set up because now the projector can be at an
angle to the screen. When a USB mouse is connected,
keystone corrections can be made with a simple click.
wired and wireless local networks.*
in the classroom
in the meeting room
The LT200 Series projectors are compatible with both wired
and wireless LANs through NEC’s technology, ImageXpress.
ImageXpress makes possible the fast, efficient, high-quality
transfer of computer screen images to the projector.
wireless and wired LAN
In arbitration wireless mode you can have several users give
presentations from separate notebooks, in succession and in
real time using the same projector. Peer-to-peer wireless
mode lets you project to multiple screens using multiple
projectors from a single notebook. No more bothersome
cables, no more meeting interruptions, no more worries.
Using cable LAN cards also enable you to monitor and control
the projector over the network using a computer to switch the
unit on/off, check the usage time of the lamp, and receive
automatic email notification when the lamp reaches the end
of its life, so downtime is greatly reduced or eliminated.
arbitration mode
broadcast mode
control & monitor mode
keep your presentation and projector safe.
No need to worry about the safety of your presentation or projector. The LT200 Series has enhanced
security including password protection and an optional security card feature that completely
disables the projector to unauthorized users. To protect against projector theft, you can purchase
ceiling mounts from NEC that feature security screws and include attachments for locks. Control
panel buttons can also be locked to ensure projector settings are not changed by an unauthorized user.
sealed optics reduce maintenance costs.
The LT200 Series features sealed optics to reduce the amount of dust and smoke that enters the
optics. This is especially important in arid climates, dusty environments like classrooms (chalk),
military field operations, or smoke-filled rooms, bars or restaurants.**
your audience hears you, not your equipment.
The LT200 Series features extremely low fan noise at 32dB standard and 29dB in Eco-mode, making
them among the quietest models available.
environmentally friendly and conserves energy.
We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously, especially since our products are used
worldwide. We continually look for ways to improve the efficiency of our projectors with features like
EcoMode™ that reduces overall projector power consumption and help conserve energy . In addition
our projector factories are certified to meet the ISO environmental quality standard (ISO 14001) and
are ISO9001 and ISO9002 certified.
pc card slot
figure 3
input and output
(2) computer
monitor out
DLP Technology
Resolution (RGB)
Throw Ratio
Light Output
(ANSI Rated)
Lamp Life
Contrast Ratio
Image Size
Projection Distance
Projection Angle
Keystone Correction
LT220 - 0.67" 10 degree SDR DMD
LT240 / LT260 - 0.69" 12 degree DDR DMD
LT220 - 800 x 600 pixels native, up to UXGA with Advanced AccuBlend
LT240 / LT260 - 1024 x 768 pixels native, up to UXGA (1600 x 1200) with Advanced AccuBlend
Manual zoom and manual focus
LT220 / LT260: F2.2 - 2.5, f = 28.3 - 34.0
LT240: F2.5 - 2.9, f = 22.4 - 27.0
LT220: 2.0 - 2.06:1 (wide), 2.46 - 2.5:1 (tele)
LT240: 1.49 - 1.56:1 (wide), 1.81 - 1.87:1 (tele)
LT260: 1.93 - 2.0:1 (wide), 2.38 - 2.42:1 (tele)
LT220 - Up to 2000 ANSI Lumens
LT240 - Up to 1600 ANSI Lumens
LT260 - Up to 2100 ANSI Lumens
220W DC igniter-less lamp (technology provides higher efficiency and reliability)
2000 hours Eco-mode, 1500 hours Standard
LT220: 500:1
LT240 / LT260: 1300:1
30" to 200" diagonal (for details regarding larger image sizes, consult throw charts on website)
LT220: 48" - 399"
LT240: 35.4" - 296.4"
LT260: 35.7" - 298.9"
LT220/LT260 - 12.3 - 12.5 (tele), 14.9 - 15.2 (wide)
LT240 - 15.7 - 16.2 (tele), 18.6 - 19.4 (wide)
LT220/LT260 - horizontal +/- 30 degrees, vertical +/- 40 degrees with 3-D Reform
LT240 - horizontal +/- 25 degrees, vertical +/- 40 degrees with 3-D Reform
Inputs (compatibility)
Synchronization Range
Video Bandwidth
Pixel Clock Frequency
Color Reproduction
External Control
Sync Compatibility
Built-in Speaker
Power Requirements
Input Current
Power Consumption
Fan Noise
Additional Features
Advanced AccuBlend™
Installation Orientation
Net Weight
Ensures detailed images when non-native resolution
sources are connected to the projector
Automatic set-up and one touch adjustments for ease of use
Monitor Output
For connection of external monitor
VORTEX Technology Plus™ Provides uncompromising display of video and data.
Improves white level, color accuracy, dynamic range, and
display of varying levels of black in an image. Picture management enables six-axis adjustment of CMY and RGB for
display of personal color preferences. Includes sRGB setting.
Image magnification
64 step image magnification with location control
Projector is inoperable if password or PCMCIA security card
are not input. Projectors can be locked down by attaching
security cable to lock slot. Ceiling mount includes security
cable attachment and security screws.
Sleep Timer
Timer can be set to automatically shut down projector
High Performance Video High contrast, sharp image frame with enhanced color
imagery management
Specifically Designed
The LT Series complies with ADA 508 and offers closed
for Special Needs
captioning and menus that can be read by the color blind
Remote Laser Switch
Remote control laser pointer has internal shut off switch
Energy Saving Features
Complies with Executive Order 13221. Uses 0.6W when in
standby and includes on/of switch
* Requires wireless LAN card accessory.
** Periodic cleaning may be required.
Computer: (2) mini D-Sub 15-pin, YCbCr Component Video through mini D-Sub 15-pin (optional cable)
Video: (1) RCA, (1) S-Video (NTSC, PAL, PAL-60, SECAM, NTSC4.43, PAL-N, PAL-M)
HDTV - 1080i, 1080i/50, 720p, 480p, 480i, PAL progressive/50
Audio: (1) mini audio, (1) L/R RCA
PC Card: PCMCIA type II
USB Type A: control of menu, on-screen annotations and 3D reform
USB Type B: connect to computer for mouse control
(1) monitor output (mini D-Sub 15-pin), (1) mini audio with variable audio output
Horizontal - 15 - 100KHz, Vertical 50 - 120Hz
RGB 100MHz (-3dB), Video 6.5MHz (-3dB), monitor output bandwidth 80MHz (-3dB)
Less than 135MHz
16.7 million colors displayed simultaneously
RS232, IR (AMX/Crestron compatibility)
Separate Sync / Composite Sync / Sync of G
100 - 120/200 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz
3.0A(100 - 120VAC), 1.5A(200-240VAC)
280W (max), 8W idle, 0.6W standby with power on/off switch
<32dB standard mode, <29dB Eco-mode
Floor/Front, Floor/Rear, Ceiling/Front, Ceiling/Rear
260mm(W) x 300mm(D) x 120mm(H), 10.2" x 11.8" x 4.7"
Operational Temperatures 0 - 35 degrees Centigrade, 32 - 95 degrees Fahrenheit
USA UL1950, FCC Class B; Canada CSA950 (C-UL)
User's manual (CD-ROM), PJ/PC remote, batteries, power cable, 15-pin mini D-sub cable, USB cable
A & B, quick connect guide, registration card, lens cap with attachment string & rivet
Registered owners receive a 3-year limited parts and labor warranty. The first year is covered by
InstaCare. InstaCare provides the original owner limited concurrent 3-business day repair/return or next
business day exchange. The lamp, when used under normal operating conditions is warranted for 1000
hours or 6 months, whichever comes first.
Contact your reseller for InstaCare service program extension options
Order Code
Executive faux leather rolling case w/ projector and laptop compartments. Fits in airline overhead compartment.
Rugged rolling case for projector shipment and check-in
Platinum, high impact plastic roller case for secure transport of projector. Fits in airline overhead compartment.
Component video adapter
..Ceiling mount
Replacement lamp
50" diagonal table top screen in compact carrying case
Security cable for desktop and cart applications and ceiling mount applications
Wireless LAN card
For more information, call (800) NEC-INFO
or visit
NEC is a registered trademark of NEC Corporation.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
All specifications subject to change without notice.
NEC Solutions (America), Inc.
Visual Systems Division
1250 Arlington Heights Rd., Suite 500
Itasca, IL 60143-1248
NEC 070231
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