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Copying Course Content
Instructors are able to copy single content items and place them in another area within the same
course or in another course
Instructors can also bulk copy entire folders, Learning Units and Course Content. This is particularly
useful if you wish to re-use content between academic years
NOTE: Instructors must have an Instructor role in the destination course when content is copied to
another course
1.1 How to copy single content items
Ensure that the Edit Mode button is On
2. Click on the arrow (which appears when you hover over an item) next to the resource that you would
like to copy (e.g. a document or folder)
Select the Copy option.
3. Your must select the destination course for your copied content.
By default, the content will be copied into the course that you have accessed (e.g. Spanish in this case).
However you can click on the destination course downward arrow to select any Blackboard course on
which you have instructor access.
4. Next, you must select the appropriate folder in the destination course. Click on your Browse button to
view your destination course menu structure. Click on the chosen destination folder for your content (e.g.
the content folder).
This action places a navigation path in the Destination Folder text box.
5. Click on the Submit button to copy your content. You will receive a confirmation message when this
has been completed.
Note: There are certain content items you cannot copy in this way. Tests or surveys must be copied using
the Course Copy option (which copies all tests / surveys in bulk), or exported and imported between one
course and another (to copy one single test or survey).
How to bulk copy content (e.g. Folders, Learning Units, course content)
1. In the Control Panel, under Packages and Utilities, click Course Copy.
2. In the Select Copy Options, enter the course ID of the destination course, or use the Browse button to
navigate to a course on which you have instructor access.
3. You can choose which menu areas of your course you wish to copy using the checkboxes.
NOTE: We do not recommend using the select all option. This copies all course content, including
announcements, assignments etc. These can make the destination course cluttered and may cause
confusion to students.
NOTE: The entire content of a selected menu will be copied over during this bulk copy process.
NOTE: You can copy additional Blackboard content such as blogs, rubrics and tests, surveys and pools
during this process by select the relevant tick boxes presented. Tests, surveys, pools will need to be
redeployed in the destination course.
4. IMPORTANT: Please do not select the Include Enrolments in the Course Copy option.
5. Click on Submit to start the copy process. You will receive an email to confirm when the copy process
has been completed.
2.1 How will the Bulk Copied Content look in the Destination Blackboard Course?
For similarly named menu areas in both courses (e.g. where a ’Content’ menu area exists in both the
source and destination courses), the resources will be copied directly into the destination folder (e.g. the
’Content’ folder of the destination course).
Old course menu item (and resources contained within it)
copied directly to new course menu item
In the instance where the destination course does not have a correspondingly named menu item (e.g. if a
source course has a folder called ’Tutor Resources’, but there is no corresponding menu item in the
destination course), Blackboard creates a new menu link at the bottom of the destination menu list and
copies all corresponding content into that menu area.
Old course menu item (tutor resources and resources contained within it)
appended to bottom of new course menu
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