Reported by (Name): Doug Pfeiffer Organization:

Reported by (Name): Doug Pfeiffer  Organization:
Reported by (Name):
Doug Pfeiffer
Position Title:
CT Exam Committee Liason
Exam Committee meeting
Meeting Dates:
2/9/2012 – 2/10/2012
Meeting Location:
ARRT Headquarters, St. Paul, Minnesota
Payment $:
Reasons for Attending or not
CT exam form preparation
Issues from Previous Meetings None
or Year:
General Description of
Activities of the Organization
and/or Meeting:
The committee reviewed one exam form,
consisting of 165 scored items and two
sets of 20 unique pilot items. This form
follows the CT content specifications
approved by the ARRT Board of
Trustees in January 2011. Item
replacements were made in cases of
cluing, overlap, or changes in
technology. Edits were made only to
pilot items.
The committee reviewed new items
submitted our CT Item Writer. Twenty
items were accepted to be considered as
pilot items using the on-line item review
software. We also identified items that
are in need of new images.
The committee selected two possible
dates for the fall meeting, either October
29 and 30 or November 15 and 16.
Please check your schedules and send
back a reply with your preference by
February 27th. Once the date is selected,
we will send you a follow-up notice. We
discussed doing some homework before
the fall meeting; review the current CT
Content Specifications and identify
sections in need of revisions as well as
identify possible new areas of content
not currently included in the document
as part of the process in the next Interim
Update Practice Analysis.
Issues for AAPM:
Budget Request ($):
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Thank you for your participation!

* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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