ART cessories My MONITOR

ART cessories My MONITOR
Creative audio solutions in cool little boxes.
March 2003
Personal Monitor Mixer
Problem: A performer needs to hear him/herself through headphones exclusively or mixed with the output of a mixer, CD player,
tape deck, or other stereo line level source. Only the mic signal,
however, should be going to the main mixer.
Solution: Connect MyMONITOR between the mic and line source,
and the mixer. The Mic and line Monitor levels can then be adjusted for mix and volume through the headphones. Only the mic signal will go to the board. And since MyMONITOR can also be battery
powered, the unit can be used on a large stage or wherever there
is no AC outlet nearby. Dynamic or condenser mics can be used
since phantom power would come through the Mic Thru jack from
the mixer or other source.
• XLR Mic In connector accepts a dynamic or condenser mic.
(The mixer or another source of phantom power will be required
for a condenser mic.)
• XLR Mic Thru connector for connecting MyMONITOR to the
mixer’s mic input.
• 1/4” stereo Monitor In jack accepts the stereo output of a
mixer, CD player, tape deck, etc. to be mixed with the mic
signal through the headphones. (A mono source can be
connected here, but only one earpiece will work.)
• Mic Level control regulates the mic’s headphone level.
• Monitor Level control regulates the stereo Monitor inputs
level through the headphones.
• Dual stereo headphone outputs. (A friend can listen too.)
a.) If you are using the AC power adapter (included), connect the
cable to the 12V DC connector and plug the other end into a
120V AC power outlet. Otherwise, a 9V battery (optional) can
be installed in the battery compartment.
b.) Set the power switch to the ON position – the Power LED
will light up.
c.) Connect a low impedance dynamic or condenser mic to the
Mic In XLR.
d.) Connect a stereo source to the 1/4” Monitor In jack. If the
source is mono, only one earpiece will work.
e.) Using a low-impedance mic cable, connect the Mic Thru
XLR to a mic input on the mixer. If the mic is a condenser,
make sure the mixer has phantom power or that you insert
a phantom power unit between MyMONITOR and the mixer.
f.) Connect headphones to one of the Headphones jacks.
Another set can be connected to the other jack.
g.) Adjust the Mic Level and Monitor Level controls for the
desired mix and volume through the headphones.
• Battery ON/OFF switch
• Power LED
• Maximum Input Level: -20dB mic, 40dB Monitor
• Output Impedance: 10 ohms
• Gain: 15dB 1/4”, 50dB XLR
• S/N Ratio: 90dB
• Power: 12V DC (Adapter included) or one 9V battery
• Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.75 x 1.5 inches (112mm x 72mm x 40mm)
• Weight: 1.3lb (590g)
90 DAY
For Customer Service, please call: 585.436.2720 • Email: [email protected] • • ART-ARTcs-03/03
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