e 845
e 845 High Performance Lead Vocal Microphone
The e 845 is a high-performance super-cardioid lead vocal microphone with an extended
high-frequency response, specially designed for stage use. Sound inlet basket: refined steel.
• Metal construction—rugged and reliable
• Full dynamic range and smooth frequency response—excellent signal quality
• Shock-mounted capsule—low sensitivity to impact and handling noise
• Hum compensating coil—reduces electrical interference
• Silent on/off switch (e 845-S only)
• Neodynum ferrous magnet with boron—keeps mic stable regardless of climate
• Falcon ring—consistent sound over time
• On/off switch (reed switch) can be locked in the ‘on’ position if required
Technical Data
Pick-up pattern
Frequency response
40–16,000 Hz
Sensitivity (free field, no load) (1 kHz)
1.8 mV/Pa at 1 kHz, nominal
Nominal impedance
350 Ω
Min. terminating impedance
Dimensions in inches
1.81 W x 7.28 L
11.64 oz
Product Variants
e 845, e 845, EPACK845 (e 845, Stand, Cable), THREEPACK 845 (3x 845), e 845-S (with on/off
Supplied Accessories
1 protective pouch
1 MZQ 800 microphone clip
Optional Accessories
21' XLR microphone cable
Grey foam windscreen
MZW 4032
Floor stand with boom arm
SEMS 3000
Architect’s Specifications
The unit shall be a super-cardioid vocal microphone with a hum compensating coil with a
frequency response of 40 Hz–16 kHz The unit shall have a sensitivity (free field, no load) of
mV/Pa at 1 kHz and have nominal impedance of 350 Ω. The min. terminating impedance shall
be1 k. The unit shall be dimensions 1.81 x 7.28 inches, and weight 11.64 oz. The unit shall be a
sennheiser e845 microphone.
e 845
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