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Majestic fireplaces NVBC36 Installation manual
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Model FK12 Fan Kit
This is a contractor replacement kit. The blowers are aftermarket
models, not original equipment with LIMITED INSTRUCTIONS!
Intended to be installed by a qualified technician.
Compare contents of carton in Figure 1 with actual parts received.
If any parts are missing or damaged, contact your dealer before
starting installation.
Tools required for assembly:
• Large straight blade
• Screwdriver to assist in removing hearth brick
Installation Precautions
The FK 12 Fan Kit is tested and safe when installed in accordance
with this installation manual. It is your responsibility to read all
instructions before starting installation and to follow these
instructions carefully during installation to assure maximum
benefit from and safe operation of the fans.
If you modify the fan or any of its components, you may
possibly create a fire hazard and will void the WARRANTY. In
addition, such action may void the coverage provided by the
owner’s house insurance.
The fan kit must be installed within the fireplace opening as
detailed in this manual.
NOTE: EB1 junction box must have been installed onto the
fireplace prior to installing the fan kit.
To Install FK12 Circulating Fan Kit
1. Hearth Brick and Access Panel Removal:
If your fireplace has glass doors, it is highly recommended that doors and the lower track be
completely removed for easier access.
2. Models BC36/42, TL36/42, UVBC36/42, VL33:
Remove the hearth brick by carefully lifting it out of the fireplace. Next, remove the access panel
by carefully pulling up and out from the back middle edge of the panel until the tabs at each side
are free. Use caution – the panel edges may be sharp (see Figure 2).
3. Models NVBC36/42 and UVSRC36/42:
Remove the two (2) ceramic fiber refractory panels by carefully lifting them out of the fireplace.
Next, remove the access panel by pulling it up and out from the side edge of the panel. Use
caution – the panel edges may be sharp (see Figure 2).
4. Models SC36/42:
Fan access and installation is through the front lower grille. There is no access to fan through
the hearth.
Fan Installation
1. Models BC36/42, TL36/42, UVBC36/42, NVBC36/42 and UVSRC36/42:
Center the fan assembly over the mounting location and secure it with the velcro strips at the
back of the fireplace.
2. Model SC36/42:
Remove the lower grille. Slide the FK12 all the way to the back and secure it with the velcro
strips. Insert the plug into the receptacle (EB1) located against the lower right sidewall of the
CAUTION: Be sure that no wires are pinched
Prior to reinstalling the access panel and the hearth brick, it is advisable to operate the wall
switch on and off to assure fan operation. If the fan does not operate and you are assured that
115 VAC power is present at the receptacle, contact your dealer.
Reinstall the access panel and hearth brick by reversing Step 1.
WARNING: Never contact blower wheels during operation.
Recommended Operating Procedures
Light your fireplace with the fan off. After the fire has been burning for about 30 minutes, turn the fan
on. Heated air should be delivered at the outlet grille.
Periodically check the fan assembly and remove any dust, dirt or obstructions. Replacement parts and
service may be obtained through your distributor or dealer. If additional information or an instruction
manual is needed, contact us at 414-989-4882 or 414-989-4883.
The thermodisc is set to turn on at approximately 120° F and
will shut off at approximately 90° F.
NOTE: Blower will not start until thermodisc is heated to approximately 120° F.
The thermodisc has been factory tested.
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