Elko eLAN-RF-003 User manual

Elko eLAN-RF-003 User manual
Installation Manual iHC-MARF
Installation Manual
for the application iHC-MARF
Rev.:200214 Page 1 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
Introduction ............................................................................................................................................................................ 3
Installing the application on a mobile telephone with OS Android via the service Google Play ............. 3
Installing the application on a mobile telephone with OS Android from a file .............................................. 4
Settings ..................................................................................................................................................................................... 5
Control ..................................................................................................................................................................................... 13
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The application iHC-MARF (for mobile phones with OS Android) is designed for comfortable control of the RF
Control electrical installation using your mobile telephone. This is an RF Control system accessory, and as a
part of the iNELS Smart Home Solution, its elegance blends perfectly with any modern home. The menu is
divided into clearly structured sections in which the icons indicate individual functions. Here you will also
find faster access to your favorite functions, and you will maintain a constant clear view of what's happening
in and around your home.
Thanks to iHC-MARF (the "application"), you can perfectly control the function of your wireless RF Control
electrical installation. You thus keep complete control over your home lights, appliance switching and
The application only works with the device eLAN RF-003 or eLAN RF-Wi-003. This element must be used in
your wireless installation.
It is designed for devices with OS Android 2.4 and higher.
It is optimized for devices with a resolution display of 800x480
The application language follows the language set in the OS Android
Implemented communication with Axis video cameras, thanks to which you can monitor what's going on
around your home.
It also enables control for multiple users at once (by entering multiple IP addresses).
It does not enable creation of week-long programming or communicating with temperature actuators.
Download the current version at Google Play (under the name iHC-MARF).
Installing the application on the device
Installing the application on a mobile telephone with OS Android via the service Google Play
a) Connect to the Internet using the mobile telephone.
b) Activate the service Play Store or Google Play.
c) In the search bar, enter the password "iNELS" and press
d) Select the application "iNELS Home Control RF Mobile"
from the list and open the dialog field with information on
this application.
e) Click on "Install". A message is displayed on permission to
access the telephone services. These services are
conditional for installing the application. Thus, tap "Accept".
f) On the display, first a downloading bar graph appears
indicating that the application is downloading to the
phone, followed by an installation notification.
Rev.:200214 Page 3 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
g) After the application is successfully installed in the phone,
instead of the button "Install", the buttons "Open" and "Uninstall"
h) Installation is complete, go to the "Applications" tab where the
icon is located and open the application.
Installing the application on a mobile telephone with OS Android from a file
The application can also be installed on a mobile
telephone from a file. The application can be
downloaded to the PC or the telephone into the given
file system.
b) Using the mobile telephone and tool "File manager",
search for the stored application iHC-MARF in the file
system within the given directory.
c) By clicking on the file with the application iHCMARF.apk, the operating system starts installing the
application from the file.
d) Prior to the actual installation, the OS will ask about
access to the provided services necessary for running
the application, and displays the "Install" button.
e) Once the installation is complete, the OS indicates this
and directly offers you to open the installed application
Rev.:200214 Page 4 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
Initial display upon running the application. by pressing the "Settings" button, you bring up the application's
basic settings menu.
Basic upper bar of the
Tab "Video cameras"
Tab "Scenes"
Tab "Favorites"
The home application
After configuring, the basic
"tiles" of the control system
are displayed.
Tab "Settings"
"Help" button
The aim of using the application for controlling the installation is so that after running, it immediately offers
control of the electrical installation. To achieve this with the least amount of presses and so that everything
required would be offered right from the home desktop, you must first set up and configure the application.
a) Tab "Settings"
Selection for the basic
configuration of the
application and device,
ELAN-RF(Wi)-003 device
settings. Configuration of
the project of the
installation, assigning
addresses, pairing
Selection for setting the tab
Selection for setting the tab
Setting the IP address of the
communication interface,
by means of which the
telephone communicates
with the wireless elements
(ELAN-RF-003, or ELAN-RFF.WI-003).
Rev.:200214 Selection for setting the tab
"Video cameras"
Page 5 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
b) Tab "IP settings"
Upon initial configuration, select the "Add" button displayed on the screen. After clicking, you will
see the display IP Settings as shown below.
Field for the selectable
name "Naming" the eLAN
device in the installation
Field for entering the IP
address of the device eLANRF-003 address
Field for setting the
communication port of the
eLAN device: default port
After clicking on save, the application moves to a list of set devices. For the application to run, it is
necessary to check the given eLAN, with which the application is to communicate primarily. In this
device list, you can have several devices and IP addresses configured. Here you can have one and the
same eLAN, but with e.g. two IP addresses, with an internal IP address in a home network, and with a
public address for remote communication from anywhere on earth.
c) Configuration - floor plan
Button for adding a
floor plan
Rev.:200214 Page 6 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
After clicking on "Add", you can add any image you like from your telephone that you later want to
have displayed e.g. in the TV application.
Though the floor plan that you select upon creating the room will not be displayed in your
telephone application, it is necessary to enter it when creating the room.
Window for entering
the room name
Window for entering
the room icon
Window for adding
a previously saved
floor plan
Window for
displaying the
selected floor plan
Button for saving
the selected room
You can name the rooms as you like by entering your chosen name into the room name field.
Choose the type of room based on which icon best fits your needs for the room.
If you only create one room, the device is displayed directly on the desktop.
Rev.:200214 Page 7 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
d) Devices - adding RF actuators
Here you enter any name of
the device you are controlling
Window for writing in the
address of the added
actuator (e.g.001a2b)
Window for selecting
the type of actuator
Window for selecting
the type of device
Button for saving the
added device
To add a device that you want to control via the application, just fill in the four fields based on the
image and save.
Then after clicking on the device icon, the added device will be displayed.
If you want to remove the device, press and hold it until the device disappears. If you only want to
rename the device or perform any other modification, tap on it shortly to open its settings.
Added device that can
be modified
Rev.:200214 Page 8 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
After adding rooms and all devices, you must still assign the devices to the rooms in which they are
found, which of course is not a condition, and you can add devices anywhere, e.g. in all rooms. You
can do this by clicking on the "Assign" button, where you select the room into which you want to
assign the device. Then by tapping the confirmation buttons, you select which elements will be in
the given room.
Selection of the
room for adding
the device
button upon
selecting the
Next button for
continuing and
If you've selected a device for a desired room, continue by pressing the "Next" button in the lower
right corner for displaying the confirmation screens, where you will confirm the added device by
pressing "Save". Do the same to change added devices, with the difference that you are only
changing the status of the confirmation buttons when selecting the device.
Rev.:200214 Page 9 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
e) Tab "Favorites"
After pressing, the application desktop appears with the buttons "Next" and "Add". After pressing
"Add", a list of configured devices opens, which by checking the selection automatically, then after
pressing Save, it is assigned automatically to the list in the "Favorites" tab.
List of all devices
configured in
eLAN RF-003.
Checkbox for
selecting the
device in the
"Favorites" tab
Button for saving
the "Favorites" tab
Tab "Scenes"
The list of scenes is used to activate the user's predefined scenes, such as all off, all on, all blinds up,
all blinds down, etc.
Upon initial configuration, select the "Add" button displayed on the screen. After clicking, you will
see the display IP Settings as shown below.
Field for basic
naming of
configured scene
Checkbox for
selecting from all
used devices for
configuration in the
"Scenes" tab
"Next" button for
selecting the device,
switches to the
display for setting the
action on selected
Rev.:200214 Page 10 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
Defined naming of the
configured scene
Scroll bar of selected
devices in the created
Primarily, the devices is
selected at the middle
position of the scroll
bar - under the scene
Setting the event for
a dimming actuator,
where you set the
required brightness,
which is set on the
actuator if a scene is
brought up.
g) Tab "Video cameras"
If you wish to have video cameras closer "at hand", you can add video cameras to the quick display Tiles.
In the iHC application, you can also view the current image (stream) from home security Axis IP video
cameras. Upon initial configuration, select the "Add" button displayed on the screen. After clicking,
you will see the display with Axis IC camera settings as shown below.
The application allows full screen video camera display, and bringing up the PTZ panel for its control
is performed by pressing and holding the relevant video camera view
Field for displaying the IP
address of the installed
video camera
Field indicating the
selectable "name" of the IP
video camera
Video camera type field,
here with the selection field
from the Axis manufacturer
default menu
Field for entering the log-in
name to the added IP video
Field for entering the log-in
password to the added IP
video camera.
Rev.:200214 Page 11 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
After filling in all the required fields on the display, press Save. The application saves the settings and
automatically adds the video camera to the list of devices in the "Video cameras" tab
If you want to permanently delete the camera from the list, press and hold the given list item.
"Video cameras" tab
with defined video
cameras and video
camera view in the tile
position on the desktop.
Clicked tile of the
defined IP video camera
in the iHC application.
The video image
(stream) from the
security camera now
automatically reverses
according to the
telephone's approved
PTZ control elements
Rev.:200214 Page 12 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
a) Tiles
The main display in the iHC application is formed of so-called "Tiles". This is a general overview of
elements, where you can see at first glance according to the icons, either backlit or not, the active
icons in the iNELS Home Control intelligent electrical installation.
Based on the previous step "configuration and settings", the initial display shows the application's
default tiles, so that they are assigned according to elements in rooms (such as "Kitchen") or in
groups (as seen on the display e.g. "Lights or All").
If you wish to go from displaying Tiles to displaying List, just click on the name of the tile, e.g. Lights,
and a pop-up menu appears in the given tile ("rooms").
Basic overview of
configured tiles in the
Applications menu.
Tile "Kitchen"
Tiles - if the configuration is
set up that there are more
than six tiles on the default
display, moving between
them is performed by using
your finger to drag the
display left or right
Button for configuring the
system and settings from
the application
Rev.:200214 Page 13 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
Status bar of monitored
rooms or groups, - by using
your finger to drag and
scroll left or right, you can
switch between individual
groups, rooms, and thus see
individual devices located
within each.
Arrows for switching
between rooms or groups
Tiles for individual devices
in rooms, or a group
Actuator output status
indicator, or device
switched on - brightness at
50%. To bring up the
brightness setting, the
slider must be held on the
actuator tile
Symbol, icon assigned to
the given actuator, device
By dragging your finger on
the display, you can scroll
up and down through tiles
Actuator output status
indicator, or device
switched on, off
If you press and hold your finger on individual devices, e.g. for a dimmed light,
a bar graph appears for setting the brightness of the dimmed light. Two icons are displayed underneath it brightness increase and decrease, enabling smooth dimming and brightening of your light.
Using the arrows, you can open a menu where you can set the precise time of these functions, which you
confirm by clicking on the settings icon.
For switching actuators, you can run delayed on/off, and you can tap the arrows to adjust their times.
The blinds actuators can be programmed the same way.
The setting of one time for both directions applies to blinds actuators.
Rev.:200214 Page 14 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
Brightness setting
By pressing the button, you
initiate Brightness increase
Buttons for menu, time
setting for the given
Setting the time of Brightness
By pressing the button, you
initiate Brightness increase
By pressing the
button, you
initiate Brightness
Setting the time
of Delayed off/on
By pressing the
button, you
initiate Delayed
The time setting for shutter actuators works in both directions
Rev.:200214 Page 15 of 16 Installation Manual iHC-MARF
Open the blinds
Close the blinds
movement of the
Setting duration
for dragging the
Setting the light
RGB color
Setting the light
RGB brightness
Currently selected
"Circus" mode automatic color
Switching off/on
the RGB light
By pressing and holding the RGB actuator, you will see the menu displayed for setting color, brightness and
the brightening mode.
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