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Kit - Electronic Payment Systems
Dear New Agent,
Thank you for choosing Electronic Payment Systems. We are looking forward to building
a great working relationship with your company and, continuing to earn your business
day to day. Our guarantee to you is to answer every phone call, resolve all issues quickly
and effectively, and maximizing your time to focus on new deals. We are dedicated to
your companies’ success and growth.
To get you off to a good start with us we have developed this package. It includes the
following information:
1. Contact Information
2. Sales resources
a. Lead Sources
b. Telemarketing Script
3. Terminal and Product Information
a. Terminal Pricing
b. Supported Equipment Info
c. Virtual terminals and Shopping Carts
4. Anatomy of a Deal
a. Sample App
b. Steps of Approval and file build process
c. Installing the merchant
d. Terminal Download Instructions
e. Terminal Quick reference guides
5. Status Reporting
6. Value Added Services
a. Elect Check
b. FMP Warranty
c. Amex and Discover
d. Gift cards
e. Cash Advance Program
7. Residuals
a. Process and Reporting
We hope this helps answer some of your questions. Remember always feel free to call the
Agent/ISO department. Thanks again. Now get out there and write some deals!
Contact Information for EPS
6472 S. Quebec St.
Englewood Co. 80111
Customer Service
Amy Diehl Manager
After Hours
Tech Support
Chris Madden Manager
Nate Benjamin Lead
After Hours
Sales Support
Lane Dorsey Manager
Shannon Eggerton
Bobbi Martinez Admin
Mike Mabel
Rich Solomon
Fax Bobbi Martinez
Fax back fax
Agent Relations
Chonda Pearson Manager
Rosa Santilli
Mike Peterson Manager
Check Services
Sam Hartley Manager
Social Media Director
Danielle Frickleton
1st American Lease
TO Phone Number
Sales Resources
Pennysaver; www.pennysaveruse.com is a small advertising book that is delivered
though the mail. The service page has local businesses. You can find them at
Thrifty Nickel; a magazine for small business in local areas. The services page has local
business and phone numbers.
Tax office/ business license website; most cities and towns have a website that post new
businesses once or twice a month with phone numbers and addresses.
Salesgenie.com; 888-999-0767 Website provides leads with an unlimited download of
businesses with address and phone numbers.
The local newspapers; In all papers, in the classified pages under services, there are lots
of businesses with phone numbers.
Phone books; Yellow pages, Red book and any local phone book.
Einfopro.net; 626-449-4469 A lead company in Pasadena, CA
Reference USA
EPS Telemarketing Scrip
Hi, do you take credit cards.
“yes” thank you, bye
“No” Great that’s why I am calling. My name is ___________ I work with
______________________________ here in (city). Your company is on a preferred
merchant file with our bank and has been approved to accept visa/mc from your
customers. And were going to have a bank agent in your area and we want to have
her/him stop by and introduce themselves and show you how easy it is to increase your
sales 10-15%. Heck in some cases 30%, and if you like what you see great, if not no
harm done. How’s that sound?
The merchant says “ok” confirm they are the owner and continue to confirm
EPS Marketing Materials
Business Cards
Order At:
Merchant Applications
Carbon Copy Merchant Applications
Online EPS Digital Signature Applications
Email PDF and Form Fill Application
Call Agent/ISO Department for Details
Terminal Product Slicks
There are PDF’s available you can print as product slicks and spec sheets to put in your
sales binder.
Below you will find a listing of the terminals we have in house and support for
YOUR CLIENTS. There are many others versions out on the market, if you come
across a terminal you might like to use please let us know so we can do our VERY
BEST to support this unit for you! All of our terminals are PCI/PED compliant.
NURIT 2085
The NURIT 2085 point of sale (POS) terminal is ideal for use with credit cards, debit cards,
guaranteed check acceptance, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), phone cards and other
electronically submitted transactions including those made with Smart Chip Cards. The NURIT
2085 POS terminal is user friendly and offers fast transaction speed thanks to its high-speed
built-in thermal printer that also eliminates the need for costly replacement ribbon replacement.
The NURIT 2085 POS terminal features a large, high contrast alphanumeric LCD display and
menu-driven software that, together with four programmable function keys, allow users to access
every feature of the terminal easily and quickly.
NURIT 3020
The NURIT 3020 is a compact and versatile countertop POS terminal supporting a range of
applications, including traditional and EMV credit & debit, loyalty/gift and proprietary cards, check
processing, and prepaid services such as mobile phone time. Reliable and easy-to-use, it is ideal
for merchants operating in a variety of permanent locations, including department stores,
supermarkets, shops, and restaurants. The unit includes a modem, fast & quiet thermal printer,
and is easily integrated with external devices.
NURIT 8320
The NURIT 8320 is a compact and versatile countertop POS terminal supporting a range of
applications, including traditional and EMV credit & debit, loyalty/gift and proprietary cards, check
processing, and prepaid services such as mobile phone time. Reliable and easy-to-use, it is ideal
for merchants operating in a variety of permanent locations, including department stores,
supermarkets, shops, and restaurants. The unit includes a modem, fast & quiet thermal printer,
and is easily integrated with external devices.
NURIT 8400
The NURIT 8400 countertop system represents adaptability and security at its best. It is a
flexible and robust performer that offers unparalleled connectivity configurations and
numerous options and upgrades for additional capabilities.
Its flexibility doesn’t stop there. Select either 3MB, 6MB, or up to 12MB of memory for
the increasing memory needs for value-added applications. Also, add a long-lasting
internal battery for backup operation, or SAM and SD/MMC sockets for enhanced
security and memory. These can be easily upgraded or added – even after initial
NURIT 8000 Wireless
The NURIT 8000 is a flexible, lightweight, handheld terminal that enables fast, secure, error-free
transactions for on-the-go merchants. The sophisticated multi-application platform supports a range of
payment & value-added services - including credit, debit, T&E, EBT, smart cards, prepaid, loyalty, gift &
proprietary cards - as well as business management solutions such as inventory control, dispatch, delivery,
etc. The unit supports a variety of cellular networks, including GSM/GPRS, Mobitex, CDPD, DataTac, and
CDMA. The terminal includes an easy-to-load thermal printer, a touch screen, built-in PIN Pad, EMV smart
card reader, 12 hour battery and charger.
Nurit 8020
The NURIT 8020 is a lightweight, handheld device enabling fast, secure, error-free
transactions for merchants “on the go”. This PCI PED approved, ultra-flexible device
features a large touchscreen and a wide range of options that enhance its value-added
functionality. Its sophisticated multi-application platform supports a range of payment
and value-added services – including credit, debit, EBT, smart cards, prepaid, gift and
lolity program, proprietary cards. The NURIT 8020 also offers a choice of
communication options including WiFi and GSM/GPRS.
Nurit 222 / 292 Pin Pad
The NURIT 222/292 is a lightweight and easy-to-use secure PIN pad, enabling reliable PIN
entry for debit and credit transactions. This compact and rugged device is compatible with all
Lipman POS terminals and ECRs as well as third party POS systems while offering field-proven
Optimum T4100
Optimum T4100 has been called “a better, more powerful device than
any other card payment terminal in its class.” We’d point to its easy
setup, speed and security as big benefits for every retail countertop
application – in just a 9” x 6” space. With 24 megabytes of memory,
the T4100 is not only easy to program, but gives you the chance to
support more value-added applications.
It is utterly secure and very easy to use, including mix-and-match
payment applications and elimination of the need for software integration. It even prompts for the
tip at the PIN pad.
The T4100 combines workhorse features with racehorse pace. It supports applications for
both dial and IP/SSL applications simultaneously, fully secured by RSA encryption. And
your choice of 2-1/4” or 3” printer handles customizable text and graphics at 18 lines per
second, the industry-leading rate that speeds up transactions.
Optimum T4210
The Optimum T4210 offers you an affordable dial solution without limits.
The T4210 has high-end features normally found in only more expensive IP and wireless models,
such as 24MB of total memory, an ARM9 processor for fast transactions and also multi-application.
The T4210 is also PCI PED approved so that you can support debit with or without an external PIN
pad. Accept chip card transactions with the optional EMV-approved reader. This makes the
Optimum T4210 ideal for magnetic stripe and chip card transactions worldwide. With one of the
most slim form factors of any countertop device, it is also perfect for handover environments.
The modular design of the T4210 is unique, protecting your investment while you grow.
With its large capacity memory, the T4210 accepts value-added applications to meet your
needs now and in the future. Truly maximizing value at the point of service.
Optimum T4220
The Optimum T4220 countertop terminal is the most capable IP and dial terminal in the industry
today. Hypercom has combined the best-of-breed features of the Optimum family into this powerful
IP device to suit any customer’s needs - large or small.
The Optimum T4220 provides IP performance and security second to none. The Optimum T4220
comes standard with integrated PCI PED approved PIN entry capability, the safety of the
HyperSafe®32 architecture and unrivaled IP transaction and download speeds. The Optimum T4220
also shares the same user interface as the T4200 family dial and wireless models for ease of
migration and support.
The IP diagnostics application only found on Hypercom IP terminals is more than your average IP
monitor, checking failure at the cable, in-store gateway, the ISP and then the processing host. It
then clearly tells the user where the error occurred and then how to fix it! Don’t just replace an IP
terminal, fix the problem instead!
Optimum T4230
The Optimum T4230 is a unique wireless terminal that offers GPRS connectivity in a countertop
design. Wherever there is access to a power outlet, but limited or no access to dial or other wired
communications, the Optimum T4230 fills the need. Experience all the benefits of a wireless
connection in an affordable countertop model. Hypercom has combined all the best-of-breed
features of the Optimum T4200 family into this wireless device.
Need the assurance of a dial modem to go with your wireless terminal? The Optimum T4230 has a
V.34 modem standard in every model. Whether you choose to use dial or wireless with dial backup,
the Optimum T4230 is ready to go.
The Blade is a fully functional wireless terminal designed for businesses that need to operate on the
go, in temporary locations, or at remote points of service. It features an Intel XScale® 32-bit
processor for maximum transaction speed. It reads all types of cards, including magnetic stripe,
chip and contactless payment. And its sophisticated battery can handle over 200 transactions on a
single charge.
Engineered for flexibility, Blade can be customised with a variety of value-added software solutions
from gift and prepaid cards to inventory control and mapping services. But its modular design
means you only pay for the options you need.
Hypercom ICE 5500
The ICE™ 5500 Web-enabled point-of-sale (POS) terminal delivers innovative features like
electronic signature and receipt capture (ERC), in-store promotions and customer loyalty
programs. Designed as an integrated unit, the ICE 5500 brings touch-screen graphics technology
to the countertop, permitting customized advertising and couponing directly to customers at the
point of sale. This affordable, easy-to-use device supports both smart card and traditional
payment methods. It's built in encrypted pin pad eliminates the need for purchasing an external
pin pad.
Hypercom T7 Plus
The Hypercom® T7 Plus builds on the heritage of Hypercom’s popular T7 family of terminals
selling more than 3 million units. This latest model is designed for merchants requiring a compact
countertop POS terminal accepting all magnetic stripe cards and delivering fast online transaction
authorizations. The T7 Plus features the completely new SureLoadTM printer. The 35-key
keyboard allows one-step initiation of all daily functions and transaction types. Compatibility
with previous T7 software reduces certification requirements and training issues. The T7 Plus
delivers a powerful feature set in an attractive, compact design. It offers low overall cost of
ownership thanks to its high reliability, communications capabilities, easy operation and
advanced remote software management. The T7 Plus is an ideal choice for merchants wanting a
new credit/debit card POS terminal.
Hypercom S8 Secure PIN Pad
Accept ATM and debit cards through your existing Hypercom T7 series terminals with
the Hypercom S8 PIN pad. The S8 PIN pad features a sealed housing and impact resistant
construction so it will be reliable and long-lasting.
Hypercom S9 Pin Pad
The Hypercom S9 PIN Pad is a cost effective solution for all Hypercom
terminals, electronic cash registers (ECRs). By adding a Hypercom POS PIN pad
to your credit card machine for business transactions, your customers are able to
use their ATM/Debit Card as payment for your products.
Verifone PIN Pad 1000
The Verifone PIN Pad 1000 lets you accept ATM and debit cards through most existing Verifone
terminals. The PIN Pad 1000 features an easy-to-read eight character display that lets your
customers confirm the correct purchase amount has been entered. The 12 key keypad offers
tactile, audio, and visual feedback for each PIN entry.
Verifone Omni 3730
The Omni 3730 is a small, full featured terminal at an amazing price. The Omni 3730 includes
a fast thermal printer, and includes an internal pinpad for pin-debit transactions. The Omni
3730 lacks the broadband processing capabilities and large memory of the Omni 3750, but will
still meet the demands of most businesses.
Verifone Omni 3750
The VeriFone Omni 3750 terminal with an integrated smartcard reader packs all the
performance and processing capabilities you need into a compact, ergonomic "handover"device that can be easily passed to customers for PIN entry.Convenient, all-in-one
design combines a mag-stripe reader, smart card reader, internal PINpad, and quiet, fast
thermal printer. This makes the terminal easy to install and keeps your countertop clutterfree. And because it runs VeriFone'sVerix multi-application architecture, you can support
more than just electronic payment transactions. Value-added applications like pre-paid
phone cards, loyalty programs, gift cards and age verification can help improve customer
service. In addition, a user-friendly ATM-style interface and large backlit display
simplify clerk training and minimize costly errors. All of which makes the Omni 3750 a
very smart choice—today and tomorrow.
The VERIFONE VX570 is an unrivaled choice for an ever-changing merchant environment
— designed to deliver unequaled performance and an unprecedented level of flexibility.
Smart and stylish, the VX 570 relies on a lightning fast processor and built-in thermal
printer to handle debit, credit, and EBT payments, in addition to profitable value-added
applications such as prepaid services, gift cards, and loyalty. The VX 570 provides builtin support for dial-only or an option combining dial and Ethernet connectivity, so you can
start with dial now and add high-speed broadband later. You get added flexibility without
additional cost or inconvenience.
Another bright idea is the VX 570’s highly readable backlit display with black lettering
on a white background. Bold menu prompts and VeriFone’s familiar ATM-style interface
make the terminal exceptionally easy to use, virtually eliminating clerk training and
errors. The trim, lightweight device can be handed over to customers to streamline PIN
entry. Further flexibility is provided by an integrated USB port that allows for easy,
secure application downloads from a Flash memory drive. PCI PED approval and
stringent security safeguards deliver welcome peace of mind — making this versatile,
reliable performer the best choice for you.
Vx 610
Ideal for anyone who needs to offer payment in a
temporary location or a business that’s on the go. It delivers high-speed wireless
performance, durable design, and exceptional ease of use wherever you need it – such as
outdoor markets, delivery service, and for instantly adding an extra lane during peak
business hours. Modular connectivity choices include CDMA, GPRS, and Wi-Fi. The
PCI PED approved Vx 610 is also RoHS-compliant.
Way Systems Mobile Transaction Terminal and Printer
The Way Systems' Mobile Transaction Terminal (MTT) is a low cost wireless credit card
processing solution for merchants wanting to accept credit and debit cards almost anywhere,
anytime. It combines low-cost mobile phone technologies with the capabilities of a point of sale
terminal. The Way System MTT attaches to a mobile printer in order to provide your customers with
a printed receipt and allows you to retain a signed copy. The Mobile Transaction Terminal also has
excellent coverage, one of the most important factors when choosing a wireless payment terminal.
It utilizes the GPRS network. The Way System MTT comes ready, "out of the box", with the wireless
data plan and merchant account, already activated and ready to process transactions upon delivery.
If you are a mobile merchant and want lower processing costs by getting swiped rates, then the
Way SystemMobile Transaction Terminal and Printer is for you!
Virtual Terminal and Shopping Cart
Competing in the Internet commerce world, businesses need to process transactions quickly,
securely and in Real-Time. EPSsecurenet's Online payment solutions ensure both speed and
security. EPSsecurenet provides a level of service above and beyond most other real time
credit card processing gateways.
EPSsecurenet offers a wide variety of methods based on the individual merchants needs and
level of experience. With EPSsecurenet you can be online and processing in less than 10
minutes. There is NO need to have any web programming or design experience to use
EPSsecurenet is offered to Agents and ISO’s at a no cost set up. Agents and ISO’s
can resell the software program with 100% commission going to them!
A merchant can setup and create a shopping cart using the SecurenetAdmin Interface.
SecurenetAdmin is a web-based administration tool that allows full control of almost every
aspect of the processing gateway.
Some of the features included in every EPSsecurenet Account are:
Web-Based Administration. (SecurenetAdmin Interface)
4 Different Connection Methods. (SecureCart, SecureGate, SecureDirect, EPSAI)
Free Integrated Customizable Shopping Cart. (SecureCart)
Online Real Time Transaction Reports.
Fully Customizable Forms.
Our open and scalable architecture facilitates flexible software migration.
AVS and CVV2 Built in Fraud Protection.
Virtual Terminal
Unlimited transactions from nearly anywhere in the world.
Unrestricted connections with one account ideal for a company with multiple web
Periodic / Subscription Billing
You can see EPSsecurenet in action by going to http://www.epssecurenet.com/gateDemo. This
preview is setup using our SecureCart method with the customized shopping cart.
EPS Virtual Terminal
EPS VT is a powerful PC based Virtual Terminal that gives the ability to accept
cards without the standard countertop unit. All service and development remain
in-house for faster set-up and service.
The EPS Virtual Terminal is easy to set up and easy to use, with the ability to
fork for any industry type.
Once the merchant signs for the EPS Virtual Terminal the software will be sent
via Fed-Ex or they can even download the virtual terminal even faster from the
Electronic Payment Systems web-site.
The only requirements for the EPS VT:
Windows XP or greater
.Net Framework 2.0
MagCard Reader (MCR) if retail business type.
Works for all industry types
Worldwide access
No sensitive information stores on software
Secure connection
Downloadable for easy bookkeeping
Easy to setup/Easy to use
Process Of A Deal
Approval Process:
This whole process is guaranteed in 4 hours or less!
Step 1: Agent/ISO department receives application via fax, email, or online, makes sure
its complete, puts it on status report and turns it into Data Entry.
Step 2: Data Entry pulls credit, puts deal into a file and turns into underwriting.
Step 3: Underwriting goes over deal and credit, approvals go back to data entry, and
deals that need to be looked at further go to risk management and deals that are declined
go back to the agent department.
Step 4: Data entry builds the file in the merchant account set-up and billing systems then
gives to Shipping.
Step 5: Shipping builds file in appropriate terminal server and determines wether
terminal needs to be programmed and shipped or filed.
Step 6: Shipping updates status report to reflect merchant number
Step 7: Shipping programs terminal and ships to appropriate party
Step 8: File is scanned into customer service database and filed
Merchant App Must Include:
Front and back page of EPS merchant Application
Voided check
Application Addendum
Terminal Order Form
Other Forms that can be included in app:
American Express Application
Debit Application
Elect Check Application
Sample Completed App to Follow
Installing The Merchant
Anytime you need help call Technical Support 1-866-499-5732
Terminal Download Instructions:
Instructions for a Nurit 2085, 2090, 3000, 3010, 3020,
Terminal Reads
5. 18664995730? /NO YES
Your Action
Press [MENU/ESC]
Press [7]
Enter today’s date backwards (DDMM…If this
doesn’t work, either the date and time needs to
be reset, or the machine has been password
protected by another processor), then press
Press [ENTER]
Press [ENTER] if correct. If not, press
[MENU/ESC], Clear out the incorrect phone
number and enter the correct phone number
(1-866-499-5730) if term is a Nurit 8000 use
download number 1-866-381-1129.
Press [MENU/ESC]
Enter the last 7 digits of the Merchant Number
and press [ENTER]. Nurit 8000 has a 9-digit
site id provided from Comstar. Please contact
Tech Support for this Number to begin your
Press [4]
Press [Enter] Verify phone number is 1-866499-5730. If it’s not then erase phone number
and key in correct number then press [ENTER]
again if term is a Nurit 8000 use 1-866-3811129 otherwise use provided number for all
other terms.
Verify that the top of the screen says
(MODEM); if it doesn’t press [3] then enter until
it does.
Press [4]
The Baud should be at least 1200. The higher
the number the faster the download. 14400 or
33600 recommended. Then press
Press [2] for an auto load
+ Hypercom Download Instructions
If the terminal is already programmed, start at step 1. If the machine is new, start
at step 9.
Terminal Reads
1. Swipe Customer Card
2. Enter Password
3. Program Function
4. Type?
5. Type?
6. Type?
7. Type?
Your Action
028510, [ENTER]
9, [ENTER]
6, [ENTER]
1, [ENTER]
2, [ENTER]
At this point, put one finger over each of the following keys: Card Verify, Void,
and Offline. (Orange row, second from left, top, middle, and bottom keys). Do not
press them yet.
8. Please initialize or call help-FE
9. Please initialize or call help-FE
10. Please initialize or call help-PE
11. Terminal ID
12. Init phone number
13. NMS phone number
14. Dial 0-tone, 1-pulse
15. PABX access code
16. Exit, press cancel
17. Please initialize or call help-PE
18. Program Load Correct? Yes/No
Unplug the power from the terminal
press and hold [CARD VERIFY],
[VOID], and [OFFLINE],power up the
terminal and keep the 3 keys down
until the terminal beeps twice.
Enter TID. This number is obtained
from the Cardsystems terminal screen
(last 5 digits of merchant number + 001
+ check digit)*
1-800-270-6645, [ENTER]
1-800-270-6645, [ENTER]
If a prefix (9 to dial out, etc.) is
required, enter it here. Otherwise,
press [ENTER].
Dialing…processing…loading mem XX
Terminal will take about 25 minutes to load the program and application.
19. Please Initialize
Terminal will dial out for an additional 45 seconds to load parameters. Terminal
should now read “Swipe customer card,” or “Transaction complete.” If the
machine says “Transaction complete,” simply press [CANCEL] to return to
“Swipe customer card.”
*For Vital, the TID is the V number with a 7 at the beginning, and a check digit at the end.
**or [FUNCTION], 92, [ENTER]
Omni 3200 Download Instructions (Vital)
A = Alpha button
Terminal Reads
1. Download Needed
3. SYSTEM=(version)
6. *ZR= (download speed)
7. *ZR=3
9. *ZP= (download phone number)
7. *ZP=18883943795
10. *ZT= (terminal ID)
7. *ZT=18*****001
11. *ZA= (application ID)
7. *ZA=VSVR046
8. SYSTEM=(version)
Your Action
Simultaneously press [FUNC/ENTER] and 7.
Press 1, [A], [A], 66831 [ENTER]
Press 7
Press [ENTER]
[*],1, [A], [A], 7, [A], [A], [ENTER],
3, [ENTER]
Press [CLEAR]
[*],1, [A], [A], 7, [A], [ENTER], [BACKSPACE]
1-888-394-3795, [ENTER]
Press [CLEAR]
[*],1, [A], [A], 8, [A], [ENTER], [BACKSPACE]
Maverick TID (first 2 + last 5 of merchant
number + 001)
Press [CLEAR]
[*],1, [A], [A], 2, [A], [ENTER], [BACKSPACE]
VSVR046 –
Press [CLEAR], [CLEAR]
Press 0, [ENTER]
At this point, the terminal begins to dial out for a download. After twenty minutes and ten
asterisks, the download completes and the machine returns to the idle prompt.
*Download instructions for OMNI 3750
1. Press [F2] + [F4] simultaneously
2. Enter system password 1, [ALPHA] , [ALPHA] , 66831 , then green enter key.
3. Press enter till top of screen says SYS. MODE MENU 3
4. Press [F3] for EDIT
5. Press Enter screen keys say G 1 for [F1], KEY for [F2], VALUE for [F3]
6. Press [F2] and erase the given field by pressing the YELLOW key.
7. Enter *ZP
8. Value for *ZP is 1-888-394-3795
9. Go into any other field and press KEY and clear the field again.
10. Enter *ZA
11. Value for *ZA is *MA
12. Go into any other field and press KEY and clear the field again.
13. Enter *ZB
14. Value for *ZB is 500
15. Go into any other field and press KEY and clear the field again.
16. Enter *ZT
17. Value for *ZT is the term id 18*****001
18. Go into any other field and press KEY and clear the field again.
19. Enter *ZR
20. Value for *ZR is 6 for the baud rate.
21. Press Enter, then Red Menu key twice till top of the screen says SYS. MODE
MENU 3, press Enter until the top of the screen says SYS. MODE MENU 2.
22. Press [F2] for Download
23. Enter
24. Press [F3] for Full
25. Press [F2] for Modem
26. Terminal should say downloading now and a series of 10* will appear once
terminal has completed the download.
Verifone Downloads – TRANZ
(ZXL, XL-300, T-330, T-380, T-420, T-460)
Full Download
Terminal Reads
1. Date and Time
Your Action
Press [*] and [CLEAR] simultaneously.
Press 8, [ALPHA], 0, [ALPHA], 8, [ALPHA], 5,3,6,1,0,4,1,
Press [ENTER], 0, [ENTER].
For Vital – 1 888 654 1689
For Vital – V# (replace the V with a 7)
No Printer
Restaurant, no debit
Retail, no debit
Retail & Rest w/ debit
Retail & Rest w/ debit
*If the merchant is on the same line as the machine, he must hang up before step 7.
**ZXL and XL-300 do not have a download speed setting. Terminal will dial out after step 6.
Partial Download
Press [ENTER], 0, [*].
Tranz 380x2:
To program two merchant numbers into a T380x2, first complete the “Full Download” section (for
download type, press “2-380”). Then, press [ENTER], [ENTER] to switch sides. Then, complete
the “Full Download” section for the second merchant.
Sample Quick Refernece Guides included:
All other user guides can be requested thru the Agent/ISO Department
Status Reporting
All agents and ISO’s are given an online status report with a username and password.
Your status report has real-time information about your deals and what process they are
in. It also has a resource section and a link to your residuals.
Status Report
Merchant Info
Your Information
Messages from EPS
All ISOs: Any agent trained on the Cash Advance Program
before 9-26-07 Please call Micah for update on Advance
Office Number: 1000
Please Enter
Please Enter
Your Messages:
Enter E-Mail address
Total Deals Received: 2
Last Deal Received: 11/2/2007
Last 20 Merchants Added to Your Status Report
(click here to refresh list)
Merchant Name:
Bank Comments
Received Date
Received Time
Received By
2ncd sample
Sample merchant #
1:56:51 PM
Sample merchant
Sample Merchant #
1:56:20 PM
Value Added Services
ElectCheck Plus is the most aggressively priced check services program on the market today!
ElectCheck Plus is providing businesses with the tools to protect themselves from fraudulent
checks and high fees they might incur normally by accepting checks and other forms of
payment. ElectCheck Plus can help increase a business's profitability while reducing costs at
the same time.
ElectCheck pays residuals on authorizations, transactions, monthly minimums and
administration fees. We also offer our resellers same day merchant numbers, file builds and
Check Conversion :
What does ElectCheck Plus Do?
Amazing Benefits!
-> Improved Cash Flow
ElectCheck provides easy back office conversion of paper checks -> Customer Convenience
to electronic debits for faster processing. Checks received at the
-> Faster Cash Turnaround
point of sale can be readily converted on the spot to electronic
Save Money with less
transactions for instant processing.
-> Reduced NSF Risk
Simplifies POS
-> Fewer Incomplete Sales
Customized Programs!
-> Verification Only
-> Verification & Guarantee
-> Conversion Only
-> Conversion & Guarantee
What is First Merchant Platinum (FMP) Warranty? First Merchant Platinum is a great
opportunity to protect yourself and your company from costly down time. What the FMP
Warranty does is allow your business to have damaged credit card terminals replaced quickly,
easily and at NO COST TO YOU!
Without this warranty, your business could suffer serious losses in sales while your damaged
machine is replaced by the manufacturer, which could take up to 12 weeks. With the FMP
warranty we will program and ship a new terminal to you the same day, at NO COST TO YOU!
First Merchant Platinum Warranty protects you against:
Manufacturers Defects
Normal Wear and Tear
Fire - Flood - Earthquake
Theft (With Police Report)
Special Discounts on Supplies ( Paper, Ribbons, etc...)
In-House Customer service and Support
American Express & Discover
Agents make $25 per Amex and $25 per discover added to app
American Express can be added to file with the American express application
Discover can be added by checking the discover option on application
Gift Cards
Gift and loalty gift cards available. Call Agent Department for details.
When your bank says NO! .... We say YES!
EPS Merchant Money is your direct source of funds. With us... you are not dealing with a
3rd Party.
We provide money for working capital based on your firm's credit card transactions. We buy
your future credit card transactions at a discount. We fund accounts between $5,000.00 to
We fund 90% of our Merchants within 3 business days. We are the best ..... At what we do,
"Providing cash for your business needs"!
Our Rapid Cash Advance Program works great for auto repair shops, restaurants and retail
No Collateral
No Business Plan
No Financial Statements
No Tax Returns
No Business Loan Paper Work
Easy Application
Rapid Approval
Our Rapid Cash Advance Program is designed for a business that cannot obtain working
capital from traditional financial institutions.
Easy To Qualify for Working Capital
One year in business
Provide six (6) months of credit card processing statements
Provide three (3) months of bank statements
Cannot be in Bankruptcy
Average monthly transaction processing volume must approach $5,000.00
Residuals are calculated from the 1st to the 30th every month around the 10th after all the billing has gone through. They are posted on
the 15th and paid on the 17th.
Status Report
Select a report month:
Merchant Info
September 2007
Merchant Activity
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Residual Totals - October 2004
Residual Total:
Offline Debit Total:
Debit Total:
ElectCheck Plus Total:
Per Merchant Fees:
Grand Total:
Residual Totals
Debit Totals
Merchant Count:
Merchant Count :
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Admin Fees:
FMP Warranty:
Other Totals
EPS Online:
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Recovery Totals
Merchant Count:
Offline Debit Totals
Processing Recovery:
Merchant Count :
FMP Recovery:
ElectCheck Recovery:
EPSOnline Recovery :
Access-Now Recovery:
Transaction Fees:
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Per Merchant Totals
Merchant Count:
Electcheck Plus Totals
Merchant Count:
Per Merchant Cost:
Transaction Fees :
Admin Fees :
Payable to EPS
Merchant Moneytree:
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Loan Repayment:
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