Electrolux ultracaptic, ACN 1 Operating instructions

Electrolux ultracaptic, ACN 1 Operating instructions
Quick Start
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Powerful cleaning, hygienic disposal
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Description of your
Quick Start Guide
Thank you for choosing an Electrolux
vacuum cleaner. This Quick Start Guide describes
models. Some of the accessories/
features may not apply to your specific model. In
order to ensure the best results, always use original
Electrolux accessories. They have been designed
especially for your vacuum cleaner.
Before starting
Unpack your
model and the accessory system
and check that all accessories are included.*
Read the operation instruction carefully.
Pay special attention to the Safety Advice below.
* Accessories may vary from model to model.
Enjoy your Electrolux
Safety requirement and warning
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and
persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack
of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand
the hazards involved.
WARNING: Turbo nozzles* have a rotating brush in which parts may
become entrapped. Please use them with caution and only on intended
surfaces. Please turn the vacuum cleaner off before removing entrapped
parts or cleaning the brush.
Children should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.
Power cord precautions
• Regularly check that the plug and cord are not damaged. Never use the
vacuum cleaner if the cord is damaged.
• If the cord is damaged, it must be replaced only by an authorised
Electrolux service centre in order to avoid a hazard. Damage to the
vacuum cleaner’s cord is not covered by the warranty.
• Never pull or lift the vacuum cleaner by the cord.
All servicing and repairs must be performed by an authorised Electrolux
service centre. Store the vacuum cleaner in a dry place.
Consumer information and sustainability policy
Cleaning and maintenance shall not be made
by children without supervision.
Electrolux declines all responsibility for all damages arising from any
improper use of the appliance or in cases of tampering with the appliance.
For more details of warranty and consumers’ contacts see the Warranty
Booklet in the packaging.
Always disconnect the plug from the mains
before cleaning or maintainingthe appliance.
If you have any comments on the cleaner or the operating instructions
manual please contact our customer care team.
Never use the vacuum cleaner without its filters.
Sustainability policy
This product is designed with the environment in mind. All plastic parts
are marked for recycling purposes. For details see our website;
This appliance contains electrical connections:
Never vacuum any liquid
Do not immerse in any liquid for cleaning
Disconnect the appliance from the mains when not in use
The hose should be checked regularly and must not be used if damaged.
The above can cause serious damage to the motor, which is not covered
by the warranty. This vacuum cleaner is for domestic use only.
Never use vacuum cleaner
Close to flammable gases, etc.
On sharp objects
On hot or cold cinders, lit cigarette butts, etc.
On fine dust, for instance plaster, concrete, flour.
The packaging material is chosen to be environmentally friendly and
can be recycled.
Wash the washable exhaust filter
when required. Make sure the filter is
completely dry before putting back.
LED Display*
Electronic power regulation*
Exhaust HEPA13 Filter
Filter grill
Power cord
Rear wheels
Filter grill release
On/Off button
Cord rewind button
Fine dust container
Pre-Motor Filter
Dust bin
Compactor handle
AeroPro hose
AeroPro remote control handle*
AeroPro ergo handle*
Airflow regulation valve*
AeroPro telescopic tube
Parking clip
AeroPro Silent Air Technology nozzle*
AeroPro hard floor nozzle*
AeroPro turbo nozzle*
AeroPro 3 in 1 nozzle
2 parking slots
AeroPro motorized nozzle*
*Only applies to certain models
How to use the vacuum cleaner
Tips for storage
Do not lift the machine
by this handle.
Wash the washable exhaust fi
lter when required. Make sure the filter is completely dry before p
utting back.
Cleaning the washable exhaust filter
Wash the filter when required. If the filter is damaged, replace it with a new filter.
Rinse the inside (dirty side) in lukewarm tap water. Tap the filter frame to remove the water. Repeat
the process four times.
Note: Do not use cleaning agents and avoid touching the filter surface. Let the filter dry completely
before putting back.
*Only applies to certain models
Tips on how to get the best results
Dust compacting
Models with manual power regulation:
Gentle & Slow
See the reference numbers
( 1 = MIN ; 5 = MAX )
handle gently to avoid dust overflowing,
Models with display and remote control:
Dust emptying
Follow the numbers for
optimal performance.
( 1 = MIN ; 5 = MAX )
Hear the click to ensure the dust compactor is
locked in properly.
Bookshelves, upholstery, crevices, corners
Delicate carpets
Brushes up
Brushes up
Brushes down
Washing exhaust HEPA filter
Attention: on fur rugs, rugs with long fringes or deep
pile exceeding 15 mm the motorized nozzle should
Press BRUSH button to turn
Motorized nozzle gives the best dust pick-up and deep
cleaning of carpets through the rotating brush roller
agitating the carpet. Do not leave the motorized nozzle
stationary with brush roller on.
Use Turbo nozzle
(depending on model)
(depending on model)
Remove the Exhaust HEPA13 filter and rinse
with cold water.
Replace the HEPA filter when required.
HEPA filter reference: EFH13W
Cleaning the pre-motor fine dust filter to protect the motor
Cleaning the AeroPro Silent Air Technology nozzle*
Remove the Pre-motor filter from the
fine dust container.
Cleaning the AeroPro motorized nozzle*
replaced when required.
Open the fine dust container lid and
tap gently to empty dust when required.
Always disconnect the nozzle before cleaning it !
Cleaning fine dust container and cyclone cone
please do not
attempt to
remove cyclone
Open brush roll cover by pushing the latches. This will
free the front wheels for cleaning.
Pull out the brush roll and remove entangled threads by
snipping them away with scissors. Use the hose handle
If the wheels are stuck, remove them carefully by using
a small screwdriver.
*Only applies to certain models
Cleaning the AeroPro Turbo nozzle*
The vacuum cleaner does not start
Check that the cable is connected to the mains.
Check that the plug and cable are not damaged.
Check for a blown fuse.
Check if the battery indicator lamp responds (certain models only).
The vacuum cleaner stops
Check if dust container is full. If so, empty it and clean both the
dust container and the filters before putting it back in the cleaner.
Check if the nozzle, tube or hose is blocked.
Check the motor and exhaust filter are clean.
Disconnect the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner tube
The cleaner stops
with scissors. Use the hose handle to clean the nozzle.
The cleaner might be overheated: disconnect it from the mains; check if the nozzle, tube
or hose are blocked. Let the cleaner cool down for 30 minutes before plugging it in again.
If the cleaner still does not work, contact an authorized Electrolux service centre.
Changing the remote handle battery*
Cleaning the hose
Clean the hose by “squeezing“ it. However, be careful in case the obstruction has been
caused by glass or needles caught inside the hose.
Note: The warranty does not cover any damage to hoses caused by cleaning them.
Water has entered the vacuum cleaner
It will be necessary to replace the motor at an authorized Electrolux service centre.
Damage to the motor caused by the penetration of water is not covered by the warranty.
For any further problems, contact an authorized Electrolux service centre.
Remote handle with motorized nozzle system DOES
NOT have any batteries or light indicator, so DO NOT try
to open the motorized handle.
*Only applies to certain models
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