Getting Started with the Psychology Research Participation System (PRPS)

Getting Started with the Psychology Research Participation System (PRPS)
Getting Started with the Psychology Research
Participation System (PRPS)
Only projects supervised by a regular faculty member in the
Department of Psychology are eligible for inclusion in the
Psychology Research Participation System (PRPS). Faculty should
be aware that this is a shared-cost system, in which faculty who
make heaviest use of the system pay a fee (usually through
research grants) at the end of the fall and spring terms to
cover the cost of the annual fee for using the on-line Sona
Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient capacity to offer extra
credit to students in Psychology courses in return for
participation in research conducted by other academic units.
Projects supervised by faculty from other academic units may
share in the use of the on-line Sona administrative system,
whereby students taking courses in those units may be included
in the system and may earn extra credit in such courses.
Faculty from units outside Psychology who wish to exercise this
option should contact the chair of the PRPS committee, Dr.
Stephen Lindsay ([email protected]), for details on how shared use
of the on-line system works.
Here are the required steps to be followed by students, research
assistants, or faculty in Psychology who wish to use the PRPS as
1. Obtain UVic Human Research Ethics approval for your project
from the UVic Office of Research Services.
2. Obtain approval from the PRPS committee to have your project
included in the Psychology system. To do this, visit and select the link to the online
PRPS Application Form for Researchers. For a new project that
has not previously been approved for use in the system, select
the Application for approval of a new project option. If you
simply wish to have a previously approved project reactivated,
select the Reactivation option. If you do not know the location
of your study, you may put TBA into the Building and Room number
boxes. Remember that a regular faculty member in Psychology
must be listed as the faculty sponsor. When you click the
submit button at the bottom of the screen, the application will
be sent to the PRPS committee for approval in the case of new
projects or just to the committee chair in the case of
reactivated projects.
3. Fully acquaint yourself with how the on-line Sona system
works by reading the Researcher Documentation sections of the
Full documentation from Sona Systems, available at
as a PDF file. A summary of how to use the system is also
available at this site on the Researcher instructions link.
4. Also at the
web site, download a copy of the Record of Participation Form
and the Receipt/Questionnaire form. Print copies of these forms
for use when testing participants. Each participant is to be
given a completed Receipt/Questionnaire upon finishing a study,
which acts as proof of participation and provides an opportunity
to give the PRPS committee feedback regarding their experience.
The Record of Participation From is to be maintained by the
researcher and should be destroyed three months after the end of
the current academic term.
5. Obtain an account for using the Sona system. The lab in
which you are working may already have a general Sona system
researcher account used jointly by colleagues in that lab. If
not, you will need to obtain a researcher account from the chair
of the PRPS Committee. To request an account, send an e-mail
message to [email protected] Note that you must have a working
UVic e-mail account before an account can be created for you on
the Sona system.
6. Once you have a Sona account and your project has been
approved by the PRPS committee, you can create a page for your
project in the Sona system. At this stage you will have to
specify a particular duration for the sessions you will be
scheduling and the specific corresponding credit value. You
cannot designate ranges for these values (e.g., 30-40 minutes;
1-1.5 credits). Be sure to include in either the "Abstract" or
"Description" section of your study's web page a contact
telephone number for students to use and a statement indicating
how debriefing will be delivered. Note that once you have
created this page, a message is automatically sent to the chair
of the PRPS Committee requesting approval of your posted page.
This approval step is used to ensure that information on your
posted page is complete and conforms to the system's policies.
If, at a later time, you modify the content of your posted page
(other than administering time slots), then your page will
automatically be made non-visible to students until the chair of
the PRPS approves the changes you made.
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