Alesis | CD Twin Portable CD Backup and Copy System | Specifications | Alesis CD Twin Portable CD Backup and Copy System Specifications

Alesis CD Twin Portable CD Backup and Copy System Specifications
Large Diaphragm Microphones
The Blueberry is a unique,
precision-engineered, largediaphragm cardioid condenser
microphone with an open
natural response tailored
especially for vocals.
Its hand-built capsule and
discrete low-noise circuitry
provides the shimmering
detailed highs, smooth mids,
and articulated low-end
desired by professional
musicians and engineers.
• Outstanding for vocal,
voice-over and acoustic
instrument recordings.
• Custom designed and
hand-built components
• Excellent low level presence
• Extremely well-balanced
response characteristics
• Discrete Class-A circuitry
for low-noise handling
• 133dB SPL • 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Cherry-wood case included
• Excellent noise rejection
• Internal shock mount reduces handling
• Transparent audio reproduction
• 138dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Aluminum case (included)
Ideal for both studio and live sound applications,
the Shure KSM32 is a ruggedly built, large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone. Its Class-A
circuitry and extended “sweet spot” delivers a
smooth, detailed response, making it well-suited
for recording sources from piano to percussion or
violin to vocals.
• Large-diaphragm condenser
mic with variable polar, pad
and filter controls
• Very wide dynamic range for
multiple recording applications
• Active electronics with FET
impedance converter
• 147dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency
• Shock mount and molded
case included
Derived from the famous U87, the affordable TLM103A (anniversary edition) is a
large diaphragm, cardioid condenser microphone. It’s well-balanced performance
and extremely low self-noise make it the
mic of choice for virtually all recording,
broadcast and production applications.
The RODE NT2000 is the world’s
first continuously variable
control microphone. Its polar
response, filter adjustments and
pad attenuation greatly enhance
overall control and performance
flexibility, while the newly
designed capsule diaphragm
provides the warm, detailed
sound and excellent transient
response necessary for a variety
of recording applications.
• Built-in pop-filter
• Switchable low-frequency filter
• 48V phantom powered
• 15dB pad
• 139dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
The CAD Equitek E1002 is a high-quality supercardioid electret condenser microphone designed
with unique servo-controlled circuitry that supplies the additional power needed for capturing
even the most demanding sound sources
with remarkable transparency and detail.
• Ideal for multiple recording purposes
especially kick drum, guitar amps and vocals
• Unique servo design incorporates both
internal batteries and external 48V
phantom power to enhance performance
• Transformerless design for lower noise
• 148dB SPL (with 20dB pad engaged)
• 10Hz-18kHz frequency response
Large Diaphragm Microphones
The AT4050 is a multi-pattern condenser microphone
designed to provide years of high-quality performance in
any recording environment. Its transformerless design
and “extended life” dual-diaphragm capsule produces
a warm detailed response with virtually no low-end
• Switchable Cardioid, Omni and Figure-of-Eight patterns
• Gold diaphragm aging process for extended performance life
• Transparent upper and mid-range frequencies
• Switchable high-pass filter with 10dB pad
• 149dB SPL
• 20Hz-18kHz frequency response
The AKG C414 B-XL II is
the next generation of legendary C414 microphones.
With improved electronics
and greater versatility, the
XL-II sets a new benchmark
for all other studio microphones.
• Ideal for vocals and acoustic instruments
• Transformerless low-noise design
• 10dB pad with high-pass filter
• 142dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Case, shock-mount and windscreen included
C414 B-XL II
The Studio Projects C1 is an extremely
versatile large-diaphragm cardioid
condenser microphone with a rich smooth
tone and open detailed response. It clearly
represents a breakthrough for both project
and professional studios in search of a
high-quality microphone at an
affordable price.
The AKG C3000 B is a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser
microphone built for both studio and live performance use.
Its special capsule tuning allows a pleasing, smooth sound with a
slight presence boost to add “air” to both vocal and instrument
recordings. Capable of handling very high source levels without
clipping, the C3000 B effectively reduces unwanted noise while
providing the signal-to-noise ratio needed by project studio
engineers who want “present” and “up front” takes.
• Ideal for lead vocals and high-volume instrument sources
such as guitar amps, brass and percussion
• Clean, transformerless design with smooth, wide dynamic range
• Internal and external “spider” suspension for increased noise
reduction • Smooth low-frequency roll-off and 10dB pad
• 150dB SPL (pad engaged) • 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• High sensitivity and
extremely low self noise
• Five switchable polar
patterns for placement
and application flexibility
• Unique elastic capsule
suspension greatly minimizes noise from chassis
• Two-color LED’s provide
quick visual indication of
selected polar pattern and
output overload
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Professional shock mount, popfilter and windscreen provided
Baby Bottle
with Shock-Pop
Using design elements of the acclaimed Bottle mic
system, the Baby Bottle is a solid-state, Class-A discrete
condenser microphone that employs the styling,
attention to detail, and hand-crafted quality Blue is
famous for. The precision-machined, gold-sputtered
capsule has a fixed cardioid pattern and is enclosed in
a “Lollipop” spherical grille. The versatile Baby Bottle
has a high-output level with
low self-noise, providing a
natural, uncolored response
that’s particularly effective for
vocals, acoustic instruments,
and hand percussion.
• Solid-state, Class-A discrete
• High sensitivity and extremely low self-noise
• Tailored frequency response
for improved vocal presence
• 133dB SPL • 20Hz-20kHz
frequency response
• Includes: Shock mount and
pop filter, protective pouch,
cherrywood box
Large Diaphragm Microphones
The legendary U87, known
for its warm, rich sound,
and precision engineering,
is perhaps the world’s most
widely used large diaphragm, condenser studio
microphone. And, when
making a professional studio investment,
considered the
piece to buy.
• Its sound has
made it a favorite
on vocal, string
and piano recordings for years
• Multiple selectable patterns
for recording
• Improved sensitivity for
better signal-to-noise
ratio than original U87 • Transformerless design for
ultra-low noise operation • 10dB pad
• 117dB SPL • 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Transformerless FET circuit for a clean, transparent tone quality
• Slight high-frequency boost tailored to enhance vocal response
• 10dB pad and 100Hz low-cut filter
• 125dB SPL • 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Includes rugged aluminum shock mount and flight case
The Audio-Technica AT4040 is a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser
microphone designed to offer full-range detail at an affordable price.
Providing newly improved electronics and a transformerless design,
the character of the AT4040 is full and round with the transient
response and high source level handling capabilities needed for
all-around source-capturing capabilities. A perfect do-it-all first mic
for project studios, the AT4040 delivers the performance of microphones costing significantly more.
• Variable Pad, Pattern and
Filter adjustments made
from the mic
• Acoustically modeled solid
cast metal housing
• Polar patterns include:
Cardioid, Omni and Figure 8
• High-strength steel mesh
• Internal capsule shock
• 157dB SPL (pad engaged)
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency
With lower noise electronics and a better signal-to-noise ratio,
the Studio Electronics SE2200A is an affordable large-diaphragm
cardioid condenser microphone that improves upon its already
well-received predecessor, the SE2200. Featuring a clear and
lively sound that’s slightly “lifted” (bright) in the upper range,
the SE2200A delivers the characteristic response needed by both
project and professional studios searching for uncolored vocal
and acoustic instrument recordings that are both “up front” and
“present” in the mix.
The RODE NT2A is a highquality, large dual-diaphragm
multi-pattern condenser
microphone, with superior
electronics that provide ultralow noise performance. Its
fixed variable pad, pattern
and filter adjustments provide
the flexibility and control
needed by musicians and
recording engineers.
• Full, detailed sound with enhanced presence for additional
“sparkle” and “sheen”
• Sensitive capsule with fast transient response and high volume
handling capability
• Ideal all-purpose vocal and instrument microphone
• 80Hz high-pass filter and 10dB pad • 155dB SPL (pad engaged)
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
The unique, sturdy design of the M-Audio Luna makes this
quality large-diaphragm condenser a versatile microphone
for a variety of studio recording applications. The well-built
Luna utilizes a large brass capsule and modern Class-A
electronics delivering a flat, smooth sound that accurately
represents what you put into it.
• Transparent Class-A design with high sensitivity
and lower noise operation
• Well suited on guitar amps, vocals and percussion
• Unique, sleek design with sturdy chassis
• 130dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz
• Hard case and shockmount included
Large Diaphragm Microphones
The TLM49 is a professional large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone designed to provide
vocalists with the smoothest, most natural sound
reproduction available. Utilizing its tube simulation circuit, the TLM49 produces even order
harmonics in the same way a tube microphone
would. Its focused sound is smooth and full with a
transparent subtleness that picks up every nuance
of a vocalists performance.
The Neumann TLM127 is an extremely quiet and transparent
professional large-diaphragm condenser microphone. With both
omni-directional and cardioid pickup characteristics, this excellent-sounding utilitarian studio mic is designed with exceptional
subsonic response and ultra-smooth extended highs, making
it perfect for capturing the sonic “thump” of percussion and
detailed brilliance of guitars and vocals.
• Unique power supply allows remote control of selectable omni and
cardioid patterns (wide-angled cardioid, hypercardioid and figure-8)
• Highly-versatile high-end design for both professional studio
and broadcast facilities
• 14dB pad and selectable high-pass filter switch
• 140dB SPL • 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Includes EA-1 suspension mount and wooden box
B-2 Pro
The B-2 Pro is a large-diaphragm multi-pattern condenser
microphone with features found mostly on more expensive
microphones. Combined with its flexible patterns, pad, and
filter adjustments, the mic’s clarity and slightly enhanced
high-end presence provides musicians and engineers with
the control and sonic characteristics required for quality
recordings at an affordable price.
• Ideal for vocal or multi-purpose instrument recordings
• Transparent low-noise FET circuit design with wide
frequency response
• 10dB pad and 150Hz low-cut filter
• 148dB SPL (pad engaged)
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Heavy-duty suspension mount, windscreen and case included
The Audio-Technica
AT3035 is an
affordable high
performance largediaphragm
condenser microphone. Its crisp, clear
highs and robust lows
make the versatile
AT3035 a great choice
for use in project
and home
• Designed especially for studio recorded vocals
• Tube simulation circuitry creates warm, full
harmonics • Cardioid pattern isolates source
material while reducing noise
• No additional cabling or power supply necessary
• 127dB SPL • 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Wide
dynamic range
• Low self noise
• Low-cut switch
and 10dB pad
• 148dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency
• Custom shock mount and protective
pouch provided
Engineers and musicians alike
will appreciate the versatility of
the Audix CX-112. This largediaphragm cardioid condenser
microphone features a warm,
large sound and a durable, highquality build for both live and
studio recordings. Capable of
handling high sound pressure
levels while still maintaining
very low-noise performance, this
impressive utilitarian mic provides
the airy, open highs and smooth,
extended lows associated with
condenser mics significantly more
• Capsule internally shock-mounted on silicon rubber
support • Sturdy, perforated black steel grill
provides better transparency and capsule
protection • 10dB pad and bass roll-off filter
• 145dB SPL (pad engaged) • 20Hz-20kHz frequency
response • Foam-lined rosewood case and hard
mount metal stand adapter included
Large Diaphragm Microphones
The large-diaphragm cardioid
condenser M-Audio Nova is
a cost-effective solution to
achieving recording results
previously attained by higher
cost designs. Class-A electronics and effective source
isolation help deliver a smooth,
wide frequency response with
an improved signal-to-noise
ratio, ideal for vocals and other
home/project studio recording
An ideal multi-purpose studio microphone, the largediaphragm dual-sided CAD M179 features a continuously
variable condenser element that’s ideally suited for both
vocal and instrument recordings. The improved, sophisticated electronics are capable of capturing complex musical detail with lower noise and better dynamic balance
than microphones significantly more expensive. Flexible
and versatile, the M179 provides engineers a high-quality
microphone for everyday studio use.
• Smooth, continuously variable pattern selection
• Advanced internal amplifier circuit performance that
competes with higher-end designs • Ideal for both solo
and ensemble instrument/vocal recordings
• Built-in pad and high-pass filter • 143dB SPL
(pad engaged) • 10Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Outstanding value for discrete
Class-A circuitry in a largediaphragm condenser mic
• Solid brass capsule
• Wire mesh grille and body,
all brass w/silver nickel plating
• 128dB SPL
• 20Hz–18kHz frequency
• Includes hard mount and
soft case
• Also comes with free XLR cable
The Dragonfly is a cardioid condenser microphone employing
Blue’s hand-built large-diaphragm capsule, discrete Class-A
circuitry, and a rotating spherical grille, allowing for an almost
infinite number of placements, key for unmatched fine tuning and
delivering consistent takes with outstanding depth, definition,
and focus. An excellent choice for studio engineers seeking clearly
professional results, correct placement of the Dragonfly produces
exceptionally focused percussion, instrument, and vocal recordings.
The AT2020 is an affordable cardioid condenser
microphone that truly pushes the price/performance
envelope. Designed for most home studio recording
applications, the AT2020 effectively isolates source
signals while providing a fast
transient response and high
sound pressure handling capabilities, making it a
well-balanced, quality
multi-purpose microphone.
• Low-mass diaphragm provides
wide dynamic response for
multiple recording applications
• Open, acoustic design
reduces resonance and
handling noise
• Cardioid pattern isolates
source signal • 144dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency
• Unique design with integrated shockmount and spherical grille
provides superior versatility, focus, and detail • Great imaging
and slight high-end/low-end boost delivers ideal tone for electric
guitar, pop/R&B vocals, and percussion overhead recordings
• Hand-built with high-quality workmanship • Effectively controls
high-volume sources without overload • 132dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
A multi-pattern tube condenser microphone, the versatile
Z5600 utilizes a capsule larger than a typical large diaphragm
microphone. This unique enlarged design, along with tube
circuitry, provides higher sensitivity, better low-end, and a
warm detailed response, making the Z5600 an affordable option with high performance features. A wooden presentation
box, aluminum flight case, shock mount, and power supply
with pattern switching and cables are included.
• Multi-patern tube condenser microphone
• 48V phantom powered
• 9-point selectable polar patterns
• 130dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Warm, detailed tonality especially suited for vocal recordings
Large Diaphragm Microphones
Featuring the warmth of tube technology and similar articulation
of small-capsule designs, the AT 3060 is a large-diaphragm
cardioid tube condenser microphone with a naturally flat,
smooth high-end response ideal for detailed
instrument and vocal recordings. Requiring only
phantom power and no special external power
supply, the AT 3060 makes an ideal choice for onstage and studio recordings where a well-balanced,
detailed tone combined with discrete appearance and
convenience is of top priority.
Combining the clarity of solid-state power circuitry with the warmth
of an all-valve signal path, the AKG Solidtube is a well-built large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone designed to be a superior vocal and acoustic instrument mic. Providing a well-balanced, smooth
sound that could described as “sweet” and slightly compressed, the
Solidtube actually benefits from its proximity effect, producing warm,
intimate results without being muddy or uncontrolled.
• Smooth, detailed tone with pleasing full-range balance
• Dual technology design provides lower-noise operation and warm
“larger than life” sound • Gound-lift switch and 100Hz low-cut
switch on separate power supply • 20dB pad • 145dB SPL (pad
engaged) • 20Hz-20kHz frequency response • Well-designed
shockmount and rugged carrying case included
Combining the sound of vintage tube microphones, the tube condenser
RODE K2 produces a smooth, extended high-end, fat, round midrange,
and solid, full low-end response from its large-diaphragm element. Its
continuously variable pattern and high-level handling capability allows
the versatile K2 to reproduce sounds from the subtle nuances of finger
picking and bowing to thumping guitar amps and booming percussion.
In the studio or on stage, the K2 gives musicians and engineers the
warm presence and dynamic performance required for truly professional
• Class-A circuitry with a full, round tone and improved capsule and
diaphragm technology • Multiple recording applications via continuously variable pattern adjustments from Cardioid to Omni, to Figure-8
• Extremely high sound pressure level handling capabilities • 162dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response • SM2 shock-mount, power supply
with 9-pin cable, and hard-shell case included
With a warm, wonderful presence and slight
mid-range boost, the BLUE Cactus delivers
the tonal characteristics required for its
specialty, professional lead vocal recordings.
This uniquely designed large-diaphragm
tube condenser microphone utilizes a
multi-pattern version of Blue’s hand crafted
and tested B7 capsule and vintage Class-A
discrete tube amplifier circuitry. Ideal for
high-end studios, the Cactus faithfully reproduces crisp, detailed drums and percussion
while maintaining the smooth airy highs
and tight full lows desired for a variety of
acoustic instrument recordings.
• Ideal for vocal and string instruments producing a warm, wellbalanced open response • Excellent noise rejection due to a tight
cardioid pattern and highly-sensitive element • No dedicated power
supply or special cable needed, runs on 48V DC phantom power
• Open acoustic design and internal shock mount for reduced resonance
and handling noise • 134dB SPL • 50Hz-16kHz frequency
• Remote selectable Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-8
patterns available with variations in between (9 total)
• Tone tailored for vocals, but with the fast transient
response and high-end detail required for high-quality percussive and acoustic instrument recordings
• Soft Start feature assures tube longevity and circuit
stability • Transformer designed to match tube for
lower noise and superior transparency • 130dB SPL
• 20Hz-20kHz frequency response • Includes Series 1
Shock/Pop kit, ATA Flight Case, Champagne Tube Mic
Cable, Power Supply
Legendary for its warmth, clarity and
presence, the meticulously engineered
AKG C12 has been faithfully restored
with the C12 VR (Vintage Re-Issue).
While maintaining the exact unique twin
diaphragm capsule design and 6072A
vacuum tube, AKG utilized new manufacturing standards to provide a higher
level of consistency and performance for
today’s high-end digital studios. A most
sought after vocal mic, the C12 features
multiple polar patterns with six remotely
selectable variations, making it equally
desirable for solo and ensemble instrument recordings.
• Vintage re-issue of the famous dualdiaphragm vacuum tube C12
• Multiple patterns (nine total) remotely
controlled with silent switching
• Internal microphone switching
provided for pre-attenuation of -10dB,
-20dB, and 10dB boost • 128dB SPL
• 30Hz-20kHz frequency response
• Professional flight case, shock mount,
and pop filter included
Large Diaphragm Microphones
The MXL V69 is an affordable
large diaphragm tube condenser
microphone with a wide dynamic
range and warm vintage tube
sonic characteristics; a perfect
complement to digital recording
devices. It comes with a deluxe
flight case, versatile shock
mount, dedicated power supply,
Mogami 7-pin and XLR microphone cables and a wind screen.
MXL V67i
The EV Blue Cardinal is a cardioid condenser
microphone designed to capture the detail of
both voice and instruments in live sound or
studio applications. It features unique cherry
wood mic housing, Class A, discrete ultra-low
noise amplifier circuitry and a double
swivel-mounted design for flexible capsule
• Pressure gradient cardioid condenser
• Great for instruments or vocals
• Employs Class A, discrete ultra-low noise
amplifier circuitry
• Excellent off axis rejection
• Stylish cherry wood mic housing
• Unique double swivel-mounted design
• Frequency response: 30Hz-20kHz
• Vintage tube sound
• 25mm (1”) large capsule condenser • 12 AT7 type tube
• Durable brass enclosure
• 140 dB SPL
• Internally wired and supplied
with Mogami cables
• Includes: shock mount,
windscreen, power supply,
cables and deluxe flight case
• Frequency response:
Blue Cardinal
The E-3002 is a multi-pattern externally biased
servo-condenser great for studio vocals, choir,
spoken word and voice-over applications. The
1.1” 24K gold sputtered externally biased triple
pattern (cardioid, omni, figure 8) dual diaphragm
condenser capsule is hand dampened for consistent frequency response. A rechargeable 9V nickel
hydride batterry provides a huge current reserve,
allowing for remote operation for up to 6 hours.
The MXL V67i is a versatile
large condenser microphone
with 2 selectable diaphragms.
The front side has a warm,
lush sound, and the microphone’s back side simulates
some of the brighter more airy
sounding vintage capsules
of the 60s. Perfect for those
needing several quality
microphones but on a limited
• (2) selectable 25mm/ 1”
large capsules (one warm
and one bright)
• Solid state preamp with
balanced transformer output
• Gold plated grill
• Selectable pad and roll-off
filter • 140dB SPL
• Includes: mic clip and
wooden storage case
• Frequency response:
• Multi-pattern externally biased servo-condenser
• Switchable polar pattern: cardioid, omnidirectional, figure 8 • High-pass filter 6dB
pad/octave @ 80 Hz • 20 dB pad • 145 SPL
• Includes: shock mount & carrying case
• Frequency response: 10Hz – 20KHz
The Studio Projects B1 is a versatile cardioid condenser microphone that is equipped with a true one inch, gold sputtered
large diaphragm in a pressure gradient transducer capsule.
This versatile mic is great for miking amplifiers with high
sound pressure levels, voice over, and a wide variety
music and broadcast recording applications.
• Large diaphragm cardioid condenser
• Pressure-gradient transducer, 1” 3 mm mylar capsule
• High quality transformerless design
• Selectable filters, 75Hz & 150Hz
• Selectable pads, -10dB & -20dB
• Includes: foam wind screen, shockmount and
zippered Bag
• Frequency response: 20-20kHz
Large Diaphragm Microphones
NT 1000
The Rode NT 1000 is an ultra-versatile one-inch studio condenser
microphone excellent for instrument and overhead drum kit
miking. It’s built of a heavy-duty cast metal and the one inch
HF-2 capsule is internally shock mounted with a 134 dB dynamic
range, 140 dB SPL capabilities and a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency
Perception 100
The Perception 100 is a great all purpose large-diaphragm
condenser microphone designed for studios and live sound
applications. Its one-inch diaphragm cardiod capsule provides a
warm, transparent sound, excellent off-axis rejection and high
SPL capability. The Perception 100’s reliable performance,
rugged metal housing and affordable price make it excellent
value for project studios.
• Professional general-purpose microphone
• 1” large-diaphragm true-condenser capsule
• Cardioid polar pattern • Rugged metal housing
• Includes metal stand adapter • SPL 135dB
• Ideal for project studios
• Frequency response: 20Hz- 20kHz
The Samson CL7 is an affordable large diaphragm studio condenser
microphone ideal for home studio applications. A great choice for
vocals, acoustic instruments and drums, the CL7 features a large,
1.1-inch, ultra thin diaphragm capsule, a switchable high pass filter
and a 10 dB pad.
• Large diaphragm cardioid condenser
• Internally shock mounted 1.1” capsule
• Switchable Hi-pass Filter, 12dB per octave at 100 Hz
• Switchable 10 dB pad
• Solid die cast construction
• 147 DB SPL
• Includes: swivel stand mount & carrying case
• Frequency response: 20-20kHz
CL8 multi pattern condenser #SACL8 ...............149.00
The C01U is a cardioid
condenser microphone with
a built-in USB port ideal
for musicians, podcasters,
journalists, students, and
business people adding
audio files to websites and
multimedia presentations.
It features a 19mm internal
shock mounted diaphragm
and a heavy gauge mesh grill,
and works seamlessly with
both Mac & PC computers.
This versatile mic supports
sampling rates up to 16bit/48 kHz.
• Ultra-versatile studio condenser
• Large capsule with gold-plated membrane
• Low noise transformer less circuitry
• Internally shock mounted capsule
• 140 dB SPL
• Heavy-duty cast metal satin nickel body
• Includes: zip pouch and stand mount
• Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
• Cardioid condenser with
built-in USB port
• 19mm internal shock
mounted diaphragm
• Heavy-gauge mesh grill
• Smooth, flat response
• USB cable included
• Compatible with Mac & PC
• Frequency response: 40Hz -18kHz
SnowBall USB
with accessory kit
The Snowball USB is a
dual-capsule microphone designed
to interface with
laptop and desktop computers
via USB. This buspowered, plug n’
play mic features a
three-pattern switch
(cardioid, cardioid with
10dB pad and omni) and
is ideal for music production, DV-looping /dialog recording, podcasting and video post production applications.
• USB bus-powered condenser
• Seamless integration with audio software
• Unique dual-capsule design
• 3-pattern switch (cardioid, cardioid w/ 10dB
pad & omni)
• 10 dB pad switch
• Includes tripod stand & USB cable
• Frequency response: 40Hz -18kHz
• Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible
Small Diaphragm Microphones
A favorite in film and music production, the Schoeps
Colette series is known for its pristine sound quality and
flexibility. Featuring transformerless electronics, the CMC6
preamplifier can utilize a number of different capsules for a
variety demanding production situations. The MK41 supercardioid capsule has a directional yet very natural sounding
response and is used in a variety of applications from live
television to interior film production shoots.
• Scalable design with 20 optional capsules
• Superior natural sound • Low noise floor
• Transformerless electronics
• 40Hz–20kHz frequency response
CUT1 low cut filter (60Hz at 24dB octave) #SCCUT1 ...................................... $535.00
B5DG Hollow foam windscreen #SCB5DG ....................................................... $54.00
The MKH-30 from
Sennheiser is a unique
recording microphone. Its figure of 8 pick-up pattern is particularly effective at the
rejection of lateral sounds and the suppression of sounds from adjacent sources.
Boasting a wide and open sounding frequency response, it’s an excellent tool for
capturing a soloist or small instrumental groups. It comes equipped with a roll-off
filter and switchable attenuation.
• Wide frequency response
• Very low self-noise
• Roll-off filter
• Figure 8 pattern
• 40Hz–20kHz frequency response
Sennheiser’s MKH-50 is a super-cardioid condenser
microphone of exceptional quality. The MKH series
delivers ultra low inherent self noise, transformerless circuitry, and stunning
audio. The MKH-50 really shines in the area of side rejection, zeroing in on
specific sounds in close miking situations. Whether you’re on stage, on set, or
in the studio, the MKH-50 will stay directed on a sound source without sacrificing frequency range.
• High rejection of
lateral sounds
• Roll-off filter switch
• 134dB SLP
The DPA 4006-TL is an
extremely linear smalldiaphragm omni-directional microphone that combines a new highly
sensitive transformerless design with the flexible option of adding up
to seven different acoustic pattern modifications. Known for its truly
neutral and precise sound quality, the 4006 is most often found in critical
musical, acoustic measurement, and broadcast applications.
Ideal for solo instruments, ensemble, and spot
miking, the compact KM184 is a small diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone that
offers premium Neumann sound that’s both
“open” and “musical”. Two other polar patterns
are available in the “Series 180”, the KM183
omnidirectional condenser, and the KM185
hypercardioid condenser.
• Lightweight black
anodized metal
• 40Hz–20kHz frequency
• Applications include: stereo pairing for
symphonic hall recordings, acoustic
piano and guitar, percussion and vocals
• Optional acoustic filters for versatile
pattern modification
• Transformerless design
with extremely wide
response and sensitivity
• 143dB SPL • 10Hz-20kHz
frequency response
• Sold individually or in matched stereo pairs
• Available in non-reflective black or nickel finish
• 138dB SPL
• 20Hz–20kHz frequency response
• Wooden jewel box, windshield, stand
and cable mount (included)
KM183 small diaphragm with omnidirectional pattern #NEKM183MT ............................$849.99
KM185 small diaphragm with hypercardioid pattern #NEKM185MT ...............................$849.99
Small Diaphragm Microphones
A re-issue of the popular C451, the C451B delivers
the same well-defined, articulate sonic characteristics of its predecessor, still making it great for use
on acoustic guitars, drums, percussion or overhead
miking. The all-metal body provides excellent protection from RF interference, and the microphone
is rugged enough for even the most demanding
• Selectable 10dB, 20dB pad
• 20Hz–20kHz frequency response
• Excellent transient response • 155dB SPL
• Selectable low-frequency rolloff switch
C451 B/ST matched stereo pair with complete accessories in a carrying case
#AKC451BST .......................................................................................................... $1199.00
The modular AT4053A is a professional
small-diaphragm hypercardioid condenser
microphone designed with a fast, transparent response that handles high
sound pressure levels with superior clarity and detail. It’s easily adapted to
cardioid or omni patterns utilizing the optional omni or cardioid capsules,
making the versatile AT4053A a great choice for accurately reproducing
even the most troublesome instruments and sound effects.
The Audio-Technica AT4051a is an exceptional small
diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone. Its low
self noise design is achieved with a direct-coupled
balanced output, unlike conventional transformercoupled microphones. The result is a versatile tool for
production in critical music and broadcast studios.
Optional pattern capsules are available for flexibility.
• Modular design for
cardioid, omni, and hypercardioid miking needs
• Durable, rugged brass
• Built-in 80Hz filter
• 48V phantom powered
• 146dB SPL
• 20Hz–20kHZ
frequency response
• Fast transient response
• 80Hz hi-pass filter switch
• Phantom powered
• Interchangeable capsules
• 20Hz–20kHz frequency response
AT4053A-EL small diaphragm hyper-cardioid
capsule #AUAT4053AEL........................$195.00
The Shure KSM141SL is a high-output,
low-noise small-diaphragm condenser
microphone with an extremely fast transient response and smooth harmonic control.
It’s discrete Class-A circuitry delivers superior transparency and accuracy while the
dual polar pattern capsule provides engineers the flexibility of both omni and cardioid pickup patterns. Ideal for acoustic instrument studio recordings, the KSM141SL
features control that’s equally well suited for live ensemble and ambience recordings.
• Class-A, transformerless preamplifier
• Dual polar patterns
(cardioid and omni)
• 145dB SPL
• Three-position pad (0dB,
15dB, 25dB) and three-position switchable low-frequency filter • 20Hz–20kHz
frequency response
The Shure SM81 LC is a high-quality small diaphragm,
cardioid condenser microphone designed for studio
recording, broadcasting, and sound reinforcement. The ruggedly
constructed SM81 LC can also serve as a field recording mic
with consistent performance over a wide range of temperature
and humidity conditions. Its flat, neutral frequency response,
make it particularly well-suited for use on acoustic guitar, piano,
cymbals and choirs.
• Requires 48V phantom power
• Selectable low-frequency rolloff
• 10dB lockable attenuator switch
• Rugged steel construction for
• 131dB SPL
• 20Hz–20kHz frequency response
• Carrying case, windscreen,
swivel adapter and attenuatorswitch lock (included)
Small Diaphragm Microphones
Studio Projects is known for producing affordable yet stellar sounding microphones, and the C4 kit is no exception. Sold in a pair with cardioid and omni
capsules, it’s well equipped to handle a myriad of production tasks, from
live music and studio production, to location sound and ambient recording.
Each ruggedly built microphone features a 10 dB pad and a high-pass filter.
• Case, shockmount and windscreen
• Interchangeable omni and cardioid capsules
• Phantom powered
The AT4041 is a small-diaphragm
condenser microphone that, as an instrument mic,
can be used on virtually any source requiring a
cardioid response. Its accuracy, detail, and highly
sensitive capsule make it an obvious choice for
solo acoustic instrument recordings, sound effects
gathering, and choir and small acoustic ensembles.
• Ideal for guitar, piano and overhead miking
• High level handling ideal for percussion
and brass • Smooth, extended response
with slight high-end emphasis
• Transformerless design for quick response
and virtually no low frequency distortion
• Rugged brass housing with
switchable high-pass filter
• 48V phantom powered
• 145dB SPL
• 20Hz–20kHz frequency
• Smooth, round response
• Slim, compact design
• Humbucking transformer for lower noise
• Low cut and bass roll-off switch
• 151dB SPL
• 30Hz–20kHz frequency response
The RODE NT3 is an affordable
hypercardioid condenser microphone
ideal for location, studio, and live use.
Its transformerless output and quality construction delivers
open, pristine sound. The microphone has the ability to be
powered by a single 9V battery, making it a great solution
for field recording.
A strong contender as an engineer’s everyday use
microphone, the Crown CM-700 is an extremely flexible
small-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone capable
of particularly close miking of high volume, powerful sound
sources. The aggressive, yet accurate and open sound of
the mic makes it an ideal choice for use on percussion,
rhythm guitar, bass, and even vocals.
• Gold-plated XLR connection
• 40Hz–20kHz frequency response
• 48V phantom powered with
optional 9V battery operation
• Internal capsule shock mounting
• Battery status indicator
• 140dB SPL
• 20Hz–20kHz frequency response
• Zipper pouch, windscreen and
stand mount (included)
Particularly well suited for mobile recordings, the C1000S
is capable of 9V battery or phantom powering. It features
a small-diaphragm condenser element with a cardioid
pattern that is quickly changed using the provided
converter, reducing noise, and improving source signal
isolation. The versatile C1000S provides a slight presence
boost improving clarity and definition, especially on vocal
ensembles, ambient location, and studio recordings.
• Versatile-use microphone capable of both
studio and mobile recording applications
• Battery status LED
• PB 1000 Presence Boost Adapter
included for high-end enhancement
• PPC 1000 converter allows easy
switch to hypercardioid pattern
• 137dB SPL
• 50Hz–20kHz frequency
Small Diaphragm Microphones
The MXL 603s is an affordable matched pair of condenser
microphones with some impressive features. Its gold-sputtered diaphragm and transformerless design deliver a clean
and open frequency response. Inside it’s wired with worldclass Mogami cable and housed in a satin silver finished
body. With a wide and forgiving cardioid pick-up pattern,
it’s an effective tool for capturing a large range of sounds
and instruments.
• Gold diaphragm
• 137dB maximum SPL
• Case & shockmounts included
• Silver metal finish
• 30Hz–20kHz frequency
The KSM109 is a small diaphragm cardioid
instrument microphone designed for critical
recording applications. It combines an extended frequency
response for natural sound reproduction with a smooth high
end and a tight, controlled low end. This versatile microphone
features an ultra-thin diaphragm, transformerless Class-A preamplifier circuitry and a 15dB pad for high SPL sound sources.
• Tight cardioid polar pattern
• Transformerless Class-A
preamplifier circuitry
• Smooth high end & a tight,
controlled low end
• Low self noise
• 20Hz–20kHz frequency response
• Switchable 15dB pad
• Includes: lip, windscreen &
carrying pouch
The Audio-Technica AT3031 is an affordable small
diaphragm cardioid microphone suitable for studio
recording purposes. Its compact size opens up possibilities for mic placement, and its high SPL handling allows you to use it on a variety of sources. A low-mass
element provides excellent transient response whether
you’re capturing a gentle voice or a loud crash cymbal.
• 148dB SPL rating
• 80Hz hi-pass filter
• 10dB pad • Low self noise
• 30Hz–20kHz frequency response
AT3032 small diaphragm with omnidirectional pattern
#AUAT3032 .............................................. $169.00
The SE1a from SE-Electronics is a
solidly designed small diaphragm
condenser microphone.
A standout performer for capturing the sound of an acoustic guitar, the SE1a’s end
firing cardioid pick-up pattern is useful in many recording situations. With a 137 dB
SLP rating, it’s a great tool for recording loud percussion. Its wide response makes
it an ample tool for capturing a piano’s demanding frequency spectrum.
• Cardioid polar pattern
• Phantom powered
• Rugged build quality
The Samson C02 is an inexpensive pair of pencil style small diaphragm microphones. Useful in the studio and live sound situations, the C02’s cardioid pattern is
effective at rejecting sounds to the rear and minimizing feedback. Placed in close
proximity to the sound source, the C02 will boost bass frequencies. It also features
built-in windscreen and an additional external windscreen for outdoor use.
• Cardioid pick-up pattern
• 134dB maximum SPL
• Case & shock-mounted
clips included
• Stereo pair
• 40Hz–20kHz frequency response
• Low self noise
• 30Hz–20kHz
frequency response
Channel Strips / Mic Preamps
Precision 8
Featuring high-headroom and very low-noise operation,
the Precision 8 is an eight-channel solid state microphone
pre-amp capable of producing realistic and transparent,
live and direct tracking performances. Designed with a
straightforward front panel and flexible hard-disk and
console connectivity, the accurate and detailed Precision
8 provides engineers a complete, effective single-space
input system for both on-location and studio recordings.
• (8) highly transparent and detailed
solid state mic preamps
• (2) selectable high-impedance
instrument DI’s
• Built-in M-S (Mid-Side) decoding for
creative spatial image control
• 5-segment level indicators with peak-hold
and selectable peak reference
• DB25 and TRS outputs for flexible
interconnection to MDM’s, HDR’s, DAW’s
or consoles
• Smooth, continuous gain controls
• Classic sound of the renowned 610
Modular Console
• Join/Split switch allows entirely
independent operation of each unit
Liquid Channel
• HF and LF Shelving EQ
• Mic, Balanced line, and Hi-Z Inputs
• Variable input gain and output levels
• Internal switching power supply
6176 is a tube-channel strip
comprised of the classic 610
Microphone Preamp and
legendary 1176 Compressor. With its
tremendously flexible tone, function and
ultra-quiet operation, the 6176 is the perfect
analog front-end for digital audio recording.
The Focusrite Liquid Channel is a high-end single-channel strip
capable of producing remarkable replicas of up to 40 different
analog preamps and/or compressors with a sampling rate up to
192k. This innovative technology combined with its impressive
user interface and subtle tone-shaping EQ, provides professional
studio engineers a valuable tool with the flexibility to create
unique tonal variations that may have never previously existed.
• (40) Preamp and Compressor
replicas • Ultra-wide gain and
dynamic range • Front panel
includes: (14) rotary encoders,
(26) pushbuttons, and 235 LED’s
• Balanced XLR I/O and 1/4” front
panel instrument input
• Large VU meter for monitoring output
level and compressor gain reduction
MEC-1A is a premium recording channel that
combines all the classic tube-based designs
of the MP 1A Mic Preamp, EQ 1A Equalizer,
and CL 1B Compressor in a powerful twounit package. This three-in-one solution is
an ideal analog signal path for today’s digital
studio, handcrafted to deliver vintage warmth
with unrivaled accuracy and depth.
• EQ section switchable between Pre/Post
compressor • Two VT-737SP’s can be
linked for stereotracking
• Internal switching power supply
• 3-band EQ with high/low sweepable
shelves and variable-Q mid
• Extremely low latency • Download
additional replicas using LiquidControl
software for Mac/PC • 24-bit/192kHz
VT-737SP is a single-channel, vacuum tube Class-A
processor that combines a tube Mic preamp, Instrument
DI, Opto-Compressor, and a 4-band Parametric EQ.
The high-performance VT-737SP adds incredible
warmth, depth, and character to digital recordings,
providing the perfect analog channel strip for Digital
Workstation and Broadcast Studios.
• Mic preamp features:
phase reverse, low-cut
roll-off filter, 20dB pad
• 1/4” unbalanced
Hi-impedance input
• 3-band EQ with Hi/Low
shelving at 6 frequencies and Band
filter at 12 frequencies (Bell type)
• Separate In/Out switch for both EQ and Compressor
• Clickless swap relay between EQ and Compressor
• Internal switching power supply
Channel Strips / Mic Preamps
• Excellent detail with extremely
low-noise and ultra-high gain
• Warm, robust, tube gain stage
with solid-state output
• Discrete, balanced components
from input to output
• Hi-Z 1/4” instrument line input
• 20dB pad
• 10Hz-100kHz frequency
Elegance and simplicity are the driving
forces behind Blue’s design philosophy,
and Robbie is no exception.
This Class-A discrete tube microphone
and instrument pre-amp features the
same technical build quality and commitment to excellence for which Blue
is known.
• Transparent or robust, the tube preamp
shows tremendous range of sonic shading
and control • Two bands of shelving EQ
with switchable frequencies
ISA 220 Session Pack
• Authentic Teletronix LA-2A-style
T4 opto-compressor/limiter
• Low-noise, Hi-gain circuitry
• Hi-Z (direct) input
Capable of superior results tracking all types of audio, the Universal LA-610 is an ideal analog front-end for today’s modern
Digital Audio Workstations. The simple to use, but sophisticated sounding LA-610 combines the award winning “all tube”
warmth and character of legendary console modules with the
superior musical control and signature sound of the classic T4
Compressor, into a single, sonically versatile channel strip.
• XLR I/O, and 1/4” Hi-Z instrument input
• 4-band EQ with Hi/Low-pass filters
• New “Blend” feature for adding dynamics
into compressor signal path
M5 is a pure Class-A microphone preamp
designed to optimize absolute signal integrity
and musical detail. Ideal for Vocals and
Acoustic instruments, the M5’s 100%
discrete circuit design provides demanding
audio professionals with the highest standard
in performance and sonic excellence.
ISA 220 Session Pack is a single-channel analog processor
that includes a precision Mic preamp, flexible EQ section,
Compression/Limiting, and a De-esser in one high-quality
channel strip. With Focusrite’s renowned sound quality,
and its flexible design, the ISA 220 Session Pack provides
audio professionals in both music and post-production with
a complete channel-strip solution at a competitive price.
The U5 is a premium-quality Class-A instrument DI and
preamplifier. Designed to optimize signal integrity and
musical performance, the U5 is ideal for low-level
instruments including bass (especially) and electric guitar,
acoustic instruments, keyboards and synthesizers. For the
audio professional, its non-compromised build and feature
set provides superior sensitivity, clarity, and subtle warm
tonal characteristics of a truly worthwhile investment.
• Pure Class-A 100% discrete electronics
• Variable “boost” for
matching levels and
gain control (up to
• High-cut filter
• Dual balanced XLR mic
and line level outputs
• 400-watt speaker input
for direct recording
• 1/4” instrument input
• Precision VU metering of input or
compression gain reduction
• Optional 24-bit/96kHz A/D card with
AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and ADAT lightpipe
• Balanced XLR I/O, and 1/4”
Hi-Z input
• Active DI input for Bass,
Guitar, and Keyboards
• Large Illuminated VU meter
• Minimum Audio Signal path
• External AC Power supply,
100V-240V selectable
• Rugged half-rack space chassis
with optional rack mount kits
Channel Strips / Mic Preamps
P2 analog
The P2 analog is a high performance 2-channel microphone/
instrument preamplifier designed for critical recording
applications. This rack mount unit features selectable M-S
(mid-side) decoder, stereo phase correlation display, two
mic inputs, two active high-impedance DIs, a high pass
filter and a polarity reverse selector. The totally balanced,
dual servo, dc-coupled design provides exceptional
transient response, head room and imaging.
• (2) XLR mic inputs, (2) 1/4” Hi-Z
instrument inputs
• (2) XLR & (2) 1/4” TRS outputs
• Stereo Phase Correlation display
speeds effective mic positioning
• M-S (mid-side) decoder for creative
spatial image control
• Selectable 40Hz/80Hz high-pass filter
• Polarity reverse selector
• Dual gain range • 1U rack mount design
Digimax 96k
• Superior input sound quality and flexibilty
• Superior input sound quality and flexibilty
• Hi-Z instrument input on channels 1-2
• Hi-Z instrument input on channels 1-2
• (8) EQ channels, preamps, limiters, and 24-bit/ • (8) EQ channels, preamps, limiters, and 24-bit/
96k converters • High-quality upgrade and
96k converters • High-quality upgrade and
sonic performance over stock input systems
sonic performance over stock input systems
Digimax LT same as Digimax 96k with the following exceptions: all channel inputs on Neutrik XLR combo
jacks, inserts for each input, ADAT digital connect only, 48k A/D, no enhancing EQ #PRDMLT ..........$799.95
Digimax FS #PRDMFS .............................................................................................$599.95
The Mini-Mp is a 2-channel analog microphone/
instrument preamplifier designed for high-quality mobile
studio applications. This high-performance portable
unit is equipped with two combi-jack mic/line inputs,
two XLR analog outs, a high-pass filter, front panel
gain controls and phase switches. It can be run as two
completely individual preamps or in Mid-Side mode.
The SOLO/610 is a single-channel tube microphone preamp & DI box that delivers the classic
Putnam 610 console sound in a portable, form
factor case. This highly versatile unit offers 48V
phantom power, low-cut filtering, phase reverse;
and for even greater tonal variety, maintains the
610’s flexible dual impedance selection for both
Mic and DI inputs.
The Presonus Digimax is an uncompromisingly well
built 8-channel mic preamp that represents a significant upgrade to the front-end of any computer-based
recording system. Its transformerless design combined
with eight mic preamps, A/D’s, limiting, and subtle
switchable enhancing, produces an overall warmer
tone with greater definition and dynamic range resulting in superior sound for almost any connected source.
• (2) Combi-jack mic/line inputs (Hi-Z)
• (2) XLR analog out
• Low distortion pre-amps
with 75dB of gain
• Ultra-linear gain control
• Mid-Side (M-S) feature
• 80 Hz Hi Pass filter with
a roll off of +18dB/oct
• Powers via several types of
batteries and 3rd party power packs
• (1) XLR input & output • Classic Putnam
610 console Mic Preamplifier and DI
• Legendary all-tube sound at a project
studio price • Gain, Level, and impedance selection for maximum tonal
variety • DI features like Thru and
Mic/Line level output • Ground lift
switch • Rugged steel chassis
• Internal switching power supply
• Hand assembled in the USA
The Solo/110 Precision is a Class-A microphone
preamp & DI box that delivers the “ultra fidelity” and
tonal variety of UA’s flagship Precision 110 series mic
preamplifiers in a rugged, portable, form factor case.
This single-channel unit offers 48V phantom power,
low-cut filtering, phase reverse; and for even greater
tonal variety, maintains the Precision’s flexible dual
impedance selection for both Mic and DI inputs.
• (1) XLR input & output
• All Discrete Mic preamplifier & DI
• World-class “ultra fidelity” mic
pre at project studio price
• Gain, Level, and impedance selection for maximum tonal variety
• DI features like Thru and Mic/Line
level output • Ground lift switch
• Rugged steel chassis
• Internal switching power supply
• Hand-assembled in USA
Channel Strips / Mic Preamps
Voicemaster Pro
The Focusrite Voicemaster Pro is a comprehensive vocal/instrument recording channel with
features tailored for vocals, but still capable of
impressive results on instruments, especially
guitar. Project studios will appreciate the
extensive tone shaping tools and processing
versatility rarely found in a preamp channels
of this class.
• Class-A preamp • Quiet, flexible operation
and tonal coloration • Vintage Harmonics
adds shimmer and light breathiness
• Voice optimized EQ and De-esser
• Dual servo, high dynamic range,
transformerless design
• (1) XLR mic input, (1) 1/4” Hi-Z instrument
input • XLR & 1/4”TRS output
• High-pass filter and 48V phantom power
• Over-size volume control with selectable 10db
input level attenuation • 4-level metering
• Internal linear AC power supply
• Compact, portable, desk-top case
• Quick responding yet musical Optical
Compressor and Expander
• 1/4” instrument and XLR mic inputs/optional
digital output with clock sync up to 96kHz
• XLR and 1/4” outputs and inputs, insert Jack
• Three variable, independent gain stages
• Separate solid state and tube outputs
• Variable High-pass Filter
TD 100
• Variable input impedance from 10K
ohms - 2M ohms • XLR mic level output
• 1/4” TRS line level output
The P-Solo is a precision single-channel microphone/
instrument preamplifier that offers the same design and
sound of the TRUE Systems Precision 8 and P2 Analog
preamps in a compact desk-top case. It is equipped with
XLR mic input, a front-panel high impedance instrument
input, an oversize volume control, a high-pass filter and
four-level metering.
The 2BA-221 Mic and Line Module is a continuously
variable impedance microphone preamp with microphone
level, line level, and Hi-Z instrument inputs. It utilizes separate and individually controlled solid state input controls to
mix the microphone input with the Hi-Z or line input into
the variable vacuum tube output. This versatile unit offers
exceptional sonic control of mic, line, or instrument level.
• Headphone output
• Signal ground lift & Polarity switch
• Internal high voltage power supply
• Variable Mic input impedance from 100
ohms to 10K ohms • Hi-Z input and Mic
input available simultaneously with separate gain controls • Half rack chassis
The TD-100 is a hybrid signal path instrument
preamp/tube direct box that utilizes both a discrete
solid state output device & a 12AX7A/ECC83 vacuum tube. It gives your musical instruments the clarity
of Class-A sound with the richness and warmth of
vacuum tubes in a compact, half-rack case. This
high-quality unit is ideal for both live and studio use.
Eureka is a high-quality channel
strip that combines a discrete Class-A,
high-headroom Microphone Preamp with
a Compressor and a 3-band Equalizer.
This well-built, high-performance channel
strip gives users all the sonic performance
and control needed for professional audio
recording at an affordable price.
• Microphone, Line and Instrument inputs
on XLR and 1/4” TRS connectors
• 3-band fully-parametric EQ
• Variable Saturate Control- simulates Tape
Saturation and Tube Warmth
• Balanced Send and Return
• Fully-variable Compressor with Hi-pass
• Hard and soft knee compression
• Illuminated VU meter
AD192 Optional 24-bit/192k Digital Output Card #PRAD192 ............................................. 199.95
Channel Strips / Mic Preamps
The Octane is a highly flexible preamplifier interface
ideal for anyone using ADAT inputs. It features eight
channels of dynamic low-noise, high-gain preamplification on balanced XLR, TRS or high impedance
instrument-level inputs. Each channel provides a separate
microphone level, 20dB pad, and three segment LED meter,
with output connections being made via balanced/unbalanced 1/4” line or ADAT lightpipe.
• Low-noise, high-gain 8-channel
microphone/instrument preamp
• (8) XLR, 1/4” balanced/
unbalanced inputs
• Hi-gain preamp (66dB) with
dual optical servo compressor
and A/D converters
• Selectable microphone
• Discrete Class-A circuitry
• 24-bit/96kHz S/PDIF and AES/
EBU digital outs, TRS/balanced
XLR analog outputs
• 80Hz low-cut filter
The M-Audio Tampa is a professional full-function single-channel vocal/
instrument preamp, compressor, and A/D converter that uses a unique
method of handling audio harmonics by intentionally controlling their
timing, effectively holding them to a level that provides transparent, natural
sound. Simple, but flexible in its use and connectivity, the Tampa supports
multiple sample rates, 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz, delivers ample gain up to
66dB, and can provide output harmonic intensity via its soft-clip compressor,
generating that pleasing, desired coloration known as “tube warmth”.
The BlueTube DP is an affordable two channel microphone/instrument preamp with the flexibility to deliver a variety of tones.
Each channel has the ability to bypass the tube circuit for a clean
response, or saturate the tone by engaging the tube drive knob
and adjusting it to your liking. Illuminated analog VU meters and
professional features like phantom power and Neutrik connectors
make it an excellent addition to home and project studios.
• Signal to noise ratio of 95dB
• 20dB pad, polarity reversal, and 80Hz
low cut filter buttons • Excellent for
microphones and as a DI for guitar and bass
• Ideal for Broadcast, Sound Reinforcement and other studio applications
• Superior stereo imaging
• 3dB below clip LED’s
BlueTube DP
• (2) Hi-Z (guitar) instrument
inputs on channels 1-2
• ADAT lightpipe, 1/4” direct outs
• Word clock I/O • 24-bit A/D
• Balanced XLR inputs
• Balanced Euroblock output connectors with 24dBm max. output
• Balanced/unbalanced TRS outputs
• Acts as a solid state and
tube driven preamplifier
• Neutrik combo inputs, XLR
and 1/4” outputs
Featuring a straight forward design, the Symetrix 302 is an
extremely low noise, highly transparent two-channel microphone preamp with solid stereo imaging and an excellent
transient response delivering superior sonic improvements
over stock mixer/console preamps. Capable of a total gain
range of 75dB, the 302 also provides phantom power,
15dB pads, and reverse polarity switches per channel.
The threeQ is a single-channel microphone/
instrument preamp with an extremely musical EQ
section and an optical compressor that delivers the
signature “Meek” sound. This affordable, compact
channel strip uses the same Burr-Brown IC’s for
the mic pre that you’ll find on their more expensive
studio channels. The threeQ also provides an insert
point for patch processors into the signal chain.
• (1) XLR input with 48V phantom power
• (1) 1/4” line input
• (2) 1/4” TRS outputs
• Insert point for external processors
• 3-band EQ section with semi-parametric mids
• Optical Compressor
• Front panel LED metering
• Compact half- rack chassis
Channel Strips / Mic Preamps
The TPS II is a two-channel tube preamp/direct box
designed with optimized reference points for specific
recording applications. Each channel of the TPS II
provides variable impedance control, phantom power,
overload limiting, and dual analog level monitoring.
A “swiss army knife” for project and professional
studios alike, the versatile TPS II is also ideal for
broadcast, remote and commercial applications.
• Variable impedance provides multiple tone
adjustments of varying microphone types
• Variable Valve Voicing reference points
• Clean transformerless signal path with
wide dynamic range
• Enhanced OPL Output Protection Limiter
• Dual analog level monitoring on LED’s
and VU • Phase, gain and phantom
switches per channel
• Dual front panel Neutrik XLR combo jacks
• Balanced XLR I/O, balanced/unbalanced
Tube PAC
The Tube PAC is a combination amplifier & optical tube compressor with
a compact table-top chassis. It provides over 70dB of gain, 48V phantom
power, phase reversal, and its 12AX7 tube stage warms up any instrument or
microphone. Threshold, compression/limiting ratios, adjustable release times,
bypass, gain reduction metering, and output gain controls are provided.
• Combination Tube Preamplifier and Tube Compressor
• Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4” inputs and outputs
Audio Buddy
• 48V Phantom Power • (2) Hand-selected 12AX7
vacuum tubes • By-passable compressor circuitry
The Audio Buddy is a cost-effective two-channel preamp/
direct box for microphones or high-impedance instrument
lines. The compact unit’s front panel features individual
gain control and clip LED’s with 1/4” inputs, while providing
dual balanced XLR inputs with a phantom power switch on
the rear. A clean and simple tool to use, the Audio Buddy is
an ideal preamp/direct box for home studios.
• Tube DI Box for instruments • Precision detented potentiometers • LED level indicators
• Compact 2-channel
instrument/mic pre with
up to 60dB gain
• Ideal for use as a direct box
• Individual gain control
with clip LED’s
• 1/4” and XLR inputs
with balanced/un
balanced 1/4” outputs
• Phantom power
Tube MP Project Series
Improving virtually every aspect of the already popular Tube MP, the Tube MP
Project Series is an ultra low-noise discrete mic preamp that effectively handles a
wide range of input signals with minimal coloration. Its 1/4” and XLR inputs pass
through a high quality 12AX7 tube, selectable filters, and a musical FET limiter,
providing a dynamic 70dB of gain while preserving signal tonality and clarity.
• Low-noise, tube mic preamp
• Switch selectable input impedance
Tube Ultragain Mic 100
The Tube Ultragain Mic 100 is a vacuum tube
mic/line preamplifier with an integrated limiter
designed for studio, live and hard disk recording
applications. It provides balanced inputs &
outputs, phase reverse switch, 48V phantom
power and a 20dB pad and can also be used as
a high quality DI. The 12AX7 tube stage warms
up vocals, instruments and digital recordings.
• Fast FET limiter helps limit overload
• Variable I/O controls
• Tube mic/line preamplifier & limiter
• Balanced inputs& ouputs on 1/4’ TRS &
XLR connectors
• 48V phantom power
• Hand-selected 12AX7 vacuum tube with
UTC technology
• Phase reverse switch, and 20dB pad
• Highly accurate 8-segment LED level meter
• Phase invert and filter switches
• 48V phantom power
Cassette Recorders & Duplicators
The DRM-555P is an easy-to-use auto-reverse single-well cassette
deck that plays and records audio with the highest quality possible.
Its Dolby B and C Noise Reduction combined with HX-Pro headroom
extension ensure consistently clean playback when recorded from
CD or other digital sources. The DRM-555 also provides a Memory
Stop function and CD Synchro Record function for automatically
stopping the tape at any point and starting both tape and the CD
player for simultaneous recording.
• 2-head auto-reverse Cassette Deck
• Extremely stable transport
• CD synchro record function
• Dual-well professional cassette deck with
RS232 control • Capable of continuous
record and playback on multiple decks
• Optional XLR I/O board
• Unbalanced 1/4” mic input with OFF/LINE
monitoring and Manual/Auto Gain Control
• High quality Dolby B and C Noise Reduction with HX-Pro Headroom Extension
• Dolby B and C Noise Reduction
with HX Pro Headroom Extension
• Front-panel remote sensor
The DN-780R is a high-end, dual-well professional
cassette deck featuring the unique advantage of RS232
control. This allows users to record on both sides of
the tape, on both wells, uninterrupted. Additional
versatility includes microphone inputs, independent
playback and recording capabilities, and external
synchronization, which enables contiguous recording
on other DN-780R’s without manual intervention.
The 322 is a rack mountable dual well bi-directional cassette deck designed for logging
and long-form recording. Ideal for music studios, boardrooms, houses of worship, and live
venues, the 322 uses optical leader sensing for quick auto reverse, minimizing the time
lost when switching sides. Each well offers independent audio input and output, and a
RS-232 port allows serial control of the deck from various control systems on the market.
• Independent unbalanced analog I/O for each deck
• Return to zero function on each deck
• ±10% pitch control independent for each deck
• Normal and high (2x) speed dubbing
• Unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs
• Dual well auto-reverse cassette recorder/player
• Dolby B/C noise reduction, MPX filter switch
• Manual Bias adjustment control
• Memory stop button automatically
locates to assigned position
• Independent tape counters for deck A
and deck B • 3U rack mount kit included
• Headphone output with level control • Optional
LA-322 balancing kit and WR-700 cascade cables
The DRW-58P is a rack-mountable dual-well cassette
deck with a diverse array of features including
multiple playback and recording modes, normal and
high-speed dubbing, and CD synchronous recording
capabilities. Well versed in a variety of applications,
the DRW-58P delivers both high-fidelity audio and
quality construction for a very affordable price.
Stereo Cassette Duplicators
Available in four different configurations, the Recordex stereo cassette duplicators are 1/4 track, four-channel
recorders that can produce 1, 2, 4, or 8 copies (dependent on the model) from a master cassette at 16 times
normal speed. Features include: extra long life T-core stereo heads, erase head, individual audio level controls
with peak level, LED indicators, auto copy cycle, switching power supply, and steel construction.
Messenger 1-to-1 duplicator #REM ...........................................$339.00
Sound Master II 1-to-2 duplicator #RESM2 ..............................$749.00 Sound Master IV
Sound Pro 1-to-4 duplicator #RESP............................................$999.00 Expansion (4) cassette expansion option
Sound Master IV 1-to-4 duplicator with expansion option #RESM4.. $1399.00 #RESM4E ..............................$1399.00
Cassette & Digital 2-Track Recorders
The PMD505 is a professional dual-well cassette deck
designed for continuous-play sound installation and tape
dubbing applications. Equipped with two independent
full logic auto-reverse tape transports, the PMD505
can provide up to 7.5 hours of continuous playback
programming, alternating between decks A and B up
to five times. Included with the unit is a full-function
remote control and a custom rackmount kit.
• Stereo unbalanced RCA ins and outs • Dolby B/C
noise reduction, Dolby HX Pro • QMS quick music
search (up to 9 tracks backwards and forwards)
• Pitch control on deck A (±10%) • Play/rec
timer function for time-controlled operation
• 2x9 segment FTD peak-hold level meters
• CD deck supports MP3 file playback
• MD deck supports Stereo,
Mono, LP2, and LP4 mode (REC/Play)
• Unbalanced analog I/O (RCA),
digital S/PDIF (optical) – both decks
The MDCD-1 combines CD playback and MiniDisc recording in
a single rackmount unit which conserves space and installation
budgets. Each unit can be used independently and features its
own digital and analog I/O. Change pitch without changing
tempo and change tempo without changing pitch, all while
burning CD’s to the MiniDisc at 4x speed. Ideal for DJ’s,
houses of worship, and institutional (music education) installs.
• Pitch control: CD deck ±16%, MD
deck ±12.5%
• Full edit functions on MD deck
• Wireless remote, transport control
via PS/2 keyboard
The Tascam MD-350 is a professional rack mountable
stereo MiniDisc recorder with balanced analog I/O, and
optical S/PDIF I/O. The latest ATRAC encoding scheme
(ver. 3) is implemented, offering new long play versions
with up to 320 minutes of record time on a standard 80
minute MiniDisc. The affordable MD-350 is ideal for live
venues, houses of worship, and broadcast applications.
• Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA
analog I/O • Optical S/PDIF I/O w/front
panel optical Input • Auto Ready and
Auto Cue functions
• Front Panel PS/2 keyboard port for naming track
• Complete TOC editing for changing track order
• Headphone output w/level control
• Pitch control
• Balanced XLR line inputs with trim,
unbalanced RCA I/O
• Menu driven remote operation
• Coaxial S/PDIF I/O
• 16–48kHz sample rate and 32–384-bit
rate selectable
• Security door for media
• Computer I/O for rapid file transfer
The PMD570 is a professional solid state recorder ideal for
installation applications like houses of worship, corporate
boardrooms, and schools. Designed to replace traditional
cassette recorders, the PMD570 records directly to inexpensive compact flash cards in MP3, MP2, WAV, and BWF
format. Easy, one-touch recording, RS-232c control, and no
moving parts make this reliable recorder a great solution
for long-term audio installations.
The DV-RA1000HD is high-resolution stereo digital recorder capable of capturing
audio at sampling rates up to 24-bit/192kHz. It also features an internal 60GB hard
drive for up to 60 hours of recording time making it perfect for live applications.
The DV-RA1000HD records standard CD-DA, .WAV, and DSDIFF files to
DVD+RW and CD-R/RW media, and provides professional I/O via XLR, AES-EBU,
and SDIF-3 connections. Equally well suited for today’s recording and broadcast
studios, the DV-RA1000HD is easy to use, and has advanced features like a
USB2.0 port, RS-232 serial control, and multiband compression and EQ.
• Balanced XLR and unbalanced
RCA inputs and outputs
• Large, backlit LCD display
• Word Clock Sync in, out, and thru
• USB 2.0 connection to PC for use
as DVD data drive
• Can also operate as a
professional CD recorder
• Supports Sony’s DSD
recording format
• Wired remote control
(RC-RA1000) included
CD Recorders
CDR 830 Burn IT Plus
The CDR 830 Burn It Plus is a Compact Disc Recorder with a
comprehensive set of professional features including: balanced
XLR analog inputs and outputs, AES/EBU and S/PDIF inputs and
outputs, and Word Clock synchronization. Its High-precision
24-bit A/D converters and 24-bit multi-level Delta Sigma D/A
converters ensure exceptional sound quality. The SCMS-free
digital inputs have built-in sample rate conversion (sampling
rates from 32kHz–48kHz) and digital gain/balance control.
• Advanced laser assembly delivers
consistently accurate recordings
• CD Text display input and editing
• Word Clock input • (2) balanced XLR
I/O, and unbalanced stereo RCA I/O
• AES/EBU and coaxial/optical S/PDIF I/O
CDR 830 unbalanced I/O version w/no word clock
#HHCDR830 ............................................................................................ $499.00
TASCAM’s CC-222MK-III combines a professional-quality stereo cassette deck with a
CD-RW recorder in a single unit. The new MK-III now features MP3 playback, power
on play and optical digital output. Its self contained design integrates CD recording
from multiple sources without the need of a computer or other peripheral tools.
• Internally record from cassette to CD or
CD to cassette • RIAA phono inputs for recording
LP’s to CD or cassette
• Compatible with CD-R, CD-RW, CD-R-DA,
CD-RW-DA media • S/PDIF digital inputs and
outputs on both coaxial and optical ports
The ML9600 is a high-resolution two-track
Hard Disc recorder and CD burner capable of
24-bit/96kHz audio capture and archiving.
This “Mastering House in a Box” allows you to
edit tracks, apply DSP, and burn the finished
recording in either the industry-standard Redbook or the new high-resolution CD24 format.
• Onboard Processing
including: Parametric EQ,
Compression, Limiting,
and Normalizing
• 40GB hard drive allows up to 30 hours
of 2-track audio • Balanced I/O on
XLRs, unbalanced I/O on RCAs
• Organize playlists with total control of fade-ins,
fade-outs, track gain, start points, and track cropping
• AES/EBU and Coaxial S/PDIF I/O
• Internal switching power supply
• (2) XLR and (2) RCA inputs, independent
stereo analog outputs for both decks
• (1) optical and (1) coaxial S/PDIF input,
independent digital outputs for each deck
CD 2
• Digital/analog recording level adjustment
with the jog dial • Fade in/Fade out recording function • 24-bit D/A converter (CD
drive) • 19” rack mountable, 2U height
The CD 2 is a professional stereo recorder that records directly on to CD or Compact
Flash media (up to 2GB capacity for extended recording times). Featuring a built-in stereo
microphone, the CD 2 also includes two XLR inputs with phantom power, Hi-Z inputs, and a
pair of RCA inputs and outputs. Audio recorded to Compact Flash can be easily edited using
functions like Audio Level Adjustment, Song Erase, and Trim, then burned directly to CD.
• Real time CD and Flash Memory recorder
• Up to 6 hours of recording time at
16-bit/44.1kHz linear mode
• Built-in sample rate converter for
digital transfers
• Stereo RCA inputs and outputs
• Built-in effects for guitar, vocals, and mastering
• Practice tools with tempo/key change, tuner,
and metronome • Built-in stereo speakers
The DN-C550R is a premium CD+CD-R/RW recorder/
player combo deck with selectable copying modes, selectable synchro recording modes, and text input and display.
Features like balanced analog inputs, flexible digital I/O,
and defeatable SCMS (Serial Copy Management System)
make the DN-C550R a great choice for studios looking
for professional performance at an affordable price.
CD Recorders
The CD Twin is a standalone audio and data
CD duplicator with a 32X max burn speed and
a built-in USB 2.0 port. It makes one-button
CD copies and supports most audio and data
formats including: Audio CD, Data CD, VCD,
CD-I, CD+G and Photo-CD. It is equipped
with a stereo 1/8” line outputs and a 1/8”
headphone jack for audio monitoring.
• CD-RW operation directly with a
• 52x drive mechanism
• Built-in USB 2.0 connection
• Burn speed: copy disc 24x, copy
track 16x, rawcopy disc 4x, PC via
USB2.0 at 32x
• 2x16 LCD display
•“One-Touch” CD-to-CD backup
• Includes backup software for Win PC
• RCA adapter included
• Independent, dual-well CD player/CD recorder
operation • “Minute Track Mode” ideal for recording
and archiving of meetings • CDR: (2) XLR & stereo
RCA analog I/O, Coaxial S/PDIF I/O w/loop out
• CD: stereo analog RCA output, Coaxial
S/PDIF output • Coaxial S/PDIF I/O
• Pitch control ±12% • Includes: Infrared
Remote, (2) RCA cables, RC-5 Control Cable
The CDR-510 is a rackmount, dual-well CD
player/CD recorder deck with playback capability
Including: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, Unfinalized Discs
and MP3 file formats. One-touch recording,
“Minute Track Mode”, truly independent wells
& full two-way RS-232 control. The CDR-510
is ideal for houses of worship, boardroom, and
institutional applications.
The CDR-632 is a rackmount single-well CD-RW
recorder designed for the professional install market.
This high-quality workhorse features programmable
auto-track increment, pitch control, level dependent
sync recording, single play mode & power-on play.
It is equipped w/analog, digital and optical input
and output and adjustable pitch control on playback.
• CD-R and CD-RW Recorder and Player
• Analog Coaxial S/PDIF and TOSLink Inputs/Outputs
• Plays MP3s for hours of playback from one disc
• On the fly sample rate converter
• Auto-fade In/Out with programmable time
• CD-text and CD-text Input from front panel
• Continuous, Shuffle, Programmable and
Single playback modes
• Stereo RCA unbalanced analog I/O
• Coaxial and optical
S/PDIF digital I/O
• Pitch and key original controls
• Adjustable gain on digital I/O
• Auto or manual track increment
• CD-text authoring and support
• MP3 Audio playback
• Digital fade in/out from 1–24 sec
• Wireless remote included
CopyWriter Live
The many features of the CopyWriter Live CD recorder
make it the perfect unit for churches and schools as
well as conference rooms and lecture halls. This 2U
rack mountable or tabletop unit not only features
RCA, XLR and microphone inputs but also allows you
to duplicate up to 20x speed from a host of formats.
For longer recordings the spanning feature allows
seamless recording between discs as one becomes full.
The CD-RW900 is an affordable, rackmount CD recorder with
professional features like: coaxial & optical S/PDIF digital I/O, a
RAM buffer, 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, digital gain adjustment,
and digital processing of fade in and fade out from 3 to 30 seconds.
Its monitor function allows it to be used as a stand alone A/D
converter or sample rate converter and pitch/key control allows
CDs to be played faster or slower without changing the pitch.
• Two 20x CD-R/RW drives
• (2) sets of stereo
RCA inputs and
stereo XLR inputs
• Mic input
• Record and Pause
to create multiple tracks for playback
• Create audio CD’s playable in virtually any CD player
• Automatic format detection
• Rack mounting kit included
Professional CD Players
The CD-160MKII is an affordable rack mount
CD player designed for studios and system
installations. It features an Auto Cue function (cue
to first audio in track not actual ID location), S/PDIF
digital output, pitch control and a front-panel
number pad for accessing track numbers. Repeat,
random and thirty two-song program play modes
are available as playback options.
• 2U rack mount CD player
• Unbalanced RCA analog output
• Auto Cue function (cue to first audio
in track) S/PDIF digital output
• Front-panel number pad for track navagation
±6% pitch control with LED on/off switch
• Headphone output with level control
• RC-150C wireless remote included
CD-01U Pro
• 1U slot-loading CD Player • (2) XLR & (2)
RCA analog outputs • AES/EBU & optical
S/PDIF digital outputs • Key Original mode
• Serial control via RS-232C
• ±12.5% pitch control
• Repeat, Single-Play and Program
playback modes • MP3, CD-R/RW
playback, Including 12cm & 8cm CDs
CD-01U unbalanced version w/o AES/EBU #TACD01U.....................................$499.00
The CD-601MKII is a 3U half-rack size CD player designed for the
professional broadcast market. Its comprehensive feature set include:
On-Line (on-air) and Monitor (pre-listen) playback modes, XLR balanced
and RCA unbalanced outputs, Word Clock sync, pitch control, auto cue
w/five threshold levels, Auto Read & CD-text. The optional RC-601MKII
remote control allows frame-accurate search using the jog wheel and
direct location using numerical keys, index searches or flash starts.
• XLR Balanced and RCA
unbalanced outputs
• AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital outputs
• Word Clock sync In and thru
• Sample Rate converter for 48kHz
playback • Plays CD-DA, CD-RW
and CD-R media • ±12.5%
Pitch Control in 0.1% steps
• Selectable output
Optional Wired remote control #TARC601MK2 ........................ $1199.00
The CD-01U is a professional rack mount CD player
ideal for broadcast and installation applications. It
features a RS-232 control port for programming w/AMX
and Crestron systems, balanced XLR analog outputs,
AES/EBU digital outputs and a 20-second RAM buffer
f/shock protection. The reliable TASCAM slot-loading
CD transports provides years of trouble-free use.
• Professional installation-grade CD player
• XLR Balanced and RCA unbalanced outputs
• Coaxial S/PDIF output • Play mode and
Finish mode • Shock-Proof memory
• CD-R/RW playback compatibility &
MP3 decoding • Includes: RS-232, contact closure, and infrared remote control
• 2U rack-mount chassis
The DN-C635 is a high-end, rack mount CD player
ideal for installation applications. Its professional
features include: balanced XLR outputs, coaxial S/PDIF
output, MP3 compatibility, CD-text and RS-232 control
(AMX/Crestron compatible). A sliding fader allows
users to adjust the play speed of CDs or MP3 discs by
±12.0 percent (in increments of 0.1 percent).
The DN-C615 is an affordable single-tray CD
player with a host of features normally found
on much higher priced units. Ideal solution for
schools, churches, small radio stations, and small
venues the DN-C615 provides CD-R/RW playback
compatibility, CD-text, Auto cue, direct track select
buttons and pitch control. Outputs include stereo
unbalanced RCA analog and coaxial S/PDIF digital.
• Low cost professional CD player • Unbalanced
stereo RCA outputs • Coaxial S/PDIF output
• CD-R/RW/MP3 Playback compatibility
• Playback Mode: Single/Continuous (preset
selectable) • Instant start • Pitch control
±12% • 2U rack-mount chassis
Professional CD/Tape Decks
The DN-T645 is a combination CD/Cassette deck ideal for use in houses of
worship, classrooms and board rooms. This affordable dual-well unit provides
IR & serial connectivity, RS-232 control, balanced I/O & cascade recording and
playback. The DN-T625s I/O includes: Tape/Mix-XLR and RCA input/output,
CD-XLR and RCA output, two 1/4” mic inputs, coaxial S/PDIF digital output.
• (2) XLR analog inputs, (2) 1/4” front
panel mic inputs
• XLR Balanced & RCA unbalanced outputs
• Coaxial S/PDIF output
• CD-R/RW Playback compatibility and MP3
Dolby B/C Noise Reduction decoding
• Direct track select buttons or rotary track select knob
• Repeat mode (single track/all tracks/A-B/
random repeat) • Pitch control ±12%
• (2) 1/4” mic inputs, independent
stereo RCA outputs • Playback CD/
CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 Unfinalized Discs
• Coaxial S/PDIF output
• Built-in IR receiver • RS232 control
of functions • Independent operation
of playback/record sections
• Optional XLR kit inputs/outputs
The PMD-351 is a high performance rack mount CD player/cassette
recorder combo ideal for conference rooms, restaurants, bars
and houses of worship. This dual-well unit provides completely
independent operation, and is equipped with two 1/4” mic inputs,
stereo RCA Tape inputs, independent Tape, CD/Tape+CD stereo
RCA outputs, extensive remote control options & a coaxial
S/PDIF digital output.
The DN-T625 is a combo CD player and cassette player/recorder with an industrial build
quality. It’s capable of continuous relay playback between CD and cassette, as well as
having individual repeat play functions. The CD player is compatible with CD-R / RW discs,
and the pitch can be adjusted by 12%. Its professional analog and digital outputs will
provide premium sound necessary in houses of worship, dance studios, and restaurants.
• 10 seconds of shock proof memory to avoid CD skipping
• Compatible with CD-R/RW discs, displays CD-text
• Independent I/O and deck operation
and continuous playback
• Headphone output and level control
• RCA and XLR I/O, 3U rack-mount
The CD-A500 is a CD player and tape recorder/player combination in one unit. It
offers the ability to make cassette copies of entire CDs or individual tracks, and it can
be set up for continuous playback from deck to deck. The pitch of the cassette deck
can be adjusted by 12%, and a wireless remote control is included. Designed for ease
of use with rugged construction, it’s ideal for restaurants, offices, and fitness centers.
• Continuous play function between
cassette and CD
• 12% pitch adjustment on cassette deck
• Wireless remote control included
• Reversible cassette deck, dedicated CD player outputs
• 3U rack-mount design
The CD-A700 is a CD player and tape recorder/player combo with
professional features. It has separate outputs for CD and cassette,
therefore each deck can be used independently or used together for
continuous playback functionality. DJs and dance instructors can utilize
the 12% pitch adjustment on both the CD and cassette player. Professional XLR and digital outputs are included for optimum sound quality.
• Continuous play function between
cassette and CD
• 12% pitch adjustment on both cassette and CD deck
• Wireless remote control included
• Balanced XLR, unbalanced RCA, and SPDIF
digital outputs • 3U rack-mount design
Effects Processors
The Kurzweil KSP8 is a feature laden professional 8-channel 24-bit/
48kHz multi-effects processor capable of simultaneous EQ, Compression and Effects in both stereo and surround modes. Provided with
some the best reverb algorithms available, this powerful audio shaping
tool delivers soundscapes from the lush and natural, to the inspirationally evolving, making it a perfect choice for both mobile and studio
stereo and surround music tracking, film and video game sound design,
and final post production applications.
• 249 DSP algorithms with over 600
preset programs
• Ultra-dynamic patented signal path
with superior audio conversion
• Highly flexible internal submixing
• Unmatched real-time control
• (4) Balanced 1/4” TRS I/O and stereo
RSP8 optional remote control #KURSP8 .............................................. $535.00
• Six-line graphic LCD fast program
access and easy editing
• High quality Timesqueeze stereo
time compression and expansion
• Digital I/O for a full 24-bit AES/EBU
The DSP4000B+ is an application-specific audio effects processor with a unique set of software programs created especially
for radio, TV and post-production. Effect groupings such as
“Science Fiction Voices,” “Commerce & Machines,” and “Backgrounds”, (such as jet flybys, rain and thunder and the seashore),
are already set-up and ready for instant recall making it a terrific
time saver in program, commercial and post-production.
and S/PDIF signal path
• (2) XLR input, (2) XLR output, MIDI
in, out and thru
• Patch editor function lets users
build totally new effects algorithms
The Eventide ECLIPSE is a dual-engine professional 24-bit/96kHz Harmonizer
and multi-effects processor designed for the high-end studios in need of extensive processing power. Its superb fidelity combined with extensive routing
and editing capabilities make it ideal for easily interfacing a powerful multieffects processor into a digital production studio. With the ECLIPSE, sound
design, production and recording engineers finally have all the tools they need
without sacrificing precious DSP.
• 400 Presets and 100 User programs
• Eventide’s signature Pitch change,
Reverb and Harmonizing algorithms
• Pristine audio path with 24-bit/
96kHz resolution
• Balanced XLR/TRS I/O
• Digital formats and I/O
includes AES/EBU, S/PDIF and
ADAT (Optical)
• 110dB dynamic range (output)
• Excels in the creation of unconventional
and indescribable effects • (2) XLR analog
inputs (2) XLR analog outputs
• ADAT, S/PDIF and AES/EBU with word clock
• 8 internal modifiers including
envelopes, ADSR’s and LFO’s
• 400 factory preset and 200 userbank memory locations
The FireworX is a radical sounding multi-effects processor
that delivers reverbs, delays, flangers and the like flawlessly,
and then veers into the realm of vocoders, resonance filters,
chaos generator synths, ring modulators and much more. As
you place effect algorithms on its 8x8 routing grid they are
automatically “wired” together in parallel or serial until you
hit the DSP power limit without affecting effects quality.
Ideal for a wide variety
of audio applications the
SPX2000 is Yamaha’s
next generation of high-performance
effects processor. Its advanced Rev X
reverb algorithm, 24-bit/96kHz audio
path and powerful DSP, provides users
with over 200 outstanding multi-effects.
• 122 Presets and 99 User programs
• SPX2000 Editor for Mac OSX and Windows
• 24-bit A/D conversion
• BNC Word Clock connector
• Unique 5 Color LCD for easy
recognition of effects types
• AES/EBU Digital I/O
• Balanced XLR/TRS 1/4” I/O
Effects Processors
Utilizing dedicated
LexiChip technology,
the Lexicon MPX 1 is a
high-quality, dual-engine,
multi-effects processor with
uncompromising stereo reverbs and stunning effects. Its simple user
interface and vast array of intuitive controls, provides users with all
the necessary tools for producing lush, creative soundscapes.
• 200 Presets and 50 User programs
• 24-bit A/D-D/A 44.1kHz conversion
• 56 Effect algorithms
• Discrete Dual Mono or Stereo processing
• Balanced XLR and TS-1/4” I/O
• Midi In/Out/Thru
• (4) 1/4” phone analog inputs and
outputs for true quad processing
• Includes 25 factory and 25 user surround programs
• USB connection with VST and Audio
Units plug-in software
• Large front panel LCD display with (3)
quick access editing knobs
MX400XL adds XLR inputs and outputs #LEMX400XL .................................$549.95
The MX400 packs extreme versatility into a small package
with the ability to not only provide clean smooth sounding
reverbs and delays, but also lighten the processing load
on your computer recording system. By appearing as a
software plugin inside any VST or AU compatible DAW program, you can easily access and edit all of its programs and
parameters with the connection of only a single USB cable.
M-One XL
Ideally suited for live sound, the
T.C. Electronic M·One XL is a
dual-engine effects processor with
improved algorithms and flexible
routing capabilities, giving engineers
high-quality multi-effects at an affordable price.
• 200 Presets and 100 User programs
• 24-bit A/D conversion
• Serial/Parallel routing configuration capability
• SPDIF Digital I/O
• Balanced XLR I/O
• Midi In/Out/Thru
• 99 effect presets/99 user
• 16 legendary Lexicon reverbs
• USB “Hardware Plug-in” feature
• dbx Dynamics
• VST and Audio Units software/MX-Edit
Editor/Librarian software
• (2) 1/4” TRS balanced or unbalanced
outputs • S/PDIF digital I/O
The Lexicon MX-200 combines 32 legendary Lexicon effects into
a single-space unit for two completely unique applications; live
sound and computer integrated studio recording. Easily integrate
your favorite recording software with the MX-200, essentially
turning it into a plug-in, freeing up precious DSP, or take immediate control of effects, dynamics and their parameters utilizing an
intuitive front panel with single push button functionality.
The M300 is a flexible Reverb/Effect processor that provides a dedicated true Stereo
Reverb engine and a Multi-purpose Effects
engine, high density 24-bit processing and
AD/DA conversion, coaxial S/PDIF I/O, and
an easy-to-read preset display. It is compatible with the G-Minor Triple Footswitch and
provides direct access to all vital parameters.
• 15 True Stereo Reverbs, 15 Multi- Effects
• 256 multi-effect/reverb presets + 99 User
preset locations
• Stereo analog 1/4” input and outputs
• Coaxial S/PDIF I/O
• Dual Send/Return & Serial Style Setups
• 5 seconds of Delay
• MIDI In/Out, MIDI Clock Tempo Sync
• Pedal Control of Tap Tempo
• G•Minor Compatible
Effects Processors
The KP2 KAOSS Pad is a tabletop touchpad unit packed
with essential effects like filters, delays, reverb, and
flanging, along with cutting-edge DJ effects like isolator,
slicer, and auto-panning. Not only will the backlit, touch
sensitive control surface help put the creativity back into
your mixes but the onboard sampling feature allows up
to six seconds of playback to be triggered from the front
panel buttons.
• 100 Effect programs with 8 quick access
memory slots
• Front panel mic input and 5 built in
vocoder programs
• Phono and line inputs for easy connection
to almost any source
• MIDI out for controlling internal synth
patches and other devices
• Front panel XLR combination
jack for direct signal processing
• SP/DIF digital out and
mix-down effects for final
• Lo-fi, resonance and ring modulator effects
for remix and DJ applications
• 121 preset reverb characters, 48 multi-effects and 100 user presets • MIDI in allows
program change and parameter control
The RFX-2200 multi-effects processor features
44.1kHz, 24-bit signal processing for great sound
quality, 121 types of preset reverb settings and 48
types of multi-effects patches. It also features 100
storable user presets, a tap-tempo function, S/PDIF
and optical digital outputs, as well as full MIDI
control with MIDI in, out and thru connections.
Minifex FEX800
The FEX800 is an inexpensive stereo effects device that
features powerful 24-bit 48kHz audio quality and useful
controls. A rotary knob and LED display take you through
its 16 presets of reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary
speaker, pitch shifter and multi-effects. A tap/select button
allows you to sync or edit the chosen effect. Illuminated
buttons and a six segment input meter keep you in control.
• Unbalanced 1/4” inputs, balanced
1/4” TRS outputs
• Port on rear allows unit to be engaged
hands-free with optional footswitch
• Input level, output level, and dry/wet
knobs on front panel • Designed to stack
on top of other Behringer Mini Series units
• 24-bit converters, 48 kHz sampling rate
• 32 effects algorithms with
up to three simultaneous
• 256 powerful programs
with 128 spaces for
user-created effects
• (2) 1/4” analog inputs with
Auto Level Sensing, (2) 1/4”
analog outputs • Even offers
true stereo high fidelity parallel
processing • MIDI in, out/thru
with internal controller routing
With its large, easy to use graphic interface and automatic
input level sensing circuitry the MidiVerb4 can get you up
and running with just the effects you need with surprising
ease. The MidiVerb 4 offers 18-bit A/D-D/A converters and
24-bit internal processing for a 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth
and 90dB dynamic range, making it ideal for enhancing
both your digital recordings and live performances.
The key to MicroVerb 4’s power is in its
simplicity. It offers 200 programs that
include everything from high-quality reverb, delay,
chorus and flange to exciting multi-effects and more.
And despite its seemingly uncomplicated interface,
important functions like input, mix and output levels
have their own front panel controls along with two
editable parameters per preset.
• Four-segment dual LED input meters and
three digit display • A wide variety of
great-sounding, easy-to-use effects
• Great for studios, engineers and performing musicians
• Program changes and modulations
may be MIDI controlled
• (2) 1/4” analog inputs, (2) 1/4”
analog outputs and (1) 1/4” footswitch input
Effects Processors
The AirFX is an intuitive and fun to use, interactive effects
unit that allows you to control any line level audio passing
through its dual inputs and outputs with a wave of your
hand above its front panel motion sensor. A must for any
DJ or anyone who wants to step outside the confining
boundaries of most rack units, it will take you from way
out filtering and strobe gating to turntable style slowdowns and more.
• Easy to use interface
for simple operation
• 50 onboard effects
programs to choose from
• Basic instructions imprinted
on base of unit
• Included AC power supply and
threaded stand mount socket
Virtualizer Pro DSP 2024P
• (2) XLR and 1/4” analog inputs, (2) XLR and
1/4” analog outputs • Sampler, ring modulator,
lo-fi and vocoder programs • 11 effect combinations with selectable serial/parallel options
• Each preset offers an additional
high and low eq section
• Internal power supply keeps your
rack clean and uncluttered
The PicoVerb is a no frills, very affordable digital
multi-effects unit that puts 16 must-have effects into
a 1/4 rack space housing that easily fits into your gig
bag or next to your mixer. Choosing an effect for your
application just could not be easier; just set your input and mix levels with any of the preset reverb, delay
or modulation programs and you are ready to go.
• Extremely
compact size for
• 28-bit internal
processing, 48kHz
sample rate
• Perfect for
studio and sound
Shark DSP110
The Pro DSP 2024P features 71 brand-new, impressive
effect algorithms, giving you powerful modulation, virtual room reverb algorithms, amp simulations, distortions
and special effects as well as effective dynamic and psychoacoustics processing and equalization. The DSP2024P
allows you to edit up to 7 parameters per preset, giving
you extra power to customize your effect settings.
• Stereo 24-bit 1/4” connections with input level control
• 16 presets including halls, rooms, plates and more
The Shark DSP110 combines an ultra low-noise
mic/line preamp with a variety of useful signal
processing options, including feedback elimination,
time-alignment delay, compression and noise gating. Switchable 48V phantom power, 24-bit A/D-D/
A conversion and balanced connections make this
small box the perfect live sound problem solver.
• Automatic feedback destroyer circuitry with
learn function
• 2.5 seconds of delay available, adjustable in
meters, feet and msec. • Level conversion
from line to mic level and vice versa
• Subsonic filter with adjustable cutoff frequency
• Noise gate with automatic and manual parameter adjustments
• Up to five units can be rack mounted in just
over one space
The Alesis Nanoverb is a conveniently straightforward 18-bit digital effects processor. Simply choose the effect you want, adjust its
amount, then dial in its input, mix and output levels accordingly.
An ideal pocket processor for adding depth and color to small live
performances or presentations.
• 16 preset programs
• Great sounding 18-bit digital effects
• Unbalanced 1/4” TS connectors
• Fully adjustable input and output levels
• Compact design allows mounting capability
of up to three units in a single rack space
Effects Processors
Reverb 4000
The Reverb 4000 is a professional true stereo
main reverb unit that features an extremely easy
to use instant access interface, a wide selection of
simulated rooms and spaces as well as impressive
headroom and level handling. It integrates perfectly
with digital audio workstations with 24-bit AD/DA
converters, 44.1-96kHz sample rates and computer
editing with included ICON software.
• Digital and analog wide dynamic range design
• 24-bit AES/EBU, Tos-Link, S/PDIF, ADAT and
Analog I/O’s • Realistic environments from a
closet to a canyon
• Connectable via USB to access
included ICON software editor
• Instant access interface make it ideal
for studio or live venue use
• 6 high quality reverb effects in a
solid single rack space unit
• Fast user interface dedicates one
knob per function
PCM 81
• Front panel input kill and relay bypass
switches • 24-bit conversion with
S/PDIF digital I/O • Universal internal
power supply works anywhere
The 2016 recreates the legendary reverbs from Eventide’s
SP2016, which was developed as a leading edge dedicated
studio spatial processor. Like the original, the redesigned
interface is streamlined and extremely easy to navigate but,
unlike the original, it offers two channels of 24-bit I/O and
contains three new algorithms that provide updated variations
on each of the original reverbs.
The PCM 81 is a high powered effects processor that features
two digital signal processors: Lexicon’s proprietary Lexichip, to
run the reverbs, and a second DSP engine to handle effects like quadruple-tracking, chorus and
extremely smooth sounding delays. This allows the unit to dedicate serious horsepower to both
reverb and effects algorithms without sacrificing the quality of either. It boasts 24-bit internal
processing, a true stereo signal path, balanced analog I/O, full AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O,
the ability to mix analog and digital inputs together, plus extensive modulation capabilities,
making it the perfect unit to free up processing in your hard disk recording setup.
• Studio standard Lexicon
reverbs and effects
• (2) XLR & (2) 1/4” TRS
inputs and outputs
• Single Adjust knob designed
for fast effect customizing
V-Verb Pro Rev2496
• Reverb modeling with high-quality 24-bit/
96kHz A/D and D/A converters
• Separate ROM and user preset banks with 400
presets total • Balanced inputs and outputs
with gold-plated XLR and 1/4” TRS connectors
Reverb 2016
• Soft push/turn encoders with
high-resolution graphic LCD
• Full 4-channel operation with up
to 96kHz without any limitations
• Pro and Go modes
streamline the editing
• Dynamic spatialization
effects for 2-channel or
surround applications
The Pro Rev2496 digital reverb unit draws its strength
from two independent effects processors that can be accessed via both analog and digital connectors making it
a flexible addition to your setup. It also features 8 highend reverb algorithms modeled after world-class reverb
processors plus additional high-quality modulation
effects from delays to flangers plus stereo compression.
The D-Two is a great sounding dedicated digital delay
unit that actually lets you create your own rhythmic
delay patterns to exactly match your effects to your
music. With an inviting price and single rack space
design, this unit boasts an impressive library of delay
based effects from choruses and ping-pongs to
spatial expanders that add extra width to the sound
of your material.
• (2) 1/4” balanced analog phone inputs
and outputs • S/PDIF digital I/O with MIDI
in, out and thru • Actual rhythm patterns
can be tapped-in directly or quantized
• Delay signal may be reduced or increased proportionate to input level
• Onboard filter for creating softer,
more natural delay effects
Voice & Pitch Processors
For the professional studio in search of the ultimate
vocal processor, the TC Electronics INTONATOR is a high-end
processor that effectively preserves vocal subtleties with individual intonation and correction, isolating even a single note.
Its high 24-bit/96kHz resolution provides a transparent digital
signal path, flexible signal routing, and simultaneous pitch and
dynamics corrections on separate channels, effectively saving
time and money while eliminating the need to cut and paste.
• Real-time pitch correction with user definable pitch adjustment thresholds
• High-quality converters allow additional
gain to be added before or after digital
• Digital dithering reduces output distortion
• Adaptive LoCut dynamically controls
filter cut off frequencies according to
input signal • Word Clock Sync
• Digital formats and I/O includes AES/EBU
(XLR), S/PDIF (RCA), TOS-Link and ADAT
(Optical) • Balanced XLR analog I/O
• 35 Presets including selections
for instruments and percussion
• Easy single button parameter
selecting and editing
• Customizable scale tuning
• Automatic Mono or Stereo
double tracking
• Full MIDI automation
• (1) Unbalanced 1/4” phone input
• (2) Unbalanced 1/4” phone outputs
Vocal 300
The Vocal 300 was designed to give singers and vocal artists
the ability to take control of their sound with hands-free operation on stage, in the studio, or at practice. Preset changes,
bypass, and live tweaking with the expression pedal are all
controlled with your feet. Combine up to seven simultaneous
effects with staples like Reverb, Compression and EQ, or get
freaky with Whammy, Strobe, and the Pixelator.
The Antares AVP-1 combines multiple processing technologies into
a single unit. While the now famous Auto-Tune technology expressively corrects vocal or instrument pitch in real-time, the Microphone
Modeler provides the recording characteristics of a variety of high-end
mics for your vocal tracks . Additional Gates, Compressors, EQ’s
and De-Essers provide producers and engineers with all the tools
and flexibility necessary for creating that signature sound.
• 24-bit A/D converters
• 1/4” TS input and XLR input
and output • 40 Factory presets,
40 user definable presets
• Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo,
Doubler, Pitch Shifter, Ping Pong
Delay and more
• Headphone output for practicing
• 1/8” line input to connect a CD
or MP3 player
• (2) XLR analog inputs, (2) XLR analog
outputs, (8) AES/EBU out • 24-bit AD/DA
conversion with up to a 96kHz sampling rate
• Vocal toolbox featuring modeling, harmonization and pitch correction
• Onboard high quality reverbs,
tap tempo delays, distortions
and more • Special transducer
feature for emulating telephones,
radios and megaphones
The VoicePro is a powerful vocal modeling processor that not
only creates smooth accurate four part harmonies but also can
change the very character of each, surrounding your lead vocal
in lush harmonies or helping you work up convincing group
arrangements on your own. The application-based user interface
logically guides you through the process of getting the sound you
want with a large color display and well laid out set of controls.
With its built in, phantom supplied, quality mic preamp and full range of DSP, the
VoiceWorks is the ideal studio or stage tool
for dialing in great sounding vocals. Fatten
up your sound with two layers of voice
thickening, add stunning four part harmonies
or apply compression, eq and pitch correction
for a finishing touch.
• 4 independent harmony voices, 4 distinct
harmony modes
• HarmonyHold lets you freeze backing
vocals and continue singing
• Scale-based pitch correction for studio and live
performance • (1) XLR and (1) 1/4” balanced
analog input, (2) 1/4” balanced analog outputs
• S/PDIF I/O with MIDI in, out and thru jacks
Compressors / Dynamics Processors
Red 3
The Red 3 is a dual compressor/limiter that uses a high
quality audio VCA that serves as the only element between
input and output, keeping the signal path short for a very
natural and unobtrusive sound. Each channel features well
laid out controls for compression ratio, threshold, make-up gain, attack, release
and limiter threshold. A program-dependent auto-release mode is available, and
the VU meters can be switched to show levels in two ranges, or amount of gain
change. The side-chain electronics are class A, ensuring superb transient response.
• (2) XLR inputs, (2) XLR outputs and
(2) XLR key inputs
• Stereo switch for true stereo
operation from a single set of control
• (1) XLR and Jones Barrier input,
(1) XLR and Jones Barrier output
• True to the original in design,
manufacturing and performance
• Lag free, distortion free optical
attenuator system
• 0 to 40 dB gain limiting with
less than 0.5% THD
The LA-2A is a hand-built rebirth of the legendary Teletronix LA-2A leveling amplifier prized for its natural compression characteristics. A unique
electro-optical attenuator system allows instantaneous gain reduction with
no increase in harmonic distortion – an accomplishment at the time, still
appreciated today. Each unit is hand built and each component is carefully
evaluated for authenticity. No expense has been spared to guarantee that
this LA-2A will bring that classic sound to your recordings.
After its introduction in 1969 the LA-3A was immediately embraced as a studio workhorse and is still
widely used today. This single channel unit remains a favorite of engineers and producers worldwide for
its unique compression characteristics and sonic signature. This reissue of the LA-3A meticulously retains
all the internal and external qualities of the original down to the same simple control set and T4 electrooptical attenuator, which is the source of the LA-3A’s program dependent
compression. All the original rear panel connections and controls are also • Single channel Classic Solid-State
maintained, while the commonly performed “LA-3A gain mod” is added
Opto-Compressor • XLR and
as an additional switch for maximum studio versatility.
Jones Barrier connections
• Discrete Amplifier – up to 50dB gain
• Rear Panel “Gain Mod” switch for gain control
• Includes single unit rack mounting kit
• Single channel classic limiting amplifier
• True to original in design, manu• XLR and Jones Barrier connections
facturing and performance
• Ultra fast 20 to 800 microseconds attack time • Class A line level output amplifier
1176SA calibrates two mono 1176s for stereo operation # UN1176SA .$000.00
• Key inputs with illuminated
push-button selection
• Precision VU metering of
signal level or gain change
The original Universal Audio 1176LN was a major breakthrough
in limiter technology – the first true peak limiter with all transistor circuitry offering superior performance and a signature sound.
While it certainly would have been much simpler to modernize
and “improve” the 1176LN, every effort was made to remain
faithful to its original design. This Universal Audio Classic version
of the 1176LN captures all the nuance of the original through
obsessive attention to detail and delivers that trademark sound.
The VT747sp is a Class-A, vacuum tube-discrete
twin signal path Opto-compressor with a musical
six band program equalizer, and output level and
gain reduction metering. This incredible sounding
100% discrete processor is ideal for high performance DAW input signal conditioning, stereo
bus compression/EQ, and analog mastering
• Balanced XLR I/O
• Twin Signal Path – allows choice of
either tube tone or classic discrete
transistor sound
• 6-band discrete passive program EQ
• Spectral side-chain monitor for pre-listen
• EQ Pre/Post selection for compressor
• Internal regulated power supply
Compressors / Dynamics Processors
professional two-channel
24-bit/96kHz mastering device that combines multiband frequency dynamics control with a transparent signal path and flexible sample rate conversion.
Its powerful features and ease of use give engineers
all the tools required for creating crisper, punchier
mixes with that “radio ready” sound.
• Spectral balancing and normalization
of multiple frequency bands
• Look Ahead Delay allows for faster,
more accurate dynamic response
• ADAT bounce allows for simultaneous
processing and recording of ADAT tracks
• Digital conversions between AES/
EBU, S/PDIF and Toslink formats
• Balanced XLR analog I/O
• AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and TOS-Link/ADAT digital I/O
• 24-bit/96kHz A/D-D/A
• Sample rates include 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz
• Format conversion:
analog-to-digital, digital-to-analog,
and digital re-quantization
• 24-bit/96kHz resolution w/48-bit
end-to-end internal processing path
• Supports: optical, coaxial SPDIF,
AES/EBU, balanced/unbalanced line
level analog signals
• Precision metering with resettable
peak hold options
The MaxxBCL combines the famous L2-Ultramaximizer, the
Renaissance Compressor, and MaxxBass into a rugged new
hardware box. This 24-bit/96kHz processor combines the highest quality converters with unequalled processing algorithms to
offer you astonishing new power in bass enhancement, dynamics processing, and format conversion. The MaxxBCL is ideal
for live sound, mastering/post, and broadcast applications.
The DBX Quantum II is a versatile 24-bit/
96kHz Multi-Band Processing Device that utilizes patented DBX
technology to produce dynamic, polished mixes with noticeable warmth
and depth. Featuring a wide dynamic range and extended headroom,
the Quantum II applies Compression, Limiting, Gating, and EQ while
maintaining the pristine audio quality needed for today’s digital world
of music production and mastering.
• 4-band multiple dynamics control
• Patented Type IV A/D conversion
with Tape Saturation Emulation (TSE)
• Versatile MIDI control and internal/
external sync capabilities
• Balanced XLR/TRS analog I/O
320A Compellor
• Provides leveling, compression and
peak limiting • (2) XLR inputs and
(2) XLR outputs • Virtually invisible compression characteristics
• User defeatable peak limiting
for effective system protection
• Fast, simple set-up and with
no readjustment
320D same as above with AES/EBU digital I/O #AP320D .$1299.00
323A single channel Compellor with Aural Exciter #AP323A ..$849.00
Quad Comp/Gate
• GUI control and system
upgrades available via PC
• AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O
• 115dB dynamic range
• 24-bit/96kHz A/D-D/As, with
true 48-bit signal path
The 320A delivers intelligent compressor action, leveling and peak limiting
simultaneously. This intelligent, versatile and highly affordable processor can be
used to solve audio level problems and improve audio signals in the broadcast
studio, recording studio, tape duplication house, film dubbing studio and in live
sound applications. Patented control circuits include analog computers that continuously analyze the input signal and vary the control characteristics to provide
for virtually undetectable operation, regardless of the dynamics of the program.
The Quad Comp/Gate is a state-of-the-art four-channel rackmount
digital compressor/gate designed to even be used in the demanding environment of live sound where speed and dependability are
a must. Its compression/limiting and gating/expansion algorithms
were written by the digital gurus at Acuma Labs to provide a very
wide range of high-quality, instantly usable settings. The front
panel is intuitively laid out with ultra bright 12-segment metering,
multi-color backlit buttons and nine backlit push-button knobs
with LED collars to indicate settings from a mile away.
• 4 channel digital compressor/gate
• (4) XLR & 1/4” TRS inputs and
(4) XLR & 1/4” TRS outputs
• Side Chain input for triggering
from external signals
• Auto feature adjusts attack and release
times eliminating “pumping”
• 99 user definable snapshots for instant recall
• Channels can be independent or stereolinked with a single button press
Compressors / Dynamics Processors
The ComPounder is a combined Dual Compressor/Limiter and Noise
Gate/Expander. Each channel can operate independently on two mono
signals, or both sections may be linked to operate on a stereo source.
The limiter features a Class A low distortion design and accurate
threshold control while the expander ensures professional noise reduction on difficult audio tracks such as vocals. A combination of high
quality compression with the powerful Bass Expander makes this unit
a must have for any dance music engineer, musician, or club installer.
• Dual channel compressor/limiter
and noise gate/expander
• (1) XLR & 1/4” input and
(1) XLR & 1/4” output
• Class A custom VCA compressor design
• Super-quiet Optical Gate/Expander circuit
• High performance optical limiter
• Full stereo linking capability
• High-end single channel tube leveling amplifier • Flattering tone that
adds musical warmth and precise
control of signals
• Compact half-rack design ideal for smaller
studios or mobile rigs • 3-position attack
and release settings • Balanced XLR
(+4dB) and unbalanced 1/4” (-10dB) I/O
The Ashly CLX52 is a high-quality
dual-channel compressor/limiter.
Popular among engineers for its
unique “infinite soft-knee” function
and extremely low-noise circuitry, the
CLX-52 is perfect for a wide variety
of high-end audio applications.
The TLA-50 is a full-featured Tube Leveling
Amplifier that adds classic warmth to your audio
signal, while providing sweet, musical compression
and control. It offers three position attack and
release switches, a continuously variable gain and
gain reduction control, and precise VU metering of
output and gain reduction.
• Ratio, Threshold, Attack, Decay and Output controls
• Stereo tie switch
• Great for speaker system protection
• Low-noise VCA circuit
• Detector (Ducking) insert patch point
• Balanced XLR and 1/4” I/O
The dbx 1046 is a high-quality 4-channel compressor/limiter
known for its smooth dynamic processing, low-noise circuitry
and that “classic” dbx sound, making it a favorite among
today’s professional PA and sound reinforcement engineers.
• Four independent channels – linkable
to true stereo pairs
• Switchable OverEasy or Hard-Knee compression
• PeakStopPlus Limiting
• Switchable operating level (+4dBu/-10dBV)
• Balanced XLR and 1/4” I/O
The Presonus ACP88 is an impressive 8channel compressor/limiter/noise gate that
provides pristine musical sounding dynamics
processing. Designed with ultra-quiet circuitry, full-featured responsive controls and a
wide variety of spectral processing, the versatile ACP88 is an indispensable live sound
and studio recording dynamics processor.
• (8) discrete channels of dynamics processing
• Side chain and trigger inputs on every channel
• Comprehensive linking via unique power summing bus
• Low noise, high headroom
• Switchable power transformer
• Balanced/unbalanced 1/4” TRS I/O’s
Compressors / Dynamics Processors
The PRO VLA comes in a 2U rack-mountable chassis housing two
independent channels of analog leveling/compression designed
to work seamlessly with any recording, sound-reinforcement, or
electronic instrument setup. Using a transformerless design
throughout, it maintains exceptional signal integrity and extremely low noise.
Its VCA-less design utilizes optical electronics (Vactrol) coupled with a 12AX7
vacuum tube gain stage for superior musical performance. This great sounding box
has stood up to many years on the music market and is extremely easy to operate.
• Two channel tube
• (2) XLR & 1/4” inputs and
(2) XLR & 1/4” outputs
• Half-rack unit sized stereo compressor
• (2) 1/4” TRS inputs and (2) 1/4” TRS
outputs • Insert jack for accessing
the units control sidechain
• Stereo width control sweeps
from mono to extra-wide
• Gain Reduction Hold keeps noise
floor constant between tracks
• VCA-less design provides smooth
musical performance
• Large backlit VU meters
• Ten segment gain reduction LED array
The Mc2 is a professional studio-quality stereo compressor in a compact half-rack format. Simple to use yet extremely powerful, the Mc2
will bring out the best in any line-level stereo material and give the
gloss of a professional studio to all your performances. This unit can
be used for recording, mastering, or live work and its small footprint
allow it to fit in tight workspaces or rack shelves. It will also function
as a stereo width processor and line level stereo preamplifier.
# BEMDX4600
Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600
The Behringer Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600
is a flexible, 4-channel compressor/limiter/
expander/noise gate. Its new and improved
“interactive” signal processing, ease of
use, and ultra-low noise circuitry make
the MDX4600 well-suited for live sound
reinforcement and PA applications.
• IKA (Interactive Knee Adaptation) ProgramAdaptive Compression
• IRC (Interactive Ratio Control) Expander/
Gate Circuitry
• Ratio, Threshold, Attack, Decay and output controls
• Hard and Soft Knee Compression response curves
• Stereo/Dual Mono Mode Link Switch • Two fully independent
Noise Gates • Dual channel compressor/limiter
• (2) 1/4” TS phone inputs and (2) 1/4” TS phone outputs
• Sidechain for keyeing or ducking effects • Features stereo
linkable operation • Easy to read 12 segment LED metering
• IGC (Interactive Gain Control) Peak Limiting
• Stereo couple function for channels 1/2 and 3/4
• Switchable operating level (+4dBu/-10dBV)
• Servo-balanced 1/4” TRS/XLR I/O
The 3630 provides two independent full-featured compressor/ limiters in one
rack space while offering excellent sonic quality for any application from studio
recording to live sound or broadcast. You can also choose between RMS and
Peak compression styles, plus Hard and Soft Knee dynamic curves for every
application from subtle gain control to in-your-face punch. As an independent
dual-channel compressor, the 3630 offers separate controls for two different
source signals with gating to easily and efficiently stifle unwanted ambient noise.
# PRC16
Based on the award winning BlueMax compressor design, the COMP16 is the
simplest professional quality compressor in the world. Sixteen presets have
been carefully tailored for a wide range of applications including vocals, percussion, fretted instruments, keyboards, stereo program material and compression
effects. Simply select the preset and adjust the input and output to desired level
of compression. This is truly a great-sounding compressor that anyone can use.
• Easy to use single channel compressor
• (1) XLR & 1/4” input and (1) XLR & 1/4” output
• 16 presets cover a wide variety
of applications
• Back-lit VU for metering compression
• Great for guitars and basses
The AD2055 is a dual mono parametric equalizer that combines 100%
discrete, pure Class A signal amplifiers with state-of-the art passive and
active filtering. The passive high and low bands offer alternate musical
tone range to the full function active parametric mid bands. Avalon’s
advanced true symmetry design offers high-voltage, large headroom,
extended bandwidth and very low noise. The AD2055 is the perfect
solution for two buss music-program equalization, special instrument
EQ and FX applications and ultra high performance mastering studios.
• Dual mono, pure Class A
parametric music equalizer
• (2) XLR inputs and (2) XLR
• All signal routing with
sealed silver relays
• Transparent active and
passive filter design
The AD2077 is a dual mono, pure Class A mastering EQ that features a DC coupled
minimalist signal path. The combination of active and passive filter technologies offer
the professional mastering engineer alternate tone selections in both filter domains
while delivering the highest resolution and wide dynamic range with very low noise.
Custom gold rotary switches give accuracy in 0.5dB, 1dB and 2dB steps. Avalon’s
true symmetry design offers high-voltage, large headroom, extended bandwidth and
very low noise for an utterly transparent full bandwidth tool to shape your project.
The Summit FeQ-50 is a 4-band parametric, passive equalizer that incorporates a 12AX7A vacuum tube in its artful design. Each of the four
bands has six switch selectable frequencies and 14dB of fully sweepable
cut or boost. The low and high bands can switch between peaking and
shelving filters, the low mid and high mid can switch between narrow
and wide bandwidths. Also included is a switchable highpass filter fixed
at 30Hz with a gentle 6dB/octave rolloff to reduce rumble.
• 4-band parametric EQ with
fully passive design
• (1) XLR/ 1/4” TRS combo input
Quad EQ
• 4 channels of 30-band graphic equalization
• (4) XLR & 1/4” TRS phone inputs and (4)
XLR & 1/4” TRS phone outputs
• Stereo linking of channels A/B and C/D
• High-end dual mono mastering
• (2) XLR inputs and (2) XLR outputs
• 104 switched frequencies per channel
• Smooth musical detail and sonic
• Minimum audio signal path
• Rugged hardware designed to last
• 99 user snapshots to store and
recall your EQ settings
• Planet Earth power supply operates between 100 and 240v
• (1) XLR & (1) 1/4” TRS tube output
• (1) XLR & (1) TRS 1/4” solid state output
• Internal high voltage power supply
The Quad EQ employs four 30-band graphic, Adaptive-Q Equalizers
that provide equalization ±12dB using 30 individual EQ filters, without
the ripple and gain-boosting artifacts found on traditional (Constant-Q)
units. These Adaptive-Q filters and new, super accurate LED display ladders paint a highly detailed picture of its effect on the output signal. The
included reference microphone allows you to make use of the built in SPL
and RTA metering features to help tune your sound system to the venue.
The DEQ2496 is a 24-bit/96kHz
# BEDEQ2496
EQ/RTA processor designed for $29999
live PA and studio mastering
applications. As well as 61-bands of
simultaneous Real-Time Analyzer functions,
the unit provides multiple EQ’s, a flexible
Compressor/Expander with Peak Limiter
and a Stereo Imager and Delay.
• High-resolution processor with EQ, RTA
and dynamics capabilities
• Unique VPQ (Virtual Paragraphic EQ) allows parametric control of graphic EQ’s
• 61-band RTA provides auto EQ function for room
and loudspeakers • Multi-function level meters
• Balanced XLR I/O, stereo aux outputs, AES/EBU
and S/PDIF I/O XLR and optical
Graphic Equalizers
The MQX-2310 is a dual 31-band graphic EQ packs the great performance of Ashly’s GQX models in a uniquely compact package. The same
exacting filter design and summing circuitry of the GQX Series equalizers are utilized, with each filter exhibiting true constant Q response. The
center detented position of every fader acts as an on/off switch for its
filter, minimizing any possible degradation to signal noise levels. To take
advantage of the full range of their custom-manufactured 25mm slide
fader design there is up to 15dB of cut or boost available on each filter.
• Dual 31-band graphic equalizer
• (1) XLR, 1/4” TRS phone & Barrier Strip input • (1) XLR, 1/4”
TRS phone & Barrier Strip output
• Powerful alternative where rack
space is at a premium
• Internal power supply and rugged
build quality
MQX-2150 single rack space 15 band version of above #ASMQX2150 .. $360.00
• Precision Wein-Bridge filters • Constant “Q”
• Custom made faders • Extremely low-noise circuitry
• Switchable, tunable low-cut filters
• XLR, Barrier Strip and 1/4” TRS connectors
The Ashly GQX3102 is a premium quality
dual-channel 31-band graphic equalizer.
Its near bullet-proof construction, precision
Wein-Bridge filters and highly-accurate
transparent sound have made the GQX3102
an industry standard and professional choice
of today’s most demanding sound engineers.
The Rane ME 60 is a precision, dual-channel 1/3-octave
30-band graphic equalizer. Its innovative features include
constant-Q bandwidth and interpolating equalization,
allowing greater isolation of the desired frequency band
with little affect to neighboring frequencies, guaranteeing precise control of frequency curves for a smooth, rich,
detailed response.
• Stereo 1/3-octave design
• Sweepable low and high cut filters
•“True” passive bypass switches
• Grounded center detent sliders
• Balanced XLR, 1/4” TRS and unbalanced
RCA connectors
The dbx 2231 is an affordable dual-channel 31-band graphic
equalizer with peak limiting and noise reduction. Its sonic accuracy and rugged construction make the 2231 a perfect choice
for small venue PA and sound reinforcement applications.
• Exclusive dbx noise reduction and limiting
• Switchable boost/cut ranges
• Balanced inputs and outputs
• Bessel low-cut filters
• Four-segment LED’s for gain reduction and output level
• XLR, Barrier Strip and 1/4” TRS connectors
The iEQ31 graphic equalizer not only delivers 31 bands of dual 1/3-octave
graphic equalization but, also includes feedback suppression, noise reduction
and peak limiting. Sure to find a home in the studio, on tour and with installed
sound venues, this unit was designed to deliver maximum sonic flexibility with a
straight forward interface and well constructed package. The front panel features
nonconductive nylon sliders with comprehensive output and gain reduction metering while the rear panel hosts a complete choice of professional connections.
iEQ15 Dual 15 band version of above #DBIEQ15 ......................... $499.95
• Dual channel 31-band graphic EQ
• (1) XLR, 1/4” TRS phone & Euroblock
input • (1) XLR, 1/4” TRS phone &
Euroblock output
• Feedback suppression , noise
reduction and peak limiting
• Relay bypass for power failure
system protection
Graphic Equalizers
# DB231
The 231 dual graphic EQ represents a great value in an entry
level unit with its clean sound, solid performance and reliability. The 2 rack space design can find a home in the tightest of
racks and budgets without compromising the inclusion of professional balanced connectivity and an internal power supply
for clean mounting. From its amazing 10Hz to 50kHz frequency
response, to its 108dB dynamic range, the 231 offers out of
this world specifications with a down to earth price point.
• Dual 31-band , 1/3 octave graphic EQ
• (1) XLR & 1/4” TRS phone input and (1)
XLR & 1/4” TRS phone output
• Switchable boost/cut ranges of ±6 or ±12dB
• 4-segment LED ladders for monitoring
output levels • Front panel bypass switch
215 Dual 15 band version of above #DB215 .....................................................$149.95
• Single channel 31-band, 1/3octave graphic EQ
• (1) XLR & 1/4” TRS phone
input and (1) XLR & 1/4” TRS
phone output
• Switchable boost/cut ranges of
±6 or ±12dB
• Only occupies a single rack space
• Internal power supply and solid
This single channel graphic EQ was designed as an easy to use tool
for situations where pinpointing and adjusting choice frequency
ranges must be fast and effective. Whether you are trying to tame
a muddy bass guitar or give the vocalist a little more presence, the
131 is equally at home at a venue, in the studio or permanently installed in houses of worship or meeting rooms. With such affordable
quality there’s no longer any excuse for compromising your sound.
The Ultragraph Digital DEQ1024 is stereo 31-band equalizer and
feedback destroyer that combines unmatched digital performance
with straightforward and intuitive analog-like operation. The FBQ
Feedback Detection System instantly detects critical feedback frequencies and can also be
used as an audio analyzer, making the DEQ1024 a must-have for every professional live sound
rack. The EQ section features three selectable operating ranges (±12dB, ±6dB and 0/-2 dB)
and 31 high-quality illuminated 45-mm faders for ease of use in dim lighting conditions.
• Digital stereo 31-band 24-bit/
96kHz equalizer • (2) XLR & 1/4”
TRS phone analog inputs • (2) XLR
& 1/4” TRS phone analog outputs
• Dual channel 31 band graphic EQ • (2) XLR & 1/4” TRS phone inputs and (2)
XLR & 1/4” TRS phone outputs • Voltage switchable between 115 and 230
VAC • Constant-Q filters • True hard-wire bypass • Signal Clip indicator
EQA215 dual channel 15-band version of the above #BBEQA215....$149.99
EQA131 single channel 30-band version of the above #BBEQA131 ..$149.99
S/PDIF RCA digital I/O
• Noise gate/peak limiter
and pink noise generator
# BBEQA231
The BBE EQA231 is a high quality dual 31-band graphic equalizer. It is idea
for use in live sound rigs and installed setups such as studio, stage, DJ and
sound contracting. The EQA231’s logical layout makes it a snap to use
for room equalization and sound shaping. Also included are continuously
variable high and low cut filters and a selectable control range allows musicians to switch easily between 6dB and 12dB on the graphic filters. There
are also provisions for selecting line voltage between 115 and 230 VAC.
The Ultragraph Pro FBQ1502 is a 15-band stereo graphic
equalizer that is equally at home in both live and studio applications. It features the FBQ Feedback Detection System
that instantly detects feedback frequencies and can also be
used as an audio analyzer, making the FBQ1502 a welcome
addition to any stage rack. It also features a dedicated
mono subwoofer output with adjustable crossover frequency that lets you add some extra punch to your music.
• 15-band dual channel graphic equalizer
• (2) XLR & 1/4” TRS phone inputs and (2)
XLR & 1/4” TRS phone outputs
• (1) XLR subwoofer output with crossover adjustment • Low-cut filter removes floor rumble
• Illuminated faders and LED output metering
FBQ3102 dual channel 31-band version of above #BEFBQ3102................................. $129.99
Feedback Management
Ideal for stereo PA systems, the easy to use D3500 is a
96kHz capable digital equalizer and automatic feedback
management system that provides precise tonal control
of 30 bands of parametric filters. The three filter modes:
Resonance, Dynamic and Manual, all utilize a unique Auto
Filter Release (AFR) mode, gradually restoring the problem EQ filter when feedback has been eliminated, thereby
protecting your system components and sound quality.
• 30-band parametric EQ with advanced
feedback management • 32-bit DSP filtering with high quality A/D-D/A converters
• LEARN mode provides “single-button”
system feedback reduction
• Onboard Alignment Delay, High/Low Pass
• Multiple units may be configured together
• Balanced XLR I/O and optional AES/EBU,
S/PDIF interface
AFS 224
• Ideal for virtually all live music
applications • Advanced 24-bit
Feedback Suppression processor
• 24 programmable filters per
channel with segment metering
• Intuitive interface with
selectable Filter Lift Times
and Live and Fixed Filter
• Balanced XLR and 1/4” I/O
The AFS 224 is a 24-bit Advanced Feedback Suppression processor that provides 24 filters per channel and up to 1/80 of an octave filter Q’s for superior frequency control. It offers selectable
modes, live filter lift, and types of filtration, which are all readily
available via the intuitive front panel. A must for multiple live
sound applications, the AFS 224 even includes application-specific filter types: Speech; Music, Low, Med and High.
Ideal for mono PA and monitoring systems, the single-channel
FBX1200 Feedback Exterminator provides transparent, reliable
automatic feedback control with precise SMARTFilter technology, ridding your system of feedback without harming musical
content. When feedback is detected, the FBX1200 quickly
places high-resolution filters within its 24-bit audio path while
the three-color LED filter display shows filter status.
• High-resolution single-channel
feedback management system
• Isolates feedback while leaving harmonic musical content
• Quick and quiet setup with extremely-fast Automatic Feedback Control
• Flexible filter controls with Timed or
Manual dynamic filter reset
• Balanced XLR and 1/4” I/O
FBX2400 2-channel version of above #SAFBX2400 .................................$419.95
FBX-SOLO 820 Series
The FBX-SOLO 820 Series is a convenient, portable
solution for eliminating feedback while leaving your
sound unharmed. Available in both instrument and
microphone versions, the FBX-SOLO provides more
gain while placing a narrow 1/10 octave directly on
feedback, increasing clarity and intelligibility.
• 8 independent digital notch filters
from 40Hz-20kHz
• Automatically detects and eliminates
feedback • XLR version is ideal for
worry-free wireless operation
• Input/output level switches allow
any combination of ins and outs
• Sets filter just deep enough to remove
feedback without affecting audio
SL-820 1/4” input version with selectable I/O levels #SASL820 ....................... $306.95
The FQB2496 is an affordable 96kHz Feedback Suppressor that utilizes an ultra-fast feedback detection
algorithm to automatically locate up to 20 feedback
frequencies per channel and transparently set narrow
notch filters accordingly. It’s capable of running in
either Auto or Manual mode for continuous mix monitoring or individual setting of up to 40 fully parametric
filters with frequency, bandwidth and gain adjustment.
• 96kHz Feedback Suppressor with 20 filters
(up to 1/60th octave) per channel
• Provides some of the quickest feedback
detection available (<0.2sec)
• “Set-and-forget” default setting and Panic
button enables simple setup and operation
• 24-bit/96kHz A/D D/A with 32-bit internal DSP
• Balanced XLR and 1/4” I/O
DSP1124P 24-bit Feedback Suppressor/EQ with 12 filters per channel #BEDSP1124P .... $99.99
Guitar Solutions
The GI-20 is an interface which allows any electric
guitar or bass equipped with a Roland GK pickup
to control synthesizers and sound modules as well
as record into a MIDI sequencer or trigger samples.
Guitarists and bassists can now take full advantage
of the wealth of software synthesizers and notation
software previously available only to keyboardists.
• Guitar or bass to MIDI interface
• Interfaces directly with synthesizers and
computer workstations
• Patch Memory stores performance settings
• USB MIDI port for easy computer connection
iGuitar 81.13
Guitar Port
iGuitar 81.13P purple version #BRIG8113USBP .............................................. $896.25
iGuitar 81.13T turquoise version #BRIG8113USBT .......................................... $896.25
iGuitar 81.13N natural version #BRIG8113USBN ............................................ $896.25
• Windows based USB guitar modeling interface
• Includes preset tone library
• Half-speed audio playback without changing pitch
• Built-in chromatic tuner
• Optional GuitarPort software increases functionality
Pandora PX4D
The Korg PX4D is a versatile personal guitar and bass tool
that packs amp modeling, multi-effect processing, 100
drum rhythms, bass patterns and phrase training into a
unit that fits into the palm of your hand. The user interface
is straightforward and frequently used parameters such
as tuner and tone are given dedicated buttons and knobs.
Play along with up to 30 seconds of internally storable
music or connect directly to your recording setup or live rig.
The Guitarport
is a Windows
based USB
guitar audio
interface that
provides guitar
players with a
simple way to plug
into their computer
as well as gain access
to optional online
backing tracks,
lessons, tone settings
and much more. 16 amplifier and cabinet models
combined with 19 stomp and studio effects give live
to your guitar sound when recording or playing along
with the audio loop player and programmable drum
• Electric, acoustic and synth outputs
• Compatible with all 13 pin guitar synth products
• USB port for direct computer connection
• Stereo Y cable included for accessing acoustic tones
• Form fitted gig bag
The iGuitar 81.13 is a 22 fret, fixed-bridge electric
guitar that features piezo acoustic and 13 pin synth
connections. Synthesized sounds can be blended with
the electric output and the internally mounted 13 pin
pickup hardware means faster tracking and a neater
setup. There is also a built in USB port for recording
the electric output directly into your computer.
GK3 divided guitar pickup #ROGK3 ............ $175.00
GK3B divided bass pickup #ROGK3B ......... $175.00
• Guitar and bass personal multi-effect processor
• 25 amp and 23 cabinet emulations
• Key Transpose shifts key of incoming audio
• Bass Canceller removes bass from external sound source
• Powered by battery or optional AC adaptor
PX4A acoustic personal multi-effect processor #KOPX4A ...................................$169.00
The Edirol UA-4FX is a 24/96 USB audio
interface with a dedicated guitar input,
phantom powered XLR mic input and
MIDI I/O. Record with a wide selection
of built-in effects such as guitar amp
simulators, tube-mic preamp emulations,
reverbs, mastering compression and
more. It is powered by USB and offers low
latency recording on both Mac and PC.
• 24/96 audio interface with guitar, line and mic level inputs
• Built in effects for recording and mastering
• Optical SPDIF also outputs 5.1 surround (Windows XP)
• Sonar Le and Sound Canvas plug-in included (Windows)
• USB powered for complete portability
Guitar Solutions
Variax 500
Black Box
The Variax 500 instantly puts the sounds of well over 20
electric and acoustic guitars at your fingertips. Connect either
the standard 1/4” guitar output to your favorite amp or use
the XLR balanced output for separate acoustic access. It also
features digital I/O for connection to other Line 6 hardware
and optional Variax Workbench software which allows the
creation of altered tunings, custom pickup configurations and
PODxt Pro
The M-Audio
Black Box
effects, a
drum machine
and an audio
interface into one neat package. The drums and effects
can lock to the tempo of you sequencer for new and
interesting results. Plug a guitar or XLR mic directly into
your favorite host recording software or hard-disk
recorder with the built-in USB interface or 24 bit/
44.1kHz S/PDIF output.
• 22 fret physical modeling guitar
• Wide selection of both electric and acoustic guitar sounds
• Digital connection to Line 6 hardware and Workbench
• Footswitch selects between 1/4” and XLR acoustic outputs
• Custom-fitted heavy-duty gig bag
• Modeling guitar processor with 12 amp emulations
• Beat-syncable drum machine and effects
• USB and S/PDIF connectivity
• Includes Ableton Live Lite 4 GTR
• 160MB of free ProSessions drum loops
• Optional pedal board for real-time expression and
Black Box Pedal Board controls Black Box effects unit
#MABBPB .........................................................$49.00
The PODxt Pro is the big brother in the POD lineup, carrying on where the tabletop PODxt
left off. This 2-space rack mountable guitar modeling unit adds an internal power supply,
stereo effects loop and balanced I/O. Send a dry unprocessed guitar signal or audio track
into the reamping input to change the entire guitar sound or experiment by manipulating
vocals, keys or anything imaginable.
• 24-bit A/D and D/A converters • MIDI in, out/thru • AES/EBU and S/PDIF I/O
• USB port for computer and software access • Pairs with optional FBV Pedal Board
FBV Pedal Board optional deluxe pedalboard #LIFBV.....................................$399.99
Bass PODxt Pro bass version #LIBPODXTPRO ................................................$699.99
PODxt Live
Take all the power of the
Line 6 PODxt modeling
guitar processor and put
it into a ready to go pedal
board with combination
wah/volume/tweak pedal
and you’ve got the PODxt
Live. Reach for the amp-style
knobs for quick tone shaping
or use any of the 11 foot
switches to navigate the wealth of stomp box effects and amp models. Connects easily
to your computer, amp, PA or MIDI rig for stage and studio use.
• 128 presets for instant recall • Dedicated tap tempo/tuner switch
• Direct digital audio control with Variax guitars • Works as a USB guitar audio interface
• Aux input for CD/MP3 player or drum machine
The Line 6 PODxt is a tabletop modeling guitar processor that not only provides a great library of amps,
cabinets, stomp boxes and rack effects in one box but
it also allows direct computer recording with its built
in USB interface. All controls are laid out in an intuitive
manner and 5 dedicated on/off buttons bypass or enable editing for the effects section. By using free Line
6 Edit software you can download patches from the
Custom Tone online library and use them live into your
amp or directly into a PA system.
• Wide selection of amp and cabinet models
• Flexible custom effects routing
• Flash-based memory for easy upgrading
• Chromatic tuner • MIDI I/O
Bass PODxt bass version #LIBASSPODXT ..$299.99
Stand-Alone Digital Workstations
BR must
in fact
be the
Not even an inch thick, this unit features 4 simultaneous playback tracks and 2 record/input tracks. For even
more power, each of the 4 main playback tracks has 8
companion virtual tracks (for a total of 32), giving you
the ability to record take after take, then pick your best
material for final mixdown. With the included 128MB
Secure Digital card you have approximately 65 track
minutes available for recording in its native MP3 format.
This a unit that should be in every musician’s gig bag for
documenting quick ideas with its built in microphone or
developing songs with your whole band.
About the same size as a VHS video
tape, the D4 Digital Recorder contains built-in effects, rhythms, and a
tuner, everything needed to plug in
a guitar or mic and start recording
right away. Five real-time knobs
provide immediate control over numerous functions, including a full array of Korg’s
proprietary “REMS” modeling effects. These same knobs perform double duty as Pan
knobs or Record Select buttons, for example, and an informative backlit LCD screen
keeps it all together. There’s even a USB connector that makes it easy to transfer song
data to a computer.
• 4-track digital recorder with 8 virtual tracks per track
• 2 tracks of simultaneous recording • (1) XLR and (2) 1/4” phone inputs
• Favorites knob for recalling frequently-used effects settings
• Built-in mic for immediate recording on the go
Weighing in at a mere 160 grams, the PS-04 combines a
SmartMedia recorder, mixer, multi-effect device, and drum/
bass machine in a single pocket-size body. The recorder allows
track having ten virtual takes. While playing back all four
tracks, you can bounce the combined sound onto two empty
V-takes. A host of functions lets you process and edit audio
data after recording, and the integrated mixer makes it simple
to adjust level, EQ, panning, and effect level for each audio
and drum/bass track to create the stereo mix. Its small size and
built in mic make it an indispensable compact music notebook.
• Ultra-portable 4-track digital studio
• Loads and plays MP3 files
• Multi-effects onboard with dedicated guitar input
• Time-Stretch and Center Cancel features
• 293 rhythm patterns • USB port for data transfer
• Palm sized digital 4-track recording studio
• (1) 1/4” phone and (1) 1/8” mini plug stereo input
• 65 minutes recording time on a 128MB SmartMedia card
• Built in auto chromatic tuner • Over 5 hours recording time on (4) AA batteries
The new MR-8 Mk II is an extremely easy to use digital
multitrack and, if you can operate a tape recorder,
you’ll be up and running within minutes of opening the
box. By putting all the major controls and functions
right there on the top panel instead of buried in a confusing menu system, it speeds up the flow of capturing
your musical ideas. In addition there’s great sounding
built-in digital effects, guitar amp and mic simulators,
handy mix-down effects, plus the ability to hook up to
a PC for data editing, and backing up your songs.
• 8-track compact flash digital recorder
• +48V phantom power on both XLR inputs
• Guitar input features dedicated distortion knob
• USB port for WAV file transfer to and from your PC
• Accepts off-the-shelf USB external CD-R drives
Capable of recording up to 130 minutes of un-compressed audio onto a
128MB SmartMedia card, the battery
operated MRS4B is a simple 4-track
digital recorder (8 virtual per track)
complete with 2 line inputs, digital
effects, dynamics processing, and all
the powerful editing tools needed for
writing small projects in the bedroom
or on the beach.
• 4-track recorder with 8 virtual takes per track
• (2) line inputs, (2) aux • (2) line outputs, MIDI out
• Editing tools include Copy, Paste, Erase, Exchange and Bounce
• Effects and dynamics include reverb, chorus, delay, compression/limiting, guitar
simulation, and mic pre settings
Stand-Alone Digital Workstations
The 8-track DP01 is an ideal first time digital
recorder for musician/songwriters, combing
high-quality sound with a functional, easy-touse interface and dedicated controls. Two 1/4”
inputs record directly to the internal 40GB hard
drive for convenient arranging and editing. Output
connectivity consists of co-axial RCA’s, digital optical
S/PDIF, and a USB 2.0 port for easy computer backup.
• 8-track uncompressed recording to 40GB hard drive • 2-track simultaneous recording
with dedicated stereo mixdown track • 2-band semi-parametric EQ per track
• (2) 1/4” TRS mic/line inputs with switchable guitar level input, built-in guitar tuner
• RCA line output/S/PDIF digital out on optical connector/MTC output
• USB 2.0 port for data backup
DP01FX same as above with added reverb, insert effects and 2 XLR mic pre’s
#TADPO1FX ...........................................................................................................$499.00
The BR-600 is a portable 8-track digital
recording studio with an incredibly slim
profile; making it ideal for rehearsals
or field recording. It is equipped with
advanced effects, COSM amp modeling, a built in stereo mic and a full
fledged drum machine. This versatile
flash recorder provides a total of 64
tracks and up to 65 minutes of Hi-fi
recording time.
The MRS-802
packs a fantastic array of
studio recording tools into
an affordable
and portable
unit. Even
there are 8
mono digital recording tracks, a master
stereo track and a discrete stereo track for the built-in
drum machine. Each of the 8 mono tracks as well as
the stereo master track have 10 virtual takes available to choose from before deciding on your final mix.
The MS-802BCD has a full range of non-linear editing
capabilities, including cut and paste, copy, move,
reverse direction play and time stretch/compress and all
the effects of Zoom’s more expensive models. You can
also apply these effects to imported samples and loops
using the on-board CD-R/RW.
• 8-track digital recorder with built in CD-R/RW
• (2) XLR/ phono inputs and (1) guitar input
• 48V phantom power • Internal 40 GB hard drive
• Programmable drum machine
• Compact Ultra slim design • 8 simultaneous playback tracks, 64 V-Tracks
• Powerful guitar and effects processor • Built-in stereo Mic
• USB for computer connectivity • Powers via: (6) “AA” batteries or AC adapter
• Includes: 128MB compact flash card, carrying case and XLR- 1/4” adapter
Featuring two tracks of simultaneous recording, built-in vocal
and mastering effects, and
a great sounding drum/bass
machine with touch sensitive
pads, the compact MRS8 is an
inexpensive all-in-one portable digital multi-track recorder. It’s conveniently battery
operated and records up to 1GB of un-compressed audio (8 tracks total) onto low cost
SD memory cards via the XLR combo jack or switchable Hi/Lo-Z 1/4” input, it even
features a handy mini-condenser microphone on its top for truly portable songwriting
• 8 physical tracks with 10 virtual takes available per track, 2 tracks of simultaneous
recording, 11 simultaneous playback tracks including 2(Stereo) Drum Tracks and
1(Mono) Bass track • XLR 1/4” combo jack, switchable Hi/Lo-Z 1/4” instrument input
• Editing includes copy, move, erase, bounce and more • (8) slider mixer
The D888 is a 40 gig, USB 2.0 equipped hard disk
recorder that combines ease of use with powerful
digital features like: 8 track simultaneous recording,
high speed WAV data transfer with your computer and
internal 40-bit processing. The master effect has its
own dedicated selection knob and the metronome can
be sent out of the monitor outputs.
• 8 track simultaneous recording/playback
• 8 virtual tracks per audio track
• (8) XLR & 1/4” TRS inputs • Gain, EQ, effects sends
and pans per channel • Optical S/PDIF output
• Maximum 140 hours record time
• Internal hard drive mounts to your computer desktop
• USB 2.0 port-Windows and Mac compatible
Stand-Alone Digital Workstations
The BR900CD is a reliable all-inone digital recorder with
effects, a
vocal-correction and Master
Tool Kit, digital
output, and internal
CD burner. Use up to 64 virtual tracks to write, record,
edit, and mix a complete, polished CD anytime. For
the musician on the go, the BR900CD provides convenient Compact Flash storage and even provides battery
power and digital connection/transfer capabilities for a
truly portable recording system.
• 8 simultaneous playback/2 simultaneous recording
tracks with 64 virtual tracks total
• (2) XLR inputs with phantom power, 1/4” and RCA
inputs, digital out (optical)
• High-quality effects for processing and mastering
• Programmable drum generator with 294 patterns
• Record direct to Compact Flash (up to 1GB) and
direct to CD-R/RW • USB port for .WAV file transfer,
importing/exporting, and data backup
The new
D1200mkII is
a complete
digital recording studio that
features cutting
edge modeling
effects and intuitive controls
while delivering
a great sounding final mix burnt onto an audio CD. The
backlit 240 x 64 LCD can be adjusted for a comfortable viewing angle and the internal 40 GB hard drive
yields up to 122 track hours of recording time giving
you a comfortable amount of space for your work.
Want to get an idea down quickly? Simply turn on the
Modeling mode, choose Guitar, Bass or Mic and all the
appropriate effects are routed to your input with their
parameters assigned to the three dedicated edit knobs.
• Digital recording studio with built in rhythm patterns
• 16 to 24-bit uncompressed recording at 44.1kHz
• Up to 12 tracks of simultaneous playback
• Internal CD-RW drive for backup and audio CD burning
• (2) XLR, (2) 1/4” TRS and (1) dedicated guitar input
The MRS-1608CD is a 16-track digital audio
workstation that records to a 40 GB internal
hard drive features the power of seamless
digital editing and utilizes Zoom’s famous
signal processing. It also has programmable
drum and bass sections with a complete
bank of touch-sensitive pads and there are
16 physical tracks, each with 10 virtual
tracks. The machine also has 8 XLR/phone
combination input jacks, with four of them being able to provide phantom power for condenser microphones. 8 simultaneous tracks can be recorded at once while having the ability
to insert compression and EQ on all eight of those input channels.
• 16-track digital recording studio with 40 GB hard drive
• (8) XLR/Line inputs (4) with phantom power • Record up to 8 tracks simultaneously
• Programmable drum machine with (12) drum pads
• Extensive bank of effects for instruments, vocals and mixing
The AW1600 is a self contained digital audio
workstation that features 8 combo inputs (all
with Phantom power), USB 2.0 drag and drop
capabilities for moving files onto your computer,
24-bit recording and a new Pitch Fix algorithm
for correcting the pitch of vocal tracks. If you are
a musician on the move, or with limited “studio”
space, you will want maximum performance and
functionality with minimum size, weight, and
setup hassles. The AW1600 proves extraordinary
music production power in a remarkably compact, all-in-one unit that can take you all the
way from inspiration to finished CD.
• 8-input/16-track workstation with USB 2.0 interface • 8 virtual tracks per physical track
• Built-in CD-RW for creating audio and data backup CDs • Quick loop sampler with
preset rhythm phrases • (2) high-performance assignable effects processors
Featuring an intuitive layout and icon
based user interface, the BR1200CD
is a portable and versatile hard-disc
recorder capable of 12 simultaneous playback tracks. It combines a
powerful drum and bass programmer,
COSM effect modeling, and studio
multi-effects with a Mastering Tool Kit
for polishing mixes. Easily store, import/export, backup, and burn data/audio via the
built-in hard drive, USB port, and CD-burner.
• 12 playback/2 record tracks (simultaneous)
• (2) XLR inputs with phantom power, 1/4” and RCA inputs, digital out (optical)
• High-quality COSM/multi-effects for processing including Mastering and Vocal Tool Boxes
• Built-in drum and bass machine with 600 patterns and easy audio loop importing
with Auto Tempo Matching • 40GB internal HD, USB port
Stand-Alone Digital Workstations
Providing 24 tracks of true 24-bit audio, the
Tascam 2488 Digital Recording Workstation
delivers the largest recording track count in its
price range. Users can record up to 8-tracks
simultaneously via 4 XLR and 4 1/4” inputs,
access three built-in effects processors, and
mix-down each channel with dedicated
dynamics and a 3-band sweepable EQ. A generous twenty faders, large LCD screen,
and CD-RW burner, allows users the hands-on direct feedback necessary for professional
results in music and audio for video production.
• 40GB hard drive/24 tracks of 24-bit audio • (4) XLR 1/4” combo jacks w/phantom
power, (4) dedicated 1/4” inputs • Complete waveform editing
• Discrete channel dynamics w/dedicated Stereo Compressor on main output
• 64-voice GM sound module • CD-RW for master recordings/import/export SMF,
.WAV files, and backup • USB 2.0 for PC/Mac data transfer
The flagship D3200 is the first digital recorder
in its class to provide up to 32 tracks of
simultaneous playback and up to 12 tracks of
simultaneous recording to support high channel-count projects such as recording a live
band. The powerful mixer section includes 40
input channels plus a great set of high-quality
effects that employ Korg’s renowned “REMS”
modeling technology. The new and interactive “Session Drums” allow you to easily create a realistic and natural drum track for
your entire song and the built in CD-RW let you produce production-ready CDs.
• 32-track digital recording studio with 40 GB hard drive
• High-resolution 320 x 240 pixel backlit LCD • Powerful flexible 12 bus 44 channel mixer
• Four-band EQ on channels 1 through 24 • USB 2.0 for computer data exchange
The AW2400 has everything needed to record
your music anytime, anywhere in a compact,
road-worthy design. It features 24 simultaneous
tracks of playback, motorized 100mm faders,
and the same expansion slot found on Yamahas
digital mixing consoles for connecting the AW
to professional studio gear. The AW2400 proves
that an audio workstation that is easy to use can
also offer professional-class features and performance for music production. Once you have learned the basics you can efficiently go
from concept to CD while concentrating on the music rather than the technical details.
• (16) input 24-track digital recording studio • (8) XLR and (8) 1/4” TRS phone inputs
• Uncompressed 16/24-bit recording at 44.1/48kHz
• 4-band EQ and dynamics processing on all mixer inputs
• Full-length motorized 100mm faders • USB 2.0 for data transfer with your computer
The Akai Professional DPS24
MKII Digital Personal
Studio combines a
hard disk
recorder/editor, a
46-channel automated
digital mixer with a complete studio monitoring section,
4 stereo effects processors with FX library, a programmable patch-bay and a mastering suite with built-in
CD-RW drive, in one extremely powerful desktop unit.
With its generous complement of dedicated keys, rotary
encoders, and motorized faders, the DPS24 MKII’s
tactile user interface provides direct access to all commonly used functions. The digital mixer uses professional 100mm touch-sensitive motorized faders and
supports overwrite, auto-drop, return and trim modes.
• True 24-track hard disk recording system
• Monitor section with main/nearfield outputs
• Built-in talkback microphone
• USB connection for data transfer with PC
• New 5.1 surround mixing
The VS-2480DVD
takes Roland’s
best-selling 24-track
workstation and
makes it even better
with the addition of
a DVD multi-drive for
storing up to 4.7GB
of data. Naturally,
the VS-2480DVD has all the great features of the
original—including 64-track digital mixing, motorized
faders and VGA monitor support. It’s also compatible
with the new VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board,
opening up a world of plug-in effects. Thanks to a new
DVD multi-drive, the VS-2480DVD lets users store up
to 4.7GB of data on a single DVD disc. This is great for
archiving an album’s worth of songs eliminating the
need to save across multiple CDs.
• 24-track digital studio workstation
• Internal DVD for 4.75GB of project data
• New 3rd party plug-in support with optional VS8F-3
expansion board
• Control Surface Mode controls most popular software
• Mastering Tool Kit for tight punchy CDs
VS8F-3 effects expansion board #ROVS8F3 .. $345.00
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