Roland cakewalk A-800PRO User manual

Roland cakewalk A-800PRO User manual
Computer Music Product Guide 2012
Flexible solutions
for your music
production needs.
Roland and Cakewalk … partners in
productivity and creativity.
Through the fusion of Roland hardware technologies and
Cakewalk’s innovations in DAW software, a new level of hybrid
power has been achieved. We have not only set new standards
in sound and performance, but have also raised the bar in easeof-use, flexibility, and reliability. The result is a family of products
that realize comprehensive music-production solutions for all
users through a wide range of system configurations.
A new era of music making with Roland and Cakewalk.
With its synergy of world-leading
hardware and software technologies,
the “Roland Media Production System”
provides a total solution for musicians
who seek reliable production gear that
sounds great and inspires creativity.
Create a system that best suits your needs by selecting
and combining components from our extensive line-up.
This is the core of your
Key advantages of these tone modules
music-production system,
are their diverse, high-quality range of
responsible for sound input and output.
sounds and stable performance.
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Audio interfaces are essential for recording and playing
A universe of sound is at your fingertips, and for all
back sound at a high quality. As such, they are one of
musical genres. Since these modules are dedicated
the most important tools in your arsenal. Factors that
solely to generating sound, they take the burden off
inform your choice include the number of simultaneous
your computer’s processor, resulting in smoother and
inputs/outputs supported, mic preamp performance,
more stable performance.
and amount of latency.
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The MIDI interface lets you connect MIDI instruments
and other MIDI devices to your computer.
Roland and Cakewalk empower music producers
with high-quality products, user-friendly design,
and versatile add-ons and options for every musical style.
Unsurpassed keyboard quality from
All aspects of your computer music
the world-leader in
productions are covered.
music-hardware design.
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In addition to their hand’s-on knobs, buttons, and
Software plays a central role in music production. DAW
sliders for controlling your DAW software, an important
(Digital Audio Workstation) programs make it possible
characteristic of these MIDI controllers is their supreme
to complete your productions with a computer — from
keyboard feel and playability.
tracking and MIDI recording to editing, mixing, and
mastering. As such, DAW programs constitute the core
of music production systems.
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These all-in-one music production packages represent
the pinnacle of software/hardware integration.
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP SP2
USB 2.0 Audio Interface
Core Audio
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X
10 in/10 out
1 in/1 out
24-bit/192 kHz
Packed with pro features,
this is Roland’s flagship audio interface
USB 2.0 audio interface delivers high-quality performance
With ten inputs, ten outputs, support for up to 24-bit/192 kHz (four channels
simultaneous in/out), and eight high-quality VS PREAMP mic preamps, OCTA-CAPTURE
is packed with pro-grade features. Offering fast and convenient connectivity via USB,
it’s the supreme audio interface for both studio and mobile musicians.
Eight VS PREAMPs provide clear, high-quality sound
OCTA-CAPTURE’s eight analog inputs are each equipped
with a VS PREAMP — a high-quality class-A mic preamp.
Based on circuitry that has earned a solid reputation in the
flagship V-STUDIO 700 system, these preamps feature
high-grade audio components that
deliver clear and high-quality sounds.
VS STREAMING achieves amazing low latency
OCTA-CAPTURE offers incredible stability and industry-leading low-latency USB
Circuit design eliminates noise and crosstalk
performance via proprietary VS Streaming technology. All current Mac and PC
The analog and digital circuits have been completely
DAW platforms are supported through AISO 2.0/WDM (Windows) and Core Audio
segregated at the board level to thoroughly eliminate
(Mac). Use multiple ASIO devices (two OCTA-CAPTURE units or OCTA-CAPTURE
noise and crosstalk. We also paid special attention to
plus VS-100 or VS-700) on the same USB bus without
the circuits connections to the power supply, which
compromising stability, performance, or audio quality.
has a great effect on sound quality. The preamps
are equipped with an independent power supply
for phantom power, which ensures a stable supply
Digital circuitry
of power even when mics are plugged into all eight
Analog output circuitry
channels simultaneously.
Analog input circuitry
Audio data
■Typical designs
extra headroom of up to +16 dBu, enabling distortion-free
recordings of dynamic sources, such as bass drums.
Audio data
Recording a kick drum
shines when recording simultaneous tracks, such as when
recording drums. Additionally, channels 7 and 8 provide
the clock
In contrast to typical interfaces that sync all components to the Computer’s clock, OCTA-CAPTURE is equipped with
its own high-precision clock that is dedicated to audio. This spec helps reduce jitter (time-wise fluctuations) that can
cause noise or muddy sound.
Convenient drum-recording functions
Equipped with eight channels of mic preamps, OCTA-CAPTURE
The clock is fed via USB
+16 dBu
+10 dBu
(Typical design)
●High-performance 40-bit DSP lets you drive up to four internal mixers, reverbs, and
other effects simultaneously ●Large LCD level meters provide exceptional visibility
●Headphone outputs deliver high gain of up to +16 dBu ●1-in/1-out MIDI interface
built in ●Bundled with Cakewalk SONAR LE DAW software (Windows only)
AUTO-SENS automatically sets the input
levels of all channels
Rear Panel
Set perfect input levels with the AUTO-SENS
features. Simply push a button, play your connected
instruments, and OCTA-CAPTURE will automatically
set the ideal recording level for each input. It’s great
for quick, fail-safe setups when recording a fullymiked drum kit, for example, or an entire band.
●Dimensions 283.8 (W) x 157.9 (D) x 50.4 (H) mm; 11-3/16 (W) x 6-1/4 (D) x 2 (H) inches
●Weight 1.32 kg; 2 lbs 15 oz
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for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP SP2
USB 2.0 Audio Interface
24-bit/192 kHz
Core Audio
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X
4 in/4 out
1 in/1 out
4-in/4-out USB 2.0 audio interface
with versatile features
Two powerful VS PREAMPs built in
The 4-in/4-out QUAD-CAPTURE features two analog ins/outs and two digital ins/outs (stereo).
It supports up to 24-bit/192 kHz* recording and provides two analog channels equipped with
VS PREAMPs — high-quality class-A mic preamps that deliver the same clear and highquality sound that the flagship OCTA-CAPTURE is revered for.
* Digital input and output not supported at 192 kHz.
Streamlined analog circuitry undesirable
unnecessary variations in sound
Just as in QUAD-CAPTURE’s high-end sibling OCTA-CAPTURE, the use of
analog circuitry has been streamlined as much as possible for parameter actions
and meter displays. Its analog circuitry has been kept simple to reduce undesirable
variations in sound by keeping controls in the digital realm via built-in DSP.
Additionally, its analog and digital circuits have been segregated at the board level
to reduce noise and crosstalk that result from circuit interference.
Low-noise, wide-ranging power supply enables
high-quality sound and stability
Equipped with a low-noise, wide-ranging power supply, QUAD-CAPTURE
Audio signals
■Typical designs
eliminates instabilities in the power supply, the bane of USB bus power. All circuits
Digital control Digital
Audio signals
are driven by stable voltage so QUAD-CAPTURE can deliver excellent performance
even in a mobile environment. Its power efficiency has been improved dramatically
over the previous generation, and the supply capacity to each of the circuits has
also been increased. With balanced analog inputs and outputs with supporting up
to +4 dBu, QUAD-CAPTURE provides pro specs at an affordable price.
LED level meter for excellent visibility
Schematic of QUAD-CAPTURE’s low-noise/wide-range power supply
The SENS knobs, which are used to set input levels, are
surrounded by a 13-segment LED level meter that’s easy to
view even from a distance. The meters are controlled by the
built-in DSP to achieve level displays that are more precise
than in existing products. The peak-hold function helps you
set optimum input levels.
USB bus (+5 V) is rectified
in QUAD-CAPTURE’s builtDigital
in DC/DC converter, which
supplies optimum power to
each circuit and stabilizes
DC/DC converter
■Typical designs
Power supplied from the
their performance.
AUTO-SENS automatically sets the input level for you
With AUTO-SENS, you can achieve perfect input levels quickly. Simply by playing
for a short amount of time, QUAD-CAPTURE analyzes the variations in volume
and calculates the optimum value, setting the optimum input levels for the source.
This function is tremendously useful when recording under tight time constraints.
High-performance DSP provides excellent quality and
powerful performance tools
●Features VS STREAMING for super low latency ●Ground-lift
switches prevent ground looping when used in live settings ●+10
dBu headphone output level for dynamic monitoring ●Supports USB bus power, great for
mobile recording ●1-in/1-out MIDI interface built in ●Supports ASIO 2.0/WDM (Windows) and
Core Audio (Mac) ●Bundled with the Cakewalk SONAR LE DAW software (Windows only)
Rear Panel
QUAD-CAPTURE houses a high-performance 40bit DSP engine that enables high-quality mixing and
dynamics processing without tasking your PC. The
mixer provides a direct-monitor function for monitoring
at ultra-low latencies. All parameters can be operated
via computer with a special control-panel app.
■Control Panel
●Dimensions 184.6 (W) x 133.9 (D) x 44.3 (H) mm; 7-5/16 (W) x 5-5/16 (D) x 1-3/4 (H) inches
●Weight 0.57 kg; 1 lbs 4 oz
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP SP3
USB Audio Interface
2 in/2 out
for Mac OS X
Core Audio
Mac OS X
24-bit/48 kHz
for iPad
1 in/1 out
Compact, easy-to-use USB audio interface.
Multi-platform compatible,
including support for iPad*.
Compact, sturdy aluminum body.
DUO-CAPTURE EX is a USB audio interface with 24-bit capability in a lightweight,
sturdy aluminum body. It features two analog inputs and outputs, as well as one
MIDI in/out. Equipped with Class-A VS PREAMPs, it delivers sound quality on par
with Roland’s flagship gear. This is an ideal interface for simple recording projects.
Equipped with Class-A VS PREAMPs
The DUO-CAPTURE EX’s two analog inputs are equipped with VS PREAMPs —
pro-quality mic preamps built to Class-A specifications, and phantom powered for
condenser mics. These preamps, which are also featured on the high-end
OCTA-CAPTURE and QUAD-CAPTURE interfaces, deliver transparent sound
quality that has been praised by professionals around the world.
DUO-CAPTURE EX is compatible with a variety of devices.
●Hi-Z inputs for directly connecting electric guitars and other instruments
In addition to support for Windows and Mac
●Features two TRS analog outputs (balanced) ●High output headphone jack
platforms, DUO-CAPTURE EX now supports
for private monitoring ●Direct Monitor feature provides zero-latency monitoring
the Apple iPad*. As a USB audio interface
●Functions as a one-channel MIDI
compatible with these three platforms,
interface with FPT support ●Supports
DUO-CAPTURE EX delivers in a wide range
ASIO/WDM (Windows) and Core
of situations ranging from music production
(Mac) ●Bundled with Cakewalk
to live video streaming and audio input/output
X1 LE software (Windows version
with iPad apps.
●Same low-noise, wide-range power supply
*Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit is
required to connect to your iPad.
Supports USB bus power as well as battery power.
DC/DC converter
Schematic of DUO-CAPTURE EX’s low-noise/
wide-range power supply
Rear Panel
DUO-CAPTURE EX has three power modes:
USB bus power (Windows and Mac only), three
size AA batteries (not included), or AC adaptor
(sold separately). When the interface is operated
in standalone mode powered by batteries, it
can function as a high-grade mic preamp with
phantom power support.
●Dimensions 153 (W) x 119 (D) x 47 (H) mm; 6-1/16 (W) x 4-11/16 (D) x 1-7/8 (H) inches
●Weight 460 g; 1 lb 1 oz (excluding batteries)
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for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP SP3
USB Audio Interface
2 in/2 out
Core Audio
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X
24-bit/96 kHz
Desktop style USB audio interface with
three recording modes
Three recording modes
Three input channels and supports for a variety of sources
Input Source
TRI-CAPTURE features three input channels: an XLR input with a built-in mic
preamp, Hi-Z input (1/4-inch phone type) where you can directly connect your
guitar, and line input (RCA phono type L, R). With its three recording modes and
built-in mixer capabilities, TRI-CAPTURE can cover a wide range of applications.
Record and edit
each input on
independent tracks
●Three types of inputs, 24-bit/96 kHz resolution ●Built-in mic preamp with support
for phantom power ●Supports USB bus power ●Supports direct monitoring
●Supports ASIO 2.0/WDM (Windows) and Core Audio (Mac) ●Bundled with
Cakewalk SONAR LE DAW software (Windows only)
Rear Panel
Headphone jack
(Stereo 1/4-inch phone type)
Mix all three inputs
in stereo to create
a CD or Podcast
All Input
USB connector
(USB Type B)
INPUT2 (Guitar) jack
(1/4-inch phone type)
Loop Back
Web Browser
Output jacks
(1/4-inch TRS phone type [balanced])
INPUT3 (AUX) jacks
(RCA phono type)
Add music to your
productions for live
●Dimensions 171.0 (W) x 134.0 (D) x 40.1 (H) mm; 6-3/4 (W) x 5-5/16 (D) x 1-5/8 (H) inches
●Weight 320 g; 12 oz
INPUT1 (Mic) jack
(XLR type)
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP SP3
USB Audio Interface
2 in/2 out
Core Audio
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X
24-bit/48 kHz
Lightweight USB audio interface
that’s easy to use
Two is the magic number for the DUO-CAPTURE USB audio interface. It’s
equipped with two audio inputs and two audio outputs. The dual headphone outs
are perfect for side-by-side musician/engineer sessions, with no additional mixing
hardware required. DUO-CAPTURE boasts ultra-stable, low-latency ASIO drivers
for both Mac and PC platforms, and provides a versatile selection of I/O formats to
accommodate a variety of gear.
●24-bit/48 kHz resolution ●Two types of output jacks: stereo 1/4-inch and stereo
Front / Rear Panel
mini ●Peak indicators. ●Supports direct monitoring ●Supports ASIO 2.0/WDM
(Windows) and Core Audio (Mac) ●Bundled with Cakewalk SONAR LE DAW
software (Windows only)
●Dimensions 30 (W) x 60.2 (D) x 29.5 (H) mm; 1-3/16 (W) x 2-3/8 (D) x 1-3/16 (H) inches
●Weight 130 g; 5 oz
USB jack
Input Monitor
Input Gain
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
2 in/2 out
for Mac OS X
24-bit/44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz
1 in/1 out/1 thru
The ultimate sound module for professionals. Designed for fast, fluid workflow.
What do professionals at the forefront of the music business
look for in the ultimate sound module? They demand
exceptional sound quality, a huge catalog of onboard sounds,
great internal effects, solid performance, and ease of use.
Roland’s answer to this is the flagship INTEGRA-7 sound
module. With ultra-expressive SuperNATURAL tones at its core,
as well as the entire SRX expansion library built in — a studio
standard — this module gives pro musicians extreme power,
rock-solid stability, and a speedy music production environment
that only a dedicated hardware module can deliver.
Amazingly realistic and expressive SuperNATURAL
instruments onboard
In addition to modeling instruments themselves, Roland’s proprietary “Behavior
Modeling technology” models the variable behavior of instruments as they are played.
With organic expression that sounds as if an instrumentalist is playing right in front
Fast, stable music production made possible by
dedicated hardware
of you, this modeling technology produces characteristics and nuances that are
INTEGRA-7 is a dream come true for music makers, with 128-voice polyphony,
unique to each instrument, such as realistic trumpet trills and guitar strumming. In
16 parts, and more than 6,000 built-in sounds. In one convenient rack, you
addition, you can trigger these expressive tones using simple MIDI controls such as
have instant access to a universe of sound for producing rock and pop tracks,
modulation. The INTEGRA-7 is packed with a total of 1,506 SuperNATURAL tones
orchestrating movie soundtracks, and even creating sound design that incorporates
housed in three categories: acoustic instruments, synths, and drum kits.
an extensive library of ethnic instruments. Because INTEGRA handles the sound-
The onboard SuperNATURAL tones were created with this proprietary technology.
generation and effects duties internally, it does not task your computer, resulting in
SuperNATURAL tones in
consistently stable operation and stress-free operation.
acoustic tones
in the JUPITER series.
A-88 and A-49 … take full control of SuperNATURAL sounds!
Press the “SuperNATURAL” button to instantly sync with the INTEGRA-7.
drum kits
with V-Drums power and
synth tones
deliver huge, fat sound.
MIDI Keyboard
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Roland’s XV- and JV-series synths are globally heralded as true classics. As the
Introducing “Motional Surround” — a new era in spatial
sound design
heir to these legends, the INTEGRA-7 brings the past, present, and future together
The INTEGRA-7 introduces a stunning new technology: Motional Surround, derived
under one roof. It’s stocked with all of XV-5080’s preset patches plus sounds from
from Roland’s proprietary RSS (Roland Sound Space). With Motional Surround, you
all 12 SRX-series expansion boards*1. The combination of these traditional “must-
can control not only the left/right panning of sounds, but also their depth — even
have” XV/SRX sounds with the latest SuperNATURAL sounds will elevate your
placing them behind you! A solo instrument can be placed nearby, for example, while
productions to a new level.
the backing or percussion instruments can be placed at a distance, thus creating a
*1: Due to the INTEGRA’s advanced sound and effects engines, a number of legacy tones differ subtly from the originals.
sound field with natural width and depth. Motional Surround can also be applied to
Essential Legacy Sounds Onboard
external audio; connect an audio player or instrument to the INTEGRA-7’s inputs and
INTEGRA-7 includes
immerse it in Motional Surround. Motional Surround supports two-channel output,
SRX Series
4 Virtual-Slot
Sounds ×12
All Preset Sounds
so you can experience the effect with just two speakers or headphones. 5.1-channel
output is also supported for maximum impact with five speakers and a subwoofer.
Motional Surround remote control
and automation.
You can adjust Motional Surround parameters
in real time via MIDI, as well as with the
dedicated iPad app or VSTi plug-in editor for
DAWs such as SONAR X1 and X2. You can
also record Motional Surround movements in
SONAR for automated playback.
Four “virtual slots” are provided for loading the expansion tones you wish to
use for each project. Create custom sound-sets from among six of the latest
SuperNATURAL instruments as well as the extensive Ex PCM*2 library to suit your
application or genre of music you wish to produce.
*2: All four virtual slots are used when loading Ex PCM tones.
First-class hardware and versatile I/O
Newly developed effects engine
The hardware design of the INTEGRA-7 is stylish and sturdy. Housed in a rugged metal
With a powerful new effects processor onboard, the INTEGRA-7 lets you apply
chassis, it’s beautifully designed and built to withstand decades of use. The internal
independent multi-effects to all 16 parts. This frees you from having to share effects
components are premium grade, including high-quality, low-noise D/A converters.
between parts, and lets your creativity soar. You can select from 67 different MFX
Across the front panel are dedicated buttons for accessing sounds and effects quickly,
programs, and apply EQ to all 16 parts plus six channels of compressor+EQ for the
plus a large value dial surrounded by navigation keys. The LCD is easy to see, and you
drum parts. For additional spatial effects, you can choose from three types of chorus
can adjust its contrast and brightness to suit the viewing angle and lighting conditions.
effects, and six types of reverbs. There’s also a master EQ for shaping the overall tone
On the rear panel is an array of versatile connectors, including stereo XLR outputs,
in the final stage. The INTEGRA-7 makes it possible to complete all of your sound
eight individual 1/4-inch phone outs, a digital (coaxial) output, MIDI in/out/thru, and a
production tasks on this unit alone without requiring a single outboard effects unit.
USB port that supports audio streaming at rates up to 24-bit/96 kHz. For convenience
and flexibility, input jacks are provided on both the rear and front panels.
Simple and unrestricted multi-effects (MFX) routing
●TONE FINDER and SOUND PREVIEW functions let you find the perfect sounds
Part. 1
Part. 1
Part. 2
Part. 2
convenient data backup and storage. ●256 x 80 dot backlit LCD display. ●Bundled
Part. 3
Part. 3
with Cakewalk SONAR X1 LE music-production software (Windows version only).
Part. 10
Part. 10
Part. 16
Part. 16
Effects routing in previous models.
quickly and intuitively from the massive onboard library. ●USB memory port for
Rear Panel
Effects routing in the INTEGRA-7.
Control INTEGRA-7 graphically with the iPad editor app
The INTEGRA-7 Editor for iPad (free download from the App Store) offers intuitive
graphical parameter editing from the iPad’s large display. You can even use iPad to
position each part within the Motional Surround field. To
Taking advantage of Behavior Modeling technology,
connect the INTEGRA-7 to your iPad, you can use the Apple
SuperNATURAL is Roland’s exclusive sound set that achieves
iPad Camera Connection Kit; you can also create a wireless
a new level of realism and expression that were difficult to
connection with the WNA1100-
realize with previous sound generators.
RL Wireless USB Adapter
Behavior Modeling technology
(sold separately).
Not only physical modeling of the instruments, Roland takes it a step further by modeling
the instrument’s distinctive behavior that responds to how the performer plays, resulting in
true-to-life, expressive sounds in realtime.
Wireless USB Adapter
INTEGRA-7 Editor
●Dimensions 481 (W) x 262 (D) x 89 (H) mm; 18-15/16 (W) x 10-3/8 (D) x 3-9/16 (H) inches
●Weight 3.9 kg; 8 lbs 10 oz
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
Sound Module with DAW Software
Mobile Studio Canvas
1 in/1 out
for Mac OS X
24-bit/44.1 kHz
1 in/1 out
The Mobile Studio Canvas is the new solution package
for music production from Cakewalk. It includes the
Roland SD-50 Sound Module and Cakewalk’s SONAR LE
DAW Software.
Cakewalk SONAR LE
Roland SD-50
All-in-one Pack for Music Production
SD-50 Rear Panel
●Compact, portable USB Bus powered Audio & MIDI solution, perfect for laptop and
mobile use ●128 polyphony, 1,125 GM2/GS/SD-50 Solo Tones and 32 drum sets
●Features SD-50 Solo Tones including Shakuhachi, Trombone, and Violin ●2-in/2out, 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio interface with XLR/1/4-inch inputs/Phantom Power/Hi-Z
input, 1 x 1 MIDI interface, and V-LINK support ●Built-in hardware DSP FX for
Reverb, Chorus, and Mastering ●USB memory drive for quick playback of MP3/
WAV/AIFF/MIDI files ●Enhanced Transport Controls for file playback including the
ability to change keys, tempos, A/B Loop, Repeat, Center Cancel (for Karaoke) and
more ●Powered by AC Adaptor, USB bus power, or batteries ●Compatible with
Windows and Mac computers — Includes SONAR LE DAW software (Windows only)
SD-50 ●Dimensions 249.9 (W) x 166.9 (D) x 55.1 (H) mm; 9-7/8 (W) x 6-5/8 (D) x 2-3/16 (H) inches
●Weight 0.8 kg; 1 lbs 13 oz (excluding AC adaptor)
SD-50 Side Panel
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
FireWire Audio Capture
6 in/6 out
for Mac OS X
Core Audio
Mac OS X
24-bit/192 kHz
1 in/1 out
Ultra-compact FireWire interface designed
for mobile musicians
●High-quality performance, with simultaneous I/O on six channels at 24-bit/96 kHz
●Simultaneous recording and playback on four channels at 24-bit/192 kHz
AD Level (dBFS)
●Features a wide range of inputs and
outputs, including two XLR/TRS combo jacks
with phantom power ●Built-in analog limiter
●Supports FireWire bus power (6-pin <-> 6-pin
connections) for music making in a variety of
Rear Panel
INPUT Level (dBu)
■Built-in Analog Limiter
●Dimensions 164 (W) x 148 (D) x 44 (H) mm; 6-1/2 (W) x 5-7/8 (D) x 1-3/4 (H) inches
●Weight 650 g; 1 lbs 7 oz
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP SP3
USB MIDI Interface
UM-ONE mk2
for Mac OS X
for iPad
1 in/1 out
Convenient connection between your MIDI device and
computer. Now featuring multi-platform compatibility,
including iPad.
●USB MIDI interface with integrated cable ●New! Support for Apple iPad* as well
as Windows and Mac ●One MIDI in, one MIDI out ●USB bus powered; convenient
for mobile use ●LED indicators let you visually
monitor MIDI transmission ●Features Roland’s
unique FPT (Fast Processing Technology) for stable,
low-latency MIDI performance ●Cord hook provides
tidy cable management ●MIDI input and output labels
for easy connectivity
*Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit required for
connecting with iPad.
●Dimensions 60 (W) x 30 (D) x 14 (H) mm; 2-3/8 x 1-3/16 x 9/16 inches (main unit only)
●Weight 100 g; 4 oz (main unit only)
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP SP2
for Mac OS X
for iPad
1 out
88 Keys
49 Keys
A-49 Black
High-performance MIDI
controllers compatible with
49 Keys
A-49 White
Windows, Mac, and iPad.
Roland’s unrivaled keyboard quality.
Buttons and knobs for hands-on control.
With their supreme keyboard feel and streamlined design, the A-88 and A-49 MIDI
The easy-access control area provides two assignable
controllers set a new standard in compact, pro performance. The A-88 (88-key
switches, two assignable knobs, a pitch/modulation lever, and
model) boasts an Ivory Feel-G keyboard derived from Roland’s world-class stage
a D-Beam for controlling sounds with hand gestures. It also
pianos. Just as on acoustic pianos, the lower ranges have a weighty feel, and
features a “SuperNATURAL Mode”, which lets you instantly
the higher ranges provide a lighter touch. The surfaces of the keys are moisture
map the keyboard to the INTEGRA-7, JUPITER-80, or
absorbent and less prone to slippage; the white keys are made of material that
JUPITER-50. This gives you effortless control over the organic
mimics the feel of ivory. The A-49 (49-key model) features a pro-quality synth
tonal behaviors of Roland’s SuperNATURAL instruments —
keyboard with dynamic, solid feel. Both keyboards offer supreme playability that
ultra-realistic trumpet trills, guitar strums, timpani rolls, etc.
accurately reflects the nuances of your performance.
With its Ivory Feel-G
keyboard, the A-88
●A-49: Slim, streamlined, and ideal for limited desktop spaces. ●A-49: Runs on USB
provides the feel
bus power. A-88: Can be powered via USB bus or AC adaptor. ●A-49: Available in
and response of an
classy black or white finishes.
acoustic grand piano.
Multi-platform compatibility expands the range of use.
In addition to support for Windows and Mac platforms, the A-88 and A-49 also
Rear Panel
support Apple’s iPad*, making it easy to edit remotely and share data between
devices. You can also connect the A-series controllers to external MIDI sound
modules for use as master keyboards in live performance.
*Apple Camera Connection Kit is required to connect to your iPad.
A-88 ●Dimensions 1,443 (W) x 273 (D) x 116 (H) mm; 56-7/8 (W) x 10-3/4 (D) x 4-5/8 (H) inches
●Weight 15.9 kg; 35 lbs 1 oz
A-49 ●Dimensions 836 (W) x 182 (D) x 84 (H) mm; 32-15/16 (W) x 7-3/16 (D) x 3-5/16 (H) inches
●Weight 2.5 kg; 5 lbs 9 oz
visit us online at
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP SP2
MIDI Keyboard Controller
A-PRO Series
for Mac OS X
1 in/1 out
A-800 PRO
A-800 PRO
A-500 PRO
61 Keys
A-300 PRO
49 Keys
32 Keys
Designed for premium playing feel and operability, the new A-PRO series MIDI controllers set a new standard
in compact design and pro performance.
High-performance keyboards built for supreme playability.
Convenient external controller of software apps.
With support for “ACT (Active Control
The A-PRO series brings a new level
The keys are comfortable to
Key guides keep the keys
of performance luxury to the portable
the touch, and are shaped to
from moving laterally to
allow smooth glissandi.
ensure a solid feel.
Technology)” the A-PRO series instantly
MIDI controller market. Equipped with
synchronizes with apps such as SONAR
pro-quality keyboards spawned from
and Cakewalk. Control Maps are also
Roland’s decades of world-leading R&D,
provided for other major DAW programs
the A-PRO series’ keys feel solid and
for remote control. You can also use the
smooth with no vertical shake, lateral
included editor to customize each setup
movement, or mechanical noise.
to suit you needs.
ACT button
A-PRO Editor
Cushioned materials and springs have been carefully
selected to minimize mechanical noise.
Pads, sliders, buttons, and knobs provide hands-on control.
The A-PRO series keyboards boast an expressive range of controls, including
Dynamic Pads, which are a first for this series, nine sliders, nine knobs, and transport
controls. The eight Dynamic Pads are velocity-sensitive, and are ideal for triggering
rhythm machines and samples. The knobs have been finished with a special
“elastomer” material to improve the touch. These knobs also provide fluid remote
control of your DAW apps, plug-in synths, and synth modules.
●The backlit LCD provides easy viewing onstage. Confirm your settings for errorfree performance. ●View the names of each controller on the display, as well as
the names of the Control Map. This helps avoid confusion when using more than
one app or device.●All connectors are conveniently located on the side panel to
minimize the footprint. Position the back of the
keyboard flush against your computer’s monitor,
for example. ●Bundled with Cakewalk SONAR X1
LE (Windows version only), a powerful DAW app
for music production.
16 x 2 character, brightly lit LCD display
Side Panel
Power switch
HOLD (P1) jack
A-800PRO ●Dimensions 1,001.9 (W) x 250.8 (D) x 91.4 (H) mm; 39-1/2 (W) x 9-7/8 (D) x 3-5/8 (H) inches
●Weight 4.5 kg; 9 lbs 15 oz
A-500PRO ●Dimensions 838.9 (W) x 250.8 (D) x 91.4 (H) mm; 33-1/16 (W) x 9-7/8 (D) x 3-5/8 (H) inches
●Weight 3.8 kg; 8 lbs 7 oz
A-300PRO ●Dimensions 605.9 (W) x 250.8 (D) x 91.4 (H) mm; 23-7/8 (W) x 9-7/8 (D) x 3-5/8 (H) inches
●Weight 2.9 kg; 6 lbs 7 oz
DC IN jack
USB connector
MIDI IN/OUT connectors
Security slot
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®SP2/Windows®XP SP3
for Mac OS X
Visualize your music
Control your mixes intuitively in real time
Red Frame
This is the area of the audio that you select
for audio processing. You can use the
mouse to freely adjust its position and size.
Harmonic Placement
(V-Remastering technology)
Unique user interface. Parameters
You can switch the shape of
such as volume, frequency, and pan
your audio selection area, or the
can be visually displayed and edited.
“Frame,” to either a rectangle or
an ellipse.
Effect/Noise Cancel
Roland’s unique VariPhrase
R-MIX is equipped with a carefully
technology lets you control pitch and
selected set of effects, three types.
playback speed while maintaining the
You can apply effects to the parts
sound quality of the original.
that you specifically select, such as
vocals. Noise cancellation is also
provided, which lets you easily erase
unwanted noise from recordings with
a simple slider move.
Audio Tracks
of sounds inside and outside the
R-MIX provides two audio tracks
selected area independently. You can
(stereo) that allow the importing or
lower the level outside of the selected
recording of audio data. You can
area, for example, to emphasize the
also define an envelope curve to
selected area’s material. Conversely,
make time-based volume variations.
you can reduce the level to zero to cut
R-MIX also supports repeat (looped)
the sound inside the selected area.
playback of any selected section.
You can see and control the elements of a stereo mix. R-MIX, a newgeneration audio processing software. This program gives you the flexibility
to perform audio processing tasks that were difficult or impossible to
achieve in the past, such as removing, extracting, and applying effects
to the individual instruments in a stereo mix. Expand and enhance your
musical creativity with R-MIX!
Inside / Outside Level
R-MIX lets you adjust the volume
visit us online at
Harmonic Placement — a new audio-processing concept
The unique technology that powers R-MIX is “Harmonic Placement”, and its driven by
a friendly user interface that lets you visualize audio. This feature provides real-time
The dream of visual audio editing is realized
analysis of the elements of a stereo mix, including volume, frequencies, and stereo
sound location. By showing these elements in a graphic display, you can see the
sounds of the instruments that make up the song. Additionally, Roland’s unique sound
processing technology gives you the freedom to remove, extract, change the volume
of, or apply effects to individual instruments.
Isolate and analyze a
particular instrument
Example of Harmonic Placement
With R-MIX, you can extract specific instruments from your source mix and
adjust their volume — a great way to learn phrases by ear. You can reduce
playback speed to 50% and loop a designated section of the song over and
over. Study the notes in a fast guitar solo, for example.
Create “minus-one”
karaoke tracks
Select your instrumental part of choice and reduce its volume to create
a “minus-one” track (karaoke). Use this as accompaniment to practice
singing or playing. You can use the additional audio track to record your
performances for evaluation.
This is proprietary Roland signal processing technology by which musical
information such as level and panning is extracted from the audio signal for
each frequency band, allowing total control of everything from the balance of the
individual sounds to reconstructing the reverberation.
Remove noise and
create remixes
Isolate instruments and remix them by changing volume levels or applying
effects. You can also polish your tracks by removing unwanted noise. Since
R-MIX provides twin tracks, multiple songs can be linked together to create
VariPhrase Parameters
original medleys.
Roland’s unique VariPhrase technology lets you control pitch and playback speed
while maintaining the sound quality of the original. You can adjust the pitch within a
range of one octave, and fine tune it in increments of one cent. You can adjust the
playback speed within a range of 50-130%.
This is proprietary Roland signal processing
Touch R-MIX with the
special iPad version!
technology which allows the three elements
of an audio phrase — “pitch” “time (or speed),”
and “formants (timbre)” — to be controlled
Download from the App Store
independently in real time. Of these elements of
VariPhrase technology, R-MIX can control the “pitch”
and “time,” allowing you to perform slow playback or
key changes with minimal loss in audio quality.
The essence of R-MIX in a special version for the iPad, including
●Import 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz/16-bit WAV and AIFF files* ●Export 44.1 kHz/16bit WAV files ●Perform tasks quickly using menu options that are displayed in
the sequence ●Marker function lets you save selected positions as well as the
parameters you’ve defined ●Tempo Guide function lets you easily extract tempo
from audio data ●Supports ASIO/Direct Sound (Windows) and Core Audio (Mac)
V-Remastering and powerful audio processing ●“Harmonic Placement”
feature included, which visualizes sound ●Supports multi-touch for
selecting and processing areas of sound ●Import songs via computer,
and isolate/analyze instruments and sections for study ●Remove specific
parts from a mix, or enhance the bass tracks for remixing
* You cannot save audio that you have processed in the R-MIX Tab.
* AIFF support available only on Mac OS version
for Microsoft®Windows® 8/
for Microsoft®Windows® 8 x64/
Windows 7®x64
Seamless. Genius.
Professional Recording, Mixing, & Mastering
Advanced Music Creation Software
Powerful Tools For The Home Studio
From getting great tone to releasing a final mix, today’s
musicians must master every element of the music production
process. SONAR X2 Producer is there every step of the way, and
the revolutionary Skylight interface lets you move seamlessly
among the elements, instantly going from recording to editing
to mixing and back again. Dial up the perfect synth sound with
Rapture or a searing guitar tone with TH2 Producer. Record it,
tighten it, chop it, and drop it in the Matrix for realtime triggering.
Shape it with the ProChannel. Warm it with the Console Emulator.
And do it all with a single Smart Tool. It’s genius.
Master every element of the music production process
Play stunning sounds and trigger loops and
Capture inspired performances with pristine
Fix mistakes, arrange parts, and manipulate
phrases with full hands-on control.
quality and unlimited tracks.
pitch, time and any other aspect of recordings.
Play stunning sounds and trigger loops and
Add final touches to a finished mix for clear,
Share final masters with the world in a
phrases with full hands-on control.
professional tracks.
variety of popular formats.
visit us online at
SONAR X2 Essential
●64 audio & unlimited MIDI tracks
●Enhanced award winning Skylight interface
●Matrix performance view
●Integrated per track arpeggiator
●Seamless usability & workflow
●11 Virtual instruments including Studio Instruments
●38 audio and MIDI effects
●TH2 SONAR Amp Sim
●FX Chains 2.0
●Automation & Take Lanes
●Flexible export and Delivery options including MusicXML and SoundCloud
●Pristine 64-bit/384 kHz audio engine
●Native 32/64-bit application
SONAR X2 Studio
Includes everything in SONAR X2 Essential plus:
●Unlimited audio & MIDI tracks
●Enhanced award winning Skylight interface
●18 total virtual instruments including Z3TA+ Classic
●50 total audio and MIDI effects
●TL-64 Tube Leveler
●TS-64 Transient Shaper
●Roland V-Vocal Editor
SONAR X2 Producer
Includes everything in SONAR X2 Studio plus:
●Modular ProChannel
●ProChannel Console Emulator Module
●QuadCurve EQ & Softube Saturation Knob ProChannel Modules
●Custom FX Chains plus ProChannel FX Chain Modules
●20 total virtual instruments including Rapture subtractive synthesizer
●59 total audio and MIDI effects
●TH2 Producer Amp Sim: Amps from shimmering clean to crushing distortion,
plus stompbox FX
●Linear Phase accurate Mastering EQ and Multi-Band compressor
Cakewalk ProChannel modules
for SONAR X1
Producer Expanded
for SONAR X2
SONAR X2 Producer features custom ProChannel strips that include modular components, designed to give you the ultimate
flexibility when mixing. SONAR X2 Producer ships with an arsenal of essential ProChannel modules like EQ, Compressor, Tube Saturation,
and more. You can also purchase additional modules that emulate the classic, British, “4K” console and legendary hardware.
PC2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier
ProChannel Concrete Limiter
Since the 1960s, professional engineers have relied on
It’s more important than ever to deliver mixes that
the unique characteristics of this electro-optical tube-
stand out from the crowd. And it’s not just about
based compressor to work its magic on all kinds of
being “loud”. It’s about maintaining punch, clarity,
sources, including guitars, bass, pads, and especially
and good dynamics while achieving the levels
vocals. Previously only available to big studios that
necessary for a particular sound or an entire mix
could afford these all tube units, the PC2A T-Type
to stand up and get noticed. The ProChannel
Leveling Amplifier lets you wield this legendary sonic
Concrete Limiter can help tame rogue peaks and
weapon in your own studio, on your own tracks.
get punchier, in your face, mixes.
PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor
PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate
PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor is particularly well
Now you can add variable volume back into a
suited to compressing and leveling a variety of material
performance that has been overly compressed or
such as bass, keys, and rhythm guitars. When coupled
just performed without enough expression. Add life
with the included PC4K S-Type Bus Compressor,
to vocal tracks, put punch back into drums and drum
the included QuadCurve EQ, and the optional PC4K
loops and so much more. The PC4K S-Type Expander
S-Type Expander/Gate, the new PC4K S-Type Channel
/ Gate module is not just any Expander plugin.
Compressor provides full emulation of classic, large-
It’s based on the legendary vintage-style channel
format, mixing consoles used by professional engineers
expansion used on large format studio consoles and
to make hit records for over a quarter century.
heard on countless albums over the past 30 years!
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
for Microsoft®Windows®7 x64/
Windows Vista®x64 edition
for Mac OS X*
*OS X Lion/Mountain Lion are not supported.
Amazing Sounds. Endless Possibilities.
Dimension Pro is the critically-acclaimed synthesizer that combines real instruments with
advanced synthesis, giving you endless sound possibilities. The immense DVD sound library
that ships with Dimension Pro makes it the ideal go-to instrument for musicians, while its
deep editing and sound generation capabilities have a natural appeal to sound designers.
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
for Microsoft®Windows®7 x64/
Windows Vista®x64 edition
for Mac OS X*
*OS X Lion/Mountain Lion are not supported.
Synthesis Ignited
Combining power, elegance, control, and unbeatable sounds, Rapture is one of the most
exciting synthesizers to hit the market in years. Capable of producing rich, hypnotic, and
rhythmic basses, leads, and pads, Rapture is perfect for performing and designing the
modern synthesized sounds igniting today’s pop, dance, and electronic music.
visit us online at
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
for Mac OS X
Mac: VST3,
Windows: VST2
The Legend Returns
Now available
for Mac and PC
The Legend Returns
The legendary waveshaping sound of Z ETA+ is back – and better than ever. New
filters, modulatable waveshapers, flexible effects, expressive control, loads of new
presets, and a gorgeous new interface make Z ETA+ 2 one seriously powerful synth.
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
for Microsoft®Windows®7 x64/
Windows Vista®x64
for Mac OS X*
*OS X Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion are not supported.
An Entire Band at Your Fingertips
An Entire Band at Your Fingertips
The world’s first easy-to-use and affordable software instrument collection for
Mac and PC. Cakewalk Studio Instruments includes a high quality Drum Kit,
Bass Guitar, Electric Piano, and String Section that can be played stand alone or
inside your favorite music-making software.
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
Record and share your own music
Music Creator 6 turns your computer into your own personal recording studio and
includes everything you need to create, edit, and mix professional recordings.
Whether it’s a cover of your favorite tune or an original composition, turn a simple
idea into a finished song with Music Creator’s powerful suite of tools, loops,
instruments, and effects. And when you’re ready to share your music with the world,
you can burn a CD or use SoundCloud to post your music on Facebook and Twitter.
Based on Cakewalk’s acclaimed professional studio software, Music Creator’s elegant
design and drag and drop interface makes creating and sharing music fast, easy, and fun.
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
Essential Tools for Your Music:
Record & Edit, MP3s, LPs, CDs, DVDs, & more
With Audio Creator’s virtual toolbox, you are just a click away from recording and
editing audio; burning and ripping CDs; cleaning and converting albums to CD or
MP3; encoding, tagging, and organizing your sound library; backing up your files to
data CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray; and even publishing music to the Internet.
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
The Ultimate Solution for Music Production
19 in/24 out
24-bit/192 kHz
1 in/1 out
A music-production powerhouse …
Roland Fantom VS
Hardware Synthesizer
the perfect fusion of software and
SONAR X1 Producer
VS-700C V-STUDIO Console
Meet the ultimate “hands-on” DAW system!
With a powerfully integrated hardware/software toolkit for music production, the
V-STUDIO 700 delivers the reliability and ease of use only found in an all-in-one
package. The system teams SONAR X1, a fully equipped DAW program, with a
custom-designed control surface, a full-featured interface, and a built-in sound
module. This convenient and powerful production environment will help you achieve
the highest quality in your creative endeavors.
Extensive 19-in/24-out configuration
The VS-700R is a high-speed USB 2.0 I/O interface packed with eight analog
inputs, 14 analog outputs, digital in/out, and ADAT digital in/out, as well as MIDI and
word clock. Including the mic/guitar input on the VS-700C V-STUDIO console, the I/
O tally is an impressive 19 inputs and 24 outputs. You can also link two VS-700Rs
together to expand your system to 37 ins and 48 outs!
High-performance Fantom VS sound module built in
The VS-700R I/O module is equipped with a pro-grade Roland Fantom VS sound
module. Featuring 16 parts and 128-voice polyphony, and packed with over 1,400
patches, this module delivers incredible performance and sound. A customdesigned editing program is included, which lets you manipulate and edit your
Fantom VS sounds directly in SONAR. The VS-700R is also equipped with an
expansion slot that’s compatible with Roland’s ARX-series expansion boards, which
lets you customize and increase your library of instantly selectable sounds.
VS-700R Front / Rear View
■ARX Expansion Board Slot
●Synchronizes with SONAR’s ACT (Active Controller Technology), which provides
fluid control of SONAR’s parameters and plug-ins. ●You can use the surround joystick
Deluxe control surface with motorized faders
The VS-700C V-STUDIO console is a control surface designed specifically for
SONAR. With nine 100 mm touch-sensitive motorized faders and 20 rotary
encoders, this console gives you levels of comfort and freedom that you will not
find on a generic controller. It even lets you perform detailed editing and precision
mixing tasks with hands-on convenience and speed.
panner and T bar on the VS-700C V-STUDIO console to create surround mixes.
[VS-700C Console] 730.0 (W) × 430.9 (D) × 126.5 (H) mm; 28-3/4 (W) x 17 (D) x 5 (H) inches
[VS-700R I/O] 433.9 (W) x 348.4 (D) x 87.3 (H) mm; 17-1/8 (W) x 13-3/4 (D) x 3-7/16 (H) inches
[VS-700C Console] 10.2 kg; 22 lbs 8 oz
[VS-700R I/O] 5.3 kg; 11 lbs 11 oz
visit us online at
Portable Music Production Studio for Windows and Mac
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP SP2
Core Audio
Mac OS X
8 in/6 out
for Mac OS X
24-bit/96 kHz
1 in/1 out
Simple, streamlined DAW system …
the friendly music-production system
The V-STUDIO 100 combines SONAR VS software, the VS Production Pack (plugin bundle), and the VS-100 audio interface. Together, these elements unite to form
a reliable, cost-effective studio system that delivers V-STUDIO quality to users who
are looking for a simple recording environment.
VS Production Pack
●24-bit/96 kHz high-quality audio interface ●Eight inputs, six outputs, plus two
mic preamps and Hi-Z inputs ●Extensive range of controllers, including a touchsensitive motorized fader, rotary encoders, and assignable buttons ●Use either as
a control surface or, when used as a standalone device, as a digital mixer or WAVE
V-STUDIO 100 Hardware
recorder ●SONAR VS supports up to 64 audio tracks and an unlimited number of
MIDI tracks ●Bundled with plug-in effects and instruments
VS-100 Front / Rear View
●Dimensions 282.0 (W) x 180.8 (D) x 70.2 (H) mm; 11-1/8 (W) x 7-1/8 (D) x 2-13/16 (H) inches
●Weight 1.9 kg; 4 lbs 4 oz
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®/Windows®XP
Record Your Guitar & Vocals with Incredible Tones
2 in/2 out
VS-20 Editor
for Mac OS X
16-bit/44.1 kHz
Designed from the ground up for
guitarists, this digital audio workstation
offers the comfort and functionality
of a multitrack recorder.
Guitar Tracks 4
The V-STUDIO 20 was designed to provide the ultimate usability for guitarists and
bassists. With the specially designed Guitar Tracks 4 software and companion VS20 hardware, you can enjoy computer-based music production right out of the box.
The dedicated DSP-based BOSS effects provide latency-free performance, which
takes the load off your computer. As a result, you only need a basic laptop to use
this system.
●Eight faders, knobs, and a transport for multitrack recorder-like operability ●Guitar/
V-STUDIO 20 Hardware
bass input plus mic input with phantom power, plus three line inputs ●Built-in stereo
mic, convenient for recording acoustic instruments ●Full range of BOSS effects,
including 12 COSM amps, 36 COSM effects, and vocal effects ●Record and play up to
VS-20 Left Side / Right Side View
32 stereo tracks with Guitar Tracks 4 ●Included DVD provides 300-plus backing tracks
●Dimensions 299 (W) x 144 (D) x 53 (H) mm; 11-13/16 (W) x 5-11/16 (D) x 2-1/8 (H) inches
●Weight 760 g; 1 lb 11 oz (V-STUDIO 20 Hardware)
Powerful and creative music software bundles
designed to integrate with your Roland hardware.
Your gateway to a world of endless creative possibilities.
for Microsoft®Windows®7/
Windows Vista®SP2/Windows®XP SP3
(Windows Only)
Easy and powerful tools to get started recording, editing and
mixing great sounding tracks. Based on SONAR X1’s acclaimed
Skylight interface, music creation is fast and fluid with drag and
drop simplicity and fewer interruptions to creative flow. SONAR
X1 LE features 64 MIDI and 32 audio tracks, over 1GB of loops,
10 audio effects, 3 virtual instruments, 24-bit/96 kHz audio fidelity,
and helpful templates and features designed to get you started.
Cakewalk Sound Center
Studio Instruments Drums
(Mac + Windows)
(Mac + Windows)
Expandable virtual instrument providing over 100
A great solution for creating pro-sounding drum tracks
high quality sounds and an easy to use interface.
or just jamming along. Make beats with patterns by
The perfect instrument to start your productions.
professional drummers or create your own.
Bring more music into your life!
Roland invites everyone to experience the joy of making music.
Roland, BOSS, COSM,
, SUPER NATURAL, Studio Canvas, VariPhrase, V-Drums, V-STUDIO,
V-Vocal are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Roland Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Cakewalk and SONAR are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Cakewalk, Inc.
or Roland Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Company names and product names appearing in this document are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.
iPad, FireWire, Mac, QuickTime are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
It is forbidden by law to make an audio recording, video recording, copy or revision of a third party’s copyrighted work
(musical work, video work, broadcast, live performance, or other work),
whether in whole or in part, and distribute, sell, lease, perform, or broadcast it without the permission of the copyright owner.
Do not use this product for purposes that could infringe on a copyright held by a third party.
We assume no responsibility whatsoever with regard to any infringements of third-party copyrights arising through your use of this product.
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